General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 6, 2005 on GH

Carly and Lorenzo got married. Michael made a new friend. Lucky found evidence that Reese's brake lines had been tampered with. Sam urged Reese to end things with Sonny for Michael's sake.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 6, 2005 on GH
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Monday, June 6, 2005

Jax and Courtney began their honeymoon. Courtney asked Jax to wait for her while she went to their suite to change. While in the elevator, Courtney ran into Coleman, who complimented her on her attire then referred to her as Daisy, the name she had used when she stripped for him. Courtney was not pleased. Undaunted, Coleman began talking of the past, which led to talk of the present.

Courtney was rather surprised to learn that Coleman was seeing Tracy. As he exited the elevator, Coleman admitted that he had always thought she'd be with Jason. Once in the suite, Courtney quickly changed into a sexy black teddy, matching stockings, and garters. When room service arrived with her tray, Courtney asked for them to leave it by the door.

Assured that there wasn't anyone in the hallway after listening for sound, Courtney opened the door to retrieve the cart. She propped the door open, but as she stepped out into the hallway, the door closed behind her. Courtney decided her only option would be to go to the lobby and seek assistance. She returned to the elevator.

During its descent, the elevator stopped, and another guest stepped on. It was Coleman again. He remarked that he preferred Courtney's new "French wench" look to her wedding finery. Courtney was frustrated with her luck. She impatiently pressed buttons, hoping to speed up the elevator, but it ended up stopping.

As Jax waited in Metro Court, Skye took a moment to wish him well. They discussed their own brief marriage before Tracy interrupted to offer Jax an insincere congratulation. Skye returned the favor by mentioning Tracy's new relationship with Coleman. After Tracy joined Nikolas at a nearby table to discuss the return of his millions, Alexis joined Skye and Jax. They enjoyed a visit until Ric arrived, and Alexis excused herself.

Ric ran into Reese. She was returning to her room while he was on his way to Metro Court to see Alexis. Reese told him that her relationship with Sonny was over before it had gotten a chance to start. Ric was sympathetic.

At Metro Court, Ric and Alexis discussed getting a divorce in the Dominican Republic. They realized that they would have a difficult time obtaining one in the United States. They discussed grounds for a divorce, realizing that they didn't have any until Alexis jokingly mentioned adultery. Surprised with Ric's reaction, Alexis became suspicious and asked him if he had slept with anyone since they split up.

At another table, Jax was interrupted when a hotel employee told him about the stuck elevator. Jax went to investigate. Tracy bumped into Jax at the elevator. When they heard the occupants inside, Tracy recognized Coleman's voice. Jax then recognized Courtney's voice.

Jax told Courtney that help was on the way and to hold tight. When help finally did arrive, Courtney shouted for Jax to get his jacket ready for her. The moment the elevator doors opened, Courtney went to a waiting and smiling Jax.

Jax and Courtney went to their suite, where Jax offered to carry Courtney over the threshold. Courtney groaned and laughed when the door closed on them. She let him know that he would be the one returning to the lobby, but Jax reminded her that he owned the hotel and therefore had a key to the room, which he promptly gave her. They went inside, where they happily spent their wedding night.

Sonny was standing nearby when he heard Carly propose to Lorenzo. When Lorenzo asked about Sonny, Carly assured him that she would always love Sonny as the father of her children but that Sonny was not the man she wanted. Lorenzo was that man. Sonny walked away upon hearing those words. Lorenzo, meanwhile, surprised Carly when he told her that he couldn't marry her. He felt that Carly was only proposing to get back at Sonny for Reese. He loved her, but he refused to take advantage of her pain, and he was not willing to let her do that to their love.

Lorenzo went to Metro Court, where Skye saw him at the bar. She quickly learned that Carly had proposed to him. Skye encouraged Lorenzo to marry Carly. She advised him to take a chance, or he might possibly regret it later. Skye's speech convinced Lorenzo to go see Carly.

Jason wasn't certain how convincing he would be about Michael seeing a specialist, given his own feelings about therapists, and in particular Dr. Thomas. His discussed things with Sam and then decided to go talk to Sonny. Sam, meanwhile, paid Emily a visit. During the visit, Sam told Emily about her recent encounters with Carly.

Emily was supportive. She warned Sam that Carly had already chased off two good women in Jason's life and to not let Carly do the same to her. After Sam left, Emily went to see Carly. Carly wasn't in the mood to talk to Emily. Emily ignored her and got right to the point. She warned Carly to stay out of Jason's love life and to stop running to him with all of her problems.

Carly fired back, telling Emily that she would love to accommodate Emily but she didn't know how to get over Sonny as fast as he had seemingly gotten over her. She then dropped the bombshell that she had asked Lorenzo to marry her. Emily was taken aback and asked if he had accepted. Carly pointed out that it was none of Emily's business. Emily agreed.

