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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 5, 2006 on GH
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Monday, June 5, 2006

Aboard the Haunted Star, Luke watches approvingly as the masked gunmen clean out his casino. Meanwhile, Lulu is upset to recognize Diego beneath one of the ski masks. Alexis is thrilled to have all three of her daughters under the same roof for the first time. Alarmed to find Sonny tearing up the garden in the middle of the night, Emily begs him to stop. At the hospital, Liz prods Jason to take Sam back. Jax explains to an anguished Carly why he's decided to come clean with Nikolas about John's true paternity. As Mac and his officers begin their investigation, Tracy starts to suspect that her ever loving hubby was behind the robbery. Jason asks Liz to pack up Sam's belongings and return them to her. Alexis drops by the Corinthos compound for another talk with Sonny about his earlier threats. As a tearful Carly says goodbye to baby John, Jax asks Nikolas to meet him at the hospital but Helena unexpectedly shows up as well. Diego fills Lulu in on how her dad hired Coleman to arrange the heist. Robin and Patrick meet for another tryst inside a supply closet.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Jason went to drop off Sam's clothes and personal items at Alexis. Alexis thanked him, and let him know that Sam was asleep, but that she would let her know that he showed up. As Jason was about to leave, Sam came to the front door and asked him to stay. When Alexis went back into the house, Sam asked Jason how he would be so willing to give up on them. Jason reiterated that he loved her, and would never love anybody more, however, he was no longer willing to put her in danger. Sam was visibly upset hearing this, and said that she would have never given up on them so easily. When Jason left, she kicked over the box he brought over, and out fell her daughter's blanket. As she sat there crying, Manny was in the bushes spying on her.

In the house, Alexis and Rick discussed whether or not Jason would have the resolve to stick with his decision. Alexis felt that regardless of the difficult decision, that Jason would not allow Sam to come back because he loved her. Rick felt that Jason would make the same decision, but not because of his love for Sam, but because he enjoyed being the boss, and would not want to lose control. Alexis stated that in a way, she was happy that Jason had taken over the business from Sonny, because by extension that would mean that Rick was out of that situation. Rick told Alexis in no uncertain terms that he knew that Sonny would try to get his business back and that he would be there to support Sonny in any way needed. As Alexis stated her disbelief that Rick would want to get involved, he reminded her, that at one point she had been counsel for Sonny as well. Alexis told him that there had been an understanding when she was on retainer with Sonny, it was with the understanding that she would not be involved in anything violent or illegal. Rick then shared that he had a discussion with Sonny, and that he let Sonny know that there were no boundaries to what he was willing to do. Alexis was upset that Rick would be willing the jeopardize his family, and he let her know that in his mind they were two separate issues. His reasoning was that he wanted to forge a better relationship with his brother, and that he wanted to be in control..

At the hospital, Lucky accused Liz of going out to see Patrick She got angry, and tried to remind him that she was spending time with Patrick only because she is the private nurse of one of his patients. Lucky continued to accuse Liz of not wanting to spend time with him, but with Patrick instead. After Liz left, Epiphany told Lucky that Patrick had not spent any time with Liz today.

In the supply closet at the hospital, Robin and Patrick were busy kissing, and as Patrick was taking off his shirt, Kelly unexpectedly interrupted them. As Robin looked embarrassed, Kelly suggested that if they wanted to use the supply closet for those types of activities, that they should be careful and lock the door. Patrick agreed, and said that next time, he would be sure to do exactly that. When Kelly left, Robin was upset with Patrick, stating that she did not want the entire hospital to know that they were sleeping together, and to be considered one more notch on his stethoscope. Patrick accused Robin of wanting something more, and frustrated from the conversation, Robin left the supply closet.

As Nikolas was holding John with Carly and Jax, Helena arrived and voiced her pleasure that Nikolas was showing some interest in children, and that she hoped he would provide a Cassadine heir. Carly and Jax insisted that Helena stay away from them and the baby. When Helena left, Nikolas asked why he had been asked to come and see them at the hospital. Carly stated that it had been to ask him to be John's godfather, however, with Helena back in the picture, they were hesitant to allow it go through.

When Nikolas arrived home, Alfred inquired as to why he was asked to the hospital. Nikolas told him of what transpired at the hospital, but that he was uneasy of what Carly and Jax told him. He felt that there was still something that they had meant to tell him. After the conversation, Nikolas went riding, and when he returned, Helena was waiting for him. She brought out a beautiful young lady to help Nikolas produce the next Cassadine heir. She also said that she would be willing to raise the child, and that Nikolas would not have to be involved. Nikolas stated that is was a preposterous proposal, and if he was to every have a son, that he would raise the child, and she would never have any access to the child.

