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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 31, 2006 on GH
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Monday, August 31, 2006

Lucky was angry to learn that he wasn't responsible for Manny's death — Jason was. He vented his frustration toward Liz, and things got worse when she discovered his vial of pills. "Are you still on these?" she asked, shocked. He flipped out at his wife in a most paranoid fashion, but she refused to let her doped-up hubby turn the tables on her. "Stop interrogating me," Lucky shouted. "I'm the cop here." Lucky grabbed the vial and stormed out.

In the stuck courthouse elevator, Jason helped Sam study for her GED. They discussed Sonny and his dilemma. Sam was pleased to hear the men were on speaking terms again. Of course, the topic shifted to why he dumped her to protect her and her insisting that she doesn't care about the danger, etc. "I've never had a normal life," Sam reminded her ex, stating his argument still lacked validity. After she insisted that they could still have what they used to have, the elevator shifted and the door opened.

At Casa de Corinthos, Sonny was hesitant about taking his new medication, but Carly asked him to try it. Sonny became irritated when Carly mentioned that Lainey was concerned about Sonny's therapy sessions. Carly corrected that Lainey didn't share any details, but Sonny cleverly turned the tables on her by saying that he had discussed their past sex life with the good doctor. Turning serious again, Carly discussed her own breakdown and advised Sonny to live life in the open and avoid bottling up his fears and emotions. "We've seen each other through a lot," Sonny pointed out. "It wasn't all bad," Carly reminded. They had a flashback to when Sonny first took Carly to the island after she lost their child. "That's when I knew I loved you," Carly shared back in the present.

At the hospital, Robert gave Skye her instructions for disappearing. Skye admitted she's going to miss her life with the Quartermaines. Robert pointed out that she'll miss Luke, as well. Skye rebuffed the notion, but they both knew it was true. Skye gave Robert a thank-you hug, then the elevator opened to reveal — Lorenzo. Skye tried to walk away, but Lorenzo implored her not to leave and not to have Robert hide her. She denied the accusation, but Lorenzo saw through her lie and said no matter where she went, he'd find her. Robert advised Lorenzo, "As a gentleman," to back off. Lorenzo insisted in accompanying Skye to her doctor's appointment. After her check-up, Robert assured a concerned Skye not to worry. Robert created a distraction, which took Lorenzo's attention way from the office for just a moment. Lorenzo realized he'd been had and stormed into the office, only to find Robert. Skye was indeed gone.

Liz went to Patrick and confided that Lucky's a pill-popper and she suspects he is the one stealing the meds form the hospital. Patrick pointed out that Lucky has all the signs of a "dependent" and said he needed to get into rehab. He advised Liz to have a support system in place for her, as well. On the docks, Lucky chewed out Emily for being Liz's spy. Em shouted she had no idea what he was talking about and whatever his beef was with his wife, Liz was doing what she's doing out of love. Lucky went to the hospital and caught Liz and Patrick in a hug. He exited and met up with Maxie, who supplied him with more pills. Lucky confided in her about his fight with Liz. She moved in with a kiss, and accidentally knocked his squad car into gear.

Sam found Kristina and Ric at the hospital, and assuaged her little sister's fears about getting a shot. She kept mum about her and Jason in the elevator, though... Carly met Jason at the docks and they compared notes on Sonny's condition. Jason wasn't thrilled at the prospect of possibly running the business permanently... Emily went to Sonny's, where he told her that he took the meds and apologized for yelling at her earlier. Sonny then dropped a bomb and said that in order to get through his recovery, he needs to do it alone. Emily was speechless.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Liz went to Wyndemere and admitted her suspicions about Lucky's addiction to Nikolas. Nik offered his sister-in-law solace, as nasty nanny Colleen eavesdropped, then interrupted their hug. After the introductions, Nik dismissed Colleen and apologized to Liz for not seeing the signs himself.

As Maxie and Lucky made out in his squad car, Maxie accidentally knocked it into gear and it went crashing into Edward's Bentley. Lucky apologized and was forced to think up a story about taking Maxie home because she needed a ride. Edward wasn't upset. In fact, he expressed a debt of gratitude to Lucky for "dispatching" Manny, the man who'd murdered his grandson, Justus. Edward's faith in him only made Lucky feel worse. After he dropped Maxie at home, Lucky met Nikolas at Kelly's. Lucky was in no mood for a lecture from his brother and verbally exploded. Witnessing Lucky's paranoia in action, Nik realized that his brother was indeed hooked on something but when he voiced that sentiment, Lucky physically attacked him. Carly walked up and shouted, "What are you doing?" Lucky took off.

