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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 30, 2006 on GH
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Monday, January 30, 2006

While Jason talks to Sonny about his relationship with Jason's sister, Emily vows to Liz and Lucky that she won't give up on Sonny. He acts as though he doesn't want to be with her, but she knows he's just trying to protect her. Meanwhile, Jason is telling Sonny that he wants his sister to be happy, but she will never be happy with Sonny and the danger that is part of his life. Jason gives him an ultimatum and Sonny decides to end his relationship with Emily. He arranges for Emily to see him kissing Carly, much to Carly's pleasure.

Jason convinces Lucky to let him break into Manny's room to look for the key to his ankle monitor. Jason is shocked to see Sam climbing through Manny's window while he is in there, though. Sam tries to explain to Jason why she has to go after Manny for herself. He terrorized her and stalked her, and she can't leave it up to someone else to avenge her.

Luke and his monkey head back to Port Charles on a plane, while Dillon gets closer to discovering what Luke has been up to. He finds a news article on the internet describing a tribe that has gone missing on some islands overseas. He knows that Luke must be involved somehow, but Dillon and the others haven't figured out how yet. Meanwhile, a stranger is searching desperately for Luke.

Patrick lets his guard down around Carly and shares a rare moment of honesty with her. Afterwards he finds out that his father must have a liver transplant in order to survive. As much anger as he has for his father, he doesn't want him to give up on his life. He begs him to fight to live.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Alice is thrilled to see Luke home, even though he has a chimpanzee in tow. She offers to make him a drink and finds out the monkey has also been drinking on the plane ride home. Tracy is less than thrilled about Luke's arrival home and insists that the monkey can not stay. Just as Lulu comes downstairs to greet her dad, Nikolas, Lucky, and Liz walk in. Nikolas is insisting with his brother's support that Lulu come live with him. They don't feel that Luke is giving Lulu the attention she deserves. Lulu asks Luke what he wants, and he says that he wants her to stay. Lulu thanks the group for loving her and caring about her, but she's staying with her father. When Liz, Nikolas, and Lucky leave, the rest of the group notices that the chimpanzee has disappeared during the arguing. When the kids run out to see where the monkey went, Luke collapses in a cold sweat.

Emily rushes out of Sonny's house after seeing him and Carly kissing. She goes to the hospital and is frantic to find her notebook. Robin notices that something is wrong and Emily tells her about Sonny kissing Carly. Robin tries to relate about how Carly and Sonny share some strange bond and will always be connected. Back at the house, Sonny is upset that Carly set him up to hurt Emily by seeing their kiss. Carly tells him that she intentionally wanted Emily to see them kiss so that the two would split up. Everyone knows they should not be together. Carly thinks he should take Morgan and go to the island for a while to get away. Just as they are talking, Jason walks in and asks what is wrong. Carly explains about Emily before she leaves. Jason and Sonny start to argue, but then Jason says that if Sonny says he and Emily are over then he will let it drop. Jason goes back home and finds Sam trying to comfort Emily. When Emily leaves, Jason tells Sam that it is his fault Emily is so hurt.

Carly goes to the hospital and finds Patrick. Robin is jealous to see the two of them talking and interferes, telling Carly about Noah being ill. Patrick tells her to butt out, and he and Carly leave. Carly takes him to a hotel room, where he erroneously thinks he will get to sleep with Carly. She informs him that the old Carly may have done that, but not now. She brought him to the hotel just to get him to talk to her about what's been bothering him. He admits that he's worried about his father. He lost precious time with him being mad at him, and now it may be too late. Carly tells him not to worry because he has a secret weapon to help him convince his father to try to save his life.

Robert Scorpio continues to try to find Luke overseas.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

At GH, shortly after offering Liz another creepy compliment, Manny is found by Lorenzo---and ordered not to use his ankle-monitor key anytime he pleases. Seeing the two of them in close conversation, Skye is immediately suspicious of her beau, but in private Lorenzo assures her he's not in cahoots with the "reformed" criminal. When Lorenzo is able to relate to Manny as someone who cannot escape his past, however, he worries Skye all over again! Quickly changing the subject, he offers to take Skye to the ballet later in the day.

