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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 14, 2005 on GH
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Monday, November 14, 2005

Alexis's bleeding slows down, but she knows she's still not in the clear. Alexis thinks Ric's concern is over Reese, though. She tells Ric that she won't hold him to the promises he made when he thought she was dying. He insists he was telling the truth. He goes outside to get some water for Alexis and vents to Reese over Alexis's change in behavior. Reese tells him that Alexis's misbehavior just meant she was feeling better. She told him about how Alexis came to her and asked her to stay away from Ric because she and her kids needed him. Ric is touched by Reese's confession. Reese tells him to do whatever possible to get Alexis to understand he loves her. She tells Ric she wishes they had met at a different time, and he agrees. Ric gives her a blanket since she is so cold and goes inside to see Alexis. As he leaves, Reese starts coughing more blood. Emily comes and examines Reese. She fears that Reese has some broken ribs, and insists that she lay down and relax.

Once inside, Ric tells Alexis what Reese told him. Ric tries to badger Alexis and tells her it's ok if their daughter doesn't want to go to college and she'll be allowed to date at 13. Alexis realizes he's just trying to get her to admit that she loves him and wants to try again. Ric asks her if she loves him, and she says that she does. She's worried that her love isn't enough with Reese always around being so sexy. Ric tells her he can handle it but she's got to stop pushing him away. Alexis tells him she doesn't mean to push him away. Every time she opens her mouth to tell him she loves him, something awful comes out instead.

Emily goes outside to check on Jason and Reese and Max stumbles in. He tells them that Manny has Sonny, Sam, and Robin at gunpoint. Jason goes looking for them and hears a shot. Manny has just shot a bullet into the crowd after Sonny provoked him. Sam tells Manny she's not afraid of him, though. Unfortunately, this provokes Manny and he shoots Robin in the arm. Jason comes to the rescue, though. He knocks Manny out, and Robin insists before anything else happens that Jason take the medicine she brought for him. Sam quickly injects Jason, while Sonny asks Robin to remain mum about Carly being down in the tunnel. A rescue team arrives, and Manny tries to convince them that he was the one being threatened. Robin sets the story straight, though. Jason wants to go looking for Carly, but Sam disagrees. She wants Jason to seek medical treatment. Sonny agrees with her and tells him that Carly needs to see someone she trusts first and he wants it to be him.

Jason, Sam, and Sonny arrive back at the tunnel where Emily is treating the injured. Sonny goes to check on Reese, and she's glad to see him. Reese tells Sonny to ask Carly if she can forgive her for everything she's done. Just as rescuers arrive, Reese dies.

The medics get Courtney on a stretcher and tell Jax and Nikolas there's only room for one more person. Nikolas agrees to stay and let Jax go on the helicopter with Courtney and baby Molly. At the hospital, Liz takes Molly to pediatrics while Courtney gets examined by Dr. Meadows. Dr. Meadows tells her the next 24 hours are critical and she needs to stay and rest. Jax stays with her and tells her the stories he will tell their baby and Molly about how Courtney saved their lives.

Maxie tells Jesse how proud she is of him and all his efforts to save the people on the trains. Mac comes over and tells him to go get Robin out. But when he sees Nikolas heading back also, he stops him. He tells him he's too sick to go back in there. He tells him if he tries to go back into the tunnel, he will have him arrested. Later, Mac explains to Maxie how Robin was the first girl he raised. He knows he's done a lot wrong with all three of the girls, but all he wants is for them to be safe and happy. Meanwhile, Nikolas dons a firefighter's jacket and sneaks back into the tunnel. Jesse sees him and Nikolas tells him not to try to stop him. Jesse says Mac told him to leave the rescuing to the professionals, so he better get to work.

