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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 8, 2006 on GH
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Monday, May 8, 2006

Sonny offers Carly his condolences on the death of her father, then thanks her for not using their boys as pawns in his dispute with Jason. As Jax prepares to bring little John home from the hospital, Nikolas arrives to see the baby. Dillon, Lulu, Patrick and a hungover Robin board a flight for the Maarkham Islands. Meanwhile, at the villa, Luke and Robert compete for Holly's attention. Though Alexis reminds him that her eldest daughter died years ago, Jason repeats his insistence that Sam is the child she gave away. Lucky again complains to his brother about Liz lying and sneaking around behind his back. As Jason's story begins to sink in, Alexis is stunned to realize that her father undoubtedly forged the death certificate she found in the adoption file. Growing steadily weaker, Sam asks Monica and Emily to watch over Jason for her. Nikolas gets nowhere trying to convince Lucky that his wife hasn't been unfaithful. Alexis accompanies Jason back to the hospital to sit with her dying daughter. Emily encourages Sonny to reach out to her brother in his hour of need. Clinging to Alexis' hand, a tearful Sam thanks Jason for bringing her mother to her. Liz happily welcomes Lucky home. Carly assures Jax that she fully supports his decision to keep John from his rightful father. Worried about his missing wife, Ric turns to Sonny for help and is shocked to learn about Alexis' true connection to Sam.

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Lucky's jealous suspicions are reawakened after he finds a note from Patrick in Liz's purse. Stunned to learn that Sam is his stepdaughter, Ric tells Sonny he can't imagine Alexis ever bonding with the young woman. Meanwhile, at the hospital, an agitated Alexis pushes Dr. Lee to find a way to help Sam. On the Maarkham Islands, Robin, Patrick, Lulu and Dillon interrupt a tender moment between Luke and Holly just as an irked Robert reappears. Monica explains to Alan why she authorized multiple transfusions of a rare blood type for their son's terminally ill fiancée. Liz discloses to Lucky how his kid sister went off to the Maarkhams to rescue their father. Lucas agrees to chaperone the prom but wonders how his mother will react to him bringing a male date. As Alexis breaks her shocking news to a startled Nikolas, Emily asks Liz and Sonny to donate their O positive blood to Sam. Georgie sadly confides to Diego how her husband ran off on a big adventure without even inviting her. Luke and Robin are both disconcerted when Holly flirts openly with Patrick. Nikolas accuses Jason of costing Alexis precious time with her dying daughter. Georgie asks Diego to be her escort for the prom. Lulu and Robin give their dads an earful about their reckless behavior. Nikolas admits to Maxie how hard it's been to accept the fact that he isn't John's father. Lucky calls in a favor to prove his wife's infidelity.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

In the Maarkam Islands, the main floor is sound asleep while a stranger spies on the group outside the doors. Dillon and Lulu wake up next to one another while

Robin calls out Dr, Drake's name while she sleeps. She awakens to find Holly between herself and the doctor. Patrick offers Holly his good morning, while their legs are intertwined.

Meanwhile, Luke is trying to break into a vault while a passed out Robert lies on the bed. While being fed up with the vault, he begins to take his frustrations out with the crowbar. The loud noises cause Robert to awake with a nasty hangover. A final kick to the vault causes it to open, providing them with the contents.

Maxie sitting at the counter in Kelly's rereading John's DNA results. Nikolas joins Maxie at the counter, trying to find out what has gotten her so distracted.

Alexis asking Dr. Lee if she has Sam's test results. Dr. Lee informs Alexis that there is no change. She also tells Alexis that the hospital is down to their last five units of blood.

Ric shows up at the hospital with a muffin and a Get Well card for Sam from Kristina. Alexis is concerned that Sam may be dead before Kristina has the opportunity to know that she has a sister.

Jason is waiting by Sam's bedside when Liz comes in to start Sam's transfusion. She notices that Sam's blood pressure is up and seems to be holding.

Patrick and Holly continue to lie together, while a jealous Robin shows her displeasure. Robin asks Holly to turn herself in so that they can all leave. Patrick comes to Holly defense. A suspicious Robert and Luke enter the room. Robin and Lulu try to find

out what the men are up to when a diamond bracelet falls out of Luke's pant leg.

