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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 10, 2006 on GH
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Monday, April 10, 2006

At the cemetery, Father Coates advised Sam to tell Alexis the truth about their origins, and as Sam considered it, Alexis arrived with flowers for Sam's baby's grave. The women agreed they enjoyed their heart-to-heart talk the other night, but as soon as Alexis mentioned "abusive" Jason, Sam lost her temper. She told Alexis that Jason was the best thing that ever happened to her and stormed off. Ric showed up and comforted an upset Alexis.

Emily slapped Carly and called her a bitch when Carly revealed her plan to reunite Em with Nikolas. The women got into a fight and Nik and Max had to pull them apart. Max took Carly out, and Nik voiced his support for his ex-wife. As Em vented to Nik about her dilemma with Sonny, Carly headed to Sonny's house, where she filled her ex-husband in on her plan to reunite the former Mr. and Mrs. Cassadine. He was angry. She yelled at Sonny that he needs to end this affair, for the sake of Jason and his kids. Carly accused Sonny of using Emily. He told her he wasn't he loves Emily. Carly said nothing and walked out.

Liz saved Skye from Manny's attack, but he grabbed Liz as she was fleeing and held a knife to her throat. Lucky arrived and pointed his gun at Manny. However, when Manny threatened to cut Liz's throat, Lucky lowered his weapon. Lucky volunteered to be Ruiz's hostage, but Manny said no way, Skye called 9-1-1. The cops arrived, while Manny held Liz captive in the stairwell.

Sonny advised Jason that they remain rational and not say or do anything that they can't take back. Sonny admitted responsibility for lying, then chewed out Jason for his shabby treatment of Emily. Monica called and told Jason about Manny kidnapping Liz. Jason headed out, but told Sonny that it's Corinthos's fault that Manny's on a rampage because Sonny has been neglecting his business.

Jason arrived at the hospital and got in on the search, while Manny put Liz in a body bag and planned to take her out of the hospital through the morgue. As Manny apologized to Liz, she located her cell phone. Manny made it out with his hostage, and later at the pier, she dialed Lucky's cell. Manny caught her, took the phone and told Lucky to come and get him. Liz screamed it was a trap, but Lucky didn't care. Lucky left the hospital without telling Mac what was going down. Meanwhile, nurse Epiphany told Jason that Manny had been talking to the other janitor a lot lately. With Epiphany's help, Jason "coerced" Manny's locale out of the operative. Lucky showed up at the pier, but was seriously injured during a fight with the criminal.

Noah was furious to learn that Patrick donated his own liver to his father against his specific orders. Noah decided to take action and Robin was suspended, which Patrick overheard. Against doctor's orders, Patrick got out of bed to see his father and chastised him for his actions. Then, Patrick collapsed and Noah called for help.

Nikolas showed up at the penthouse to appeal Emily's case to Sam and found Sam's file on Alexis... After hearing of Liz's kidnapping, Emily told Sonny that maybe they should call it quits because too many people around them are getting hurt... Manny threatened to kill Lucky, but allowed him to live because Liz had been kind to him. Just as he was taking her away, Jason showed up with his gun drawn.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Jason took a shot at Manny when Liz ducked. Manny went off the pier and Jason continued to fire on him, blowing up a boat. Liz called 911 and told Lucky not to move because he could do more damage. Lucky was then wheeled into the ER and was prepped for surgery. Jason arrived at GH and comforted Liz. She told him that Lucky is seriously injured and is in a lot of pain.

Emily told Sonny that they shouldn't be together because of all the damage they've caused to everyone. Just then, Monica called her to tell her that Liz was fine but Lucky was injured.

Questioning Carly at her house about a "client's" decision to tell her birthmother the truth, Carly told Alexis it was a bad idea. Michael then came downstairs and asked Alexis if Kristina could attend his family day at his school next week. Alexis said that Kristina couldn't go because of school. Carly then erupts, after Michael goes back upstairs, telling Alexis that she doesn't like her boys. Alexis explained that it wasn't the boys she doesn't like, it's her she doesn't like. Jax walked in just in time for Carly to storm off upstairs. He explains to Alexis that he has seen the real Carly. Alexis warned him that Carly will show her true colors soon, but she would be there waiting to welcome him back in to the fold. After Alexis left, Carly comes down to be teased by Jax about eavesdropping and hearing him defend her to Alexis. Things soon turn passionate, but Carly pulls away and says that she can't risk Michael or Morgan seeing them. He told her that he could be quiet, but she states that she can't. They then made plans to go out on a date tomorrow night.

