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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 1, 2005 on GH
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Monday, August 1, 2005

Nikolas asks Emily why she didn't say anything to Jax when she knew Nikolas was on the roof with Courtney. Emily says that she understands that Courtney needs a stress reliever during Liz's surrogacy, and she knows that some people have a reason to keep secrets. Nikolas questions Emily's comments. He tells her they act like strangers, and he thinks they're doing more harm than good by avoiding conflict instead of hashing their problems out. After Emily leaves the hospital, she seeks Nikolas out and tells him that she doesn't want to lose him. As they kiss, Courtney happens upon them.

Jax thinks Courtney should talk to Nikolas about contributing money to her charity. As he helps her out of her wet clothes, they share an intimate moment. Courtney tells him how special he makes her feel. They talk about her difficulty with the surrogacy, and he tells her that once she holds their child it will all be worth it. She tells him that she doesn't want to keep any secrets, and admits that she was with Nikolas out on the hospital roof. Jax questions why she lied, but Courtney tells her it just seemed easier to let him assume she was by herself. She tells him how Nikolas has been confiding to her his troubles with Emily. She didn't want to embarrass him in front of Emily, so she didn't say anything at the time. Jax appears upset, but is distracted as the phone rings. Liz's car broke down and she's stranded. It's Courtney's turn to be upset when Jax gets up to go pick Liz up. She can't understand why he doesn't just send a car, but he tells her he wants to make sure she's ok since she's pregnant. He offers Courtney to go along with him, but she turns him down. After Jax leaves, Courtney attempts to busy herself in her work. When that doesn't work, she goes for a walk.

Alan pulls a loose brick out of a wall in the garden to reveal a package. He slips into the Quartermaine mansion, shocked when Monica turns the lights on asking what he's been doing out on the terrace. Alan lies and says he feels close to his mother when he's in her garden. Sam and Jason interrupt and ask about Jason's treatment at the hospital after his accident. They think Monica and Alan are hiding something from them. Alan wants to know why they want to know about the accident now, after turning away from the family after the accident. Monica stops Alan's fit and tells Jason that Dr. Thomas treated him while he was in a coma. Jason asks where AJ was during all of this. Alan tells him that AJ was deeply concerned about Jason. The family stayed with Jason day in and day out until there showed no signs of hope. At that point, they would spend the day with him but go home at night. It was at nighttime when Jason's heart stopped. They want to know what caused his heart to stop, but no one ever found out. He was on blood pressure medication to stabilize his pressure, so they blamed it on that. She remembers the night as January 17 and recalls that the ICU staff revived him. The doctors told the Quartermaines that Jason would never recover and would have to be institutionalized. During their conversation, Alan continues to look uncomfortable. After they leave, Alan tells Monica she was wrong. Jason never woke up. She slaps him and tells him it's because he tried to kill Jason. Alan admits that he didn't want his son to be a vegetable, but he didn't try to kill him. He was intending to sit with him, but when he got there the machines were already off. He revived Jason before the medical staff ever arrived. He never told Monica because he hesitated before reviving Jason. He thought Jason would be better off dead than alive, but he could never admit that to Monica. When Monica leaves, Alan goes back out to the veranda. He pulls an envelope out of the hiding spot behind the loose brick in the wall and reads a letter, crying.

Sam and Jason leave and go to the hospital to confront Dr. Thomas. They break into his office and find a file on Jason with the date January 17th missing. Dr. Thomas walks in on Jason and Sam as they're looking for clues in his office.

