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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 27, 2006 on GH
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Monday, February 27, 2006

Jason and Carly confront two armed men at the airport, who are loading the antidote onto a plane. Carly tells them she has the virus and pretends to faint. When she gets down on the ground, she knocks out one of the men and Jason takes care of the other man. They take the virus back to the hospital but are stopped at the door. The police guarding the hospital won't let them in. Thankfully, they called ahead and Patrick comes out and lets them in. Alan tells Patrick that they don't have time to test all the drugs, but Patrick goes ahead and starts administering it anyway. He's happy to be able to give Robin the medicine and continues to check on her progress.

Unknowing that the antidote is on its way, Maxie makes Lucas live up to the promise he made and take her to BJ's grave where she prepares to die. Georgie finds her room empty and is very upset. Dillon tries to calm her, and they explain to Bobbie what happened. Maxie suddenly has an idea of where Maxie may have gone. Lucky goes to BJ's grave as Georgie request and finds Maxie. He and Lucas rush her back to the hospital, where she is given the antidote.

Jason checks in with Monica on how Sam is doing. Monica tells him that she doesn't think she will wake up again. She's been fighting the virus for too long. They give her the antidote, but it doesn't seem to be helping at all. Jason tells her that she can go if she wants, but he wants her to stay with him. He sits by her side as he waits for the antidote to kick in, which it finally does.

Besides Robin and Sam, Ric, Mike, and baby John all receive the antidote and therefore survive. Although he is feeling better, Mike still takes his guilt and anger out on Sonny about Courtney's death. Ric, however, takes the opportunity to talk to Alexis about her adopted child. Alexis fills him in on a little information, but she doesn't remember much. Meanwhile, Carly and Jax sit by baby John's side. Jax starts to tell Nikolas that he is the father, but then when he finds out the baby John is going to be ok, he can't face the truth. Jax shows his appreciation to Carly for her continued support and strength that she has given to the baby.

Holly tells Robert that he can't arrest her because she will have the water contaminated. Robert reluctantly lets her go, but he notices that the driver of her car is Luke. Holly shoots him and then threatens him if he doesn't let her go. Robert comes up behind them and points a gun at Holly and tells her to give it up. Holly wants him to run away with him. She still loves him, and she knows that he can hide them for good. He looks as if he's accepting the offer and hugs her. He takes the gun away from her and tells her she's going to jail.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Patrick comes in to Sam's room and tells her that she can get up and walk as long as Jason is there with her. Jason tells him that he won't leave her side. Patrick also takes the time to thank Jason for the work he did to get the antidote and save all the patients. When he leaves, both Sam and Jason are amazed at his change of attitude. They decide to go for a walk and run into Alexis, who has come to take Ric home. Alexis attempts to apologize, but Sam feels nothing but hatred for Alexis. Sam goes back to her room and tells Jason that all she heard when Alexis was talking to her was the sound of Danny's machines when he was dying. She tells Ric that Danny told her that their parents picked her out especially for him. Sam tells Jason that she never felt that her mother loved her. Jason suggests that maybe she was adopted. Sam doesn't believe him, but tells him that she will have her DNA and Danny's tested to see if they are truly brother and sister.

Back at home, Kristina brings out the box with Alexis' children's hair in it and tells Ric it is a treasure box. When the kids go to bed, Alexis shares the little tufts of hair with Ric. He thinks she should search for her daughter, but Alexis doesn't think it's a good idea.

Jax accuses Carly of having a hidden agenda where John is concerned. Carly is furious, but they are interrupted by Sonny arriving. Carly and Nikolas go in to be with baby John, while Sonny and Jax talk. Sonny assures Jax he would never try to come between him and John. Mike approaches them and starts to tell Sonny off again. He tells him that he knows he left the hospital the day Courtney died and went home to sleep with Emily without a care in the world about his sister. Sonny tells him that he knows where he is, because he has lost children too. Mike doesn't want his empathy, though, so Sonny leaves. Before Mike can leave, Jax tells him that he is welcome to be a part of his grandson's life, if he would like. Later, Jax apologizes to Carly for his behavior. He just wants the best for baby John. Carly tells him she has an idea of how to get the best start for baby John. She tells him that the house next to hers is for rent. It would be perfect. She and Leticia would both be there for him if he needed help. It's also a great neighborhood. Jax seems to think it over.

