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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 18, 2006 on GH
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Monday, September 18, 2006

A haunting ballad and a lot of anxious clockwatching accompanied Lulu's abortion appointment. But no clocks were watched at the Spencer apartment. Liz removed her wedding ring and threw it at an erratic Lucky — who accidentally knocked her to the floor during their fight. Nikolas ran in, helping Liz and asking Lucky, "Do you have any idea what you could've done?" (Since he's clueless about the pregnancy, that would be a "no.") Nik whisked Liz to GH for a checkup while tearful Lucky tore up a happy family photo. At GH, Kelly assured Liz and Prince Bro-in-Law that she was fine and advised her to tell her hubby of her pregnancy. Instead, Liz told Nikolas she had to leave Lucky. A victorious Maxie overheard. Liz came home to Gram's, asking to stay there for a few nights, and then told Audrey about the addiction and Lucky's lies. She loved Lucky, but she couldn't even hold herself together (Is that what Jason's for?). Then, Lucky knocked at the door, begging to see Liz. She didn't want him to scare Cameron. "I'm his father," he reminded, promising he would quit the drugs tomorrow. Liz didn't quite believe him. "Our marriage is over," she said (to the door), looking miserable. Lucky crumpled to the porch floor, sobbing. Later, he came home and found Maxie, who wanted to "hang out"...and swap pills for sex (BJ would be so proud). Liz, meanwhile, went forward with plans for divorce.

At the lake house, Sonny told Kristina that Alexis was sleeping and getting medicine. He offered to have Kristina come stay over — just her, not Molly. "I wanna be with Molly," Kristina declared. Sam and Sonny were alarmed to see Krissy still so fond of "Daddy Ric." Once the tot was in bed, Sonny tried to evict Ric. "I have a baby daughter who needs me," Ric reminded. Sam tried to mediate but Sonny feared Sam would protect Kristina from Ric the same way she'd protected herself. Ric blasted Sam for her revisionist history version of their one-nighter. Sonny brought up the time Ric had made Carly believe he'd raped her (What, no Panic Room reference? Pfft!). "Don't tell me I use women. You wrote the book," Ric countered, reminding Sonny he'd actually gotten Sam pregnant. Sonny yelled at Ric to keep his voice down or risk being shut up for good (and the recapper laughed hysterically). "Think about what you're doing," Ric warned before leaving to check on Alexis. Sam questioned Sonny's Ric handling tactics, so Sonny questioned hers. "You do not get to stand there and lecture me," he warned. "If you didn't take your clothes off..." He then changed gears, saying he wanted to protect Sam, Kristina and Molly (even though she's Ric's). At GH, Ric got an update on Coma Alexis and then met with Lorenzo. Sam told Sonny she was just trying to raise the girls the way Alexis would want, even denying herself Jason in the process. (Which was okay, since Ric and Lorenzo were plotting to deny her Jason permanently!)

After Lulu's appointment, Georgie (of all people) arrived to give her a ride back to the Quartermaines. Luke kept vigil with Laura and then left to protect Lulu from the Q fallout. He ran into Robin in the hall. Ever so compassionate, Georgie even offered to stay with Lulu as she went in to the mansion. "It's over," said Lulu. "Let's just let the screaming begin now." She was a little flustered at the non-screaming from Edward, Dillon and Tracy. Edward and Tracy considered the matter concluded and went for a brandy. "How are you really?" Dillon asked once they were gone, offering her juice or a sandwich. Lulu just wanted her mom. So it was a good thing that Robin was telling Luke there was a "radical new medication" that might help Laura. She thought it was worth a shot, giving Luke her card and asking him to think about it. Luke and Tracy discussed both Lulu and Laura, and Luke deeply appreciated Tracy's support. "I'm your wife," she reminded. Later, Luke went up to Lu's room to catch up. "This family is pretty schizo," she noted of the Qs, thanking Luke for being there for her. She touched her abdomen as she talked about hoping Laura would wake up some day. "Your mother loves you," Luke told her, fiercely. "My mother might as well be dead; it'd be easier than this," Lu said, finally breaking down in tears. Luke let himself into the hall...and dialed Robin.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lulu dreamt about looking for her crying baby in her room, and then ending up in Laura's hospital, and instead of seeing her mother, she saw herself in the room. When she woke up she was very shaken. She was about to cut her hair in despair when Dillon knocked on her door. When he asked if she would like a ride to the college, she said that she was not going. When Dillon looked at her in disbelief, she let him know that she felt that college was just living in a cocoon, and that she had already been forced to make adult decisions.