At the penthouse, Carly and Jax were relieved that they decided not to go through with the decision to tell Nikolas of John's true paternity. Jax promised to be there for John, and always protect him. After putting John down to sleep, Carly gave Jax a gift from Lady Jane. It was the christening gown that Jax and Jerry wore, and she wanted John to wear at his christening. Jax was excited that he would be making a pledge to always be John's father and that Carly would be there with him.

At the pier, Patrick was on his cell phone making plans for the next day with someone. As he was talking on the phone, Lucky came by and grabbed the phone assuming it was Liz. On the other line it was Epiphany, who was angry with Lucky's accusations. Once Patrick got his phone back, he warned Lucky that if he was not careful, that Liz would leave him, and that there would be someone else to catch her-even if it wasn't him. Lucky said that their marriage would be fine as long as Patrick stayed away from Liz.

At Jake's Lainey and Emily were talking about Sonny. Emily confided that there were instances where Sonny had mood swings, which concerned her. Lainey said that there was certainly reason to be concerned, however, she would not be able to make a diagnosis without Sonny being willing to speak with her. As they were talking, Liz and Kelly arrived. Kelly shared the information regarding what she saw in the supply closet, with Robin and Patrick. As they were enjoying the night, Robin arrived, and not so subtly, Lainey asked how her and Patrick were able to maneuver in the closet. Robin was surprised that they wanted to know the details as to how Patrick was as a lover, however, she willingly obliged them with information. She shared with them that he was a great lover, and that she could not get enough of him. As she was speaking, Patrick walked in and told her that he would be willing to oblige her whenever she wanted. Liz, Lainey, Emily and Kelly invited him to join them, which he politely declined, stating he was there to pick up his date. As Robin and Patrick were leaving, Robin thanked him for saving her from an embarrassing situation.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Emily persuades Lainey to come to the compound and observe Sonny under the guise of being a luncheon guest. Dillon is irked to spot Diego hanging with Lulu on the Quartermaines' patio. Meanwhile, Luke receives an anonymous note regarding his ill-gotten gains. Jax and Carly decide to hold John's christening at the gazebo in the park. Lulu confides to an astonished Dillon how she robbed her dad and is now blackmailing him as well. As Nikolas surreptitiously takes a DNA sample from baby John, Carly suggests to Jax that they find a way to permanently separate the Cassadine heir from his son's life. Georgie guesses that Diego is working for Coleman. Luke explains to Lucky why he arranged to have the casino robbed and how quickly things went wrong after the heist. Charmed by her genial host, Lainey later assures Emily she didn't spot any signs of manic depression in Sonny. Nikolas asks Kelly for help proving that he's a dad. Dillon and Georgie fall into another bitter quarrel. Sonny suspects that Emily invited her shrink friend over to evaluate him because she believes he's losing his grip.

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Robin gets an invitation to Baby John's christening. She talks to Maxie about it on their way into the locker room at G.H. Maxie wonders why Robin would want to go since Carly will be there. Robin still isn't sure about whether to tell Nikolas the truth since Helena could be a threat. Maxie suggests that as a friend she should keep Jax's secret and brings up something about friends doing things like that for friends to help them out. Robin asks her if she is talking about something else entirely. Maxie tells her she is fine and everything is okay. Robin tells her she can come to her if she needs help. Meanwhile, Carly gets off the elevator and overhears Nikolas discussing a paternity test with Dr. Lee concerning whether he is John's father or not. Carly starts to worry about Nikolas finding out he is John's father. She sneaks into the locker room to steal some scrubs to wear to pose as a nurse. Patrick is dressing up when she goes in. She tries to hide but Patrick sees her. He waits until she is putting on the scrubs to come up behind her and tell her how hot she is as a nurse. Carly asks Patrick to pretend he didn't see her. Patrick tells her he isn't sure he can do that. Suddenly, Robin shows up at the locker room and asks Patrick who he was just talking to. Patrick covers for Carly and tells Robin that he was talking on his cell-phone. Robin asks him why she just heard someone else's voice. Patrick distracts Robin to try to keep her from asking him more questions as Carly overhears them. Robin tells him that she was just wondering if she is one day going to catch him with another woman in the locker room. Patrick leans over and tells her she is the only woman he wants to be in the locker room with and kisses her. Carly rolls her eyes in disgust but is thankful that Patrick didn't blow her cover. Robin runs into Nikolas who tells her about how Jax and Carly asked him to be the baby's godfather then changed their minds right after Helena showed up at the hospital. He isn't sure what to believe. Robin tells Patrick that she can't go to some stockcar race with him because she is going to John's christening. He asks her why she plans to go there when Carly will be there. She tells him that she is going because of Jax and that Nikolas will be there. Patrick doesn't understand why that should make a difference. Robin tells him she can't go with him and that he will have to deal with it. Carly heads into the lab and finds John's paternity results. She changes the name of the father to Jax and erases Nikolas' name from the file.