Emily realized that Sonny was breaking up with her. "It shouldn't be this hard for you," said Sonny, referring to her having a bipolar, unemployed, ex-mob boss for a boyfriend. "You deserve better." Emily shot back that ending their relationship was the most selfish thing he's ever done. Sonny thanked Em for being so good to him. "I thought I was taking care of you when, in fact, you were fixing me," he marveled. Em was sad but said she wouldn't fight him and she wouldn't beg. He called her an angel. "I could never hate you Sonny," she smiled through tears. "You gave me a wonderful gift. You reminded me how strong I can be. And now, I guess, it's returned." Sonny embraced Emily and told her to be happy.

On the docks, Carly advised Jason to give up the business and go back to Sam. Jason didn't want to hear her plan, but Carly pointed out that he's been miserable without his ladylove. Jason remained adamant about staying away from Sam in order to keep her safe. Just then, Bernie showed up with a matter that needed Jason's attention. "You have the world's worst timing," snarled Carly. She huffed off and Bernie updated Jason on a situation in South America. Jason sighed that he would take care of it. Jason arrived at Sonny's, where he caught his ex-boss almost taking a drink — but didn't. Sonny then told his ex-enforcer that he let Emily go. Jason admitted he was thankful that his sister got Sonny the help he needed when he never did. Sonny said Jason had nothing to apologize for, but Sonny would stick to his treatment for the sake of his children. He also told Jason that he'd have to continue running the business. Jason wasn't please to hear that.

Lucky returned home to Liz and apologized, but still denied his addiction. Liz pointed out that his spat with Nik is evidence that's something wrong. "I'm not an addict, just a cop with a bad back," Lucky insisted. Liz said they'd figure it out and they hugged.

At Kelly's, Georgie informed Maxie about the fight between Lucky and Nikolas. When Maxie spoke up in Lucky's defense, Georgie realized that he's the married man her sister has been seeing. Georgie was furious but Maxie refused to give Lucky up.

Emily returned to the Quartermaine mansion, where Edward was delighted that his granddaughter wanted to come home. He welcomed her back with open arms. Emily summoned Carly to the Q's and broke the news that she and Sonny broke up. Carly was genuinely surprised and was curious why, after all Em went through holding on to Sonny, that she'd give up on him now. Em said she was giving Sonny what he wanted, then implored Carly to make sure he stuck with his treatment.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

On the docks, Maxie met up with Lucky, and admitted that she understands he's married but she's having trouble hiding her feelings for him. She then gives him another vial of pills and said, "Call me when you can." Meanwhile, Liz went to the penthouse to see Jason and informed him that Lucky knows Morgan was the one who killed Manny. Just then, Lucky showed up, and Liz hid. Lucky realized Alexis was covering up the truth and wanted to know why. Lucky then mentioned that Sam took the file and threatened to go to internal affairs about it. Jason ordered him out, and Liz was aghast. She was upset by Lucky's addiction and the problems he was causing and was at a loss about what to do. Jason offered her sage advice, then was called away on business. Bernie informed Jason that the South Americans are feeling neglected and are considering teaming up with Alcazar instead. Just then, Robin showed up, much to Bernie's chagrin. Jason cut the meeting short and assured Bernie he'd take care of everything.

At G.H., Patrick realized that, after he was shot down by a nurse, word had spread around the hospital that he was exposed to HIV/AIDS in the operating room. Noah witnessed the exchange and bawled out his son for flirting with another woman in front of Robin. Patrick assured his father that his skirt-chasing days were over and stormed off, leaving it to Robin to fill Noah in on what happened. Patrick went to see the AIDS patient, April, but couldn't carry on a conversation about her case and exited. Robin then visited April, who complained about Patrick's bedside matter. Robin come clean about what happened in the O.R., and also disclosed her own HIV status, as well. Noah located Patrick and apologized, but Drake Junior refused any special care. "I'm not terminal, Dad, so don't treat me like I am," he huffed. Noah gave Patrick a homemade hangover remedy to deal with the vomiting that'll come with the preventative protocol of meds he's on, then told his son he's never been prouder of him. Patrick returned to April's room. She apologized, but he said nothing was her fault. April explained that she got the disease from her drug-using boyfriend. Patrick couldn't cover his genuine concern for April. Later, Patrick told his dad he tried the hangover remedy and it helped. Then, Alan showed up with the results of Patrick's first blood test. Negative. But, he's got to continue the protocol and get tested again in six months.

