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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 24, 2005 on GH
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Monday, October 24, 2005

Alan tries to blackmail Emily into leaving Sonny's house by getting her kicked out of medical school. Even Monica is appalled that Alan would do this. Emily stands by her word and tells Alan and Monica that she will be there to help the boys as long as they need her.

Tony tells Sam that Jason's ex, Robin Scorpio, may be able to help him. She has been researching brain damage in patients and has a new drug therapy that may work. Tony warns her that Jason and Robin were once the love of each other's lives at one point. Sam worries that Robin will choose not to help Jason because of their past history, but Tony assures her that Robin took an oath and will help whomever she can. Before they can leave the hospital, Monica finds them and asks to speak with Jason alone. Sam is hesitant, but goes to the waiting area and finds Mac. Monica asks Jason if he's had a chance to talk to Emily yet about staying at Sonny's. She tells him about Alan blackmailing Emily.

Meanwhile, in the waiting area, Mac tells Sam the evidence points to Manny being in the stairwell when Hector was shot. Sam isn't surprised. She changes the subject and asks about his nephew, Robin. Mac tells her that Jason and Sam were inseparable at one point, until Robin broke Jason's code and told AJ that Michael was his son. Mac says that Robin would come back to Jason if he asked her to.

Jax goes to Sonny's house and gives him a bill for the damages to the 10th floor of the hotel. Sonny refuses to pay the bill and tells him that's what insurance is for. Jax tells Sonny he can never repay him for all he has done to him. He's ruined Carly, Lily, Brenda, and now his baby. Max comes in and tells Jax it's time to go. Sonny receives a phone call from Manny. He's playing with a remote control truck in the background. Suddenly, the truck barrels down the staircase at Sonny's house and he realizes Manny is in Michael's room. Sonny rushes upstairs but is too late. Manny has already left. He calls Jason and he and Sam come over. They watch a DVD that Manny left in Michael's room. He threatens them while taking out the bullet they shot him with. He tells him he will kill them and curse them to hell. Jason and Sam go home and Jason immediately starts forming a plan to track down Manny. He starts to take some pills and Sam asks him how many pills he's been taking. Jason tells her it doesn't matter, because he's not having surgery. She tells him that his former girlfriend, Robin, might be able to help him. She asks if he remembers Robin. Much to Sam's distress, he does remember her.

Courtney asks Mike to take her to the paternity test, but Nikolas comes into Kelly's and offers to take her instead. When they arrive at the hospital, Emily tells them that Dr. Meadows is waiting for them. Dr. Meadows greets Nikolas and Courtney and warns them that the test can cause miscarriages in a small percentage of women. Courtney decides to go ahead with the test. Dr. Meadows takes Courtney back and Emily talks to Nikolas. She's worried about him if Jax is the father of Courtney's baby. She warns him about the impending custody battle. Once Courtney is prepped, Nikolas comes in and talks to her about the baby while the procedure is being done. They both agree not to worry about the outcome. They go to Kelly's for sundaes and Courtney doubles over in abdominal pain.

Emily comes home to Sonny's house and finds out that Manny was there. She tells him about Alan blackmailing her, and Sonny tells her she should move out. She tells him that no matter where she's at, she will be no safer. Manny can get her no matter where she's at. She would rather stay there and help the boys. Sonny tells her to leave.

Liz runs into Lucky at Kelly's as she's going to work. He wants her to call in sick, but she can't. She needs the time for their honeymoon. She goes to work in triage in the ER, and her first patient is Manny. By the time Lucky gets to the hospital to visit her, she has disappeared and the triage room is destroyed with blood on the gurney. Manny has kidnapped Liz so she can take care of his infection from the bullet wound. She cleans the wound and gives him pain pills and an antibiotic. He tells her as soon as the medicine kicks in, she can leave. As Liz cleans up, she sees Manny's picture in the paper with the caption "Fugitive Still Lose." Manny implies that she almost got away, but now she won't be able to leave since she knows his secret. Liz insists she won't tell the police. Manny collapses on the floor before he can respond.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Liz calls Lucky after Manny passes out. She tells him that Manny kidnapped her and he's unconscious now. Lucky tells her to get out of there now, and Liz runs. She finds Lucky and brings him and his partner back to the place where she left Manny. By the time they arrive, Manny has escaped through the window. Liz doesn't believe he targeted her. She thinks he just grabbed the first nurse he saw. She's worried about Sonny and Jason, though. Lucky's partner goes to visit Sonny and asks to search his place of business for any sign of Manny. Sonny tells him if John Durant wants to search Sonny's property, he's going to have to get a search warrant.

