General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 14, 2006 on GH

Liz turned to Jason after she found Lucky and Maxie together in her apartment, about to make love. Sam confessed to Jason about her tryst with Ric. Lucky decided to get help for his addiction. Lulu told Dillon that she was pregnant. Alexis revealed that she had cancer.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 14, 2006 on GH
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Monday, August 14, 2006

The blackout continued. At the docks, Lulu told Dillon that she was glad that he and Georgie had patched things up. However, he noticed that Lulu was acting strangely, and she announced that she was leaving town. She added that she had gone to summer school, had gotten her high school diploma early, and was planning to take off and see the world. Dillon said he knew what she was really up to -- she was planning to go find Luke. "Um, yeah," Lulu lied.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Sonny tried to keep Kristina calm as Alexis suffered through a coughing spell. Once she settled down, Sonny demanded to know what Alexis was covering up. Alexis tried to pawn it off on stress and her conflicts with both the mayor and Ric, but Sonny wasn't buying. Alexis was impressed to see how well Sonny was doing and his renewed dedication to being a good father to his kids. Just then, the backup generator kicked in at the hotel. Alexis told Sonny she was better than she had been earlier and thanked him.

Alfred planned a special dinner for Nikolas and Emily at Wyndemere. Lucky, who was high, interrupted and admitted to them that he'd screwed up everything. Lucky got indignant with his brother, and Emily tried to assure her pal that Liz wouldn't leave him. She would once she found out he was having an affair with Maxie, he corrected. Nikolas refused to help his brother clean up the mess he'd created.

"I'm way beyond stoned," Lucky said as he laughed. He said he'd taken so many pills that day, he'd lost count. A stunned Lulu interrupted the melee and was floored to learn about Lucky's infidelity and his addiction. Nikolas kicked Lucky out, but Lulu begged Nikolas to go after him.

Liz showed up at Jason's penthouse, saying she had no place else to go. Liz could tell that Jason was drinking. She blurted out the truth about Lucky's fling and downed some tequila. "Sam's sleeping with Ric," he countered. Liz was shocked. Jason lamented that he had been trying to protect Sam by keeping her away, but all he'd ended up doing was hurting her.

Liz and Jason started talking about their past together, and Liz admitted that she had once been truly in love with him. Liz said she didn't want to think about anything that night. They kissed. Jason slipped off her shirt. She pulled his over his head, and they got horizontal behind the couch.

Post-sex, Jason gave Liz a bottle of water. They admitted their surprise, but neither had regrets and said it was the only night they'd spend together. As they cuddled on the couch, Liz mentioned that she wished her son could get to know Jason better, but his lifestyle was too dangerous. "You rescued me," she said as she smiled, but she stated, "I should go." "Only if you want to," Jason replied.

At the lake house, Sam woke up to a shirtless Ric and huffed, "Don't touch me." Sam told Ric they'd never sleep together again. She accused her stepfather of trying to one-up Jason by having sex with her and demanded to know if he felt any remorse at all for cheating on Alexis. Sam accused Ric of using her, and he shot back that she had no self-esteem.

"The only reason you slept with me is to get revenge on Jason," Sam insisted. Sam said she was going to tell Jason the truth, but Ric didn't believe her. "You've been working me since day one," Sam spat. She said, "You're a dead man. Start running."

Sonny returned home and found Ric sitting there in the dark. He confessed to sleeping with Sam. Sonny also accused his brother of using Sam to get back at Jason. He pointed out that Ric's priorities were messed up. "Take care of your family because that's the most important thing you've got," Sonny advised. Alexis went home, flashed back to seeing her husband with her daughter in a clinch, cried, and erupted in another coughing spell.

In a musical montage to end the show, Alexis cleaned up the sofa and pillows, Lucky drank more booze and popped more pills, and Jason asked Liz to stay with him then kissed her, just as Sam showed up at Jason's door.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ric went home and saw Alexis there. He was surprised that Alexis was there and commented that he had not expected her to return home. She said that what had happened earlier needed to be discussed, and Ric replied that he was surprised because what she had said earlier to Sam was not in her character. Alexis replied that a lot that had happened that night had been a mistake.

Sam returned at that time and let Alexis know that she was just there to get her stuff and was leaving. Alexis said that as a family, they needed a lot of work, and Sam should not leave. Sam said that she felt that she needed to go because of the contempt she felt for her mother at times, and she didn't want Molly and Kristina to notice. Alexis let both of them know that she had decided to vacate the D.A. job to focus on her family, and Sam let her know that it did not change her decision.

