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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 26, 2006 on GH
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Monday, June 26, 2006

On the docks, Carly admitted she's far from over Jax. Patrick said he's open to being used. She spotted Robin and laid one on Patrick. "Don't let me interrupt," Robin said and stalked off. Patrick decided to stay with Carly to see if she follows through on the promise of that kiss. "I'm not committed to Robin or anyone," he said. Carly invited him to Jake's where she'd decide whether to sleep with him. Robin went to GH, where she recapped to Kelly and said she expects Patrick to come to GH. Don't hold your breath, honey Patrick and Carly were at Jake's, where Lulu wondered if she should tell Carly about Sonny's freak-out. Carly confessed to Patrick that she used to be wilder, but now she's trying to learn from her mistakes like that whole Sonny/Jason thing. When she and Patrick sleep together, it has to be about them, not Robin. Back at GH, Kelly advised Robin to do something. At Jake's, Carly asked Patrick what attracted him to Robin? He said she's adventurous, tough, smart, a challenge. But they're wrong for each other. He asked about her men. "Jason is my constant," Carly admitted. Sonny is the father of her children, and Jax "Who the hell knows?" None of them worked. Robin appeared and blasted Patrick for swallowing Carly's crap. Carly left, and Patrick said he's trying to prove Robin needs to grow up and forget about Carly.

Jason called Sam's phone, but Alexis wouldn't let him talk to her. Upstairs, Sam settled into bed in full makeup. Then Manny clamped a tattooed hand over her mouth and tied her up in duct tape. He warned her to come along quietly, or he'd kill Kristina. Outside, two cops confronted Jason, and Alexis refused him entry. Kristina ran upstairs to tell Sam about Jason, but found her bed empty. She told everyone Sam was missing. Jason leaped into action and thoroughly checked her bed (Sam is short, but could she really have been hiding behind a pillow?). "Manny's got her," he sighed, recounting Manny's threats. Jason quizzed Kristina and determined she had unwittingly told "the painted man" where to find Sam.

Sonny and Emily stumbled out of Jake's, running into Ric. Emily tried to get into the car, but Sonny gripped by a vision rushed over (in slow motion) and threw her to the ground. "I saw the car explode," he said. Coleman and Lulu came outside. Ric brought Sonny home, where Sonny barricaded himself in study and took a bat to the furniture (again in slow motion). Emily went to GH and recapped Sonny's unstable behavior to Liz. Emily believed she had to help him just as Jason and Carly once did, but Liz feared for her safety. At that moment, Ric burst into the room, where Sonny held a gun on him and dared his brother to take it away. So he did. Ric told Sonny he researched the condition, but Sonny pooh-poohed any chemical imbalance; he destroys people because that's just what he does. He's a bottomless pit. He couldn't save Lily or their mother, and he's tired of trying. Sonny said Ric needn't worry because he doesn't love Ric. Ric wanted to be "close," so Sonny punched him. They traded blows and Emily rushed in, but they didn't stop until the phone rang. It was Alexis, with the news of Manny abducting Sam.

At Jake's, Lulu approached Carly with her suspicions that something is seriously wrong with Sonny. She recapped the alley. "This is bad," Carly admitted. "Sonny has episodes." So "why aren't you with him?" Lulu asked. Outside Jake's, Robin said she and Patrick are going to have "revenge sex" and laid one on him.

Liz went to Jason's place. Jason returned and ordered an all-out search for Manny. Then he asked Liz for help: Since Manny once kidnapped her, maybe she holds the key to finding Sam. Elsewhere, Manny tied Sam to a chair, ripped off her gag and he taunted her to scream. "I like the way you fight," he hissed, and fired his gun to prove no one can hear. "No one is going to find you until I'm ready."