Emily once more warned Carly to leave Jason and Sam alone then she departed. Carly ended up crying over pizza while looking at pictures until a knock sounded at her door. It was Lorenzo. He wanted to discuss her marriage proposal. He explained that he had initially rejected her proposal because he had been worried that Carly was only using him and would end up regretting the decision.

Carly disagreed. She had meant what she had said to him at the park. Lorenzo admitted that he was old-fashioned about certain things. He got down on one knee and proposed to Carly. Carly gladly accepted.

Sonny left the park and ended up at Reese's door. She was less than happy to see him, suspecting he was there to discuss his complex feelings for Carly. Before he could do more than ask her to give him a chance and hear him out, Jason tracked him down. Jason insisted on talking to Sonny privately. Sonny stepped out into the hallway, where Jason outlined his concerns for Michael and mentioned Michael's need for therapy.

Sonny agreed to have Jason discuss it further when Carly got back from marrying Alcazar. Jason was shocked to learn of Carly's wedding plans. He questioned why Sonny wasn't taking steps to prevent the wedding. Sonny pointed out that he had no reason to, since Lorenzo had decided to retire and go legitimate. He was no longer a threat to Sonny.

Jason wasn't pleased. He watched Sonny return to Reese's room. Reese, having overheard the exchange, wasn't happy either. She told Sonny that she was thankful that Jason had interrupted them because he had stopped her from doing something she would have regretted. She was more convinced than ever that Sonny really wanted Carly, not her.

Reese asked Sonny if he would have shown up at her door if he hadn't overheard Carly proposing to Alcazar. Sonny admitted that he didn't know, but it shouldn't matter. Both he and Carly were making choices, and his choices had led him to Reese. He offered to walk away, but before he could open the door, Reese stopped him. He asked her if she was certain she wanted him to stay before he kissed her. They made love.

Jason returned home and told Sam all the latest developments. Michael overheard Jason discuss Carly's plans to marry Alcazar. Michael felt that Lorenzo was a bad man, and he hated him. He begged Jason to stop Carly. Jason explained to Michael why he couldn't stop Carly and promised that he would make sure that everything would be okay for Michael.

Emily ended up at the gazebo where Courtney and Jax had married. She found Carly's bouquet on one of the empty chairs and picked it up before starting down the aisle. Just then, Nikolas walked up. He told Emily that all she was missing was the groom. Emily smiled as Nikolas joined her.

Nikolas noted that Emily was still wearing her wedding ring and then pulled out his own. He explained that Lucky had given it to him the day he had gotten out of jail but that he had been waiting to put it on until Emily could do it. She took the ring, and they recited vows as she slipped it on his ring finger. She ended by saying, "You may now kiss the bride." Nikolas was touched. He gently kissed her.

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Emily told Nikolas that it felt good to kiss him again. When Nikolas took the bouquet out of her hand, he noticed a rather nasty cut. Emily said she hadn't realized she had cut herself. Nikolas led her out of the park. They ended up picking up dinner and going over to Elizabeth and Lucky's new apartment.

Lucky had just finished reading a bedtime story to Cameron while Elizabeth held the boy, and then they tucked him in for the night. When Nikolas and Emily arrived, Nikolas asked Elizabeth to take a look at Emily's hand. Elizabeth took Emily into the kitchen while the guys busied themselves setting up for dinner. Emily admitted that the cut had been the result of Nikolas kissing her. She told Elizabeth that she had freaked out when he had kissed her and had held the bouquet so tightly that the thorns had cut her hand.

Elizabeth was concerned and suggested that Emily say something to Nikolas. Emily insisted that therapy was helping, and she'd rather not hurt Nikolas with the truth. Emily then changed the subject by asking Elizabeth how things were going. Elizabeth confided that while she liked their apartment, money was tight, and she could see that sleeping on a hideaway sofa was going to get old quickly.

Later, after Emily and Nikolas left, Elizabeth and Lucky prepared for bed. They began to make love when Cameron woke up crying. Elizabeth went to check on him and determined that he was running a low fever. She suggested that Lucky get some sleep, as he had to be up at 5:00 a.m., while she saw to the baby's needs.

Emily and Nikolas returned to the park, where Nikolas kissed Emily once again. As she wrapped her arms around him, her fist was tightly clenched.

Lorenzo was anxious to marry Carly immediately. He suggested eloping that night. Carly agreed, but she wanted her sons to join them. Lorenzo had reservations. He felt that Sonny was going to be resistant to the idea if she should show up and might eventually talk her out of marrying Lorenzo. Carly reassured him that Sonny would not be successful should he try.

