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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 27, 2006 on GH
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Monday, March 27, 2006

Jason walks away unseen after witnessing a kiss between Sonny and Emily. Unknowing what his best friend just saw, Sonny takes Emily upstairs to make love. Meanwhile, Jason goes back to his apartment and finds Ric badgering Sam. He attacks him and Ric leaves. Ric goes to Sonny's house and tells him he must get Jason under control. Emily overhears and when she comes downstairs when Ric leaves, she and Sonny talk about what Jason just might be capable of. Back at the apartment, Sam tries to console Jason. He admits that he saw Sonny and Emily together. He knows they probably think there is a good reason for keeping their relationship a secret from him, but it doesn't make him feel any better. They are lying to him, and he no longer owes Sonny anything. They fall asleep on the couch together. Jason wakes up after having a nightmare about Sonny beating Emily and Jason drawing his gun on his best friend.

Jax and Carly make love and talk about their relationship afterwards. No one can know about what has happened between them. Carly likes helping him with little John, but that's all there is to their relationship. They have no regrets about making love, and they both realize they have more in common than they thought. After Carly goes home and spends some time with Morgan, Jax goes to the hospital to talk to John. He tells him that he no longer thinks bad of Carly for her past lies and reconsiders buying the house next to her.

At the hospital, Noah continues to refuse to be put back on the transplant list and then refuses his pain medication. In a desperate attempt to save his father's life, Patrick hands him a syringe with enough drugs to stop his heart. Patrick thinks that Robin is going to lecture him, but instead she tells him that he just may have saved his father's life.

Skye goes to the hospital with Alcazar and finds out that her baby is fine. Alcazar questions if she was just trying to get Luke's attention. Skye tells him that her and Luke are no longer an item and he has nothing to worry about. He tries to convince her to move in with him again, but she refuses. She will be just fine, and she promises not to let Tracy get to her anymore. They both seem to connect and grow closer.

Back at the Haunted Star, Luke talks to Alexis about Tracy holding the money over his head. Unfortunately, he has no case against his wife, and Tracy overhears and is happy. They witness Lucky winning $3,000 at one of the tables. Lucky doesn't want to take the money, but Luke insists. Later, Nikolas ends up coming to Luke's aide by losing $30,000 at the tables.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

When Carly finds out that Alexis wants to rent some office space at the Metro Court, she denies her. Alexis decides to go to Jax, who at first agrees to the lease. When he hears that Carly said no, he is forced to reconsider. They two women put him in a bad position by making him choose between them. Alexis is upset when Jax tells her she should find some office space elsewhere.

Sam goes to Kelly's to study, but accidentally leaves one of her books there. She happens to go into the Metro Court and overhear Carly and Alexis' argument. She rushes out and Carly sees her leaving. Ric runs into Sam as she's rushing out of the Metro Court where she drops her paperwork. It doesn't appear that Ric saw the file on Alexis. Later, when Sam gets back to the penthouse, Mike calls her and tells her he has her science book. She goes to pick it up, leaving all her other books and the file on Alexis sitting on the desk. In her haste, she forgets to latch the door. Carly comes by to see Jason and walks on in when she sees the door open. She starts to leave Jason a note and picks up a notepad from the desk. When she does so, she notices the file on Alexis and puts two and two together to figure out that Sam is Alexis' daughter.

Lucky goes to the hospital and tells Liz of his plan to get them out of debt. He knows that a police officer at the station was bribed to giver Alcazar a key to Manny Ruiz's ankle bracelet. He intends to catch both men and arrest them. It will land Lucky a promotion and a raise. When he leaves, Liz goes to Jason and tells her Lucky's plan. He asks her what she wants him to do about it, and she tells him to do whatever possible to keep Lucky safe. Meanwhile, Manny knows that something is going down and he's prepared to act before someone else does. He tells his partner to reach into the mop bucket where a gun is hiding.