Robin is escorted out of the tunnel and sees her Uncle Mac outside. He's grateful to see her, but is very worried about her gunshot wound. She assures him it's just superficial. Felicia, Maxie, and Georgie arrive to greet Robin while Mac gets back to work. He sees Manny being carried out on a stretcher and tells the officers to cuff him as soon as possible. Manny acts half dead and Dr. Winters tells the police they can leave because they are interfering with her medical work. As she pulls away the blankets, no one notices the bomb detonator falling out of his lap. Inside the tunnels, Jason and Sam realize the caves have explosives placed everywhere. Jason tells Sam all the tunnels could collapse if the detonator is set off.

Alcazar admits to Carly it was easier to be angry at her than to accept that she was still in love with Sonny. His pride wouldn't allow him to see past her love for Sonny. He's sure that Carly will recover, especially since she was able to pull it together to get away from Manny. Carly agrees that when she's backed into a corner, she can always prevail. Carly confesses that she's afraid she will only be sane in times of crisis, though. Alcazar tells her he believes in her, and she will be ok. He leaves but comes back before too long. She opens the door and is greeted by Michael and Morgan.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The paramedics arrive and attempt to revive Reese, but to no avail. They declare her dead, and Sonny sits down to be with her. Ric comes out of the train car where Alexis was resting before the medics came and finds Sonny sitting with Reese. When they all get ready to leave, Ric turns and asks about Reese. Sonny tells him that she is dead. Everyone else leaves, and Ric spends a moment alone with Reese. He says his goodbyes and then leaves to go to the hospital with Alexis and Molly. Sonny comforts Emily who is upset over her misdiagnosis of Reese. He tells her she did the best she could, but now she needs to get out of the tunnels. She asks what he is going to do, and he tells her he's going to look for Carly.

Jason decides the best thing to do is to retrace Manny's steps to find all the bombs he planted. He wants to defuse all the bombs before they go off and bring all the tunnels down around them. They continue looking for Carly and defusing bombs as they find them. Sonny finds them and tells them that everyone has been rescued, but Reese died before they could save her. He wants to continue on looking for Carly, but Jason tells him that's not going to work. They've got to defuse the bombs. He insists that he take Sam and leave. Sam is very upset and doesn't want to leave Jason. Sonny grabs her and leaves the tunnel. When they get outside, Sam sneaks away from Sonny and finds another entrance to the tunnel.

Mac sees Manny reaching for the detonator and thinks he's trying to escape. Mac asks for any excuse to shoot him, and Manny accuses him of police brutality. Shockingly, Dr. Winters stands up for Manny and tells Mac to get out of the way. They don't have any time to deal with people who are letting their personal feelings and emotions get in the way. Dillon comes to tell Georgie that more survivors have been found, but there's still no word on Emily yet. As they talk, Georgie reaches down and picks up the detonator that Manny left behind. Dillon and her inspect it and try to figure out what it is. They talk about pushing the button to see what it goes to, but it gets dropped in the rush to go see Emily when they learn she has been rescued.

The doctor comes into Carly's room and tells her it's time for her children to leave. She's heartbroken, but she says her goodbyes to Michael and Morgan. She thanks Alcazar for bringing the boys to visit. It's just what she needed. She turns and tells the doctor that she's going to keep her promise to her boys and go home soon. She tells him she's going to continue to see her boys whenever she wants, and tells Alcazar he did the right thing by bringing the boys to her. When she goes back to her room, the doctor insists that Alcazar not bring guests without his clearance. He thinks that in order for Carly to make a full recovery, she needs to figure out who she is first. That means being isolated from her past life. Alcazar goes into Carly's room to tell her what Dr. Kim told him. Carly stands up for Sonny, though, and tells him that her ex-husband is a wonderful man. She shouldn't be away from her family, including Sonny. She thinks she will be better when she can remember his love. She drifts back into bad memories of her and Sonny's life.

