General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 13, 2005 on GH

Liz found a unique way to solve her and Lucky's financial problems and to help Courtney and Jax become parents. Reese's ex-husband was murdered after he tried to blackmail Reese. Georgie and Maxie's loved ones faced a difficult decision.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 13, 2005 on GH
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Monday, June 13, 2005

Alexis brings Kristina to General Hospital because of a deep cut to her finger. It happened when she was helping Alexis in the kitchen. Liz offers to call Ric, explaining that he's in the hospital. Initially Alexis takes Liz up on the offer but then quickly changes her mind. She tells Liz that it's time she becomes used to handling things on her own. Liz respects Alexis's wishes but she seeks out Nikolas, suspecting that Alexis needs someone with her while she waits. She tells Nik about what happened to Kristina, but cautions him not to mention it to Ric per Alexis's request. Nik rushes off to be with Alexis. He joins her in the waiting area while Kristina is being treated. Feeling vulnerable, Alexis opens up to Nikolas about how she's been feeling lately. He listens as Alexis admits to feeling tired, needy, hormonal and most of all missing her husband.

Reese is surprised by a man in her room. He calls her Charlotte and tells her that she should have killed him when she had the chance.

Ric orders Lucky to investigate Reese's past in the hopes of discovering who had cut the brake lines of her car. Lucky goes into Reese's room to question her but she tells him that she can't think of anyone specifically who would wish her harm. After Lucky leaves, Ric walks in. He doesn't believe Reese. He feels that she is hiding something and warns her that if she thinks that she can handle the situation on her own then she is mistaken. He warns her that these things have a way of backfiring on people. Ric leaves her room and happens to overhear Lucky and Liz talking about going out to dinner. When Lucky mentions needing to see Nikolas before he leaves the hospital, Liz tells Lucky where he can find him and what had happened. Ric arrives in the waiting area just as Alexis is telling Nikolas about how she misses her husband and is thankful that he's not there because she would be tempted to ask him to come back to her. When Ric makes his presence known, Nik excuses himself. Ric joins Alexis on the sofa and then asks her what happened to Kristina. He quietly listens as she tells him. He gently strokes her hair and puts his arm around her. Alexis ends up leaning her head on his shoulder and putting her arms around him. After a moment, she pulls away and asks him how the divorce is coming along. Ric asks her if she is asking him if he has committed adultery in the last 24 hours, then the answer is no. Just then a nurse comes up to them and tells them that Kristina is ready to see them. As they are telling Kristina what a brave, big girl she was while getting stitches, Alexis feels the baby kick. Ric is awed when he puts his hand on her stomach and feels his child move.

Monica goes in to talk to Reese about her condition. She tells Reese that she is very lucky. She just has a concussion. Monica notes though that Reese had sustained extensive injuries in the past that required her to have a plate put into her head. Reese admits that she was in a serious accident when she was 17.

Michael is not happy with Carly's decision to marry Lorenzo and tells her that he won't love Lorenzo nor does he plans to live with them. He is going to live with Sonny. Carly is not pleased. Emily appears at the top of the stairs just then. She tells them that Morgan is resting and offers to take Michael to his room. Before Michael joins Emily, Carly stops him to tell him that she loves him. Michael tells Carly that he loves her too then goes up to his room with Emily. Carly then turns to Jason expecting support from him. She's surprised when Jason tells her that he has nothing to say to her except that he thinks she's made a mistake marrying Lorenzo. Carly is angry and dismisses Jason by telling him that she needs to speak to Sonny about a private matter regarding her son. Sonny calls her on her spiteful behavior toward Jason after he leaves the room. Carly isn't fazed. She insists that Michael will be going home with her. Sonny refuses to force Michael to live with her and Lorenzo if he doesn't wish to. He explains that Morgan is young and won't be traumatized by it but Michael has been through a lot and he's old enough to express his wishes. Carly refuses to accept that. Sonny concedes, telling her that if she is able to convince Michael to live with her, he won't object but he is not going to encourage Michael if he doesn't want to go. Carly feels that is still unacceptable because Michael is going to choose to live with Sonny if he's given a choice. Sonny shrugs and comments that she should have thought about that before she married Lorenzo.