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

At Jake's Lulu was incredulous of Carly's unwillingness to go and help Sonny, after she had witnessed his strange behavior. Carly explained the evolution of their relationship, and that they were poison for each other. She told Lulu of the first time she witnessed one of Sonny's episodes, and that she had been willing to help that first time because of her friendship with Jason. Carly explained that they had slept together for the first time, after she had seen Jason and Liz dancing together and had gone to Sonny's to try to get some answers. Carly advised Lulu to never sleep with a man to show them that you hate him, and never to sleep with the best friend of the guy you really liked. Lulu was surprised that Carly would be advising her to save herself for a man she loved. When Lulu asked if Carly regretted loving Sonny, Carly said that when Sonny would let her share in his life, that it was great, however, when it was difficult, it was hell. Lulu shared with Carly the frustration of the Spencer women, and how they will do anything possible for what they think is right, regardless of the consequences. Lulu told Carly how she was interested in a guy who was involved with someone else, and how she felt that he could do much better. When Carly said that he would do better with her, Lulu commented that would have been something her mother would have said. Carly observed that it must freak Lulu out, on how people mention that she looked like her mother, and while they meant it to be a compliment, that it must bring a concern that she might turn out like her. When Lulu shared with her how Luke had said, that while she looked like her mother, she acted like a Spencer so there was nothing to worry about. As Carly was about to leave she shared with Lulu that getting involved with Sonny and his problems would be like an alcoholic thinking that they could take just one more drink, and it would not affect them. Getting involved with Sonny would be like drowning, and that was something she was not willing to do.

At Jason's apartment, Jason tried to convince Liz that in order to save Sam he needed her to relive when Manny had kidnapped her. At first Liz was resistant, because she did not feel that it would help Jason. However, after Jason explained that it would help him see if there were any weaknesses in Manny's thinking, Liz agreed to help. They went back to the hospital where Liz recounted her ordeal. Jason was appreciative of her help, and recognized that it was a difficult thing for her to relive. He was concerned for Sam's safety, and Liz tried to reassure him that Sam was a fighter and would not give up. Jason expressed his concern that Manny was hoping that Jason would make a mistake, and that the one thing that would do that was to hurt Sam. When they returned to the apartment, Jason thanked Liz for helping him. He shared with her that going through the process with her made him realize that Manny was methodic about following through on something, that could make him over confident, and cause him to make a mistake.

At Sonny's, Rick and Sonny were fighting when Emily came in and stopped them. At that time, Sonny demanded that Max have both of them leave. Emily was unwilling to do that, and Max took Rick out. Rick did not to leave at first because he felt that his brother would need him, however, he then received a call from Alexis telling him about Manny kidnapping Sam. As he was leaving, he demanded that Max contact him if there were any changes in Sonny. Back in the room, Sonny was hallucinating that Emily was actually Lily, and talked to her like she was pregnant with his first child. He expressed his concerns about being a first time father, and the ability to take care of them. Emily played along, told him that she thought he would be a great father, and that she had no concerns of their life together. As they were looking outside towards the garden, Carly came by to check up on Sonny. Max gave her an update, and when she went inside to go see Sonny, she saw Emily and him together. At that time Carly realized that Emily was there to take care of Sonny and that he didn't need her. She asked Max to take care of him, and left.

As Manny tied Sam up, he shared with her that he didn't want to hurt her, but that she was a way to get to Jason. He told her that he had never wanted to kill her, but that shooting her in the back, was repayment for Jason killing his brother by shooting him in the back. At one point, Sam tried to get away by cutting away the ropes that tied her hands against a wire medicine cabinet. When Manny walked in, he moved her chair away from the cabinet, and told her that she needed to be careful otherwise she would cut her hands. When Sam called him a freak, Manny tore off his shirt, and demanded to know if Sam thought he was a freak because of his tattoos. Manny explained to Sam that Jason and him were similar, that they could look into someone's eyes, kill them, and not feel any remorse. When Sam said that Jason could control his violence, Manny said that kidnapping her would force Jason to be the man he should be, and not hide his true identity.

At Alexis' home, Alexis was demanding to know why Mac was trying to find proof that Manny had been there, instead of sending men out to look for him. At that time, Mac let her know that he felt that they were in this situation because of her. She had gotten Manny's sentence reduced, and because of that they were in this predicament. When Rick came home, Alexis was trying to get a profiler to work on finding out where Manny was. Alexis shared her frustration that Manny had been stalking Sam, and had spoken to Kristina. Rick reminded her that none of this was her fault, and that the best thing would have been if Jason had killed Manny in the park a year ago.