Jax and Courtney spend some time with Molly in the hospital. The nurse comes in and asks Courtney if she will feed Molly. Jax gazes adoringly at Courtney as she feed the baby girl. He thinks she will make a wonderful mother. Courtney tells him she wasn't always this way with children. She was a disaster when she cared for Morgan. The nurse comes back in to take Molly back to the nursery, but Courtney and Jax ask if they can hold Molly for just a little longer. The nurse agrees to make an exception and leaves the three alone. When Ric and Alexis arrive at the hospital, Ric comes and gets Molly from Jax and Courtney. He brings the baby and Kristina to see Alexis. Afterwards, he spots Durant at the hospital and tells him that Reese didn't make it out. Ric accuses Durant of being responsible because he didn't prosecute Manny and his family like he should have. Durant goes to question Manny, and finds he has already escaped from the hospital.

Robin goes to the hospital to get her gunshot wound treated. Felicia goes off to fill out paperwork and call the rescuers so Jason knows to come to the hospital when he is rescued, while Maxie keeps Robin company. Maxie is happy to have Robin home. She hopes that Jason and Robin will fall back in love so Mac will leave Georgie and Maxie alone about their love lives. Robin tells her it's a nice theory, but Jason is in love with Sam now. Meanwhile back at the train wreck, Sonny tells Mac to get all his men out of the tunnels because they've been rigged with explosives. Mac doesn't worry since he believes Manny still has the detonator and it's too far out of range at the hospital to work. As he turns to leave, Sonny spots the detonator. It's too late, though, as one of the gurney's rolls over it and sets it off. Jason sees the bomb in his hand blink on and runs to take cover. Sam has no idea an explosion is about to occur and starts to crawl back into the tunnels.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Emily collapses at the triage site while awaiting word on her brother in the wake of the explosion. Meanwhile, Robin urges her uncle to assign more men to the search for Jason. At the hospital, Jax eavesdrops as Courtney tearfully explains to a crestfallen Nikolas why she needs to try to make a go of it with her baby's father. Lainey comes to Rose Lawn to check on Carly and cautions her former patient not to fall into the trap of romanticizing the past. Outraged to learn that Manny has flown the coop once again, Sam insists on returning to the tunnel to look for Jason. After hearing the autopsy results, Emily kicks herself for failing to realize that Reese's cracked rib had also punctured her lung. Jax urges Courtney to come home with him so he can care for her during the rest of her high risk pregnancy. Over Sam's objections, Luke convinces Sonny to let him try a dangerous method of extricating Jason. Alan reminds his dejected daughter how she'll have to accept the fact that even the best doctors lose a patient from time to time. Following an upsetting visit from a hospital functionary, Lucky and Liz learn that their mounting debts are about to catch up with them. After Luke's efforts fail, Sonny fears that Jason may be gone for good. Carly slips away from Rose Lawn once more and heads back to the scene of the train crash. As Courtney turns down Jax's invitation, a gloomy Nikolas confides to his brother how he's losing the woman he loves. Jason and Carly are reunited in the tunnels just as another collapse sends them tumbling into a deeper ravine.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Nikolas visits Lucky in his hospital room. He catches Lucky and Liz kissing and cuddling in his hospital bed. Nikolas notices a file on the table and picks it up. He notices how much Lucky owes the hospital in bills. He insists on paying his debt but Lucky argues with him about it. Nikolas insists he won't hear anything more about it and doesn't give him a chance to argue any more that day. Meanwhile, Courtney returns to her apartment and Jax comes over and brings her a gift. She opens it to find a stuffed animal kangaroo with a baby in its pouch. Courtney thinks he is being premature about giving a gift for the baby when she is still in her first trimester. Jax tells her that he hopes that by the time the baby is born, she will be moved back in to his place and the baby will have a nursery as well. Courtney starts to feel suffocated when Jax starts to presume they will work out their problems and get back together by then. Jax promises to back off but tells her he is just trying to be honest about how he feels about the baby and their chances of reconciling. He tells her he hopes they can put the past behind them including the lies they told each other. Jax leaves. Nikolas shows up later to see her. He tells her that he will respect whatever decision she makes about what she feels is best for her baby but he wants her to know that he still is in love with her and hopes that she chooses to be with him and promises not to interfere with Jax being a father to her baby if he wants to. Courtney tells him that she needs to do what is best for her baby but that she wants to be with him also. Nikolas comes into her apartment and kisses her.