Maxie and Nikolas are in the midst of a discussion when a frantic Georgie interrupts, in search of a prom dress. Maxie is less than please to hear that Georgie will be attending with Diego.

Diego goes to Coleman for some money to rent a limo. Coleman promises Diego a bonus to hook him up with a convertible.

Alexis tells Ric that Sam is not responding to the blood transfusions. Ric offers to sit with Sam, however Alexis tells him that her and Jason have found a common ground and are helping one another get through this. Their discussion is ended when they over hear Liz tell Dr. Lee that she is needed in Sam's room.

Jason is sitting by Sam's bedside when Dr. Lee enters the room. Jason proceeds to update Alexis on the change in Sam's blood pressure. Dr. Lee informs all that Sam is stabilizing and is on her way to a full recovery.

Holly thanks Luke and Robert for finding her jewels that were given to her from her late husband. Robert and Luke not believing her story, ask for a description of the jewels. Rather than playing their petty game, Holly suggests that the jewels be divided in half, in her favor. Patrick decides to intervene only to have his wrist injured in the process. Bounty hunters demand that the Sutton, Scorpio and Spencer come out with their hands up.

An upset Georgie walks out on Maxie after being lectured on the rules of marriage. Maxie follows her sister, only to drop the DNA results on the floor in her haste. Nikolas finds the paper and returns to Maxie.

Lucky meets with Detective Rodriguez at Jakes to find out what has been uncovered. Rodriguez reveals that the address Lucky gave him was to a side entrance to the Cosmopolitan Hotel. The detective suggests that Lucky ignore this and move on. Lucky asks him to tail Patrick when he returns. Lucky informs Nikolas of Liz's unfaithfulness and asks for his assistance. Nikolas doesn't believe that Liz would cheat, but agrees to help him for the time being.

Dr. Lee asks Liz to find either Patrick or Noah regarding Sam. Dr. Lee informs Jason and Alexis of the new development in Sam's prognosis. She mentions that she does not wish to speculate on the diagnosis of, however Alexis concludes that it could be fatal. After speaking with Noah, Dr. Lee tells Liz that surgery is not an option for Sam.

A passerby catches Diego in the middle of breaking into a vehicle. The man buys Diego's excuse and leaves him to the vehicle. Diego takes the vehicle to the drop off point and goes to Coleman for the money.

Dillon and Lulu greet the bounty hunters and lead them to believe that they have never met or seen Holly, Robert and Luke.

Mac runs into Maxie and Lucas at Kelly's. He expresses his worry and concern for her well fare. Maxie suggests that he switch his focus to Georgie, as she appears to be having more issues. In the meantime, Lucas meets up with Guy and asks him to the prom. Guy agrees to their first official date.

Mayor Floyd approaches Liz asking for Sam's room number. Stan intervenes and offers to take him there. Epiphany stops Stan in his tracks and asks her son what he's up to. Epiphany is amused by Liz's shock, knowing that she seems non-maternal. She informs Liz that her son had great potential and wasted it by becoming involved with the mob.

Dr. Lee tells the Jason and Alexis that the Intra-cerebral Edema with proximal spinal cord compression is potentially fatal. She informs the two that Sam is not feeling any pain, and that she will start the medications immediately.

Mayor Floyd tells Alexis that her first priority as the new District Attorney should be to avoid contact with the mob. Ric asks the Mayor to show a little compassion for the situation. Alexis informs Mayor Floyd of her relationship to Sam. The Mayor suggests

that the new access to the mob could potentially place Jason behind bars.

Liz contacts Patrick's cell phone. She informs Patrick of Sam's diagnosis and asks him to return to the hospital. In the meantime, Lucky arrives with flowers for his wife and overhears a portion of her conversation. He leaves the hospital.

Patrick briefs Robin on Sam's situation. Waldo returns and takes Patrick to the airport.

Stan goes to Jason and briefs him on some new activity in their territory. Jason informs Stan that should Lorenzo make any moves, to kill him.

Edward approaches Mac in Kelly's and informs him of his stolen vehicle and asks him what he is going to do about it. Meanwhile, Diego tells Georgie that he has gotten them a limo and will be dining at the Metro Court.

Maxie tries calling Jax, however he is unavailable. She will call back.

