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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 17, 2006 on GH
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Monday, July 17, 2006

Carly told Jason she was glad to help Sonny but she's tempted to go back to him. She asked Jason to stop her, but he replied he's never been able to stop her before. She said Sonny doesn't need her; he's moved on. Meanwhile, Sonny pointed out to Lainey that he married Carly three times, tossed her out of her home twice and shot her in the head. Yep, it's love. Sonny recounted the shooting, then getting involved with Sam, Alexis, etc. Lainey asked if this is a pattern, using other women to get over Carly? He said Emily doesn't fit the pattern. Lainey asked, Who do you envision your future with? After the session, Sonny assured Emily she doesn't fit the pattern; she's not a reaction to Carly. But he did say going after her was "selfish." Emily praised the insights one gets from therapy she wasn't honest about what she learned from her post-rape counseling, and she doesn't want to see that happen to him.

Ric gave a swimsuit-clad Sam her passport. Kristina invited Ric to join them swimming. Afterward, Sam pointed out that her salvage-diving past was actually useful, and noted that Kristina never had swim lessons. Alexis arrived and asked the soaked Sam if she went swimming. Kristina invited Alexis to swim, but she begged off. Sam realized Alexis can't swim, but before it became an ABC Afterschool Special ("The Girl Who Couldn't Swim") Alexis pointed out that Stavros used to mock-drown her. Alexis got a call from Mayor Floyd pressuring her to prosecute Jason for killing Juan Escobar. Alexis assured her they don't have enough evidence, and Sam said she's cool with it. Later, Sam asked Ric to put sunscreen on her back. However, she grimaced and bolted when he touched her. Later, Ric showed up at GH to discuss Sonny's session with Lainey. Emily intercepted him and said it went well. Ric once again bad-mouthed Jason, but Emily defended him.

Jason returned to GH for an appointment with Patrick, and Liz used the opportunity to ask him who really killed Manny. Maxie eavesdropped as Jason recounted the fight with Manny and admitted he didn't see Lucky shoot. He also assured Liz that he would re-evaluate his relationship with Sam after Sonny is squared away. When he left, Maxie noted the conflict of interest inherent in Mrs. Det. Lucky having the town crime boss for a buddy.

Det. Lucky realized it was wrong to kiss Maxie. Later, he arrived at Kelly's, where Lulu blasted him for missing his party, and called him "dad-like." Lucky recounted that Luke blowing off family events made him "treasure" his family, and he vowed to make it right. Later, Liz found Lucky at the docks and demanded to know what's up with him.

As Helena cooed over John, Colleen said Nikolas is still way suspicious of Helena. Helena disappeared when Carly suddenly appeared and cooed over John. Nik appeared and Carly produced John's immunization records. Nik warned her to call first next time. After they left, Helena reappeared and called Carly a cheap but formidable and accomplished gold digger. She directed the nanny to bad-mouth Carly. Nik reappeared and Helena redisappeared Colleen lied that Carly upset John, so Nik said she shouldn't be around again. Back home, Carly packed little John's stuff. When Sonny knocked on the door and asked about the toys, Carly got instantly defensive, but he wanted to apologize. Meanwhile, Emily visited Nik. Colleen skulked as Nik called Emily beautiful.

Back home, Ric marveled at how well Alexis is dealing with Sam. Alexis admitted she and Sam are polar opposites. When Mayor Floyd called again, Ric longingly eyed the spot where Sam had been lying. Sam, meanwhile, was at Jason's in tears. She's been hurting since he left, and she wants him to hurt the same way.

Sonny told Carly he started therapy. He doesn't want to be a medicated zombie, but he'll do what he has to do. Carly advised him to "stop hating yourself." Sonny admitted he spent his session talking about her. "Truth is, we have a bond," he said. It's not pretty, and it's not romantic, but it's there, he said. "I wanna thank you for that."

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Liz and Lucky were talking with Maxie overhearing everything they had to say. Lucky was about to confess his addiction, when Liz misunderstood what he wanted to talk about, and assumed it was about Manny's shooting. Lucky played along with it saying that he did not deserve the rewards he had received because the shooting had been accidental. During their conversation, Lucky found out that he was being made the point detective on the Escobar murder to find proof that Jason had been responsible for it. Later on, he met up with Maxie, who had scored some more pills. At first, Lucky did not want to take them, saying that he wanted to stop taking them. Maxie left the pills with him so that they would be available if he changed his mind.

Carly and Sonny were talking at Carly's apartment, where he wanted to thank her for helping him during his time of need. Carly told him that they should keep their distance because they have a habit of helping each other, and eventually getting back together, with disappointment following. Sonny let her know that he did not want to get back together, and that Carly was one of the strongest women he knew.

