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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 29, 2006 on GH
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Monday, May 29, 2006

Robin and Epiphany are talking when they run into Patrick. Patrick asks Robin what she is doing. He tells her that they were supposed to meet at her apartment at 10:00, but she wasn't there. Robin tells Patrick that she had a picnic planned, and to come and get her in 15 minutes.

Robin and Patrick begin hiking to their picnic location. However once it begins to rain, they attempt to find refuge. Finding a little cabin, Robin picks the lock. At once Patrick starts a fire while Robin lights some candles. Robin catches Patrick starring at her and wonders what is up. Patrick tells her that she's beautiful and refuses to apologize for being caught starring.

Robin and Patrick are finding comfort in each other's arms when they begin to kiss. Realizing that he has left his protection in the car, he tells Robin that he needs to head back to the car which is 5 miles away. Having already planned for an incident like this, Robin pulls out some protection from her purse. Robin turns to Patrick and tells him that she has waited a long time to make love to him.

Robin and Patrick are kissing, when he breaks the kiss to find out if she has any second thoughts on making love. Telling him how great it is to be there with him, they begin to kiss again and then make love.

Lucky runs into Liz at the Nurse's Station and informs her that he has dropped off Cameron at the daycare. When asked what he is up to, Lucky tells her that he has been called back in for duty due to the shortage of officers for the holiday. Liz tells Lucky that he is not well enough to go back to work. Mac runs into the two and asks if Liz has seen Maxie. Telling him that Maxie has called in sick, she continues to tell him about Lucky and work. Mac tells him that because the deputy sergeant is new, he did not realize that Lucky was on disability. Lucky tries to fight Mac on the issue of his return, but Mac will not hear it.

Nik overhears Lucky yelling at Liz regarding her undermining him in front of his boss. When Nik asks what happened, Lucky informs his brother that Liz doesn't want him to go back to work yet. Nik tells Lucky that he agrees with Liz and that he should be trying to get better. Lucky freaks out on both of them and walks away.

Sam attempts to leave her bed to go and find Jason, believing that she had seen him in the hall. Liz stops Sam and gets her to get back into bed.

Nik goes to see Sam and brings her a box of Belgium chocolates. Sam thanks him but says that it wasn't necessary since she asked him to come and see her. Nik tells Sam that he figures that she had a problem, and he would like to help her if he can. Sam asks Nik to take her to see Jason since he won't come to see her. Nik is unsure on whether or not he should take her since it could jeopardize her health. Liz enters the room and tells Nik that moving her is out of the question since she is recovering from major brain surgery. Sam asks Liz if she felt that she was losing Lucky, wouldn't she do anything to try to get him back.

Liz enters Sam's hospital room to change her IV. Sam tells Liz that she still hasn't answered her question regarding what she would do if Lucky had pushed her away. Liz tells Sam that their circumstances are different as Lucky and Jason are nothing alike. Liz tells Sam that when Jason makes a decision out of love, it will be very hard to change his mind. After Liz leaves, Sam pulls out her I.V. and sneaks out of the hospital to find Jason.

Sonny hires an architect to have his boathouse remodeled in a week. The architect tells him that it will be impossible. Sonny tells him to draw up the plans, and he will take care of the workers.

Alexis interrupts Sonny and the architect to discuss what allegedly happened between Sonny and Escobar at the restaurant. The architect excuses himself so that Alexis and Sonny can be alone. Alexis tries to make a connection with Sonny, but he won't hear of it. All Sonny seems interested in, is what Alexis's agenda is. She informs Sonny that as the DA, she will be required to prosecute him. She then continues to tell him that she thought that he was going to give up the business, but if he doesn't he owes it to Kristina and Emily to give them up.

Sonny tells Alexis that she is not allowed to come into his house and tell him what to do. He proceeds to tell her that he is Kristina's father and he will see her any time he chooses. Sonny also says that he will continue to see Emily if he chooses. He then threatens that he will treat her as he treats any other DA in the past. He will continue to throw them out on their butts, or make them disappear. Max enters and asks Sonny if he would like him to show Alexis out. Once Alexis has left, he goes over and takes a drink. Next he turns to the chair and throws it.

Emily arrives at Sonny's, however Max warns her that perhaps it may not be a good time to see Sonny as he's in a bad mood. Hearing her voice, Sonny comes to greet Emily. He tells her that he has hired an architect to redo the garden, boathouse and dock. Emily seems a little surprised and asks him what brought on the idea. Sonny tells her that he had been thinking about the changes for a long time and had just never gotten around to it.

