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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 28, 2006 on GH
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Monday, August 28, 2006

Disguised as a maid, Carly snuck into Jax's hotel room. Jax tackled her on the couch, then kissed her. "Do you tackle every maid that comes in here?" Carly barked. "I've been waiting for you to come after me," he replied. Carly then threw Jax off of her and onto the floor. She called him a, "smug egotistical jerk." Carly then berated Jax for running around with the golddigger. "My mother told you this?" he queried. "You're here to rescue me? Thank God." Carly said she would but only if Jax would, "Take out the trash." She left the room and Jax made a mysterious phone call. Meanwhile, Carly met up with Lady Jane, who regaled her about the day the boys had with Leticia. Carly informed Lady Jane that the golddigger was nowhere to be found, but she laid down the law with Jax: It's either the Eurotrash or me. Lady Jane told Carly that she needed to make a confession, but just as Lady Jane was about to reveal that she made up the story about the golddigger, Jax showed up with an exotic beauty on his arm.

At the hospital, Nikolas and Liz were both supportive of Lucky going into rehab. He snuck away from them and met up with Maxie, who pulled more pills out of her pocket. Lucky said he didn't want them, but did he really? Nik and Liz caught up with Lucky as Maxie ducked out of sight. Lucky went to his Narcotics Anonymous meeting, as Nik and Liz fretted. Liz stated that if Lucky relapsed even once, she have to leave him — for Cameron's sake. Maxie smiled when she overheard that line.

At Sonny's, Alexis implored Corinthos to do what was in the best interest for Kristina. Alexis was offended that Sonny was unhappy about the idea of Ric raising both girls. Sonny tried in vain to convince her that this talk was premature and that she needs to focus on getting better. She decided to go, but before leaving, asked him to speak to Jason about staying away from Sam.

On the docks, Kristina asked Sam and Jason why they weren't kissing, then queried if they still loved each other. Jason was even more speechless than usual. He did get out that they're still friends. Then, Sam then took Kristina home.

At Kelly's, Lulu sat down with Georgie and moped about her dilemma. "It's not fair," she cried. "I don't want to have a baby. I'm not ready." She then mentioned the A word, and it wasn't adoption. "What would you do?" Lulu asked Georgie. Georgie said she's to close to the situation to comment. Lulu said she's too confused to decide what to do, then wished Laura was there for her.

Back at the lake house, Sam and Kristina regaled mom about their fun day of sailing. Sam apologized for Jason being there but Alexis said it was okay. When Sam helped her mother move a chair, Alexis flashed back to Sam and Ric having sex, but said nothing. Alexis prepared to take a nap, and Kristina came out to lay down with her mommy. Alexis suggested to her daughter that she shouldn't go on anymore boat rides with Jason. Kristina told her mother that Sam and Jason love each other.

At Sonny's, Jason arrived and got irritated when Sonny mentioned Alexis's wishes. Sonny pointed out that he feels Ric is more dangerous for Kristina than Jason is. Sonny pointed out to Jason that Alexis needs to know that Ric slept with her daughter.

Lucky and Liz returned home to find Emily and Nik there, with dinner all prepared. Em told Lucky that he really needs to get into rehab, not just attend meetings. He insisted on staying out and mobile to help Lulu. After dinner, Nik and Em let it slip that Lulu's considering an abortion. Lucky flipped out at that possibility. He wanted to rush out to talk to her, but Liz forbid him to leave the apartment. Lucky remained indignant. The gang stressed that it's Lulu's choice to make. Lucky headed over to Kelly's to find his baby sister. There, as Lulu made a cell phone call, Lucky showed up, ripped the unit out of her hand and screamed, "You can't have an abortion!"

