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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 13, 2006 on GH
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Monday, March 13, 2006

Sam has a hard time believing that Alexis is her mother. Jason calls Stan and asks him to find all her can out about Alexis. When he comes back with the information, Sam is forced to come to grips with the fact that Alexis is her mother. She wants to confront her immediately, but Jason warns her that confronting Alexis may not be a good idea.

Nikolas comes into Kelly's and asks Alexis what was going on when she asked for the name of the lawyer Mikkos used to deal with. Alexis comes right out and tells him about the child she gave up. She tells him that her child died in a car accident and blames herself for her daughter's death.

While in Spain, Sonny opens up to Emily about his past emotional breakdowns. Emily tries to convince him to go to a doctor, but he tells her he doesn't need medicine. Emily agrees to stay in Spain with him, and they make love. Sonny falls asleep in Emily's arms.

After finding her cell phone in Luke's pocket, Skye calls Alcazar and tells him she is running late. She meets him at the hospital where she learns that she can safely carry her baby to term. They go back to the Quartermaine mansion where chaos erupts. Tracy is trying to get Dillon and Georgie to remain living there while they are suspicious of her motives. Tracy tells them she is ok with them living there as long as Georgie doesn't get pregnant. Then Diego walks in and announces that he has been paroled. He's just been accosted by Maxie and Jesse, and Jesse verified his parole. Maxie is still less than thrilled to see her sister talking to a felon. When the screaming and fighting begins at the Quartermaine mansion, Skye starts to feel bad and Alcazar impulsively announces that Skye is pregnant.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

