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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 26, 2005 on GH
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Monday, September 26, 2005

Liz collapses in pain in the kitchen. Lucky calls Dr. Meadows and waits for the paramedics. When they get to the hospital, Lucky reassures her that the baby is fine while they await the test results. Emily and Jax show up to support them. While Lucky and Emily talk outside, Jax goes in to talk to Liz. He tries to keep her spirits up. She gets cold and tries to cover up, but goes unconscious. Jax rushes out to get a doctor. Dr. Meadows comes out and tells the trio that Liz lost the baby. It's up to Jax and Lucky to tell Liz. They decide to tell her together. When they enter the room, she immediately asks about the baby. Jax apologizes and Lucky tells her the baby is gone. Liz starts crying.

Carly realizes that she ran out in front of a car and caused a car crash. She thinks Sonny is mad at her. She begs Sonny not to take her to Shadybrook. He promises she can stay with him and the boys and gets her back in bed.

Emily admits to Reese that Carly needs more help than Sonny can offer. Reese hopes that Emily can convince Sonny to get help for Carly, therefore helping them move on in their relationship. She wants Emily's help to get Jason back on Sonny's side, also. She's concerned about Sonny now that the Ruiz family is after him. She tries to warn him about Ruiz, but Sonny tells her it's under control. She admits that she talked to Jason, but couldn't get through to him. Sonny is obviously hurt that Jason is still unreachable. After he checks on Carly, he talks to Max and thanks him for coming back to work for him. He tells him to be prepared for anything.

Sonny goes to the hospital to check on Liz and learns that she lost the baby from Emily. He tries to convince Emily that Carly didn't mean for any of this to happen. He's posted guards outside Carly's bedroom. He feels like he's holding her prisoner, but he doesn't know what else to do. Emily tells him Carly's not getting any better and it's up to him to help her now. She urges him to make the right decision. Reese shows up and Sonny gives her the news. Sonny feels like this is his fault. He tells her how Carly saved his life by not giving up on him when he had his breakdown. Meanwhile, back at the house, Carly is awake and looking for Sonny. She's scared because she can't find anyone and then sees a shadow outside.

Courtney reminds Nikolas that she can't get pregnant, but he tells her he thinks she just has a bug. Nikolas tells her he doesn't feel he would be a good father due to his family history. Bad parents set bad examples. Courtney tells him she doesn't buy it, though. While he may have had a horrible upbringing, the person he has become would make a wonderful parent. After they make love, their sleep is interrupted by Nikolas' phone ringing with the news about Liz.

Maxie unknowingly sits with Javier Ruiz in the diner, while he tries to convince her to take him on a tour. Jesse walks in and demands ID. He doesn't believe the identification when he sees it and takes him down to the station. Durant questions him and tells him he knows he's Javier and is there to avenge his brother's death. Meanwhile, Jesse tries to dig up anything incriminating on Ruiz. He shows Maxie the file on Ruiz. She's upset that she didn't perceive how dangerous he is and promises Jesse that she will be more careful. Durant comes out of the interrogation room and tells Jesse that he's compromised the case against Ruiz. Jesse is upset and talks to Mac. Mac tells him he would have done the same thing in both shoes. He tells him he needs to concentrate on being undercover at the college to find the man out to get the girls. Jesse tells him he can handle both cases, but Mac doesn't want him blowing the undercover gig.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Lucky comforts Liz after he and Jax give her the news that she lost the baby. Liz is devastated, but before long Dr. Meadows comes in to take her for the D&C. While she is gone, Jax and Lucky talk to Emily about how they both feel it is their fault that Liz miscarried. Lucky tells her how Liz cared for the baby, even through all the heartache that the pregnancy had caused. He and Jax had finally come to an agreement, but their constant arguing throughout the pregnancy had been a major source of stress for Liz. Jax also feels he is to blame because he was the one driving the car during the accident that ultimately caused the miscarriage. Liz soon comes back, but before Dr. Meadows leaves she asks what caused the miscarriage. Dr. Meadows tells her there's no way to be sure, but she needs to stop dwelling on what happened and move on. Jax leaves to allow Lucky and Liz some time alone and give Liz some rest. Emily brings Nikolas in to visit with the three of them. He is fresh off the plane from his vacation with Courtney. As soon as she called him, he left to come to their side. They talk about how they've always been there for each other, even in high school. Liz admits that everything will be ok because she has all of them supporting her.