After Sam had packed her things, and as she was leaving, Ric asked if she had told Jason about what had happened earlier. She replied that she hadn't, and Ric asked her not to share it with anyone. He felt that if people found out that they'd had sex, it could hurt the people they cared for. Sam agreed not to tell Jason or anyone else that they'd had sex.

Liz and Jason were kissing on the sofa when Jason heard someone at the door. It had been Sam, who'd left before Jason could see her. Liz commented that she was surprised that he did not have a guard posted at the door, and Jason said that it was not necessary. Liz discussed how they could never seem to get together; however, it had never been their fault. She commented how much she had relied on him and said she appreciated him always being there for her.

Jason let Liz know that he appreciated what she offered to his life and that she'd never let her past get in the way of her future. He then offered to send her and Cameron to Italy on a vacation because she deserved to get away for a while and not have to worry about life's daily grind. Liz was grateful for the offer but felt that she should not run away from her problems and that she had to face them. She asked what he felt his future had in store for him, and he told her that while he was running the business, he could not think of having a family.

Dillon went to meet Georgie at Kelly's. She had their divorce papers in her hand, which dragged the mood down considerably. Dillon had a great idea and told Georgie to go home and return in her favorite dress. When Georgie returned, Dillon had champagne and cake ready for her. They toasted the beginning of their future and cut the cake together.

At that time, they signed the divorce papers, and Georgie noticed that Dillon still had his wedding ring. They went to the pier and ceremoniously threw his ring off the pier. Dillon proposed again, asking her to marry him sometime in the future. Georgie graciously declined, saying that she wanted both of them to have the opportunity to grow and become the people they were supposed to be without the pressure of a future commitment hanging over their heads.

Robin and Patrick were getting ready to leave the hospital after having dinner, when Robin said that she wanted to look at April's chart one more time before they left. She handed the picnic basket to Patrick, and as she stepped away, he cut himself with a knife that had been sticking out. When she went to help him, he told her to get away because he didn't want her exposed to his blood.

Robin responded by letting him know that she was taking the proper precautions by using gloves. As she was bandaging up his wound, he commented on how in the past, he would have been concerned about how the cut would have affected his surgery and that going through that situation changed his perspective on life. Robin commented that he had a great attitude, and he let her know that he was following her example. following her example.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Max and Milo, Sonny's bodyguards, were arguing, and Milo accused Max of being depressed about missing Carly. Max told him to leave it alone when Sonny walked in and interrupted them, telling Max they should talk. Max made an excuse to go and check on the car and quickly bailed. Milo tried to do the same but didn't succeed. Sonny stopped him and pumped him for information about why Max had been acting funny, and Milo spilled the beans: Max missed Carly.

Max returned and told Milo to go and check the car but then stopped him when Sonny said he wanted to talk to Max. Sonny overruled Max and sent Milo out of the room. Sonny was onto Max's feelings for Carly. Sonny then surprised Max by telling him there was no one else he would rather see with Carly, but there were some things he should know. They continued talking about Carly.

Sonny was having fun, picking on Max. Max made a quick exit when Robin walked in. She told Sonny she couldn't sleep, and Sonny replied that he missed him, too. Sonny also said he'd known she would stop by; Stone's birthday was in a few days. Sonny and Robin talked about Emily and his bipolar disorder and medication. Robin told him Stone would be proud of him.

Patrick and Robin began talking about Patrick and how he had been exposed to end-stage AIDS and how that was causing Robin to dream about Stone and how much he had gone through before he'd died. Robin told Sonny that Patrick's fear was just like Stone's. Sonny asked if Patrick knew about it, and Robin informed him it would be insensitive to keep mentioning Stone. Robin said she admired how Patrick was handling everything and also told Sonny about Ms. Sneed trying to kick April Gilbert out. The lights flickered on when Robin and Sonny talked about Stone once again, and Sonny said Stone might be with them after all.

Robin and Patrick were at her door, and they were saying goodbye. They leaned in to kiss, and Robin pulled back and invited him to enter. They walked into her apartment, kissing passionately, when Patrick pulled away and said he didn't think they should do it. Robin understood and let him know that if he needed to wait, they would, but she promised that he wouldn't hurt her.

Robin and Patrick returned to their steamy makeout session on her couch, but Patrick's beeper went off, and he had to call the hospital. It turned out Ms. Sneed had entered April Gilbert's hospital room and was trying to transfer her to county hospital. Patrick left alone after he told Robin to stay and relax; he could handle it. They kissed.