An incensed Tracy punches Luke out after learning that Skye is pregnant. Carly is amused to catch Max and another of Sonny's henchmen snooping at the Metro Court. Sam has second thoughts about divulging her secret to Alexis. As Lulu leaps to her father's defense, Skye informs a shuddering Luke that she's thrilled to be carrying Lorenzo's child. Robin again urges Jax not to become entangled with Carly, then is appalled to witness a kiss between them. Patrick bars an irritated Nikolas from visiting baby John in the NICU. Max and his brother nervously wonder how to make their report to Jason. Jax warns Carly he won't let her use him to put Robin's or Sonny's nose out of joint. Alexis realizes that Sam's hatred for her is growing but comes to the wrong conclusion about the reason for the expanding enmity. Mike agrees to rent Dillon and Georgie a room above Kelly's. Manny learns that Diego earned an early parole by snitching on one of Ruiz's men. Jason admits to Carly how he assigned Max and Milo to tail her. Alarmed to hear Diego's story, Lorenzo warns his son he may have just signed his own death warrant. Skye tearfully explains to Luke why she decided to stop waiting for him. Jax orders a bristling Nikolas to keep his distance from Courtney's child. Dillon is displeased to discover that Diego has moved in across the hall from the newlyweds.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Upon learning that Emily's "spa weekend" with Monica never transpired, Carly suspects that the girl actually went off with Sonny instead. Meanwhile, in Spain, a newly relaxed Sonny thanks Emily for acting like a tonic on his jangled nerves. Sam surprises Jason by suddenly announcing her intention to become a lawyer. Though Dillon urges her to stay in school until she graduates, Georgie insists they need the money from her new job at the diner more than she needs a high school diploma. Manny lies to Lorenzo by claiming he has no issue with him or his son. Carly coaxes a jittery Max to reveal where her ex took his latest flame. Maxie asks Diego to prove he's turned over a new leaf by staying away from her kid sister. Ric is appalled to find Manny chatting with Kristina outside Kelly's. Threatening to tell everyone that they've been having an affair for years, Carly tries to frighten Max into spilling the beans. Lucas keeps Guy updated on how the case against Frank is progressing. Ric asks Jason to kill Manny for daring to approach Sonny's young daughter. Maxie admits to Lucas how jealous she is of the love Georgie found with the man of her dreams. Lorenzo cautions Diego to watch his back for any signs of retaliation. Max reminds Carly how Jason would react if he knew his little sister was sleeping with his boss. Two of Manny's goons attack Diego on the wharf.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Maxie and Jesse talk about their concerns about Georgie's friendship with Diego and how she defends him all the time. Jesse reminds her that he was a fugitive when she met him and she defended him also to everyone including her father. Maxie tells him that was different because he was not really a criminal and that now Mac loves and respects him. Meanwhile, Georgie shows up on the docks to find two men beating up on Diego. She yells at them to leave Diego alone. They continue to beat on him. Diego starts to fight back. One of the guys sees that Georgie is calling the cops on her cell-phone. He grabs her and takes the cell-phone away from her. Manny shows up and is holding a two-by-four in his hand. He starts to hit the men to get them off of Diego. They see him and tell him this doesn't concern him. However, Manny and Diego fight the men off and they take off. Diego isn't sure he should thank Manny and wonders if he is part of this attack or not. Manny claims he just happened to show up and wanted to help him. Diego asks him why he would do that. Manny claims he was just trying to help and claims to be a changed man since Diego was in town last. Manny leaves. Diego asks Georgie if she is o.k. She tells him she is fine but is worried about those men beating him up. He tells her that it was just a mugging and downplays it. Georgie suggests that he press charges and offers to call her dad for help. Diego doesn't want to press charges and doesn't want any cops involved. He thanks her for trying to help but wants her to stay out of it. Lorenzo shows up and sees that Diego is bleeding from the lip and has a bruise on his eye. Diego tells him he is alright and can defend himself without his help or protection. Lorenzo asks Georgie to leave them alone to talk. Georgie reluctantly leaves. Lorenzo tells Diego that those men mean business and that he needs his protection. Diego sort of agrees to let him protect him but thinks Lorenzo should go back home and take care of the mother of his child and not worry about him. Lorenzo meets with Manny on the docks and wonders why he suddenly came by just as Diego was being beaten. Manny claims to have no ties to the men who beat Diego up and agrees to let Lorenzo know if he hears anything on the street about who was behind the attack. Later Manny goes and meets the two men who beat up on Diego. He hands them each the money he owed them for doing the job. Georgie goes back to Kelly's. She sees Lucky and Jesse sitting at a table and joins them. She tells them about Diego being attacked earlier on the docks and how she is worried about Diego's safety. She tells them what she knows about Diego's early parole. They offer to help protect Diego. They leave Kelly's and run into Diego. They tell him they know why he was paroled early and that they want him to come down to the station and look at some mug shots and identify the men who beat him up. Diego doesn't want to go there and tells them it was a mugging. They don't believe him and tell him that if he doesn't cooperate with them they will involve Georgie by making her come with them and look at mug shots also. Diego doesn't want her involved because she could be in danger and agrees to cooperate with them. Jesse suspects that Diego will pretend not to recognize the men from the mug shots anyway. Dillon comes back to Kelly's and is a little depressed because the young director he was helping out doesn't know half as much as he does about film-making but is able to make films when he is still in school. Georgie tells him that he will make it as a director someday. Dillon notices Diego is talking to Jesse and Lucky. He assumes Diego is in trouble again. Georgie tells him that it doesn't mean Diego is in trouble and wishes he wouldn't think the worst of him. Dillon asks her to stay away from Diego so he will feel better. Georgie agrees not to talk to Diego if that will make him feel better. Diego walks into Kelly's just as Georgie kisses Dillon. Diego doesn't like to see her with Dillon.