Jax leaves Liz and finds Courtney at the hospital asking to speak with Dr. Meadows. He fills her in on the details of the miscarriage and how he feels it is his fault. She attempts to comfort him.

Carly comes downstairs and can't find anyone around. She thinks she sees something outside, opens the curtains, and finds Faith in the courtyard. She screams and Max comes running. He rushes outside, but can't find anyone. He calls Sonny who is in the middle of a conversation about Carly with Reese. Reese is trying to convince Sonny that Carly needs to be committed. Emily also walks in on the conversation and tells Sonny it's time to get some real help for Carly. She knows he wants to care for Carly, but she's a danger and has now actually hurt someone, referring to Liz's miscarriage. When Sonny is interrupted by Max's phone call, he leaves to comfort Carly. He arrives home and convinces Carly to get some rest. Faith is dead and he has doubled the guards at the house. No one will come after her or the boys. When she goes to bed, Max talks to Sonny out in the courtyard and tells him that someone was there but he doesn't know who yet. Later on, Carly wakes up to hear tapping on the window and sees Faith outside again.

Ruiz goes to Ric's apartment with his goons. He stands outside and before too long, the goons come out and tell him the job is finished. They leave and run into Sonny. Sonny warns him to be careful. Ruiz's brother is in the hospital because he messed with Sonny. He warns him to leave him alone, or he will be in his brother's shoes.

Ric packs up and gets ready to leave the hospital. He learns about Liz's miscarriage and decides to go visit her. He tells her how sorry he is for her loss. Outside her room, he tells Lucky to comfort Liz no matter how long it takes her to recover from the miscarriage. He wants Lucky to be there for Liz the way he wasn't. Lucky seems to appreciate the advice and goes back into Liz's room. Ric leaves the hospital with Reese. They talk about the Liz's miscarriage and about when she miscarried their child. He mentions to her how he kidnapped Carly when she was pregnant to make it better for Liz but just ended up making things worse. He wonders how his brother ever forgave him for that. Just as he's about to go into his apartment, Reese notices a wire strung across the doorway. She yells at him to stop and grabs him, but it's too late and the bomb goes off.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Mac brings a search warrant to Dillon's dorm room, sending a flustered Georgie scrambling into her clothes. Thanks to timely intervention from Reese, Ric narrowly escapes death when an explosion rocks his apartment. Later, as Sonny plots revenge for the attempt on his brother's life, Max volunteers to handle Javier personally as payback for the bullet he took from Ruiz's goons. A beaming Sam enjoys reconnecting with Jason on a more intimate basis. Skye eavesdrops on a cryptic conversation between Javier and Lorenzo. Carly is relieved to see Michael alive and well following her second sighting of Faith. Meanwhile, Sonny quietly explains to a dismayed Emily why he's decided against committing Carly. Georgie rails at her father for harassing Dillon while the young man insists he has nothing to hide. Carly warns a frightened Michael that Faith is after them again. Warning Jason he's almost certainly the next name on Ruiz's hit list, Ric advises him to take Sam and leave town at once. Sonny calms his agitated son by reassuring the boy that Faith is gone for good. Skye realizes that Lorenzo is still carrying a torch for Carly. A grieving Liz offers to repay Jax for the cash advance he gave her on their surrogacy contract. Assuring her she doesn't owe him a thing, Jax consoles Liz with a hug just as Lucky returns with Cameron. A protesting Dillon is placed under arrest after Mac finds evidence planted by the stalker. Carly accuses Reese of conspiring with Faith to steal her children. Jesse convinces Mac to release Dillon so they can either catch him in the act or find the person who's been framing him. Lorenzo coaxes Skye into accepting a dinner date. Frightened by another apparition, Carly tumbles down an entire flight of stairs. Jason inadvertently saves Javier's life by shooting Sonny's men.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Courtney finds Nikolas sitting by himself at his desk at Wyndemere. Courtney tries to make conversation with him but he seems distracted. She mentions that he must have been a comfort for Liz when he went to see her. Nikolas comments that their lives seemed to have revolved around the baby Liz was carrying for Jax and her and now that the baby is gone, they don't know quite what to do with themselves. Courtney holds her stomach and feels faint. She tells Nikolas that she still is having some motion sickness. Meanwhile, Jax tearfully tells Liz that he can't go through another surrogacy with her and that he needs to cut ties with them and move on with his life. Later, Jax goes to G.H. and asks Dr. Meadows if Liz will be able to have more children. Dr. Meadows tells him she can't actually give him that information because of patient confidentiality but gives him a hint that when she sees Liz tomorrow she will be giving her good news. Jax is relieved to hear that. He turns around and finds Courtney watching him with sympathy in her eyes. They have a civil conversation. Courtney still suffers from nausea and wonders if she could be pregnant. She buys a home-pregnancy test and brings it back to Wyndemere. Liz spends a quiet night with Lucky and Cameron. She can't help but feel badly for Jax, who she feels wants to be a father so much. Later, Jax calls Liz to tell her that he is breaking his own rules and is calling her to tell her what he inadvertently found out from Dr. Meadows, she will be able to have more children. Liz is excited and relieved by the news and tells Lucky. Lucky and Liz dance to their song while Cameron is sleeping. Liz tells Lucky that she is so fortunate that she is with the man she knows she belongs with and has everything she ever wanted and that some people don't get any of that in their lifetimes.

