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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 3, 2006 on GH
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Monday, April 3, 2006

With Jesse on a ventilator until his organs can be harvested, a shaken Patrick asks Robin if she believes he lost his patient on purpose. Meanwhile, Maxie readily agrees to donate her boyfriend's liver to Noah. After killing the would-be assassin, Jason cautions Sonny and Emily not to taint the crime scene by moving anything until the police arrive. Slamming Patrick up against the wall, an enraged Lucky threatens to arrest the doctor for murder. Luke finds Lulu making an unauthorized withdrawal from the casino's safe. Later, Luke and his daughter fall into another bitter argument about Nikolas. Stunned by Lorenzo's confession, Skye wonders how her lover could have endangered the life of an innocent young girl. Michael loudly objects when Jax drops by to invite Carly out for dinner. Robin assures Lucky that far from being negligent during Jesse's surgery Patrick instead did everything humanly possible to keep the police officer alive. As investigators swarm over the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Nikolas is appalled to realize that his ex has become Sonny's new main squeeze. Robin offers to keep a grateful Patrick company as he waits anxiously for word on his dad's transplant operation. Sonny and Jason wind up staring across the table at one another in the same interrogation room at the precinct house. After Jesse's liver proves not to be viable, Patrick insists on immediately becoming his father's living donor. Manny eagerly stirs up more trouble by revealing to Luke how Alcazar nearly caused Lulu's untimely demise.

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Patrick schedules himself for immediate surgery but discovers he'll need a shrink to sign off on a psychiatric evaluation first. Stunned to learn from Manny how close Lulu came to losing her life during the epidemic, Luke contemplates his next move. Jax reminds a fuming Carly why he feels the need to keep testing her resolve where her ex-husband is concerned. Though Liz and Nikolas both urge him not to blame himself, Lucky remains riddled with guilt over Jesse's death. At the precinct house, Sonny asks Nikolas to escort Emily safely home. Meanwhile, Tracy enjoys delivering a news bulletin to Alan and Monica about their darling daughter getting mixed up in another mob-related shooting. Jax calls Carly's bluff when she threatens to dump him for young Dr. Drake. Lucky tenders his resignation to Mac. Emily returns to the mansion and hesitantly faces her agitated family. Robin forges Lainey's signature on the necessary form to expedite the transplant surgery. Carly icily fills Sonny in on how their young sons saw him with Emily on the news. Durant attempts to fuel Jason's anger towards his employer. Although Mac tries to dissuade him, a gloomy Lucky insists on turning in his badge. Sam suggests to an angry Jason that he's partly to blame for his sister being forced to sneak around to be with the man she loves. Nikolas warns the Quartermaines they'll answer to him if they continue to harass Emily. Alexis overhears Sam asking Justus to keep his client in lock-up overnight so Jason will have time to cool down. Luke corners Lorenzo with a gun, but Skye intervenes to plead for her lover's life and finally convinces Lulu's enraged father to leave.

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Emily returns to the precinct house for a talk with her brother. Luke tells Lulu why he almost killed Alcazar just a few hours earlier. Sam and Alexis become trapped together in a locked room at the courthouse. Skye and Lorenzo try to hash out their problems in the wake of the revelations about his activities during the epidemic. A weeping Emily informs Jason he's hurt her more than she ever could have imagined, but he counters by reminding his sister he loves her too much to watch her become the next in a long line of Sonny's victims. Lulu suggests to Luke that her illness actually served to bring them closer in the end. Skye tearfully admits to Lorenzo she's not sure what the right decision is for their unborn child. Liz assures a startled Lucky she's genuinely thrilled that he's quit the police force. Jason furiously warns Emily to learn her lesson well or be prepared to dodge bullets time and time again. Alexis urges a bristling Sam to find herself a man who's not connected in any way, shape or form to organized crime. Later, as Alexis shares a painful chapter from her past, Sam finally hears the story of her true origins for the first time. Emily refuses to listen to Jason's words of warning. Alexis sadly discloses to a stunned Sam how she and Ric went searching for the daughter she was forced to give away but discovered that the girl was dead.

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Robin wakes up after falling asleep the night before in a chair next to Patrick's hospital bed. She can't believe she slept that long and spent more time with Patrick than Noah. She leaves to go check on Noah. She comes back with a small tub of water, sponge, and body wash. She tells him she volunteered to give him a sponge bath. He gets all arrogant about how she has an ulterior motive and really wants to see his body. Robin surprises him by pouring cold water onto his nether regions with a sponge. He jumps up and can't believe she would do that to him. She leaves the new nurse, Epiphany to give him a sponge bath instead. He isn't too pleased with the thought of the nurse giving him a sponge bath. Robin returns later with some pictures of him having his sponge bath. She tells him she is going to enjoy having complete control over him while he is a patient still. He makes a remark about how she can have total control anytime she wants. He tells her he is on the mend and knows his blood pressure and heart rate are normal. Robin agrees he is on the mend but warns him he better be careful because Noah will wake up to find out that he received about 60% of his liver and won't be too happy. Epiphany peaks her head into the room and notifies them that Noah is regaining consciousness.