Georgie goes downstairs at Kelly's to work, and Diego is there finishing up work on the furnace. She tells him that he needs to let go of the past and move on. She won't let him interfere with her relationship with Dillon. Maxie comes in, followed shortly by Jesse and Lucky. They intend on taking Jesse in to keep him in protective custody. They had a witness file a report on a hit and run that matched the description of Georgie and Diego. Georgie admits what happened, and Diego tells them that he thinks someone is after him for ratting out a prisoner in jail. Before he goes down to the station to file a report, he stops by his dad's house to tell him what's going on. Alcazar says he is going with him. This is the final straw for Alcazar. As he was putting together a surprise crib for Skye, she walked in and found his secret. She decides to sit down and watch. She is amused at his lack of carpentry skills. They are interrupted by Manny walking in past all the guards. Skye is upset that Alcazar is still doing business with Manny, but he tells her he will take care of it. Manny manages to fix the crib, but Alcazar is not pleased. He wants Manny out, for good. Later, Alcazar stops by Sonny's place and talks to Jason since Sonny is MIA. He tells Jason that he wants a truce.

Lulu finds out that Tracy is prepared to pay Luke's taxes in order to regain control of the Haunted Star. Lulu goes to Nikolas and asks him to help her father out. Nikolas decides to offer Luke a partnership, which he at first turns down. When Tracy comes in with other business associates to count inventory, Luke explodes. He decides to go to Nikolas and accept his offer. Nikolas is generous and wants a 50/50 partnership. His 50% will go to a trust fund for Lulu. Luke agrees.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Carly gleefully informs Jason that she knows Sam is Alexis' daughter. Manny instructs his henchman to carry out the next phase of their plan during the carnival that evening. Sonny and Emily eagerly make plans to rendezvous at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Ric finds Sam trailing Alexis and Kristina through the park and accuses her of spying on his wife. At the hospital, Patrick warns Noah he'll be dead within days if they don't act soon. Georgie hesitantly fills in her fuming husband on how close she came to being killed while in Diego's company. Lorenzo admits to Sonny how he partnered up with Manny but explains why he now wants to forge a truce with the Corinthos camp. Dillon berates Georgie for keeping him in the dark so long. Swearing she'll stay away from Diego from now on, Georgie tearfully assures Dillon that he's the only man she loves. Ric threatens to take out a restraining order against Sam if he catches her stalking Alexis again. Unaware that Jason is on to her, Emily continues to lie to her outraged brother. A gloating Carly reminds Sonny how she warned him he'd be sorry he ever hooked up with Alexis. As they enjoy the carnival, Jesse suggests to a pleased Maxie that they plan a trip together on his next vacation. Prodded by Robin, Patrick confesses to his incensed dad how he forged Noah's signature to get him on the donor list. Liz tells Emily why she asked Jason to deal with Manny. Meanwhile, Sonny orders an irked Jason not to put a hit on Alcazar. Emily shares her secret with Liz. Chaos reigns at the carnival as Manny's goon opens fire.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Alexis asks Sam nicely to stop following her and spying on her. She also asks her to keep Jason away from Ric and her as well. Carly shows up outside Kelly's and finds them talking. Carly makes a remark that Alexis is with her daughter. Sam finds the remark to be sort of odd but doesn't say anything. Carly clarifies that she was referring to the fact that Alexis brought Kristina to Kelly's. She suggests that Alexis arrange a play date for Kristina and her brothers soon and not let the friction between them affect the kids. Alexis tells her that she will do that soon but asks her to leave since she interrupted a private conversation she was having with Sam. Carly doesn't really leave and Alexis ends up going back inside Kelly's after warning Sam to stay away from her or she will have to call the police and get a restraining order against her. Carly confesses to Sam that she found the file that shows that Alexis is her birth mother. Sam gets upset with her for snooping around her apartment without consent. Carly tells her the door was partly open and she came to see Jason. Sam doesn't want to discuss it with her. Carly tells Sam that usually she wouldn't ever agree with Alexis but that in this instance she is right and warns Sam to stay away from her or Alexis will find out she is her daughter. Later, Alexis tells Ric that she is worried about how Alexis is carrying on this hate for her and how she is coming unhinged by it and fears for her safety. Carly follows Sam home to continue the discussion. Sam is surprised when Carly tells her that she was given up for adoption by her mother and that she was very angry with her and wanted to pay her back. Sam tells her that her circumstance is different because Carly's mother Bobbie turned out to be a kind, warm-hearted woman unlike Alexis. Carly tells her that she predicts that Sam will end up trying to find the good in Alexis and soon she will let Alexis know the truth and then Alexis will want to control her life which will harm her relationship with Jason and she will end up losing him. Carly suggests she forget all about Alexis and concentrate on moving on with her life with Jason. Carly goes home and finds Jax waiting for her. Carly invites him in and informs him that the boys went out to dinner with the nanny. They have a glass of wine and Carly puts a bowl of cheesy chips on the coffee table to snack on. He tells her that the two things don't really go together. Carly starts to babble on about parents and children and how biology and environment influence how a child thinks and feels. Jax doesn't feel comfortable with the direction the conversation is going when she brings up how biology can have a big influence on a child's behavior and brings up examples of how Michael acts like Sonny in many ways but Morgan is more like Jason and they aren't biologically related. Jax tells her he thinks love and the environment play a bigger part in a child's life. Carly isn't so sure that is totally true. She tells him that she thought of all this because she knows that the baby will someday want to know about his mother some day and she thinks Jax should be prepared that John will have questions about her someday.

