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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 12, 2006 on GH
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Monday, June 12, 2006

At Sonny's place, Ric proposed a plan that would help Sonny get back his mob-leader position but Sonny wanted none of it, flying into a crazy rage and physically attacking Ric. Emily rushed into the room and pleaded with Sonny to calm down, but he only got angrier and demanded that Ric leave immediately. Afterward, Sonny started talking about renting abandoned houses for the summer and going for rides. "Where is this coming from, Sonny?" Emily asked. Sonny played off his nonsensical banter as a joke, and moved to convince Emily that what she saw him doing to Ric was only an illusion. He told her, "In the end [Ric] always takes the angle of what suits him best." So, his attack on Ric was deliberate, to make a point. Uh huh...

In the warehouse, Jason snuck up behind Lucky, shooting the dealer in the leg. Lucky believed that he made the shot, and took control of the scene while Diego begged him to let him free so he wouldn't get caught violating parole. The rest of the police arrived, and Lucky was congratulated for catching the "slimeball" that the force had been after for some time. Diego was led away by the police. Lucky arrived at the hospital to tell Liz that things would be different for them now. Liz's plan to make Lucky feel better about himself seemed to be working! They hugged as a dolled-up Maxie watched in the background. Back at the station, Lucky received a standing ovation from the other officers and Mac Scorpio promised to give him more active duty jobs.

When removing the bullet from the dealer, Patrick realized that it couldn't possibly be from Lucky's gun, and he told Liz. She realized that Lucky didn't really shoot the dealer and she knew it had to be Jason. Lucky found Maxie at the hospital and convinced her to hand over some pills. He then bumped into Patrick, who warned him that he knows what Lucky is doing.

Jason sent a guard to watch over Sam because he's not sure if she was bluffing about her attacker. Unbeknownst to all, Manny was lurking outside the house. Sam visited Sonny, outlining a plan that will enable Sonny to "get back everything he lost," and her to "get back the man she loves." Sonny thought her plan brilliant and agreed to help. Sam got home and sent the guard away, asking him to tell Jason that she is sorry. From his spot in the bushes, Manny watched the whole scene with absolute glee.

Skye and Lorenzo arrived at the hospital for an ultrasound, when Lorenzo was called to the PCPD. After yelling at Diego for his stupidity, Lorenzo offered to keep Diego out of jail. "I suggest you change your attitude and find a way to accept my help," Lorenzo told him. Diego realized his father may be his only hope.

Ric stopped by Jason's, revealing he's worried about Sonny and his disturbing behavior. Just as Ric was leaving, Liz walked into Jason's apartment, profusely thanking Jason for helping her out. Once alone, Liz told Jason that Lucky can never know that he wasn't the one who stopped the dealer. Jason understood and couldn't help but critique Lucky's performance: He had horrible aim, had failed to call for backup and was possibly under the influence of something. Yikes!

At the gazebo, Nikolas admitted to Carly and Jax that he had another blood test done. Carly was horrified that Nik could do such a thing. Robin was disgusted that Carly could be so hypocritical and told her so. Patrick left to answer a hospital call, telling Robin to loosen up on the "busybody impulses." As the priest began the ceremony, Robin and Alexis had a hard time watching Carly coo over the baby. Jax had a sudden flashback of talking to a dying Courtney about raising her baby as a Cassadine. Carly and Jax posed for a picture with baby John and the rest of their family and Robin snapped. She grabbed Nik and spilled the truth in front of everyone. Nik was skeptical, though. So, Carly was quick to call Robin a psychopath and a liar. "Nikolas is nothing to John," Carly spat at Robin. Finally Jax interrupted. "Robin's right," he said to a stunned Nikolas. "I'm not John's father, you are."

