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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 17, 2006 on GH
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Monday, April 17, 2006

After Luke finally makes good his escape from the Quartermaine mansion, Robert presses Lulu to reveal where her father is heading. In the NICU, Carly prays for a sign from Courtney as she wonders what to do about baby John. Nikolas suddenly appears and asks Carly to let him visit his "stepson" but Jax charges in and orders him to leave. Blissfully unaware of the rising tension between his dad and his uncle, Michael enjoys a boys' night in with Morgan, Sonny and Jason. Robert threatens to charge Tracy as an accessory unless she comes clean. Meanwhile, Alice warns her employers she'll call the entire staff out on strike if any of the Quartermaines dares to turn Luke in for stealing their Bentley. An officious hospital administrator vows to ensure that Robin loses her medical license for operating on Patrick while under suspension. Tracy easily calls Robert's bluff. Carly forces Jax to allow Nikolas some time with Courtney's baby. After his sons depart, Sonny coldly informs Jason they are now enemies. Lorenzo proposes to a stunned Skye on bended knee. Patrick berates Noah for endangering Robin's career. Later, Noah informs Miss Sneed he's withdrawing his lawsuit. Liz is grateful when Nikolas pays off his brother's hospital bill. Jason reminds Sonny he can have his empire back if he gives Emily up. Skye explains to a disappointed Lorenzo why she's terrified of ruining yet another marriage. With their quarrel escalating, Sonny punches Jason just as Emily arrives and attempts to intervene.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Lulu tells Dillon how her dad raced off to rescue Holly. Robert again attempts to convince Robin that it was in her best interest that he stayed away for so many years. Outraged when Sonny accidentally shoves Emily to the ground, Jason grabs his former friend and begins to choke him. Carly thinks fast to prevent Nikolas from seeing the lab results in the report from Mercy Hospital. Certain Lulu is about to blow the whistle on her, Georgie confesses to her appalled husband how she corresponded with Diego the entire time he was incarcerated. A frantic Emily begs her brother to release Sonny as Max rushes in with a gun. Afterwards, Emily orders Jason to leave the compound. Carly is surprised when Jax suddenly agrees to allow Nikolas to see John on a regular basis. Robin tearfully informs her father that his efforts to reconcile are too little, too late. Edward returns home from an overseas trip to find Dillon and Georgie quarreling fiercely in front of the entire Quartermaine clan. Carly gives Jax another chance to come clean about John's paternity but he continues to keep up the charade. As she leaves the mansion, Georgie advises Dillon between clenched teeth to obtain an annulment if he truly can't forgive her for merely being kind to Diego. Sonny warns a shuddering Emily that he must take steps to deal with Jason's betrayal. Nikolas suggests to Robin that she cut her dad a little slack. Jason admits to Carly how he lost control and nearly killed Sonny.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Jason spends the night on Carly's couch. In the morning, Michael notices the bruise on his uncle's face and boasts to Jax that Jason must have pulverized whoever he was fighting with. As Dillon rehearses an apology for his wife, Lulu suggests he let her help him mend fences with an angry Georgie. Alexis explains to an irked Ric why they'll be working out of their apartment for a while. Georgie is concerned to learn about her sister's wild night out on the town. At the hospital, Lucky struggles to get back on his feet but finds using the walker too painful. Robert is amused to realize that Tracy may have actually developed some real affection for her reprobate of a husband. Maxie tearfully admits to Georgie how she can't stand the lonely nights since Jesse died. Though Emily counsels patience, Lucky insists he has to get better fast in order to care for his family. Sam fills Monica in on the escalating war between Jason and Sonny. Tracy offers to pay Robert a hundred grand to drag Luke back into town to face the music. Carly tries again to coax Jax into coming clean. Epiphany gives Liz a word to the wise about Lucky. Dillon's humble and heartfelt mea culpa touches Georgie and the newlyweds happily reunite as Diego glares from across the room. Ric accuses Alexis of coveting the ADA position dangled by Durant. Carly coldly reminds Emily that she alone has the power to stop a looming disaster. Jason assures a tearful Sam that he loves her.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Liz watches Lucky from afar. She gets upset when she sees how much pain he is in and how much he is pushing himself to get better by working out in his room. Patrick finds her at the nurses' station trying to hide her tears. He asks her what is wrong. She tells him that she is worried that Lucky is pushing himself too hard and isn't a very good patient. Patrick tells her that he isn't a very good patient either. Robin interrupts their conversation to ask Patrick what he is doing out of bed. Liz leaves them to argue. Patrick tells Robin he is well enough to go back to work. She disagrees with him. Meanwhile, Noah asks Epiphany for some files on a surgical patient and is dressed and ready to go as well. Epiphany makes it clear to him that he is not ready to practice medicine yet. Patrick watches his father and tells Robin that if his father is well enough than he is. Robin just shakes her head in disgust. Later, Lulu shows up at the hospital to visit Lucky. She tells him that Luke took off again to the Maarkam Islands and is about to tell him who called Luke when Liz overhears them talking and tells Lulu not to tell him anymore. Lulu notices that Liz is very worried about Lucky right now and doesn't want him to go looking for Luke. Lulu tells Lucky she is fine with Luke being away and that he should just concentrate on getting better. Lulu leaves. Lucky takes offense to how Liz is treating him with kid's gloves. He tells her he can decide for himself if he is well enough to do something and that he can handle things just fine. Liz gets upset when Lucky lashes out at her and accuses her of only thinking of herself. She leaves him alone. Lucky calls out to her to wait but she has already left. He gets out of bed to go after her but that causes his back to hurt more and he has to press the button for more painkilling medicine. Meanwhile, Patrick finds Noah in the locker room. He tells him he is not strong enough to perform such intricate surgery right now. Noah tells him he can do a better job than his son and leaves. Patrick thinks he is acting crazy. Robin finds him moments later and asks him what is going on with him and his father. Patrick asks her why she is so concerned about his father when he almost ruined her career. She tells him that she is overcompensating with his father because she can't deal with her own father right now. Later on Patrick runs into Liz outside of Lucky's room and tells her he did that favor for her that she asked of him. Lucky wheels himself out of his room and sees them talking together. He doesn't look pleased to see Patrick near his wife.