While picking out a grave-site for Jesse, Maxie told Georgie, Dillon, LuLu, and Lucas that she hoped Jesse would have liked it and that she had no idea where his family would be. Just then, LuLu gets the call about Lucky and hurries off. After Dillon, LuLu, and Lucas head for the hospital, Georgie helps Maxie pick out a scripture for the service and Georgie tells Maxie to let her feelings out because she's been too calm. After Maxie leaves, Georgie stayed behind to finish preparing for the service. Diego showed up and he talked to Georgie about whether or not he should attend Jesse's service.

Nikolas questioned Sam at Jason's penthouse about the file he spotted on her desk of Alexis. Sam made up a story about hoping to blackmail Alexis for taking her family away from her. Sam told him that she and Alexis had a heart-to-heart the other night and even though she doesn't like Alexis, she now understands her more. Saved by the bell, Nikolas gets the call from LuLu about Lucky and he takes off for the hospital. Sam then heads to Sonny's compound to talk with him about Jason. Sonny told her that Jason is turning into a monster because of his anger over him and Emily's affair and that if they don't reach a compromise someone will get killed.

At the hospital, Nikolas runs into Emily. Offering his support, Emily is able to tell him that Sonny is losing control of his business because of her and that she told Sonny they had to be finished.

Lulu headed back to the cemetery after hearing that her brother made it through surgery and spotted Georgie talking to Diego. After Diego left, Lulu approached Georgie and asked her if it was creepy being there all alone, just as Dillon arrived. Georgie then left with Dillon telling him that she loved him.

Robin told Patrick that he passed out while visiting Noah and now has to have surgery to stop his internal bleeding. She also reminded him that she can't operate on him because she got suspended. Patrick instructed her to go across the hall and tell Noah that he refused the surgery until he drops the lawsuit against Robin and the hospital. Noah told Robin that he didn't know that she would get involved. Later, Robin told Noah that Patrick's procedure went smoothly and that his son will be fine. Patrick wakes to see Robin's smiling face at his side. She told him it was touch and go but jokingly tells him that the vasectomy was a success.

Detective Rodriquez phoned Jason and told him there was no sign of Manny's body. Sam came home, and Jason lectured her about going out alone. Jason told her that Sonny is distracted and is making mistakes and that's why Manny is still free. He told her that he has to take action against Sonny. Meanwhile, Emily came back to Sonny's, and told him that Nikolas reminded her of a few truths, and that she wants Sonny if he'll have her. Sonny accepted and took her into his arms. Max then entered and told Sonny that Jason wasn't answering his cell phone. Sonny told him that Jason wasn't answering because he didn't want to. Sonny told Max, with Emily overhearing, that he's going to have to deal with Jason.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Aboard the Haunted Star, Lulu icily informs a hungover Luke that his son almost died the night before. With the funeral service just an hour away, Maxie's facade finally begins to crack as her grief surges to the surface. Ric tells his brother he wants to offer his support in the war that's brewing between Sonny and Jason. Though Liz reminds her husband that he's just had major back surgery, Lucky insists on leaving his hospital bed to attend Jesse's funeral. An excited Carly reports to Jax how baby John smiled at her for the first time. Emily explains to Jason why she can't walk away from the man she loves. Nikolas urges his brother to stay put instead of risking further injury. Later, as the mourners gather to honor Jesse's life, Luke and Lulu bring Lucky to the service in a wheelchair. Rattled by her last encounter with her angry brother, Emily makes matters worse by confiding her fears to Sonny. Choking back tears, Lucky pulls himself to his feet to salute his fallen partner as the funeral comes to a close. Carly coaxes Jason to join her for a picnic with Michael and Morgan. Out of her sons' earshot, Carly pleads with her irritated old friend not to go up against the boys' father. Luke informs a startled Tracy that he wants to renew their vows. Determined to be a real father to his child, Lorenzo promises Skye things will be different from now on. Lulu accuses Diego of trying to come between Georgie and Dillon. Hoping tensions will diminish if she and her lover leave Port Charles for a spell, Emily convinces Sonny to take her to the island.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Luke continues to try to make Skye jealous by acting like he wants to renew his vows with Tracy because he has true affection for her. The doorbell rings and Alice answers it. A few minutes later, she announces to everyone that Robert Scorpio is here to see them. Robert strolls in and announces to Luke that he is there to extradite him back to the Maarkam Islands because there is a bounty on his head and he wants to cash in on bringing him in. Luke acts shocked and can't believe Robert would trade in their friendship for money. Robert tells him he would since it would be like old times. Luke insists that Robert wait until he renews his vows first before taking him in. Robert describes what the men in the Maarkam Islands do when they torture men. Luke believes he can cut a deal with Robert when the time comes. He then asks Robert to be his best man. Robert smiles and says he would be honored. Luke then suggests that Skye be Tracy's maid of honor. Skye is appalled by the idea since she hates Tracy. Lulu comes in the room and is informed about their nuptials tonight. Lulu doesn't understand why they are doing it since they are already married. Tracy surprises everyone when she defends Luke to everyone and plans to make sure Luke doesn't go anywhere with Robert. Lulu goes along with their act of love and hugs Tracy and acts like they are one big happy family.