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sonny was telling Emily of the plan to have the intervention with Jason. He told her that his plan was to get together with Jason and make him realize the mistakes he had made with help from Emily and Sam. Emily explained to Sonny that he could not see Jason in his current state because Jason would recognize the symptoms. Sonny tried to remind her that he had been a little depressed because of losing the business, but that he was going to be ok, because they were together. Emily reminded Sonny that Jason's concerns with them being together had been about Sonny going to that dark side, and eventually hurting Emily. Sonny disagreed, and said that the reason that Jason did not want them together was because of the dangerous lifestyle he had lead. Emily explained if Jason saw that Sonny was that volatile she had no idea what he would do. Sonny told Emily that he would never hurt her, however, if he ever needed help, that Jason would help him, but make sure that they could never be together.

At the hospital, Ric spoke to Lainey, about his concerns that he was bipolar disorder. Lainey asked him to describe his symptoms, and he used examples including extravagant purchases, mood swings, and obsessive behavior about projects. Lainey assuming that the conversation was happing because he was concerned that he had the same illness as Sonny's. Ric allowed her to go forward with that assumption, and asked if t here was any way to get a diagnosis. When Lainey told him that it could only be diagnosed with a completed medical and psychological history and testing, he asked what he should do to manage it. Lainey suggested that he stay away from drugs, alcohol and anything else that would cause additional stress. While they were talking, Emily interrupted them, and asked to speak with Lainey. When Ric left, she told Lainey that Sonny was getting worse, that his behavior was erratic, and that his mood swings were more frequent. She told Lainey some of the erratic decisions Sonny was making, and calling her Lily a couple of times. Based on what she heard, Lainey suggested that Emily get Sonny to treatment as soon as possible.

At Alexis' home, Kristina asked Sam to play with her. She let her little sister know that she had a doctor's appointment, but when she got back that they would play together. As Kristina was playing in the front porch, Manny came out of the bushes to talk with her. From the conversation, Manny was able to find out which room in the house was Sam's.

At the hospital, Patrick confronted Lucky about his assumptions of Liz and their supposed affair. Lucky let him know that he had been wrong and wanted to apologize. There had been a lot of stress with Lucky being on disability and unable to provide for his family, and Liz wanting to take the burden on by herself.

Sam's follow up appointment with Patrick went well, and Patrick let her know that while he would like to take credit for her survival, it was Jason who saved her life. Patrick told her that Alexis had gotten a court order against the operation, and that Jason convinced him and Liz to go ahead with the surgery. He also let her know that Alexis had them arrested after the surgery, even though she knew that Sam would survive.

Jason and Liz were together at his apartment, where he voiced his concerns about Lucky. At first Liz tried to make excuses about her husband's behavior, however, eventually she came to realization that her husband was addicted to pain medication. She asked Jason to tell her everything about the shooting, and after sharing the details, Liz lets Jason know that she is going to confront her husband about the pain medication. While they are talking, one of Jason's men announced that Detective Spencer was there to see him. As Lucky was about to walk in, Liz hid. Lucky asked for any details regarding Sam's shooting. He said that he was going to solve the case because he felt it was the least he could do after Jason saving Liz from Manny. After Lucky left, Liz and Jason went walking at the dock, when Jason asked why Liz felt the need to hide. She let him know that she didn't want to Lucky to know that she had been going to Jason for help. Jason understood, and Liz thanked him for all of his help. As they were walking, Sam bumped into them, and asked what was going on. Liz let her know that she was thanking Jason for helping him with Lucky. Sam's response was why Jason wouldn't give her a chance.