Nikolas was speaking with Liz on the phone, asking when she expected Alexis' test results. Colleen overheard the conversation, and shared with little Spencer that his father was worried about his family, but that she might have something that would help him. When she asked how Lucky was doing, Nikolas shared his frustration about his brother. At that time, Colleen shared a story of when she was in college and had a boyfriend who had a drinking problem. His family and her got together and staged an intervention. He seemed interested in this idea, and when Emily came by, he shared it with her. Emily was uncertain if this was the right way to go, and used her father as an example. She said that the harder her family had pushed Alan, the more dependent he became on the drugs. Frustrated with the conversation, Nikolas left the room, and Emily followed after him. Colleen came back into the living room, heard Emily's pager go off, and turned it off.

At the hospital, Jax was in the waiting room, when Carly came by. She asked how Alexis was doing, and he let her know that she was still in her induced coma. Carly asked Jax to take some time away from the hospital and spend some time with her. At first he was reluctant to leave the hospital, however, when Carly said that Alexis would be happy if he did something for himself, he was willing to go with her. They went to the pier, where Michael and Morgan were waiting for them, and Carly suggested that they go out on the Silent Lady before Alexis' test results come back.

Outside of Laura's hospital room, Patrick was telling Robin that Laura had been unresponsive to any of his tests, and that there was no hope for recovery. Luke came by, and Robin pressed on him the possibility of a new drug treatment, that it may help Laura, and that the best possibility would be that she would recover fully and permanently. Patrick tried to have Luke understand that the treatment was dangerous, and make her require to relive the trauma of killing her father, which might ultimately kill her. At the end, Luke decided that he needed to meet the doctor who had developed this new treatment, before agreeing to anything. Before leaving the two doctors, he told them that they must not let anyone know what they had talked about.

After returning from their boat trip, Michael was very excited and asked when they could go back out on the Silent Lady. Jax let him know that he would let Michael help him with the boat, and that in a couple of years, he was certain that he would be able to captain the boat to a trip to the Bahamas. Carly was visibly upset with the comment, and said that it was time for them to go home. Jax, recognizing Carly's discomfort, went back to her home, and asked what was wrong. Carly let him know that she could not allow her children to get too attached with him, since there was no guarantee that they would stay together. Jax tried to convince Carly that people do stay together, and that they still had a chance. Carly said that since there was always a chance that he would leave again, that she didn't think that would happen. Jax left, saying he wished she had more confidence in them.

Back at the Quartermaines' Tracy and Luke were talking, where Tracy shared that the time that she had spent with his daughter made her realize how similar the two ladies were. Both loved their father and did whatever was necessary to try to get his attention. Luke asked Tracy if she felt that Lulu should not have gotten the abortion, and she let him know that she had wished that she had not gone through with the procedure, but only because she didn't want her to regret her decision in the future. Luke let Tracy know that he was leaving town, and he asked that she take care of her daughter. She was livid that he was leaving so soon after his daughter's ordeal, and that it was not right for him to do this. She tried to emphasize that his daughter still needed his support, and Luke tried to let her know that this was not another adventure, but was just a different way to help Lulu. Lulu overheard them, and asked her father if he was leaving again. Tracy left them alone to talk, and he let Lulu know that he was leaving because he had to, and not because he wanted to. Lulu said that she understood, she had always dreamed about her father coming and rescuing her, and that he did just that. Luke let her know that he loved her, and that he was proud of her.

Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas and Emily returned back to the living room, where he apologized for blowing up on her. She was understandable, and she suggested that maybe having Luke speak with Lucky. If Lucky could see how his life could turn out like his father's, then he might be willing to check himself into rehab. When Nikolas called the Quartermaines' to find out if Luke was available, he found out that Luke was leaving. As they were talking, Nikolas received a phone call from Monica, who was asking to speak with Emily. Monica was disappointed that Emily was not answering her page, and that as an intern her job was to keep her pager on. Emily denied ever hearing her pager go off, and when she checked her purse, she noticed that somehow her pager was off. She alluded to that she believed that Colleen had turned it off.