Back at Jack's Lulu was thinking about a conversation that she had with Diego. She shared with him her plan that if Diego could get Georgie in a secluded area, Lulu would walk in on them, and tell Dillon that they had slept together. Diego said that Georgie would deny it, and Lulu said that Diego should also deny it, and if Dillon believed Georgie then they would stay together, and would deserve to be together. However, if he did not believe her, then Lulu would be there to comfort him, and Diego would be available to comfort Georgie. At that time Dillon came to meet with Lulu, and she attempted to tell him something, when he said that he knew what this was about. He said that he was appreciative of her trying to keep Georgie and Diego apart by spending time with Diego. Dillon said Georgie was insistent that they were only friends, however, that if that was somehow proved wrong it would be over between the two of them

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

(Today's episode began just after Justus's funeral, which was held off-screen.)

At the hospital, Patrick offered his condolences to Robin over the loss of her friend, Justus. Then, Noah approached his son and said he was glad Patrick finally found someone to care about. Patrick chewed Noah out and said his personal life was none of his father's business. When Robin called Patrick insensitive, he said, "We don't have a relationship." "Here we go again," Robin sighed. Robin reiterated that she still doesn't want a commitment from Patrick, but he could be a little nicer to people. "You are the only thing that matters to you," she spat in disgust. Their argument got worse when Robin suggested he call Carly for a nooner. "You have truly lived down to my expectations," she huffed. Patrick then walked away.

At the Quartermaines, a significantly blonder Dillon spoke with Alice, who asked the young heir to keep an eye on Edward he hasn't been the same since Justus's death, she said. Luke went out on the patio and offered his condolences to Edward. "My grandson wouldn't have stayed in Port Charles if it weren't for you," Edward shot back. Edward then noted that if it wasn't for Luke and Laura, he would have never known about Justus in the first place. Tracy was impressed that Luke got Edward to open up. She admitted that she didn't get to know Justus because she didn't want another person to vie for her father's affections with. Luke then reflected on his life of domesticity with Laura. When he apologized for baring his "so-called soul," Tracy said it was intriguing, getting to know the man she married. Tracy surprised Luke with a kiss on the cheek. He then surprised her back by returning the kiss on the lips. He then said he had an important errand to run and ducked out. Inside, Dillon got angry at Georgie when she commented on the fate of people who live their lives around constant danger and he walked out, too.

Outside, Carly offered Lainey her sympathy, but Lainey knew that wasn't all Carly had on her mind. She's concerned about Sonny, the shrink correctly noted. Lainey pointed out that Sonny needs to be the one to ask for help. They started to argue about Emily, but Lainey pulled back and said, due to her confusion over Justus, she's not one to be giving advice. After Carly left, Edward and Lainey shared a warm moment remembering Justus, and each expressed their regrets, as well. They talked about Justus's grandmother, the late Mary Mae. After which, Edward had a flashback about her, the woman he once loved.

Across town, an emotional Skye was disappointed that Alcazar can't get out of the business and suggested that maybe he shouldn't be in her life. Citing that she's carrying his baby, Lorenzo said, "It's our life." Skye then said she realizes he's not the man she wants him to be. He remained adamant about his love for her and his desire to be a part of his child's life.

At Jake's, Lulu and Diego decided to put their plan to separate Dillon and Georgie into action. Carly showed up and played a game of pool with Lulu. During their conversation, Carly stated that she wants to help Sonny but because of their tangled past history, she can't. Patrick walked in, prompting Carly to smile. She sashayed over to Dr. Drake, who unloaded his problems with Robin and told Carly he's in no mood for games. Carly then vented about Jax leaving her. Patrick suggested that she needed a night of great sex with no strings attached. "I think I'm going to have to accept your offer," Carly cooed before kissing him. They went back to Patrick's, where Carly emphasized that she didn't want to have sex with him to get back at Robin, she just wanted to have sex with him. As they got hot and heavy, Robin knocked on the door, saying, "Patrick? We need to talk." Carly couldn't help but smile.

On the docks, Diego filled in Georgie about his angst at being dragged into Justus's murder. As Georgie hugged him, he smiled to a spying Lulu.