At John's christening, Robin tried to convince Nikolas that he was the father. At first, he felt that Maxie had changed the paternity results, because of the crush she had developed for him. However, Jax let Nikolas know that John was his son, and that he had kept his true paternity a secret to protect the child from Helena. Nikolas was upset about what had been kept from him, and that he had lost the first months with his son. He asked if Courtney had known about the situation, and Jax let him know that she did learn of it and had initially been angry at Jax. However, afterwards she understood why he had done it, felt that they all had made mistakes and that she was going to let Nikolas know. Unfortunately she died before it could happen. Nikolas became upset about how Jax had not followed through on Courtney's final wish. Carly attempted to defend Jax, to which Nikolas asked what kind of friend Carly had been to Courtney. Jax let everyone know that it had been his decision and that Carly had nothing to do with it. Robin asked Jax why he continued to protect Carly. She said that while Jax had been first to keep a secret, that it was Carly who encouraged him to continue it. At that point, Alexis took Nikolas aside and told him to take a couple of days to get everything together before taking John away. Initially, Nikolas was adamant of taking John right then and there, however, when Alexis reminded him how unprepared he was for a child, with no crib, food, diapers, etc., he understood and let Jax know that he would be in touch. At that point Jax and Carly left with Lady Jane, and Nikolas took the opportunity to thank Robin for letting him know. Robin apologized for keeping the secret for so long, and tried to get Nikolas to see that Jax had followed his heart and did what he had felt was best for John. Nikolas did not agree, however, when Robin told him that she would continue to try to smooth the waters between the two men, he said that she was more than welcome to try. When Nikolas was alone, he ran into Emily, and when she asked how the christening was, he let her know that he was John's father.

Back at home, Jax and Carly were visibly upset about what had progressed. After Lady Jane went to put John to bed, Jax told Carly that he would never be able to see the baby again. However, he felt that once Nikolas' anger subsided that he would see the need to have Carly in the baby's life. Carly reacted by saying that the baby also need Jax, and she could not understand why Jax was willing to give up everything, when she almost had everyone convinced that Maxie had switched the paternity test.

Back at Sonny's apartment, Ric came to talk to him to clear the air about what had happened earlier. Sonny told Ric that he did not want talk about taking over the business, and that it was not an option. Ric went to the bar and poured both of them a drink. As he was talking with Sonny, Ric alluded that he felt that they were not close, because their mother had chosen to keep Sonny and not him. As he finished his drink, Sonny let him know that he did not want to talk about it; however Ric continued to press on. Ric wanted to know how their mother had died, how difficult it was to see his stepfather hit her, and how that made Sonny felt. Sonny became increasingly more agitated and disturbed. During this conversation, Mike walked in and asked if everything was alright. Ric said that they had been discussing the warehouse expansion and that it could continue later. After Ric left, Mike shared with Sonny that Robin had announced at the christening about John's true paternity. Sonny automatically assumed that Nikolas would want a mother for the child, and that he would try to get Emily back to help him raise his son, losing her as a result.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Emily was shocked to learn of John's paternity, but also overjoyed. Nikolas lamented the time missed with his son, but she agreed that childproofing his home first made sense. Meanwhile, Jax was shocked that Carly would question his motives — he did it all for John. Carly suggested that Alexis will make sure Jax and Carly are part of John's life then excused herself to check on Michael and Morgan (remember them?). Jax then apologized to Lady Jane for letting her think she was a grandmother, but Mom was cool with it, acknowledging that Helena is dangerous. She suggested Jax was lonely and distraught over deaths of his father and Courtney. Jax said he had hoped to bond with Carly, but feared she cared more about the child, so without John, she'll return to Sonny. Jane reassured him that he just needed time and space. She's planning a trip to Africa to see his brother Jerry, so why not come along? Maybe Carly will wait for him. Later, Nik asked his butler if he knew anything about child care, but it didn't matter because Alexis was waiting. She offered her help — including advice about room assignments, but he was skeptical. Was she there to plead Jax's case?

Lucky and Det. Rodriguez were taking a coffee break outside Kelly's when Maxie flounced by, so Lucky asked her to get him more pills because he cannot show even a hint of pain on the job. Maxie worried that her dad would bury them both, but also realized that Lucky would owe her big time.

Georgie walked in on Dillon setting up Kelly's to celebrate her graduation, and they apologized to each other for recent events. Then the gang stated gathering: Maxie, Robin, Robert, Lulu and Mac (with video camera). Dillon chatted with Lulu, who regretted that Luke didn't see her graduate. Maxie headed outside, but Robin caught up with her and told her that she told Nik the truth about John. Georgie and Dillon danced and asked each other for another chance. Robert danced with Lulu and assured her that Luke loves her.