Nikolas grieves for Courtney and the future they lost out on. He is upset because he's trying to make arrangements for Courtney, but he can't get anyone at the hospital to work with him since he is not family. He goes to the top of the cliffs and remembers when he asked Courtney to marry him. He fingers the engagement ring in her hand, and then throws it into the ocean.

Sonny comes home to Emily and tells her about his conversation with Mike. Then Emily tells him that she ran into Nikolas at the hospital and he was concerned about her. Sonny realizes that they're either going to have to keep their relationship a secret or stop seeing each other. They decide to continue seeing each other in private.

Luke and Robert both refuse to help Holly. Holly tells Robert she will always love him before she is extradited back to the islands. Luke and Robert end up drinking at the Metro Court. They reminisce about old times and seem to have a good time together.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Carly finds Bobbie at the cemetery and apologizes to her for the trouble she caused her and Tony. She asks if she is wanted at the funeral. Bobbie tells her that the apology, while she knows it is genuine, isn't necessary. Her and Tony's marriage would have fallen apart no matter what, and she needed to come face to face with the child she gave up years ago. She tells her that she definitely needs her there at the funeral with her.

Lucky and Liz try to comfort Lucas as best as they can at Kelly's. Liz leaves the two cousins to talk about Tony. Afterwards, Luke comes and tells them to go on ahead and he will meet Bobbie. When Bobbie arrives, Luke tells her that he thought he would need some time alone before the service. They briefly talk and reminisce about Tony. Bobbie tells him that she always knew he was a phone call away and she will miss that.

At Tony's memorial service, Luke is surprised to see Carly there. He tells her so and she thinks that he is being rude to her. Luke quickly corrects himself and tells her that while he is surprised she is there, he is still glad to see her. Bobbie also makes a point of making sure Carly sits next to her instead of in another pew. Luke delivers a moving eulogy that brings many people to tears.

At the hospital, Liz tells Alcazar that he must be happy everything worked out for him. She tries to tell him the seriousness of switching charts and playing God. He tells her that she would have done the same thing to save Lucky. Manny overhears their conversation and decides to use this to blackmail Lorenzo. After he confronts Alcazar in the park, Skye approaches and sees the two men talking. She wonders what that is all about, but her pounding headache keeps her from inquiring. Suddenly, she passes out in Lorenzo's arms.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy and Mac both tell their children that although they are married they will not be living together. Tracy pulls Dillon aside and tells him that if he doesn't let Georgie down himself, she will destroy their marriage. When Dillon tells Georgie what his mother said, she laughs it off. She tells him that they have already been through a lot and his mother can't break them up now.

Robert comes into Robin's hospital room and tells her that he is leaving town unless she wants him to stay. Robin tells him that she has done just fine without him in the past and she doesn't need him. She is obviously still angry at her father. He tells her if she ever needs him, he is just a phone call away. After he leaves, Patrick comes in and sees Robin crying. Robert goes to the Metro Court to have a drink and say goodbye to Luke. They reminisce over who saved who in their past excursions.

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Skye is readmitted to General Hospital. Lorenzo is concerned about her and is by her bedside when Robin and Dr. Lee enter her hospital room. Skye tells him she feels fine and wanted to attend Courtney's memorial service. Dr. Lee and Robin tell her that she doesn't have any sign of the virus in her system. They surprise her when they tell her she is pregnant. Skye can't believe the news and tells them she is surprised by it. They tell her that her baby will not get the virus. Lorenzo hates to bring it up but asks her if he is the father of her baby. She tells him that he is. She also voices her fears that her baby will not be born and tells him about a car accident she was in while she was drunk and someone told her she would never be able to carry a baby to full term. Skye really didn't think she could get pregnant.

Jason decides to go to the memorial service without Sam. She tells him she can't believe that Danny wouldn't be her biological brother and wants to wait at home in case the hospital calls with the DNA results she asked for. Meanwhile, Jax watches over baby John. Carly comes into the room and tells him she went to his room at the hotel and got his shaving kit and a suit for him to wear to Courtney's memorial service. Sonny shows up to see baby John and see how Carly is doing. He tells Jax to call him if he needs anything concerning the baby. He also apologizes to Jax for giving him a hard time when he was married to Courtney. Jax thanks him. Carly suggests that he move into the house next door to hers that is for sale so she can help him with the baby. Jax isn't sure he wants to move out of the hotel. Carly teases him about it. Carly decides to go to the memorial service with Jax. Sonny agrees to meet them there. Michael shows up with Max to the memorial service without his parents' knowledge. He hugs Mike. Courtney's mother shows up after getting a call from Carly informing her of Courtney's death. She starts to tell Mike off. Mike tells her to be quiet and keep her feelings to herself for the time being. Alan and Monica show up for the memorial service.

