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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 1, 2006 on GH
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Monday, May 1, 2006

Sam is shot and rushed to General Hospital. Emily, Carly, Jason and Jax are among those that believe that Sonny was responsible for the shooting. At the hospital Sam is rushed into surgery. Liz gives Jason some consent forms to sign which includes authorizing the doctors to perform a hysterectomy if it's deemed necessary to save Sam's life. Jason tells Liz that the bullet was intended for him.

Emily rushes over to Sonny's to confront him about the shooting. Sonny is stunned to hear that Sam was shot. He attempts to explain that he tried to call off the hit but Emily points out that he failed and Sam was shot during the bachelor auction. Sonny is confused by this bit of information. Sonny is interrupted by a call from the hit man he hired. The hit man shocks Sonny with the news that he received Sonny's messages and did not carry out the hit. Sonny asks him about Sam's shooting and the hit man explains that he wasn't anywhere near the hotel. As arranged, the hit man intended to shoot Jason from his spot across from the penthouse. Sonny gets off of the phone and tells Emily. She doesn't think any of it matters. The point is that Sonny put a hit on Jason. Emily decides that she can't be with a man who would plan to kill her brother, even if he later changed his mind. Sonny agrees that their relationship needs to end because obviously there's someone out there targeting those close to him. Determined to take action, Sonny asks Emily to stay at the house and keep an eye on the boys who are upstairs sleeping. Sonny's first stop after leaving his home is the hospital where he goes to talk to Jason. Jason takes one look at Sonny and suggests that he go home and say goodbye to his family.

Robert catches up with Luke and takes advantages of Luke's rather compromising position. He's tied to a bed, sans pants. After Robert notifies the authorities where they can find Luke, Robert leaves. Lucky for Luke he is rescued by a stranger before the police arrive. Luke quickly tracks Holly down to a room where she is living the high life drinking champagne and arranging a massage before bed. They are both surprised when Robert slips in through the balcony pointing a gun at them both. Each tries to convince Robert to take the other in.

Manny returns to his hide out and brings up a picture of Sam which he then deletes. He moves a picture of Carly to the top of the page.

Patrick finds Robin on the rooftop of General Hospital. She's upset after seeing Sam shot. She admits that she is a coward and opens up to him about what her life was like growing up the child of Anna Devane and Robert Scorpio. She's afraid to take chances. Patrick is sympathetic. He holds her in his arms as she pours out her heart.

Lorenzo shows up at the Quartermaine mansion. No one is happy to see him, convinced that he is behind the shooting and that Jason was the intended victim. Lorenzo turns to Skye and asks her if she believes he had anything to do with the shooting.

Carly is furious with Sonny. She is certain that he arranged a hit on Jason. She decides that she will go to his home and get her sons. She vows that she will never let him near them again. When she shows up at Sonny's home, Emily tries to stop Carly from waking up the boys. She tells Carly that Sonny had nothing to do with Sam's shooting but Carly doesn't care. She thinks Emily is delusional to believe that Sonny is innocent and she refuses to allow Sonny any more contact with her sons.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Emily warns Carly not to try taking Michael and Morgan from their father's house. Explaining that he didn't send the gunman who shot Sam, Sonny admits to Jason how he ordered a hit but then realized he could never live with himself if he caused the murder of his best friend. Robert's ploy backfires when he's arrested again as a suspected terrorist, leaving Luke and Holly to go scot free. Carly rails at Emily for defending the man who tried to kill her own brother. Sonny tells a startled Jason he's prepared to die at his hands. Holly cons Luke into helping her mount a rescue mission to free Robert. Carly removes her protesting sons from the Corinthos compound. After Jason confides how he still admires and respects him, Sonny throws in the towel and declares he's backing down from trying to regain his lost territory. Patrick treats Robin to some relaxing downtime away from the hospital. Cautioning that Sam is in critical condition, Dr. Lee advises Jason to contact his girlfriend's family. Posing as a priest and a nun, Luke and Holly come to the Maarkham's local jail to spring Robert but their plan quickly goes awry. After Sonny swears he will never again try to harm Jason, Emily forgives her lover for his transgression. Sam briefly regains consciousness, then is rushed back into the OR for a second surgery. Patrick and Robin fall into another quarrel when things threaten to turn passionate between them.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Luke, Holly and Robert cooled their heels in the Maarkam Islands jail. At GH, Jax told Carly John is coming home tomorrow and a "realtor" (a hitman for Manny) called Carly about the house she wanted for Jax. Robin and Noah cautioned Patrick about operating on a Mrs. Dixon, whose illness mirrored his mother's. Out of surgery, Sam dreamed about Alexis again, telling a stricken Jason, "She said she wanted me." Alexis questioned Nikolas about Sam's shooting and he told her Ric hadn't looked surprised. Patrick revealed he didn't blame Noah for Mom's death; he blamed Noah for "the way you threw away your life." "So, what? You want to follow in my footsteps?" No, Patrick wanted to try. Robert and Luke reminisced about the Prometheus disk days as Holly announced, "There's only one way out of here! Bogota!" Carly's phone battery died as the "realtor" finished his pitch. Jax reluctantly agreed to Carly nabbing the house. "I'm the one who gets to kill her," Manny reminded his fake realtor giddily. Luke and Robert didn't quite like Bogota. Where would they get 10 feet of rope and 3 peasant costumes? In a much simpler ploy, Holly screamed, drawing the guard in. Liz and Emily changed into scrubs, mentioning Lucky before Liz confided it was her first time assisting in the OR; she was considering being a surgical nurse. Robin and Patrick met Mrs. Dixon's son before her surgery (yep, this means she's toast). Alexis admitted that Nik's theories about Jason, Sonny and Ric were probably true.