Dillon and Georgie returned to Kelly's and wondered who had eaten their cake and drunk their champagne. They tried to guess who had done it and shared a sweet moment. They began to kiss, and Lulu walked in, pointing out that it looked like they were celebrating. Georgie grinned and said that she and Dillon were divorcing. Lulu said she was happy Georgie and Dillon were happy, and Dillon quietly told her that he and Georgie were in the middle of something. Lulu told them that she knew that they couldn't trust her, but she wouldn't do anything to break them up again.

Georgie realized Lulu was really upset, and Dillon filled her in that Lulu wanted to go searching for Luke again. Georgie admitted she felt bad for Lulu, and Dillon told her it made him love her more; they shared a sweet kiss. Georgie and Dillon were eating cake and talking about college and how Georgie had gotten a full scholarship to Princeton but hadn't gone. She hadn't gone because of Dillon. Georgie and Dillon were cleaning up when the lights went on, and both decided to go home. Georgie decided she would walk home, and they lovingly joked about their divorce. Dillon watched her leave, grinning.

Around the corner, Lulu thought back to the conversation she'd had with Sonny and how she'd told him she was pregnant.

Nikolas and Emily were having a candlelight dinner when nanny Colleen looked in on them then went to a dresser in the hall and pulled out a bag, which contained a flashlight and sunscreen. She looked around then headed off in the other direction, looking as if she had a plan. Back in the dining room, Nikolas invited Emily to spend the night. Emily told Nikolas she couldn't because she was nowhere near over Sonny. They mused about how rebound relationships didn't work, and Emily didn't want to rebound from Sonny to Nikolas. Colleen walked in and interrupted them, and Emily decided to leave.

Nikolas watched Emily go while Colleen tried to get his attention. She told him to go and check on John while he was sleeping, and Nikolas agreed. They started toward his room, and they heard Emily scream. Nikolas rushed out of the room. Colleen watched him go, smiling slightly. Nikolas walked back in, carrying an injured Emily. Nikolas promised to take care of Emily's hurt ankle.

Nikolas took Emily upstairs to a spare room and told her she was spending the night. He started taking care of her and left to get an ice pack. When he opened the door, Colleen was standing there. She made an excuse to explain why she was there then the lights flickered on. Nikolas sent Colleen to get Emily an ice pack, and Emily said he didn't have to wait on her. However, Nikolas wanted her to let him take care of her.

Emily left the bathroom, wearing Nikolas' pajamas. Colleen walked in with an ice pack and towel and reminded them to keep their voices down for Spencer. Nikolas and Emily talked about her after she left, and Colleen listened through the door.

Ms. Sneed was harassing April Gilbert in the hospital when Patrick stepped in. Ms. Sneed wouldn't give up on sending April to county hospital because she had no health insurance and was terminal. Patrick said a few words then forced Ms. Sneed to leave. Patrick and April talked about her illness and Ms. Sneed. Patrick wouldn't allow her to go to county.

April and Patrick joked about how Patrick was only doing that for his ego, and April told him she understood why Robin was in love with him. April said she also knew that Robin's feelings weren't only one-sided; Patrick loved her back. Patrick tried to change the subject, but April wouldn't let him. He told her that he was scared he'd hurt Robin because of his disease and her already-compromised immune system. April told Patrick she probably wouldn't make it to Christmas, and Patrick tried to keep her hopes up.

April asked where Patrick would be if Robin was where April was. She wondered if he would be by her side or somewhere else. April mentioned love again, but Patrick brushed her comment off. Patrick said he wouldn't let Robin get to where April was, and he wouldn't desert her. When April asked if it was because of obligation or pity, Patrick told her it was because she was Robin, and he cared for her. April wondered if Robin knew that.

Robin dreamed of Stone in her apartment. They were dancing, Robin was telling Stone she was HIV positive, and then Stone was dying. Robin awoke with a start.

Max yelled at Milo for telling the boss about him missing Carly. Milo said that Carly might like him and that Max should give her a chance.

Patrick was gone, and Ms. Sneed was back to harassing April. Sonny and his bodyguards interrupted. He began subtly threatening Ms. Sneed, who was obviously afraid of him. Sonny demanded that all AIDS patients be treated with respect, including April. Sonny also informed her that he would be paying April's hospital bills, and Sonny made Ms. Sneed apologize to April. Once Ms. Sneed left, April told him she didn't know why he was paying her bills, but she was thankful. He told her to think of it as a gift from someone she had never met: Stone Cates.