Emily asks Sonny if it's a good time to tear up the back yard with summer so close. Sonny says that he expects to have the work completed quickly so there is nothing to be alarmed about. Emily suggests that they make a toast, and reveals the wine she brought with her. She tells Sonny that it is a wine from the same area of Spain in which they stayed. Nik arrives at Sonny's wanting to speak with Emily in private. Sonny does not seem thrilled by his intrusion.

Nik tells Emily that he wants to give her the cabin that they had purchased together. Emily tells Nik that she really doesn't want it and suggests that they sell it and donate the proceeds to the hospital. Nik tells Emily that he will do whatever she wants regarding it, and pulls out the paperwork for her to sign. Emily accidentally drops the contract and as both of them reach down to retrieve it they bump heads. Sonny enters the room again to them laughing. Sonny grabs the bottle of wine as he stares intently at Nik.

Maxie asks Coleman for another drink in Jakes. Diego asks Coleman if he knows that he is serving someone who is under age. Maxie and Diego come to the agreement that if Diego doesn't tell Georgie that he saw her in Jakes, Maxie won't tell Georgie that Diego is doing side jobs for Coleman.

Lucky runs into Maxie and comments on Coleman serving drinks to a minor in front of a cop, but Maxie talks him into letting it go. Lucky takes a pill and orders a scotch.

Maxie tells Lucky that she came to Jakes because it was Memorial Day, and she had wanted to go and see Jessie's grave and place a little flag on it but couldn't bear to. Lucky said that he had also thought about going to Jessie's grave to pay his respects. Lucky asks Maxie if she will accompany him to the grave.

Lucky and Maxie are at Jessie's grave, and Lucky tells her how sorry he is about what happened. Maxie tells Lucky that all she wants to do is be able to live her life. She tells him that no one in her life understands how she is feeling except for him. She then leans over and kisses him.

Arriving at the penthouse, Stan tells Jason that he has heard on the police radios that Escobar has been shot through the heart. Stan asks if Sonny had an alibi for the time of the shooting, and Jason informs him that Sonny was with Alexis. Stan tells Jason that a contractor will be out soon to repair the window. Jason tells Stan to leave the window, as he would like it as a reminder of his life.

Alexis and Detective Rodriguez stop by the penthouse to question Jason about Escobar's shooting. Detective Rodriguez tells Jason that he could take him down to the station to refresh his memory, however Jason informs him that he would like to contact his lawyer first. Alexis tells him that it isn't necessary since all of the witnesses have disappeared.

Detective Rodriguez asks Jason if he has an alibi for the time of the shooting. Jason tells him that his guards can vouch for him. Alexis tells the Detective that they do not have any other questions as they do not have enough evidence to implicate Jason. Detective Rodriguez leaves so that Alexis can have a moment alone with Jason. Alexis tells Jason that since he was able to get away with murder proves that he should not be with Sam.

While on the phone, Jason hears a knock at the door. He is surprised to see Sam standing there. She tells him that she forgot her keys.

Alexis enters Sam's room only to find it empty. Believing that her daughter is in the bathroom, she tries knocking on the door. After receiving no answer, she opens the door and realizes that Sam is not in there either. Alexis finds Epiphany in hallway and asks if Sam has been brought for any tests. Epiphany tells Alexis that no tests have been scheduled. Alexis suggest that perhaps her daughter went for a walk. Epiphany tells Alexis that it is much too soon for Sam to be up and that it could still be hazardous to her health.

Lucas asks Georgie why she is going through so much trouble with Dillon's birthday when they are having their marriage annulled. Georgie tells Lucas that even though they are too young to be married, it doesn't mean that they don't love one another. Dillon enters Kelly's with Lulu.

Diego comes to see Georgie at Kelly's and sees the beginning of the festivities. Georgie informs him that it is Dillon's birthday and she is throwing him a party. She is about to tell Diego that she was sorry that she couldn't invite him when Dillon comes and interrupts them. He tells Diego that since it is his birthday, he would like for Georgie and Diego's friendship not to be rubbed in his face. Diego says goodbye to Georgie and leaves. Lulu tells Lucas that she is off to take Diego out of the picture for good.