Emily talks to Michael when they reach his room. She explains that Carly loves him but she's allowed to have a life of her own. They end up talking about therapy and strike a bargain. For Michael, Emily will continue with her therapy if he will do the same for her. Michael agrees. Jason happens to step in the room just as Michael agrees to go to therapy and he mouths "Thank you" to Emily. Afterwards, Emily goes downstairs to let Sonny know that Michael has agreed to return for his sessions. Sonny is surprised and asks her how she managed it. In the course of explaining, Emily ends up telling Sonny about her rape but doesn't go into much detail. Sonny is shocked. He listens as she explains how painful but beneficial therapy is for someone who has been through a horrific event. Sonny appreciates the insight and asks Emily if she would mind returning back to the house in order to continue helping Michael. Emily happily agrees. After Jason sees her out, he returns to the living room to talk to Sonny. Sonny feels that Carly chose the worst time to marry Lorenzo and that she should be the one on what he terms as "Michael Duty", not Emily. Sonny also tells Jason that he intends to get on with his life as Carly has done.

Liz and Lucky go to Metro Court for a romantic dinner. Unfortunately when the bill comes, Lucky's credit car is declined. Emily and Nik, who are standing nearby, overhear the exchange between Lucky and the waitress as Liz hands her another credit card. Nik quietly calls the waitress over and offers to pay the bill, instructing her to tell Lucky that she decided to run his credit card through a second time and it was accepted. The waitress does as requested. Meanwhile, Emily and Nik comment that for all their money troubles they in the past they never had to worry about paying their bills. Nik feels that despite their money troubles, Liz and Lucky are still more fortunate than he and Emily because they have a closeness that he and Emily lack. When Emily hears a beautiful slow song that she loves, she asks Nik to dance.

Lorenzo takes Carly to their new home. At first Carly thinks that Lorenzo rented the house which is down the road from the Quartermaine mansion but Lorenzo surprises her with the news that he bought it for their family. Carly is thrilled. They talk about the property and more specifically the stables on it. Carly surprises Lorenzo when she tells him that she knows how to ride a horse. She had learned, along with her best friend, when she was in high school and that she actually won ribbons. They talk about having some of Lorenzo's horses shipped to Port Charles so that they can teach the boys to ride and then Lorenzo hands Carly a small gift. She opens the box to find a key. She is somewhat baffled and looks to Lorenzo for an explanation. He tells her that it's for a new car that he bought for her. Carly thanks him but turns down the gift. She tells him that she has a phobia when it comes to cars and driving. She goes on to tell him that a few years ago she learned how to drive but ended up driving over a bluff and since has not had any desire to drive. As they discuss why she fears driving Carly admits that it also has to do with an incident that happened when she was 17. Her best friend Charlotte "Carly" Roberts had left her standing while she drove off. Carly goes on to tell Lorenzo that the last words they shared were of Carly telling Charlotte, "I hope you crash and burn!." Carly watched as Charlotte did just that, crashed her car. She tells him that she ran up to the car and saw Charlotte slumped over the wheel, blood covering her face. The sight made her scream in horror. Lorenzo is sympathetic and tries to comfort her by telling her that she is not to blame for the accident unless of course something happened prior to cause it. Carly's expression indicates that there may have been something that transpired before Charlotte got behind the wheel of the car to make Carly feel responsible.

Reese dreams of a car accident in the past in which a brunette is unconscious behind the wheel of a red car with blood covering her face while another woman is screaming. She then dreams of two high school cheerleaders, one a blond and one a brunette, who make plans to meet later that day. Reese wakes up calling out for Caroline and discovers Sonny is sitting at her bedside. He asks her who Caroline is. Reese seems to hesitate before she says that the only Caroline she knows is a friend from high school whom she hasn't thought of in years.

Michael sees Jodie walking in his backyard. When he speaks to her, she comments on how both of his parents have left him alone.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Nikolas comes to the hospital and asks for Emily. Liz thought the two of them were together, because she called in. Meanwhile, Lucky tells Sonny there's something he needs to know about Reese, before he enters her hospital room. He explains that her car was sabotaged, and the car accident was no accident.