Michael and Morgan decide to throw a surprise birthday party for Sonny since it is his birthday today. Carly tries to persuade them to wait on having the party since Sonny is so busy lately. Michael can not be persuaded to hold off on the party since they have to have it on Sonny's actual birthday. Carly decides to help them plan it when she realizes she can't change his mind. She goes to the hotel to see Jax. He expects her to be with him when they have some of their meetings today. She tells him she can't make it to their budget meeting because she has to help supervise a birthday party Michael is planning for Sonny. Jax tries to be understanding about it but isn't convincing in his attitude. Carly explains that Sonny and Jason are fighting right now and she needs to try to keep the peace right now. She brings him over to talk. She gives him a teddy bear to give to baby John to help bond with him. She tells him she would like him to invite Nikolas over for dinner and try to make peace with him for the baby's sake. Jax isn't sure he wants to try to be friends with Nikolas. Carly guesses that he is conflicted because he doesn't want Nikolas to be near the baby but that he knows Courtney would want that herself. Jax admits that is partly how he feels and agrees to try to make peace with Nikolas. Carly calls Sonny and asks him to meet her at Metro Court and tells him it has to do with their sons. Sonny agrees to meet her there, unaware that she is trying to get him out of the house to set up his birthday party. Sonny talks to Max about notifying the other five families and Miguel Escobar and letting them know that he is in charge still, not Jason. Max doesn't know what to do and complains about to his brother Milo. He knows that the other families are going to laugh in his face when he invites them to meet with Sonny later in his home. Meanwhile, Emily had overheard Sonny telling Max that he will not allow anyone or anything from taking over his business and he will stop whoever tries it. Sonny realizes she overheard his conversation. He tells her he would like her to leave the country right now until this business with Jason is over. Emily realizes that Sonny wants her to leave town to keep her from witnessing the possibility of Jason being killed because of this mob war. Emily refuses to leave the country and takes off for the hospital. She confides her fears and feelings of guilt over what is going on with Jason and Sonny right now. Liz tries to comfort her. Emily receives an invitation to Sonny's birthday party. Max returns to Sonny's and comes in the living room. Everyone thinks he is Sonny and they yell surprise. Carly asks him what he is doing there when Sonny just pulled in and is on his way in there. Max had no idea there was a birthday party for Sonny. Sonny walks in the door and thinks Escobar is in the living room. Max doesn't give away the surprise but tells him someone is in there waiting for him. Sonny comes in the room and everyone yells surprise. Carly hugs Sonny and whispers to him to go along because it was Michael and Morgan's idea and not to ruin it. Sonny smiles but doesn't seem too happy with the surprise right now.

