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Monday, September 11, 2006

Lulu had a nightmare in which she was the mother of an angry teenage daughter, who criticized her mom's parenting skills. Dream Daughter rejected Lulu's birthday present, and blasted her mom for missing so many of her other birthdays. Lulu awoke with a start. She told Luke about the nightmare. He gently noted that she's the only one who can decide what to do about her pregnancy. Right on cue, Dillon showed up and announced that he'd come up with a solution. After warning Dillon not to twist Lulu's arm, Luke left them alone. ("You're not the husband here, young Polanski," Luke huffed. "You're the sperm donor!") Dillon's idea was to tell their child that Lulu had died. Of course, Lulu balked, but Dillon insisted that lying to the child is better than aborting it. Confused, lulu went to see Laura and begged for guidance. Lulu broke down in tears and luke showed up to console her.

While on her shift at the hospital, Liz made a call about her suspected pregnancy and noted that she doesn't want Lucky to find out yet. Speak of the devil, Lucky showed up and let her know that they were invited to the mayor's charity cocktail party at Metro Court. Liz questioned the wisdom of a drug addict attending a party with alcohol, but Lucky insisted that the party is important to his career.

Jax visited Alexis at the hospital. She grabbed the gift bag he was carrying and opened it. The "gift" turned out to be a diamond brooch, which Alexis realized wasn't for her. Alexis warned Jax against getting involved with Carly again. He stressed that Carly was not the reason he left town — it was the loss of little John. Alexis said that just because Carly's good in a crisis, it doesn't mean that translates to day-to-day life. "I don't want to see Jax mow you down," insisted Carly.

At Casa de Corinthos, Sonny was trash-talking, "Candy Boy" Jax to a miffed Carly. She huffed that she doesn't need a man and that Sonny's jealous. He stated that he's just worried about her having another breakdown. The argument drifted from them to Ric, as Carly said to Sonny that they must tell Alexis about Ric and Sam's tryst.

At Metro Court, Sam brought a file of crime statistics to the mayor. Surprise! P.C. was deemed a violent town. The mayor asked Sam how Alexis was doing, then mentioned that Ric had stated Sam was going to be his escort for the evening. She cringed. Mayor Floyd reiterated that for appearance sake, he's really glad that she's not seeing Jason any more.

As Ric arrived at the hospital to see Alexis, Jax left. Sam, who was all dressed up to take Alexis's place at the mayor's cocktail party, arrived. Alexis took note as Ric complimented Sam's outfit. Alexis asked Ric for a favor: Make Sam a "priority" tonight.

At Wyndemere, Alfred caught Colleen eavesdropping on Nikolas and Emily's conversation, and the proper gentleman chastised the nosy nanny. Despite her weak claim that she wasn't snooping, the butler called Colleen on her hostility toward Em. He threatened to take care of matters if her behavior doesn't improve but she denied any ulterior interests in their boss. Afterward, Alfred reminded Nik to get ready for the party, and delivered the surprising news that he'd taken the liberty of ordering a party dress for Em. Then, Alfred said there's something of a more serious nature to discuss. Colleen tried to sabotage their talk, but Alfred didn't give her up. Afterward, Colleen got a giggle putting on Nik's cufflinks. Em arrived and stepped up to the task. When Nik suggested they all have a toast, Colleen slipped a mickey into Alfred's glass. Shortly after, Alfred collapsed. Em thought he was having heart attack.

Sam ran into Jax as he was leaving Alexis's room. He asked if she'd spoken to the oncologist. Sam said it wasn't looking very good. Jax credited Alexis's high spirits to Sam. When Sam arrived at her mother's room, Alexis told Sam how pretty she looked and sent the two of them off to the function. Once there, Sam told Ric that they may be in the same room, but they're not "together."

A distraught Liz almost opened up to Lucky about the surprise pregnancy, until Maxie arrived on Mac's arm. As Maxie strutted by them, Liz was angry and Lucky was embarrassed. Lucky felt guilty, as folks kept thanking him for killing Manny, event though he really didn't. As Maxie remained coy, Lucky was curious when Liz refused to down an alcoholic beverage. Maxie and Lucky had a moment alone, where she said she can't wait to move in with him.