At the docks, Liz told Sam she was just thanking Jason for a big favor. Sam asked Liz about the details of her surgery (Noah vs. Patrick), then Liz left. Sam asked Jason if she could come home. She realized that Alexis was preying on his guilt, and that her mother is "controlling." (Ya think?) Sadly, Jason agreed with Alexis' view that Sam's shooting was his fault — and he still does. Carly appeared and Sam tried to send her away, but Jason told her to stay. Sam said casting her aside would not protect her. He left, and Carly followed him home, where she recounted the events of the christening and why she lied. Then she swore to take revenge on Robin, working herself into a frenzy recalling the Michael/AJ affair. At GH, Epiphany told Liz Lucky is obviously addicted to his pain meds, so Liz should say something. So Liz asked her hubby to meet her. When he showed, she kissed him and fished the pills out of his pocket. "Why did you lie to me?" she moaned. He said he couldn't go to Patrick because he would be kicked off the force. She fretted about him handling guns. "You have a problem," she observed. She professed her love and warned him about the addictive power of pain meds. He insisted he was okay, and tossed the bottle into the water to prove it. They embraced, but she didn't look convinced. Meanwhile, that orderly who had earlier stolen pain meds for Maxie balked at getting more. (Could it be because she was wearing a much more modest top this time?) Epiphany said she was moving The Patsy to the ninth floor because some meds were missing.

At home, Sam heard a noise outside and called Jason. She insisted he come because she's his responsibility. But he hung up on her and sent Stan, who gave her the all-clear before she sent him away.

Carly returned to Jax, who was holding John, savoring every moment. He talked gently to the child bout the new world opening up to him. He promised to be there for the boy and was grateful for the chance to be a father "for a little while" while Carly wept.

Alexis suggested to Nik that arresting Jax would be petty, and reassured Nik he will keep John safe — as Helena secretly looked on!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tracy shows up at the Haunted Star to see Luke and Robert. She slaps a document down on the table and informs them she had her favorite judge sign an injunction for her that demands that Luke have the money he stole from her returned to her. Luke tells her he didn't steal her money and that he knows who did and will get the money back. Tracy accuses Robert of being in cahoots with Luke all along and helping him fake the robbery. Robert tells her he had nothing to do with any robbery and acts hurt that she would accuse him. Tracy tells Robert that she hired him to keep an eye on Luke and prevent him from trying any schemes to get her money and that he has been useless to her. She threatens to have Mac arrest the two of them if they don't return her money to her by 2 p.m. that afternoon. Tracy leaves the casino. Robert surprises Luke by telling him he knows that Lulu is the one trying to blackmail him because she is trying to get his attention. Luke already suspected it was his daughter. Meanwhile, Dillon shows up at Kelly's and sees a pleased smile on Lulu's face with a paper in her hand. She tells him she got a response from Luke asking her to meet him at the docks to make the exchange. Dillon worries about what Lulu is getting herself into. They show up at the docks and talk about her plans. Robert and Luke show up and overhear what Lulu's back-up plans are concerning the police and the robbery. Luke applauds her for her scheming skills but tells she is busted. Robert insists on opening one of the bags Lulu and Dillon had to find that they had crumpled up newspaper in one bag that they planned to give to Luke. Dillon and Lulu ask them how they were onto her. Robert explains to them that he suspected Lulu of being the blackmailer when she disappeared around the time of police questioning and that suddenly Luke gets a blackmail letter. He tells her that he figured she intercepted the robbers and stole the money. Luke tells her that she did a good job for an amateur and expects she will only get better over time. Lulu is disappointed when Luke dismisses her and tells her to leave the docks. Luke thinks things went well considering what happened and thinks Lulu did a great job. Robert smiles at Luke and takes the wind out of his sails when he tells him that despite the fact that Luke is a very smart man he can sometimes be a "bloody idiot." Luke doesn't get what he means. It becomes clearer what Robert meant when Lulu shows up at Kelly's with Dillon following her. Dillon tries to comfort her by offering to buy her a sundae and cookies. She tells him she is not a little girl anymore and that she realized that Luke will only pay attention to her and rescue her when she is in danger and ignore her otherwise. Dillon tries to assure her that Luke does love her but is clueless about how to do it.