Carly envisions Faith in her mind at the top of the stairs and falls backward and loses her balance and falls down the stairs. Sonny and everyone else are there to witness her fall. They run over to her aid. Carly is unconscious for a moment and wakes up suddenly. She is in hysterics when she wakes up and finds everyone hovering over her and tells Sonny that Faith got into the house and is going to take the children away from them again if he doesn't stop her. Sonny tells her that Faith can't hurt their children and that they are protected by guards. Carly doesn't believe Faith is actually dead and starts to head out the door to go protect the boys. Lainey steps in as the expert in the situation and gets Carly to go upstairs and rest. Meanwhile, Jason finds out that he actually protected Javier Ruiz by shooting at Sonny's men who were on the docks to kill Ruiz. Javier tells Jason that he saved his life and he owes him. Jason tells him that he was told that Javier was going to target him next and that he may need to kill Javier to protect himself still. Javier tells him that his brother is fighting for his life at the hospital and that in their business you retaliate against the enemy who killed or harmed your family by harming a member of their family in return. Jason tells Javier that it is pointless to retaliate all of the time and asks him what they do when every one is killed. Javier tells him he should know what the code is if he works for Sonny. Jason insists that he doesn't work for Sonny anymore and that all he wants is to be left alone. Javier tells him that he will leave him alone. After Javier leaves the docks, Sam shows up and tells Jason that she wants to call Jason's new boss and call him in sick for the night. Jason worries that he won't have a job if he calls in sick so soon after getting the job on the docks. Suddenly they can hear police sirens coming closer to the docks. Sam tells Jason that the cops are going to show up any minute after gunshots were reported there and they will arrest him without question if he doesn't let her call him in sick and they go home right now. She pleads with him not to be difficult right now and listen to her. Jason decides to listen to her and goes home with her. Meanwhile, Max reports back to Sonny what happened at the docks with Jason ending up protecting Javier Ruiz instead of letting his men kill him. Sonny decides to pay Jason a visit and leaves everyone to take care of Carly for him. He shows up at Jason's penthouse and confronts him about what he did on the docks to stop his men from killing Ruiz. Sonny doesn't give Jason a chance to defend himself. He warns Jason to never interfere when his men are in place to kill Ruiz again or he will have his men take him out as well. Sam steps in and tells Sonny off for threatening Jason when he is suppose to be his best friend. Sonny tells Sam to stay out of their business. Jason asks her to leave them alone to talk. Sam reluctantly goes upstairs. Jason has a flash of memory of Sonny from the past. Sonny leaves without really resolving anything with Jason. Later, Jason tells Sam about his memory flash of Sonny and how for an instant he felt a connection to Sonny again. Sam asks him if this means he will go back to work for Sonny. Jason doesn't know what to do. Later, he sneaks out of the penthouse while Sam is sleeping on the couch. Meanwhile, Sonny returns home where Reese is waiting. He talks with her outside on the patio. He tells her about his meeting with Jason and how he couldn't believe he actually threatened to have Jason killed if he interfered with his men again. Sonny smashes the glass he was using onto the ground in frustration. Reese