Lulu follows Diego to Jakes, where she asks him to dance. Catching onto her little game, Diego asks Lulu to joins his side in trying to break up Dillon and Georgie.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

As Nikolas and Emily accidentally "head butted" each other, and were laughing about it, Sonny was watching them. As he saw them laugh, he started to pick up a bottle of wine. Max interrupted them by offering to open the wine, while Sonny tended to his guests. Sonny invited Nikolas to have dinner with them, however, Nikolas declined the offer and left. At that time, Emily asked Sonny what was wrong, and his response was to kiss her passionately. As Sonny led Emily to the couch, it was obvious he wanted to make love. When Emily asked to go upstairs to the bedroom for some privacy, Sonny convinced her to stay in the living room and forget about everything and everyone, except for him. When they finished making love, and they were getting dressed, Sonny asked Emily if anything was going on between her and Nikolas. Emily tried to convince Sonny that Nikolas was being courteous by trying to clear up anything regarding their marriage amongst the two of them, instead of going through lawyers. Emily said that she was sorry how people were hurt with the two of them being together, however, she was happy being with Sonny. She mentioned how bad she felt that her brother was hurting and that Sam was now hurting. At that time Sonny took his keys and was preparing to leave when he asked Max, why he took the wine bottle away from him. When Max did not answer, Sonny said he knew that Max thought he was going to hit Nikolas with it. At that point Sonny let Max know that for a second he had thought of doing it.

At Jessie's grave Maxie and Lucky were kissing. When they stopped, Maxie felt guilty about the way that she had been living her life, and not living up to her potential after being given two chances to continue with her life. Lucky tried to console her, and told her not to feel guilty about the choices she had made.

Back at the apartment, Nikolas had a proposal for Liz. He wanted to build his brother and his family a house on the land that he and Emily owned together. He tried to convince Emily, by saying that Cameron needed more space and that Lucky needed the room for physical therapy. Liz was appreciative of the gesture, however, was certain that Lucky would not accept. At that time Lucky walked into the door, and asked what they were discussing. When Nikolas told Lucky of his proposal, Lucky became angry and told him that he was not interested. After Nikolas left, Lucky felt bad about the way he had spoken to his brother and Liz asked Lucky what was wrong. Lucky confessed that he was frustrated with his situation and in pain. Liz tried to comfort him by kissing him; however, before it could get any further, Cameron started crying in the bedroom. Lucky took out his bottle of pills and was about to take some, when Liz walked in from checking on Cameron. She asked where he got the pills, and Lucky lied saying that they were refills from his last prescription.

When Jason opened the door at his apartment, Sam was standing there wet from the rain. As she was about to plea her case to him, she almost fainted. When Jason carried her into the apartment and on the sofa, Sam continued to try to convince Jason that they should stay together. She felt that she had accepted his life a long time ago, and that his taking the business over did not change anything. During their conversation, Jason got a phone call from Alexis, who asked if Sam was with him. When he told her that Sam was there, Alexis said that she would be there with an ambulance. However, Jason told her that it was not necessary, and that he would take her back to the hospital. Sam refused to leave, saying that she needed Jason to understand that since they both loved each other, that they should stay together. As she was pleading her case, Alexis showed up. Sam asked Alexis to leave since she was having a personal conversation with Jason. Alexis, extremely upset with Sam, told her that she was jeopardizing her recovery after brain surgery. Sam refused to leave, determined to talk to Jason, and change his mind. She told him not to allow Alexis to intimidate him when it came to their relationship. When Jason told her that Alexis had nothing to do in regards to the steps he had taken, Sam was in shock. At that time Alexis convinced Sam to go back to the hospital, and said to address the issue once she recovered. As Sam was leaving the apartment on the stretcher, she told Jason she wouldn't give up on them. Once alone in the apartment, Jason is visited by Sonny. Sonny apologizes, stating that he should not have called Jason a hypocrite. He knew that Jason broke it off with Sam, and that it had something to do with what he had to say. Sonny tried to convince Jason, that in the long run all that mattered was the love that Sam and Jason felt.