Later, Alan, Monica, and Ned find themselves toasting the couple against their own wills. Tracy takes Luke aside and tells him about her lawyer and how he can help Luke by getting an injunction to stop the extradition order. Luke and Robert talk privately as Luke is picking out the suit he is going to wear for the wedding. Robert still plans to bring Luke in. Lulu comes up to see him and asks him why he is doing what he is doing with Tracy. Luke tells her that Tracy may be a witch but she came through for him. Robert overhears Luke tell Lulu about how they are going to turn the tables on Robert. Robert just smiles and walks away. Lulu goes to see Tracy. She listens to Tracy act tough not letting Robert bring Luke to the Maarkam Islands to get money. Lulu sees a softer side to her and realizes Tracy really cares about Luke. Alice daydreams about being the one who marries Luke. Tracy snaps her out of her daydream by barking orders at her to help with the wedding. Luke waits around upstairs and gets a call from Tracy's lawyer. Then he gets another call on his cell-phone and is surprised to find that it is Holly calling him. He listens to her and realizes she is in trouble and needs his help because they are planning to kill her there in prison in the Maarkam Islands. He tells her he will get there as soon as he can to help her.

Maxie starts drinking at the casino and Nikolas finds her there at the bar. He suggests she shouldn't drink with her heart condition. She tells him she is fine physically and can drink. He drives her to his place to talk. She has more to drink and Nikolas sits down and listens to her while she grieves for Jesse. She ends up being too drunk to drive home so Nikolas persuades her to sleep it off on the couch. He asks his new butler, Alfred to call Mac and let him know she is safe and sound with him so he doesn't worry about where she is. Maxie looks up at him as he leans over to cover her up with a blanket. She opens her eyes and touches his face with her hand and the two have a moment between them.

Liz gets bad news from Epiphany at the nurses' station. She hands her a piece of paper. Liz looks at it and gets upset. She goes to see Lucky and tries to stall telling him the bad news. Lucky insists on seeing it. She hands him the piece of paper from the business office at G.H. According to the office, Lucky was not covered by the police department's health insurance when he injured his back because he resigned before it had happened and the insurance won't cover his surgery and care. Liz can't believe this is happening to them again and realize they are being charged out of pocket expenses for his surgery and care in the hospital. Lucky wants to get out of the hospital right now since they are just acquiring more bills. Liz refuses to let him leave the hospital until he gets well. She helps him back into bed and he pushes the button to receive more pain medicine. Liz suggests they go to Nikolas for financial help again. Lucky doesn't want to ask his brother to get him out of debt again. Liz insists on calling him anyway. She stops by later to tell him that she couldn't get a hold of Nikolas but will try again later to reach him.