Reese and Sonny made love. Afterwards, they talked about their first impressions of each other and how they had grown to feel about each other. Reese confided to him that she was thinking of getting out of the law enforcement field because she felt that there were too many people like Durant. She wanted to help people, but she hadn't yet decided in what capacity. Sonny then prepared to leave, apologizing and explaining that until things settled down, it was best he not spend the night away from home. Reese was understanding.

Jason and Sam talked to Michael about his parents' divorce. Jason tried to help Michael understand that his parents didn't have any plans to reconcile. Michael refused to accept what Jason was saying. He insisted that Carly would not marry Lorenzo.

After Michael ran from the room, Jason and Sam discussed what was going on. Sam felt that Michael should not be pressured into accepting the divorce at that time after everything he had been through, while Jason felt he should be made to deal with the reality of the situation. Just then, Carly walked in, intending to take Michael and Morgan with her on her wedding trip. Jason flatly refused to let her leave with the boys. He explained to her that Michael was much too upset to accept a marriage between Carly and Lorenzo.

Carly countered that Jason didn't have the right to tell her what to do with her sons. She assured Jason that Lorenzo was a good person who would do everything possible to help Michael. Michael ran into the room, sweeping his toys off a table and shouting that Carly could not marry Alcazar. Just then, Sonny walked in. Michael demanded that Sonny stop Carly from going through with her marriage. Much to Michael's dismay, Sonny tried to explain that he couldn't stop Carly from marrying anyone.

Michael ran out of the room with Jason and Sam following close behind. Left alone with Carly, Sonny tried to impress upon her the necessity of postponing her marriage. He admitted that he had overheard what she had said to Lorenzo at the park. He also told her that she was free to sleep with Lorenzo just as he was free to continue sleeping with Reese but that for Michael's sake, they should keep it private. Carly insisted that Lorenzo made her happy, and she refused to allow Michael to control her life. She felt it would send him the wrong message.

Jason and Sam were talking to Michael when Sonny and Carly joined them. When Jason mentioned to Michael the possibility of seeing a doctor, Sonny stopped him and said they would discuss it the following day. In the meantime, he and Carly planned to take Michael up to bed. Upstairs, Carly reassured Michael that she loved him. When she stepped out of the room, Sonny offered to turn on the nightlight. Michael scoffed at the idea. He felt they were silly, and there was nothing to be afraid of.

Sonny admitted to Michael his own problems with nightmares and how he handled them, letting Michael know that he was not alone. He went on to say that if Michael was ever afraid, all he had to do was call Sonny. After saying goodnight to Michael, Sonny returned to the living room, where Jason was waiting. Jason insisted that Michael was in pain and desperately needed a therapist.

Ric and Alexis discussed divorce plans and the fact that their previous petitions had failed. Alexis suggested to Ric that he have a fling with someone to make grounds for a divorce easier. One of the women that Alexis suggested was Reese. Ric was a bit startled and pointed out that she was involved with Sonny, which would make her an unsuitable candidate. Ric then asked Alexis if she would honestly not be hurt if he had an affair. She told him that their marriage was just a piece of paper at that point, hardly a marriage, so it was not really cheating. She told him to make a decision and get back to her.

After Sonny left Reese's room, she received a phone call. It was Ric asking her to meet him at Metro Court. When Reese arrived, Ric told her that he was considering filing for divorce on grounds of adultery in order to end his marriage. Reese was upset at the idea. She explained that she had slept with Sonny, and a revelation that she had slept with Ric would end their relationship.

Ric wasn't thrilled at the idea of inviting trouble with his brother either. Reese suggested that since no one had seen him leave her room then there was no one but them to know about their night of passion. Ric agreed to keep their secret.

Lorenzo met Diego at Metro Court to reveal that he and Carly were getting married. Diego was surprised but declined the invitation to the wedding. Lorenzo was disappointed. When Lorenzo approached the bar a bit later, Reese was sitting there alone. She congratulated him on his upcoming nuptials.

When Lorenzo asked Reese how she had heard about it, Reese told him that Sonny had told her after overhearing the exchange between Lorenzo and Carly in the park. They discussed their relationships with Sonny and Carly and realized that they had each other to thank for helping them move past their marriage.

Jax and Courtney enjoyed their wedding night. When Jax fell asleep, he dreamed of Courtney surprising him with the news that she was pregnant.

Sam stopped by to see Reese and tell her what had happened with Michael. Reese read between the lines and asked Sam if she was asking Reese to stop seeing Sonny for Michael's sake. Sam replied that seeing his parents involved with other people was not helping Michael at that moment. Sam asked Reese to please do what was best for Michael.

Carly returned to her apartment and found Lorenzo waiting for her. She told him that she couldn't marry him that night. Lorenzo was upset. He had suspected she would have a change of heart after going over to Sonny's. He asked her if her postponing the wedding was about Michael or if it was really about Sonny.

