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Monday, July 25, 2005

Jax offers to supplement Lucky's income if he takes a desk job at the police station. He's worried that Liz will worry too much and what effect her worrying could have on the baby. Jax vents to Courtney when Lucky doesn't accept his offer. When pressed for her opinion, Courtney says she feels there are too many opinions floating out there and giving hers would be one too many. Jax shows Courtney a pamphlet for a spa. She tells him it sounds great and Liz will appreciate it. He tells her it is not for Liz, it is for Courtney. He wants Courtney to enjoy the next 9 months, because once the baby comes she's going to be up at 4 AM for feedings. Jax has good feelings about his and Courtney's parenting abilities. Courtney is more interested in the color of the paint in the nursery and interrupts Jax's daydream to ask what color the walls are in his dream. Later that night, Courtney wakes up and wanders into the living room to look at the spa pamphlet again. Jax watches her from afar.

Liz and Lucky talk about Jax's offer. She doesn't mind the fact that Lucky turned down the offer. She's glad to have Lucky in her corner, and he reciprocates.

Sonny counsels Emily on her rape. He tells her he knows how she feels when someone uses your body and smashes your soul. She explains that the defining moment in her life was when her mother died. No one can tell her to just get over it. She will never forget the things that happened to her that have shaped her life. Sonny tells her that she will never forget but that she will change to a different person. She realizes that he does understand. She's upset because she's a different person than Nikolas married and now she can't give him what he wants. Nikolas walks in during this admission and Sonny makes his exit. Nikolas asks Emily who she is if she's not the woman he married. He tells her that at one time instead of keeping secrets from each other, they shared them. When she had cancer, she told him her secret and they fought it together. Nikolas presses Emily to be honest with him, and she admits she was helping Michael. Later that night, Nikolas wakes and goes to get a drink. Emily watches from afar.

Durant searches for DNA to try to determine if Michael handled the pillow that killed AJ. Reese argues with Durant, and Sonny tells him no matter how much evidence he ever has his son will never stand trial for AJ's murder. Durant takes DNA evidence from Sonny to try to determine if Michael killed AJ. Durant thinks he can rescue Michael from his "so-called-life" with Sonny. After he leaves, Sonny tells Reese that he doesn't do well in corners and Durant better back off before he's forced to take action. Reese tells him that she will never compromise herself for Sonny but she will for Michael. She doesn't want Durant to use Michael to bring down Sonny.

While Durant and Reese argue about his intentions, Michael talks to Jodie on the boat. Michael tries to explain his relationship with Jason. Jodie fears that Jason will make her go away and convince Michael not to like her anymore.

During this, Sam tries to help Jason understand Jodie and Michael's relationship. She believes Jodie is good for Michael and that she can help him. Sam thinks that Jodie is a figment of Michael's imagination, created to help Michael deal with the murder of AJ. Sam wants Jason to make believe Jodie is real in order to help Michael. Jason says he can't play make believe. Sam understands and tells him she will get the truth about Jodie. Sam goes into town and is being followed by police officers. She calls Jason and tells him he has to leave without her. As Jason hears the police approach Sam, Michael appears wanting to talk to him.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Jason walks in on Michael talking to Jodie. When Michael realizes Jason can't see Jodie, he becomes upset. Against his better judgment, Jason calls Dr. Thomas for help. Afterwards, Jason remembers Dr. Thomas from the time of his accident. The memory upsets him. Dr. Thomas also remembers Jason from his accident, but his memory is different.

Jason calls Reese and tells her that he's not sure Michael killed AJ after all. Once Reese gets this news, she calls Carly to tell her. When Carly hears this, she rushes to confront Monica and Alan, thinking one of them killed AJ. Monica convinces Carly that she did not kill AJ, and neither did Alan.

While Carly is throwing her accusations around, Reese is accusing Rachel of killing AJ. Rachel denies killing AJ, but she admits that she knows who did kill AJ.

Maxie talks with Mac about his inability to let go of her and Georgie as little girls. He needs to stop trying to control them and who their friends are. At first, Mac is not receptive to Maxie. After he walks away and thinks about it he realizes his little girls are growing up and apologizes to Maxie.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Carly accuses Durant of killing AJ in an effort to get to Sonny through Michael. John denies the accusation vehemently.

