General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 6, 2006 on GH

Tony Jones succumbed to the deadly virus. Emily was faced with the difficult choice of deciding who should get the life-saving serum: Sonny or Nikolas. Jason and Carly went to the Maarkam Islands to find the antidote for the virus.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 6, 2006 on GH
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Monday, February 6, 2006

Jason and Carly sneaked out of the hospital in an attempt to chase down the escaped monkey. They saw him dash into a dark SUV, but before they could get too close, a passenger in the vehicle started shooting. The cops were immediately suspicious, but before they could interrogate Jason and Carly for very long, they got sidetracked with the drama at the entrance of General Hospital. They called Justice with the license plate information from the SUV, and he told them it belonged to Crylium Industries. They followed the SUV to the Metro Court, where one of the suites was heavily guarded.

When the occupants of the room left, Carly followed one of the men down to the dining area while Jason went in to investigate the room. Justice called back and told him the company was a pharmaceutical company out of the Maarkam Islands. Jason was stopped from learning any more because he heard Carly's voice outside the room with a man. She interrupted the prostitute who was going to be Mr. Rush's company for the evening and offered to stand in for her. When they got into the room, Anton told Carly she looked familiar.

Kristina walked into the living room and found her mother and Ric unconscious. Thankfully, Alexis had taught her how to call 9-1-1, so the group was taken to the hospital soon after the call was made.

Sam heard about the shooting outside the hospital with Jason and got out of bed to try to find him. She got to the exit of the hospital before she was stopped and collapsed. Patrick took her back to her room, where she discovered her new roommate was Alexis. She told him she wouldn't room with Alexis.

Emily wanted to save both Nikolas and Sonny, who had concocted the deadly virus. While she was trying to treat Sonny, she overheard him mumble in his delirium that the kiss between him and Carly had been a set-up. Emily was happy, but Liz warned her not to get too excited over something he had said while delirious. Later, Nikolas and Sonny ended up rooming together.

Emily took Michael back to Max in the coffee lounge, where the healthy people were staying. Emily and Max both told Michael that he couldn't try to run away right then. Things were too dangerous, and Sonny needed to focus on getting better, not wondering where his son was.

Danny, who had also escaped, managed to get back without anyone noticing his absence. Michael asked him if he had found Sam, but he said he had gotten lost. Michael noticed that Danny was sweating profusely. Meanwhile, Georgie and Lucas were talking to Dillon when he suddenly collapsed on the floor. He was taken upstairs to be treated for the virus.

Liz was frantic to find out if Lucky was okay. She called Jesse and begged him to go to Nikolas' cabin to see if he was there. Jesse decided to go and see if Lucky was there. He found Lucky outside, unconscious. He took him in and started a fire before calling Liz. Jesse told her that Lucky needed to get help right away. She told him she was sending a helicopter.

When Jesse heard the helicopter outside, he was relieved. He started to help Lucky up and then saw the men entering with guns. He was knocked unconscious. When he woke up, Lucky was gone, and the cabin was ablaze. He went back to the hospital and demanded Robert Scorpio tell him what was going on.

Robert, Robin, and Patrick determined that Luke was the carrier for the deadly virus. Since he was also the only one fighting it off, they decided to try to develop a serum using Luke's blood plasma. The hard decision was going to be deciding who would receive and who wouldn't receive the potentially life-saving medicine. Alcazar was desperate to help Skye and heard Emily talking to Liz about the medicine.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Jason and Carly questioned Anton but didn't get much information. They decided to head to the Maarkam Islands to see what they could find out. Jason would impersonate a police officer in an attempt to gain information. Before they left, Michael found Sonny's cell phone and called Carly. While he was on the phone, Liz saw him and asked to speak with Jason. Liz told Jason and Carly that the encephalitis was man-made.

Lucky regained consciousness in an airplane. He tried to ask what was going on, but he didn't make much sense. He saw someone inject something into his I.V. before he slipped into unconsciousness again. He woke up again in a lab at Crylium Industries in the Maarkam Islands, where he learned he was going to be used to test a potential cure.

Alcazar heard Emily and Liz talking about how easy it would be to tamper with results in order for certain people to get the antidote first. He went in and talked to an unconscious Skye. He told her she had always been second all her life, so this time she was going to be put first. He switched pages from Lulu's file and replaced them with Skye's file.

When Robin and Patrick walked in, they realized that Skye was going downhill fast. They took the reports back to the council, where they decided that Skye should get the antidote first. Alcazar started to have second thoughts and demanded that Robin also give Lulu the antidote. It was what Skye would want, and besides, he was a big-time contributor to the hospital. Robin told him that at that moment, money meant nothing. Alcazar said nothing about switching Lulu and Skye's results, so Skye got the antidote.