Sonny called Sam, while Alexis called Jason. Jason showed up at the Lake House. Alexis thanked Jason for protecting Sam and asked him to keep it up — by staying away for her for good. Then, Alexis suffered another coughing fit. Sam showed up at Sonny's, where he told her about Alexis's wishes. Sonny told Sam that Alexis needs to know about her and Ric. Sam refused to come clean, at least until Alexis has the chance to beat her illness. Sonny told Sam not to let Alexis manipulate her and said if she didn't speak up, he would.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Carly and Lady Jane were talking at a bar in Casablanca discussing Jax and his lady friend. Carly vented that she had gone half way across the world to help Jax, and that he had better be coming to the bar to beg for her forgiveness. As Jane tried to interject that she may have exaggerated about Jax's lady friend, he showed up with a beautiful young lady named Jemma. The couple was more than willing to tell Carly about the wonderful time they had together. When Jemma asked Carly why she was in Africa, she let them know that she thought that Jax needed her opinion on something. She then asked if it was alright if Jax met two of her associates.

As Carly left to get her "two associates", Jax was appreciative of Jemma playing along. She let him know that she was not going to ask any questions as to why he wanted her to play his girlfriend. He told her that Carly and him were in the process of redefining their relationship and that he was helping it along. As they were talking at the table, Carly was talking to Michael and Morgan, letting them know that the lady that Jax was with wanted to take all of his money and she needed their help to get rid of her. When she took the boys to the table, Jax was obviously very happy to see them, and as he introduced them to Jemma, Michael spilt water on her dress and threw food at her. At this point, Jemma angrily claimed that she was no longer willing to help out Jax by playing his girlfriend. Carly realized that she had been played and left the bar with her sons in anger.

Up in her hotel room, Carly was packing when Jax knocked at the door. At first, she slammed the door, but then Michael opened it up. Michael and Morgan left the two of them alone, and wished Jax luck. Carly angrily said that she had gotten used to the way that Jax had treated her with the respect she learned to accept and deserve, and that she was unwilling to step back. She said that she gave up on them, and Jax let her know that he was just getting started.

Alexis and Jason were talking at Alexis' when she got into a coughing fit. After Jason got her the inhaler from her purse, he offered to take her to the hospital. She refused, and Jason let her know that she should not avoid her illness. Alexis asked him to help her fight the fear she had about dying. She wanted to know how he had been willing to accept death last year without being afraid. He let her know that he had been willing to accept his fate and was afraid that the people who cared for him would mourn for him, but he did not feel frightened for himself. However, when Robin found out about the surgery, he had been afraid of the possible outcome of the surgery, but had been willing to take the chance for Sam. He knew that he had to fight for her sake. At this point, Alexis asked him to take her to the hospital.

Sonny was talking with Sam, who was trying to convince him not to disclose to Alexis about her sleeping with Ric. He said that he needed to make Alexis understand that Ric would not be the best person to raise Kristina. Sam told him that she did not understand the fatalistic approach that Alexis and him were taking regarding her condition. She wanted to give her mother hope, a reason to fight, and letting her know about the affair would destroy her. While they were talking, Jason called Sam to let her know that he was taking Alexis to the hospital.

Once Sonny and Sam got to the hospital, Alexis and Jason were waiting to see the doctor. Sonny asked to speak with Alexis and Sam feared he was going to let her mother know of the affair. However, he let Alexis know that the was going to be straight with her from now on, but that he also wanted her to get better. Alexis thanked him for caring and went to see the doctor with Sam. Afterwards, Jason asked why he did not let Alexis know, he said it was because she and Sam needed each other right now.

In front of Kelly's Lucky snatched Lulu's cell phone from her. He told her that he was not going to let her make a mistake and get an abortion. As they were arguing Edward overheard them, when Lulu let Lucky know that it was her decision to make, that he did not have a say in it, and she then left. Lucky then made a phone call demanding to see someone as soon as possible. At that time, Nikolas stopped at Kelly's and when Lucky told him that he was stopping their little sister from making a mistake, Nikolas let him know that he would not help him. He felt that their role should be to give their sister the space she needed and support whatever decision she made. Dillon then interrupted their conversation to say that the decision was not their's but between him and Lulu. Lucky then attacked Dillon, blaming him for the predicament that Lulu was in, and when Emily came by, both left in anger. In speaking with Nikolas, Emily learned that he shared concerns that if Lulu had a child that she did not want, that it may hurt her like he believed that Laura having him, hurt his mother.