"Don't worry, I'm tough," Sam told a worried Jason. Carly entered the house as the sniper sighted her through his rifle. Shots rang out, trapping her inside. Holly finally explained away her newfound love of guns and then she and her exes fled. Robin and Epiphany warned Liz and Emily about Patrick's brutal 'tude in the OR and Patrick sauntered in, enjoying the room "full of ladies." A groggy Sam interrupted Alexis questioning Jason about the shooting. Manny's hitman kept Carly pinned down. Luke, Robert, and Holly trekked through the jungle and bantered. The gents kept fighting over Holly. "Spanky Buns is used to infidelity," Luke assured, revealing his provisions: scotch and a sleeping bag. "Sam wasn't the target, Alexis. I was," Jason hissed, admitting he'd put Sam in the line of fire. Alexis had worried this would happen. Meanwhile, on Drake's Anatomy, Patrick looked for the embolism but Mrs. Dixon's EEG flattened. Medical terminology flew fast and furious but it was too late. "Time of death: 4:57." Durant came looking for Carly and the shooter trapped him. The sniper was playing games with them! (Hmm, who does that sound like?)

"Outback, plane crash, ring a bell?" Robert scoffed when Holly brought up his 15 years of faked death. Luke and Robert ended up in Luke's sleeping bag. Holly had no intention of sleeping between them. Durant assessed the situation and used a coat-on-a-stick trick to determine where the two shooters were. Patrick walked out of the OR, telling Robin he'd inform Mrs. Dixon's son. Kelly chastised Alexis for questioning a critical Sam and then told Jason that Sam's test results weren't so great. Holly ended up in the suddenly ginormous sleeping bag with the guys anyway — thanks to a "pathetic wolf call." In the locker room, it was Miller Time for Emily and Liz while Kelly craved tequila and Robin wanted some shots (can she do shots on HIV meds?). Patrick remembered being told about his mother's death as he approached Mrs. Dixon's son. He echoed that doctor's words as Noah looked on. Sam awoke again, asking about her test results. Sam's blood wasn't clotting properly and Jason was scared. Sam admitted she'd almost told Alexis she's her daughter. "You're cool in a crisis," Durant observed, saying his father had been a pilot during World War II and Carly would've made a "hell of a good one." They'd wait the hitmen out. "Jax knows I'm here," Carly assured her dad before he went to grab a makeshift weapon in case the shooters came in. As Durant snatched a pipe, shots rang out again and he fell, wounded!

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Robin, Liz, Emily and Kelly (Dr. Lee) show up at Jake's Bar to drink shots of tequila after the rough day they had in the O.R. that day. They get on the subject of men and sex as they get drunk off the tequila. Kelly Lee mentions that what made her day so tough was not being able to tell her patient's grieving fiancée that her patient may be able to still have children but her blood isn't clotting and could die. Emily realizes she is talking about Sam and asks her if she is going to die. Kelly can't say anymore but looks worried. Meanwhile, Patrick has to tell the young son of his patient that she died on the operating table. Noah steps in to talk to the boy and lies and tells him that his mother told him to tell her son that she loves him. The boy leaves with his grandmother. Patrick and Noah talk about what happened years ago when Patrick's mother died on the operating table from having the same condition as Patrick's patient. Noah apologizes to Patrick for not telling him about his mother's death. He tells Patrick that he is a better surgeon than him as well as a better man. Patrick can't help but cry a little. Back at the bar the ladies discuss the idea of having a no-strings sexual fling with a man instead of getting into complicated relationships with men. Robin puts coins in the jukebox and fantasizes about having sex with Patrick right there on the dance floor. The other ladies also fantasize about sex with Patrick also. Patrick shows up at Jake's and surprises all the ladies. They set up shots of tequila for him to drink. Coleman calls cabs for them all because they are too drunk to drive. Robin waits until they all leave and approaches Patrick. She offers herself to him to have no-strings attached sex with her right upstairs from the bar. Patrick thanks her for the offer but turns her down. Robin can't believe he would turn down sex from her. He tells her he likes her too much to take advantage of her in her state. He asks Coleman to call a cab for her.