Nikolas visits Jax at his penthouse apartment. He asks him if he can visit John because that would be what Courtney would want. Jax stubbornly refuses to let Nikolas go near John. Nikolas accuses Jax of being jealous of him because Courtney was divorcing him and agreed to marry him and he wants to take something away from him now. Nikolas walks off and Jax feels like he got hit with some very hard truths. Meanwhile, Carly starts to irritate Jason by not telling him what is going on with her. Jason wants her to leave him alone and stop causing trouble. When he asks her what she meant when she said that both of them have been lied to by Sonny. Carly lies and tells him she was just being herself and flying off the handle as usual. Jason feels she is trying to tell him something but doesn't want to. Jason gets a call that interrupts their conversation. He talks to one of Sonny's men and finds out that Sonny still hasn't called. Jason gets very frustrated that Sonny hasn't returned his messages. Carly tells him she was frustrated also because Sonny never returned her messages and she wanted Sonny to come home and take care of the boys so she could spend more time at the hospital with baby John. Jason gets tired when Carly starts telling him how great Jax is and how he had no right to have Max spy on her with Jax. Jason tells her that he doesn't have an opinion of Jax either way and will leave her to do what she pleases with Jax. Carly doesn't tell him that she strongly believes that Sonny and Emily went away somewhere secretly together. Jason makes Carly leave his place and escorts her onto the elevator as she tries to defend Jax to him. Carly shows up at Jax's place and badgers him about not buying the house next door to hers yet. Jax likes his penthouse and his furniture. Carly thinks that the baby would be better off living in a house with a bedroom that faces a nice big backyard. Jax considers it. Jax notices that Carly seems disturbed about something. He asks her what is really going on with her. She likes that he seems to care about what is going on in her life. She reminds him that she told him that she if she ever kissed him again it would be because she wanted to. Jax tells her he remembers. Carly grabs Jax and kisses him passionately. Jax and Carly enjoy the kiss but wonder if it is a good thing to do right now. Jax wonders if she is rebounding from Sonny. Carly doesn't think she is and wonders where the attraction came from since neither of them liked each other for years. Jax tells her that he never wanted to kiss her or act on his attraction to her because he never could trust her until now. Carly suggests that they just act like friends and concentrate on taking care of John for the time being. Carly wonders if his attraction to her has to do with sticking it to Sonny again since he has a pattern of doing that with his past relationships to Brenda and Courtney. Jax denies it has to do with Sonny at all and that he hardly does anything in regard to Sonny anymore. Carly isn't so sure that he isn't attracted to her because it is forbidden in some way. Jax tells her he doesn't believe in the word "forbidden." Carly decides it would be better not to act on their attraction anymore and starts to leave. Jax grabs her arm and tugs her close to him and kisses her passionately.

Sam sits at Kelly's working on preparing to go to law school someday. Ric comes into Kelly's and sees her. He approaches her table. Sam tells him she isn't in the mood to talk to him right now. Ric tells her that she needs to help save Kristina's life once more by convincing Jason to kill Manny so he is no longer a threat to Kristina. Sam tells him off for even asking her for a favor after he and Alexis got Manny off with a slap on the wrist and twisted her testimony to do it. Sam tells him that Jason is going to do what he wants to do without her influence. Alexis walks in just as Sam suggests to Ric that he leave town with his family to protect them and she will be happy to help them find a place to move. Alexis approaches them and asks her if she is a travel agent now. Sam tells her that Ric just asked her to convince Jason to kill Manny for him because Manny apparently is a threat to Kristina because he talked to her outside earlier. Alexis doesn't know what to think when she learns that Ric asked Jason to kill Manny for him earlier. Sam tells them both off again for getting Manny off and having the nerve to ask her a favor. Sam leaves with her things and heads back to the penthouse. She tells Jason about her run-in with Ric and Alexis. Jason wonders if it would be better if Sam just told Alexis the truth because she will not be able to avoid her when they both live in the same town. Sam isn't so sure she wants to do that since she feels that Alexis will just apologize and then blame others for why she had to give her up. Jason tells her she shouldn't be so sure of Alexis' reaction to the truth. Jason gets a call from Sonny informing him he is home now. Jason is irritated with Sonny and tells him he has a lot to tell him and will be showing up there in person soon. Jason tells Sam that he thinks that Sonny has a right to know about Alexis being her mother and he wants to tell him. Sam isn't sure about that but agrees that Jason should tell him if he thinks that Sonny has a right to know. Jason is worried about leaving her alone right now but she assures him she is fine being alone for awhile. Meanwhile, Ric explains what happened earlier with Manny talking to Kristina. Alexis wonders how much of a threat Manny really is to Kristina and agrees with Ric not to say anything to Manny that will provoke him. Manny overhears them outside Kelly's talking about him. He pretends that he just showed up and approaches them to say hi. He compliments Alexis on how beautiful her daughter is and how he enjoyed meeting her earlier. Alexis pretends that she is o.k. with it and Ric goes along with it. Later, Alexis shows up at Sam's. She asks to come in and talk to her. Sam lets her in. Alexis tells her that she came by to ask her if they could at least be civil toward each other in public even if they will never be able to be friends. Sam asks her what she wants from her. Alexis tells her peace. Sam is ready to respond to that but Alexis looks over at the desk and notices the law school books and asks Sam about them. Sam tells her that she is thinking of attending law school. Alexis tells her she thinks it is a great idea but warns her how difficult it could be to get in. Sam thinks Alexis is implying that she is not smart enough to go to law school. Alexis tells her that she doesn't think that at all. Sam tells her that she is smart enough to go to law school and that her mother was a brilliant woman even if she was a selfish, self-righteous bitch. Alexis doesn't realize that Sam is really referring to her not her adopted mother.