Alexis informs Jason that she needs to leave and go see the girls and to stop by the office. She meets with Dr. Lee in the hall and is told that if the medication does not work, they are unable to operate because Sam could bleed to death.

Liz in Sam's room with Jason, informing him that Patrick is on his way back to Port Charles. That if anyone can pull it off, he can.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Everyone at the villa stares at Holly sleeping on the couch with the bag of jewels clutched in her hands. Later, Robin cooks dinner for everyone at the villa. Everyone compliments her on how good the food tastes. Robin surprises everyone by telling them that they are eating cooked snake. She assures Lulu that the snake she killed was not poisonous. Robin tells Luke, Robert, and Holly that she wants them to turn themselves in to the authorities. She thinks that Robert will be able to convince the authorities that he is not a terrorist and they will let them go free. Luke asks Robert how Robin could be so naive for being a Scorpio. Robert doesn't know how to explain Robin's behavior. Robin tells them that they should be honest with the authorities. Luke again looks over at Robert wondering how his daughter could be so unlike him. Robert tells him that Robin gets this from his brother and not from either her mother or him. Lulu decides to cut to the chase and tell them what she thinks of their ability to get out of trouble. She tells them that they are too old to be running off on any more adventures and that she and Robin came here to stop them from getting themselves killed. Luke doesn't appreciate Lulu's comments and tells her to butt out of his business and go home. Lulu tells him to go to hell and runs outside. Holly tells Luke that he is clueless sometimes. Robin is about to say something to Robert but he warns her not to say a word. Holly catches up to Lulu outside and advises her about how to handle any man. Lulu tells her that she is worried that something will happen to Luke just as she starting to get close to him. Holly suggests she go home and let Robert and Luke take care of themselves. Lulu decides she has no other choice. She goes back inside. Dillon doesn't want to go home without helping Luke and Robert out first. Luke tells him he needs him to go with the girls to help protect them. He also reminds him that he needs to call Georgie also. Dillon agrees to go with Lulu and Robin back home. Robert approaches Robin and asks her if she would be willing to have dinner with him when he gets back to town and talk. Robin tells him she will consider having dinner with him. Lulu is about ready to leave and Luke gives her the cold shoulder at first. However, he stops her from leaving and thanks her for coming all this way to help him. He gives her a big hug before she leaves. Robert and Luke try to figure out how to escape without being caught and who will go up in the plane next. Holly offers to go first. The men disagree with that idea. A few moments later Dillon, Robin, and Lulu come back and tell them that they tried to leave but they ran into some fierce looking jaguar. Robert and Luke take the machete and go in search of it. They come back later after getting rid of the creature and find Holly, and the rest of them tied up at gunpoint by the bounty hunters.

Lorenzo shows up at the Quartermaine mansion to see Skye. She brings him out on the patio to show him something. The patio is filled with baby furniture and things. She shows him a card she received with all the stuff. It is a card from the Escobar family. Skye tells him she doesn't want to accept the presents from a mob family but she also is afraid to return the gifts and insult the family so much they retaliate against Lorenzo. Lorenzo assures her that nothing bad will happen if he returns the gifts to them. Georgie shows up to see Skye and ask her for female's advice. Skye goes inside to see what Georgie wants. Georgie asks her to borrow a pair of her beautiful shoes since they wear the same size. She tells her she is going to the prom and needs some nice shoes to go with her new dress. Skye tells her she can borrow whatever she needs and assumes that Dillon is back and taking her to the prom. Georgie tells her she doesn't know if Dillon will get back in time and someone else will be taking her to the prom. Skye asks her who is taking her and Diego walks in and tells her he is. Skye is caught off guard by that news but tells Diego that Lorenzo is out on the patio if he needs to talk to him. Diego goes to talk to Lorenzo. Lorenzo tells him about the baby gifts and who sent them. Diego is impressed that the Escobar family wants to do business with Lorenzo. Lorenzo tells Diego that he has no interest in doing business with the Escobars because he wants to give Diego and his unborn child a better life than that. He asks Diego to represent him and go meet with the head of the family and turn down their request of doing business with him. Diego agrees to do that for him. Meanwhile, Georgie explains why she is going to the prom with Diego when she knows how much Dillon hates him. Skye calls her on her spiteful behavior and Georgie doesn't deny it. She insists she loves her husband and would never cheat on him but admits Diego is the only other guy she wants to go to the prom with. She leaves and Lorenzo walks in. Skye tells him that she is afraid that Georgie will end up cheating on Dillon. She bothers Lorenzo when she tells him that she doesn't think it is a good idea for them to be a couple anymore. Later, Diego meets with the head of the Escobar family and tells him of Lorenzo's plans to turn down their offer. Escobar offers Diego a job working for him instead if he wants it.