Patrick argues with Alan about putting Noah at the top of the donor list for a liver. Alan tells him there are protocols and procedures that Noah must go through if they find a match for a liver. Patrick tells him he plans to donate part of his liver for Noah to save his life. Alan doesn't think it is that cut and dry. Patrick gets more upset that Alan won't go along with his plan. Alan tells Patrick to go sit somewhere by himself and cool off. Alan leaves and Robin approaches him after overhearing what was said. She tells Patrick that Alan is right. Patrick doesn't want her opinion and goes in to see Noah, who is getting worse according to Robin. Patrick talks to Noah and Robin listens in. Patrick tells Noah that he wants him to live and that Noah gave him life twice, by fathering him and for steering him toward his career as a brilliant surgeon. Robin is touched by his words.

Sonny gets upset with Jason for not notifying him about Alcazar's visit earlier and for making decisions for him without his presence. Jason argues that Sonny has been unreachable and he needed to make a decision about Alcazar for him. He doesn't believe Alcazar was sincere about calling a truce with Sonny since he has evidence that links Alcazar with helping Manny. Sonny jumps down Jason's throat and reminds him that he is in charge and Jason needs to do what he does best, follow orders. Sonny also tells Jason that he can see the big picture and Jason can't. Jason doesn't believe Alcazar should be trusted. Sonny thinks Alcazar could have changed because of Skye's pregnancy just like he changed when he became a father. Meanwhile, at the carnival in the park shots are fired by one of the clowns with Diego as the main target. Lucky and Jesse notice the assassin aiming at Jesse and they warn everyone nearby to duck on the ground. The clown shoots at Diego who manages to fall to the ground and not get hit. Everyone else falls to the ground. Lucky gets up and finds the assassin trying to get away. Lucky shoots him and calls for backup and an ambulance. Maxie notices Jesse is facedown on the ground and not moving. She runs over to him and notices blood coming from his head. She gets hysterical and asks for help. Emily and Liz run over to take care of him. Maxie wants to be near him and continues to get hysterical about him getting shot in the head. Dillon grabs her and holds her and makes her calm down. Emily and Liz try to stop the bleeding until the paramedics come to take him to the hospital. Maxie thanks Liz and Emily for helping Jesse. Mac shows up and notices how upset Maxie is. He hugs her and tries to comfort her. Maxie tries to convince herself that gunshots to the head are not always fatal. Maxie insists on going with Jesse in the ambulance. Mac asks Lucky what happened. Lucky tells him about how Alcazar helped Manny get rid of his ankle monitor when he wanted to go out somewhere. Mac is not happy that Lucky didn't tell him sooner about that. Lucky tells him that he was following up on it and wanted to get all the information before coming to him with it. Mac decides it isn't important right now to get into and asks Lucky to tell him what happened. Lucky thinks Sonny and Jason may have been behind the shooting to kill Diego to hurt Alcazar. Sonny and Jason are arguing still when the cops show up at Sonny's and ask them to come with them for questioning in relation to the shooting at the park tonight. Sonny and Jason go with them to the park. Mac questions them about the shooting and how Diego was the target tonight. Sonny and Jason tell Mac they had nothing to do with the shooting. Mac warns them that he will not tolerate another mob war between them and Alcazar and that because one of his own was shot it has made him more motivated to get whoever was behind the shooting. Sonny tells Mac that he doesn't shoot kids and that he knows that. Mac believes him and lets them go for now. Liz talks to Jason about their conversation earlier that day about wanting to protect Lucky by having Jason take care of Manny so Lucky won't have to go after him. Lucky feels guilty about what happened to Jesse and tells Liz that Jesse wasn't suppose to be working tonight and he persuaded him to go so they could keep an eye on Diego in case there was another attempt made on his life. Sonny