On the jet returning home Sonny and Emily talk about their secret relationship. Emily feels like they are having an extra-marital affair when neither of them are married. Sonny tells her that once things settle down they will come out with their relationship. They plan to take another trip together soon. Emily is interested in going to the island but Sonny doesn't want to take her there and would like them to create their own unique memories that aren't tied to his marriage to Carly. Sonny returns home while Emily decides it would be less conspicuous if she heads right to the hospital instead of going to his house. Sonny goes home and gives Morgan a great toy car to ride in. Max watches Morgan play but is still nervous about talking to Sonny. Morgan leaves the room to go get Michael. Max tells Sonny that he can't be asked to keep his secret relationship with Emily from Jason or Carly any longer and warns Sonny that Jason will eventually find out and there will be hell to pay. Sonny apologizes to him for making him keep his secrets. Meanwhile, Emily goes to the hospital and notices that Nikolas is upset about something after asking Liz to see baby John and told she can't let him do that. Liz asks Emily to talk to Nikolas and help him see reason. Emily and Nikolas talk on the roof of the hospital. Nikolas notices how happy and content she looks lately and wishes he could feel like that. He confesses that things have not been easy for him since their divorce. Emily tells him that things will get better eventually for him. Later, Maxie goes up on the roof of the hospital to get some fresh air and finds Nikolas standing there alone. She asks him what he is doing. He tells her that he has been watching the traffic down below and that he is just trying to put one foot in front of the other every day. Later, Emily heads to Sonny's. They talk and kiss but Sonny warns her that Jason is on his way to see him and it wouldn't be a good idea for her to be there because Jason might pick up on how they feel about each other. Emily and Sonny can't seem to stop touching each other and kissing. Jason shows up at Sonny's and heads over to the door leading into the living room where they are kissing.

Friday, March 17, 2006

A furious Noah reminds his son why he does not want his name on the transplant list. Carly and Jax eagerly decide to explore the possibility of a romantic relationship. At the Corinthos compound, Max takes desperate measures to prevent Jason from walking in on a kiss between Emily and Sonny. Alexis drops by the penthouse to offer Sam an olive branch. Robin urges Noah not to reject his son but he again orders Patrick to stop meddling in his life. Maxie lends Nikolas a sympathetic ear after finding him moping on the roof of the hospital. Pulling back from Carly's embrace, Jax abruptly accuses her of using him to stay close to Courtney's baby. Faced with Sam's persistent hostility, Alexis declares that she regrets trying to make peace with the girl. Jason warns Sonny that Carly might be falling for Jax. Bobbie encourages a guiltridden Noah to believe he does deserve a second chance at life. Carly is surprised to learn that Jax has named her to become John's legal guardian. After Jason hesitantly reveals Sam's shocking connection to Alexis, Sonny is sickened to realize that he impregnated both a mother and her daughter. Robin contemplates diving back into the dating scene despite her HIV status. Bobbie gives Noah some sage advice about the legacy he's leaving his son. Jax and Carly fall into another passionate clinch. Jason assures a badly shaken Sonny that no one will ever know about his inadvertent indiscretion.

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