Liz and Lucky show up at Nikolas' to ask him if he wants to ride with them to Courtney's memorial service. They find the place is torn apart and they see no sign of Nikolas. They worry that he made the mess himself from mourning her death. They leave not realizing Nikolas is lying on the other side of the couch with an empty bottle of booze laying nearby. They show up at the memorial service and see no sign of Nikolas.

Ric finds Alexis in the living room looking at some letter when he tells her it is almost time to leave for Courtney's memorial service. Alexis shows him the letter she was looking at. She tells him that she found it amongst her things. It is a letter from her father, who at the time she thought was her uncle. The letter tells her that everything is taken care of concerning her baby's adoption and that she doesn't have to worry. They go to the memorial service and give their condolences to Sonny and Mike. Jason shows up and Carly and Jax show up together. Sonny sees Michael sitting with his father and motions to him to come over. He asks Michael what he is doing there without telling him. Michael tells him that he knew that he wouldn't let him go if he asked and so he decided to disobey him instead. Sonny decides to talk to him later about it and has him sit with him. Carly sits with them and tells Michael that this memorial may be too sad for him to handle. Michael tells her he wants to be there. The priest starts the service. He introduces Mike to come up and talk. Mike has a hard time talking without choking up and crying. Sonny comes up and suggests that Mike sit down. He tells everyone that he and Courtney were not as close as he would have liked and that he was too hard on her about the men she chose to be with and that she was a good woman. Nikolas shows up and makes a scene. He tells everyone that they are all hypocrites for coming to Courtney's memorial and how he is surprised that the roof of this church hasn't fallen down on them. He tells everyone off for not caring about Courtney when she was alive. He tells Sonny, Jason, Alan, and Jax off for how they treated her when she was alive. Liz stands up and tells Nikolas to stop his behavior and sit down. He tells off Liz as well because she kept trying to get him to go back to Emily because she didn't want him to be in love with Courtney. Nikolas says his peace and leaves the service. Carly gets up and says some words about how Courtney was the only woman she became friends with because Courtney was not threatened by her in some way. The service ends. Ric tells Sonny that he hopes that what they learned from Courtney's death was that they should work at being closer as brothers. Sonny reaches out to Mike, who holds his hand and shakes it. Jax lights a candle for Courtney. Carly and Michael go to Courtney's apartment to look at the snow globe she gave Courtney as a gift that she loved. Ric and Alexis go back home. Alexis decides she wants to find out who her daughter is. Meanwhile, Sam gets a call from Robin informing her that she and Danny were not biological siblings. She tells Sam that either Danny or she was adopted. Sam is stunned by the news. Jason comes home but seems far away thinking about his life with Courtney. Also, Nikolas is alone looking at pictures of Courtney and him together during happy times and remembers when he proposed to her and she couldn't say yes to him. Meanwhile, Jax remembers his wedding to Courtney.

Friday, March 3, 2006

Sam tells Jason she's just discovered that she was adopted. Meanwhile, Alexis nervously gives Ric the green light to start tracking down the daughter she gave away. Maxie encounters a disheveled Nikolas at the cemetery and encourages him to find some closure. Sonny and Emily make surreptitious plans to meet for dinner. Alexis confides to Ric why she never told her baby's father that she was pregnant. Appalled to learn who's been playing surrogate mother for little John, Robin warns Jax not to let Carly anywhere near his son from now on. Jason offers to help Sam locate her birth mother but she fears what they might unearth once they start digging for the truth. Carly and Bobbie commiserate about the terrible losses they've both suffered in recent weeks. Sam sadly prepares to say a final farewell to her beloved brother. Across town, Alexis suffers a fresh wave of guilt after she spots Danny's obituary in the newspaper. Carly promises Sonny she's backing off because she knows he and Emily are no longer an item. Patrick again argues with his ailing father about Noah's refusal to place his name on the transplant list. As they share another stolen moment, Sonny confides to Emily how much he wishes he could tell the whole world how happy she makes him. Certain John is lucky to have Carly in his life, Jax elects not to heed Robin's dire warning. Alexis goes to lay flowers at Danny's grave but runs straight into an outraged Sam.

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