At the docks, Lulu told Liz how Lucky had tried to attack her when she had made a call to an abortion clinic to get some more information on the medical procedure. Liz tried to explain to Lulu that Lucky was doing this out of guilt, because he felt that if had paid more attention to Lulu instead of the painkillers that she would not be in trouble. Lulu voiced her frustration about the situation and how this would not have happened if ELQ had not released a faulty batch of condoms into the market, but thanked Liz for being there. When Lulu left, Maxie came to ask Liz how Lucky was doing. Liz let her know that he is going through withdrawals, and that she should stay away from the both of them.

At the Quartermaines' Edward and Tracy accost Lulu. Edward lets her know that he overheard her conversation with her brother, and that they were not going to let her end her pregnancy. He let her know that they would support her during the pregnancy, and if she decided that she did not want to be a mother, that they would raise the next Quartermaine heir. At that time Dillon came into the room, and told his mother and grandfather to leave Lulu alone, and that it was their decision as to what to do with they baby. At that time, they let him know that Lulu was thinking of an abortion, and Dillon looked at her with disbelief.

Later on, in front of Kelly's Maxie gave Lucky some more pills. He attempted to justify his habit by saying he was doing this to stay on an even keel while Lulu was going through her problems, and once it passes, he would get off of the pills. Maxie let him know that she understood that he was doing this because he wanted to be a good brother, and that everything was alright as long as they were together.

Liz was sitting alone on the docks when Jason came by. He asked what she was doing there, and she let him know that she was avoiding going home. She acknowledged that Lucky's battle with pain killers was difficult, but it made it even more difficult since he was unwilling to go into rehab. She let Jason know that her child comes first, and if Lucky was to ever start using again, she would leave him for good.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Jax and Carly are still fighting in Carly's hotel room. Jax and Carly both spill that they have been waiting for each other in separate locations. Carly tells Jax to leave but he won't leave things as they are. Jax was testing Carly, to see if she was really invested in their relationship. He brings up Sonny and the trails Carly went through to be with him, and Carly takes the dig personally. Carly tells Jax she did all of the fighting, and now it's his turn. She tells Jax that John's name has been changed to Spencer. Jax tries to make a joke out of it, but still takes hearing about his former son hard. Carly asks if he regrets what he did, and Jax responds yes and nor. Carly thought John was the only thing keeping her and Jax together. Jax figured that if they were real, she'd let him know, or she would at least wait for him. He asks her is Carly saw anyone while he was away, and she informed him that she had some fun with Patrick Drake. She asks why she should have stayed faithful to him, he left her. Jax tells her he was unfair to her, and he left so she could figure things out. Carly doesn't believe what he says, and Jax tells her that when she walked into his hotel room, he felt as if he finally had things right. Carly asks why he messed things up if he finally thought he had things right. She also tells him that she put her heart on the line, but she doesn't want him or anyone enough to throw away her self-respect. She opens the door and he leaves.

Liz walks in on Nik working out at Wydemere, and they start talking about Lucky, and Nik says Lucky needs to check into a real rehab. They talk about his reasons for not checking into rehab, and Liz says they are just excuses. Nik brings up how Liz would never cheat on her marriage, and she begins to look uncomfortable. Nik then changes the subject to Lulu, and Liz tells him Lucky feels responsible for what's happened to her. Liz tells him that she also can't force him into rehab, but Nik starts rattling off reasons why he should go. He also says that they are good reasons for Liz to leave Lucky. He wonders why Liz is so calm about Lucky cheating on her. Liz understands why Lucky wants to skip rehab, and if she bails on him now he'll start using pills again. She promised Lucky for better or worse, and now that it's worse she can't run, but she can't do it for much longer though, either. Nik is still pushing rehab, and Liz tells him she'll try again. Nik just wants the best for Lucky, and wants him to get his life back on track.