Patrick was at Robin's door, and Robin asked what was wrong. He told her that she mattered and had from the beginning. What he felt for her, he had never felt for any other woman in his entire life, and in time, he might love her. Patrick left before Robin could reply. She shut the door with a smile on her face.

Lulu was at the docks, talking on her cell phone. Georgie walked up behind her and heard Lulu talking about her pregnancy.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Georgie confronted Lulu on the docks. She told Lulu that she'd overheard Lulu's conversation on the phone with the clinic, asking about pregnancy tests, and knew what was going on. Lulu said she hadn't gotten pregnant on purpose and didn't know if she was pregnant or not because home pregnancy tests could be wrong. Georgie said she believed Lulu and offered to take her to the clinic to find out for sure if she was pregnant.

Lulu couldn't believe how understanding and calm Georgie was and accepted her offer of help. They went to the clinic and returned to the docks to discuss the fact that it was official: Lulu was pregnant with Dillon's baby. Georgie said Lulu had to tell Dillon the truth and that he would help her through it. Lulu didn't want to tell Dillon and feared she had ruined things again for Georgie and him.

Meanwhile, Dillon was confused and concerned when he stopped by Kelly's to see Georgie, who was supposed to work that day, and found out that she'd called to switch shifts with someone. Dillon also learned that Lulu had called in sick. Dillon explained that he was concerned about Georgie and Lulu having a run-in together and worried they had gone at it. He explained to Mike about how he'd hooked up with Lulu after he'd had problems with Georgie and that he had gotten back together with Georgie. Mike asked Dillon if he had been giving Lulu mixed messages about their friendship.

Dillon found Lulu on the docks later on and asked her if she was feeling better, since she'd called in sick for work. Lulu lied and told him she had a summer cold and hadn't felt up to working. Dillon turned to leave, and Lulu got up the nerve to tell him she didn't have a cold and that she'd found out she was pregnant. Dillon was shocked by the news.

Anna made a call to her superior, telling him that she hadn't gotten very far in her investigation of Alcazar and hoped she made progress soon. She said it didn't look good at that moment. Robin had lunch with Anna outside Kelly's. Anna asked her about her relationship with Patrick. Robin didn't want to go into it with her, and when Anna couldn't help but ask more nosy questions, Robin made the excuse she had to get back to work.

Meanwhile, Patrick paid Sonny a visit to ask him about how he'd ended up finding out about his patient, April, and paying her bills. Sonny said that Robin had stopped by to visit because she had been thinking about Stone and how his birthday was approaching soon. Sonny filled Patrick in on what Robin had told him about April, and he had decided to intervene on her behalf and help April. Sonny sang Robin's praises, and Patrick couldn't help but agree with him.

Later, Patrick showed up at Kelly's for lunch and met with Anna, who'd asked him to meet her there. Anna told him she admired him for what he had done for that patient and risking his life like that. She was friendly at first but started to ask him about his intentions toward Robin and wondered if he was worthy enough for her daughter. She asked him if he was a womanizer still and worried that he shared the same qualities as Robin's father, Robert. Robin walked in and stopped their conversation; she apologized to Patrick for her mother's interrogation of him. Patrick didn't seem to mind and told Anna that he was happy to talk to her.

Robin asked Anna to back off of Patrick and admitted that Patrick had told her the night before about how he could find himself loving her. Anna told her that he was already in love with her. In a loving way, Robin told her to stop interfering. Later, Robin apologized again for her mother and said she thought that Anna was very different from herself. Patrick agreed there were differences between them but that she shared a lot of amazing qualities with Anna. That touched Robin's heart.

Ric showed up at Kelly's and found Sam there. Sam had many regrets about their one-night stand and didn't think he did. Ric suggested that maybe she should leave town and start over. Meanwhile, Alcazar showed up at Alexis' office and demanded that she get an arrest warrant for Skye because she had left the state with his unborn child, and he considered that kidnapping. Alexis was very unsympathetic, since she agreed with Skye for leaving town and protecting her unborn baby from his line of business where she could get killed.

Alcazar threatened to call the mayor and complain to him about how she wasn't doing her job and should be dismissed as D.A. Alexis told him he could call the mayor and complain but that she didn't think the mayor would side with him on the issue. Alexis started another coughing fit, and Alcazar thought she was doing it for theatrics.