Sam goes to the police station to see Alexis. Alexis is busy meeting with someone but overhears the cop tell Sam he can't disturb Alexis right now. Alexis calls the cop off and tells Sam she is happy she stopped by. Sam surprises Alexis when she hands Alexis her house key and tells her she is moving out. Alexis asks her why she is doing that. Sam blasts her for interfering in her relationship with Jason by pressuring him to leave her for her protection. Alexis denies that she forced Jason to leave her but admits to having her transferred to another hospital and getting a court order to stop Patrick from performing surgery on her. Sam tells her that she had no right to make decisions for her when Jason knows her better than anyone and should have been making the decisions. Alexis asks Sam to let her tell her side of things. Sam listens while Alexis explains that Noah told her that the surgery was very risky and that there was a good chance she could die from it. She also explains that she doesn't hate Jason and that she likes him but hates his line of work. Sam tells her that if she can't accept her with Jason then she needs to stay out of her life. Alexis has the cops bring Jason in for questioning. Meanwhile, Stan shows up at Jason's. Jason can't stop thinking about Sam's shooting and that he put her in danger. Stan complains that Jason is stretching his men too thin by putting so many bodyguards on Sam. Jason insists that Sam be protected around the clock. Skye talks to Justus about her concerns with Alcazar. She tells him about a conversation she overheard between Alcazar and someone on the phone. She worries that Alcazar is back in the mob again. Justus goes to see Jason and tells him what he heard. Jason tells him that he thinks Alcazar has some strong ties to some government organization regarding arms dealing and drugs and that is how Louis Alcazar got away with his crimes because Lorenzo had some pull to get him cleared. Meanwhile, Alexis gets some official document messengered to her. The document forces her to drop all charges against Diego. Skye shows up to see Diego at that time just as Lorenzo shows up. He asks Skye to go home and wait for him there and he will explain things. Jason shows up at the police station and hears that Diego is being let go. He asks Alexis about that. She tells him she has no choice but to let Diego go but won't tell him why. Jason tells her he won't talk to her without his lawyer present. She tells him she didn't bring him here to have him arrested. She asks him to do the right thing and stay away from Sam for her protection and to tell him that Sam found out about what she did to protect her and decided to move out. Jason leaves the police station and heads to Kelly's. He finds Sam there. He tells her he knows she went to see Alexis and moved out. Sam confirms that she told Alexis off and that she wants to move back in with him. Jason tells her that Alexis had nothing to do with why he broke up with her and that she shouldn't blame Alexis since she was only trying to protect her. Sam can't believe Jason is defending Alexis. Jason admits that Alexis was wrong to do what she did but that doesn't change the fact that he can't be with her. Meanwhile, Lorenzo runs into Manny on the docks. He realizes that Manny is the one who shot at Sam and was responsible for John Durant's murder. He informs Manny that he is back in the business and to watch his back concerning Skye. Manny asks him if he is threatening his life. Lorenzo tells him he doesn't care how he takes it as long as he stays away from Skye. Manny tries to fight Lorenzo but Lorenzo grabs him and throws him off of him. Manny takes his gun out and points it at Lorenzo. Lorenzo warns Manny to watch his back and leaves the docks. Manny laughs at Lorenzo and takes out a bracelet he stole from Lorenzo during their tussle. He has one of his goons set up a meeting with Lorenzo but makes it clear that he should not mention he is going to be there. Lorenzo gets Diego released from jail and has him meet him on the docks. Diego asks him what he is doing and how he got him released. Lorenzo informs him that he use to help out some secret government agency by handling arms deals so that guns didn't get into the wrong hands and that he got out of that business but had to call on some favors from them to get Diego released and that now he is back working for them in return which is what he didn't want to do because it is very dangerous work. He pleads with Diego to stay out his business.