Maxie and Lucky are in front of Kelly's. Lucky is trying to use Lulu as an excuse to use pills. Maxie is using the pills as an excuse to get close to Lucky, and they share a kiss. Lucky breaks the kiss and refuses Maxie's offer to sleep together because he won't cheat on Liz again. Maxie is trying to push Lucky into being with her, but Lucky won't take the bait. Lucky tells her there is nothing between them. He tries to let her down gently, but before she stomps away she tells him the next time he wants pills he'll have to score them himself.

At the Quartermaines, Lulu is getting ganged up on by Tracey and Edward because she may want an abortion. Dillon comes to her rescue but quickly backs off when he finds she is contemplating aborting his baby. Edward tells Lulu that her child is the last hope of the Q's, and his last chance. Tracey calls her Dad over-dramatic and tells Lulu that the baby will grow up with every advantage. Dillon tells both his mother and grandfather to stop, it's not their decision. Edward tries to bribe Lulu, but Dillon forces them to leave. He isn't sure about an abortion, and wants a reason why Lulu is even thinking about it. Dillon and Lulu argue, and Dillon tells her he wants to be a father because he never had one. Lulu asks what he will do when his life gets in the way of raising a child. She doesn't want her child feeling as if he or she was a mistake. Lulu wants to know why she can't just end it, and Dillon tells her because she will be killing their baby. He asks just because they made a mistake and a baby was formed, does it give them a right to kiss it? Lulu tells him that there is no baby yet, just genetic codes and cells. She can stop it before the baby becomes more than an idea. Dillon tells Lulu that he will spend the rest of his life thinking about their unborn child if Lulu gets an abortion. He also tells her another option if letting him raise the baby. Dillon would make sacrifices for the baby, and even though it may not be the best life, it's still a life. Dillon begs her to think about it and Lulu walks away.

Maxie is crying when Georgie comes upon her. Georgie is happy that Maxie found out early that she and Lucky would never be together. Maxie says she won't be used by Lucky anymore; if he wants her, he'll come get her

Patrick and Liz talk about Lucky at the hospital, and Patrick informs her that Lucky should be in rehab. Lucky is lying to both himself and Liz if he says otherwise. Patrick tells Liz about his own father's battle with addiction. He tells her that addiction is a disease, and it can be fatal, and it affects everyone around the addict. Patrick learned all of this at a meeting he attended because of his father and it saved his life. Lucky interrupts and asks if everything is all right. Patrick gently tells Lucky he should be in rehab, but Lucky says he has his wife to help him through his withdrawals. Patrick backs off and leaves. Lucky doesn't like that Liz is airing their dirty laundry to Patrick, but she said she only did it because she is proud of him. He tells her he loves and trusts her, then leaves.

Lady Jane goes to see Jax. He asks her to explain how she ended up in Port Charles fabricating a lie about a non-existent money stealer to Carly? She tells him she wasn't going to stand by and watch Jax make himself miserable. He informs her that Carly booted him, and Jane asks what Jax had done to make Carly want him to stay. Jane tells him that Carly came for him, and he shouldn't expect Carly to jump through hopes on top of that. Jax knows her could have handled it better, but he's in love with Carly and it scares him. Jane tells Jax Carly gave him a second chance, so why doesn't he appreciate that? She tells him that both he and Carly should stop playing games. Jax makes a call and orders his jet to be fueled up, he is heading back to Port Charles.

Carly and her boys are on a plane back to PC, and Carly looks miserable.

Liz finds Lucky at the docks and brings up rehab, but he still doesn't want to go. He tells her he can get through the withdrawals as long as Liz is with him.