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

At the Quartermaine Mansion, Luke was surprised when he woke up on the couch to discover Skye sitting beside him with his bags packed. Skye reluctantly admitted that she would take a leap of faith and step into the darkness with Luke if Luke would expedite his divorce from Tracy.Coleman and Tracy sauntered into the room, and Luke was surprised when Tracy agreed to the divorce.

However, Coleman suggested that, since Tracy already was enjoying true bliss with Coleman, Tracy had no need to hand $15 million over to Luke just to get rid of him. Luke again refused a divorce without receiving the ill-gotten $15 million lifted from the Cassadine coffers. Tracy retorted that she did not need a divorce, so long as she already had Coleman.

After Tracy sauntered out of the room, Skye and Luke angrily reminded Coleman that he was supposed to be working for them. However, Coleman smugly thanked them for introducing him to his true love, Tracy. After Coleman left to join Tracy, Skye blasted Luke for being too stubborn to let go of Tracy's Cassadine millions then informed Luke that Skye's previous offer to join Luke on the dark side was off the table. Later, when Coleman found Skye alone, Skye again blasted Coleman for switching sides to scheme with Tracy, but Coleman claimed that Skye and Coleman were birds of the same feather then rattled off a list of Skye's past transgressions.

Coleman suddenly tried to kiss Skye, and she slapped him. However, when Skye heard Tracy and Luke bickering in the hallway, Skye suddenly threw herself into Coleman's arms and kissed the startled schemer, just as Tracy and Luke entered the room. Tracy and Luke appeared to be appalled at the sudden turn of events. After implying that she and Coleman knew each other very well, Skye sashayed out of the room. When Luke followed Skye out, an aggravated Tracy coolly reminded Coleman to remember which side of the Quartermaine family was sitting on all the gravy.

At the hospital, Elizabeth apologized to Lucky for keeping him up all night with a fussy baby on their first night together in their new home, but Lucky reassured her that he had never been happier.

At the hospital, while her family worried about her health, Maxie continued to refuse to consider giving up B.J.'s heart for another heart transplant. Later, Georgie visited Maxie and made plans to take graduation to Maxie in her hospital room. Meanwhile, Bobbie explained to Felicia that they would need to go to court if they wanted to force Maxie to look for a heart donor, but a court probably would not be sympathetic to a parental plan to force Maxie to accept a new heart. Felicia begged Bobbie to speak to Maxie, as B.J.'s mother. Later, Bobbie visited B.J.'s grave and admitted that she needed some guidance for the trying situation.

Diego visited Maxie and tried to convince Maxie to reconsider getting a new heart, but Maxie remained adamant. Later, Georgie, Dillon, Brook Lynn, and Diego discussed skipping their graduation ceremonies to stay at the hospital with Maxie. Meanwhile, Maxie had a vision of B.J., and the little girl urged her cousin to live for B.J.'s sake. When B.J.'s image faded, Maxie realized that Bobbie was sitting beside her. Although Bobbie assured Maxie that the greatest gift Maxie could give to B.J. would be to enjoy a full life, Maxie continued to insist that she would keep B.J's heart, but Maxie said she was positive that she would survive.

Carly was surprised when Lorenzo arrived at her apartment and, on his knees, asked her to marry him. Carly was impressed when she realized that the engagement ring that Lorenzo was presenting to her was an Alcazar family heirloom. Lorenzo explained that his grandfather had gotten the ring specially made for his grandmother, and the couple had been married for more than fifty years. Agreeing not to rush into anything for Michael's sake, Carly agreed to the marriage, and they hit the sheets.

Meanwhile, in the park, Michael agreed to try therapy but only if his mother went to the first session with him. Later, however, when Jason and Michael arrived at Carly's apartment, they walked in on Carly and Lorenzo still in bed. After Lorenzo slipped into another room, Michael muttered again that A.J. had been right about his mother's sporadic interest in her children after all. When Michael spotted Carly's engagement ring, Michael changed his mind about Carly going to therapy with him and bolted out of the apartment.

Meanwhile, Sam visited Dr. Thomas again and quizzed the psychiatrist about his stand on patient confidentiality. Even as Dr. Thomas reassured Sam that doctor/patient confidentiality was a sacred trust to him, Alan eavesdropped on their conversation from a nearby room. Later, when Jason arrived with Michael, Michael agreed to meet with Dr. Thomas alone in the doctor's office. Outside the office, Jason again admitted to Sam that he had serious misgivings about the kind of treatment that Michael might receive from Dr. Thomas. At that moment, Alan "happened" by and "learning" that Michael was seeing a therapist, wished them all well in their endeavor

Inside Dr. Thomas' office, Michael became angry as soon as Dr. Thomas mentioned A.J.'s name. Then Michael ran out into the hallway and begged Jason not to make Michael return to therapy. Emily noticed how upset Michael had become and tried to distract the boy by offering a walk in the park. Meanwhile, Carly arrived at Dr. Thomas' office and explained that Michael had walked in on an intimate moment between Carly and her fiancÚ. When Carly explained that Carly had just postponed her wedding plans because Michael objected to Carly's relationship with Lorenzo, Dr. Thomas suggested that Carly should not be allowing a nine-year-old boy to dictate when or who his mother should marry.