At home, Jason awakens on his couch to find the Spencer chimp by his fireplace! Samantha comes downstairs and is amused at the new houseguest, while Jason is just shy of terrified---standing frozen, apprehensive, almost as if the chimp has him at gunpoint! It is a riot to see the professional hitman so afraid of the unknown. Ultimately, Samantha leaves to find the chimp's owner. While Sam is out, a visiting Michael tries to teach Jason how to bond with the chimp...but Jason clearly just wants it gone.

At the Q asylum, Luke is still ill, and the young adults return from a fruitless search for the chimp. As Luke insists he go look for his new friend himself, the family convinces him he's too sick and needs to stay put. Robert listens to the whole exchange from the patio and soon bolts. Moments later, Luke shares the whole island adventure, from the sick boy to the fire, with Tracy and Alice. When Skye later passes through the mansion, Luke---who is thought to be asleep on the sofa---fakes delirium in an attempt to win Skye back, but the jig fails when Tracy dumps a whole pitcher of ice on his lap!! She then begins to suspect Luke is also faking his illness.

Skye meets with Lorenzo, who's sporting blue jeans and an abundance of leather. They decide to spend the evening in, if you follow...

At GH, Patrick agrees that Noah should remove his name from the liver donor list, and then offers his father part of his own liver! The junior Drake is incredulous when Noah refuses it. Failing to notice her own lurking "late" father in the background, Robin finds out about Noah's decision and in almost record time hunts Pat down to chastise him---he heatedly reminds her to mind her own business. Meanwhile, Robert has accessed a private computer room, and after a few failed password attempts finally accesses GH's flu records. Robin stumbles upon him by accident and her jaw nearly hits the floor upon laying eyes on her dad for the first time in well over a decade. A "Hello, sweetheart" is all Robert can manage.

Also at GH, the priest (whose name I didn't get but he's been on before) asks Emily if Alan is around; his shelter is in need of donated flu shots. Learning Alan won't be in ‘til later, the priest asks Em how Sonny and Carly are doing, adding he's "looking forward to the next time he marries them". Alone, Emily sadly fills Liz in on the kiss between Sonny and Carly---then heads for his house. Reading a letter from Courtney at Kelly's, Nikolas learns Jax is with her. Nearby, Alexis and Ric playfully spar over Alexis' new ADA job offer.

At GH, Jesse doesn't like Maxie volunteering there while Manny is performing community service, but Maxie, wanting to erase her "shallow" label, refuses to give it up as an unnoticed Manny looks on.

At Kelly's, Dillon (doing online research) shares with Georgie and Lesley Lu the story of another remote island village burning to the ground five years ago, and speculates there must be a connection---a "conspiracy", perhaps. Samantha (who's getting food for Jason) overhears them and offers to return the chimp to the mansion later on. Lesley Lu is initially relieved...but soon feels a little woozy. Returning home, as Dillon continues his conspiracy pitch, Lulu gets so ill she collapses in Luke's arms, barely staying conscious! Luke realizes whatever he got is contagious, and anybody else who's recently been at the mansion and anyone they come in contact with (Skye, Lorenzo, Liz, Lucky, Emily, Jason, Samantha, Michael, Morgan, Tracy, Dillon, Georgie) could be at risk...


"No...but there is one on the pool table." – Samantha to Jason, after he worriedly asks her if there's a monkey by the fireplace.

"Can't you ever just go to the beach?" – Tracy, after hearing the details of Luke's most recent island adventure.

Thursday, February 2, 2006

Skye and Lorenzo make love in front of the fire instead of going to New York City. They cuddle and talk before falling asleep. Lorenzo wakes up and finds Skye awake but lethargic and pale looking. He checks her forehead and notices she is burning with fever. He takes her to the emergency room at G.H.