Sam isn't pleased when Jason uses their home to conduct business. Miguel Escobar, the mobster shows up to meet with Jason in the back room. She decides to head to Kelly's to study. She gets a table and sees Ric watching her. She sits down and Ric approaches her and sits down too. He asks her how she is doing now that Jason has taken over Sonny's business. She isn't too happy about him bothering her about it. He annoys her more when he comes up with a theory that Jason has been waiting for his chance to take over Sonny's business and that Emily gave him the reason to do it. Sam tells Ric that Jason loves Sonny and wants to protect him and that he has no hidden agenda unlike Ric. Ric admits he came to town to destroy Sonny at first but that he is his brother and is willing to help him keep his business. He warns Sam to watch out because Jason could be in trouble. Sam leaves Kelly's and someone unknown snaps her picture outside Kelly's. She goes back home to find Bernie, the new accountant underfoot and getting in her way. She reminds him that this is her home also and that she doesn't appreciate him being near her all the time. Michael shows up with an invitation for Jason and Sam to attend Sonny's birthday party. Sam tells him that Jason may be too busy today to go to the party. Michael is confident that Jason will show up for the party when he knows how important it is to him. Sam shows the invitation to Bernie and asks him to give it to Jason but doesn't think he will show up at the party so she is going to go instead. Bernie throws the invitation away without showing it to Jason at all. Kristina shows up at Kelly's with Alexis. Ric is there waiting for them. Mike also gets an invitation to the birthday party. Kristina gets upset with Alexis because she wants to go to her father's birthday party and is afraid Alexis won't let her go. Alexis doesn't like the fact that the party was just sprung on them at the last minute and they are expected to attend. Ric suggests taking Kristina to the birthday party and tells Alexis to go conduct business on her own. He tells her he knows she wants to take John Durant's job offer of assistant district attorney. Ric also informs her about the war between Jason and Sonny and that Jason took over Sonny's business without his permission. She tells Ric that he wants to step in and save his brother now and be his lawyer. Ric can't deny he wants that. Alexis goes to the hotel to see Jax. She asks Jax to reconsider letting her lease office space at the hotel. She tells him that she can't work from her home because there is no room and that Ric will drive her crazy if she has to work with him there. Jax turns her down again and tells her that she needs to be honest with herself and accept the John Durant's job offer. Alexis takes out her cell-phone and calls Durant's office. John Durant overhears her trying to call him so he picks up his phone and answers her while standing behind her. Durant had already been at the hotel and was taunting Lorenzo about the fact that Jason and Sonny are at war with each other now and that he may want to take advantage of that. Lorenzo had realized what Durant is really hoping will happen. Later, Lorenzo assures Skye he has no intention of using this mob war as a way to muscle in and try to take over Sonny's territory. Skye asks Lorenzo if they found Manny or if he is really dead. Lorenzo isn't so sure he is dead.

Someone is seen looking at pictures of several Port Charles citizens that were taken earlier that day and downloaded onto a computer.

Friday, April 21, 2006

A groggy Lucky jumps to the wrong conclusion after he spots Liz chatting with Patrick. Lulu receives a call from her dad which confirms Robert's suspicions about Luke's location. Expecting to find the heads of the other crime families at the compound, Sonny is surprised to walk in instead on a birthday party in his honor. Alexis tells Durant she's decided to accept his job offer. Robin assures Lucky he has no reason to be jealous of Patrick where his wife is concerned. Surrounded by a small group of family and friends, Sonny blows out the candles on his cake as an unseen intruder secretly snaps photos of the gathering. Later, Alexis arrives to warn Sonny she's just become the new assistant district attorney for Port Charles. Patrick suggests to an irked Robin that she's been lusting after him since the day they met. Alone at Carly's house, Jax intercepts an envelope from Mercy Hospital containing a copy of the paternity test results for baby John. Robin extends an olive branch to her grateful father, then immediately grows angry again when she learns he's leaving for the Maarkham Islands in just a few hours. Liz complains to Emily about the tension between her and Lucky. Robert advises his fuming daughter to stop hiding behind her diagnosis and start enjoying life for a change. Jax tells Carly he knows she's on to his secret. Robin marches over to Patrick's place and demands that he make love to her. Determined to keep Robert from capturing Luke, Lulu conks him on the head with a handy vase. Manny is revealed to be responsible for the candid camera. Miguel reminds Jason why Sonny must die.

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