Tracey tells Dillon there is a way to stop Lulu from having an abortion. Dillon can't force Lulu to have the baby, and Tracy says the only reason why she is going this is because she is scared, and she needs to slow down. If she does that, Lulu will love the baby like Dillon does.

Lulu and Georgie are talking outside of Kelly's, and Lulu tells her she doesn't want the baby growing up un-wanted. Georgie tells her about her own situation why her real parents. Lulu then tells her about the day she overheard her father saying he had never wanted Lulu; she had only been her mother's project. Something inside of Lulu shut down that day, and she hasn't been the same since then. She doesn't want to do that to a baby.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tracy finds Lulu looking out the window. She tries to persuade Lulu to reconsider having an abortion. Lulu tells her she doesn't know what she is going through right now and to leave her alone. Tracy surprises her when she says she was pregnant three times. Lulu doesn't understand what she means since Tracy had two sons and asks about the third pregnancy. Tracy tells her she had an abortion and sits down and tells her what happened. Lulu thinks she is making up the abortion story to manipulate her. Tracy tells her she wishes that was the case but it wasn't and tells Lulu she never told anyone until now. Tracy thinks there is something Lulu is holding back on as to why she thinks she should abort the baby. Lulu tells her she doesn't want to have a child that doesn't feel wanted just like herself. Tracy refuses to feel sorry for her and thinks she should think about her decision long and hard first. Edward finds Tracy and asks her if she has seen Lulu. Tracy tells him that Lulu is still considering having an abortion. Edward makes a comment about how women who have abortions are very selfish without knowing about Tracy's abortion. Tracy tells him that Lulu needs her father and she is going to find him for her. Edward finds Lulu and sits down to talk to her about letting the Quartermaines support her while she has the baby and that the family will take care of the baby if she doesn't want to. Lulu tells him that it is her decision to make and that she doesn't know if she wants to have the baby and it is her decision. Edward tells her that he could get a judge to stop her from having the abortion. Lulu doesn't believe he would do that and thinks Dillon wouldn't let him do that. Edward tells her that Dillon supports that idea and that Dillon could get an injunction to stop Lulu from getting an abortion since he is the baby's father. Meanwhile, Dillon goes to talk to Georgie at the hospital. Georgie doesn't know what she would do in Lulu's position and that he needs to stop putting pressure on Lulu like his family is doing. Dillon returns home to find Lulu angry with him. She accuses him of forcing her to have her baby against her will. Dillon tries to defend himself and tells her it isn't what she thinks and that she misunderstood Edward. Lulu starts crying that she can't believe he would disrespect her wishes to make her own decision.

Carly goes to see Jason at his apartment after she returns home from Africa. She complains to him about her trip and how Jax played mind games to get her to grovel for him. She starts to compare Jason to Jax which bothers Jason. Carly asks Jason why Sam isn't with him and asks him what happened to the idea that he was going to go see Sam and tell her how he was wrong and wanted her back in his life. Jason tells her that to leave it alone in a sharp tone. Carly asks him what happened. Jason tells her it didn't work out and that it is over between them. Carly asks him what Sam did to him but Jason won't tell her. Meanwhile, Sonny calls Stan and asks him to find out if Alcazar was the person who stole his medical files from Lainey's office. Lainey comes to see him to tell him she found no evidence of who stole his files from her office. Sonny tells her that he can't do therapy in her office anymore because of what happened. Lainey tells Sonny it would be a bad idea for him to quit therapy and suggests he see another psychiatrist if it is a matter of trusting her. He tells her he trusts her but it isn't safe for him to continue seeing her after this incident. Lainey offers to come make house calls during their regular time. Carly shows up. Lainey leaves them alone to talk. Carly tells Sonny about her trip and how Jax treated her. Sonny tells Carly that Jax is shallow and he doesn't deserve her. She asks him if he is complimenting her or trashing Jax. Sonny tells her to sit down and that he has something to talk to her about. He tells her about Alexis' lung cancer. Carly is shocked by the news and asks what she can do to help. Sonny tells her he may need her later. He also tells her that Alexis wishes for Ric to raise Kristina because she doesn't want Kristina and Molly to be raised apart. Carly agrees with Sonny that that is a bad idea. Sonny holds back from telling Carly about Ric and Sam's one-night stand but Carly guesses that something happened between Ric and Sam and realizes why Jason seemed so miserable earlier talking about Sam. Sonny realizes that Carly is all fired up about it and asks her not to do anything or say anything to Alexis because she needs to be strong to beat this cancer and can't know that her husband slept with her daughter.