Liz shows up at Jason's penthouse. She is let in by the guard and watches Jason stare out the window longingly. She tells him he should call Sam and try to get back with her since it is obvious he is miserable without her. Jason knows she didn't come there to talk about Sam and asks her why she is there to see him. She asks him for a favor concerning Lucky. She asks him to help her set up an arrest of someone in the mob who he doesn't like and wouldn't mind helping the police arrest. Jason thinks her reasoning is funny and can't help but laugh. She wants to help Lucky get his confidence back as a cop after he has been blaming himself for Jesse's death. She thinks that if Lucky can make an important arrest that will make the difference in his behavior. She tells Jason about Lucky's suspicions toward her being with Patrick and how he accused her again of being with him. Jason thinks of someone he wouldn't mind being arrested and agrees to help make sure that Lucky makes the arrest. Meanwhile, Lucky spends hours in the shooting gallery at the police station to get better so he can go back out on the streets. Detective Rodriguez finds him there and becomes concerned when he catches Lucky popping more pain pills. Lucky lies to him and tells him he is still taking pills from his original prescription and that he only needs to take them once and awhile when he overdoes his workouts. Lucky shows up at the hospital to apologize to Liz for being a jerk to her on the docks. He tells her that things are getting better for him at work and that he just got a lead on a possible arrest and that he will be so much better when he can work more as a cop. Liz is happy for him even though she is worried about his next bust. Lucky gets on the elevator and can't help but pop some more pain pills when his back starts to act up on him. Jason tells Stan to make sure that Lucky is the only person that handles the stake-out and arrest and to make sure none of this information can be traced back to them in anyway. Meanwhile, Sam tries to set up a way to get Jason to come over to Alexis' house so she can see him. She gets an idea after reading a fairytale to Kristina. Ric shows up early from work and tells her he is going to work at home for a few hours where it is quieter. Sam tries to get him to go to the park and surprise the girls there so she can have the house to herself. Ric asks her if she is trying to get rid of him. She tells him that she wanted to have the house to herself for awhile but tells him he is working and didn't want to say anything. She goes outside onto the deck and makes a call to Emily. She asks Emily to call Ric and make up an excuse for why he must come over to see Sonny immediately. Emily isn't sure it will work but agrees to help her if it means Jason may take Sam back. She calls Ric on his cell-phone and asks him to come over right away to help Sonny. He leaves the house. Sam waits awhile and calls Jason. She tells him she didn't know who else to call and tells him that she thinks someone is outside the house and is watching her. Jason tells her to stay inside and he will be right there. He shows up and finds Sam hiding behind the couch and holding a knife. She runs to him holds him and tells him she knew he would come and help her.

Emily is uncomfortable and nervous when Sonny asks her if she thinks he is mentally ill and that is why he invited Lainey over to analyze him. She doesn't come right out and admit it but asks him if he could be Bipolar. Sonny downplays his behavior but admits he did shine Lainey on a little because he was worried about what she would think of him. Emily tells him she wants him to be honest about how he feels and not to hold anything back to protect her. She wonders if Jason was warning her about his unusual behavior because he has seen it enough times. Sonny tells her he is happy because of her and feels differently than he has in the past when he has obsessed over things. Emily thinks maybe she is overreacting like Lainey suggested until Sonny goes over to show her the plans for the garden and gazebo outside and tells her she shouldn't be drinking the glass of wine because of her condition. Emily is shocked when Sonny acts like she is pregnant. She corrects him on what he just said. Sonny tries to cover up that he just implied that she was pregnant when he knows she isn't. Emily tells him they have never discussed her getting pregnant anytime soon. Emily tells Sonny that she called Ric to help Sam get him out of the house so Jason could show up at Alexis'. She tells Sonny that he needs to come up with a reason for why Ric needs to be there. Ric shows up and Sonny lies and tells him he called him over to ask him to keep Alexis off his back about the building permit he didn't have before for the warehouse. He goes to show Ric the citation that Alexis issued. Sonny calls Emily "Lily" by mistake and asks her to leave them alone to talk. Emily can't believe he is mistaking her for Lily again.

Friday, June 9, 2006

Sam arrives at the penthouse with her suitcase in hand, and tells Jason that she needs to move back in with him so that he can protect her. While talking, Jason discovers that Sam faked the intruder incident at Alexis's house. Jason tells Sam that he knows that she is hurt, but that there is no need to lie to him.

Jason escorts Sam back to Alexis's house. He asks her not to come to the penthouse again and then leaves. Sam tells Alexis the truth about faking the whole intruder scenario so that Jason will take her back. Alexis offers her concern that Sam is just setting herself up for more heartache. A stranger in black shoes steps onto the patio and begins watching Sam through the windows.