Jesse and Lucky go to ask Dr. Thomas some questions regarding Rachel's death and are surprised to see Reese there. Little does Reese know, Dr. Thomas was hiding a syringe behind his back, preparing to inject her with something right before Lucky and Jesse interrupt. After asking her to leave, they begin questioning why Rachel visited him before her suicide. He tells them she was asking about Michael. After Lucky and Jesse leave, Reese confronts them and asks what Dr. Thomas told them about Rachel's death. They are shocked that she knows anything. As she explains, Lucky's phone rings with the autopsy results. After Jesse gets on the phone, he tells them that Rachel died of an overdose of barbiturates with no sign of foul play. The suicide note appears to be in her handwriting. Dr. Thomas overhears through his door, smiling. Durant tells Lucky and Jesse he is reopening the Rachel Adair case. He wants them to find the evidence that Sonny killed Rachel to cover for Michael murdering AJ. When Lucky tells Durant he won't manufacture evidence, Durant asks if Sonny is taking care of Lucky's money problems by paying him off. Lucky goes after Durant and Jesse has to pull the men apart. Durant tells them the only way to avoid suspension is to bring proof that Sonny killed Rachel. After he leaves, Jesse questions why Lucky got so upset. Lucky tells him about Liz having Jax's baby to pay for his medical bills.

Carly asks Alcazar if she can stay at Sonny's house to be with the boys. Alcazar, visibly upset, agrees. Sonny talks to Michael about the arrangement, telling him it's a one time deal. Carly reassures Alcazar that she is not reconciling with Sonny. After Alcazar leaves, Carly tucks Michael into bed. He tells them about his experience on the boat with Sam and Jason. Sonny tells him how proud he is of him for never giving up. Sonny tells Michael he is a survivor and he reminds him of Carly. After the boys go to bed, Reese comes over and tells Sonny that the autopsy results are back and Dr. Adair did indeed kill herself. Sonny isn't surprised, but Reese tells him that she just can't shake the timing coincidence. Rachel didn't seem suicidal when Reese talked to her, but Dr. Thomas told the cops the she was when he talked with her. Sonny believes in Reese's instincts and tells her he doesn't trust Dr. Thomas. As Sonny thanks Reese for her hard work and commitment to Michael, Carly comes downstairs. Much to Sonny's annoyance, she tells Reese she's spending the night. Sonny explains why Carly is spending the night. She blames Reese for putting the thought in his head that he killed AJ. Carly taunts Reese with the fact that she and Sonny are Michael's family. After Reese leaves, Sonny asks Carly if he enjoyed chasing Reese off. Carly admits that she did. When she comments about being happily married, Sonny tells her she's not happily married and both her and Lorenzo know it. Carly storms off to go home to Lorenzo. As she crawls into bed with Alcazar, she reassures him that she loves him and she belongs with him. After Carly goes home to Alcazar, Sonny leaves a message for Reese apologizing for Carly's behavior. He tells her that Carly left and he'll be sleeping alone but thinking of her.

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Sam pockets the tape she found in Dr. Thomas's office and convinces Jason to leave without harming the doctor. When they get home, Jason tells Sam he wants her to deal with Michael and he will deal with his own problems. He's harsh on her and apologizes once he realizes it. They are interrupted by Sonny's tech guy, but before Sam can explain what's going on Jason tells her to go upstairs and pack to go stay with Michael. Once Sam goes upstairs, Jason explains that he wants the tape repaired in order to find out what's on the tape and then asks for drugs. The drugs he's referring to are supposed to induce memory of forgotten pasts. When Sam leaves to go to Sonny's, Jason starts to prepare the needle for the injection. Before he can inject himself, Sam comes back. Jason tries to blow her off and tell her to leave, but Sam won't go this time. He tells her the drug company got his name from a list of brain injury patients with whom they wanted to try their new drug on. He turned them down, but now that he's remembering bits and pieces about his past with Dr. Thomas he smuggled the drug in to try it out himself. Sam is worried about the effects of the drug, but Jason tells her he takes the same risk every time he goes to work. The difference is this may help Michael. He thinks Michael needs to know for sure what happened, or it might affect him later on in life. He tells her he's seen she and Sonny blame themselves for their childhood and he doesn't want that for Michael. He thinks AJ bribed Dr. Thomas and later Dr. Thomas had to kill AJ. Michael somehow got mixed up in it and couldn't stop it. Sam asks Jason not to use the drug out of love for her. He tells her he loves her and to go upstairs and unpack. He's willing to let her stay while he uses the drug. She's not happy about him using the drug, but all the reasons why he's doing this are why she loves him. When she goes upstairs, he injects the serum into his arm. Sam comes back downstairs talking about when the best time it is for him to take the drug. He's already doped up and Sam freaks out. She's searching for the vial, in case she needs to give it to the doctors. In Jason's vision, he seems someone injecting something into his I.V. but he can't tell if it's Alan or Dr. Thomas.