Jason shows up at Sonny's mansion with a bunch of men. Max just sees the men coming in and taking all of Sonny's files and computer without saying a word. Max goes to the phone in the other room to call Sonny to tell him what is going on. Jason pushes the receiver button down and stops the call going through. Max is hurt by Jason's actions and wants to know why Jason is doing this to Sonny. Jason tells him that he will knock him out or he can tie him up so Sonny won't think he had anything to do with it. He tells Max that he won't be angry with him for being loyal to Sonny. Max decides to let Jason tie him to a chair. While Jason oversees taking over Sonny's business Ric shows up and finds out what he is up to. Ric wants to know why Jason is doing this to Sonny. Ric gets in his face about his betrayal and the irony of it. Jason tries to dismiss Ric but he can't so easily. Ric warns him of what will happen if he goes after Sonny like this. Jason doesn't want to hear it. Ric leaves. Meanwhile, Jax gets a progress report on baby John from Liz. Jax thanks her for trying to carry a baby for Courtney and him awhile ago. Carly runs into Lainey at the Metro Court dining room. Lainey confides in her that she feels that she and Justus need a spark to get things going to the next step in their relationship. Carly decides to help her and invites her and Justus to join Jax and her for dinner. Jax shows up and is surprised when she tells him she wants him to join her and the other couple for dinner. Jax goes along with it. Carly surprises Jax when she kisses him passionately right in front of Lainey and Justus. Jax tells them a story about his childhood but Carly interrupts them by flirting and teasing Jax with her leg up his leg and nibbling his ear. She suggests they should leave the other couple alone and go somewhere. Jax goes and leaves with Carly, perplexed by her behavior. Lainey admits to Justus that she told Carly about how she felt their relationship needed some spark and Carly offered to help. Justus suggests they get a hotel room and have sex right now. Lainey isn't ready to do that just yet and the two of them agree to do what pleases them and go at their own pace. Carly gets a call on her cell-phone as she is headed upstairs with Jax. It is Ric and Carly asks him what he wants. He tells her she needs to get over to Sonny's right away and that Jason has lost control. Carly heads right over there to find Jason clearing up files out of Sonny's place and taking over. Carly pleads with him not to try to take over Sonny's business or Sonny will end up having to retaliate against him to protect his business. Jason feels he has no choice since Sonny isn't protecting his sister with his actions lately. Carly thinks it will cause more trouble if he does what he plans to do. Jason yells at her and tells her he has made up his mind and she can't stop him. Carly goes over to the phone and calls the "Island." Jason tells her that he already told Enrique not to disturb Sonny or take calls for him. Carly doesn't listen and asks Enrique if she can speak to Sonny. She is asked if it is important. Carly tells him it is very important like an emergency and must speak with Sonny ASAP.

Friday, April 14, 2006

As Jason looked on, Carly called Enrique and demanded to talk to Sonny... Emily cuddled up to Sonny and asked him what he felt like doing. They were interrupted by his ringing phone. When he answered, Carly hung up. She explained to Jason that she couldn't tell Sonny the news because Jason is her best friend. Jason said he was doing what he had to do to protect Emily. Carly cautioned that Sonny needs his business and begged him not to do this. "It's already done," barked Jason. "I can't back down now." Before leaving, Carly told Jason she'd help him clean up the mess his actions would inevitably make... Sonny told Emily that he understands Jason's anger and trusts him not to betray him. Sonny promised Emily that Jason would eventually accept their relationship.

Jax received an unwelcome visit from the lab tech from Mercy Hospital. The tech divulged that he had not destroyed John's paternity test results because Cassadine is even richer than Jax. Jax offered him two million dollars. Jax made it clear that the tech's silence was of the utmost importance, then ushered him out. Carly was Jax's next visitor. He expressed his frustration with her for cutting short their date but invited her in. Her eyes glistened with tears as she explained that two people she loved were about to destroy each other. Jax apologized for having acted like a jealous idiot. "I need you," said Carly, melting into Jax's arms for a kiss. After a steamy sex session on the couch, Jax excused himself and Carly headed over to use the phone. On his desk, she came across the paternity test results identifying Nikolas as John's father. She tried to conceal her shock when Jax returned and stuttered that she'd have to head out soon. Before leaving, she toasted with champagne "to the future."