Sonny scares Max when he walks around carrying a big carving knife in his hand. Max asks him why he is carrying the knife and if he wants him to take it for him. Sonny realizes he is scaring Max with the knife and explains that he is going to get some oranges from the tree outside and make some freshly squeezed orange juice for "Lily." Max realizes that Sonny is mixing up Lily and Emily in his mind again. Meanwhile, Ric goes to talk to Lainey at the hospital. He tells her that he is starting to avoid the triggers that cause his "Bipolar" condition and that what she told him helped. Lainey knows he is talking about Sonny not himself. She goes to Kelly's to meet with Justus. She asks him if he noticed anything odd about Sonny's behavior since he works for him. Justus admits that Sonny has had his moments of moodiness but other than that he has been fine. They end up talking about his superstition concerning the number 29. He explains to her that June 29th was the day that his late father disappeared and that the same date was when they found his body. He also tells her he had football jersey in school that had the number 29 and that he sprained his ankle right after he put it on. He also tells her he flunked his only test on the 29th of some month. Later, Ric shows up at Sonny's with some blueprints in his hand. Sonny was looking at Lily's picture and hurries up and hides it from view. Sonny asks Ric what he is doing there. Ric tells him he just called him 2 hours ago and asked him to come and show him the new plans for the warehouse. Sonny doesn't remember calling him but makes up the excuse that he must have got distracted with his garden plans. Ric pours them both a drink and talks to him about their mother. Sonny admits that Lily was a lot like his mother and that Emily is like her also because she has a calming influence on him. Ric picks up the picture of Lily while Sonny isn't looking and notices she is wearing a flowing white gown. He asks Sonny about Lily. Sonny tells him that Lily loved him very much but he didn't feel the same way but realized how much she meant to him when she was killed. Ric switches gears and tells Sonny that he appreciates having him as a brother and that Sonny can trust him. Ric suggests that Sonny do something special for Emily for all she does for him. Sonny tells him that he is having a rose garden put in for Emily since she misses not having Lila and her rose garden. Ric suggests he give her something else more immediate to show her how much she means to him and offers to go and get a gift for Emily for him. Sonny accepts his offer since he has a meeting later and won't have time. Emily comes over for awhile to see him. He apologizes to her for how he has been acting lately and makes her some orange juice. Emily tells him she is with him for the long haul and that there is nothing to forgive and she knows his condition is what is causing his behavior to be erratic. Emily leaves for awhile and Ric comes back with a bag. He tells Sonny that he can give that Emily tonight when he sees her. Sonny thanks him for doing that. Ric leaves and heads over to see Alexis at the police station. Alexis fills him in on what she found out about Lorenzo ties to some powerful government organization which explains why Louis got away with what he did and why now Diego has been cleared of criminal charges. Ric tells her he wants to take her out to dinner since he has a feeling Sonny is going to be needing his undivided attention very soon. Emily returns home to see Sonny. Sonny tells her he has two surprises for her but gives her the gift bag and asks her to go upstairs and try it on. Emily comes downstairs and Sonny is in shock when he sees that she is wearing an almost identical dress that Lily was wearing in the picture. He yells at Emily to take the dress off now. Emily is floored by his angry reaction to the dress.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Nik tries to get in some last minute parenting tips from books before he brings home John. As Nik passes through several candidates for the nanny position, he is about to give up when he meets Colleen McHenry.

Carly comes to see Jax to assist him in packing up John's belongings. As they are packing, Jax tells Carly that he has never felt alone until the thought of being without John. Jax asks Carly to ensure that everything has been packed, as he does not want a reminder of what he has lost. Once they have completed the packing, Jax begins taking the items down the car while Carly gets John ready. Carly vows to John that she will make Robin suffer for what she has put everyone through.

Carly and Jax arrive at the Cassadine household with John. Both Jax and Carly seem a little upset when they find out that Nik has hired Colleen to care for the baby. Nik agrees that Norma may stay on a few days while John makes the transition. Carly is about to go and see the nursery with the nannies when Nik tells her that she is not permitted to do so. Carly informs Nik that he is not allowed to cut all of the people John has been with out of his life. Nik tells Carly that as John's father he is able to do as he pleases and asks for his son from Jax. Carly steps in between the two men and tells Nik that he is not allowed to break the routine that had been established for John after all of these months. Jax asks Carly to drop the subject, and hands the baby over to Nik.