Jason calls Sonny to tell him about Jodie. According Reese's research, Jodie Monroe was a student at Michael's school approximately 26 years ago. Jason thinks that because Jodie won several spelling competitions and her picture was hung in the hallway, Michael saw the picture every day and therefore used her image to apply to his imaginary friend. He goes on to tell Sonny that Michael manifested Jodie in order to have someone to talk to about what he's been hiding and to help him deal with the issues that he's facing. Jason feels responsible for not having realized just how deeply in trouble Michael was but Sonny assures him that he's done everything that he could for Michael. Jason then tells Sonny that Dr. Thomas has suggested that Michael be returned home immediately and brought in for therapy. Sonny orders Jason to head home but not to dock until Jason hears from him. Sonny decides to pave the way by going to see Durant at the hospital. He offers to return Michael home in exchange for Durant dropping all charges against Jason and Sam and releasing Sam from custody. Carly is not pleased. She tries to make Sonny reconsider the offer but Durant accepts. They shake hands. Carly decides to follow Sonny home. She demands answers. Sonny tells Carly about Jodie but she becomes quite angry when she realizes that everyone including Reese knew about Michael's imaginary friend before she did. Reese walks in at that moment and explains that she only knew because Jason had called and told her about Jodie.

Michael wakes up to find Jodie standing over his bed with a pillow. He jumps out of bed and confronts Jodie about not being real. He becomes quite agitated and tells to go away. He never wants to see her again. Upon hearing Michael's yelling, Jason comes into the cabin. Jason and Michael talk. Jason explains why Michael's mind conjured up Jodie and advises him not to push her away for the moment. Michael admits that he's already done just that. Jason is understanding but tells Michael that if Jodie should make another appearance to not make her go away. Michael agrees.

Durant double crosses Sonny when Jason returns home with Michael and Durant arrives at Sonny's compound. He immediately has Jason taken into custody for obstruction of justice and has Michael escorted down to police headquarters. Carly accompanies her son while Reese joins them in an effort to be Jason and Michael's legal representative.

Nik and Emily share a pizza at the Pizza Shack. When Nik suggests going back to Wyndemere, Emily claims that she can't because she has to work. It's clearly an avoidance tactic that Nik sees through. Once at the hospital, Monica who is concerned about all of the hours that Emily is suddenly putting in, confronts Emily about it. Emily initially tries to brush off but Monica doesn't let her. She pushes her until Emily finally admits that she's volunteering for overtime because being around Nik lately feels like walking on egg shells. Emily goes on to admit that it might be time to walk away from the marriage as things are only getting worse.

Courtney is upset to find Jax at the hospital and lying to her about the reason. She immediately calls him on the carpet which prompts Jax to admit that he lied because he didn't feel like getting into it with her about seeing Dr. Meadows. He was concerned that Liz had suffered a dizzy spell and wanted reassurance that everything is ok with the baby. Courtney is contrite. She explains that her insecurities stem from childhood when her father walked out. She tells Jax that she will make an effort to deal with those insecurities better. After they make up, Jax and Courtney decide to go for a run. They end up at Kelly's where they plan to have dinner. When they walk in, they find Lucky and Liz already there doing the same thing. Initially Courtney is hesitant but then decides to stay at Kelly's. Liz is happy to see them and invites them to join them. Courtney accepts the offer but soon regrets it. The atmosphere is extremely strained among the four of them. Liz and Jax's efforts to engage in small talk only make matters worse. Courtney gets up and leaves the table. Jax follows her. They talk but Courtney feels she needs to walk things off. She asks Jax to make her excuses and leaves. She ends up running into a drunken Nik down at the docks. He tells her that Emily's decision to stay with him in an effort to salvage their marriage ultimately killed both them and their marriage. He starts to leave but stops and looks down at Courtney. He tells her that he doesn't want to feel dead inside and then kisses her. Courtney reciprocates.