The police inform Sam and Robin that they have called off the search for Jason in the tunnel. Sam goes ballistic on them and insists on going back into the tunnel to look for Jason. The police try to restrain her to keep her away from the tunnel. They try to explain to her that it isn't safe to go in there and that Jason is probably dead. Sam won't listen to them and insists they let her go back into the tunnel. Jesse tries to reason with her but she punches him in the face because he won't let her go. One of the other cops arrests her for assaulting a police officer and they handcuff her. Georgie, Dillon, and Maxie watch as Sam is taken to the police station. Meanwhile, Jason and Carly try to find a way to climb back up the rocks after falling through the rock floor and landing several feet below. Carly and Jason talk about their friendship and Jason tells her that he remembers her even if he doesn't remember everything yet. He also mentions that Robin has some experimental drug that he has already tried and is waiting to see if it keeps working. Carly tells him that she will sing Robin's praises if the drug turns out to be a miracle drug and keeps him alive despite their differences. Jason starts moving crates and rocks to build some sort of steps to climb up the rocks. Carly tells him she was at Rose Lawn during the time he was staying there in the tunnel to look for her. Jason climbs up the crates first then holds out a hand for Carly to climb up as well. They get out of the tunnel but Carly insists that Jason needs to get her back to Rose Lawn before anyone notices before he can find Sam. However, Lorenzo already came to see her and noticed she wasn't there and her window was open. Lorenzo goes to the hospital to talk to Laney, one of Carly's doctors just as Durant interrupts their conversation, insisting he be allowed to visit his daughter at Rose Lawn. Laney tells him that Carly is not ready to see visitors and needs to concentrate on herself and healing before seeing him. Meanwhile, Jason returns Carly to Rose Lawn and asks her why she keeps resisting the doctor's help and why she won't stay and let them help her. Carly agrees to stay there and let the doctors help her if he promises to let Robin treat him and make him possibly better since she needs him to be in her life. Later, Sam is placed in the visitor/interrogation room and Mac tells her she is not going back to the tunnel and will stay there while he talks to the cop she hit. Meanwhile, Robin had a talk earlier with Nikolas at the hospital and admitted to him that she still loves Jason and that no man has compared to him since their breakup years ago. Robin shows up at the police station just as one of the cops tells Mac why they arrested Sam, to keep her away from the tunnel not because she hit Jesse. Sam comes out of the interrogation room to argue about the tunnel again. Robin offers to be the one who Sam is allowed to go home with. Sam tells Robin that she is thankful to her but that she is going back into the tunnel to look for Jason and won't be able to stop her. Robin whispers to her that she is going to go with her. When they arrive back at the site, the cops and firemen have already been give orders to seal the entrances to the tunnel and to blow up the rest of the inside as well. Sam and Robin talk to Maxie, who tells them there is no way to go in now. Sam and Robin start to cry. Jason comes back to the site of the tunnel and sees Sam. He calls out her name and she turns around in disbelief when she sees him. She runs to him and he holds her in his arms. Robin sees them together embracing. Meanwhile, Carly sneaks back into her bedroom at Rose Lawn and tries to clean off the dirt and soot on her face. Lorenzo shows up and sees her in her room. He tells her that she wasn't there when he came by earlier and he thought she took off again. Carly doesn't get a chance to explain herself when Durant shows up to see her. She hugs him and pretends she is happy to see him. She tells him that she is very tired after she picks something from his jacket while he is holding her. He doesn't notice she stole something from him. Durant leaves to let her rest. Lorenzo also leaves. Carly waits until they are gone and pulls out Durant's cell-phone that she stole from him and makes a call and asks to make a mysterious appointment with someone.