Jax gave the mayor a sizeable contribution. Jax was elated to see Carly arrive. Carly walked right up to the mayor and told him to dump Ric from the D.A. slot. She blabbed about the whole panic room incident but the mayor didn't believe her story. Jax told the mayor to apologize to Carly or he'd take back his contribution. Floyd's no dummy so he said he was sorry. In order to get more pills, Lucky strung Maxie along. However, she threatened to tell Liz that Lucky's still using. Sonny went to see Alexis in the hospital... On the Metro Court balcony, Ric and Sam's conversation got heated. He grabbed Sam by the arm — she retaliated by pulling a knife on him.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

In Alexis' hospital room, Sonny was questioning why she had forced Sam and Ric to go the Mayor's party together. She let him know that they needed to get along, and that this was one way to do it. Sonny tried to explain that it would be difficult to happen since Ric and Jason were enemies. Alexis felt that it would not be an issue since Sam promised to stay away from Jason. Sonny told her that while the two of them might not get back together, that the hatred that Ric felt for Jason would make it impossible. Alexis told Sonny that for Kristina's and Molly's sake, the three of them would need to learn to coexist.

At the Mayor's cocktail party as Jax was trying to convince Carly to leave the party with him, she let him know that she was not going to sleep with him. When he chided her for having a one track mind, she was looking over his shoulder, saw something and excused herself. Outside on the balcony, Sam had a knife to Ric, demanding that he stop touching her. While they were talking, Carly came and took the knife away from Sam and demanded that Ric leave her alone. She said that she would have no qualms on using the knife on him, and would be able to get away with it. She warned Ric that if he was not careful that there could be problems. After he went inside, Carly let Sam know that she knew that the two of them had a one-night stand. Sam felt that Carly would think even less of her since she found out, however, Carly sympathized with what she had to deal with, and promised to be an ally.

Maxie and Liz were fighting while Lucky was overhearing the conversation. Maxie tried to get Liz to understand that she felt that she knew Lucky better than his wife did, and had been there to support him while Liz turned a blind eye. Liz blamed Maxie for supplying Lucky the pills and bedding him when he was at his lowest. As the argument got louder, Lucky interrupted them, demanding that Maxie leave them alone. Maxie left, but not before warning Lucky that she would not forget it. Afterward, he tried to apologize to his wife, and Liz asked him to concentrate on getting better. She asked him to do the best he can, but not to do it because he put her on a pedestal.

At the Quartermaines', Lulu let her father know that she had decided to go through with the abortion. Luke was supportive of her decision, and when Edward and Dillon came in the living room, Lulu let them know of her decision. Both of them were very upset, and tried to get her to change her mind. Dillon was upset, and let Lulu know that he felt that she was being selfish. During this altercation, Edward called Lucky to try to get him to get his sister to change her mind.

Nikolas and Emily were trying to revive Albert, and asked Colleen to call 911. He was stabilized and sent to the hospital. Nikolas and Emily followed, and while waiting on Albert, Emily visited Alexis. They spoke about cancer and what is motivation to get better. During this conversation, Alexis not so subtlety tried to get Emily to consider getting back together with Nikolas. Emily did let her know that she felt that it was his love that had gotten her through her breast cancer scare.

Back at the Mayor's cocktail reception, Jax asked Sam how she was doing, and she let it be known that she wanted to leave. He told her that since she had made her presence and said hello, that she should be able to go home. She let her know that "obligations" prevented her from doing so, and went to take photos with Ric and the Mayor. After she left them alone to chat, the Mayor implied that with Alexis out of commission, and who knows how long she would be unavailable, he hoped that Ric would support him. Ric let him know that he would be willing to do whatever necessary.

Sonny came to the party, and Carly asked if he would like to help Sam with her problems. He became a willing participant and in front of the press let everyone know how happy he was that Ric was the new DA, and that he was looking forward to the changes it would make to Port Charles. Ric adverted a potential disaster by letting the press know that while he appreciated his brother's support, that was where the similarity ends, and that his goal was to end crime in Port Charles.

Lucky and Liz went to the Quartermaines' where Lucky was extremely vocal about his displeasure of Lulu's choice. Liz took Lulu outside, away from the ruckus. Lucky told Luke that it was not right that this be the only time he pay attention to his daughter, and not willing to do what is right. Luke told Lucky that it was Lulu's choice and that he would support whatever decision she made...and the decision she made had been difficult, but thought through.