Maxie goes to Kelly's to find Georgie. Instead she finds Dillon, Brook Lynn and Diego. The guys ask her to join them much to Brook Lynn's disappointment. It's only for a minute or two. She leaves to see Georgie who is working at the Pizza Shack. On her way out she runs into Jesse. She gives him the news that she spoke to Mac who has agreed to let them hang out. Jesse declines the offer. He tells her that he's not into relationships and doesn't want the complication of emotional attachments because of his profession as a police officer. Maxie is upset and disappointed. She ends up going to visit Georgie at work and telling her that she at least can see Dillon without having to sneak around. By then Dillon, Diego and Brook Lynn have arrived at the Pizza Shack and are enjoying pizza together. When Maxie hears a favorite song, she invites Dillon to dance. He declines which prompts Maxie to turn to Diego and insist that he dance with her. Diego does which upsets Brook Lynn to the point of walking up and physically pulling him away from Maxie. She confronts him about being so insensitive that he would dance with Maxie just after breaking things off with her. Things turn ugly fast and Brook Lynn is accidentally doused with a drink. She blames Maxie and calls her a slut. Things go from bad to worse. While the girls have to be pulled apart, Georgie is fired and the police arrive. It's Lucky and Jesse. Maxie breaks away and immediately confronts Jesse, blaming him for indirectly contributing to the situation. Words are exchanged and Jesse ends up yelling that the reason he doesn't want things to go any further is because he's falling for her. Everyone, including Diego, hears him.

Reese questions Rachel about her possible role in AJ's murder. Rachel flatly denies that she killed AJ but admits that she knows who did. Reese pushes her until Rachel admits that on the night that AJ was murdered, Rachel had been walking along the corridor of the hospital. She noted the time just before she approached AJ's room. Rachel claims that she saw Dr. Asher Thomas leaving AJ's room. She didn't witness the actual murder but he left at the exact time which was later determined to be the time that AJ died. Lurking nearby, Dr. Thomas overhears the exchange between Rachel and Reese. When Reese goes to question Dr. Thomas, he's prepared. He tells her that Dr. Tony Jones had called him in as a consult or a motorcycle accident victim. Dr. Thomas claims that he had his nose buried in the chart and wasn't paying attention to where he was going. He'd accidentally walked into AJ's room. When he had realized it, Dr. Thomas claimed that he immediately turned around and left the room. Reese accepts his explanation. As she's exiting Dr. Thomas's office, he asks her exactly what right she had to question him about his whereabouts given that she no longer works for the FBI. Reese concedes the point but admits that old habits die hard.