Mayor Floyd had a talk with Ric and advised him to stay invisible when it comes to Alexis. After all, she's the DA and he's a crime lord's brother. Meanwhile, Alexis confronted Sam about missing files and tainted records (unaware that she had nothing to do with them! Poor Sam!) Sam then mentioned she took her GED test and sarcastically thanked her mother for her support. Afterward, Alexis quizzed Ric to see if he was the one who tampered with the records in the Ruiz case. He denied it, and she tried to dismiss him. Ric then brought up the fact that Jason killed Manny, not Lucky, then surmised that Alexis made a deal with Jason that she wouldn't charge him if he stayed away from Sam. Unfortunately, Sam happened to be outside the door and heard the whole thing. Sam was appalled. Ric chastised Alexis for her actions and pointed out how her job is keeping her away from her family, then stormed out.

Maxie went to Kelly's and was nice to Lulu, which automatically sent up a red flag. Sam showed up to drown her sorrows in ice cream. Ric appeared shortly thereafter. Sam vented about Alexis and was surprised that Ric didn't jump to her defense. Inside, a concerned Lulu was counting days on the calendar. (Uh-oh!)

Liz returned home, to a romantic evening of wine and candlelight that Lucky had arranged. She wanted to discuss his pills, but succumbed to her hubby's sweet gesture. They kissed and Lucky took off his shirt. They made love. During the cuddly afterglow, Liz expressed her concern but Lucky had fallen asleep.

Robin explained Patrick's dilemma to Jason. She then confessed that she's flashing back to Stone all over again. Jason reminded her that she's living proof HIV is not a not a death sentence. Robin thanked Jason for all his support through the years.

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Nikolas decides to change his son's name John to a meaningful name for himself. Colleen suggests he name him after his late uncle, Stefan since he raised him and he loved him very much. Nikolas isn't sure but doesn't rule it out as a name. The butler, Alfred, suggests they call Emily to have her help him name the baby. Colleen isn't too happy about that but can't say anything. Nikolas admits to Colleen that he likes that the butler is trying to get him back together with Emily even though it won't happen. Emily shows up and Nikolas tells her about wanting to change John's name. Emily is very supportive about his decision. Nikolas discusses the old feud between the Spencers and Cassadines and how he and Lucky made a decision not to get involved in it and be brothers. Colleen listens in while Nikolas makes the decision to name the baby Spencer Cassadine so that his son will not be part of the long-running feud and feel part of the Spencer family. Emily thinks it is a great idea. Nikolas asks her to be the godmother to his son and she reluctantly accepts. Emily goes to leave and the butler sneaks her cell-phone out of her purse while she has her back turned and pushes it inside the couch cushion so she will have to come back to get it. Colleen dresses up in a bikini to get Nikolas' attention but Emily comes back. Nikolas assumes she is heading home to Sonny but she tells him about her breakup with Sonny. Nikolas can't pretend not to be happy with her news and thinks she will be safer now.