After everyone left the Quartermaines, Lulu asked Luke to stay with her while she followed through on her decision. Luke promised to be there for as long as she needed.

At the pier, Lucky met up with Maxie, and apologized for his outburst. He let her know that he was going to leave Liz, but that it would be on his terms. She was willing to give him enough pills to last him one day, and that she would meet him tomorrow in their room at Kelly's. She let him know that she would give him more pills only after he made love to her.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

At Metro Court, Carly was furious that Jax sold off their hotel interests in Albany. He told her to relax — they made a bundle. She didn't relax.

At the hospital, Alexis asked Sam why Sonny would have provoked Ric the way he did at the mayor's cocktail party the night before. She was furious with Sonny's behavior and broke into another coughing spell. "Dammit, I need you all to get along," she shouted to her daughter. Later, Lainey had a counseling session with Alexis, who admitted that if Sam and Ric did start up a relationship, she'd hate it. But, she's just trying to look out for her girls in the event of her own demise — that's why she's pushing for them to be together. Alexis then detailed her rocky relationship with Sam, stating that she loves her firstborn but she doesn't like her very much. She admitted that she does love Ric, too, but she's tired of the people in her life who keep disappointing her. She did praise Sam, though, for sticking by her since her cancer diagnosis.

On the docks, Ric was furious with his brother, but Sonny made his intentions clear: Stay away from Sam. Ric said that wasn't his choice — it was Alexis's. Sonny ordered Ric to keep his distance from Jason's girl, or else a sacrifice would need to be made. And, it wouldn't be Sam. "You do the math," Sonny advised.

At the Quartermaines, Georgie found Dillon cleaning out the boathouse. He informed Georgie about Lulu's decision to have an abortion. Dillon blamed Luke for Lulu's decision, but reluctantly admitted that he was relieved. Georgie brought Dillon some iced tea and reminded her first love that everyone makes mistakes. "Who I am and who I think I am are miles apart," he sighed. Then, he thanked Georgie for listening.

A confused Sam asked Nikolas to meet her at Metro Court. She confided that Ric is not suitable father material to raise Kristina and Molly. She asked Nik to speak to Alexis about him being the girls guardian instead of Ric. Nik said there's no way the fathers would go for that. Ric arrived and Nik noticed the tension between Sam and her stepfather. After Ric left, Nik demanded to know what Ric has done. Sam didn't spill the beans.

Sonny returned home to find the boys playing with Max. He was surprised to hear that Carly had the boys dropped off because she and Jax had to work. As the evening proceeded, Carly kept on prodding Jax about the sale of the Albany hotel. Jax changed gears and apologized for not contacting her while he was away. "I don't mind working to earn your trust again," Jax smiled. Just as they were about to kiss, Sonny entered with the boys. Carly was agitated that he'd interrupted their meeting. "Meeting? In that dress?" Sonny asked. He said he had a therapy session scheduled with Lainey so he couldn't watch the kids. "Next time, just give me a little notice," he advised.