Carly approaches Noah in the hallway. She tells him that he should accept part of Patrick's liver and try to live for his son. Noah gets angry when he sees Patrick approach them and tell Carly she shouldn't have said anything to him. Noah makes it clear that he will not accept his liver and risk Patrick's life. Patrick complains about Noah not caring about him enough to want to live and accept his liver. Carly tries to explain to Patrick that it doesn't prove anything than that Noah loves him and doesn't want to risk his life and that she would feel the same if one of her sons wanted to donate one of his organs to her if she was sick. Patrick gets stubborn about it and complains about his father. Meanwhile, Robin has her own issues with her father. She comes into the file room and comes face to face with Robert. Robert realizes he has been caught looking at confidential files and turns around only to realize it is Robin. He smiles at her and calls her "sweetheart." Robin is in shock but that shock soon turns into disbelief and anger. She lashes out at him for making her believe he was dead all these years. Robert tells her he wants to explain it all to her. Robin doesn't want to listen to any of his explanations and accuses him and Anna of pretending to be dead all these years and then suddenly coming back in her life because they missed her. Robert tells her that Anna doesn't know he is alive. Robin gets angry with Robert for keeping away from both of them for 14 years without a word or phone call. Robert tries to explain things to her but Robin's resentment and anger toward him shut him out. Robert asks her to at least give him a chance to explain. Robin asks him why she should sit and listen to him make excuses for why he couldn't contact her all these years. Robert reminds her that he is her father and has that right. Robin sits down and agrees to listen but makes it clear to him that she hates him and that won't change. Robert tells her that the boat explosion did happen but it wasn't caused by Faison but by the WSB themselves. He tells her that he was officially declared dead then and that they had him in a holding cell and treated him like he was a double agent even though it was just her mother that actually was at one time. He tells her that the WSB threatened to kill Anna and her if he didn't agree to work for them as a spy. Robert believed they were target her and he couldn't let that happen and felt she would be safer if she didn't know he was alive. Robin asks him why he didn't try to find her and see her. Robert tells her he tried but he couldn't do that. Robin doesn't know whether to believe him or not. She starts crying more and asks him what he did after the eleven years he was a spy. He tells her about his new job as a agent for some medical safety commission and shows her his I.D. Robin doesn't know if she can believe it is a real job or just a cover for what he is really doing. Robert tells her his job is to investigate and track unknown and dangerous viruses to their sources and contain them in their environment. Robin asks him if he ran into Frisco while working as a spy since Frisco works for the WSB. Robin tells him that Frisco left his wife and children to go off and be a hero also. Robert tells her he never saw him. Robert tells her that he did keep track of her and saw her from a far over the years and even almost came to see her at her apartment in Paris. Robert tells her why he came back to Port Charles, to find out if Luke and the chimp he brought back with him are carriers for a deadly virus. Robert tells Robin he wants her to go home right now because he is worried that her compromised immune system may be too weak to deal with this kind of virus with her HIV-positive condition. Robin tells him he has no right to act like her father after all these years and order her around. Robin goes to leave but Patrick comes in to talk to her. She tells him he has good timing for a change and introduces him to Robert. Patrick is confused since he thought her father was dead too. Robin tells him that Robert gave her some story about Luke and a chimp being a carrier for some dangerous virus. Patrick confirms to them that could be true since Luke came in with his daughter who was very sick and was exposed to the chimp also. Robert tells Robin to go home but she tells him to go to hell. Robert tells Patrick what he knows and asks him to take him to where Luke is. Meanwhile, Lulu's fever gets dangerously high and she is treated in the E.R. with Luke by her side. Tracy also shows concern for her as well. Dillon and Georgie offer to take the chimp to the lab for tests to see if he is a carrier of the virus. Georgie and Dillon run into Lucas and Maxie in the hallway. They tell them about Lulu's illness. They end up going to Kelly's to talk. Dillon believes that there is a conspiracy by the government to cover up this virus' epidemic. Georgie and Maxie think he is exaggerating with his overactive imagination. Luke passes out while trying to reassure Lulu that he will be right by her side. He wakes up and tries to go see Lulu but Tracy tells him that he isn't going anyway and orders him to stay there. She leaves to go check on Lulu and Liz checks his vital signs and leaves. Luke thinks his feverish mind is at work when he sees Robert standing near his cubicle in E.R. Robert assures him they are both still alive. Luke seems happy to see him and asks him if he is working for the WSB again. Robert explains what he does for a living and voices his concerns that Luke and the chimp may be carriers of a deadly virus that the government tried to contain to the village where Luke found the chimp. He asks Luke to write down anyone who was exposed to him or the chimp in the last 24 hours. Luke realizes this is not some flu epidemic. They overhear Lorenzo outside the cubicle tell a nurse about Skye. Luke tells Robert that Skye was exposed when she was at the Quartermaines earlier this evening.