Jason storms in the Quartermaine mansion as Monica confront Alan about what he's been doing out on the veranda. He pulls a gun on them and asks where AJ is. He thinks Alan is hiding AJ, protecting him as he always has. His vision is blurry, and it's not clear Sam is the one standing behind Alan. Monica convinces him AJ is dead, while Sam gets the gun away from him. Sam and Monica prepare to take him to a bed upstairs, while Alan calls 911. Before anything can happen, Jason escapes. Sam runs after Jason and finds him at the end of the Quartermaine driveway, where he wrecked his motorcycle.

Emily asks Courtney if she was waiting on the pier for Nikolas. Emily thinks they were meeting to get their stories straight since they had lied to Jax earlier. Courtney explains the two of them got locked on the roof together by accident and they talked about their problems together. Emily doesn't take this as a good thing, though, since Nikolas's problem is Emily and their marriage. Courtney tries to convince Emily she doesn't have feelings for Nikolas. Emily tells her she knows Nikolas loves her, so she's not worried about this. Courtney tells her they're both having marriage problems and just found each other to talk to. When Courtney leaves, Emily tells Nikolas that Courtney is a genuinely nice person. Before he can comment, his phone rings. Jax wants to talk to him tonight. They both think it's about Courtney. He tells Emily to go ahead home and he will be there later.

Lucky walks in as Jax has his hand to Liz's pregnant belly. She can see he's upset, so Liz starts to explain how Jax rescued her and Cameron when her car broke down. When she goes to put Cameron to bed, Lucky explodes at Jax telling him to get out of their apartment. After Jax leaves, Liz tearfully explains that Jax was her only option. As they sit down to eat, Liz tries to put what happened earlier behind them. Lucky can't let it go and tells Liz he's moving out. He loves her but he can't deal with her being pregnant with Jax and Courtney's baby. Once the baby is born, he will move back in if she'll still have him. He thinks he has to leave in order to save their relationship. As Liz cries, Lucky goes into Cameron's room to tell him goodbye. She tries convincing him to stay at least for the night, but he says he can't. He plans to stay either at Kelly's or at Wyndemere. He promises he will still pay his share of the bills, though. She asks if she can do anything to get him to stay, and he says yes. She can tell him not to go, or if he goes he can't come back, but either way it won't help the situation. He'll be a jerk to her throughout the entire pregnancy, and he doesn't want that to happen. Liz can't understand why he has to go, and it kills her to see him leave.

Liz wakes up to a smoke filled room. There are flames coming from the kitchen. She tries to go for Cameron, but can't make it.

When Nikolas gets to Jax's place, he discovers that Jax's problem is Lucky, not Courtney. He fears Lucky's hostility may be hurting Liz and the baby. Nikolas tells him he can't tell his brother what to do, and Jax gets upset. Courtney walks in and tells Jax to leave Nikolas alone. Nikolas doesn't let her interrupt and tells Jax that he will try to talk to Lucky. When Nikolas leaves, Courtney asks if Jax got into it again with Lucky. He tells her he was siding with Nikolas the moment she walked through the door. She storms out telling him the next time she walks through the door, maybe he'll be happy to see her. Jax is frustrated because the whole reason why he wanted to talk to Nikolas was due to Liz's difficulties with Lucky and his and Courtney's marriage falling apart.