Anna shows up at the hotel and finds Lorenzo sitting at a table. She acts like she ran into him again by coincidence but Lorenzo doesn't believe her and accuses her of helping Robert keep Skye hidden away somewhere where he can't find her. Anna tells him she was out of the country for awhile and insists she barely has anything to do with her ex-husband if she can help it. Lorenzo doesn't really believe her but tells her he will find out where Skye is hiding. Anna tells Lorenzo that Robert is very good at hiding people who don't want to be found. Later, she has Robert meet her at the hotel. He thinks she missed him and teases her about it. She tells him about Lorenzo's suspicions of her. Robert realizes that Lorenzo thinks she helped him hide Skye somewhere away from him. Robert laughs and tells Anna she lost her touch. Anna admits that she hasn't been able to get close to Lorenzo and tries to make Robert jealous by telling him how sexy and handsome Lorenzo is. Robert realizes that Lorenzo is determined to find Skye's hiding place and he must be careful. Meanwhile, Patrick overhears Robin talking to the patient April, who has AIDS. He notices how hard it is for Robin to talk to April about how she contracted HIV and how her first boyfriend Stone died from AIDS. Patrick finds Robert and Anna at the hotel and tells them that he is worried about how Robin is doing and explains about how he operated on a patient with AIDS and cut himself which exposed him to the AIDS virus. He asks that Robert and Anna help Robin who he believes is acting strong but needs them. Robert tells him that he and Anna will take care of their daughter. Patrick leaves them alone. Anna isn't so sure she can help their daughter and thinks they were lousy parents who weren't around when Robin lost her boyfriend to AIDS and contracted the virus herself. Robert tells her she is too hard on herself and reminds her that Robin loves both of them and they have another chance to be better parents to her now. Anna calls Robin up to meet her outside Kelly's. Robin hugs her since she hasn't seen her in awhile. Anna seems very worried about Robin suddenly and Robin asks her what is going on. Anna tells her that Patrick came by the hotel to talk to her and Robert about the surgery and how he was exposed to the AIDS virus and that he was worried about her because of what happened to her and Stone. Anna tells her that Patrick seems to care about her a lot and only wanted to help. Robin finds herself leaning on Anna for emotional support when she pours her heart out about how scared she is for Patrick and how she knows in her mind that he will be fine she can't stop feeling so scared for Patrick. Anna tells her everything will be fine and that she and Patrick will live long lives. Meanwhile, Robert pays Patrick a visit at the hospital. He apologizes to Patrick about seeming aloof to him earlier at the hotel. He asks Patrick to elaborate on what he said earlier about being exposed to AIDS because he performed surgery on a patient with AIDS. Patrick explains what happened and how he couldn't stop the surgery or the patient would have died and that doctors do that. Robert tells Patrick that at first meeting him he didn't think he was deserving enough to be with his daughter and that he has wanted something to like about him and that now he has shown he deserves Robin and that any family would be lucky to have him become part of their family. Patrick can't help but be touched by Robert's compliments. Later, Alan approaches Robin at the nurses' station and asks her about April's progress after her surgery. Robin gives him a report of the patient's vitals and is very businesslike. Alan pulls her aside and tells her that she doesn't have to treat this patient if it is too uncomfortable for her. Robin insists she needs to treat this patient and assures Alan she is going to be fine. Patrick watches Robin from afar and notices how strong and brave she is acting. He also overhears her tell Alan that she is going to treat this patient and show Patrick that he can still be a good doctor even with HIV.

Carly gets a call from Lainey that bothers her. She goes over to Sonny's house to confront him. Sonny asks Max to refill the decanters with more booze for him and Max refuses to do it since Sonny shouldn't be drinking. Carly comes in the room and dismisses Max after Sonny starts to argue with him about doing his job. Carly turns on the lights in the room and opens the curtains to let some light in. She tells Sonny she is there to save him from himself. Sonny tries to dismiss her but Carly refuses to leave. She admits that Lainey called her to tell her that he never showed up for his therapy session. Sonny doesn't think that rehashing his childhood and past is going to help him anymore and tells her he is taking his medication and that should be enough. Carly tells him he needs to follow Lainey's treatment plans or he will have another breakdown. Sonny doesn't think therapy worked very well for Carly but Carly disagrees. She tells him that he needs to get better and go to therapy for his sons, who have seen and been through enough not to have to worry about him having another breakdown. They also discuss the fact that Carly vowed to be live independently of Sonny but Sonny thinks she will never accept any other woman with him and disapproves of any woman he has been with. Carly tells him that she doesn't think that way anymore and thinks Lainey should be the only one who tells him what woman would be good for him. Sonny shows up for a therapy session but Lainey tells him she filled his time slot with another patient who was willing to get help from her. Sonny wants to do his session now and walks into her office without permission. She tries to stop him from barging in but it is too late. Sonny finds that Max is there in the room. He accuses Max of spying on him for Lainey. Lainey tells Sonny to stop and insists she doesn't use spies. Max leaves. Lainey tells Sonny off for being paranoid and acting like a bully to Max. She tells him that Max has a private life too and doesn't need to share things with Sonny if he doesn't want to. Sonny apologizes for barging in but doesn't apologize for acting like a bully and bossing people around since that is how he got where he is today by being that way. Lainey writes something on her notepad. He asks her what she is writing down. Lainey tells him she is increasing his medication. Sonny shakes his head and says "Hell No!" Meanwhile, Lorenzo meets with Diego and asks him to stay out of trouble and that he has someone from South America coming to meet with him about helping him to get rid of Sonny and Jason so he can move in. Later, he meets with the man from South America and tells him that he will agree to help him get rid of Sonny and Jason after the meeting later and sees how unstable Sonny is. Carly comes by and eavesdrops on their conversation. One of Lorenzo's men catches her spying on Lorenzo and pulls her away from the bushes and brings her to Lorenzo. Lorenzo asks her how much she overheard of the conversation.

