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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 18, 2005 on GH
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Monday, July 18, 2005

Jason stopped Dr. Thomas from talking to Mac. The doc confessed that, wanting to see his next birthday, he wasn't planning on spilling the beans to Mac that Michael was AJ's killer, and tried to convinceJason that he had nothing to worry about. And when he and Mac came face-to-face, the doc lived up to his word and kept mum.

Jason was jealous of Courtney yukking it up with Nikolas in the stables. Court admitted she doesn't want Jax hovering around Liz — she's the mother of their child, not his wife, dammit. Meanwhile, Nikolas asked Emily not to give up on them — again. Em asked for a hug — Nik complied. Then, she asked for a kiss. He obliged. Awww. Later at the hospital, Emily told Jason that even though she thinks maybe she and Nik should move on, she'd stick it out. Her eavesdropping husband wasn't at all thrilled to hear that. And, Jax and Court became the latest couple to make love in Alkie's stables. "Get a room, people," thought the horses.

Alcazar stumbled upon unconscious Carly and arranged for a helicopter to fly in to take her and Alexis to the hospital. Reese claimed that Carly had stumbled and it was an accident (which it was). But in all fairness, I wouldn't have believed her, either. By the next commercial break, they'd all made it to G.H. Tony was pulled from the mothballs to offer his diagnosis of Carly's condition to Jason. Durant rolled in and ordered Jason to stay away from his unconscious daughter. Back at the house, Alacazar barked at Reese that her "victory" over Carly would cost her. Then, Sonny caught Reese off guard when he asked her why Carly called her "Charlotte" before losing consciousness. Reese started telling Sonny the truth but then the cops arrived, signaling the bridge was fixed and the remaining party guests could finally go home. At the hospital, Ric and Alexis were relieved to learn the baby was fine — and she only had the flu! Tony gave Alcazar the good news that Carly will be fine. Alacazar told still-unconscious Carly he loved her and asked her to come back to him. She then woke up. (Wonder how he is at picking lottery numbers?) Carly said she remembered... just as Reese and Sonny walked in. However, Carly didn't remember the Charlotte reference. Sonny and Reese left; the men advised the women to stay away from each other. They promised they would. Place your bets...

Back at the Q's, Edward chastised Tracy for letting Alcazar in the door at ELQ and Luke into the mansion. Luke choked and Tracy laughed, but Big Alice gave her crush some water. Tracy reminded Luke that if she loses CEO of ELQ to Alcazar, he'll get no 15 mil in alimony, and be stuck with her!

Durant barged in on Dr. Thomas and demanded an update on Michael. The doc wheeled him out of the room and locked up his office. But, sneaky Durant got the janitor to let him into Dr T's digs, where he STOOD UP, walked to the desk and listened to Thomas's tape stating Michael killed AJ.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Dr. Thomas admits to Jason that he was once in league with Alan and voices his suspicion that Alan broke into his office and stole the tape from Michael's file. Jason confronts Alan, who has no idea about the missing file. Jason learns that Durant wants to question Dr. Thomas. Jodie encourages Michael to visit Carly. Jason pulls his gun when the police arrive to arrest Michael. Liz and Lucky learn that Liz is pregnant and tell Jax and Courtney. Jax correctly assumes that Lucky and Liz will get married immediately and arrives in time to interrupt the wedding. Courtney admits to Nikolas she fears she is going to lose Jax. Maxie publicly accuses Murphy of being a corrupt cop. Durant and Mac dismiss Maxie's claims against Murphy. Jesse is released on a technicality but pushes Maxie away for her own good. Tracy believes she has successfully retained the CEO position at ELQ but Luke thinks otherwise. Emily insists to Nikolas that she will never give up on them.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sam interrupted Jason's stand-off with the cops — bearing a shotgun. Jason tied up the cops, and Carly allowed him and Sam to flee with Michael. After Sonny caught Ric and Reese in an awkward moment, Ric informed them that Durant suddenly (and suspiciously) dropped his lawsuit against the hospital. Ric and Reese headed out, just before the three fugitives arrived at Sonny's, where Jason and Sam filled in Corinthos and ordered Michael to pack. The boy didn't want to leave his home, but Sonny assured his son that going into hiding was for the best. Knock, knock, it's the cops! Michael suggested they sneak through the hole in the fence that Jodie uses. The gang agreed, and off the trio went.