Ric entered Alexis' office and saw Alcazar grabbing her arm. Ric told Alcazar to leave Alexis alone and asked her if he was upsetting her. Lorenzo backed off and left after accusing Alexis of faking. Ric asked her if she was okay. She told him she'd overdramatized her coughing to try to get him to leave. Ric thought there was more going on with her that she wasn't telling him. Alexis claimed her allergies were acting up and thought there was something in the building that was causing it. Alexis dismissed Ric by getting on the phone with the mayor to warn him about Alcazar. Ric just left.

Later, Sam showed up at Sonny's to talk to him. Sonny told her he already knew about her night with Ric, since he had stopped by and told him, asking him for protection from Jason, since Ric had thought she was going to go straight to Jason to tell him. Sam said she hadn't told Jason about it and had stopped by to ask Sonny about Jason and what to do, since he knew Jason the best. Sonny suggested she just be honest and tell Jason and Alexis. Sonny thought that Jason would forgive her. Sam didn't think Jason or Alexis would forgive her for what she had done and told him about how Alexis had treated her like she was trash. Sam decided she was going to leave town instead, since she couldn't stand to be in close proximity to Ric on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, Jason and Liz woke up together in his bed. Liz told him she thought her marriage was over and that she couldn't allow her son to live in an environment where her husband was acting so irrationally. Jason offered to be there for her if she needed him. Meanwhile, Lucky continued to drink himself into a stupor on the couch at the apartment. Liz headed home and couldn't get the image of him and Maxie out of her mind as she headed inside the apartment. She found no sign of Lucky and noticed his gun was not in his holster.

Later, Jason got called in to see Alexis at her office. Alexis asked Jason not to tell Sam or Ric about how he'd had to take her to the hospital after her coughing episode at the lake house. Jason told her he wouldn't volunteer that information to them but wouldn't lie if they asked him. Alexis told him she had gone to the doctor and that what she had wasn't serious. Jason told her he knew she was lying, but it was her life and her choice.

Jason went home, and Sam showed up at his penthouse. She told him she was leaving town and was there to say goodbye. She admitted to him that she'd slept with Ric. Jason surprised her when he told her he already knew. Sonny showed up to see Alexis at her office. She was surprised to see him and thanked him for helping put Kristina to bed the previous night. Sonny told her he had stopped by to tell her he had received a visit from Sam and that she was leaving town. Ric stopped by, overheard their conversation, and wondered if Sonny would tell Alexis about Ric's night with Sam.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Lulu informed Dillon of her pregnancy. Dillon tried to be grown-up about the situation and suggested that he quit school to support her and the baby and proposed that they get married. Feeling smothered, Lulu fled from Dillon. Dillon headed to Kelly's, where he began to tell Georgie about the situation. Georgie informed Dillon that she was aware of Lulu's condition and was happy to hear that Lulu had told him about it.

Lulu ran into Georgie at the hospital and began to tell her what had gone down when she'd told Dillon about her pregnancy. Lulu told Georgie that perhaps she might not be ready to be a parent and was considering an abortion.

Liz headed home to pack her bags after witnessing Lucky speak at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Lucky arrived home and found Liz waiting for him. Liz told him that she was willing to fight for their marriage as long as he stayed away from drugs and Maxie. She vowed to him that she would take Cameron and leave should he be caught using again.

Lucky met up with Maxie to inform her that he was in love with Liz and would not be able to see Maxie anymore. He also told her that he was seeking help for his drug abuse and dumped the pills Maxie handed him into the water.

Sonny told Alexis that Sam had decided to leave town. Alexis offered an explanation of the argument that had gone down between herself and her daughter. Sonny inquired about Alexis' health again, and she confided that she'd had some health issues due to environmental problems in the building. She also told him that she would deal with it when she had the opportunity to do so.

Sonny had Alexis' health investigated to find out what exactly was wrong with her. After receiving her results, he burned the evidence.

Sam went to see Jason at the penthouse and informed him that she had slept with Ric. Jason told her that he knew and proceeded to say that he had been there that night to tell her that he had been wrong about keeping them apart. Jason was honest with Sam about his one-night stand with Liz. Devastated, Sam told Jason that she was going to leave town.

Liz went to see Jason to tell him that she had changed her mind about leaving Lucky. She asked Jason not to tell anyone about their one night together. However, he told her that it was too late.

Sam was summoned to Alexis' office, where she began to explain why she was leaving town. Alexis informed Sam that Molly and Kristina would need her, as Alexis had been diagnosed with lung cancer -- stage two.

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