There are several startling revelations made about Dr. Thomas as he recalls certain incidents in the past. The first memory is of Monica and Dr. Thomas discussing Jason's grave condition after the accident. After Monica leaves the room, Dr. Thomas pulls out a syringe and injects it into Jason's IV. As Jason flat-lines, Dr. Thomas calls AJ to tell him that per their agreement, he has done as AJ asked and he expects the favor to be returned. Dr. Thomas then warns AJ that if he ever breathes a word of their agreement to anyone, he will join his brother Jason in hell. The second incident that Dr. Thomas remembers is the night that AJ was murdered. He walks into AJ's room. AJ is still, his eyes closed as Dr. Thomas pulls on a pair of latex gloves. He asks AJ whom he thinks he is to summon him and demand that he testify on AJ's behalf that AJ was mentally insane when he kidnapped Michael, shot Alan and tried to kill Jason once again. And to threaten to reveal what Dr. Thomas did all those years ago if he didn't testify? Well that was unacceptable. He goes on to wonder what kind of jealousy would run so deep as to inspire one brother to desperately want another brother dead. AJ remains still, with his eyes closed as Dr. Thomas chuckles and says "Well you can't always get what you want." He then picks a pillow up off of the floor and continues with his speech saying "They say one hands washes another. I needed money and you wanted your brother dead. I tried to accommodate you." He justifies his actions by blaming AJ for threatening to reveal their secrets and then lifts the pillow and holds it over AJ's face. Dr. Thomas is brought back to the present when Rachel Adair arrives at his office at his request. In his desk drawer there are a vial and a syringe.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Emily wakes Nikolas up while he was dreaming about making love to her as if everything was alright again in their marriage. She tells him that she didn't want him to oversleep since he had an appointment at the hospital later. She asks him what he was doing out so late the night before. He tells her he just went for a long walk, not mentioning he ran into Courtney on the docks last night. Emily tells him they were swamped at the hospital and she worked late and didn't want to wake him. Meanwhile, Courtney wakes up around the same time as Jax. She also got home late and Jax tells her he saw her looking out the window for the longest time when she got home late last night. Courtney tells him she has a meeting at the hospital for her foundation business and tells him that she needs to really get going with some fundraising right now. Jax offers to help if the foundation is in trouble but she tells him she will be fine. Jax gets up to take a shower and Courtney can't stop thinking about her kiss with Nikolas the night before. Suddenly, Courtney's cell phone rings. She answers it; it is Nikolas on the other line. He asks her to meet him on the roof of the hospital to talk. Later at General Hospital, Emily sees Jax get off the elevator with a bouquet of flowers. She stops him and tells him to feel free to tell her to back off if he feels she is out of line in saying this to him. She tells him that if he came to bring flowers for Liz, he should rethink that idea because Lucky already feels threatened about Jax's financial status and his pride is already hurt because Liz is doing this surrogate thing to pay his medical bills. Jax stops her but isn't offended and tells her that the flowers are for his wife not Liz. Emily smiles at him but feels like a fool for making the assumption that the flowers were for Liz. Courtney meets Nikolas on the roof of the hospital as he requested. He tells her that the kiss they shared was a mistake and can't happen again. Courtney tells him that she did kiss him back and is partly responsible for what happened. Nikolas makes the excuse that he was drunk at the time and that he acted on impulse. Courtney confides in him that she feels more comfortable talking to him about her feelings than to her own husband. Nikolas tells her he feels the same. Courtney goes to leave the roof to go make her meeting but the door is locked. It begins to rain really hard and the two of them get drenched. She doesn't have her cell-phone on her and Nikolas' cell phone is dead because he forgot to charge it the night before. They realize they are stuck until someone finds them. Nikolas takes his leather jacket off and puts it around Courtney, who is freezing in her summer dress.