Brook Lynn sees Diego approach with flowers, thinking the flowers are for Maxie. He tells her the flowers are for her. Brook Lynn thinks he likes Maxie, but Diego says that he likes Maxie as a friend and not a girlfriend. He thinks that they met before her illness set in for a reason so he can help her gain the will to live.

Jax carries Courtney over the threshold of their apartment. As they begin to open presents, Courtney searches for paper to write down the gifts and who they came from. She finds infertility pamphlets that Jax was hiding. She asks him about them, and he says he thought it would be a good idea for them to do a little research about what their options may be. She agrees, and shows him the same pamphlets that she had also gotten. They talk about how wonderful it is that money is not object for them. She thinks the cost to hire a surrogate host mother is $50,000. Later, Courtney and Jax go to the hotel for dinner. As they arrive, so do Carly and Alcazar. Courtney is surprised to see Carly and Alcazar have married.

Liz comes home to find Lucky going over bills. She's excited from a recent shopping spree, but Lucky gives her the bad news that they have almost $50,000 worth of hospital bills. Since Lucky was shot when he was suspended, his insurance won't cover the hospital bills. He tells Liz this is the perfect excuse if she wants to leave him. She's not going anywhere, though.

Emily calls in to work to stay with Michael and play video games. Her plan is to later take him to therapy. As they play, they talk about how Carly loves Michael. He admits that he misses her. Later, Carly shows up and convinces him to come see her new home with Lorenzo. As she tells him about the horses, boats and all the excitement the new house has to offer, he seems to open up. Lorenzo shows up and offers to take Michael out on the ATVs sometime since he is too young to go by himself. Michael reverts back to his old ways and tells Carly and Lorenzo that he won't live there. He tells Carly she is selfish and everyone knows it. Max enters and tells him it's time to go to therapy. Michael tells Carly that he doesn't want her to come along.

Meanwhile, Nikolas confronts Emily about her avoiding him by making excuses to be with Michael. Sonny walks in as Nikolas grabs Emily and it appears that he will hurt her. Sonny wants to know what's going on and says that Nikolas needs to be more understanding considering all Emily has been through. Nikolas is shocked that Emily told Sonny about the rape. He explodes, and Sonny tells Nikolas to leave. Nikolas asks Emily to go with him, but she turns him down. After he leaves, Emily admits that Nikolas was right. She is hiding from him by making excuses to help Michael. Sonny tells Emily that she can stay in his home as long as she needs to.