Georgie overhears Dillon convincing Maxie she's a good catch and thinks that Dillon likes Maxie. After explaining the situation, Georgie gives Maxie her advice in dealing with Jesse. Jesse walks in with another girl on his arm. Dillon tells the girls the last thing they should do is to make a scene and they agree. Georgie walks over and spills food down the front of Jesse's girl. The owner comes out and apologizes to Jesse and the girl, but blames Maxie for influencing Georgie. It seems Georgie can do no wrong in his eyes. Maxie apologizes to the couple, but asks Jesse why he didn't just tell her she was seeing someone else. He tells her his personal life is none of her business. The girl with him interjects and explains she's an undercover cop on assignment with Jesse and just met him an hour ago. She said she hopes Maxie's allowance covers her dry cleaning bill. Maxie tells Jesse he intentionally brought the girl there to hurt her on purpose. Jesse tells her he wants nothing else to do with her and Maxie leaves. Georgie wants to go after her, but after hearing she's not fired she has to stay to finish her shift. Doug, the owner, likes the publicity Georgie and her sister's fights bring to the eatery. Since she's finishing her shift there, Jesse asks for some food if she can manage to serve it without spilling it on him. This comment causes Georgie to go off on Jesse. Dillon stands back and watches Georgie tell Jesse he liked Maxie just fine while she was helping him. But now that he doesn't need her, he's blowing her off. She tells him Maxie is the smartest, most amazing person who will ever fall for him. Jesse leaves and finds Maxie sitting at the pier. He tells her she's one of the strongest people he's ever met. She tells him she will leave him alone, but he tells her that's the last thing he wants and pulls her into a kiss.

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Jax comes to Liz and Cameron's rescue when her apartment catches fire after Liz leaves Cameron's bottle on the stove. They suffer minor smoke inhalation and are taken to the hospital. Lucky, Nik and Courtney soon arrive. Lucky is not happy to hear that Jax was there for Liz when Lucky wasn't. Harsh words are exchanged until Courtney decides to pull Jax away from Lucky. Lucky explains why he left Liz to an understanding Nik. When Liz walks up, Lucky assures himself that she is fine and then leaves the hospital. Jax and Courtney offer Liz a place to stay when they learn that Liz's grandmother is on an extended vacation and has leased out her home.

Lucky goes to the apartment hoping that he'll be able to clean it up for Liz and Cameron but he realizes that it's destroyed beyond repair.

Maxie gives Jesse and ultimatum. He either asks her to stay and gives their relationship a real chance or lets her walk out of the door with the understanding that she will not be back. Jesse is torn. He doesn't have the heart to let her go but he feels his lifestyle is too dangerous. Maxie reminds Jesse that her father is a police officer and that she never once crumbled while she was helping Jesse to prove his innocence. Jesse relents and they make love. Mac, looking for Lucky, walks into Jesse's room and is surprised when he sees Maxie in bed with Jesse. Maxie reminds Mac that she is nearly 19 and can do what she pleases with whom she pleases.

After a motorcycle accident, Jason is brought to the hospital unconscious. Tony Jones reassures Monica, Alan and Sam that Jason's injuries are not severe and he's expected to wake up within a few hours. While Sam goes to sit with Jason, Alan goes to sit in the chapel. He pulls out the letter that AJ had written him and looks at it as Monica walks in. Spotting the letter, she takes it out of Alan's hands before he can hide it. She immediately recognizes AJ's handwriting and opens the letter, ignoring Alan's objections. She is shocked to learn that the letter is actually a confession written 10 years earlier. In the letter AJ admits to hiring someone to kill Jason after the family is informed that Jason's head injuries would leave him in a vegetative state. Monica is horrified but Alan quickly explains that AJ was wracked with guilt and remorse for the accident that left Jason so severely injured. It was his love for Jason that led AJ to hire someone to keep Jason from living out the rest of his days as a vegetable. It wasn't until after Jason awoke and everyone realized that he wasn't as brain damaged as initially believed that AJ realized what he had almost done and wrote the letter, fully intending to turn himself into the authorities. Alan stopped him. Monica demands to know why Alan would do such a thing. She believes it was keeping such a terrible secret that ultimately destroyed AJ during the intervening years. Alan explains that he didn't see any point in AJ going to the police because it wouldn't have changed anything. Alan couldn't bear losing both of his sons. Jason was alive and he was a changed man. Monica wants to know whom AJ hired but Alan admits that he doesn't know.

After Alan leaves the chapel, Monica tearfully prays to God, asking forgiveness for AJ. Sonny walks in, overhearing the last of her heart wrenching plea and asks her who she is asking forgiveness for and why.