Jason is brought to the interrogation room after spending the night in lock-up. He is reunited with Sam who also spent the night in lock-up. They are given time alone to talk. Jason tells her that he doesn't want her to be kept in jail because she was only helping Michael and that if he can get a deal, he will ask that the charges against her will be dropped. She tells him that they are in this together. Meanwhile, Sonny demands that Durant tell him where his son is. Durant won't tell him where he is but that he is getting the help he needs and admits Michael spent the night at his place. Meanwhile, Reese shows up at General Hospital and asks Liz if Rachel Adair is in her office. Liz informs her that Rachel never showed up for work and that she has called her home several times and has gotten no answer, which isn't like her at all. Reese starts to think the worse has happened to Rachel since she talked to her the day before and Rachel had revealed that she saw Dr. Thomas leaving AJ's room at the time of his death. Lucky and Jesse show up and talk to Reese. Jesse doesn't think that they should worry about Rachel since she could have taken off with a boyfriend or something. Lucky tells Jesse that Rachel had a lot of enemies and if she knew something she could have gotten killed. Meanwhile, Michael is brought to General Hospital by a social worker to see Dr. Thomas. Carly shows up there, guessing that is where he is. Michael is happy to see her but seems closed down emotionally otherwise. Carly asks if she can take Michael to go get a little breakfast in the cafeteria but Dr. Thomas and the social worker say no. Carly asks if she can sit in with Michael in his therapy session but Dr. Thomas says no to that. Suddenly, Reese shows up and notifies Dr. Thomas and the social worker that Michael won't be going anywhere near Dr. Thomas as of now. Skye shows up at Lorenzo's place to find out about Luke's whereabouts. Lorenzo informs her that Luke asked that he not tell anyone where he is right now. Skye isn't too pleased but isn't surprised that Luke did that. Lorenzo asks Skye to help him concerning what is going on with Michael being arrested last night. Skye doesn't think Carly has the power to stop Durant. Lorenzo tells her he can derrail Durant if he needs to. Skye goes to the hospital and finds Alan and Monica arguing about Michael. Skye asks them to put their differences aside for now and focus on helping Michael. Alan and Monica agree that Michael shouldn't be in Durant's custody. Meanwhile, Carly returns home to complain to Lorenzo about how her own father didn't even call her last night to tell her he had Michael staying at his place. Lorenzo tells her he will stop Durant any way he can. Carly asks him if they can take Michael and Morgan to the hacienda he talked about to keep Michael away from Durant and from going to prison. Lorenzo tells her that he doesn't think running away is the right thing to do for Michael, who needs professional help and to be close to home. Carly reluctantly agrees with him. Skye shows up with Alan and Monica and suggests to Carly that she get the court to allow Michael to stay at the Quartermaines. Carly refuses to let Michael stay at the Quartermaines. Lorenzo persuades her to consider her options, which are none. He tells her that if she goes to the court and asks the judge to allow Michael to live temporarily with the Quartermaines, the judge will most likely agree and that will keep him close to home and away from Durant. Carly agrees only after Lorenzo makes Alan and Monica promise to give Michael back after this is all over with. Back at police headquarters, Sonny calls in some favors and gets the charges against Jason and Sam dropped. Reese shows up to tell Durant that she had an injunction put in place to keep Michael away from Dr. Thomas and tells them of her suspicions about Dr. Thomas being AJ's killer. Durant doesn't buy that scenario. Durant tells Sonny that he already has it set that Michael will get 2 years probation and not have to go to prison at all and his records will be sealed and that Sonny should just let Dr. Thomas get a confession out of Michael. Sonny tells Reese that she isn't making a mistake in trusting that Rachel was telling the truth about seeing Dr. Thomas leave AJ's room at the time of his death. Reese tells him she is right and that he needs to trust in her to know what to do. He tells her he trusts her. Jason and Sam are un-cuffed and informed the charges were dropped against them and they are free to go. As they are leaving, Durant informs them that he called in some favors of his own and that he got a restraining order against them both, keeping them from going within 500 ft. of Michael or they will both be arrested. Lucky and Jesse show up at the station after Jason and Sam leave. They inform everyone that they found Rachel's body at her home and that she overdosed on drugs and left a suicide note, confessing to killing AJ Jason and Sam return to their penthouse, upset and angry about the restraining order. They share a kiss after Sam tells him that she is glad the charges were dropped before he planned to make a deal to have her released if he was still charged with kidnapping. Later, Jason has a dream that Michael is in the hospital, all bandaged up and he is locked outside his hospital room as he watches Dr. Thomas inject something into Michael's I.V. Jason screams himself awake. He tells Sam about the dream. Sam tries to explain to him that maybe the dream represents a suppressed memory for him from when he was hospitalized after the accident. Jason doesn't think that makes sense that he would dream about Michael being in the hospital. Sam suggests that maybe it was him in the hospital bed and that his brain is trying to bring a memory back to the surface concerning Dr. Thomas. Meanwhile, Michael is brought back to Dr. Thomas' office. He sits down. Dr. Thomas suggests hypnosis to help Michael remember what he saw in A.J's room that night to help him remember that he killed AJ that night. Michael suddenly looks over at the desk and points to it. Dr. Thomas asks him what he is looking at. Michael tells him that Jodie, his imaginary friend is there in the room with them. Dr. Thomas starts to have Michael count down from ten so he can hypnotize him. Jodie calls out to Michael not to trust Dr. Thomas and yells at him to run away from Dr. Thomas.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Emily and Jax talk. She asks Jax if Courtney has come to terms yet with the idea of Liz being their surrogate. Jax tells her that he's confident that once Courtney holds their newborn child she will be happy and feel it was all worth it. Emily hopes that he's is right for the sake of both of their marriages. A comment that seems to strike Jax as a bit odd.