In the cabin, after making love, Robin told Patrick that she knew that he was freaking out about her being HIV +. Patrick agreed that he would have freaked out if he was HIV +, however, with the precautions that they took, he was not worried about it. Knowing that Patrick was worried about something, Robin addressed if he was concerned that she was looking for a commitment. Patrick agreed, saying that he has gotten to know her, and that he knows that she would not have take this step lightly. Robin convinced Patrick that she understood that a commitment is not in the cards, and that it was just sex between them. As they continued kissing, Jax and Carly interrupt them. Jax informed them that it was his cabin, and that he would not have had a problem with them using it, if he had gotten some notice. At that point, Patrick and Robin told Jax that they had been hiking and got caught in the rain when they came across the cabin. As the three of them were speaking, Carly was looking at the situation incredulously. She made a snide remark about Patrick lowering his standards after she had chosen Jax instead of him. Robin angrily told Carly to watch what she said or that she would make Carly regret it. Jax told Patrick and Robin that he would give them some privacy to get dressed, however, that he would like to talk to Robin. Outside, Jax asked Carly to show a little compassion to Robin, a suggestion that Carly scoffed at. As they were talking, Robin walked out of the cabin, frustrated with comments made by Patrick. Carly went into the cabin, where Patrick tried to convince her that Robin was a good person. Outside, Jax asked Robin what she had on Carly. Robin told Jax that she had nothing concrete; however, Carly was someone who would lie, and begged Jax to get out while he still had some dignity. Soon afterward, Jax and Carly left the cabin, and Robin and Patrick continued kissing.

Wednesday, June 31, 2006

Kelly asked Patrick if he'd seen anybody suspicious lurking around her office, because someone had stolen pages from her prescription pad. Maxie, who was lurking suspiciously near enough to hear, rushed to warn Lucky not to fill those prescriptions because the pharmacy was on the lookout. Lucky assured her he was done with pills, but Maxie still helpfully offered to steal some drugs for him. Liz appeared, and Lucky told her he was there to get Patrick's clearance to return to work; all he has to do is prove himself pain-free. When nobody was looking, he popped a handful of pills right there. Meanwhile, Nikolas asked Liz why Lucky is "paying" his bills, so she revealed it was actually Jason's money, but Lucky didn't know. Nik told her Jason has taken Sonny's place as the most powerful criminal in Port Charles. Later, Patrick cleared Lucky, who immediately vowed to pay back Nik.

Jason visited Coleman to shake him down for protection money. Diego appeared and told Jason that his father is already "protecting" Jake's, but Coleman tossed the punk and denied any deals. Jason vowed to be tougher than Sonny was: 15 percent of bar receipts and 20 percent of the chop shop and any other business (which better not include drugs, underage girls or Jason's friends. Or any combination thereof.). Later, at Metro Court, Jason met with Alcazar (as Carly lurked) and told him about Diego making threats in his name. Alcazar fretted that Jason was just looking for an excuse to take him out. Alcazar later told Carly to tell Jason to back off, but Carly assured him that if Jason wanted to kill him, he would be dead.

At Kelly's, Nik told Lulu he wants to send her to Stanhope, a classy prep school. Robin walked in, and Carly started teasing her. Lulu leaped to Robin's defense, so Carly snapped at her and stormed out. Robin appreciated the effort, but told Lulu to mind her own business. Diego stormed in, but insisted he wasn't looking for Georgie. He asked Lulu if she wanted to go somewhere and discuss how to break up Dillon and Georgie. In an alley, Diego broke into a car and Lulu hopped in. Diego brought the car to Coleman, who paid him off, but warned the punk not to act on his own again. Lulu seemed upset about Diego boosting the car — until he gave her her cut. Suddenly, she was excited about boosting cars. And, oh, yeah, they needed to talk about that Dillon/Georgie thing. Speaking of the teen newlyweds, back at Kelly's Georgie told Dillon she had researched annulments on the Internet, and they don't qualify. They agreed they enjoyed life before marrying, but getting a divorce sounds like they made a mistake. They didn't want to be "exes." Suddenly they noticed Lulu and Diego getting all chummy outside, and agreed that the spectacle didn't bother either one of them.

Alexis took pictures of the new house — which she is buying from Skye through Alcazar. Ric was concerned about how it would look. Alexis said that's nothing compared to bearing Sonny's kid. Ric worried that she's doing it just for Sam, but Sam isn't interested in living with her. Alexis held out hope (and the promise of loud sex) before rushing off. At the hospital, Alexis showed Sam the house pics — including her room. Sam was sure she could change Jason's mind and go home with him. Alexis insisted Jason's life has no room for Sam. Sam insisted that at 26, she'll never fit Alexis' image of a professional woman. At Metro Court, Alcazar gave Ric the keys to the house. They sniped to each other over the Carly/panic room incident, and chatted about Sonny leaving the business before Ric left. Ric delivered the keys, and Alexis complained about him working for Sonny. Did Ric know Sonny threatened to kill her?!