Later, when Jason learned that Carly planned to go ahead with her wedding to Lorenzo, Jason tried to convince Carly that she was doing the wrong thing, but Carly refused to listen to Jason. Meanwhile, in the park, after speaking about her own therapy, Emily managed to convince Michael to give therapy another try. Later, when Jason and Sam joined them, they were all surprised by Michael's change of heart.

At the same time, Alan met with Dr. Thomas, and the two men discussed their plan to steer Michael back into the Quartermaine family fold. Dr. Thomas assured Alan that they were well on the road to success, since Dr. Thomas believed that Michael's mother was on the verge of rushing into marriage with a man whom her son hated.

Later, Carly returned to her apartment and declared to Lorenzo that she had decided that they should go ahead with their wedding plans and just trust that Michael would eventually be able to adjust to the situation, given enough time.

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Maxie started taking out all the wires and tubes that were attached to her so she could get dressed. Georgie walked in and asked what Maxie was doing. Maxie said she was not missing her graduation while lying around in a hospital bed. Dillon, Diego, and Brook Lynn showed up moments later, carrying their caps and gowns. Brook Lynn saw what was going on and told Maxie she couldn't risk her health for graduation.

Monica and Felicia entered the room. Felicia told Maxie she was going back to bed immediately. The graduates promised to get her diploma for her, and Dillon told her he had a surprise for her. Georgie didn't want to leave, but Maxie said that Dillon needed her help at graduation.

After the graduates left, Monica said that she had the donor waiting list for Maxie to sign. Maxie refused to sign it. Felicia tried to assure her that B.J. would want her to have a new heart if that was what she needed. Maxie said that B.J. would want her to fight and keep the heart she had, B.J.'s. Felicia worried that she wouldn't be able to do anything, since Maxie was legally an adult and could refuse a heart if a donor was a match.

Felicia asked Monica what would happen if Maxie became unconscious just as a donor was a match for her. Monica said that if Maxie weren't able to make a decision, Felicia could sign permission as her mother. Felicia asked if Monica, being a mother herself, would tell on Felicia if she forged Maxie's name on the list. Monica warned her of the ramifications of that. Felicia took the waiting list and forged Maxie's name on it and begged Monica not to tell Maxie. Later, Maxie asked if Felicia was upset with her for not signing her name on the donor waiting list. Felicia said Maxie was an adult, and it was her decision.

Meanwhile, Dillon took his camcorder to the high school to tape messages from all of Maxie's friends and to tape the ceremony. Diego devised a better surprise for Maxie, and they agreed to it. Georgie started crying, telling Dillon that she felt like she was about to lose him too. Dillon told her that he knew what she was really upset about, Maxie's health and possibly losing her. Bobbie showed up at Maxie's room and told her that she had an important test Maxie needed to take. Felicia looked at Monica in confusion.

Monica told Felicia that Maxie would like that particular test. Bobbie wheeled Maxie out. Maxie was pleasantly surprised when she saw all of her friends and sister there, as well as the principal and vice principal. Diego put on the graduation song for her while Felicia put her cap on her head and moved the tassel over to the right side. Maxie was wheeled over to the principal, who handed her a diploma and congratulated her.

Luke was disgusted when he watched Tracy fawn all over Coleman at breakfast. Skye didn't like it much either. Edward arrived for breakfast and asked what was going on with all of them. Alice entered the room with more breakfast food to put out at the table. Edward asked her to explain what was going on with everyone, since she knew everything that happened at the house.

Alice explained what Luke had done to get Helena out of hiding and how he wanted the $15 million he had put in Tracy's account that belonged to the Cassadines. Skye got tired of everyone bickering and told everyone that they should stop fighting and love one another more. Luke thought she was referring to him when Skye said she was ready to admit her feelings after fighting them for so long. He was surprised when Skye walked past him and went over to Coleman to confess her love for him. Tracy started to get suspicious of Coleman's true feelings and warned him he'd better not have been lying to her when he told her his fling with Skye was in the past when she had been drinking heavily at his bar.

Luke found Skye out on the patio later and demanded to know if she was just playing Coleman or if she had meant what she had said. Coleman overheard Skye tell Luke that she had realized how much she wanted someone like Coleman in her life, someone who had always been honest about his feelings with her, adding that he had a lighter side to him, unlike Luke's darker side. Luke left her alone. Coleman approached her out on the patio and asked her if she had meant what she had said to Luke earlier. She told him that she had enjoyed her time with him when they had been having their fling, and she would like to pick up where they had left off.