Outside of Kelly's Dillon and Lulu met up, and Lulu shared with him that she felt that he did not really know who she was. Dillon told Lulu that it was not true and that she was a good person. He told her that this was proven by how she had been willing to lie to him about seeing Georgie and Diego together. He wanted to go out to the pier with her, which she said that she would meet up with him in a half an hour, but that she needed to take care of something. She then went to Carly's to get advice on what to do. Carly convinced her that she had done what she thought was necessary because it was the best thing for Dillon.

Nikolas was getting John's bottle ready while Emily held the baby. He looked at the two of them, said that Emily was a natural and looked wonderful holding the baby. At that time Colleen interrupted them, and took John to feed him and put him down for a nap. At that time Emily shared with Nikolas that as Sonny was going through his therapy, she was doing some self reflection, and she apologized that she never let him in after her rape. Nikolas said that her main responsibility had been to take care of herself, to which Emily replied that she should have been more open to him about the trauma in her life.

Sonny visited Jason to see if Jason needed any help with the Escobar take over. Jason told him that he needed to take care of himself, and that he had everything under control. Sonny shared with Jason his fears that the therapy he was going through would ultimately change who he was as a person. Jason listened to what Sonny had to say, and was agreeing with what he had to say when Emily walked in. She got upset with Jason, letting him know that she didn't appreciate his input, especially when it was his fault that Sonny had gotten sick again, when he took over the business. At that time, Sonny asked Jason to leave so that he could talk to Emily in private. Once alone, Sonny shared with Emily the difficulties he was having with therapy, and that Jason had always been there for him. Emily said that Jason had enabled his illness because at no time did he insist that Sonny get medical treatment. Sonny let her know that Jason knew who he was, and that he needed to be able to talk to him about his fears about losing himself with therapy and medication.

At the pier, Jason was on the phone, tying up the loose ends with the Escobar takeover, when Lucky passed by. Lucky let him know that he was on the Escobar murder case, and even though Jason had saved Liz from Manny, he had saved Jason from Manny so they were even. He left saying that he would do whatever necessary to prove Jason's guilt of the murder. After Lucky left, Jason, called for Liz to come out, knowing that she had been hiding. Liz offered to tell Lucky that it was not his shot that had killed Manny, but Jason pushing him off of the roof. Jason told her not to do that, that Lucky's belief that he had killed Manny had given him his confidence back and had given him the promotion to detective. Liz was concerned that Lucky would be able to prove his guilt, and Jason let her know that she shouldn't worry about him. Liz told him that while it was admirable that he was willing to help everyone, he needed to take care of himself as well.

Back at Kelly's Liz and Lucky met up, where Lucky apologized again for not being there for the party. Liz let him know how proud she was of him, and Lucky promised to be there for her and that he wanted to be a good father. Liz was leaving when she asked Lucky to pick up the boxes of food. Out of Liz's sight, he took out a bottle of pills, and took a few before leaving Kelly's.

In frustration, Emily left Jason's and went to Carly's. She tried to convince Carly that she needed to talk to Jason, and get him to stop encouraging Sonny from going to therapy. Carly let her know that all Jason wanted was the best for Sonny, and that if Emily wanted to stay together with Sonny she needed to accept him and whatever decision he made. Emily was incredulous that Carly wanted the two of them to stay together. Carly said that she did want them to stay together, because that would prevent her from getting back together with Sonny.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