As Reese sleeps, Evan enters her room. He calls her Charlotte and threatens to expose her as who she really is. She can't believe he got out of prison so quickly, but he claims he did his time even though she set him up. She says he should have done more time because he was the one responsible for killing their son, Jaime. He says he had no idea the kidnappers would kill him. He hurries to the bathroom as Sonny knocks on the door. Sonny enters and tells Reese that her brake lines were cut. She doesn't seem surprised, so Sonny wants to know who is trying to kill her. She says she has many enemies, but Sonny knows she is hiding something and calls her on it. After he leaves, Evan comes back in the room claiming to know what Reese is up to. He says that Caroline ruined Charlotte's life, so now Charlotte/Reese is back to ruin Caroline's. Michael comes to see Reese before his therapy session with Dr. Thomas. He asks if Evan is Reese's boyfriend. She says he is just someone she used to know. Evan asks how old Michael is, because he's around the same age as his son would have been.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Courtney is appalled to learn that Carly tied the knot with the hateful Alcazar. Though Liz suggests they turn to Nikolas for assistance, Lucky balks at asking his brother for help paying his enormous medical bills. Michael comes to Reese's hospital room in search of his dad but finds another man visiting the injured agent instead. Dillon tells an amused Maxie he's driving her sister to her first official job interview at the local pizza joint. Stung by Courtney's criticism, Carly lashes back by icily reminding her former sister-in-law that it was her own stupid decision which cost her her baby. Bobbie cautions Liz that working extra shifts at the hospital would negatively impact Cameron. Lucky and Ric discuss likely suspects in the attempt on Reese's life. Georgie confides to Dillon how terrified she is that Maxie will die. Outraged that Carly would blame her for her own miscarriage, Courtney furiously accuses her of marrying Lorenzo simply to spite Sonny. Evan reminds Reese it's time for her to pay for the years he spent behind bars. Jax and Courtney eagerly look forward to finding a surrogate mother or gestational host to help fill a void in their lives. Michael continues to receive secret visits from his new friend. After Ric names Evan as his prime suspect, Reese reveals how her ex-husband called the kidnappers' bluff years ago and got Jamie killed in the process. Maxie takes another turn for the worse. Liz offers Jax a creative solution to his problem. Evan threatens to expose Reese's secret connection to Carly.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Maxie, Mac, and Felicia are joking around about Georgie's new summer job at the "Pizza Shack." Suddenly, Maxie starts to have a heart attack and goes into cardiac arrest. Monica and Bobbie come in and start to use the paddles to revive her. Maxie is revived. Mac and Felicia consult with Monica, who tells them that Maxie has the rare condition and it will be difficult to find a heart donor. She tells him that her blood pressure is getting dangerously low and they are running out of time. She suggests a procedure that will help Maxie's heart for the time being. Felicia thanks Mac for being there for her even though he probably needs someone to help support him as well. Meanwhile, Dillon rushes over to Georgie after she falls and hits her head against the picnic table. Dillon calls her name and tries to get her to wake up and sit up. Georgie wakes up for a second but then passes out again into unconsciousness. Dillon gets really scared and calls 911. Georgie is rushed to G.H. Dr. Tony Jones takes over her care when she is brought in. Mac and Felicia are in the hallway when Georgie is brought up to the I.C.U. Tony tells them that Georgie fell and hit her head and hasn't regained consciousness. He brings her in for a CAT-scan and other tests. Dillon runs off the elevator and tries to get close to Georgie. Mac stops him in the hallway and demands to know how Georgie hit her head. Dillon is very upset and tells him that they were at the Pizza Shack and were just horsing around when Georgie lost her balance and fell and hit her head on one of the picnic tables. Mac blames Dillon for Georgie's accident and tells him to stay away from her. Felicia goes into Maxie's room to tell her what happened to Georgie. Maxie feels awful since she was the one who insisted Georgie go for the job interview at the pizza place. Felicia tells her she isn't to blame for what happpened and that it was just an unfortunate accident. Tony and Bobbie and the orderlies wheel Georgie into I.C.U. Maxie sees Georgie outside her room and asks Felicia if they could let Georgie be in the same room as her so she can be there for her like Georgie has been for her. Felicia doesn't think it is a good idea but Maxie persuades her that Georgie needs her next to her and vise-versa. Tony agrees to that arrangement for now. Mac comes in the room and Dillon follows him closely behind. Dillon sees Georgie and gets upset when he sees she is still unconscious. Mac grabs Dillon and tells him to stay away from Georgie and starts to fight with him. Maxie pleads with Mac to leave Dillon alone and tells him that it isn't Dillon's fault what happened and that Georgie needs Dillon by her side and that is more important. Mac realizes he isn't helping matters and lets go of Dillon and lets him be near her. Dillon grabs Georgie's hands and kisses her hand and cheek and pleads with her to wake up. Tony and Bobbie return with the test results. Tony tells Mac and Felicia that the tests show that Georgie has a cerebral hematoma and that she will need surgery. Mac asks him what her chances are of surviving surgery and recovering. Tony tells him the surgery is risky but if they don't do something it will be worse and only gives Georgie a 50-50 chance of surviving. Monica comes by and tells them that God forgive anything happen to Georgie, but if she dies, her heart may be the best match for Maxie for a transplant. Mac and Felicia look over at their daughters and feel anguished.