Back at Laura's room, Luke was apologizing for the tests that the doctors were taking, and that he was going to go and meet a doctor who might be able to cure her. He explained that he was not only doing this for her, but to cure him as well. He felt that as time was passing, he was forgetting her and their time together, and that this was to help him as well.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Carly demanded to know how she can trust Jax. Jax said he came half-way around the world just to be with her. Jax admonished her to stop looking for reasons why they won't work out, because she won't find any. Jax insisted that people make their own luck, and recounted how she's been there for him. Carly expressed her worries about losing her mental and emotional independence if she gets too close to him. Jax interrupted Carly by kissing her. Carly said she needs some breathing room, while Jax suggested they just stick to what they know best — their lustful attraction to each other. As the two started making out on the sofa Sonny barged in. Carly was enraged and said he had no right to interrupt. Jax politely excused himself and left. Carly accused Sonny of being jealous. Sonny said she and Jax could bop around like bunnies all they wanted, he didn't care. Sonny warned Carly about the new dangers from Alcazar, and told him he's putting guards on her and the boys until things get resolved, and urged her to be more careful. Jax returned. Carly invited him to spend the night together in a room at Metro Court, but Jax turned her down, accusing her of wanting to sleep with him to make Sonny jealous. Sonny met with Lainey, who asked if Carly is a diversion, or if there's some residual attraction or interest remaining from their marriage. Lainey stressed that Carly's decision to be with Jax is her choice. Sonny said he doesn't like the idea of his kids spending time with Jax, and said he'd have to do something to break up Carly and Jax permanently.

Lucky took a handful of pills before leaving for work. Maxie arrived and told him she'd have her stuff moved in and the place cleaned up in no time. Lucky said she can't move in. Lucky said he's been lying to her and telling her what she wants to hear because he needed to get high. He told Maxie it's not her fault, it's his, and he resolved to get control of his addiction and reconcile with Liz. Maxie whipped out a bag of pills and said she guessed he doesn't need these anymore. Maxie kept tempting Lucky, who angrily declared that things are over between them and ordered her to go. Maxie insisted that he really wants her and refused to let him go. Lucky said she had to before closing the door on her. Lucky began to tremble from the drugs.

At the hospital, Liz talked to Kelly about her pregnancy and the possibility that it might be Jason's. Kelly asked Liz if she could choose, who would she want her baby's father to be. She said Lucky, but the Lucky she used to know. Right now, Jason is the better choice. Kelly had her doubts, but Liz explained that Jason is better father material than he might seem at first glance. Liz checked in with Sam to see how Alexis is doing. In the locker room, Monica ran into Emily who was rushing to get changed to get to the ER. Monica asked Emily if she really wants to be a doctor. Monica reprimanded her for having a pattern of lateness at the hospital. Monica said she needs to do a better job of balancing her professional and personal lives. Em ran into Liz next and learned that Liz left Lucky and is planning to divorce him. Emily told Liz that she and Nikolas got him a spot in a great rehab facility. Liz said great, but that doesn't change anything. Emily told Liz if she divorces Lucky now then she's resigned herself to the idea that Lucky will never get himself clean. Liz said she's done as much as she can for Lucky. Emily asked Liz if she still loves Lucky, and warned that it might be too late to get him back if she gives up on him now. Lucky arrived the hospital looking for Liz. Emily informed him she doesn't want to see him. Emily told Lucky she thinks Liz is headed to the courthouse and told Lucky that she intends to file for a divorce. As Lucky began to run for the courthouse he got a phone call from Maxie, who told him she was at their "special place" and intimated that she had taken an overdose. After hanging up on Lucky she spread a bunch of pills around on the bed and popped a handful of them. Lucky arrived, knocked the door in and found an unconscious Maxie.