Sonny, Reese and Sam discuss Jason's returning memories and they compare notes on what they've discovered regarding Dr. Thomas. It's clear to them that Dr. Thomas hypnotized Michael in order alter Michael's memory of whom he saw in AJ's room the night that AJ was murdered. It's also clear that there is a link between AJ and Dr. Thomas that goes back as far as 10 years. They realize that AJ was intending to use Dr. Thomas to sign off on AJ's insanity please and that AJ was blackmailing Dr. Thomas.

Alan and Sam talk in the hallway outside of Jason's room. Alan tries to explain that AJ loved Jason deeply. That at the time of the accident, Jason was everything to AJ, his brother, his best friend, his world. Sam disagrees. She tells Alan that AJ was a vicious monster. While they are talking, Dr. Thomas is inside Jason's room. Jason is slowly coming to and remembering. Dr. Thomas is concerned when it becomes clear that Jason is remembering Dr. Thomas trying to kill him.

Thursday, August 4, 2005

Mac goes upstairs above Kelly's looking for Lucky's room to talk to him about police business. He ends up opening the door to Jesse's room by mistake and finds Maxie in bed with Jesse. He is shocked to discover them. Jesse is about to apologize to Mac but Maxie tells him there is nothing to apologize for and informs Mac that she is legally an adult and can do what she wants without his permission. Mac is hurt by her cool reaction to seeing him. He tells her that since she is all grown up and can make her own decisions she can now live on her own and pay for her cell-phone, her car payments, and room and board on her own without him and storms off. Jesse thinks it is a bad idea for her to show her independence when she has no job and no place to live. She refuses to go after Mac and apologize and suggests moving in with him. Jesse thinks that is a bad idea and this hurts Maxie's feelings. She tells him that he is using this situation as an excuse to back away from their relationship. She gets dressed and storms out of his room. Meanwhile, Georgie and Dillon arrive at Kelly's for coffee and discuss their future. Dillon tries to reassure her that he is happy with his decision to stay in Port Charles and go to PCU instead of leaving to go to film school on the west coast. He tells her that he will be even more experienced when he does attend a film school in four years. They head inside Kelly's and find Mac there. Mac tells Mike off for not knowing which room Lucky is staying in when he is suppose to be the manager of the place. Mike apologizes after remembering that Lucky is now in a different room down the hall from where he used to live. Georgie asks Mac what is wrong when she sees him tense and frowning. Mac tells her that she can now have Maxie's room because she is moving out to live on her own from now on. Georgie is shocked by the news and that Mac is going to just let Maxie live on her own with no place to live and no money to pay for things. Mac tells Georgie that he can't make Maxie live with them if she doesn't want to and that Maxie told him she was an adult now and can make her own decisions and that she is following her own rules instead of following his now. Georgie gets Mac to sit down with her and Dillon and tries to persuade him to talk to Maxie and persuade her to stay with them at home. Mac tells Georgie that he can't run Maxie's life for her and it will be good for her to live on her own to see what it is like. Georgie accuses Mac of being as pig-headed as Maxie. Maxie comes downstairs and refuses to change her mind and stay at home. Mac tells her to call him if she needs help moving her things. Mac leaves. Georgie talks to Maxie about how it is probably harder than she thinks it is being on her own while going to college. Georgie asks Dillon if there are any rooms at the Quartermaines' that she can stay in but Dillon says no to since the Quartermaines had a new security system put in and never gave him the combination to get in on his own. Maxie asks Dillon if there are any other rooms on the Haunted Star for her to stay in. Dillon tells her there is only his room. Georgie suggests that Maxie stay in his room for now until she finds her own place. Maxie tells them that Jesse is a jerk and she isn't living with him. Georgie walks with Dillon and Maxie back to his room. Dillon agrees to sleep on the floor and let Maxie have his bed for tonight. Georgie tries to act like this new living situation is o.k. with her and she hides her mixed feelings from them. Her cell-phone rings and she notices it is Mac calling her and she uses that as an excuse to leave them. Maxie gets ready for bed and Dillon hits his head on the sink pipe while trying to lay down under the sink. Maxie tells him she can share the bed with him and has no plans to have sex with him. They end up talking about movies and find they like the same kinds of movies and the same actors.