When Luke found out Lulu wasn't getting the antidote, he was furious. He told Bobbie that he wanted to undergo the plasma-filtering procedure again to get Lulu the medicine she needed. Bobbie warned it was too soon, and he could die. She went to get Noah to help her with the blood procedure, and true to her word, Luke went into shock while Bobbie and Noah performed the procedure.

Emily talked to Sonny but was interrupted by Nikolas moaning in his delirium. At first, Nikolas was talking about the fire and begging Emily to get out of the hotel. He told her he loved her and would never leave her. Then he appeared to wake up and apologized to Emily for leaving her too soon. Sonny overheard as Nikolas voiced his love for Emily. She told Sonny that Nikolas didn't know what he was saying. Later, after she left the room, Emily overheard Robert telling the doctors' council that Sonny should be the last on the list to get the medicine.

Georgie broke quarantine to be with Dillon, and Tracy actually didn't seem to mind her company. He woke up when he heard Tracy telling Georgie to talk to him, and he told his mother to be easy on Georgie. Tracy walked out of the room and found Alan. She told him to alter the results so that Dillon received the antidote. Alan started to do it, but Monica caught him. She later turned him in to the council, who removed him from the council.

Dillon heard what his mother was doing and told her he was honored that she would do that for him. He wouldn't take the antidote, though, because he wanted to make sure the people who needed it first got it first. She told him to stop acting like it was the Titanic, where women and children went first. The next time Dillon slipped into unconsciousness, he dreamed he and Georgie were on the Titanic. When he awakened, he asked Georgie to marry him.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

The outbreak continued at General Hospital, where Skye awakened and learned from Lorenzo that she had gotten the first antidote. Listening to him and eyeing Lulu's chart, Liz figured out he had switched her chart with Skye's and called him on it privately outside the room. Lorenzo denied nothing and reminded her she would have done the same for Lucky. Figuring it would do no good to blab, the young nurse kept the information to herself. However, Skye soon wondered why she had gotten the first dose and not Lulu.

In her and Alexis' room, Sam called for help when she accidentally knocked over a pitcher of water. When Manny answered the call by solely picking the pitcher up, Sam demanded the arriving Jesse arrest him for stalking. But Alexis again defended Manny. Manny told Jesse he had just been keeping an eye out on Ms. Davis. After sending Manny out, Jesse said he didn't buy Manny's "act" -- then fainted in his arms.

Meanwhile, Alexis and Sam were having separate flashbacks of the stem cell crisis between their children a year before. Suddenly, Alexis charged at Sam's bed and, in a severe hallucination, demanded Sam give her daughter's stem cells to Kristina. Shouting and physically shaking her roommate, the only thing that stopped Alexis' madness was Danny.

The doctors' council decided that, as a criminal, Sonny belonged at the bottom of the list of treatment recipients as long as he was no worse off -- Emily overheard it and emotionally and tearfully pleaded Sonny's case, to deaf ears. In fact, Alan got so frustrated with her that he reminded her she was not a physician and booted his dejected daughter out of the meeting.

Soon after, Robin blasted Robert's judgment of Sonny and let him know Sonny would mean more to her than he ever would.

In their room, Sonny informed Nikolas he and Emily were over, but Nikolas warned him that pushing Emily away would definitely backfire. Emily entered the room, barely acknowledging her former husband before making a beeline to Sonny, assuring him his sons were all right. Outside his room, she begged Monica to influence the council, but Monica and Alan refused. Ric overheard the discussion, and Emily wheeled him in to plead Sonny's case to the council himself. Once Ric left, the council unanimously nominated Patrick to decide who got doses when, as he was considered the most impartial doctor.

Noah and Bobbie worked to get Luke back from code blue. When he awakened, Bobbie walked him over to his hallucinating daughter. The two shared a very tender moment, the tail end of which Lorenzo overheard. As the latter decided to pray for Lulu in the chapel, Luke decided to do whatever it took to help her himself. As Lulu suffered convulsions, her dad burst in on the council, armed with Jesse's gun, and demanded Lulu be saved.

Quote of the day:

"Congratulations, Junior Drake, you've been elected God. Here's your first commandment: My daughter gets the serum, or somebody in this room dies." -- the episode's final quote, courtesy of an armed Luke, to Patrick and the rest of the doctors' council.

Thursday, February 9, 2006

Dillon woke up and found Georgie sitting by his side, holding his hand. She told him that she wouldn't blame him if he were too feverish to remember proposing to her. Dillon told her that he wanted to marry her. Maxie arrived to check on them. Georgie announced to her that they were getting married. Maxie asked Georgie if she knew what she was doing and thought Georgie was too young to think about marriage just because Dillon was sick and she was afraid.