Emily shows up at Sonny's house. He surprises her by having the living room filled with roses for her. He welcomes her back home and fixes her breakfast. Emily fills him in on what is happening to Sam. Sonny feels that they shouldn't waste anymore time and enjoy the time they have together. Meanwhile, Patrick returns to the hospital and looks at Sam's chart. Alexis goes to see Sam. She finds out from Jason that Patrick is going to do surgery on Sam to save her life. Alexis doesn't think it is a good idea and asks him who told him that surgery was the answer for Sam. Jason tells her that Liz told him that Patrick could do this kind of risky surgery and save Sam. Alexis doesn't think he should be getting medical advice from Liz as well intended as she is. She goes to speak to Patrick. She overhears a heated argument between Patrick and Noah. Noah is against the surgery and tries to convince Patrick how it will end up killing Sam. Alexis asks Noah what the risks are for this type of surgery. Noah explains to her that he believes that this surgery is too risky and that Sam will end up bleeding to death on the operating table if Patrick does the surgery. Jason shows up and yells at Noah for trying to stop Patrick from doing the surgery. Noah tells him that the surgery is too risky. Jason tells him that he needs to stop interfering and let Patrick examine Sam first. Sonny shows up at the hospital and runs into Jason. He advises Jason to follow his instincts and be patient as well. He wishes Jason good things and offers to pray for Sam. Jason thanks him for coming by. Sonny runs into Monica when he asks about Sam. Monica asks him to give Emily up if he wants to help Jason right now. Sonny asks her if she wants Emily to be happy even if she is happy with him. She tells him that she wants her daughter to be safe and she can't as long as she is with him. Later, Alexis goes back to Sam's room to persuade Jason not to allow them to do the surgery. Jason is sick of waiting for Sam to get better and wants something done now. Alexis tells him that Patrick just lost a patient by doing a risky surgery and that he wants to prove himself. Jason isn't sure what to do but when Patrick comes in and starts to give orders to the nurses to prep Sam for surgery. Alexis pleads with Jason to give the medicine a chance to work first. Jason signs the consent forms and they get ready to bring Sam into the O.R. Jason takes Sam's engagement ring off of her before her surgery and tells her he loves her. He waits and worries about whether he is making the right decision or not. Sonny goes back home and surprises Emily when he drives a new sports car home on his own. He tells her he saw the car and loved it and so he bought it. He tells her that life is too short to waste on waiting for things and so he decides to buy the car. Emily asks him if it is safe for him to drive a car on his own without bodyguards. Sonny tells her that since Jason took over the business he is safe. Alexis shows up at the operating room and interrupts Patrick just as he is ready to start the surgery. She tells him she got a court injunction and that they can't do the surgery on her daughter.

Friday, May 12, 2006

In the villa at the Maarkam Islands, Holly, Lulu, Dillon and Robin are tied up and being held at gunpoint by the bounty hunters. Robert and Luke, who have yet to be restrained, begin bickering over making a run for it.

The bounty hunters finally tie up Robert and Luke while the arguments continue. They ask that the kids be released but the Bounty Hunters refuse to let anyone go until they have received the money. Lulu informs them that they can make more money off the jewels that Holly is wearing. The hunters take Holly's jewels. Creating a new plan, the hunters decide to cash in still on the bounty as well as on the jewels.