Sam comes home with groceries for the family. She finds Alexis making up lists of things to do. Sam asks her why Ric isn't home. Alexis tells her that Ric is busy at the office and that she would prefer it if she would take her to the hospital instead. Sam agrees to do that for her. Jax comes by and surprises Alexis who is thrilled to see him. He tells her that Sam actually sent a text message on his cell-phone to tell him that Alexis was sick and needed to see him. He tells her that he really came home to track down Carly. Sam leaves them alone to talk. Jax tries to find out what is wrong with Alexis but she tries to evade his question. Sam ends up on the docks and runs into Jason. Jason notices she is crying. Sam tells him she is o.k. and that she went to the store to buy something for Alexis and found herself crying about Alexis. Jason offers to be around if she needs him and leaves her alone. Jax sits down with Alexis and finds out about the cancer. He asks her where Ric is and Alexis makes up some excuse about Ric being needed at the office to help fill in for her so she can concentrate on getting well. Jax can't understand why Ric wouldn't be right by her side and Alexis doesn't give him an answer. Jax tries to get her to act and think positively about beating the cancer. Nikolas shows up with baby Spencer. Jax plans to leave them alone to talk but Nikolas tells him he can stay and see the baby. Jax is grateful when Nikolas shows he has no hard feelings toward him anymore. Jax leaves. Alexis is pleased that the two men have buried the hatchet. Spencer hangs out with the two girls while Nikolas and Alexis talk. Nikolas thinks it is strange that Ric isn't around her being a supportive husband but Alexis makes excuses for him and literally snaps at Nikolas when he pushes the issue some more. Sam returns home and gives Alexis a gift. Alexis opens it to find a large picture frame inside the box. Sam suggests that Alexis should have a picture done of her and the girls. Alexis tells Sam she wants her in the picture also. Nikolas takes the picture and Sam and Alexis have a moment. Later, Sam brings Alexis to the hospital to get prepped for her surgery that day. Sam has Alexis sit down in the waiting area while she checks her in. Lainey runs into Alexis and sits down to talk to her and offers to be her sounding board if Alexis decides to blow off some steam. Alexis tells her that she may take her up on that offer since she is so afraid that she will just snap and blurt out that she knows that her husband had sex with her daughter. Sam approaches them and Alexis wonders if she overheard their conversation. Meanwhile, Jax goes over to Carly's house to see her. Carly lets down her guard at first when she sees Jax and is pleased to see that he returned home to see her. She tells him that she doesn't want to see him but Jax persuades her to let him in by apologizing for his behavior in Africa.

Friday, September 1, 2006

Liz finds Lucky on the pier looking out at Wyndemere. Lucky tells her that with his problems he has been unable to connect with his new nephew and now he is having issues with Lulu. Liz suggests that Lucky give his sister some space as she is sure that Lulu will find him when she is ready. Lucky thanks his wife for her support and believing in him. Liz tells Lucky that his recovery is the most important thing and heads off to work. Lucky removes a pill from his pocket and takes it.

Lucky meets up with Maxie and informs her that he needs more pills. She tells him that he is just using her and that it would be different if he actually cared about her. Lucky tries to tell her that he does care about her, but Maxie asks that he prove it to her. Lucky tells her that if she gets him more pills, he will leave Liz for her after things settle down with Lulu.

Dillon tells Lulu that he is not trying to force her into anything, but that he does want her to have the baby. They argue over the repercussions of the pregnancy and what they may need to give up in having the baby.