Liz and Cameron move in with Jax and Courtney. Jax leaves them alone to talk so he can go clean up. The two women have a nice conversation where they both discuss their insecurities about this surrogacy. Liz tries to reassure Courtney that she has no interest in Jax and that she is in love with Lucky. Courtney thinks that they broke up because Lucky moved out of their apartment. Liz explains to her that they didn't break up and that Lucky moved out because he has not been handling this surrogacy situation very well at all and didn't want to add any stress to her life and harm the pregnancy with his negative feelings. Courtney feels so much better after she tells Liz that she is happy that she is their surrogate mother but admits that she has a hard time watching how Jax just beams when he sees Liz. Liz tells her it is the pregnancy not because Jax is in love with her. Jax is pleased to see them talking honestly about things and clearing the air. Liz calls Lucky and asks him to meet her at Kelly's. Jax and Courtney agree to watch Cameron while Liz leaves for awhile. Liz goes to see Lucky and tells him she plans to live with Courtney and Jax until the baby is born and hopes that he will suggest they find another place to live together and work things out. Lucky tells her that he thinks it will be best that she live with Jax and Courtney until the baby is born and that he still loves her and misses her but will be around whenever she needs him. She kisses him and tells him she loves him. Later, Jax and Courtney get intimate while Cameron and Liz are asleep. Liz has a dream that she is giving birth to the baby and Jax and Courtney are handed the baby and they leave with the baby. Jax and Courtney rush into the bedroom after hearing Liz scream out from her dream. She tells them it is just a dream and she is o.k. and the baby is alright. Courtney notices Jax sitting by Liz's bedside and holding her hand in concern and can't help but feel insecure again.