Coleman tried to start kissing her, but Skye pushed him away and told him they needed to sneak away somewhere on the estate if they wanted to be alone together, or Tracy would find out and toss him. She suggested the boathouse as a great secret hideaway for them to be alone. He told her that he would meet her there in 15 minutes and that Tracy was going to a charity event that night. Skye waited until she saw Tracy before letting Coleman get close to her physically.

Skye asked Coleman how he really felt about Tracy. He told her that he didn't care about Tracy, since she was just a "needy old cow" who had great presents for him. Tracy and Luke showed up, and they heard what Coleman said. Tracy had a fit and told Coleman he was a snake. Luke pointed at Skye, ready to call her an awful name, but he couldn't think one up, so Tracy provided one for him by calling Skye a "bitch."

Sonny showed up at Reese's hotel room. Reese tried to tell him that they needed to end their relationship, but she couldn't resist him being so close to her, and they ended up making love. Sonny woke up later and told her he had to go and that he needed to go see Michael. Reese understood why he had to go. A knock on the door annoyed Sonny, who planned to answer it after he started getting dressed so he could send the person away.

Sonny was more annoyed when Durant showed up at Reese's door. He thought Durant was there to harass Reese some more and ordered him to leave her alone. Reese surprised him when she told him she had asked Durant to stop over, not knowing that Sonny would show up earlier. Durant saw that Sonny was half-dressed and commented that he wasn't surprised to see that they were sleeping together. Reese surprised Sonny even more when she told Durant she had wanted to see him because she planned to resign from the FBI and that she needed some of his contacts so she could start her own law practice.

Sonny told Reese that lawyers in Port Charles were a dime a dozen. Reese informed him she was going to start her practice in Manhattan, not Port Charles. Durant told her he was pleased she had smartened up and realized she was too good for Sonny and that she was planning to leave town and start anew. Reese told Durant that he should be more worried about his daughter, Carly. Durant asked her what she was talking about.

Sonny informed Durant that Carly had just gotten engaged to Alcazar and was planning to marry him at any time. Durant tried to act like that didn't bother him and told Sonny that Alcazar was a step up from Sonny and that he knew his daughter had lousy taste in men. Durant left. Sonny told Reese he didn't appreciate what she had just done by inviting Durant over before giving Sonny the heads-up first. Reese told him that there was a lot he didn't know about her and that their relationship would never work.

Sonny's feelings were hurt, since he had thought that she wanted to be with him and that it was more than just a job for her. She told him that it had become more than the job for her and that she had never expected to stick around town after the kidnapping and had never thought she would care about him either. Sonny wasn't sure he believed her. Reese asked him if they could at least part as friends. Sonny just shook his head and left.

Meanwhile, Sam and Jason took Michael to his next therapy session with Dr. Thomas at General Hospital. Emily was there. She persuaded Michael to give Dr. Thomas another chance and offered to walk with him to the office. Sam told Jason that he needed to stop projecting his feelings toward the shrink onto Michael, since Michael could read Jason's face very well and pick up on his apprehension. Jason agreed not to say anything to Michael to make him more tense.

Shortly afterwards, Emily returned with Michael, who was annoyed that Dr. Thomas couldn't see him for his appointment. Emily told Sam and Jason that Dr. Thomas had an emergency patient and wanted to postpone the appointment until later that evening. Dr. Thomas had asked to speak to Jason and Sam right away. Emily offered to sit with Michael until they got back. Emily went to get some candy bars for them and asked if Michael would be okay by himself in the waiting room. Michael told her he would be fine.

While Michael was looking at his comic book, a young girl named Jody showed up and told him that she was seeing Dr. Thomas, too, because her mother had told her she did bad things and needed help. Michael told her he did bad things sometimes, too, and that was why he was seeing Dr. Thomas too. The little girl left. Emily returned with chocolate bars.

Later, Jason and Sam took Michael home and found Sonny just getting home. Sonny wasn't too pleased that Jason had taken Michael to see Dr. Thomas because he was afraid Michael would confess to killing A.J., and they couldn't trust the shrink to not report it to the cops. Jason said that Michael needed to see someone for treatment, especially with what was going on with Sonny in a relationship with Reese and with Carly engaged to Alcazar. Sonny felt that Jason was insinuating that Sonny was not being a good father to Michael. Sonny said that Reese didn't want him anymore and was moving away.

Sam felt bad and told Sonny that Reese hadn't wanted to leave but that Sam had gone to visit her and had asked her to back off from her relationship with Sonny because of Michael. Sonny decided to go find Reese because she cared about him and Michael. Sam asked Jason if he blamed her for how she had interfered with Reese and Sonny. He told her he didn't blame her at all.