Georgie told Maxie she knew what she was doing. Maxie worried that Mac might have a coronary if he found out what they were doing. Georgie asked Maxie to go get the priest she had seen in the hospital and ask him to marry them in Dillon's room. Maxie agreed to lie about Georgie's age to get him to marry them. Later, Georgie found Maxie in the hallway. Maxie told her she had set up everything and had gotten the priest to agree only because she had lied and told him that Georgie was 18 years old.

Lucas visited Dillon, and the two of them had a good laugh over the whole marriage ceremony being at the hospital. Lucas agreed to act as the best man. The priest showed up at Dillon's room. Georgie walked into the room, carrying some flowers, with Maxie walking behind her to act as her maid of honor. Before they could get started with the vows, Tracy barged into the room and announced that she objected to the wedding and pointed out that Georgie was underage. Dillon wished his mother would just leave.

Alexis got delirious with a high fever and regressed back to when Kristina had been dying and had needed Sam's baby's stem cells. She pleaded with Sam not to let Kristina die and to give her the stem cells. Sam realized that Alexis was out of her mind with fever and tried to explain to Alexis that Sam's baby was already dead and that Kristina was fine. Danny ran into the room and thought that Alexis was attacking Sam. He grabbed Alexis and told her to stay away from Sam, or he would hurt her.

Ric entered the room as Sam yelled at Danny to let go of Alexis and tried to explain that Alexis wasn't trying to hurt her. Alexis confused Danny with Jason and thought Jason was going to kill her. Ric grabbed Danny and pushed him away from Alexis. Danny got scared and thought Ric was going to hurt him. Sam asked Ric to leave Danny alone and not to hurt him. She explained that Danny had just been trying to protect her.

Ric took Alexis back to her bed. Alexis confused Ric with Sonny and told him that she had a secret to tell him. She told Ric that Sonny was Kristina's father. Ric went along with her and comforted her until they could get her fever down. Sam went to see Danny and pretended she was feeling better to calm him down and get him to rest in his bed, since he was also sick. She left the room and passed out.

Tony found Sam lying on the floor, unconscious, and called for help to get her back to her bed. Later, Sam had a dream about her late mother, who taunted her about how she would never get married and have a family. Sam murmured in her sleep about her mom, and Alexis overheard her and wondered what she was talking about.

Meanwhile, Jason and Carly arrived in the Maarkam Islands to investigate the pharmaceutical company that had manufactured the virus. They paid the guy who had talked to Luke, and he explained about what he had seen happen and pretended to know nothing about any pharmaceutical company. Jason and Carly decided to take Luke's old room while they were there. The hotel man called the doctor who headed the lab that had Lucky in custody. He told the doctor that Jason and Carly had arrived and that Jason was using Lucky's police ID to get information.

Lucky was strapped to a bed in the lab. The doctor informed him that he was going to be taken to the brink of death before they tried the antidote on him. Lucky realized he was being used as a guinea pig. He got one of the restraints loose enough to break free. He pretended to be sick with fever and weak. He waited until the doctor left the room. He got out of his restraints and tried to steal some of the antidote vials before escaping. He was caught and placed back in his restraints.

Meanwhile, Jason got a phone number off the phone he had found on the guy they had questioned back in Port Charles. He decided to call the number. The doctor who had Lucky answered. He said that he knew that Jason had used Lucky's ID to ask questions. He warned that if Jason tried to find him and kill him, he wouldn't be able to stop the virus from killing Jason's loved ones back home without the antidote. He told Jason that he and Carly were already exposed to the virus and would eventually get sick themselves. Carly talked to Michael and asked about Sonny and Sam. Michael thought they were doing about the same as they had been before.

The committee of doctors and Robert agreed with Robin that Patrick should head the committee, since he seemed the most objective of the doctors in deciding what patients got the rest of the serum. Meanwhile, Lulu got worse and started to convulse with a seizure. Luke showed up at the conference room and pointed a gun at them all and demanded that Lulu get the serum, since he had produced it from his body, and he should decide who received it next.

Robert approached Luke and asked him to put the gun down and listen to reason. Luke refused to put the gun down and was willing to shoot Robert if that was what it took. Robert said that if Luke shot them, he would accomplish nothing but more trouble, and that would not help save Lulu. Tony received a call from Liz to go tend to Lulu. He tried to get Luke to go with him to see Lulu and to put the gun down. Luke reluctantly dropped his weapon and went with Tony.

Lulu didn't respond to anyone or anything. Bobbie felt Luke needed to be there with Lulu. Tony examined Lulu while Alcazar and Skye watched from behind. Alcazar felt terrible for what he had done by helping Skye. Tony and Bobbie had bad news for Luke; Lulu was getting weaker, and her organs were starting to shut down. Bobbie told him he needed to be there with Lulu, or he would regret it.