Friday, August 4, 2006

Colleen tries to convince Nik to join her and Spencer for an afternoon in the water. At first Nik tells her that he needs to work, but he changes his mind when he thinks about how warm it is. He has Alfred put together a picnic for them, and thanks Colleen for inviting him along.

Emily arrives at Wyndemere in search of her cell phone. Alfred tries to assist her and suggests that she look on Nik's desk. As she is rifling through papers, she finds a picture of herself with Nik. Nik enters and tells Emily that Alfred had told him that he had a phone call. He mentions that he will speak with Alfred again about the matchmaking.

Nik tries calling Emily's cell and they find it embedded in the couch. Alfred denies that he had any part of Emily's missing phone. Emily tells Nik that she has changed her schedule so there is no hurry for her to get back to the hospital. Nik suggests that Emily join them for some time in the water and the picnic.

Nik tells Colleen that Emily will be joining them. Colleen tells Nik that since the picnic was set for two, it is best that he should go with Emily. After they have left, Alfred comments how Emily is a beautiful woman and that they will find their way back to one another. Alfred leaves the room, just as Colleen receives a call from Helena. Colleen updates that things are going according to plan and that no one suspects a thing.

Emily tells Nik that she feels Colleen really does not like her. She also informs Nik that she believes Colleen resents the fact that she is around as Emily believes Colleen is developing a crush on Nik. Nik asks Emily if the crush makes her jealous.

Jason runs into Sam at the hospital and tells her that she received some packages at the penthouse. Sam informs Jason that the books were for a surprise trip she had planned for the two of them in New Zealand. Jason suggests that Sam still go on the holiday.

Alexis happens to witness Jason and Sam talking. She contacts Cruise and asks what minor events are occurring that she can bring Jason in for. Confirming an event, she asks that PCPD come and pick Jason up.

Lucky arrives at the hospital to take Jason into custody. At that moment Carly arrives telling him that she needs to talk. Jason asks that Carly to get him his lawyer. When Carly tries to question Sam on what happened Sam informs her that Alexis had seen the two of them talking and that she is not going to let her get away with this.

Alexis informs Jason that she is holding him there as he may be a target. She suggests that while he is there, they should discuss what they can do to help Sam. Alexis tells Jason that it would be best if he tried to avoid running into Sam, or at least to not talk to her if he happens to run into her. Alexis suggests that it may be best if he told Sam that he does not love her anymore. Jason tells Alexis that he will not lie to Sam. Carly arrives at the police department to tell Alexis that she will post Jason's bail. As she begins to yell at Carly for the intrusion, Alexis begins to have a coughing fit.

Sonny is angry with Lainey for constantly changing his medication dosage. He informs her that he does not wish to be a zombie. Lainey tries to uncover what Sonny's real problem is when he snaps at her about not changing for anyone. Sonny tells her that he knows who he is and he will not be bullied or lied to. Lainey informs Sonny that she is trying to prevent him from having another breakdown. Sonny continues to go off on her, when Lainey opens her office door for him to leave and tells him that the session is over.

Sonny asks Max if there is anything stronger in the house than water. At that moment Ric enters to inform him about a meeting with the mob from South America. Ric tries to tell Sonny that they are looking to take advantage of his poor health. Sonny asks Ric to leave the house on his own terms, or he will have Max escort him out.

Sonny heads to the meeting with the South America mob family. When he enters the room, they inform him that they thought that Jason would be attending the meeting instead. The leader informs Sonny that he had believed that he had retired, when one of his men tells Sonny that he heard he had gone loco.

The leader of the South American mob family informs Sonny that he has heard of the disorganization in Sonny's business. He noted that things had managed to settle while Jason had taken over, but that Jason revealed his true weakness by letting Sonny live. They are about to call an end to the meeting, when Sonny grabs a gun and informs them that the meeting will end when he says it does.

Lulu is standing at the elevators in GH starring at the pregnancy test she has just purchased. Lucky catches her off guard and asks what she has in the bag. Lulu informs her nosey brother that she had purchased some condoms.

Lulu runs into Liz and Cameron on the docks. She begins to questions Liz on motherhood and about regrets of getting pregnant. Liz informs Lulu about the struggles she went through, but that she loves being a mother.

Lucky arrives and greets the three of them. Lulu informs them that she must leave and as she grabs her purchases and turns to walk away, Lucky tells his sister that she has forgotten her condoms as her bag lays there on the ground.

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