Lulu runs into Liz at the hospital in search of Georgie. Lulu is willing to discuss things with Liz provided that she does not pass judgment on her decision one way or the other. Edward happens to see the two talking and tells Lulu that she had better not be at the hospital for an abortion. Edward threatens that he is willing to have Lulu followed to ensure that she carries the baby to term. Lulu tells Edward that it is his fault that she is pregnant from the defective condoms. Lulu threatens that she is willing to take the information of the faulty ENDURO condoms forward in a press conference if Edward does not back off.

Liz suggests that Lulu find a person who does not have an agenda for her that would be able to listen to her without passing judgment.

Lulu arrives at Carly's and informs her of her pregnancy and the pressure that she is getting from everyone. Carly asks Lulu how she is able to help her through this situation. Lulu tells Carly that she wants to know whether or not she should have the abortion. Carly tells Lulu that it is her decision on what she should do with the baby. Carly informs her that she knows from her own personal experience that with all of the problems she had with Bobbie giving her up, it would have been worse if she decided to abort her.

Edward tells Dillon that Lulu is threatening to go public with the information on the condoms. He informs him that the Quartermaine's will never back down, and that someone at ELQ will end up taking the fall for it. Edward mentions that he is sure that Dillon's baby would be born if Lulu decided to go public with it.

Liz heads to Jason's penthouse in search of which condoms were used the night of the blackout. Finding the packaging in his bed side table, Liz sees that they are the ENDURO condoms.

Sonny orders Jason to kill the person who stole his therapy records. Sonny tells Jason that the file would contain all of his weaknesses and no one in the business would take him seriously. He even mentions that Jason could end up running the business permanently, leaving himself with nothing. Jason suggests that perhaps Ric is the one who stole the information.

Jax arrives at Carly's and wants to know why she is so angry about what went down between them. Carly tells him that she had opened herself up to him and that he just walked away from her. Jax kisses Carly and tells her that he still wants her.

Carly barges in on a session between Sonny and Lainey at the house. She tells him that she was there for him, and now she is asking for him to help her with the Jax situation. Sonny tries to assist her and then asks her if they have kissed. Carly tries to put up a front, but Sonny sees right through it and tells her that she has allowed Jax to step into her life again.

Alexis and Lainey are discussing Sam and Ric sleeping together when Sam arrives with the paperwork Alexis must sign. Sam quickly excuses herself and says that she needs some water. Alexis asks Lainey if she believes that Sam heard what they had been discussing. Lainey in turn asks Alexis if it would be that bad if Sam had found out that she knew about it.

Robin and Patrick arrive and inform Alexis that they are ready to prepare her for surgery. Patrick informs Alexis that Noah is unavailable to perform the surgery, but that he is willing to step in to take his place. Patrick tells both Sam and Alexis of his exposure to AIDS and that his initial results have already shown up negative. Patrick suggests that should she be uncomfortable about him performing the surgery, it is not too late to call in another doctor.

Alexis asks Sam's advice on whether or not she should proceed with the surgery as well as if Patrick should be the surgeon. Robin enters Alexis's hospital room and informs the two of them that she really needs to know what they would like to do so that they have time to find another doctor. Sam informs Robin that they will proceed with the surgery with Patrick as her doctor. Alexis tells Sam that she wishes a long and happy life for all of her children. She asks Sam to make a promise not to get back together with Jason and that she refuse Jason should he ask to get back together with her.

Jason arrives back at Sonny's with his file. He mentions that he discovered it outside in the hospital dumpster and was hoping to lift some prints off of it. Jason tells Sonny that he ran into Sam at the hospital. Jason informs him that he is angry and disgusted that Sam slept with Ric, but he does not want Sam to see that in him because she has been hurt enough. Sonny tells Jason that he knows that when he gets angry he just shuts down. Sonny continues to say that Sam really needs him, and that he is failing her because he does not know how to forgive.

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