Jason returned home and informed Sonny that he's done everything he can to keep Alcazar at bay, but warned that the war they were hoping to avoid is coming a lot sooner than they thought. Jason said that Alcazar is becoming stronger and more powerful than ever. Sonny dismissed Alcazar's overtures. Sonny told Jason Carly's been looking for him and needs him. Jason said their focus should be on Alcazar, but Sonny said Alcazar could easily be dealt with — by a bullet through the heart. Jason paid a visit to Sam, who expressed her feelings, worries and doubts while Alexis is sick. Jason presented Sam with a gift. Jason ran into Liz, who told him she just returned from the courthouse where she filed for divorce. Liz rehashed how she and Lucky had argued and how he had knocked her down accidentally during the argument. Liz told him she's been waiting for Jason to come home because she has something to tell him.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Lucky tries to get Maxie to wake up after he finds her in her room, with pills all over her bed. Maxie doesn't respond. Diego hears the noise from outside his room and comes barging into Maxie's room. He finds out what happened and berates Lucky for the trouble he has caused by using Maxie to get pills. Lucky insists on taking her to Mercy Hospital instead of General Hospital. Diego argues that GH is closer but Lucky insists that is a bad idea. Diego helps him carry Maxie out to the car. They take her to Mercy Hospital. The doctor in charge of her care tells them that Maxie is alright and that they got her there just in time. Lucky goes in and sits by her side. Maxie wakes up and asks Lucky where she is. He tells her he took her to Mercy Hospital because he didn't want Mac or anyone to find out what happened to her. Maxie wants to leave the hospital and tells Lucky that she just wanted to stop feeling the pain of rejection from him by taking the pills and didn't mean to overdose. The doctor tells Maxie that they are keeping her there overnight for observation. The doctor also sends Lucky in a panic at first when he tells him that he is suppose to call the police when a patient overdoses on pills that were not prescribed by a doctor. Lucky convinces him that is not needed because he is a cop and the authorities already took care of the situation. Maxie argues with the doctor that she doesn't need to stay overnight and needs to leave. The doctor refuses to release her. When the doctor leaves the room, Maxie tries to get up out of bed and plans to leave the hospital without their consent. She ends up clutching her heart and collapses on the floor. Lucky and Diego call for the doctor. The doctor checks her pulse and tells them that Maxie just went into cardiac arrest.

Liz tries to tell Jason that she is pregnant and he could be the father but she notices Sam watching them talking from nearby and loses her nerve. Sam apologizes for interrupting and offers to leave so they can talk. Liz tells her that she needs to get back to work and only wanted to talk to Jason about her current problems with Lucky. Sam gets a call on her cell-phone and walks over to a more private corner to take the call. Jason asks her what she wanted to tell him but Liz tells him it was nothing. Jason insists she tell him what is wrong. Liz asks Jason to not harm Lucky, even if he tries to go after him as a cop. Jason tells her he isn't afraid of Lucky harming him and is concerned about Liz's safety more. Sam returns over to talk to them. Liz leaves. Sam tells Jason that she just got a call from the hospital. Apparently, Kristina had a temper tantrum about wanting to see Alexis, and Viola brought her to the hospital to see Alexis and Kristina freaked out when she saw Alexis in her coma. She tells him she has to go take care of Kristina at the hospital. Sam gets to the hospital and Epiphany complains about Viola's poor judgment in bringing Kristina to see her mother like this. Sam defends Viola and promises to help Kristina. Kristina walks out of Alexis' room with Viola. Sam talks to her and tries to reassure her that Alexis is just in a deep sleep so she can get better and that she isn't going to die. Sam makes Kristina feel better. Meanwhile, Liz suffers more morning sickness at work. Epiphany stops her from falling on the floor in a faint and sits her down for a private talk. Epiphany lets her know that she already knows she is pregnant when Liz lies and tells her she didn't eat lunch or sleep well last night. Liz confides in Epiphany about Lucky's drug addiction and how he was unfaithful to her. She also admits that she doesn't know who the father of her unborn baby is. Epiphany assumes that Patrick could be the father and starts calling him all sorts of names. Liz is flabbergasted that everyone thinks she slept with Patrick. Liz reluctantly tells her that Jason could be the father after Epiphany promised not to tell anyone her secret. Later, Jason meets with Alcazar, who thinks that Jason is in a vulnerable position because of all the problems he is dealing with and with Sonny in therapy. Jason warns him that he can take care of himself and Sonny. Sam listens in on the conversation while she steps away into a dark corner so Alcazar won't see her. After Alcazar leaves the docks, Sam approaches Jason. She shares her fears about Alexis and how she doesn't know how to help Kristina understand about what Alexis is going through without scaring her. Jason offers to be there for her if she wants him to be around. Sam tells him she wants him to be around for her. Jason tells her that he wants that too.