Ric met with Alcazar to accept his proposal about teaming up against Sonny and Jason. Ric advised Alcazar that Jason be taken out first, and said he knows how to exploit Jason's biggest weakness — Sam... Alexis was examined by her oncologist, who let her know they wouldn't be able to begin her chemotherapy as soon as he had hoped. She's got pneumonia... When Sonny told Lainey about having to take the kids to Carly's, she immediately saw through his story and saw his animosity for Jax. "If carly and Jax are really were in love, what would you do?" Lainey queried.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sonny has another therapy session with Lainey at his home. He refuses to admit that he is jealous of Jax and Carly's relationship. He claims that he likes the arrangement he has with Carly and the boys right now. Meanwhile, Sam and Ric visit Alexis at her hospital room. Alexis tells them that she has pneumonia and will be put into a medically induced coma so they can treat her on a ventilator. Sam is very upset with that news especially when Alexis tells her she could die while in the coma. Alexis pleads with them to get along and raise her daughters in case she doesn't make it. Sam leaves the room. Ric follows her outside. He touches Sam's arm to get her attention. Sam asks him to leave her alone. Ric reminds her that she is not following Alexis' wishes by trying to get along with him. Meanwhile, Carly tells Jax that they won't be able to have that date like they planned now that Sonny dropped the boys back off to her again. Michael isn't too pleased when he catches Jax kissing Carly. He thinks they are only friends and isn't comfortable with them being boyfriend and girlfriend. He makes Carly and Jax feel more uncomfortable when he says that Carly loves his father not Jax. Jax explains that there are different kinds of friendship. Michael asks them to stop kissing each other. Carly promises not to kiss Jax in front of Michael. Michael calls Sonny and whispers into the phone so Carly doesn't know what he is up to. Sonny asks him what is wrong. He tells Sonny he needs to get there because Jax was kissing Carly. Sam calls Jax and tells him that Alexis is not doing too good and that Alexis wants to see him right away. Jax leaves Carly's place to head to the hospital. Sonny shows up to find out what is going on at Carly's. Carly sits and talks with him. He tells her that he can't allow Ric to raise his daughter. Carly offers to help him in any way she can. Sonny thanks her. She tells him about Sam's call to Jax and how he ran off to see Alexis. Sonny isn't happy that he was not notified about Alexis' condition and tells Carly that he really wants Alexis to live. He decides to head over to see Alexis. Nikolas shows up to see Alexis and gets the news of her pneumonia. Alexis asks him not to blow things with Emily and that love is all that matters in the end. Jax shows up to see her so Nikolas leaves the room. Alexis tells him that he was a wonderful surprise in her life and that she was glad she married him even if it was a marriage of convenience. Jax tells her he loves her. Alexis asks him to find a woman to love and hopes it isn't Carly. Jax laughs and leaves. The doctor comes in to examine Alexis and get her ready for the ventilator. Sonny shows up while Ric and Sam are there. Sam goes out to make a phone call on her cell-phone at some point and calls and leaves a message for Jason. Liz comes out of the hospital and overhears most of of the conversation. Sam tells her that she and Jason agreed to try one more time to make their relationship work and that she lied that day when she told her it was over between them for good. Sam tells her that she is o.k. with what happened between Liz and Jason and that she has no right to pass judgment after she slept with Ric. Liz tells her she is just friends with Jason and reminds her that she is married. Sonny has a moment alone with Alexis. Alexis asks him to promise not to stop Ric and Sam from raising both girls in the same home. Sonny lies and promises not to get in the way of her wishes. Ric shows up with the nanny, Sam, and the girls. Alexis tries to explain what is going to happen but Kristina doesn't understand what is going on. Alexis cries while they leave. Sonny ends up in the hallway with Ric and Sam. He asks Ric if the girls are in the waiting area. Ric tells him that he had Viola bring the girls home. Sonny tells them that he has no intention of letting Ric raise his daughter and that he is taking Kristina home with him tonight.

Luke sits by Lulu's side as she hangs out at the boathouse to get away from the Quartermaines to think in peace. Lulu tells Luke that she has an appointment at 7 to have the abortion. Lucky shows up to try to stop her from going through with the abortion and buts heads with Luke. Luke points out to Lucky that he is in no position to give advice to his sister while he is popping pills. Lucky claims he is off the pills and tries to make Lulu feel guilty for going through with an abortion by bringing up Laura. Luke tells Lucky to leave his sister alone and not to pretend to know what Laura would do or say to Lulu if she could. Lucky accuses Lulu of letting Luke tell her what to do because she wants him to get closer to her. After Lucky storms off, Luke asks Lulu if she is doing this because she thinks he wants her to and wants to get closer to him. Lulu tells him she is making the decision for her and asks him if he is trying to talk her out of hit now. Luke tells her that he will accept whatever decision she makes but it has to be right for her. Lucky heads over to the hospital. Liz talks to Dr. Kelly Lee in the waiting area about her pregnancy. Maxie watches them talking from afar. Liz is having bad morning sickness and wonders why it is worse than when she was pregnant with Cameron. Kelly tells her that she is more stressed about this pregnancy because she doesn't know who the father is. Kelly shocks Liz when she assumes the father could be Patrick. Liz tells her that she and Patrick are just friends and nothing more and confesses to Kelly that the father could be Jason and explains about their one-night stand. Kelly advises her to make the baby and herself more important than Lucky or who the baby's father is because stress is not good for the baby. Lucky hears something about a baby but not all of the conversation and asks her if Cameron is alright. Liz tells him Cameron is fine. Kelly leaves them to talk alone. Liz asks him what he is doing there. Lucky tells her about his run-in with Lulu and Luke and that he can't believe Luke is supporting Lulu in her decision to have an abortion. Liz supports Lulu's decision which makes Lucky angry with her. Liz heads to the Quartermaine boathouse to see Lulu. She apologizes to Luke and Lulu for what Lucky said. Luke tells her she doesn't need to apologize for her husband. Liz tells Lulu that she supports whatever decision she makes. Luke leaves them alone to talk. Lulu starts crying and thinks Lucky will hate her now for having an abortion. Liz tries to reassure her that Lucky is trying to overcompensate for not being there for her when she needed him and that he can't be trusted right now with what he says. Lucky meets up with Maxie on the docks. Maxie tells him he will have to come with her back to her room at Kelly's if he wants more pills and insinuates that he will owe her in return by sleeping with her afterwards. Liz heads home and is so tired she lays on the sofa. She looks down and sees a pill lying on the floor.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Luke offers to take Lulu away to Europe to give her some time over deciding about the abortion. She tells her father that she will continue to go through with her appointment at 7 o'clock. Dillon asks for a moment alone with Lulu so that he can apologize for his behavior throughout this whole ordeal and to let her know that this is her decision to make. Dillon attempts to show her some support and offers to escort her to her appointment.