Dr. Thomas tries to inject a lethal drug into Jason's I.V. while he is still unconscious from his concussion. He is unable to go through with his plan to kill Jason because Carly walks into Jason's room and sees him and asks him what he is doing there. Dr. Thomas puts the syringe and vial back into his lab coat jacket before Carly can see it and tells her he just came by to check on him to see if he was waking up yet. He tells her he is still unconscious. Dr. Thomas leaves the room. Sam sees him come out of Jason's room and Carly is near the doorway asking him what is wrong with Jason. Sam comes in the room and asks Carly what Dr. Thomas was doing in the room alone with Jason. Carly tells her that he just came in to check on Jason and left. Sam tells Carly that she must not allow Dr. Thomas anywhere near Jason but won't tell her why when Carly asks her why she is suspicious of Dr. Thomas. Carly starts to badger Sam and demands to know what is going on with Jason and why his life is in danger. Meanwhile, Sonny shows up at the hospital chapel and overhears Monica praying to God to forgive someone for their sins. He comes into the chapel and confronts Monica about who she was asking God to forgive. Monica gets all defensive and suggests she was praying for Jason's soul since Sonny got him into killing people for him and needs as much of God's mercy as he can get. Alan comes into the chapel and tells Sonny that Monica was lying to him and that she was praying for him. Sonny asks him what he is talking about. Alan confesses to Sonny that he found a letter A.J wrote about 10 years ago confessing to hiring someone to kill Jason while after the accident that left Jason in a coma with some brain damage. Alan defends A.J's actions as being out of concern for his brother and the guilt he felt for causing the accident that night. Alan doesn't know who AJ hired to kill Jason. Sonny tells him he knows who AJ paid to kill Jason ten years ago but doesn't reveal who it is and takes off. Monica blames him for what has happened to AJ and Jason because he never did anything but cover up for AJ and never making him take responsibility for his actions and tells him she will never forgive him for it. Sonny returns to Jason's room to find Carly badgering Sam for information about Jason. Sonny refuses to tell her anything but that Jason's life is in danger. Carly think they are deliberately keeping her out of the loop because she is married to Alcazar. Carly storms off before Sonny can calm her down. Meanwhile, Reese finds Durant in the hallway at G.H. She tries to get him to investigate Dr. Thomas and explains why she thinks he killed AJ and Rachel as well. Durant doesn't believe what she is saying and thinks she is just trying to protect Sonny. Carly finds her alone after and corners her in the hallway. She demands that Reese tell her what is going on with Jason. Reese tells her to talk to Sonny and let him handle things and protect Jason his own way. Carly grabs her arm as she tries to walk away and dismiss Carly. Carly accuses her and Sam of trying to keep Carly away from Michael and now Jason and she is worried that Carly is trying to step back into their lives. Reese tells her calmly that she is the least person she is worried about right now and walks away. Sonny talks to Jason while he is still unconscious and tells him he knows that Dr. Thomas is the one who tried to kill him ten years ago and his connection to AJ and he promises to take care of him and not to worry. Sam returns to Jason's room with Max. Sonny fills Sam in on what he found out from Alan about A.J's letter. Sonny orders Max to watch Jason and not to let anyone into his room. Sonny and Sam go to Dr. Thomas's office. Dr. Thomas is trying to get rid of any evidence linking him to AJ or Jason in any way when Sonny yells at him from the other side of the door and tells him he can't run from him now. Sonny breaks down the door with Sam behind him. Sonny has his gun out and he goes to the bathroom door that is closed and shoots at the lock to open it. Durant and some security guard comes in and tells Sonny to freeze. Sonny puts his gun away and tells Durant that he needs to find Dr. Thomas and explains to Durant what he found out about Dr. Thomas and what Alan told him. Durant doesn't believe Sonny or Sam and wants to arrest him. Reese comes into the room and warns Durant that if he lets Dr. Thomas get away because of his vendetta against Sonny she will make sure he pays. Carly shows up at Dr. Thomas' office and tells him she thinks he is in the chapel. However, Dr. Thomas dresses like a janitor and stands outside Jason's room. When Max's back is facing the hallway, Dr. Thomas hits Max from behind and knocks him out. He pulls his body away from the hallway and goes into Jason's room and shuts all the blinds. He approaches Jason's bed and takes out his syringe with the lethal drug and starts to get ready to inject Jason with it when Jason's arm comes up and grabs Dr. Thomas' arm to stop him. Sonny, Reese, and Carly go into the chapel to find a doctor sitting there. Sonny points his gun at him and asks him if he knows Dr. Thomas and the guy says yes but tells Sonny he hasn't seen him in the chapel. Carly finds a white lab coat on one of the pews and notices it belongs to Dr. Thomas. They start running out of the chapel to head to Jason's room.

Friday, August 5, 2005

Liz has a dream which indicates that she may be having reservations about giving the baby up once it is born. She cries out in distress wakes up. Jax and Courtney enter the room having heard Liz. When they ask her about her dream, she tells them it was about the baby but insists that it was a happy dream. Needing to get away for a bit, Liz jumps out of bed and tells them that she's going to go to Kelly's before it closes to get some strawberry ice cream. After Liz leaves, Jax and Courtney admit that they didn't believe Liz. They suspect she had dreamed of losing the baby.

At Kelly's, Liz and Mike talk while Liz waits, hoping to see Lucky. When Mike tells Liz that Courtney will make a wonderful mother, Liz is somewhat uncomfortable. She decides to leave and ends up running into Lucky outside of Kelly's. They go back inside and Liz confides that she has some concerns about giving the baby up after it's born. She explains that, having lost a baby herself, she can understand the heartbreak that Courtney has gone through. Cameron was a gift to Liz and she knows in her heart that the baby she is now carrying will be the same for Courtney. However, Liz worries that in five or six years, after she and Lucky are married and have their own child, she one day may see the child that she carried with Courtney and Jax and worries that it may be too difficult to deal with. Lucky asks Liz if she is trying to tell him that she has changed her mind about giving the baby up or if she's trying to tell him that she wants to have a relationship with the child. Liz admits that her feelings are conflicting. She doesn't know how she feels or what she wants. Lucky reminds her that there is plenty of time and she doesn't need to make a decision at that moment. They go upstairs to Lucky's room and make love.