Epiphany basically told Robin that she knows about her and Patrick, so Robin came clean. Then Epiphany warned her not to break his heart or she'll break Robin's legs. Robin joined Patrick in a supply closet for a quickie. Outside, Jason appeared and talked to Liz about money. Then she told him to make up with Sam. Sam came out of her room to confront Jason herself. Back at the nurse's station, Kelly caught Maxie clumsily stealing bottles of meds.

At Metro, Nik asked Carly if she's hiding some secret about Jax.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Alan, Edward and Monica complain to Alice about how disappointing lunch was for them at the house. They thought "Cook" had been baking a peach cobbler and smoked salmon. Alice reminds them that there are more mouths in the house to feed now that Robert is living there. Edward tells them that he is hoping that Robert will work his magic to run Luke out of the mansion and then he will leave soon. Tracy comes in the room and overhears him. She tells Edward that Luke is going nowhere as far as she is concerned. Luke comes in the room and starts accusing Tracy of trying to freeze all his assets. Tracy expects Luke to live on the allowance she is giving him. Robert comes in the room complaining about all the noise waking him up from his nap. Edward chastises Robert for taking a nap as if he was a two year old instead of a grown man. Later, Luke and Robert show up at the "Haunted Star" together. Luke gives him a tour. Robert isn't that impressed with how the place looks. Luke takes offense to Robert's negativity and complains about Tracy. Robert tells Luke he expects him to do better with handling Tracy and the Quartermaines. Nikolas comes over to see Luke. Luke introduces Robert to Nikolas, not realizing they already met briefly before. Luke asks Nikolas for another infusion of cash for the casino after Tracy froze his accounts. Tracy shows up and Nikolas isn't that surprised to see her or know what is going on. Luke realizes that Tracy already told Nikolas what was going on and that he didn't stop her. Nikolas tells him that what he is doing has nothing to do with being a Cassadine but that he is a businessman who expects to get a profit off of his investment. Nikolas leaves them to talk to Tracy. Tracy surprises Luke when she hires Robert to be the manager of the casino so he can keep an eye on Luke and make sure the profits don't get lost. Robert accepts the job which irritates Luke. Robert suggests they have a cocktail to discuss it further. Luke makes a call on his cell-phone to someone. He identifies who he is and tells the person on the other line that he needs him to help him pull off a robbery and that he will be the victim.

Maxie gets caught by Dr. Lee when she tries to steal drugs for Lucky. Lucky watches her from afar and sees she is in trouble. He approaches Dr. Lee to ask her about something. Dr. Lee tells him she has to talk to Maxie first and then will talk to him. Lucky gets Maxie out of trouble by vouching for her character and suggests that Maxie was just picking up the bottle of pills off the floor. Maxie confirms that was what she was doing. Dr. Lee buys the story and apologizes for accusing Maxie by jumping to conclusions. Maxie takes off and Lucky starts to ask Dr. Lee about Sam's shooting. Dr. Lee informs him she already talked to the police. Lucky admits that was not what he really wanted to ask her. He asks her if she has noticed Patrick flirting with Liz to try to get her to go to bed with him. Liz is surprised when she finds Lucky standing at the nurses' station with a bouquet of flowers. He tells her the flowers are a way for him to make up for how much of a jerk he has been lately. She kisses him and gives him a hug. Maxie sees them together and seems jealous. Later, Liz puts the flowers in a vase and confirms to Patrick that they are from Lucky. Dr. Lee watches as Liz gives Patrick a friendly hug. Dr. Lee approaches Patrick and suggests that he hit on her instead of Liz since she is single and available and Liz isn't. She tells him about Lucky cornering her earlier to ask about him. Patrick finds Lucky later and tells him to stop asking staff about his flirtation with Liz when it isn't true. He warns Lucky that if he doesn't stop this he won't have to worry about him but he will end up driving Liz toward him instead. Lucky watches Liz and Patrick get on the elevator together. Maxie comes over to hand him the bottle of pills she attempted to steal for him earlier. She refuses to put them back even when he asks her to stop doing this. He reminds her that he is a cop and her father is the police commissioner. She tells him he can throw the pills out if he wants but she isn't putting them back. Lucky takes a couple of the pills when he sees Liz with Patrick talking.