holds him to comfort him. Meanwhile, Carly acts paranoid again when Emily sits with her in her room. Carly accuses Emily of being in cahoots with Faith to steal her children away. Emily tells her that she hated Faith when she was alive and that she would never help her do anything. Carly doesn't believe her and insists she knows where Faith is and where her kids are hiding. She grabs Emily forcefully by the arms and hurts her by not letting go. Lainey walks into the room and gets Carly to let go of Emily. Emily leaves the bedroom and calls Nikolas on the phone. She gets his answering machine and leaves a message for him to meet her on the docks later to talk. Nikolas is screening his calls and gets her message. He meets her there and they talk. Emily tells him that she was angry for a long time and took it out on him and she understands why he would turn to Courtney for comfort and friendship. She leaves him alone on the docks and goes back to Sonny's. Meanwhile, Ric sits with Carly as she is sleeping. He leaves her alone to sleep while he goes to do something. Carly opens her eyes when he leaves and gets out of bed. She looks out her bedroom door to see if anyone is coming and then leaves her room to go to the stairs. She watches as Emily talks to Michael about going back to the guest house since Carly is sleeping and they shouldn't disturb her. However, Carly doesn't see Emily with Michael, she hallucinates again and sees Faith talking to Michael about going back to the guesthouse and thinks Faith is going to take her children away. Meanwhile, Lainey tells Sonny that Carly is getting worse and that if he doesn't get her the help she needs she could hurt someone else. She gives Sonny a business card with a former colleague's name on it. She tells him that her colleague runs a very nice treatment home and he should call him and set up a time to see the place. Sonny takes her advice and goes to the treatment home with her and meets the doctor. A patient sees Sonny and thinks he is a guy named Marty and goes over and hugs him which takes him by surprise. The doctor tells the woman patient that Sonny isn't Marty and gets her to go back to her room. He explains to Sonny that the woman just lost her husband and daughter in a drunk-driving accident a couple of months ago and that she has made a lot of progress despite what he may think. Sonny isn't sure about placing Carly there.

Friday, September 30, 2005

As her delusions deepen, Carly threatens Emily with a baseball bat when she hallucinates that "Faith" is preparing to take Michael and Morgan away. Nikolas tells Courtney about his latest conversation with his estranged wife. Jason explains to Sam why he's so reluctant to return to the life he once led, then is grateful when his lover assures him she'll accept whatever decision he makes. Ric wrestles the bat away from Carly and urges her to focus on what's real. After Lainey sedates her patient, Justus implores Ric to pressure his brother into committing Carly immediately. Jax offers to pick up all of Liz's medical bills following the miscarriage. Jason has a flash of memory during a chance encounter with Courtney on the wharf. Later, Jason is surprised to learn how he and his former wife once lost a child. Alexis returns to Port Charles and tries again to convince her husband to walk away from Sonny's world before it consumes him. Emily and Nikolas have another heart to heart about the end of their romance. Carly stabs Reese with a syringe and flees from the compound. Courtney purchases a home pregnancy test. Jax and Liz plant a tree together to memorialize their unborn baby.

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