Dillon informs them that Robert is a "super spy" and the bounty hunters will be killed when the National Intelligence Agency comes to find him. Robert knocks Luke's chair over, blaming him for everything that has happened and that he should have turned him in. Tired of the constant arguing between the two, Robin screams for them to shut up and calls them worthless. She then proceeds to tell Robert that he is a self absorbed, self promotion, thinking that he's so important when no one cares and Luke who is a rebel without a cause, devil may care, too hip for the room attitude when he was so ten years ago. With the distraction, Robert and Luke manage to free themselves of their restraints and attack the bounty hunters. Robert and Luke fight the two bounty hunters holding them hostage, managing to knock them out cold. As the men rush to untie the rest, a third hunter cocks his gun. Lulu stuns him by hitting him from behind with an oar, and Dillon punches him in the face completely knocking him out.

Robert comments on Robin's freak out causing a good distraction. Robin informs the two that she meant every word of it. Believing that it's Waldo coming to save them, a helicopter hovers above them. Realizing that Waldo does not have access to a helicopter, the crew suspiciously watches as a stranger crawls down the ladder towards them. Once on the ground, the stranger removes her helmet to reveal that it is none other than Anna Devane. Robin and Anna embrace, and they briefly exchange how much they missed one another. She then hands Robin her bag to hold, and turns and kicks Robert in the head knocking him to the ground.

Carly cooling off by fan when Jane comes in looking for Jax. Jane shocked to see Carly. Carly tells Jane that the whole family came to see her, including her new grandson John. Jane inquires as to where Jax has made off. Carly informs the mother that Jax had received a call from Jerry. All she could make out of the conversation is something about a ransom and yaks. Jax should be returning soon though. Jane pleased that in the mean time, they will have the opportunity to get a few things straight. Carly enters the house with John, and hands him to Jane. Jane tells John that he was named after a special man and that his grandfather is watching him from above. Michael and Morgan enter the house. Michael is yelling that Morgan can't have the shells because he throws them back into the sea. Carly tells Michael that he can't act like that here, since he is not permitted to act like that at home. Carly apologizes to Jane. Michael sees the covered cage and asks what is inside it. He then accidentally knocks it over, allowing the lizard to escape. After trying to search for the lizard, Jane enters the house again and informs Carly and the boys that the lizard is gone. She expresses her dismay with having lost the endangered lizard when she could have taken it to a research facility to study it. Carly asks the boys to find Leticia. Once gone, Carly informs Jane that it was an accident and that Jax and Jerry must have given their fair share when they were children. Jane tells Carly that she and her husband were able to focus the children's energies. Jane then proceeds to tell Carly that Norma, Jax and herself are able to care for John and that Michael and Morgan must be home sick. Carly calls her on how long it would take before Jane would ask her to leave and about Jane not liking her. Jane tells Carly that she really doesn't give her much thought.

Carly and Jane sitting at a table playing a family board game. Carly suggests to up the ante by deciding that if she wins, Jane will back off period and if Jane wins Carly will leave. Jane tries to rationalize with Carly about how Carly would feel if she were in Jane's shoes. Carly tries to explain that her situation is complicated. She then tries to tell Jane that a second option would be to give the woman her son deeply cares about a chance. Jane tells Carly that Jax has always had terrible taste in women and that this time he has sunk lower than ever before. Jane guarantees that she will win the game and get Carly out of Jax's life; she will be nothing more than a temporary distraction. Carly wins the board game. Jane informs Carly that she won't allow Jax to invest his heart in a lying tramp like her. Carly tells Jane that she will be with Jax no matter what and that they don't need her approval. Jane passes out in Carly's arms.

Sonny tells Emily that Jason did him a favor in taking over the business. It now allows him the freedom to experience new things. Emily thinking perhaps that Sonny may have just gone a little overboard. Max and Milo are talking about Sonny's new vehicle. Max is in awe and practically drooling over the fact that he will be given the opportunity to drive Sonny around in the new convertible rather than the limo. Emily tells Sonny that she knows so much has changed in his life. First he was so angry about it, and now that the anger has subsided, all that is left is heartache. Sonny tells Emily that everyone gets hurt and disappointed and that he is not going to wallow in his pain. He knows that the timing is off with Sam in the hospital and that things may seem like their being insensitive, however he knows that they can't be with Sam and Jason and he feels terrible about that. He feels that they need to live their lives the way they want because it can all be taken away so quickly. The two agree to go for a ride, and Max runs out and asks them where they would like to be driven. Max reviews the map on the best routes to take to maximize the car's potential, but is quickly devastated when Sonny tells him that he will be driving the vehicle instead. Max tells Sonny to be gentle with her. Sonny takes Emily to Vista Point, a popular after prom hangout. Sonny tells her that while growing up he was never able to enjoy prom or other activities that "normal" kids were able to experience. With Sonny's new life he is able to go anywhere with no worries of the business. They kiss. Sonny decides that he wants to ride through the old neighborhood, to where the guys used to hang out. He tells Emily that they used to watch the rich kids drive by with their rich cars, but his new car puts them to shame. He is happy that he has the car and the girl.