Skye arrives at the Alcazar residence and tries to convince Lorenzo to tell her where Luke is. She fabricates a story about being pregnant in the hopes of convincing Lorenzo to divulge Luke's whereabouts. Lorenzo tells her that Luke is after a diamond cache in the heart of the Amazon. He paints a frightening picture of the danger Luke is facing but offers to fly her there if she still wants to go. Skye quickly realizes that Lorenzo is lying to her and calls him on it. Lorenzo chuckles and admits that he was lying much as she was. Skye pleads innocence until Lorenzo informs her that he had everyone associated with ELQ investigated and knows all about Skye's car accident that left her unable to have children. Disappointed that she is seemingly losing her touch in spinning a tale, Skye leaves.

Lorenzo tries to call Carly but receives her voicemail. Determined to find her, he uses his computer to locate her.

Carly holds Durant at gunpoint so that Sonny can continue his search for Dr. Thomas. Carly does her best to convince Durant that Dr. Thomas is the one responsible for AJ's murder. Initially Durant refuses to believe her but finally relents. Once Carly is assured that Durant is not going to cause trouble for Sonny she leaves. Once Carly is gone, Durant places a call. He orders police officers to the hospital but cautions the person on the other end not to inform Lucky or Jesse.

Dr. Thomas tries to kills Jason with a lethal injection into his I.V. but Jason wakes up and is able to prevent Dr. Thomas from carrying his diabolical plan out. He accuses Dr. Thomas of murdering which Dr. Thomas admits to. They end up struggling over the syringe until Sam walks in. She is immediately taken hostage by Dr. Thomas who holds the lethal syringe to her neck and reveals everything. He tells them of AJ giving him a significant amount of money to put Jason out of his misery when they believed he would remain in a persistent vegetative state, Alan resuscitating Jason, AJ blackmailing Dr. Thomas into saying he was insane at the time of Michael's abduction, and of killing AJ. Sonny comes into the room but is unable to convince Dr. Thomas to release Sam. Dr. Thomas escapes and takes Sam with him.

Carly is furious when Lorenzo shows up at the hospital and reveals that he was able to locate her through her cell phone which is evidently equipped with a tracking device. He tries to convince her that Jason has plenty of friends who are helping him and that Carly doesn't need to be there. Carly refuses to leave with Lorenzo and warns him to stay out of her way before walking away from him. As Carly nears Jason's room, she spots a police officer standing outside the room. She makes a quick call to Jason's room and is told that Dr. Thomas is still in the hospital and is holding Sam hostage. After Carly hangs up the phone, she creates a diversion, claiming to have seen Dr. Thomas. The police officer gives chase to the phantom Dr. Thomas while Jason and Sonny slip out of the room.

Reese seeks out Monica and quickly tells her what has transpired with Dr. Thomas. Monica is shocked and worries about Jason. Reese suggests that the best thing that Monica can do at the moment is to find Alan and leave the hospital so that they won't become potential targets of Dr. Thomas. Before Monica leaves, Reese asks her if she has any ideas of where Dr. Thomas could have taken Sam to hide. Monica suggests the psychiatric ward where he would have access to certain rooms that others may not.

Hiding out in a padded room in the psychiatric ward, Dr. Thomas tries to decide what to do. Sam makes an attempt to convince him to turn himself over to the police but Dr. Thomas laughs at the idea. Sam switches tactics and tries to assure him that she could arrange for him to get out of town with a lot of money if he gives her the cell phone so that she can call Jason. Dr. Thomas doesn't trust her and makes his own arrangements. He calls for a MedEvac helicopter to meet him on the roof of the hospital to transport a mentally ill patient (Sam) immediately. After he ends the call, he grabs Sam and leaves the room. Reese is waiting on the other side with her gun drawn. She tries to get Dr. Thomas to release Sam but Dr. Thomas refuses to. He warns her that if she tries to shoot him, he will be able to inject Sam with the syringe and kill her before the bullet hits him. He asks Reese if she's willing to take the chance of explaining Sam's death to Jason and Sonny. Reese lowers her gun.

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