Courtney goes to G.H. to see Dr. Meadows to find out her test results. Dr. Meadows has bad news for her. The tests show that Courtney is not only unable to conceive but is infertile as well. Rachel overhears their conversation about how Courtney and Jax will need to find a surrogate mother instead a gestational host now. Meanwhile, Liz pays Jax a visit. She tells him how she was helping Dr. Meadows contact possible gestational hosts and found out that he and Courtney were looking for someone to carry their baby for them. Liz tells him she would be interested in being a gestational host for them. Jax asks her why she would volunteer to do that since it would mean a big sacrifice for her since she has a small child. She tells him that she loved being pregnant and admits that she and Lucky need the money to pay off his medical bills. Jax starts to warm up to the idea of her helping them out. He tells her he would pay her $100,000 to do it. Liz realizes she never discussed this with Lucky first when Jax asks her how Lucky feels about what she plans to do. Liz decides to go see him before making a final decision. Meanwhile, Lucky finds out that there is a money exchange going down on the pier later that evening and that Murphy, the cop wanted to be their for a possible drug bust but he was ordered to stay away and let it happen. Lucky ponders this piece of information, desperate for fast cash for himself to pay his medical bills. Liz shows up to tell him the news about possibly being the gestational host for Courtney and Jax. Lucky's pride is hurt because he wants to get the money himself and not rely on his girlfriend to bail him out. Lucky is lukewarm to her plan and guesses she already said yes and her mind is set on this. Lucky tells her that he doesn't want her to be pregnant with another man's baby and that she needs to think about how this will effect Cameron. Liz returns to see Jax and Courtney. Courtney returns home to tell Jax that she is infertile and that their only option is to find a surrogate mother instead. Jax tells her about Liz's offer to be their surrogate mother but that they could adopt if she wants to do that instead and he would be o.k. with that. Courtney feels that she is a disappointment to him. Liz arrives and tells them that she can't go through with the plan because Lucky doesn't feel comfortable with her being a surrogate mother and she needs to consider his feelings since they are a couple now. Shortly after she leaves, Rachel shows up to tell them she can help them with their problem. Meanwhile, Lucky shows up where the money is going to be exchanged for a drug trade. He wears a ski mask for a disguise and pulls a gun on the two men making the trade and steals the money. He returns to his apartment and Liz returns home to find him sitting at the table with stacks of cash laying there. She asks him what he went and did.

Carly tries to get Michael to give Alcazar a chance and live at her new home and tries to assure him he will love his other home if he gives it a chance. Michael tunes her out and continues to play with his cars. Carly tries to get him to listen to her but Michael drops the toy cars and runs upstairs. Meanwhile, at General Hospital, Reese is visited again by her ex-husband, Evan. She tells Evan that she will go to Sonny and tell him the truth and that she doesn't have $1 million to give him to keep her secret. Evan calls her bluff and tells her that he thinks Sonny will dump her if he knew who she really is and her connection to Carly from the past. Meanwhile,Ric tells Sonny about her ex-husband and how Reese doesn't think he is capable of trying to kill her but Ric thinks he is capable of it. Sonny and Ric hear an alarm going off and find out is coming from Reese's room. They run into her room to find Reese laying on the floor and she tells them someone tried to kill her just now but ran away when the alarm sounded. Ric asks her if she knew the person who tried to kill her. Reese lies and tells them that it was a guy she put away a few years ago who just got released from prison. Ric goes to find out about the man. Sonny suggests that Reese isn't safe at the hospital and invites her to stay with him so she will be more protected. Reese agrees to go with him. Durant shows up at the hospital when he finds out about another attempt on Reese's life. He tells Ric to butt out of the investigation since he no longer has the authority since he isn't the D.A. any longer. Ric tells him that Reese identified the man who tried to kill her in the room. Carly shows up as well and overhears their conversation. Durant informs Ric that Reese lied to him because the guy she identified is dead and couldn't have tried to kill her. Carly realizes Reese lied to Ric. Reese returns with Sonny to the mansion. Max walks into the room with a briefcase for Sonny to look through. Sonny opens it while Reese is there. He asks her if she has ever seen this much money in her life. She tells him she hasn't really. Sonny tells her the money is all legal and taxed. Reese asks him if this is a situation where she doesn't ask him any questions about the money. She guesses where the money will be handled. Sonny tells her that he trusts her or he wouldn't have let her see the money. Sonny leaves the room for a minute and Reese is alone with it. She is tempted to steal the money since she has to pay Evan to keep her secret. Sonny wants her to stay at the mansion with him. Carly shows up just as Sonny asks her about the man who tried to kill her. Reese sticks to her story and Carly walks in and tells Sonny that Reese is lying and that she knows her secret.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Monica tells Mac and Felicia that Georgie's heart may save Maxie in the event that the worst happens. Felicia refuses to accept that possibility. She insists that Georgie will recover. While Tony and Monica do their best to try to prepare Felicia and Mac, Georgie wakes up and asks Maxie what happened. Maxie tells her about her fall at the Pizza Shack. Moments later Felicia walks in and is elated to see Georgie awake. She tells Georgie that she requires immediate surgery as the staff makes preparations to take her into the operating room. As Mac and Monica watch Felicia and her daughters through the room's window, Mac confesses that he's made all kinds of bargains with God. He then goes to hug and kiss Felicia before following Georgie so that he can be close by during the surgery. Maxie insists that Felicia go as well but she refuses. Monica and Felicia gently tell Maxie about the decision that was made in the event that Georgie does not survive her surgery. Maxie is shocked that they want her to have Georgie's heart and that Monica is standing by in the event that they need to rush Maxie into surgery. Tearfully, Maxie assures Felicia that Georgie is strong but acknowledges that her fate is out of their hand. Realizing how difficult it was for Felicia to make the decision to donate Georgie's heart, Maxie assures her that if the worst should happen she will accept the gift of life.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Dillon fills Diego in about what happened. Dillon is filled with guilt and grief over what happened at the Pizza Shack. Diego assures him that he is not to blame. It was a horrible accident. When Dillon sees Mac, he goes over to him and apologizes for everything. Mac is understanding. He comforts Dillon by reaching out to him and squeezing his shoulder.