Jason talks to Liz about Sam's progress. Liz tells him that Sam had a slight fever after going to go see him but she is fine now. Jason asks Liz to let him know how she is doing from time to time. Sam overhears him as she comes out of her room. She asks Jason to talk to her if he wants to know how she is doing instead of asking Liz then sneaking away. Jason tries to leave without talking to Sam. Liz asks Sam to go back to her room and Jason will go in afterwards. She tells Jason that Sam has a right to say how she feels about their relationship if he is going to end it. Jason listens to Liz and goes in to talk to Sam. Sam asks him when he stopped loving her. Jason tells her that it wouldn't be easier if he didn't love her. He tells Sam that he wouldn't blame her if she hated him for ending their engagement. She tells him that she could never hate him and that she plans to find some way for them to be together again. Jason leaves without commenting. Jason makes a call to someone asking for help. Justus shows up at Sam's room. He hands her a document and tells her that Jason asked him to give it to her. It is a trust in her name that gives her $5 million to live on from Jason. She realizes that Jason is trying to pay her to keep her out of his life. Jason goes home and looks at the bullet hole in the window of his penthouse. Meanwhile, Sonny starts to show more erratic behavior when he shows Max the blueprints that the architect made up of the renovations for the outside of the mansion. Max doesn't seem too excited about the plans. Sonny notices that the blueprints show space for a rose garden not an herb garden like he requested. He throws the blueprints down in anger and accuses the architect of being an idiot and demands to see him ASAP. Ric comes into the room and demands to know why Sonny threatened his wife's life. Sonny has no idea what Ric is talking about and accuses Alexis of making up the whole thing. Ric doesn't know what to believe and asks Sonny to tell him about Alexis' visit and what happened. Sonny actually doesn't remember his conversation with Alexis but pretends he did. Ric goes back home to find Alexis and Kristina talking. Kristina runs into Ric's arms and tells him how happy she is about the new house. Ric tells her that he just talked to her father and that Sonny wants her to come visit him next week sometime. Alexis gives Kristina something to do in the other room while she talks to Ric alone. As soon as Kristina leaves the room she tells Ric that there is no way she will allow her daughter anywhere near Sonny after he threatened to kill her. Ric tells Alexis that Sonny denies that he ever threatened her and thinks she is making it up. Alexis is offended that Ric would take Sonny's word over hers. Ric tells her that he thinks she may have misinterpreted Sonny. Alexis insists Sonny threatened her life and she will not allow Kristina to visit Sonny anytime soon. Sonny asks Max if he heard him threaten Alexis. Max wasn't in the room but only remembers that it looked like there was a heated argument between the two of them before she left. Later, flowers are delivered to Ric and Alexis at their new home. The flowers end up being from Sonny who apologizes on a card for any misunderstanding between Alexis and him. Alexis just looks at Ric to confirm she was right all along. Meanwhile, Sonny meets with the architect and tells him he wants to renovate the coffee warehouse and wants the architect to start working on plans right away. The architect tells Sonny that he doesn't specialize in industrial buildings. Sonny tells him to find someone who does and get on it right away. Sonny tells Max to get the architect out of his face. He asks Max for the keys to his new car and plans to go see Jason. Max questions Sonny about why he is doing that and offers to drive Sonny there. Sonny insists on driving himself to Jason's and leaves. Max decides that maybe it is a good idea that Sonny went to Jason's and tells his brother Milo that Jason will figure out that something is wrong with Sonny and help him. Sonny shows up at Jason's. He tells Jason that he wants to turn the coffee warehouse into a franchise of coffee shops with his name on them and have them be all over the city. Jason listens to Sonny's crazy plans and asks him if there is something wrong with him. Sonny doesn't get a chance to respond when Sam shows up and pushes her way through the penthouse. She confronts Jason about the money he is trying to give her and rips up the document in front of him. She tells Jason she has no intention of letting him try to pay her off.

Nikolas confronts Carly at the hotel about what secret Robin has over Carly since she keeps inferring that she has some explosive thing she knows about Carly. Carly tells Nikolas that she and Robin have hated each other since they first met and that Robin always makes up some big drama to try to get to her. Nikolas doesn't believe Robin would lie about something or make something up about Carly. Jax shows up and asks what is going on. Nikolas tells Jax that he thinks Robin knows something about Carly and that Carly may be hiding something important. Jax agrees that Robin wouldn't lie or make something up. Carly dismisses Nikolas' concerns. Nikolas realizes he isn't getting anywhere and leaves. Jax, however, is very nervous about the whole conversation. He tells Carly to back off of Robin before she antagonizes her enough to cause them to lose baby John. Carly refuses to play nice with Robin just because he is worried about something that isn't a problem. Jax wonders if Robin knows the truth about the baby's paternity. Carly thinks Robin would have opened her mouth about it by now if she did know the truth. Jax suggests she leave Robin alone before she causes her to get suspicious and start investigating the paternity of John. Carly refuses to back down. Jax gets upset with her and accuses her of always trying to get revenge on people that diss her. He takes off. Carly works on the books at the hotel. Jax approaches her and apologizes to her for how he treated her earlier. Carly agrees to bite her tongue when Robin is around for his sake since she is his friend. Jax tells her that he thinks they should postpone John's christening indefinitely when she brings it up. He tells her that he has a bad feeling about keeping John's paternity a secret from Nikolas much longer and feels the right thing to do is to tell him the truth. Carly is very much against the idea and thinks that Jax should keep John away from the Cassadine family, especially Helena. Jax doesn't know if that is a good justification for keeping the baby from his biological father. Carly realizes that Jax plans to tell Nikolas the truth.