Sam goes out to stand on the patio, while Manny comes out from the bushes twining rope around his hands.

Lucky continues to consume his painkillers as he hides behind some crates on a stakeout. Maxie enters into the alley where Lucky is, and as she passes him Lucky grabs her and pulls her down behind the crates. He asks her why she is in the area, and then he asks her if it is possible to get him more pills. As Maxie watches Lucky, she suggests that perhaps Lucky shouldn't be handling a gun while he is strung out.

Diego enters the alley ready to purchase a gun from the arms dealer. The dealer begins to show Diego the weapon, when Lucky jumps up from behind the crates. As he is moving he stumbles and accidentally bumps one of the crates giving the arms dealer enough time to grab the gun and start shooting at Lucky.

Maxie arrives at the hospital and asks an orderly to hook her up with some pills to give to a friend that just got out of the hospital.

Alexis asks Ric to attend the John's christening with her. Ric informs Alexis that he needs to go to Sonny's to go over some paperwork on the coffee warehouse. Alexis tells Ric her views about his assistance in trying to get Sonny's business back. Ric informs Alexis that if she has any issues of conflict between her position as District Attorney and his position as Sonny's lawyer, she should do the right thing and step down from her position.

Sonny begins yelling at Max trying to find out where Milo and the present are. Emily is curious about the commotion and wonders what Sonny is up to when Milo hands him the present.

Mike arrives at Sonny's, where Sonny hands him the present that he has purchased for him. Once unwrapping it, Mike discovers a baseball glove that was identical to the one that Mike had purchased for Sonny when he was little. Sonny tells Mike that he has been feeling sentimental, and suggests that perhaps Mike should take Michael and Morgan out to play catch sometime. Sonny gives his father a big hug and sends him on his way. Emily tells Sonny that he did a really good thing for Mike, and hugs him. While hugging, Sonny tells Emily that she is really good to him and then he calls her Lily again.

Emily informs Sonny that he called her Lily once again. Sonny says that Lily has been on his mind a lot because she and the baby were the first casualties of him running the business. He then continues to tell her that his life is better than he ever could have imagined.

Ric arrives at Sonny's and mentions to Emily that he has some business to go over with Sonny. Emily excuses herself even though Sonny says that it is not necessary. Ric suggests that with the expansion of the warehouse, some modifications could be made to change it into a base for a transporting operation.

Sonny listens to Ric's plans of how to get the transport operations up and running. Sonny's anger emerges and he throws his belongings off his desk. He asks Ric how long he had been plotting this. He tells Ric that he didn't say that he wanted the business back and then continues to tell his brother how sick and twisted he is. Sonny grabs the collar of Ric's suit and tells him that he will not allow Ric to trap him.

After receiving the paternity test results confirming Jax as the father, Nik heads off to the christening. Arriving at the gazebo where the ceremony will take place, Helena approaches Nik and asks him if he is contemplating his son's christening. Nik vows to Helena that his child will never come under Helena's influence.

Liz tries to reach Lucky on his cell phone, but it keeps going to the voicemail. Epiphany suggests that perhaps Liz should try to go to the police department and see where they have him staked out and if he is safe.

Jason arrives back at the penthouse to find Liz waiting for him. She tells him that she's worried about Lucky and would appreciate it if Jason went out to look for him.

Stan contacts Jason and informs him of the shooting. Jason asks Liz to go back to the hospital and wait for his call. Jason arrives in the alley, and tells Stan to leave. He prepares himself to shoot so that his gun will go off in synch with Lucky's shots. The arms dealer comes out from behind the garbage bin when Jason shoots him in the leg.

Robin runs into Carly at the nurse's station and begins to question her and why she is there. Carly tells Robin that she is there to pick up a prescription for Morgan and to see Bobbie. As they are talking, Patrick interrupts the two of them.

Patrick agrees to attend the christening with Robin, if she agrees to keep her focus off Carly. Patrick suggests that Robin stop meddling into everyone's lives especially with a secret that isn't hers to give.

Arriving early at the christening, Robin runs into Nik. Nik tells Robin how much he wished that he was John's father and confides the fact that he had another paternity test done the night before. Putting the information together, Robin begins on a rant about Carly when Patrick shows up and asks her what's wrong.

Nik thanks Carly for allowing him the opportunity to attend the christening. Carly tells him that it is what Courtney would have wanted.

Carly approaches Patrick and asks him to come and meet Lady Jane. Robin places her arm through Patrick's and says that she wishes to go with them. Carly tells Robin that she has already had the opportunity to meet Jane, whereas Patrick hasn't. As things begin to get heated, Carly suggests that perhaps Robin should leave rather than make things difficult for John's family. Robin calls Carly on making a mountain of lies around an innocent child and tells her that she has something to say. Robin turns around and looks at Nik.

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