Jason sits by Sam's bedside in I.C.U. He suggests to Sam that she tell Alexis that she is her mother if she wants to. Sam tells him that she doesn't want to tell Alexis the truth unless she knows she is dying. Sam notices how worried Jason looks and asks him if she is dying. Jason tells her she isn't dying and she will get better. Epiphany comes in and gives her another blood transfusion. Monica comes by to check on Sam. She steps outside her room to talk to Jason. She tells him that Sam is not doing better and her condition is serious. Meanwhile, Ric meets with Sonny at his home. He advises Sonny to try to get his business back while Jason is distracted with Sam right now. Sonny is hesitant to take advantage of Jason's situation for his own gain. Ric makes Sonny look at this as a way to protect not only himself but Jason as well in case some of the other five families decides to take out Jason while he is vulnerable as well as him. Sonny can see he has a valid point and tells him that if he can make it happen for him he will see it as proof of his loyalty to him. Ric jumps on it. Jason talks to one of his trusted men and finds out that Ric is trying to get back Sonny's business by using Herrera to do it. Jason talks to Monica and asks her to sit with Sam until he gets back in case she wakes up and he doesn't want her to be alone. Monica sits with her and listens to her talk in her sleep. Sam wakes up to find Monica sitting with her. Monica asks her if she was dreaming about her mother because she said mother several times in her sleep. Sam doesn't tell her Alexis is her mother and tells her that she doesn't have a mother anymore. Emily arrives at Sonny's drunk. She tells Sonny that she only wants a sex with Sonny and no relationship. Sonny tries to keep a straight face while she explains what her friends at the bar were talking about. Sonny laughs when Emily uses crude language to talk about sex. She ends up passing out before kissing Sonny. Sonny has Max and Milo carry her upstairs to bed. Later, Alexis shows up at Sonny's and is about to step into the living room when she hears voices. She witnesses Jason pointing a gun at Ric's head threatening to kill him if he doesn't stay out of his business affairs. Sonny doesn't know what to do to stop Jason. Alexis watches and worries.

Carly and John Durant try to huddle under a table to hide from the sniper outside. Durant goes to get the pipe leaning against the wall on the other side of the room. He ducks low to the floor and manages to get across the room but gets shot in the leg after he leans over too much toward the window. Carly ducks low and scrambles over to him to help him stop the bleeding. Durant tells her that he loves her and that the reason they didn't get along was because they were too much alike with wanting to go after something aggressively at all costs. Carly starts to feel uncomfortable talking about their estranged relationship. Durant tells her there is no better time to do it but right now. Later, they notice that they are only seeing shots coming from one direction not two like before. Carly feels that something is wrong. She goes over to check the door. Someone opens the door and leaps into the house. Carly has the pipe ready to use for self-defense. Jax raises his hands to reveal it is just him. He has a rifle in his hand and tells her he knocked the other shooter out that was shooting from the front of the house. Suddenly there is a spray of bullets coming at them. Jax grabs Carly and covers her body with his own under the table. Manny is outside laughing, enjoying his game. Carly looks over and sees Durant start to fall over. She scrambles over to him after calling him "Dad." By the time she gets over there Durant is already dead. Carly realizes he lost too much blood before they could get him help. Jax hears someone outside telling him they are the police and come out with their hands up. Jax calls out to them that the shooter is somewhere in the backyard and identifies himself.

Friday, May 5, 2006

Luke, Robert and Holly learn that they all have a large bounty on their heads. Dr. Meadows tells Jax she's decided to retire. Later, the OB-GYN quietly orders another paternity test for baby John as her parting shot before leaving the hospital. Emily awakens with a huge hangover and is mortified when an amused Sonny repeats what she said the night before. Dr. Lee reluctantly delivers bad news to Jason concerning his fiancée's test results. Carly admits to Jax how conflicted she feels about her father's death. Meanwhile, Alexis is shocked to learn that Durant has been murdered and she has just become the acting district attorney. Jax threatens to crush both Ric and his brother if they attempt to remove Carly's children from her care. Holly tells her traveling companions that her late husband had a nearby villa where they can hole up for a while. Carly tearfully explains to Bobbie how John died while trying to protect her. Emily wonders how her brother will go on if Sam doesn't survive. Alexis realizes she's going to have a lot less time for her kids as she juggles her new caseload. Ric again stirs up the pot after overhearing Sonny describing Jason as his brother and his friend. Monica gently informs a tearful Jason that Sam doesn't have long to live. Later, Jason decides the time has come for Alexis to hear the truth. Sonny warns Carly he won't allow her to keep him away from his boys. Thinking back on her final conversation with Durant, Carly promises her ex he will always have access to his sons.

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