Liz became upset when G.H.'s head of administration demanded that Lucky be moved to the county hospital since he doesn't have health insurance and threatened to involve Nikolas, a generous benefactor of the hospital. A weeping Liz ran into a pensive Jason on the docks. "Is it Lucky?" he asked of her dark mood. She explained Lucky's predicament and he volunteered the necessary funds. She declined. Jason resonated with Liz when she described how she feels like lately, her life has been one step forward and one step back and there's nothing she can do to change it. Jason then informed Liz that he was taking over Sonny's business and that if Sonny wanted it back, he'd have to give up Emily. Liz was worried about all that Jason was giving up in his effort to protect Em. Jason asked Liz to be there for Emily through the turmoil that was surely to come.

In the Quartermaine study, Lulu again accused Tracy of truly loving Luke. Alan, Monica, Ned, Skye, Alcazar, Dillon and Georgie entered and grumbled that they wanted to get the wedding over with. Alice entered to perform the ceremony (she'd just been ordained by the Church of Online Divinity)... Over Robert's protests that he was due at his own wedding, Luke promised Holly by phone that he would come find her. After Luke got off the phone, he and Robert exulted that as soon as the nuptials were completed, the quicker they could get out of town and find the $50,000. Luke made it clear to Robert that he wanted a cut. Suddenly, though, Luke had a change of heart about going through with the wedding. Luke noted that in many ways, Tracy was the perfect wife for him, but the only time he'd ever said vows from the heart were to Laura. Tracy overheard him and ordered him to find a way to go through with it. She requested a moment alone with her groom; Robert complied. Luke then explained to Tracy that they needed to stall because Robert was becoming suspicious. Tracy ticked off the ways she'd expedited the ceremony but he said he needed more time to figure out what to say in his vows. Tracy didn't buy it. Luke begged her to go back downstairs and convince Scorpio that their union is legit. She remained suspicious but left the room anyway. Once the coast was clear, Luke attempted to climb out of the window, but was caught by Lulu. "There's been a change in plans," Luke gulped. He explained to Lulu that Holly was in trouble and needed his help. Lulu was unsympathetic and was aghast at the notion that Luke may have a thing for Holly. Luke denied it. Lulu tried to dissuade Luke from bolting and leaving her behind to suffer Tracy's wrath, but had no luck. He promised Lulu that he'd be back, then dispatched her downstairs to cover up his departure... Downstairs, Tracy grumbled about the family's unwillingness to believe that Luke sincerely wants to renew his vows with her. Lulu came downstairs and said that her dad was tweaking his vows and would be done soon. Robert tried to rush upstairs to check on Luke but Alice blocked him... Luke made another move to jump out the window, groaning that he was getting too old for this... Robert insisted that something must be wrong and Tracy's eyes widened. "I've been left at the altar!" she bellowed. "Damn you, Luke Spencer!" Just then, Luke toppled out of the window.

Sonny met up with Benny's twin, Bernie, who delivered papers from Jason. Sonny prepared to sign them but Bernie said they'd already been signed. After reviewing the documents, Sonny had a bad reaction to all of his funds having been moved without his consent. He blew up at Bernie, who told Sonny that Morgan had authorized the transfer because Sonny's personal situation made him unfit to run the business. Sonny tried to keep his cool and informed Bernie that Jason and Bernie both worked for him. Bernie hedged that he actually worked for Jason. "We all do." "Then what are you still doing in my house?" Sonny shot back. Bernie took the hint and headed out. Sonny poured himself a stiff drink and tossed it back, then started smashing things. He then called Liz, who had walked back to the hospital with Jason, and she relayed the message to Jason that Sonny needed to see him immediately... Liz apologized for blowing up at her fellow nurse, who reported the good news that Lucky's transfer had been cancelled. Liz beamed.

Jax came to the hospital to see his son. The baby in question was being cuddled by somebody else: Carly. Carly told the little boy that Nik was his real father. "What am I supposed to do?" she sighed, debating the pros and cons of keeping Jax's secret. As if on cue, Nik entered the nursery.

Jason came to Sonny's house and was surprised to see the kids there. Sonny had prepared a giant feast for him, Michael and Morgan. Jason took a seat at the table as Sonny proposed a toast to friendship.

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