After Georgie is out of surgery, the prognosis is grim. Her blood pressure is down and it's touch and go for her. Mac and Felicia stand vigil outside the rooms of both daughters as one is unconscious while the other sleeps. Georgie sees a light and starts walking toward it. Maxie stops her though, reminding her that she can't go into that light because there are people here who love her. Georgie is sad. She knows that Maxie needs her heart in order to live. Maxie insists that she doesn't need Georgie's heart. They will find another one to save her life. In the room, Georgie crashes. Monica calls a code blue as she begins taking steps to resuscitate Georgie.

Rachel offers to be Courtney and Jax's surrogate to atone for all the wrongs she has done to Courtney. Jax and Courtney refuse her offer. They don't trust Rachel and feel that they never can.

Liz arrives home to find Lucky sitting at their table with bundles of cash spread out on it. She is shocked and demands and explanation. Lucky tells her how he came by it, insisting that no one knows he took it and the police aren't aware of its existence. Liz is alarmed that Lucky would resort to such a method to resolve their money problems. She is disappointed that he's resorting to something Luke would do in order to pay off his debt. She gives him an ultimatum. Either he gets rid of the money or she will do it for him. Lucky decides to drop the money off at the PCPD. He returns to their apartment after he has done so, assuring Liz that no one saw him. Liz is relieved. Just then someone knocks at their door. They fear the worst until they see that it's Jax and Courtney. They have stopped by to discuss the possibility of Liz helping them to have a baby. Liz is momentarily taken aback when she learns that they need a surrogate mother rather than a gestational host. Lucky is uncomfortable with the idea of Liz being the biological mother of Jax's baby. He also feels that Liz is going to fall in love with the baby that she is going to carry for Courtney and Jax and will have difficulty giving it up once it is born. Liz admits that she will love the baby but ultimately it will be Courtney and Jax's baby, not hers. She tells both Courtney and Jax that she would be honored to help them have their baby. Courtney is elated and hugs Liz, thanking her for her generosity. Lucky stands back a bit, clearly still doubtful about the whole thing.

Dr. Thomas asks to have a word with Jason and Sam after Michael's session. Michael steps away while Dr. Thomas talks to them. He tells Jason that after the session, he has concerns over Michael's current living arrangements. He feels that Michael is uncomfortable with Sonny's girlfriend living with them and equally uncomfortable with Carly's new marital status. He suggests that Michael could use a change for the time being. Just then Alan joins them claiming to have overheard the exchange. He offers to have Michael come live with Monica and him at the Quartermaine mansion. Jason flatly refuses to consider the idea and makes it clear to Alan that Michael will not be living at the Quartermaines.