Courtney continued to complain to Nikolas about feeling "irrelevant" during the upcoming surrogacy. He countered saying that at least Jax isn't repulsed by her touch. And after another round of, "Whose relationship is worse?" they parted feeling better after venting. Back at City Hall, after Jax interrupted Liz and Lucky's wedding ceremony, Liz told the Aussie billionaire to back off — their union isn't about him. Lucky, however, had different thoughts. He reassured Jax they had no ulterior motives regarding the baby, and suggested they postpone the nups. Liz agreed, then crybaby Court came in. Liz calmed everyone's ruffled feathers and the couples went their separate ways. Later on the docks, Lucky and Liz privately pledged their eternal love to one another.

At the PCPD, Ric and Reese confronted Durant and demanded an answer about dropping the suit. Naturally, he ducked their questions — and noticed a special chemistry between the two. Just then, Carly was brought into custody. Carly begged her father to tell her he wasn't behind sicking the cops on Michael. He copped to it, saying siding with him was her only chance of seeing Michael again. Sonny showed up, and boy was he ticked off! Durant denied culpability in stealing the incriminating tape and surprisingly, Carly backed her father's story. "Who's side are you on," demanded Sonny of Carly. She pleaded with her ex to tell her wher e Michael is stowed, but he shot back that he doesn't trust her anymore, cutting Carly deep. Ouch!

"Stay away from me, if you think you can," spat Maxie to Jesse after he dumped her in front of Mac. The commish then suspended Jesse, as he warned Mac to keep an eye on Maxie, saying she's in danger from Murphy. On the docks, Jesse told Murphy that he was "slick" and ordered him to leave Maxie out of it. Murph laughed him off and left, and was then greeted with a hug by the Maxster. Their break-up was an act! or was it? Jesse refused to accompany Maxie to Canada, and ordered her to stay away from him for good.

"Diva of the deciding vote," Skye, appeared to break the ELQ tie, revealing that Tracy had her locked up in the broom closet. She then cast her vote for ... Alcazar. Moments later, Red was crestfallen to learn Luke had cut a deal with the new CEO promising him Skye's vote. The Q's were relieved to hear Durant dropped the suit, while on the patio, Luke broke the news to a tearful Skye that he had to leave town for a while. They shared a passionate kiss, and Luke walked away. After the family dispersed, Tracy rubbed Luke's antics in Skye's face, and downed a vodka in front of the former alkie.

With Emily's help, Jason, Sam and Michael set up camp in the grotto at Wyndemere. Em then hightailed it over to the Q's, where she met Nikolas, who "yet again" vowed they could make their marriage work. Good luck.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Maxie breaks into Mac's office to find out information on Murphy, the dirty cop. She finds his file and leafs through it. Mac comes in and turns the lights on. He reminds her that what she just did is against the law. Maxie tells Mac that she needed to investigate Murphy since he is not willing to believe Murphy could be a bad cop and wants to blame everything on Jesse. Mac insists that Jesse told her lies about Murphy to cover for himself and get her to believe him. Maxie tells him she can't believe he would believe Murphy over his own daughter. Lucky comes into Mac's office and agrees to investigate further what Jesse claims. He doesn't believe Murphy is a bad cop and thinks Maxie's judgment is clouded by her feelings for Jesse. He tells her that Jesse is an undercover cop and they become very convincing when they lie. Maxie insists Murphy is a bad cop. Mac allows Lucky to investigate further. Lucky runs into Maxie on the docks. He tells her she needs to stay out of things and go home. Jesse shows up and wants to know why she isn't listening to him and staying out of things. She tells him she will go home as long as she knows someone is investigating Murphy. Jesse and Maxie tell him everything that happened at the cabin and Lucky starts to wonder if Jesse is telling the truth. Lucky agrees to set up a meeting for Murphy to show up to test him but still thinks Jesse could be setting Murphy up. Lucky is working at his desk when he sees Murphy. He tells Murphy that Jesse just called him and told him he found evidence to prove he is innocent but downplays that it is anything substantial. Murphy insists he is not corrupt and has never done anything criminal. Lucky pretends to believe him. He goes to the docks to meet Jesse. Murphy shows up and pulls a gun on both Jesse and Lucky. Lucky tries to persuade him to put the gun down and then he will help him with the police. Murphy refuses to put the gun down and plans to shoot them both and set it up that he caught them doing something illegal together. Murphy doesn't see Maxie, who overhears the whole conversation. Lucky puts his gun down on the ground. Maxie hits Murphy to keep him from shooting Jesse and Lucky. He grabs her instead and puts the gun to her head. He tells Lucky and Jesse that he is going to use Maxie as a hostage to get free eventually. Maxie jabs Murphy in the stomach and he lets go of her for a moment. Jesse uses that opportunity to lunge for Murphy. The two men struggle for the gun. Maxie and Lucky hear the gun go off but don't know who was shot.