Carly begins to rant about the situation with Norma when Jax asks her once again to drop it. He tells her that he thought that he was ready to hand over John, but when he placed the baby in Nik's arms he realized that he wasn't. Carly suggests that she leave and give him some peace. Jax embraces Carly and tells her that he couldn't imagine getting through the day without her.

Manny crawls in through Sam's window at Kelly's and begins to look around. While in her room, Manny begins to unpack Sam's belongings and put the items away.

Sam wonders why Jason is working together with Alexis in trying to keep them apart, when they have always worked on opposite sides. Sam tells Jason that Patrick informed her of everything that happened while she was in the hospital including Alexis sending her away so that Jason was unable to find her. Jason says his goodbyes to Sam and walks out on her.

Alexis comes to see Sam and asks her not to be shut of her life. Sam tells Alexis to send her love to Kristina. Alexis tells Sam that she is always welcome in her home and then leaves.

As Sam heads into her room she notices how everything has been put away. She instinctively grabs a bookend and searches around the room and on the fire escape.

Ric sits outside of Kelly's looking at a receipt he had for a white dress.

Lainey invites Justus over for dinner, when Jason interrupts them to inform Justus that they are having problems with Sonny. Jason informs Justus of Sonny's plans of opening the coffee warehouse. Since he feels that he will be unable to keep an eye on Sonny, Jason asks Justus if he can keep a watch on Sonny for him. While talking, Justus receives a call from a man requesting a meeting between Alcazar and Jason. Justus informs the man that Jason has agreed to meet with Alcazar. Once off the phone, Justus questions Jason's motives for meeting with him. Jason tells Justus that the way Lorenzo got Diego released, it must mean that he is back into arms dealing again.

Jason receives a call from Sam informing him that someone has broken into her room. Justus agrees to go to the meeting in Jason's place.

Manny receives a phone call informing him that Jason should be meeting with Alcazar in approximately thirty minutes.

Jason arrives at Kelly's to see Sam. Sam shows him the room and informs him that her belongings had been lying on the bed. Jason inquires as to whether or not Sam is fibbing about this situation as well.

Justus arrives at the meeting location with Lorenzo, only to find Manny. Manny informs Justus that this is not his lucky day and points a gun at him.

Emily comes down the stairs to model the new dress. When Sonny sees her in the white dress he begins to flash between Emily in the dress and a picture he had of Lily wearing a white dress. Sonny yells for her to take off the dress, and rushes over and begins tearing it off of her. As Emily screams for Sonny to stop, Sonny finally realizes what he has done and apologizes for his actions. Emily embraces him and tells him that everything will be all right.

Once changed, Sonny apologizes again for his actions and knows that she must have been scared because it may have reminded her of the rape. When Emily asks what brought on the episode, Sonny tells her that the dress looked like a wedding gown and he felt that he might have lost her to Nikolas. When Emily questions Sonny on why he may have come to that conclusion, Sonny tells her that Nik will need a mother for his new son. Emily tells Sonny that she loves him and that she wants to be with him.

Emily once again voices her concern about his mental health. Sonny tells Emily that he has never been happier and that he will get through whatever he is going through. Emily tells Sonny that she needs to go to the hospital. Sonny calls Ric and demands that he come to the house immediately.

Sonny begins to call Ric a sick, twisted bastard when he arrives at the house. Sonny asks him why he purchased a dress for Emily that looked like the dress in the picture. Ric informs Sonny that he never purchased a dress.

Nik arrives at the hospital with John. Nik asks Emily if she is willing to hold the baby as he goes to get the pediatrician. Nik admires Emily as she holds and speaks to John.

As Colleen is folding clothes, Helena arrives at the house and informs her that she is pleased with how quickly Colleen managed to get the position. Helena asks Colleen to obey every one of Nik's orders and when the time comes, Colleen is to bring the baby to her.

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