Lucky and Liz plan to get away for the weekend at some cabin that Nikolas owns. Nikolas shows up at Kelly's to give them the keys to the place. Liz has to go to work. Nikolas sits with Lucky and tries to be happy for him but he is still depressed over his break-up with Courtney. Lucky starts to feel chilled and thinks he could have caught the flu bug that Cameron had. Meanwhile, Jason and Sam bring her brother Danny home to visit with them. Danny loves the pictures of the chimp on the camera that Michael used earlier. Jason goes to talk to Sonny about the kids being exposed to Luke's flu when they visited the chimp. Meanwhile, Emily goes to see Michael and Morgan to talk to them. She explains to them that she won't be able to see them as much as she would like since she is going back to med-school. Sonny comes into the room and Emily can barely look at him in the face. The boys go upstairs. Emily tells Sonny she needed to leave. She asks him if he ever really cared about her or was he pretending to. Sonny admits he cares about her and wishes her well. She hugs him goodbye. Jason comes into the room and misinterprets what is going on but doesn't say anything. Emily feels awkward around her brother now and tells him she came to say goodbye to the boys and was just leaving. Jason also feels awkward about talking to Sonny about how hurt Emily is after all this when they were trying to spare her any hurt and pain. Sonny doesn't know what to say to Jason and vise-versa. Carly comes over and Sonny tells the boys that Emily needs to study to become a doctor and that they won't see her as often because of that. Michael asks them if they are spending more time together if that means they are getting back together. Carly tells them that they are divorced but that doesn't mean they won't be a family still. Meanwhile, Jason returns home and Danny tells him that Sam has been lying on the couch for awhile and looks sick. Jason comes over and checks her forehead and finds she is running a high fever. Lucky goes up to the cabin to get it ready for the weekend and wait for Liz to arrive. Lucky starts to feel a little dizzy as he gets ready to start a fire in the fireplace. He ends up passing out before getting the fire started. Meanwhile, Emily goes to Kelly's and runs into Carly. Carly tells her she is sorry about what happened with Sonny and what she walked in on. Emily cuts her off and asks her to leave her alone. Carly walks out of Kelly's. Emily puts her hand over her forehead and tries not to cry. Nikolas walks into Kelly's and says hello to her. He sits down at her table and apologizes for what happened in their marriage. Emily sits with him but notices he looks a little pale and asks him if he is alright. He suddenly falls over when he tries to stand up and say he is fine. Emily checks his forehead and tells him he is burning up with a fever and needs medical attention.

Friday, February 3, 2006

The outbreak continued at GH, which was ordered quarantined by Robert. The chimp was found not to be the source of the virus, but rather Luke. Mac socked Robert in the face upon finding him alive. Sonny, and later, Dillon each took ill. Lucas admitted his homosexuality to Tony, who took the news far better than Bobbie had and assured Lucas he was still proud of him. Liz worried about the missing Lucky. As Jason and Carly searched for the chimp outside they were met with machine-gunfire.

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