Reese sees Sonny at the mansion. She tells him she talked to Durant and he promised to drop all charges against Sam and Jason for helping Michael escape police custody if Sonny turns Michael in to the police. Reese tries to persuade Sonny to agree to Durant's terms. Sonny is worried about what will happen to Michael when he is arrested. She tells him that Michael will be protected since he is a minor. Sonny reluctantly agrees. Afterwards, Emily shows up at the mansion to inform him that Jason and Sam are hiding with Michael behind the rocks at Wyndemere and are waiting to hear word from him about what he wants to do with Michael. Sonny doesn't know what to do since he doesn't want to keep him away from the home and people he loves but also doesn't want him to have to live like a fugitive. Emily tells him to listen to his heart not his head. Meanwhile, Durant waits for Sonny to show up and agree to his terms. He talks with Ric about Michael's case. Reese shows up and tells them that Sonny has agreed to turn over Michael and will be there soon to tell him in person. Sonny shows up and agrees to Durant's terms. Durant gives him some time to bring Michael in or the deal is off. Emily returns to the rocks and tells Jason and Sam she talked to Sonny and they will hear from him soon. Sonny heads over to Carly's new home. He sees Alcazar with her and refuses to talk to Carly while he is around. She tells Sonny that she is sick of his arrogant games where Alcazar is concerned. Alcazar decides to step out of the room so they can talk. Carly pleads with him to tell her where Michael is. He doesn't know whether to trust her with the information. He eventually brings Carly to see Michael in the hiding place. Sonny tells Michael he will be doing everything he can in Port Charles while Michael goes away with Jason and Sam. Carly hugs and kisses Michael goodbye and almost doesn't let him go but Sonny convinces her to let Michael go with them. Durant realizes Sonny isn't showing up with Michael and believes Sonny never intended to do that anyway and brings that fact up to Reese and Ric. Ric tells her that Sonny could very well have betrayed them because he doesn't trust them. Jason, Sam, and Michael board a ship going somewhere. Michael wants to check out his room below deck. Jason lets him go off alone to see his room. He is surprised when he shows up in his room and finds Jody, his mysterious friend sitting on the bed. He asks her why she is there and doesn't think it is a good idea for her to be there. Meanwhile, the cops show up at Wyndemere and find Sonny, Carly, and Morgan hanging out. The cops ask them where Michael is hiding. They act coy and tell them they have no idea where Michael is and that they are just there to explore on a family day together. Durant shows up with cops at Alcazar's place looking for Michael and Carly there. Alcazar tells him he was on a conference call and doesn't know where Carly is right now.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Officer Murphy takes Maxie hostage in order to escape Lucky and Jesse who are trying to take him into custody. When Maxie manages to break away from him, Jesse attempts to tackle the corrupt police officer. Lucky meanwhile, pulls his gun and fires. Officer Murphy is wounded. As Jesse yells at Maxie for putting herself in a dangerous situation, Lucky calls the ambulance. He forgets to disarm Officer Murphy who takes the opportunity to pull out his gun and shot Lucky while his back is turned. Luckily, Jesse sees what Murphy is about to do and manages to kick the gun away in the nick of time. Lucky is unscathed. At the police station, Mac is furious with Lucky and Jesse after he reviews the tape from the wire used to prove Murphy was the bad cop. He decides to partner Jesse and Lucky up and warns Jesse to keep far away from Maxie. After Jesse walks out, Lucky attempts to change Mac's mind about the partnership but Mac is firm in his decision. He warns Lucky that if he doesn't make sure Jesse stays away from Maxie then he will be writing parking tickets right along side of Jesse.