After making love at the boathouse, Dillon and Lulu try to sneak back into the mansion without being seen. At the hospital, Epiphany scolds Robin and Patrick for their ridiculously childish behavior in the wake of their break-up. Robert finalizes with Skye the plan for her upcoming disappearing act. After Tracy again busts her son and stepdaughter, Edward berates Dillon for taking advantage of Lulu. Ric encourages Alexis to indict Jason on charges of racketeering if she can't make the case for Escobar's murder. Meanwhile, Sam bumps into Jason on her first day of work at the precinct house. Lorenzo informs a bristling Skye that she can't keep him away from her next ultrasound appointment. Diego decides to take Georgie for a spin on his dad's new boat. Certain Patrick's cocky attitude is only a defense mechanism, Noah asks Robin to give his son a second chance. Tracy smells a rat after Dillon explains how he learned that Georgie had cheated on him with Diego. Doggedly playing matchmaker, Noah coaxes Patrick to lunch with Robin at the Metro Court. Tracy accuses Lulu of lying to Dillon in order to break up his marriage. Later, Dillon is devastated to overhear Lulu confessing to his mother how she made up the whole story about Georgie's infidelity.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Georgie and Diego head into the boathouse to make love. They start to get hot and heavy and Georgie asks him if he has a condom on him. He goes to get a condom and stops. He tells Georgie that he can't make love to her because he is afraid it is too soon for her. She admits she isn't over Dillon but that when she is around Diego she feels less of the pain. Diego starts to regret backing off but Georgie thinks he is sweet to be concerned about her. Dillon shows up at the boathouse and sees them inside the boathouse talking. Dillon comes inside and asks to speak to Georgie alone. Georgie tells him that whatever he has to say he can say in front of Diego. Dillon doesn't know if he wants to do that but Diego tells her he will be outside and warns Dillon not to yell or call Georgie any names or he will hurt him. Dillon tells Georgie that he overheard Lulu talking to his mother earlier and she admitted to his mother that she never saw Georgie and Diego have sex and that they were only talking. He apologizes for doubting her and wants to get back with her. Georgie understands why he doubted her but tells him that because he doubted her over Lulu means they should have broken up. Dillon asks her for another chance and promises not to distrust her ever again. Georgie tells him that she will forgive him eventually but that she can't trust him after what he put her through. Georgie meets up with Diego later on the docks and tells him what happened. She tells Diego that she wants to begin a relationship with him now since her marriage to Dillon is over because they have no trust left. Diego winces when he hears that since he was in on the lie with Lulu to get Georgie for himself. Meanwhile, Dillon hangs outside the boathouse and Lulu finds him there. She tells him she doesn't think it is a good idea for them to have sex in the boathouse again and suggests they go somewhere else. Dillon laughs and confronts her about lying to him about seeing Georgie and Diego having sex. He tells her he overheard her talking to his mother. Lulu explains that she did it because she felt he deserved to be with her and not Georgie because Georgie was lying about the letters to Diego and wouldn't stop seeing Diego after he asked her. She tells Dillon that he was the first person who seemed to get her and was a friend to her and that she feels the same thing about him. Dillon tells her that he felt the same way and that now they have nothing. He storms off leaving Lulu crying.

Patrick shows up at the hotel to meet Robin for lunch. She tells him that they don't have to have lunch together and plans on leaving. Patrick grabs her arm and stops her from leaving. He admits that he has missed not being around her. She admits to him that she misses the sex as well. They sit and order lunch together. They also let their guards down and admit to their relationship phobias. He tells her that he remembers how close and intimate his parents were when his mother was alive and how when she died his father fell apart. He tells her he is afraid to get into a close relationship and then what it would do to him if it fell apart. Robin and Patrick decide to go back to his room instead of eating lunch. They get to his room and he wants to talk more but Robin tells him she needs to get back to the hospital soon and tells him to make love to her instead. They make love and take their lunches back to work with them. Noah sees them talking and laughing at the nurses' station and smiles. He asks them how lunch was and they said it was fine. Noah notices their lunches are in cartons and realizes what they did instead. Patrick approaches Noah and tells him not to jump to any conclusions about Robin and him. Noah is pleased and tells him he likes Robin and thinks she is good for him because she doesn't let him get away with anything. Noah tells Patrick he wants him to have what he had with Patrick's mother.

Emily tries to keep Sonny's mind off his troubles and suggests going outside and enjoying the flowers and new gazebo in the backyard. Sonny tells her she doesn't have to try to pretend nothing is wrong but agrees to go outside with him. Carly shows up and puts her hand over Milo's mouth and asks him not to announce she is here to Sonny. Carly realizes that Sonny is not in the room and checks out the living room herself. She tells Milo she is here to find the dress that Sonny had bought for Emily and that she knows Ric bought it and needs to find the proof. Milo agrees to help her and tells her where Max stashed the dress. She gets up on the knees on top of the shelf to get and has Milo stand behind her so she doesn't fall. Emily comes inside and asks them what they are doing. Carly tells Emily that she was looking for the dress that she wore that Sonny thinks he bought for her but thinks Ric bought it to send Sonny over the edge on purpose. Emily defends Ric and tells Carly not to start more problems. She tells Carly that Sonny has an illness and needs to be able to focus on his treatment and not have to worry about her causing problems. Carly tells Emily that Ric is up to something and she intends to prove it. Emily and Carly end up in a heated argument about what is best for Sonny. Sonny walks in the room and asks what is going on. Emily asks Carly to leave right now. Sonny asks Carly to respect Emily's wishes and leave. Emily doesn't like what Carly is doing and Sonny defends Carly a little. Emily tells him that he needs to focus on taking care of himself and not getting involved in Carly's latest drama. Carly heads back to the hotel and starts to investigate where the dress was sold locally. Emily shows up at the hotel and asks Carly to stay away from Sonny and let him get better. Carly insists she will find out the truth and warns Emily that treatment may help Sonny but it won't change the fact that he is a controlling man. Meanwhile, Ric meets with Lainey at the hotel to discuss Sonny. He tells her he is concerned that Jason will try to interfere with Sonny's treatment because he doesn't want to accept the fact that he can't help Sonny on his own anymore.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Nik is trying to decide what photo of John he is going to place on the mantle, when Emily arrives. Nik informs Emily that he did not call her, but since she is there she might as well stay for tea. Realizing that it must have been Alfred trying to play match maker, Nik tells Emily that his butler feels that John needs a mother figure in his life. While talking, Alfred interrupts and informs Nik of his dinner with Robin. Emily voices that Nik give Robin a chance as they would be great together.