Luke went to visit Laura at the sanitarium and broke the sad news about Justus's death and the happy news of Nikolas's son. Luke talked about Lulu, stroked Laura's hair and put his hand on her shoulder, then left. After he was gone, Laura's hand touched her shoulder where Luke's hand had been.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Georgie and Diego talk in the Quartermaine boathouse. Georgie tells Diego it wasn't his fault what happened to Justus. Diego tells her that he is not someone she should be hanging out with because he has a dangerous background with ties to his father and the mob. Georgie tells him that he is not as bad as he thinks he is and that he was there for her and really made her prom special. Lulu listens in on their conversation and waits for Diego's cue to go get Dillon. Diego talks to Georgie with his back turned and motions to Lulu to go get Dillon. Diego and Georgie walk outside and Diego decides he wants to go for a swim and invites Georgie to join him since it is hot outside. He takes off his pants and Georgie decides to take off her pants and shirt and go swimming in her underwear. Lulu runs over to Kelly's and finds Dillon sitting outside drinking a coffee and reading the paper. She puts fake water on her face to make it look like she is crying and upset. She pretends she didn't see him sitting there and Dillon notices her heading into Kelly's. He calls to her and notices she looks upset. She looks at him and runs away. Dillon chases after her onto the docks and asks her what is wrong. Lulu tells him she cares about him and he is her very best friend. He asks her what is wrong and thinks that his mother or Edward may have upset her. She tells him that it wasn't anything they did and that she really doesn't want to tell him what she found out. Dillon pleads with her to just tell him and get out in the open. Lulu blurts out that she just saw Georgie having sex with Diego in the boathouse. Meanwhile, Georgie puts her clothes back on while she is still wet while Diego sits on the mattress and covers up with a blanket. Dillon charges in with Lulu behind him and thinks that Georgie really did have sex with Diego when he sees that she is alone with him and it looks like an intimate setting. Georgie is shocked to see Dillon when he barges in.

Emily comes downstairs and is frantically looking for Sonny. Max comes in the living room when he hears her call out for Sonny. He gets worried when he realizes Sonny is not with Emily. Emily tells him she was out of the room for only a few minutes and Sonny disappeared. Meanwhile, Sonny shows up at Jason's. Jason asks him what he is doing there. Sonny tells Jason that he needs to protect Emily from him. Jason asks him what happened with Emily and worries that Sonny may have hurt her. Sonny tells him he hasn't hurt her but is afraid in his condition that he will and tells Jason he was right all along about him being wrong for Emily. Jason asks Sonny what has been going on at home. Sonny tells him he feels the darkness coming on inside him and can't stop it and that he can't remember conversations he has had with people and that Ric tried to help him also. Jason goes in the other room for a moment and comes back in to find Sonny rummaging in his liquor cabinet looking for alcohol. Jason takes the bottle of wine out of Sonny's hands and tells him that it will only make things worse. He smashes the bottle into the fireplace. Sonny listens while Jason tells him that he is not sick but needs to rest because he is exhausted. Sonny admits he hasn't been sleeping. Jason suggests he let him take him home. Sonny lets h im do that. Jason calls Emily and Max and tells them Sonny is with him and he will be taking him home. Emily asks Max if this is the worse that he has seen from Sonny and Max admits it is the worse he has seen. Jason brings Sonny home and tells him he has something to do and will be back later. Sonny tells Emily that Alan and Edward were right when they told him she was the light. He tells her that she is too good and that she will always think medicine will help him get better. Emily tells him he is mentally ill and needs to get treatment and then he will feel better. Sonny tells her that you can't fix him because he is too broken inside and tries to push her away. Meanwhile, Robin stops by Patrick's hotel room and knocks on his door. Patrick and Carly stop making out. Patrick is surprised when Carly doesn't call out to Robin to get back at her for what she did to her or that she didn't answer the door. Robin thinks Patrick isn't home and leaves. Patrick asks Carly why she didn't reveal she was there. She tells him she wasn't going to get back at Robin that way by using him. She tells him she will sleep with him because she wants to -- not because of Robin. Patrick seems nervous after Robin leaves the hallway and Carly picks up on it. She tells him she thinks he is more serious about Robin than he is willing to admit. Patrick denies he wants a serious relationship with Robin or any woman and tells her he will prove it by kissing her again. They begin to make love. However, there is another knock on his door and the person persists with the knocking. It turns out to be Jason. He tells her that he knows she is there and needs to see her right now. Carly answers the door in her bra and pants and asks him what he wants. Jason grabs her and pulls her out into the hallway. He tells her that he needs her to go with him and help with Sonny. He tells her that he needs her to stay with Sonny so he can concentrate on finding Sam and tells her Manny Ruiz has her. Carly doesn't think it is a good idea that she go stay with Sonny but Jason asks her to do it for him and she agrees. He takes her to Sonny's and tells Emily she is going with him. Emily fights with Jason about leaving Sonny but Sonny tells her to leave and that she isn't safe with him anymore. Emily tells Jason and Carly that Sonny needs treatment from a doctor and that he has a Bipolar disorder and they need to stop trying to hide him away and think it will go away. Jason tells her that Sonny needs to rest and persuades her to go with him. Carly stays with Sonny and tells Max not to come in the room for any reason and to make sure no one is allowed in. Max listens to Carly and disobeys Sonny when he orders him to take Carly out of the room and send her home. Carly sits on the couch and tells Sonny she is waiting for him to make the first move. Jason takes Emily back to his penthouse and makes plans for her to take the jet to the "Island" and stay there for awhile. Emily doesn't want to go and leave Sonny. Jason tells her that he needs for her to go so he can concentrate on finding Sam and explains about Manny kidnapping her. He tells Emily that he needs to make sure she is safe and that Sonny can relax and sleep if he knows she is safe. Emily feels bad about Sam and reluctantly agrees to go away for awhile. Meanwhile, Sam manages to get close to the cut wire on the cage in the room Manny has her held in. She cuts the rope around her hands and gets free. She opens the door and looks out. She tries to escape but Manny catches her and ties her back up to the chair. He notices she was looking at some of the instruments on the table and shows her the tattoo needle and that he plans to put a tattoo on her when Jason gets there. He tells her some of his plans for her when Jason finds them.