Maxie finds Jesse on the docks. She is hurt when he dismisses her, claiming that while he appreciated all of her help, ultimately he was playing her. Maxie refuses to believe him.

Courtney is planning the nursery when Jax walks into the room. He is somewhat concerned that she is not referring to the baby as "ours." When he tells her as much, Courtney manages to reassure him that she's happy about the baby. They end up discussing all of the things that they need to do in order to prepare for the arrival of their child. When Courtney prepares to leave to attend some foundation work, Jax tries to convince her to stay home with him. He is almost successful when a knock interrupts them. It's Liz. She's there to tell them that she just had her first prenatal visit and everything is fine with both her and the baby. As she starts to leave, Liz happens to see the swatches and samples for the nursery. She innocently offers to add her own two-cents worth of advice which seems to bother Courtney. Courtney quickly makes her excuses and leaves. While Liz and Jax are discussing the nursery, Liz receives a call from Lucky. He tells her about the shooting and offers to come pick her up. After Liz gets off the phone with Lucky, she experiences a slight dizzy spell which she attributes as normal pregnancy side effects. Jax doesn't take any chances. He helps her to the sofa and has her lay down. While they are talking, Liz confides that she worries about Lucky's safety while he is at work. Lucky arrives a short time later to pick up Liz. Jax suggests, given the added stress Liz is under, that Lucky take a desk job at least until the baby is born. Lucky explains that the pay is less and therefore it's not a practical decision. Jax offers to pay the difference which offends Lucky.

Reese is upset with Sonny because he lied to her when he let her make a deal with Durant all the while knowing he wasn't going to honor it. She feels it is proof that he doesn't trust her. Sonny tries to explain that he was only protecting her. She has a new practice and he didn't want her career jeopardized by having her charged as an accomplice if Durant should get wind that she knew about the plan to spirit Michael out of town.

Emily is startled by Nik when he walks up behind her as she's looking at a picture of them. She drops the picture which shatters it. The tension is thick as Emily claims to be studying. Nik decides to take a launch out for a while to give her privacy while she pours over her medical books. Shortly after Nik leaves, two police officers arrive to take Emily into the PCPD for questioning on the orders of Durant. Once at the police station, Emily calls Sonny for help while Lucky calls Nik to let him know that Emily was brought in. Reese and Sonny arrive while Durant is making all kinds of threats in the hopes of rattling Emily into telling him where Michael is. Reese quickly has Emily released. Nik arrives and is upset that Emily didn't call him. They have a spat while Courtney, standing nearby, overhears them. When Nik and Emily arrive home, things aren't better. Nik is hurt that Emily didn't turn to him when she decided to help Jason hide Michael. He's also upset that Emily called Sonny rather than her own husband when she needed help. Sonny walks in and tries to defend Emily which only makes matters worse. In an effort to defend Sonny, Emily accuses Nik of being more upset about their crumbling marriage than anything else. Nik is hurt that she views their marriage as falling apart and feels it's an indication that she doesn't want to work to save it. After Nik leaves, Emily discusses her marital problems with Sonny who is sympathetic. Reese walks in a short while later to give Emily the bad news that she has a court order from Durant and it's not good.

Courtney and Nik bump into each other on the docks and commiserate about the way their day has been going.

Jason confides to Sam that something is eating at him: a certainty of something elusive. Meanwhile, in the cabin, Michael is talking to Jodie who has apparently stowed away on the boat. She tells him that she knows that he did not kill AJ. Upon questioning, Jodie admits that she was in the room that night so she has first hand knowledge about AJ's murder. Michael decides to talk to Jason and Sam. He finds them out on the deck and tells them that Jodie is on the boat. He takes them to his room and draws Jodie out of hiding from under his bunk. As he's asking her to tell Jason and Sam about what she saw the night AJ was killed, Jason and Sam become visibly concerned. Jodie is not real.

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