Sonny tells Emily that while he doesn't like her father, he's right that she needs to live her own life now. Emily assures him that her helping out the boys will not have an affect on her school. Emily arrives at the hospital just as her father is talking to the dean of her medical school, trying to convince her that Emily has asked for extensions on projects unnecessarily. Emily interjects and says the only extensions she asked for was because she was in the hospital, recovering from a stab wound, which was well documented. She goes on to explain that she decided to become a doctor after her birth mother died from breast cancer and Alan and Monica adopted her. She saw that sometimes medical charts need to be put away when compassion is needed. This is what she's trying to do with the boys, show some compassion. It will not affect her studies in anyway. The dean agrees that what Emily is doing is fine and she should consider herself reinstated. She compliments her on her past studies, and hopes that she continues in her excellent grades. When the dean leaves, Emily tells Alan that while they may not agree on this, she still loves him.

Tony calls Robin and asks about her research. She tells him the drugs are still experimental and they carry a lot of risk. He explains that his patient doesn't mind risk, and reveals that his patient is Jason. Robin asks Tony to email her Jason's file and she will see what she can do to help. She asks about Jason, and Tony tells her that he seems content. Jason and Sam have been together about a year and she doesn't seem to mind his business. Robin seems happy that Jason found someone.

Jason remembers yelling at Robin, but doesn't know what he was angry with her about. Sam explains that Robin told AJ that Michael was his son, not Jason's. Jason had raised Michael as his own child up until that point, so Jason was devastated. He doesn't want anything to do with Robin after hearing this, but Sam insists that if Robin can help it shouldn't matter if she's a saint or a liar. They are interrupted by Lucky knocking on the door. He comes to warn them about Manny. He asks if they know where Manny is now. Jason says they don't, but Lucky says they wouldn't tell him if they knew. He tells them if he's going to hunt Manny down and kill him, good luck. After Lucky leaves, the phone rings in Sam and Jason's apartment. Sam answers, while Jason listens in. No one responds to Sam's hello, even after more prodding. When the caller finally hangs up, Sam tells Jason she suspected it was Manny. Jason says Manny would have said something and tried to scare her. The caller was someone else, who simply changed their mind.

Nikolas takes Courtney to the hospital to get her cramps checked out. Dr. Meadows examines her and tells them that everything is fine. She warns her that she needs to relax and stop stressing, though. Courtney assures her that she will calm down. Courtney goes into the hospital chapel to pray. She knows she hasn't made the best choices, but she's grateful for the miracle growing inside her. Jax comes in as she's praying, and Courtney tells him she wants to make things right between them. They talk about how they both wanted a child. Jax talks about his investigating adoption, and Courtney agrees to help him if he needs any assistance with the adoption. Jax thanks her and leaves. While Courtney is in the chapel, Nikolas sees Sonny asking about Liz. He asks if she's alright, and Sonny explains that Manny Ruiz kidnapped Liz. Nikolas erupts at Sonny, telling him that his business is ruining yet another life. Sonny tells him he shouldn't be the one giving advice, as he left his wife to deal with a rape so he could bang Sonny's sister. Nikolas is appalled that Sonny would say that about his own sister. He tells Sonny he really did crawl out of a gutter, and Sonny says he's definitely not a prince like Nikolas. Sonny never liked Jax, but he's a better guy than Nikolas. Nikolas tells Sonny that regardless of whose baby Courtney is carrying, he's going to stay with Courtney. Sonny disagrees and thinks he will leave as soon as Courtney's ankles swell.

Back in the chapel, Courtney continues to pray and asks for guidance to be a better parent to her child. Nikolas walks in and tells her to stop blaming herself. Nikolas tells her he will stay with her no matter who is the father. Courtney tells him she hopes it is his baby.

Sonny comes home and finds Michael and Morgan coloring in the living room. Sonny learns that Michael took Morgan downstairs, even after Leticia told him no. Michael starts to argue about needing a nanny. The underlying issue is that he misses his mom, and he thought he was going to get to visit Carly by now. Emily comes home and tells Michael that the doctors at Rose Lawn are the ones who are not allowing visits right now because Carly needs to rest. She appeases the boys and they all go upstairs to get ready for bed. Michael asks Sonny if Emily can stay with them, and Sonny tells him that Emily will stay as long as she can. Max comes in with a package for Emily. It's Liz's veil. She tries it on, and Sonny comes downstairs and asks what's going on. She tells him it's for Liz's surprise wedding. She goes on to tell him about the dress being delivered tomorrow and wonders how the cake will be delivered to Spoon Island. Sonny changes the subject and asks about her meeting with the dean. She tells him that everything is ok. Sonny asks if she will stay, since he and the boys want her to. Emily agrees.