Michael finds Jodie at the hospital. They decide to take off and end up at the Pizza Shack where Michael tells Jodie about what has been going on. When they hear a car pull up to the closed Pizza Shack, they panic and run. Michael comes out of hiding when Jason calls out to him. They ask him who he was with but Michael doesn't tell them instead he asks Jason how he found him there. Jason smiles and tells him that he knew Michael was hungry for pizza and that he also knows that the Pizza Shack is his favorite place to eat. They decide to get pizza from another place since the Pizza Shack is closed but bring it back to the Pizza Shack to eat. Afterwards, Jason and Sam take Michael home.

Carly tells Sonny that David Guthrie died two months ago and that Reese is obviously a liar if she is insisting that he was the one who tried to kill her. Sonny is disappointed that Reese lied to him but instead of discussing it with her while Carly watches, he turns to Carly and asks her to leave. Carly refuses to leave. Instead, Carly starts making accusations about Reese in the hopes of having Sonny turning against Reese. He doesn't. Sonny continues to insist on Carly leaving and when she doesn't, he resorts to physically escorting her out of his house. Once Carly is gone, Sonny turns his attention to Reese and asks her for an explanation. Reese ends up telling him about Evan's role in her son's kidnapping and subsequent murder at the hands of the kidnappers. She goes on to tell him that Evan is the one who tried to kill her and is now extorting money from her to compensate him for her role in sending him to jail for four years. She also tells him about Evan's encounter with Michael. Sonny does not take the news well. He is understandably concerned that Evan might pose a threat to Michael. Sonny also senses that Reese is keeping something from him but she denies that she is. He assures her that he will take care of Evan for her and makes a phone call.

When Carly and Lorenzo arrive at the hospital to meet Dr. Thomas, he thanks them. Alan is with him. Dr. Thomas explains that Michael is having a difficult time dealing with his parents' new living arrangements and feels it might be best if Michael went to live with a relative for the time being. Alan speaks up, telling Carly that he offered his home to Michael. Lorenzo and Carly refuse to consider the offer. They feel living at the Quartermaines would be the worst possible place for Michael given everything that happened with AJ and Alan's role in helping his son. Carly is appreciative of Lorenzo's support and tells him so as they wait for the elevator. She then starts talking about Reese and her lies. Lorenzo is not happy. He feels that Carly is more concerned for Sonny's sake despite her claims that she's worried about Michael. He explains that if it was about Michael, she would be insisting that Michael be moving into their home immediately. She isn't.

When Jason and Sam arrive with Michael, Sonny tells Jason that he needs to speak to him. Sam is quick to take Michael upstairs while Reese goes to the kitchen for some coffee. Alone, Sonny fills Jason in on what has been going between Evan and Reese. Jason is reluctant to simply make sure Evan leaves town. He feels, given the threat to Sonny's family, that Evan should be taken care of in a more permanent manner. While Sonny and Jason discuss how to deal with Evan, Reese calls Evan to arrange a meeting to give him the $1,000,000.00. Evan disconnects the call and leaves the Pizza Shack. Later, Reese assures Sonny that Evan will be waiting for her at the Pizza Shack as arranged. Sonny and Jason leave to meet up with Evan. When they arrive there, they quickly realize that Reese lied.

As Sam pulls back the covers of Michael's bed, he sees Jodie standing outside of his room. He tries to distract Sam, so she doesn't see Jodie, by asking her what the pile of wood is doing by the back fence. She explains that Michael has been seen using that section to sneak out so Max has been ordered to fix the hole. Michael is upset. At Sam's reassurance that he can tell her anything, he confides to her about Jodie.

Reese arrives to her meeting with Evan with her gun drawn. She finds Evan shot to death on the ground, his gun still in his hand. Just then, someone comes up behind Reese, covers her mouth and drags her away, kicking and struggling to get free.

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