Helena finds the nanny and the baby on the docks. The nanny gets nervous because she wasn't expecting to see her there and warns her that Nikolas is on his way to meet them there. Helena tells her that Nikolas is busy at the hospital and she doesn't have to worry that he will suspect anything. Nikolas shows up and the nanny pretends that she is scared of Helena. Nikolas tells her to take John with her and leave the docks and he will meet her at the hospital. Nikolas warns Helena to stay away from John and that it is the last time she sees her great grandson. Helena tells him she has no plans to harm the baby and that she wants to play a part in leading John down the right path into being a prince. Nikolas tells her to stay away from the baby. He heads to the hospital and meets up with the nanny and baby John. He tells her that he plans on taking the baby away for awhile and he would understand if she didn't want to stay on as the nanny after seeing Helena. She tells him she has already gotten attached to the baby and will be fine. Robin comes over and asks Nikolas if everything is o.k. with the baby. Nikolas tells her he needs her to check the baby's charts and make sure his medicine is up to date because he is going to take the baby away for awhile. Robin guesses it has something to do with Helena and feels responsible. She tells him that she knows that is why Jax and Carly kept John a secret and worries that they may have been right. Nikolas assures her that she did the right thing and he can take care of his son and is grateful to her for letting him know his son. Helena watches things from afar and motions to the nanny that she is there. Robin agrees to help him out and heads to the nurses' station after giving Nikolas a hug. Patrick sees them hugging and thinks that Robin and Nikolas staged the hug hoping to make him jealous. Robin tells him that she didn't even know that he was there until he came up to her. Patrick tells her that she did that because she got jealous when he started flirting with Carly. Robin denies doing anything to make him jealous. Patrick tells her that they need to end these adolescent games they have been playing. Robin looks at him and wonders if he is trying to really end things with her.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Liz arrives at Jason's penthouse to provide him with a timeline of her own kidnapping. She tells Jason that she hopes this will assist him in finding Sam. The PCPD arrive at the penthouse to arrest Jason. When Jason tries to find out the charges, he is informed by Detective Rodriguez that the District Attorney will personally deal with this.

Alexis informs Jason that she will be falsely charging him with Escobar's murder in hopes that Manny will allow Sam to go. Jason tries to tell Alexis that Manny will find no use with Sam if he is in jail, and will kill her.