Back at home, Lucky tells Liz she is his everything. He's so grateful she's ok. They hear a train whistle in the distance, and she tells him the first time she ever rode on a train was when she came to Port Charles. It was a sign of good things to come, like their wedding.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Nikolas shows Emily the new location he's chosen for the surprise nuptials. Meanwhile, Liz and Lucky eagerly anticipate exchanging wedding vows. As she reviews her old flame's medical records, Robin recalls happier days with Jason. Back in Port Charles, Jason tells a worried Sam he has to repay Manny's treachery first before he deals with his own illness. At the mansion, Tracy calls a family meeting to discuss how to regain control of ELQ but the gathering quickly degenerates into yet another verbal free-for-all among the bickering Quartermaines. Lorenzo offers to help Jason eliminate Manny. Nikolas confides to a pleased Courtney how much he's hoping he turns out to be the father of her unborn child. Jesse nearly lets a secret slip to Lucky but Maxie hastens to prevent her boyfriend from spilling the beans. On the night before her wedding, Liz panics to discover that her gown still needs alterations. Emily informs her family that she expects them all to attend Lucky's nuptials on Spoon Island. Jason hides from Sam the increasing severity of his headaches as they prepare to make their move on Manny. Emily assures Courtney she's welcome to accept Liz's invitation. Luke reminds an exasperated Nikolas why he won't go anywhere near his own son's wedding. Jason suddenly collapses in pain as Manny opens his door. Courtney returns to Wyndemere and comes face to face with Helena.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Lucky and Liz hang out together in the park while Nikolas and Emily make secret wedding plans for them back at Wyndemere. Liz and Lucky are surprised later at the park when they hear a noise and investigate. They find a fancy note telling them the horse and carriage is for them to enjoy. At Wyndemere, Helena appears while Courtney is in the ballroom alone. She tells Courtney that she is going to be the head of the Cassadine Family again and that if Courtney is carrying Nikolas' baby she will have a say in how the baby is raised. Courtney tells her that won't happen if Nikolas has anything to say about it. Helena tells her that if she buys Nikolas when he acts like a commoner she is misinformed because he is prince and that won't change. Nikolas comes in the room and tells Helena he will be calling the cops to come pick her up. Helena smiles at him and tells him that a judge shortened her prison sentence for good behavior which really means she bribed some judge. Nikolas tells her to leave them alone including Emily. Emily comes in the room and sees all of them and stops in her tracks. Helena is surprised to see her there and asks her what she is doing there when she is no longer with Nikolas and tells her she isn't wanted there now that Nikolas has moved on with the mother of his child. Nikolas tells Helena to leave again and she goes. Courtney feels uncomfortable with the whole situation with Helena and tells him that she tried to tell Helena that Jax could be the baby's father not him but she didn't get a chance. She tells him she has to go and leaves them alone to work on Lucky and Liz's wedding. Emily tells him about the conversation she had the other day with Courtney about being a guest at the wedding and feeling uncomfortable about going and how she is o.k. about Courtney coming with him to the wedding. Nikolas thanks her for her generous spirit. They talk about the old ball they had there years ago when she was a teenager and Nikolas teases her about having barbeque ribs on the menu for the wedding. They get all dirty trying to clean the cobwebs off the walls. Courtney goes to Kelly's to talk to Mike. Mike doesn't understand why she hasn't told Jax about the pregnancy. She tells him she will be getting the results back about the paternity test today and then she will tell Jax after she learns the news. Jax happens to walk into Kelly's then. Later, she gets a call from Dr. Meadows with the paternity test results. Her face seems to get serious suddenly but she doesn't tell Mike what she learned yet.