Jax and Carly have some time alone to spend together. Jax is reluctant to be close to her again because he worries about Sonny's interference in her life and how much she allows Sonny into her life. Carly reassures him that she wants to be with him and the two of them make out on the couch. Meanwhile, Sonny meets with Lainey for another therapy session to discuss Carly and Jax. Sonny refuses to admit he is jealous of their relationship and tells Lainey that he is concerned that Jax is just using Carly to stick it to him because Jax has always gotten involved with the same women that Sonny got involved with. Lainey tries to get him to admit that he wants Carly for himself. Sonny shows up at Carly's and interrupts them while they are kissing. Jax leaves Carly to deal with Sonny. Later, Sonny brings a pizza over to share with Carly and the boys. Carly is all dressed up to meet Jax at the hotel. She notices the pizza has pineapple and ham on it and reminds Sonny that he knows she hates that kind of pizza and leaves. Sonny returns home with the pizza and gives it to Max to eat. He tells Max that he needs to take care of Jax for him and explains that Jax can not be trusted not to hurt Carly. This convinces Max to do something to Jax. Carly calls Jax on his cell-phone to let him know to meet her in one of the hotel rooms. They talk about music and their favorite wine. Jax's car breaks down and it turns out that Max messed with his car to keep him from meeting Carly. Sonny shows up at the hotel room. Carly thinks it is Jax and holds the jewelry box with the diamond heart pin out of the door without looking and says she is ready for him to accept the diamond heart again. Sonny pushes his way through the room and tells her the diamond heart won't go well with his suits. Carly can't believe Sonny is causing more problems again for her and Jax.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Maxie tells Lucky that she is ready to leave the hospital and asks that he get her clothes. As she is getting out of bed she collapses. Diego calls for the doctor where he informs them that she has gone into cardiac arrest.

The doctor is quite angry that was not informed that Maxie was a heart transplant recipient. He informs them that the methadone could have killed her. Once the doctor has left the room, Lucky tells Maxie that she had really scared him.

Lucky informs Maxie that he let things get too out of hand. He tells her that he took advantage of her because he needed the pain medication, and that she deserves more than what he has given her. Lucky asks Maxie to forget what happened between them. An angry Maxie tells Lucky that he is a liar and a user and that someday he will be sorry. Diego walks into the room and demands that Lucky leave. Once gone, Maxie tells Diego that she thought Lucky had loved her. Maxie thanks him for his help and he leaves. She phones Mac and tells him that she needs his help.

Jason and Sam are discussing starting over when he receives a call from Liz telling him that Alexis is getting worse.

Sam and Nik arrive at the hospital and find Robin and Patrick for an update on Alexis. Robin informs the two that Alexis's lung has collapsed and that they need to perform surgery to insert a tube into the chest to relieve some of the pressure. She informs them that Alexis is weakened by the cancer and the pneumonia. Nik asks Robin and Patrick if this means that she may not survive the surgery. Patrick informs them that Alexis might die if they do not allow them to operate. Nik agrees to sign off on the paperwork permitting them to perform the surgery. Patrick informs Nik that he has made the right decision and that she will be in good hands.

Nik informs Sam that he is starting to share her concerns about Ric raising the girls, should something happen to Alexis. Nik suggests a compromise in which Sam would be their guardian and they would work out a custody arrangement with Sonny and Ric. Sam tells Nik that it's an interesting idea, but she is willing do anything for them. Nik informs her that should she decide to take over as guardian; she will need to end her relationship with Jason.

Sam tells Jason that she really wish that things had been different with her not having slept with Ric and him not having slept with Liz. Sam informs him that Nik has suggested that she be Molly and Kristina's guardian should anything happen to Alexis, but the agreement is only valid if she keeps her distance from him. Jason tells her that they both are aware of the issues of what tore them apart, and even though it hurts he is willing to try to get past things.

Jax calls Carly to inform her that his car has broken down, but he will be there as soon as he can.

Carly prepares their hotel room while she waits for his arrival. She hears a knock at the door expecting it to be Jax, however it is Sonny. Sonny begins to question her about various things that have gone on between herself and Jax. Sonny tells her that he thinks that Jax is going to leave any moment, and that he doesn't want his children hurt. He continues to tell her that Jax is using her and will break her heart, when Jax walks in. Jax tells Sonny that he will not be doing any heart breaking, because that is Sonny's specialty.

Jax asks Carly if Sonny upset her. She tells him that she should never have let Sonny get to her. Jax informs Carly that he does not mind waiting for her, and that no matter what happens between them she should not allow Sonny to get to her.

Carly and Jax are kissing when Max knocks at the door. Max tells her that there is an emergency that a pipe has broken at her house. Thinking that this is one of Sonny's games, Carly refuses to believe Max.

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