Patrick and Robin discussed the list of patients that would get the serum, and Lulu wasn't on it. Patrick and Robin were alone in the conference room. Patrick told her that they had something in common; they both felt bitterness toward their fathers. Robin told him that her father had pretended to be dead the past 14 years, and that was not the same situation he was in with his own father.

Robin looked at the dosages of the serum and told Patrick that they could give everyone the same dosage they had given Skye originally, and there would be enough for a fifth person to get the serum. They decided to give the serum to Lulu. Robin went to Lulu's room and told everyone the good news about the serum. Lulu's temperature started to drop slowly, and she started to get better and wake up. She was very happy to see Luke, and vice versa.

Tony, however, started to feel weak and had a weak spell outside one of the rooms. Ric saw him and asked him if he was okay. Tony pretended he was fine, just tired, and walked away. Later, however, Tony admitted to a frantic and stressed-out Liz that he didn't feel well and believed he had the virus. He said he would be useless to anyone as a doctor at that point.

Robert returned to the conference room and ran into Patrick. Patrick informed him that they'd had enough of the serum to give to a fifth person, and they had decided to give it to Lulu. Robert was happy to hear that and thought Patrick had devised that brilliant plan. Patrick told him that Robin was the genius behind the idea.

Robert found Robin poring over patient files at the nurses' station. He gave her some more files and apologized for making her wait. Robin turned to him, laughed a little, and asked him if he was joking. He smiled at her and told her that he had never expected their reunion to be easy and complimented her for thinking up the idea to give Lulu the serum. Robin downplayed it, and Robert commented that she had never been one to accept a compliment, even when she had been younger. Robin told him that she had learned from him how to think about things differently.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Noah and Robin pumped Luke for more magic serum, and Liz checked up on her father-in-law. "You married into very strong, stubborn stock," Luke told her, urging her to stay strong for Lucky. A worried Patrick urged the at-risk Robin once again to bail. "I'm in for the duration," she told him stubbornly.

Jax returned to Port Charles and found Mike collapsing at Kelly's. "Courtney!" Mike gasped, panicked. Mike passed out before he could clue Jax in on Courtney's location. As the EMTs wheeled Mike away, Jax left a message for Carly and then kept searching.

Emily tended to Sonny and Nikolas as Tony was wheeled by. "Try and set a better example," Alan joked at a dying Tony. Tony laughed and then cut short Bobbie's assurances to Lucas that he'd be fine. "You and I know from experience, sometimes people you love leave for work or school, and they never come back," he reminded her. Lulu visited Luke, telling him that her mom would have been proud and confiding that "Uncle Tony" was in bad shape.

"You stand tall," Tony told Lucas, confiding his pride in his son as Luke listened in. Then Luke and his "doc ex-bro-in-law" shared goodbyes. "You have a hell of a journey," Luke urged him fondly. "You're a part of me forever," Bobbie told Tony. Then, Tony gasped in wonder, "She's here. B.J. She says it's time to go." He quietly joined B.J.

Patrick arrived too late with serum and called time of death: 3:52. Later, alone, Bobbie held Tony's hand and told him, "I will carry you with me until B.J. comes for me, too." Back in Port Charles, Luke comforted his nephew and namesake, Lucas. "Never bow to ignorance," he told the grieving boy, adding, "You're perfect just the way you are."

Jason returned from sleuthing and found Carly faking a fever. It was a crazy plan to get into the labs, and Jason would not allow it. "Your plan, my way," Jason finally relented after some shouting with Carly. The Crylium guys captured faux-fevered Carly and shot things in the room in case Jason was hiding in a throw pillow.

In his lab, the evil doctor was giddy as Lucky got closer to dying. The Crylium henchmen carried Carly into the lab. Unfortunately, as she tried to rescue Lucky, the doctor caught her red-handed. He copped to working for some investors who intended to get rich off the cure. "This will either save your cousin or kill him," the doctor announced as he injected Lucky.

Lucky didn't seem to be improving, so the doctor advanced on Carly and injected her. Jason burst in, opening fire and pointing out that injecting Carly with the cure was pointless. That was when the wounded man cackled that he hadn't injected her with the cure -- he'd injected her with the virus.

Sonny and Nikolas traded some barbs, and then Lulu wheeled in to visit and mused that Nikolas might get the next dose. Emily met Sonny's eyes meaningfully over the teen's head. Later, Emily shared her angst about the serum distribution. Sonny wondered, "Our moral records carry more weight than our medical ones?" Sonny told Emily, "Let's not kid anybody. I'm not an innocent man." "I can't lose you, because I love you," she confessed to him -- as Nikolas heard from the hall.

Armed with extra serum, a grim Patrick found Emily and asked for her help. The next candidates on the list were Sonny and Nikolas. Emily waffled between the men she loved, so Patrick went for the standard coin toss method. He flipped the coin in the air and it fell.

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