Manny points a gun at Sam while she is trying to hold a semi-conscious Jason after he has one of his weak spells. He orders her to come into his room by gunpoint and put Jason in a chair and tie him up. She starts to do that but Manny taunts her and Jason about how he is finally going to have a piece of her for himself this time. Sam gets Jason to sit in the chair but doesn't tie him up. Manny grabs her and throws her on the couch and points a gun at her stomach and tells her to cooperate with him or he will kill her right now. Sam dares him to kill her right now and get it over with. Manny is about to do it when Jason jumps him and throws him against the wall and fights to get the gun away from him. Jason manages to get Manny to lose his gun and is slides across the floor. Sam grabs it and points it at Manny and tells him to leave Jason alone. Before she has a chance to shoot Manny the cops show up and bust down the door and tell her and Jason to back off. They arrest Manny and take him into custody. Meanwhile, Sonny visits Reese at the hospital where she informs him she had a setback in her recovery because she tried to leave the hospital too soon when she wasn't ready. Sonny talks to her about moving in with him and how he wants her to know that he doesn't want any secrets between them and wants her to know that he has been in love two times in his life and that both women he was in love with have had mental breakdowns and he wants her to know she can change her mind about being with him if she wants. Reese tells him she is in love with him and that she isn't a little girl with a crush on him who doesn't know about having her heart broken. Sonny kisses her and leaves the room. Reese can't stop thinking about what he said about not keeping any secrets from each other and feels she needs to tell him about sleeping with Ric before he finds out some other way. She calls Ric and asks him to come over to see her. Ric is already at the hospital to see Alexis, who has an appointment with Dr. Meadows. He asks her if something is happening since today is her due date to give birth to their baby. Alexis tells him she hasn't had any contractions or cramps to indicate the baby is ready to be born. Rick wants to be part of what is going on but she shuts him out telling him he probably is busy enough with Sonny and his partnership with Reese to worry about her. She goes with Dr. Meadows. Ric gets a call on his cell-phone informing him about Manny being arrested. Sonny gets the news and goes to the police station to confront Manny. He manages to sneak into the interrogation room where Manny is waiting for his lawyer. Manny tries to compare himself to Sonny but Sonny just smiles at him until Manny threatens to do something to his kids. Sonny grabs Manny and throws him against the wall and threatens to kill him if he goes near his kids. The cops hear the commotion and bust into the the room. Mac grabs Sonny and tells him to leave the room and yells at his men for not guarding the room. Mac tells Jason and Sam they are free to go. Sonny asks Mac what is going on with Manny. Mac tells him that Manny is going to be escorted by police to Hawaii where he escaped custody to begin with. Sonny asks Jason why Manny is still alive. Later, Jason and Sam go home and Jason continues to have more severe headaches and takes more pills that don't seem to be working anymore. Sam pleads with him to go to the hospital but he refuses. Meanwhile, Manny manages to get free from being handcuffed to the airplane seat while the cop who is supposed to be guarding him leaves him alone to talk to the pilot. He strangles and knocks out the cop. Ric goes to see Reese in her room. He tells her that Manny has been arrested and is in police custody. She tells him that she plans on telling Sonny about their night together so she can move in with him without any secrets with them. Ric argues with her about the wisdom of telling Sonny. She tells him that she can't keep the secret forever since Emily lives there and knows the secret and it could come out any time. Ric still argues with her about it. Sonny overhears them talking on his way into the room and is floored by what he hears. He hides around the corner when Ric leaves the room. He waits a few minutes and then walks in and confronts her about lying to him again. Reese tries to explain to him that it was a while ago before she fell in love with him and that she had planned to leave town and Ric was upset about his marriage with Alexis and they both had too much to drink. Sonny doesn't want to hear her excuses and accuses her of having a hidden agenda all along with him. Reese starts crying and pleading with him to listen to her and tells him she loves him. Sonny storms out of the room after telling her he is done with the lying. Ric goes back to check on Alexis after her appointment. Alexis is very anxious since she is waiting for some test results from Dr. Meadows. Dr. Meadows tells her that there is a concern that if the baby isn't born soon, her body will start to absorb the amniotic fluid which could cause problems with labor. Alexis gets more anxious with the news and Ric gets her to open up about her fears instead of shutting him out. She lets him take her home and take care of her for a change.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Sonny reminds Reese he can no longer trust her after she lied for months about sleeping with his brother. Emily and Nikolas finally spring their romantic surprise on a dazzled Liz and Lucky. Alexis assures Jax he's going to be a wonderful father. Courtney endures sniping from Tracy and Alan as the Quartermaines arrive en masse on Spoon Island. Sam convinces Jason to accompany her to the hospital to speak with Tony. Reese entreats Sonny not to turn his back on Ric. Helena triumphantly informs an appalled Alexis and Jax how she obtained parole just in time to welcome a new Cassadine heir. Audrey tells a grateful Liz how proud she is of the woman her granddaughter has become. Meanwhile, at Wyndemere, Leslie promises Lucky that his mother would be thrilled to know he's about to embark on a new journey with the love of his life. Reese tearfully explains to Ric why Sonny is through with her. Helena drops several hints to a puzzled Jax about Courtney's "delicate" condition. After Lulu and Leslie present Liz with a string of pearls which once belonged to Laura, Bobbie lends the bride one of Ruby's bracelets to wear down the aisle. Though news arrives that the plane carrying Manny was lost at sea, Jason warns Sonny that their insidious enemy is still very much alive. Luke has a change of heart and heads to Spoon Island to attend his son's wedding.

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