Sam told Jason that Michael needed to stay in therapy and that she was afraid if he didn't get the help he needed, he would get worse and might end up taking a shotgun when he was older and shooting a bunch of innocent people. Jason worried that the therapy would make Michael worse rather than better. Michael overheard their conversation and ran back into his room. He sat on his bed and was surprised when the little girl, Jody, climbed through his window into his room to see him.

Reese started driving while she was crying. She began remembering her times with Sonny, and the song on the radio upset her more, so she leaned over to change the station. She looked back at the road and was shocked to see she was about to collide with another vehicle. She tried to swerve out of the way but crashed her car instead.

Reese was lying against the steering wheel, unconscious, with blood dripping down the side of her face. Another vehicle nearby had a woman lying in a similar position behind the wheel of a convertible. A woman nearby screamed for help. Sonny found Reese's car and asked her if she was okay. Reese didn't answer him.

Emily received a call from Nikolas while she was working at the hospital. He asked her to join him at the hotel bar. She met him there and sat at the bar with him. He pretended that they were just meeting for the first time and introduced himself to her. She played along, and they had a good time until Nikolas invited her to go with him to Wyndemere. She tensed up but pretended she was okay with the idea and smiled.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Reese sustained a gash on her head and was knocked unconscious as a result of her car accident. While she was unconscious, Reese seemed to have a memory flash of another car accident in which Carly was the driver and was unconscious behind the wheel of a car, with blood all over her face. In the flash, it appeared that Reese was screaming in anguish at the site of the accident nearby.

Sonny arrived shortly afterwards and pulled her out of the car. Reese was dazed and mumbling "Caroline" over and over. When the paramedics arrived to take her to the hospital, Reese had another flash of two teenaged girls cheerleading at a high school game. Their backs were to her. One was a brunette and the other a blonde.

Once at the hospital, Monica ordered tests and oversaw Reese's treatment. Sonny told Reese that she was in the hospital, but Reese was still very much out of it. She mumbled, "I saw you with her. How could you?" Sonny was a bit taken aback. He asked her what she was talking about, but Reese didn't respond, still more unconscious than alert.

Out on the veranda of the Quartermaine mansion, Coleman was intent on seducing Skye. When she asked about Tracy, Coleman referred to her as an old cow with moneybags. Much to Coleman's dismay, Tracy and Luke made their presence known, and Tracy let him know that she had heard every word. She was furious.

Coleman tried to do damage control by claiming that Skye had referred to Tracy in such an unflattering manner and he had only been repeating what she had said in shock. Tracy didn't buy a word of it. She sent him packing. Luke, in a moment of compassion for Tracy's seemingly genuine hurt, offered to give her the divorce she wanted, but Tracy flatly refused. The trio ended up in the living room, where Tracy explained that since Skye had ruined her chance at happiness, Tracy intended to return the favor by not giving Luke the divorce.

Luke then threatened to take her to court, using the pictures. Tracy told him that he was welcome to do so but reminded him that New York was not a community property state. She intended to hire lawyers who would fight him, and it was doubtful, given the circumstances, that Luke would walk away with more than $1 million. Skye thought that was fine, but Luke didn't. He wanted it all.

Skye was hurt that Luke was seemingly choosing money over her heart. Later, while Luke relaxed on the veranda, Skye seductively called out to him. Luke walked in and was pleasantly surprised when he saw Skye wearing a sexy black negligee. She proceeded to seduce him, and when she had him right where she wanted him, she stopped and told him, "No sex until you divorce Tracy." She then walked away.

Jodie sneaked into Michael's room and warned him about Dr. Thomas. When Michael questioned how she had managed to sneak undetected into the compound, Jodie said she had found a hole in the back fence. Michael noted that he was the only one who had known about it. Jodie then advised him that if he really wanted to get out of therapy then he should cry, throw a fit, curl up into a ball, and tell everyone that he didn't want to go to counseling.

Just then, they heard Jason approach. Jodie quickly left through the window. Michael left with Jason to go to his session with Dr. Thomas.

Diego visited Maxie. She asked why he wasn't at a graduation party with Brook. Diego explained that he didn't get along with Brook's parents. He also told her that his mother lived elsewhere, and his father was out of town. Talk of his father led to Diego sharing some of his feelings about his relationship with his father. That led to Maxie talking about Frisco.

Maxie explained that Frisco was a spy and worked for the government. He had chosen that over a wife and kids long before. When she thought of dad, she thought of Mac first, but she had also been thinking of Frisco lately. She confided that Georgie had no memory of Frisco, while she still had a few. She remembered his smile and how he had sung her to sleep.