At the Quartermaine Mansion, Alan gives Luke hell for thinking that blowing up a mountain will help save Jason. Tracy tells them she hopes that Jason is dead so that the ELQ inheritance he still has will automatically revert back to the family. Luke shivers in jest and tells them that he suddenly feels cold from Tracy's insensitivity toward Jason's possible death. Skye comes in to talk to Luke and warn him about a phone call she received. Dillon and Georgie show up to tell everyone that the police have called off the search for Jason and won't risk any more men to go down and look for him because of safety hazards in the tunnel Monica and Alan are outraged that the police have given up finding Jason and have left him for dead. Dillon and Georgie also tell them that Sam got so upset she hit a cop and was arrested to keep her from going back into the tunnel. Soon after, the doorbell rings and Alice answers it. Leslie close behind her. Luke realizes that trouble has just been dropped onto his lap. Luke asks everyone to leave so he can talk to Leslie alone. Lulu eavesdrops on their conversation when Leslie tells Luke that he needs to step up now as Lulu's father and help his troubled daughter since she can't help her like she needs to be helped. Luke doesn't feel he is the one to help Lulu and wants Leslie to take her back home. Leslie finally loses her temper and tells Luke that the reason he hasn't had much to do with Lulu is because she reminds him so much of Laura and it breaks his heart enough that he can't deal with it and so ignores her. Luke realizes Leslie is telling the truth. Leslie leaves the mansion and Lulu there. Skye catches Lulu eavesdropping and tells her that no good comes out of doing that. Lulu tells Skye that Luke only loves her mother Laura and that she is just a whore that he sleeps with. Skye is very hurt by her words and storms off just as Dillon and Georgie come downstairs. Skye tells Dillon that he should show Lulu to her new bedroom since she is too busy now to do it. Luke talks to Skye, who persuades him to spend time with Lulu and let her live there with him because Laura would want him to do that and Lulu needs him right now. Tracy comes in the room and Luke tells her that Lulu will be living with them and that she will have to deal with it. Tracy thinks he is only doing that hoping that she will be so aggravated by Lulu that she will fork up the $15 million he wants from her. She tells him that won't happen and Luke tells her that he will enjoy watching Lulu torment her while she is there. Alice walks into the room to show them the note Lulu left before she took off. Lulu tells Luke to go to hell in the note. Lulu ends up showing up at Lucky's hospital room while Lucky and Liz are cuddling up together and asks them if she can move in with them.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Jax walked in on a kiss between Courtney and Nikolas. As Sam wiped away her tears, Robin asked Jason if he was finally ready to accept treatment. Lainey caught Carly sneaking out of Rose Lawn again and reminded her patient how she needed to focus on getting her life together. Courtney assured a pleased Nikolas that she loved him and didn't care what Jax thought of them. Meanwhile, Jax began spying on his estranged wife.

Though Tracy was delighted to learn that her stepdaughter had run away, Skye berated Luke for not working harder to reconcile with Lulu. On the Corinthos estate, a grieving Sonny admitted to Emily he was not sure how he or Carly would survive without Jason in their lives.

At the hospital, Lucky tried to reassure his unhappy kid sister, but Liz felt certain Lulu was playing them. Amazed to see his friend walk through the door, Sonny welcomed Jason back as Emily happily rushed to embrace her brother. Dillon gave Luke some food for thought on the subject of poor parenting. Carly called in a trio of beauty consultants to perform an extreme makeover. Emily and Sonny convinced Jason to return to the hospital to undergo the experimental treatment Robin had designed.

Later, Jason presented a thrilled Sam with a diamond engagement ring. Michael related for his startled father how Lorenzo had taken him and Morgan to see Carly at Rose Lawn. Courtney made it clear to an angry Jax that their marriage was over. Robin cautioned Sam that Jason would be drifting in and out of consciousness for several days. After getting glamorous, Carly slipped away from the sanitarium and showed up at Sonny's estate.

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