Jax shows up at Carly's house to find the boys getting ready to go to school. He tells them he is taking them on a trip on his private plane. Michael doesn't seem to enthused about going on a trip with him and tells him that Sonny has a private plane also and has been on it many times. Jax surprises him by telling him he is taking Morgan and him to Disney World for the day instead of them going to school. They are excited about it. Carly isn't too pleased that Jax made plans for them without her permission. He explains to her that he didn't think she wanted them to go to school today after what seeing what was on the front cover of the newspaper this morning. He shows her the headline and she agrees with him that the boys shouldn't go to school after all. She lets him take them to Disney World but informs them she isn't going to be able to go with them because she has a lot of errands to run because it is Leticia's day off. Carly gives some advice on how to handle the boys. She warns Jax not to let Morgan eat any chocolate no matter how much he teases for it because it makes him throw up. Michael is reluctant to go with Jax without her but finally agrees to go with him. On their way to Disney World on Jax's plane, Michael watches as Morgan starts eating some chocolate candy. Jax watches him eat it and keeps asking Morgan to put the chocolate down before he gets sick. Morgan takes more candy and eats it. Michael explains to Jax that Morgan is only doing that to get Jax's attention and test him. He suggests to Jax that he ignore Morgan and he will stop since he doesn't really like the kind of candy he is eating anyway. Jax takes his advice and pretends to be reading a magazine instead. Morgan stops eating the chocolate when he sees Jax isn't paying him any attention. Michael surprises Jax by asking him if he is trying to make a "love nest" with their mother. Jax lies to him and tells him that Carly is just his friend and is helping him with baby John. Michael asks him why he isn't friends with Sonny. Jax tells him that he would like to be for the baby's sake because John is Sonny's nephew and that his Aunt Courtney would want Michael to get along with him and help him raise his cousin. Michael ends up liking Jax a little more after all and shakes his hand. Meanwhile, at the Quartermaine mansion the family is already in an uproar when Alice, the maid refuses to let them see the front page of the paper. Emily comes downstairs to find them arguing and asks Alice to see the front page. She gets upset with what she sees. Liz shows up after seeing the paper to lend her moral support. Emily tells Liz that she is more upset with the fact that Jason has shut her out of his life after she went to see him the day before. Liz thinks Jason is afraid for the first time and is handling it badly. Liz goes to see Jason to tell him how heartbroken Emily is over what has happened with her relationship with him as brother and sister. She asks him to accept her relationship with Sonny. Jason tells her he can't do that. Carly shows up at the Quartermaines to see Emily. Alice tries to get Carly to leave Emily alone but Emily tells Alice she will be o.k. and will accept Carly as a visitor. Carly asks to speak to her alone. They go in the living room. Carly basically tells her "I told you so." Emily listens to what she has to say about how she has hurt the boys by what has happened and how she had to send the boys out of town because of the scandal. Emily apologizes for what the boys have to go through but doesn't know what she expects her to do about it now. Carly goes on about how she is hurting everyone with her relationship with Sonny. Emily stands up to Carly and tells her that she has no intention of giving up Sonny and that she and everyone else who doesn't accept it including Jason will have to deal with it. Carly goes to the hospital and finds Liz there. She orders Liz to tell Emily to break things off with Sonny because she is her best friend and will listen to her. Liz tells her that she went to see Jason and realizes that Jason has never been afraid for anyone before until now and that he is handling badly. She tells Carly that she has no intention of telling Emily what to do. Carly returns home and Jax returns with the boys later. The boys had a great time with Jax in Disney World. They go upstairs and Carly thanks Jax for what he did for them and her. She tells him that he is quite terrific when he tells her he really enjoyed her son's company. At Sonny's mansion, Max tries to keep the newspaper away from Sonny by acting like it never arrived. Sonny knows Max is lying to him and sees the front page headlines. Sonny is very angry with the way that Emily is being exposed like she has by the press. Mike shows up and pleads with Sonny to let Emily go for her own safety. Sonny listens to him but doesn't agree to do anything. Ric shows up and offers to help him. He tells Sonny that he isn't there to judge him about his relationship with Emily since he had a similar relationship with Liz, whom he put on a pedestal as well. Sonny asks him to help with getting an injunction to keep the press away from Emily and from invading her privacy. Meanwhile, Alexis visits Nikolas at home and he asks her to do the same thing for Emily to protect her. Alexis asks him about what he expects to get from Emily in return for his helping her like this with the injunction. He tells her that he isn't expecting Emily to return to him and that she already told him she is in love with Sonny now. Later, Alexis ends up at the police station later just as Sam asks to see Jason after Durant tries to persuade Jason to turn in evidence against Sonny to send him to prison to keep him away from Emily. Jason hollers at him that he wants to see his lawyer. Durant lets Sam see Jason alone. Sam tells Jason that she stayed in the waiting area all night and didn't sleep at all. She asks Jason if they can wait and talk at home. Jason isn't too happy with her for sending Justus away so he would cool off in the jail cell all night. She wishes he would wait and talk with her at home. Jason tells her he doesn't want to go home right now and talk and asks her to go home alone. Sam leaves the visiting room and Alexis notices how upset she is and how angry Jason still seems at her. She talks to Durant about some other case. Durant wants her to be his assistant D.A. Alexis doesn't think it will work because she has a conflict of interest since she doesn't want to be asked to try to put Sonny away when she needs to keep the peace with the father of her daughter. Durant promises to keep her away from any cases involving Sonny and Jason. She considers it but doesn't give him an answer. She goes to Kelly's to pick something up. Sam is there studying. She approaches Alexis and smiles at her in a friendly manner for a change after their talk the day before. She tells Alexis she found her eyeglasses at the courthouse and that she forgot them there. Alexis thanks her and admits she is forgetful about everything in her purse. Sam turns around to head back to her table. Alexis stops her and mentions that she couldn't help but notice the exchange between Jason and her and suggests someone she could go to concerning domestic violence. Sam gets annoyed and upset with her again and insists that Jason has not been violent toward her ever and that he is very gentle. Alexis still jumps to the conclusion that Jason is abusive because he yelled at her a couple of times the last two days. Sam tells her that Jason is upset right now because he is afraid for Emily and that they are fine. Sam tells Alexis off and asks her to stay out of their relationship and leaves with her study books. She goes home. Jason is released by Durant and goes home. He finds Sam alone studying. He tells her he was released by Durant and apologizes to her for taking out his frustrations on her when she was only trying to protect him and keep him away from Sonny for now. Sam apologizes for trying to do something for his own good without asking him. He tells her he loves her and kisses her. Sam suggests they go upstairs and take a nap since neither of them got much sleep last night. He tells her he has something to do and will be home later to join her. She goes upstairs and he takes out his strong box and pulls out his gun and loads it. He leaves the apartment. Sonny tells Max he is heading to the Quartermaines. Shortly after he leaves, Emily shows up looking for Sonny. Max tells her that Sonny is on his way to her family's mansion. She doesn't like what Sonny may be up against if he shows up to face her angry family. She runs out to go home again. Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Luke and the family tease Tracy about her birthday and how old she really is. She refuses to tell them her real age and threatens anyone who knows her real age from revealing it. Luke decides to throw Tracy a surprise birthday party to keep the family's mind off Emily and Sonny. Tracy already started ranting about how much of a disgrace Emily is to the family because of her relationship to the mafia now. Dillon brings up Tracy's past when she once married a mobster years ago. Tracy is touched by the cake and blows out her candles. The doorbell rings. Alice answers it to find Sonny at the door. Alan approaches him angrily and tells him he has no right to show his face at the home after what he did to Emily and tries to bar him from entering the house. Alice lets him in and Tracy tries to stop him from coming in. Luke grabs Tracy and keeps her away from Sonny. Lulu gets upset with the family for being so judgmental when she thinks it is romantic that Sonny and Emily are together. Tracy warns Luke that if Emily gets killed by a bomb or bullet then he won't want Lulu going after Sonny someday for herself. Luke agrees with her on that point and takes Lulu away to show her some more poker tricks. Emily shows up just as Sonny informs the family that he will not stay away from her and cares about her safety and well-being.