Friday, June 2, 2006

Luke hires Coleman to rob the vault on the Haunted Star. He asks Coleman that there be no violence, and that none of the men should touch the customers. Luke tells Coleman that in exchange for his services, he will give him 10% of the amount stolen. Coleman agrees to provide his services.

Luke tells Robert that he used to look up to him and now he is nothing more than a socialite's lackey. Luke continues to say that he can't believe that Robert agreed to be on Tracy's payroll to watch him. Robert tells Luke that he is trying to make an effort to be in his daughter's life and plans to hang around for her sake.

Acting as host for the night Robert begins to charm all of the customers upon their arrival at the Haunted Star. Robert provides Tracy with an update on Luke's dealings. He tells her that Luke's attention is being occupied by Lulu so it doesn't appear that he is up to much.

Diego runs into Georgie on the pier. Georgie accidentally drops her divorce papers on the floor when she gets up to greet him. While Diego picks them up, Georgie admires his brand new watch. She comments that Kelly's really doesn't pay that much for him to afford luxuries like that. Diego tells her that he has been picking up some extra side jobs. He is about to walk away from her, when Georgie asks him what is going on between Lulu and himself.

Diego tells Georgie that he is just hanging out with Lulu and having some fun. Clearly jealous by Diego's new found friendship, Georgie tells him that she has to leave. Diego informs Lulu that Georgie is upset with their new found friendship.

Lulu overhears Diego and Coleman talking about a business transaction. Diego asks Coleman how he is able to get higher in the business if Coleman doesn't trust him to try different things. Coleman agrees that Diego will be the one carrying the money for the job, but if Diego and the other men get caught Coleman will pretend that he doesn't know any of them. Diego agrees to Coleman's conditions.

The Haunted Star is quieted when a gun shot is overheard at the entrance. A few men sporting ski masks enter and begin to rob the place. Lulu apologizes for not knowing robbery protocol when one of the robbers asks her to put her hands up in the air. Hearing her voice, one of the robbers stops collecting the money and stares at her. Recognizing the expensive watch, Lulu realizes that one of the robber's is Diego.

Patrick tells Liz that she is becoming an excellent OR nurse. Overhearing Patrick's discussion with Liz, Robin coldly hands Liz a file and storms off.

Patrick tells Robin that she is quite adorable to watch when she is jealous. Robin tries to tell Patrick that she is not jealous but feels that due to Patrick being Lucky's doctor, he may be undermining Lucky's recovery based off the stress of knowing that Patrick is flirting with his wife. Patrick tries to defend his relationship with Liz by saying that they are nothing more than co-workers and friends. Patrick tries to tell Robin that he believes she is just jealous and is feeling that perhaps she may want more from their relationship than just casual sex. Robin tells Patrick that she chose the ground rules and that she is fine with the way things are. She does offer that if Patrick is interested in sleeping around, perhaps it would be best if the girls didn't know that he was sleeping with a girl who was HIV-positive.

Robin apologizes to Liz for her behavior. She tells Liz that sometimes Patrick drives her completely crazy. Liz tells Robin that she is pleased to see Robin trying to maintain her connection with Patrick and that despite how charming and wonderful he can be Patrick should not be trusted.

Robin invites Patrick out to the Haunted Star after their shift. Patrick agrees to go out with Robin, provided that she doesn't allow her jealousy to get in the way. Once again Robin tells Patrick that she knows where they stand.

Sam enters Jason's penthouse and informs him of how offensive his offer was to pay her off. She begins to tear up the contract in front of him. Jason tells Sam that she really needs to stop leaving the hospital because it is not healthy for her and could kill her.