Sonny lies Emily down in the backseat of the car. Emily expresses her surprise to Sonny, as usually he is such a private person. She wants to know what has gotten into him.

Ric enters Sam's hospital room and asks Jason if Sam is in surgery. Ric informs Jason that Alexis may be too late. Jason wondering what Alexis could be too late for.

Alexis enters the operating room waiving an injunction, demanding the procedure stop. Patrick informs Alexis that Jason did sign off on the procedure. Alexis tells Patrick that it's not Jason's place, only she can sign off as the next of kin. Patrick tells Alexis that Sam will die without the surgery, that the information given to Alexis by Noah is wrong. Jason and Ric enter the emergency. A frustrated Patrick calls off the surgery due to the operating room's contamination. He tells Jason that he will operate once the injunction has been lifted. Liz goes to Ric and asks that he try to change Alexis' mind on the injunction. Ric tells her that it's not their call.

Patrick is angry with Noah for messing with the patients lives. Noah not wanting Patrick to ruin his career and he's trying to give Alexis different options. Noah tells Patrick that the only reason that he is so keen on doing the surgery is because of the patient who died on his operating table as well as because he is trying to play God. Noah says that he is trying to save Sam from Patrick's arrogance. Noah walks off. Alexis and Jason are fighting over what measures to take to save Sam's life. Alexis would like to give the medication a try to if it doesn't work, then go ahead with the surgery. Jason would prefer the surgery immediately. Jason kisses Sam and walks out on Alexis. Alexis prays that she is making the right decision and doing right by Sam. Ric comforts Alexis. Ric tells her to go with her best instinct and Alexis says that her gut tells her that Patrick has an agenda. Epiphany comes into the room to take Sam for a CT scan. Alexis and Ric accompany Sam for her test. Waiting outside of the room for the test to finish, Alexis tells Ric that she didn't like the way that Jason looked at her for taking over. She says that she is just trying to do right by Sam. Ric tells her to just try to make the same decisions that she would if it were Kristina or Molly. Alexis remembers that Kristina has a dance recital. Ric leaves to ensure that Kristina does not miss it.

Alexis then enters the room where Sam is to be getting her CT scan done. Epiphany turns and tells her that she will let her know when it's fine to enter. The patient lying on the table sits up and asks if it's her sister. Alexis demands to know where her daughter is.

Jason approaches Patrick and asks what he will need to pay in order for Patrick to do the surgery. Patrick informs him that if he is willing to continue with the surgery, that there is no need for the money. Patrick asks Liz to assist in the operating room only if she is still thinking that this is the right approach that they should be taking. Liz says that she has taken an oath to save people and she will be there to help, regardless of the consequences.

Liz tells Jason that Sam is on her way to the operating room. Jason offers his gratitude, and tells Liz that no matter what happens he will make sure that she doesn't get any of the blame. She informs Jason that she made the choice to assist, and she really feels that Patrick operating is the best choice for Sam to live. Jason shows that he is a little uneasy, and Liz tells him that it's not too late to back out. Jason agrees that the surgery is what Sam would want.

While wheeling Sam to surgery, Patrick turns and asks if Jason is packing so that if there are any questions Patrick can say that Jason held a gun to his head. Being on the same page as Patrick, Jason informs him that if he doesn't do the surgery he will shoot him. Jason leans down and asks Sam to come back to him. The nurses wheel Sam into the operating room, where an upset Jason tells Sam that he loves her through the door.

Patrick informs his operating staff that they have very little time to get this done. They begin the surgery. Liz takes note of how bad Sam's condition really is.

An angry Alexis finds Jason in the hall just outside the operating room. She promises Jason that should anything happen to Sam during the operation, she will personally see to it that he is put away for murder.

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