Alexis tells Jason that she is going to hold him for the 48 hours and walks out on him. She runs in Mayor Floyd who demands to know why she has called a press conference. Alexis informs him that she is trying to save her daughter.

During the press conference, Alexis makes a plea to Manny to allow her daughter to be released. She informs him that he owes her. Alexis then tells the public that Jason has been arrested for Escobar's murder and that no bail has been set.

Mayor Floyd informs Alexis that the press conference may have undermined the office. The Mayor tells her that her public appeal for her daughter may be good for the votes and that it may have helped the public forget her role in allowing Manny to be set free.

While at General Hospital, Liz overhears the press conference. She is about to get back to work when she remembers a discussion that she had with Manny about the secret places in General Hospital.

Liz goes to the police station to inform Jason that she has remembered something. Jason tells Liz that he needs to find a way to get out of the department.

In the sub basement level 3 of General Hospital, Manny tries to take Sam's picture to send to Jason to prove that she is still alive. Manny asks Sam if she has anything to say to Jason, however Sam replies that does not. When Manny finds out about Jason being arrested, Manny informs Sam that she will need to plea with her mother to allow Jason out of jail. When Sam agrees to speak with Alexis regarding the matter, Manny informs her that it is not necessary as he will be sending Alexis a message that will be tattooed on her skin.

Dillon walks into the boathouse and accuses Georgie and Diego of sleeping together. Georgie pleads with Dillon to believe her when she says that they did not have sex. Lulu tells Georgie that she saw them.

Georgie continues to try to defend herself and informs Dillon that she doesn't know why Lulu is lying about this. Diego informs Dillon that they just went skinny dipping but they did not sleep together.

Refusing to believe Georgie, Dillon storms off. Georgie tells Lulu that if there is any justice in the world, this will come back to her and she will feel the pain that Georgie is feeling and then runs off. Diego tells Lulu that he never thought that she would go through with it and then leaves.

Lulu runs into her father on the pier. They are talking when Luke gets a call from Holly on his cell phone. Holly is begging for Luke to come and save her when he hears her scream and then a loud clatter. The line then goes dead. Luke tells his daughter that he must leave. He warns her to protect her heart.

Lulu goes to the boathouse to see Dillon. Dillon demands that Lulu tell him everything that she saw going on between Georgie and Diego. Lulu tells him that she didn't watch, but that she is sure that they were sleeping together. Lulu embraces Dillon and they begin to kiss. Dillon stops the kiss and brings her into the boathouse where they continue to kiss and undress each other.

Georgie runs into Diego at Kelly's and expresses her anger about Dillon not believing her. Diego informs Georgie that he never should have come to the boathouse. Georgie begins to kiss Diego.

Patrick informs Robin that he wants to end things between them. He tells her that things are becoming too much like a relationship. Robin accuses Patrick of having feelings for her and that is why he is trying to run away. She calls Patrick a coward and tells him that he is right about them being over.

Robin runs into Robert on the pier and informs him that she has had a bad day. She tells him that she will speak with him later and is about to leave, when she runs into Anna.

Sonny asks Carly why she would want to stay and help him. He tells her to leave the house. Carly informs him that she didn't leave him years ago and there is no way that she is leaving him now. Sonny demands to know why she is really there and what she is getting from it. Carly informs him that she is there because Jason asked her.

The two begin to discuss their relationship and how they first met. Carly informs Sonny that the reason he never liked her was because she reminded him of where he came from rather than where he wanted to be. Sonny tells her that he never would have married her 3 times if he hadn't liked her.

Carly tries to tell Sonny that he wasn't the reason for her mental breakdown. She informs him that it was the kidnapping and then believing that Michael was dead that caused it. Sonny tells Carly that he could feel himself falling into this hole. He informs Carly that he tried to do his best and remain happy with Emily as she does make him happy. Sonny tells Carly that she doesn't know when to cut her losses when it comes to him.

Carly suggests that perhaps Sonny should stop drinking as it will make matters worse. Sonny tries to tell Carly that he does not want to be saved. Carly tells Sonny that she will try to save him for their children and for herself. Sonny asks her if he kisses her if she will leave. Sonny leans over and begins to kiss her.

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