Tracy informs Luke that she is envious of Lulu because of how fortunate she is to have the loving support of her father. Luke asks Tracy if she feels that Lulu is making the right decision or not. She tells him that she does believe that Lulu is making a mistake but that his opinion is more important. Luke informs Tracy that he will stand behind his daughter's decision.

Lulu tells Luke that she is ready for her appointment, but that she does not want him present for the procedure. She informs him that things would have been different if Laura had been around. Lulu requests that he go and visit Laura so that she will know that they are together during that time.

Liz shows the pills she found to Nik and tells him that Lucky has decided to choose his habit over her. She informs him that she will be leaving Lucky tonight. Nik tells Liz that Lucky needs to be in rehab. Liz agrees with his idea but says that she will no longer be around to offer her support. She tells Nik that she had sworn to leave him if he had continued to use.

Maxie tells Lucky that she needs to know that he cares about her more than her just finding him his next fix. Lucky hugs Maxie and says that she is the only thing that makes sense in his life right now, he then kisses her. After sleeping together, they are talking when Nik walks in on the two of them. Nik tells Lucky that he is using Maxie for his habit and that he is destroying his marriage. He also informs Lucky that Liz has decided to leave him. Nik tells him that Liz found his stash of pills.

Lucky arrives home to find Liz packing her belongings. Lucky tries to tell her that she is overreacting to the discovery and that he just needed a few while going through the Lulu crisis. Liz tells him that she needs to look out for Cameron's best interests and that she is not going to have her little boy be around a drug addict. Lucky grabs her and tells her that there is no way that he will ever let her leave him until she hears him out. Liz pulls off her ring and throws it at him. She tells him that she will not make anymore promises to. Lucky grabs Liz again and as she struggles to get out of his grip, she falls to the floor.

Sonny informs Ric and Sam that he wants Kristina to come and stay with him until Alexis recovers. Sam tries to change Sonny's mind about removing Kristina from the house, believing that it is in Kristina's best interest to stay where she is.

Jax and Carly are discussing how difficult it was for him to see his friend so sick. He is honest with Carly and tells her that he needs her. Carly informs him that she knows he is making these promises due to the grief of possibly losing a friend. Jax tells Carly that he knew his feelings for her before he had left.

Sonny arrives at Carly's and tells her that he needs to speak with her alone regarding family issues. Jax informs Sonny that he had better get used to him being around as he cares about Carly. Once Jax has left, Sonny assumes that Carly is up to speed on Alexis's state as well as the promise that was made about Ric caring for Kristina. Sonny tells Carly that he wants to take Kristina out of the house tonight. Carly suggests that Sonny leave Kristina at the house for the time being. She continues to tell him that should Alexis die and once the dust settles down, she will stand behind him in getting back his daughter.

Sonny arrives at Alexis's house wanting to see Kristina. He asks that Sam bring his daughter to him so that he can make a decision on whether or not she should stay in the house.

Jax arrives back at the house to see Carly. He seems a little surprised to see her as he thought that Sonny would have swept her away. Carly decides that she is also going to be honest with Jax and informs him that she is crazy about him and really does not want to miss out on something wonderful with him.

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