Sonny tries to tell Sam to calm down, as Jason is just concerned for her health. Sam informs Sonny that Jason has offered her $5 million dollars to get out of his life. Trying to smooth out the situation, Sonny suggests that perhaps she is reading too much into the situation. Sam tells Jason that this is the first time that he has treated her like a whore. Jason asks Sonny to bring Sam back to the hospital.

Sam tells Sonny that she thought that if she saw Jason, she could talk things through with him about their relationship. Sonny informs Sam that he tried to change Jason's mind too, but when Jason gets something in his head there is no changing it.

Alexis is pleased to see her daughter when Sam and Sonny arrive back at the hospital. Liz steps in and informs Sam that she may be able to go home after Patrick examines her. Sam walks away with Liz leaving Alexis and Sonny alone. Alexis informs Sonny that she will put up with him, but she is not going to allow Sonny to upset Sam or Kristina.

Being offered a clean bill of health, Sam is told that she is allowed to go home. Alexis asks Sam if she would like to come and stay with her. Sam suggests that perhaps it would be best if she just went and stayed at a hotel. Alexis tells Sam that she really hopes that she won't do that, and finally Sam agrees to come and stay with her.

Arriving at Alexis's new house, Sam is welcomed with open arms by Kristina. Kristina then gives Sam a card that she drew for her. Ric excuses himself and the children as they go to prepare Sam's new room. Alexis suggests that Sam rest while she makes her something to eat. Sam thanks Alexis for everything.

Alexis and Ric begin cuddling on the couch drinking wine, while discussing how perfect their lives appear to be. Alexis thanks Ric for grounding her and being such a great support while finding out that Sam was her daughter. Ric happens to glance out the window and sees Sam standing in her night gown on the patio.

Emily arrives at Sonny's and is informed that Nik is waiting for her in the living room. When she goes to find out what he wants, Nik informs her that they had never signed the contract for selling the property. Emily glances towards the top of the stairs and informs Nik that he could have called. Nik asks Emily if there is something wrong.

Emily signs the paperwork, and tells Nik that this was something that perhaps could have waited for the hospital the next morning. Nik inquires as to whether or not Sonny said something about him showing up. Emily tells Nik that because this is Sonny's home, she really doesn't want to rub her ex-husband in his face and make him feel like she is disrespecting him. Appearing hurt by her comments, Nik takes the signed contract and leaves. Max enters and tells Emily that he was sorry, but he wasn't sure what to say to Nik. He also tells her that he was thankful that Sonny wasn't there at the time, as he went to see Jason.

Emily asks Max why he would let Sonny go see Jason. Max tells Emily that when Sonny gets into these moods, Jason is the only one that is able to help him. Emily tells Max that Jason's major concern of her being with Sonny is what Sonny is capable of while he is in these moods.

Emily arrives at Jason's looking for Sonny. Jason informs her that Sonny brought Sam back to the hospital. Emily begins asking Jason how things went between Sonny and himself. Jason informs her that things were fine and that Sonny was looking to expand the coffee business. Emily is about to leave when Jason asks her if she felt that Sonny has been acting a little off. Emily tells Jason that Sonny has never been better. Emily continues to say that Sonny feels like he has had a huge burden taken off of his shoulders with no longer having the business and that he is now able to try to do things that he has never had the opportunity to try. Trying to change the conversation, Emily asks Jason why Sonny needed to play peacemaker. Jason tells Emily about offering Sam the money. Emily tells Jason that every woman likes to feel financially independent and that he really needs to fix things with Sam.

Jason arrives at the hospital wanting to speak with Sam. He walks into her room and finds the bed stripped down. Liz enters and informs Jason that Sam was discharged and went home with Alexis. Liz and Jason continue to talk as Manny watches them from a doorway.

Sonny arrives back at the house and demands that Max tell him what really happened the other day with Alexis. Max confirms that they had a heated discussion and that Sonny had made a threat towards Alexis. Sonny quickly changes the subject and asks Max if the landscape architect had dropped off the plans for the garden. Sonny has Max call him to find out where the plans are.

Emily arrives back at the house where Max informs her that Sonny is acting funny again. Emily enters the living room and calls for Sonny. Hearing Sonny's grunts coming from outside, she goes out and finds him hacking away at the grass with a pickaxe while wearing one of his suits. Emily asks him what he is doing, and he tells her that he is preparing the ground for the garden. Emily demands that he stop because he is scaring her but he won't hear of it.

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