notices that Emily was there and he approaches her to see if she is alright. Jason notices his concern and isn't too happy. Jason goes home and Sam tells him about Carly knowing their secret now. Jason tells her about the shooting at the park and how Jesse was shot and is in critical condition. He also complains about how Sonny is too preoccupied with Emily to pay attention to how much of a threat Manny and Alcazar is to them. Alcazar believes Sonny and Jason may be behind the shooting after talking to Mac, who gives him the same warning he gave Sonny and Jason. Later, Georgie and Dillon agree to take Cameron home and babysit him while Liz stays with Lucky and helps out. Maxie waits for word on Jesse. Robin watches Patrick when Jesse is brought into the E.R. Patrick finds out that Jesse has the same blood type as Noah. She watches how he reacts and realizes what he is up to. Patrick wants to do surgery on Jesse right away but Robin thinks it is too soon since they haven't stabilized Jesse enough. Robin talks to Maxie about Jesse's condition. She also asks her if there is anyone who is Jesse's next of kin. Maxie tells her she doesn't know about anyone and wants to be his next of kin. Patrick tells her he wants to do the surgery right now and Maxie ends up agreeing when Robin can't guarantee he will survive without it right now. Maxie sits with Jesse and Monica checks on him. She tells Maxie that the news isn't good and that Jesse is in serious condition. Maxie wants to be his next of kin and make decisions for him. Monica asks her if Jesse ever agreed to donate his organs. Maxie tells her she has his donor card and gives it to her. Later, Robin confronts Patrick about what he plans to do as far as the surgery goes and thinks he shouldn't do the surgery because he is too close to the situation and could lose Jesse on the operating table. Jesse tells her he has never lost a patient and doesn't plan to lose one now. In another part of the E.R. Manny notices the assassin he hired being brought in on a stretcher. He waits until no one is around. He pretends to be mopping the floors around the cubicle where the shooter is. He goes inside and injects the assassin with a drug to stop his heart. Moments later a code blue is called and the nurses and doctors go in to revive him. Meanwhile, Emily goes to see Sonny. Sonny thinks she should stay away from him for awhile until he can make sure she is safe from his enemies which could include Alcazar now. Emily agrees to stay away for awhile but assures him she is safe and nothing happened to her.

Friday, April 31, 2006

Emily again lies to her mother to keep Monica in the dark about her affair with Sonny. Robin urges Patrick not to risk being accused of any impropriety by operating on the wounded officer whose liver is a perfect match for Noah. Carly reminds Nikolas of the restraining order when he attempts to visit baby John in the NICU. Shaken by another nightmare about killing Sonny, Jason tells Sam he's assigning her an extra guard. Insisting he wants peace between them, Lorenzo informs Sonny he won't be retaliating for the attempted hit on Diego. Though Lucky blames himself for his partner's health crisis, Maxie assures him he's not responsible for Jesse's condition. Monica stops by the penthouse to tell Jason why she suspects Emily has been sneaking off to be with Sonny. While Milo and Leticia distract Michael and Morgan, Sonny slips away to head for his rendezvous at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Georgie keeps her anxious sister company as they wait for word on Jesse's surgery. Diego thanks Lucky for saving his life. Skye walks in as a seething Lorenzo confronts Manny. Unaware that Morgan's mischief caused the mayhem, Jason jumps to the wrong conclusion after seeing broken glass spread all over the Corinthos living room. Patrick regretfully delivers tragic news to a weeping Maxie. Later, Lucky overhears a hospital rumor that Patrick deliberately lost his very first patient in order to provide Noah with a new liver. Lorenzo admits to a stunned Skye what Manny has been holding over his head. Nikolas finally steals a few moments alone with little John. Jason arrives at the Cosmopolitan just in time to prevent a hit on Sonny.

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