Courtney and Nik are locked on the roof during a summer storm. Having no other alternative, they find a place to sit down and wait out the storm. As they are waiting for the storm to end, and someone to open the rooftop door, Nik takes the opportunity to apologize for his behavior on the docks when he kissed her. According to Nik, it was a combination of being drunk, feelings as if his world were crashing down and seeing her standing there. Courtney admits that she wasn't insulted. Nik wonders aloud why they have never noticed each other before given that they move in similar circles. Courtney doesn't have an answer which prompts Nik to further wonder what would have happened had they met under different circumstances. Courtney becomes a bit uncomfortable with the discussion and reminds Nik that they both have too much to loose by letting things go further than they already have. Nik agrees. Just then Emily opens the door. There is a moment of awkwardness until Courtney leaves the rooftop with the intent to find somewhere to dry off. When Emily starts to leave behind Courtney, Nik stops her and invites Emily to dance with him on the rooftop. Emily accepts the offer and the two enjoy a moment together.

As Courtney steps off of the elevator she sees Jax. Upon seeing her drenched to the bone, he suggests that she cancel her meeting and return home with him for a nice hot bath and some dry clothes. Courtney is easily persuaded. Jax happens to spot Nik a few minutes later and notes that it seems Courtney wasn't the only person to be caught in the rain. Nik makes his way over and pretends to be surprised that Courtney too is drenched. Jax explains that Courtney was stuck on the rooftop and then asks Nik how he managed to get wet. Nik lies and says that he forgot his umbrella. Emily, standing nearby overhears the exchange between Jax and Nik.

Jesse and Lucky are at the police station telling Durant that Rachel Adair has been found. It appears she committed suicide and left a note behind confessing to murdering AJ. Sonny is relieved at the news because it means that Michael can return home. Durant is livid. He is convinced that Sonny had Rachel murdered and the suicide note forged to have the charges against Michael dropped. He promises to investigate the suicide but preliminary results indicate that the confession is not a forgery and Rachel took her own life by overdosing on barbiturates. When Ric walks in and warns Durant to back off while also encouraging Sonny and Reese to leave the station. They do. Once they arrive at Sonny's compound, Reese reluctantly brings up the possibility of Sonny having Rachel killed. She reminds Sonny that he once said that he would do whatever is necessary to keep his family safe. She also reminds Sonny of all of the things that AJ and Rachel did and then asks him if he had anything to do with Rachel's death. Sonny admits that he despised Rachel and had no use for her but that he did not have anything to do with her death.

Lorenzo sides with the Quartermaines to convince Carly to permit them to take Michael in temporarily instead of leaving him in the custody of John Durant. Carly is hesitant but agrees under the condition that they don't discuss AJ with Michael or try to paint him as a saint. Once she agrees, Sonny calls to tell Carly that it's over. The charges against Michael are going to be dropped and he will be returning home.

Jason and Sam discuss Dr. Thomas and the possibility that there is more to his involvement with Michael's case than meets the eye.

Dr. Thomas tries to hypnotize Michael. "Jodie" tries to convince Michael not to cooperate but Dr. Thomas is persistent and eventually prevails. Once Michael is under hypnosis, Dr. Thomas asks him what he witnessed the night that AJ died. Michael tells him that he didn't want AJ to hurt Morgan and Kristina again so he went to AJ's room. Once Michael was there, Michael picked up a pillow and held it over AJ's face until someone else walked into the room. Dr. Thomas asks Michael if he knows who the person was. Michael answers that the person was a man and he was angry because of certain secrets. Dr. Thomas keeps pushing and asks Michael if he knows who the man was. Michael answers, "It was you." Dr. Thomas then pulls a syringe out filled with an unknown liquid.

Outside of Dr. Thomas's office, John Durant arrives and demands that the session be ended so that he can take Michael home. He stopped in his tracks with Carly's arrival who is quickly followed by Ric. Ric informs John Durant that his temporary custody of Michael has been rescinded and that Michael will be going home with his mother. Just then Michael comes out of Dr. Thomas's office and immediately runs into Carly's arms.