Friday, April 7, 2006

Emily tells her angry parents she loves Sonny and will stay with him no matter what. Concerned about Sam being abused by Jason, Alexis asks Lainey for some advice about how best to help the young woman out. Meanwhile, kneeling at her baby girl's grave, Sam wonders if she should reveal her true identity to Alexis. Alan icily informs his daughter she's no longer welcome at the mansion. Lorenzo accompanies Skye to the hospital for her next appointment with Dr. Lee. Robin orders Patrick to stay in bed and recoup his strength before he'll be allowed to visit his father. Carly explains to Jason why she fears he'll be hurt if he doesn't stop trying to break his sister and Sonny apart. Monica's heart sinks as Emily leaves hand-in-hand with Port Charles' most notorious mobster. Sam confides her secret to the local priest. Lucky, Lorenzo and Jason all converge on Manny's room after learning that he didn't finish his shift at the hospital. Nikolas gives Maxie some kindly advice as she stresses over funeral plans for Jesse. Dreaming of his late wife, Noah pulls Bobbie close when she leans over his bed. Later, Noah awakens and is stunned to realize he's been given part of his son's liver. Alarmed to see Manny creeping up behind Skye with a knife, Liz intervenes just in the nick of time. Later, Lucky arrives at the hospital to find his wife being held hostage by Manny.

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