Lorenzo and Carly arrived in Venezuela for their wedding. A priest married them on the balcony of where they were staying. During the ceremony, Lorenzo told Carly that the first time he had seen her, he had been awed by her beauty and strength. Carly said that he had given her a lot, including helping her to bring her son into the world. He was always there for her, and she promised to show in a thousand different ways how much she loved him. Lorenzo then gave her his grandmother's wedding band, the companion to the engagement ring that he had given her. They were pronounced man and wife.

Nikolas and Emily had dinner. At the end of dinner, Nikolas stood up and kissed her. Unbeknownst to Nikolas, Emily clenched her fist, indicating that she still had trouble with Nikolas kissing her. When Nikolas asked her about his kisses and how she felt, Emily lied and told him that she loved his kisses. Encouraged, Nikolas asked her to return to Wyndemere with him to take a walk along the cliffs, but Emily declined.

Emily explained that she had promised Michael that she would accompany him to therapy. Nikolas was disappointed. Lucky later joined Nikolas, and Nikolas explained what had happened. He was frustrated to see Emily trying to force herself to pretend that all was well when it was obviously not.

At General Hospital, Emily talked to Dr. Thomas. He questioned her about what might be troubling Michael, but Emily told him that she had no idea, even when the doctor pressed her for information. When Michael arrived at the hospital with Jason and Sam, he was quiet as he went into his session with Dr. Thomas. While Michael was talking to Dr. Thomas, Sam thanked Emily for encouraging and helping Michael to go to therapy.

Moments later, Michael ran out and threw himself into Emily's arms, crying and begging not to be forced to return to the session. Sonny walked up just then. He saw Michael's upset and asked what was going on. Michael told Sonny that he didn't ever want to have to return to therapy. Sonny reassured him that he wouldn't.

When Ric joined the group, after being concerned over Michael's upset when he saw him, Sonny told Ric about Reese's accident and asked him to sit with her while Sonny took Michael home. Ric agreed to Sonny's request. Sonny then turned to Jason and said that he didn't want to ever hear another word about Michael going to therapy.

Dr. Thomas talked to Sam and Jason later. He told them that Michael had faked his outburst to get out of therapy. Dr. Thomas went on to tell them that Michael was obviously hiding something that he didn't want to talk about, and if they truly cared for Michael, they would tell him what the secret was. Jason refused to divulge anything to Dr. Thomas. He told the doctor that it was no longer his problem, as it was likely that Michael would not be returning for any more sessions.

Dr. Thomas told Jason and Sam that Michael needed help and then left. Sam suggested to Jason that Dr. Thomas might have been right about Michael faking his outburst. She said it seemed as if Michael was picking up on Jason's resistance to therapy and rejecting it for that reason. She went on to propose that they tell Dr. Thomas what Michael was hiding, but Jason flatly refused.

Sonny and Michael returned home. Sonny asked Michael what had gotten him so upset during the session. Michael told his father that Dr. Thomas had repeatedly asked about A.J. At that point, Emily walked in. Sonny sent Michael to his room before talking to Emily. He told her that he respected her as Jason's sister, but he did not appreciate her interference in his son's life.

Emily explained that she was Michael's godmother and his aunt, and she cared for him deeply. She went on to tell Sonny that she had recently had something happen to her that she had tried very hard to forget; she had rejected therapy, but it hadn't worked. She was able to convince Sonny to at least allow her to talk to Michael about therapy, but he warned her that if Michael did not want to go, Sonny would not force him to. Emily thanked him and went up to talk to Michael about reconsidering therapy.

Michael walked into his room and found Jodie waiting for him. She asked him if he had taken her advice, and Michael admitted that he had. When they heard someone approaching, Jodie slipped out of the room before anyone saw her. Emily walked in and talked to Michael. She played a handheld video game with him while they talked about therapy. Michael asked her why, if therapy was helping her, she was still bothered by what had happened to her.

Downstairs, Jason and Sam returned to talk to Sonny about sending Michael back to therapy. Sonny said that he wouldn't force Michael, but Emily was upstairs, talking to him, and if she could convince him then Sonny wouldn't object. Just then, Michael ran downstairs to tell Sonny something. At the same time, Carly and Lorenzo walked in, having just returned from eloping.

Ric went into Reese's room. Reese, still out of it, asked Ric, "Where's Caroline?" When she slowly became more alert, Ric told her what had happened. He asked her if she had told Sonny about them, but Reese didn't think that she had. Ric then told her to get some rest and stepped out of the room just as Lucky and Nikolas arrived.

Lucky and Nikolas had been together when they had arrived at the scene of Reese's car crash. Lucky told Ric that it hadn't been an accident. The brake line had been cut.

Inside Reese's room, she was startled to see a man standing by her bed. "Hello Charlotte," he said.

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