Carly arrives at Jason's and shows him the dress that Sonny had ripped off Emily. Carly informs Jason that she realized that the dress was a Franco design, and when she went to the store the sales girl was able to confirm Ric had purchased it. Jason tells Carly that he wants to kill Ric for causing Sonny's breakdown. Carly informs Jason that death would be too good for Ric, and that they need to make his life a living hell.

Carly arrives at Sonny's with Michael and Morgan in tow. Sonny tries to tell the boys what exactly is going on and that he is seeing Lainey for treatment. He hugs the boys goodbye so that he can get to his therapy session.

Sonny arrives at Lainey's office for his session. Sonny discusses his bad temper and how awful it can be when he feels that he has been betrayed. Lainey notes how Sonny is feeling guilt over the way that he has treated Carly in the past. Sonny then tells Lainey about a good moment that Carly and he shared. He mentions that he had brought Carly to the island and bet her that he could seduce her.

Alexis and Ric are discussing trying to associate the money laundering in Escobar's territory to Jason. Alexis informs Ric that there is no iron clad connection. She mentions that she is also reluctant to go after Jason because Sam is in love with him and she would like to maintain a livable relationship with her daughter. Ric tells Alexis that it is her job to investigate the connection. Alexis suggests that perhaps Ric can get his proof from Sonny's house.

Sam arrives just as Alexis is looking at Jason's file. They are talking when Sam sees Jason being escorted into the interrogation room by Detective Rodriguez. Alexis hands Sam a file and asks that she deliver it to Mac. Alexis enters the interrogation room and informs Jason that this is just a formality while his businesses are being raided. Jason tells Alexis that they are just wasting their time as all of his businesses are legit. Alexis informs Jason that Escobar's men are sloppy and they will just need to wait to find out if the connection is there.

Detective Rodriguez produces the box containing documents that may tie Jason into the Escobar territory. Alexis tells the Detective that she must compare the data in the box to that in the file. She begins to search the desk for Jason's file but is unable to find it.

Alexis confronts Sam about taking Jason's file and then asks her daughter to tell her that she is wrong in believing this.

Jason is at Sonny's house looking through a photo album when he hears Milo speaking with Ric. Ric tells Milo that he will wait for Sonny in the living room. Believing that he is alone, Ric begins to snoop through the paperwork on Sonny's desk. Jason comes out of the shadows and asks Ric if he is looking for something. Jason drops the photo album and the torn dress onto the desk in front of Ric. Jason tells Ric that he knows he purposely tricked Sonny while he was going through the breakdown. Ric asks Jason what he is going to do with this information. Jason tells Ric that they are going to wait until Sonny gets home from his session and they are going to tell him what Ric did to him.

Patrick and Robin are talking, when Liz interrupts them to inform Robin that she has received flowers. Believing that they are from Patrick she goes to say something and then realizes they are from Nik.

Nik tells Robin that they are able to go for dinner once he is done with his meeting. Robin informs Nik that she did not invite him for dinner, just like he did not send her the flowers. Robin then tries to explain how her mother was trying to meddle in things. As Nik and Robin agree to still go out for dinner Patrick arrives with flowers for Robin, but when he sees her with Nik he decides to give them to Liz. Lucky happens to arrive at that moment and storms off in jealousy. Patrick tries to apologize to Liz for making matters worse.

Maxie runs into Lucky at the hospital and tells him that Liz is looking for him. Lucky tells Maxie that he is done with Liz and then Maxie wonders how she can be of assistance.

Patrick approaches Emily at the Nurse's Station and begins to grill her on Nik and Robin's history together. Emily informs him of their bond, but tells him that she is unsure if they were ever romantically involved. Emily suggests that Patrick discuss things with Robin if this bothers him.

Carly arrives at the hospital and informs Patrick that she has an emergency. She tells Patrick that she needs him to be a distraction from Sonny. Patrick asks Carly to go to the Metro Court for dinner.

Nik and Robin are also having dinner at the Metro Court and discussing Anna's meddling when Patrick and Carly show up.

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