Skye is left alone with Lorenzo after Leticia leaves with Morgan to join Michael and Carly at Sonny's compound. Skye is impressed with Lorenzo's calm acceptance of being left out of the family celebrations. In his shoes, she'd feel tempted to want to teach Carly a lesson by having her walk in to find a woman in bed with him. Lorenzo asks if Skye is offering. Skye smiles and admits that she wouldn't be above it but she strongly suspects that Lorenzo would be.

Alan is disappointed that they never had a chance to have Michael stay with the Quartermaine family. His disappointment leads him to lash out at Monica over what he feels was her betrayal of their son, AJ. He accuses Monica of never allowing AJ to forget for one minute that he was responsible the accident that left Jason brain damaged. Monica defends herself, insisting that she loved AJ but that she did not like the man that he ultimately turned into because of his drinking. Skye walks in during the heat of the argument and tries to bring it to a stop. She points out that she understands that everything is coming to the surface because of the recent revelation that Rachel Adair killed AJ but they shouldn't be taking it out on each other. Monica storms off, leaving Alan alone with Skye. He admits to Skye that he blames everyone but himself most especially for not giving AJ the unconditional love that his son so desperately needed from his family. Alan finds it a perverse sort of irony that in the end a doctor would murder his son.

Jason arrives at Sonny's compound to welcome Michael home and to celebrate with the family that Michael is not responsible for AJ's death. Michael startles everyone when he announces that he knows who killed AJ and then names Rachel Adair as the killer. Reese is immediately suspicious and asks Michael when he suddenly remembered. Michael explains that he realized it during his session with Dr. Thomas and then goes on to tell everyone that he knows Jodie was an imaginary image and that he stopped seeing her in Dr. Thomas's office. Sonny is uncomfortable with Reese's questioning and brings a stop to it, concentrating instead on the fact that Michael is not the killer and that the truth is finally out. Jason meanwhile seems equally suspicious as Reese of the convenient timing of Michael's recovered memory. After Jason leaves, Ric walks in. Initially, Sonny tries to make him leave, feeling that it's bad timing. He is shocked when Carly announces that she invited Ric in part because he's Sonny's brother and in part because he was so helpful in having Michael's custody returned to her so quickly. Sonny is pleasantly surprised and admits to Ric that it's getting to the point where Ric feels like a real brother. When Reese slips out into the hallway, Ric follows. She tells him about her conversation with Rachel where she admitted to seeing Dr. Thomas walking out of AJ's room at the time that it was determined that AJ died. She goes on to tell Ric that when she confronted Dr. Thomas he seemed prepared for his question. Ric is hesitant to pursue things. As far as he is concerned, AJ's murder is closed. Michael isn't responsible and Rachel confessed to killing him. Later, Lorenzo walks in as Sonny, Carly and the boys are sitting on the sofa laughing and enjoying a family moment. He offers to take Carly home. Carly surprises him when she tells him that she is not ready to leave.

Jason returns to his penthouse and is quite agitated. He tells Sam about Michael's claim that Rachel killed AJ. As they are talking, they speculate that AJ might have contacted Dr. Thomas to help him convince everyone that he was insane at the time that AJ kidnapped Michael. They feel strongly that Dr. Thomas is the one responsible for murdering AJ, not Rachel. Jason is tempted to let the matter drop since Michael has been cleared of charges and there are other ways of dealing with Dr. Thomas than by having him face legal consequences for his actions if there's a need for that. Sam disagrees. She's convinced that if Dr. Thomas planted the lie that Rachel murdered AJ then the truth is still locked inside of Michael and it will ultimately do him more harm. Jason realizes that Sam has a valid point.

Reese goes to Dr. Thomas's office to confront him. She tells Dr. Thomas that Rachel told Reese just the other day that she saw Dr. Thomas leaving AJ's room at the time of AJ's murder. Reese goes on to tell Dr. Thomas that everything seems just a bit too convenient that Rachel confesses to murdering AJ and then commits suicide. Dr. Thomas doesn't say anything but he does reach into his desk draw to pick up a syringe filled with an unknown liquid.

Monica walks into the living room and pours herself something to drink. She hears an odd noise and goes to investigate. Outside on the veranda, she sees Alan remove a brick from the wall and pull out a plastic bag containing something.

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