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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 16, 2006 on GH
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Monday, October 16, 2006

Sonny convinces Morgan to tell him Jax's secret for Carly. Michael is upset about the idea of Jax and his mom getting married. Sonny defends Carly to Michael and tells Michael that she has the right to make her own decisions and to be happy. Sonny tries to reassure Michael that Jax will never take his place and he asks Michael try not to cause any trouble for Carly and Jax. Michael is upset that Sonny is not willing to fight to get Carly back and Sonny tells Michael that as long as he and Michael, Morgan, and Carly are all together as a family then he is happy. A knocking sound is heard outside and Sonny and Michael go to the window to inspect it. Michael casually comments that that is the cable guy working on the neighbor's house and that he has been there for the past week.

Carly and Jax are enjoying their romantic rendezvous at the docks when Jax proposes. Carly is shocked and asks Jax why he wants to marry her. Jax looks confused and says because he loves her. Carly begins to list all sorts of reasons why they shouldn't get married including their poor track records (they have both been married five times each). Jax reassures Carly that the past has taught him lessons and has shown him what he wants for the future. Jax tells Carly that he wants a commitment between them and a sense of permanency. Carly asks Jax why of all the places he could choose to propose, he chose the docks. Jax says it is because the docks and the lake mean so much to him because they are home to him and that is what Carly is to him as well. Jax tells Carly that for the first time in his life he trusts someone. Carly advises Jax it is not a good idea to trust her and she points out all her untrustworthy qualities to Jax. He tells Carly that he knows who she was in the past and who she is now and that he wants to be with her marriage or no marriage. Jax then asks Carly to marry him again and this time she agrees. They share a romantic kiss after Jax places the engagement ring on Carly's finger. Later when Carly and Jax return to Carly's house, Michael and Morgan are in the living room putting their toys in their backpacks. Michael informs Carly and Jax that if they get married then he and Morgan are moving back to Sonny's house. Michael feels like Jax is breaking up his family even though Jax reassures him that he is never going to take Sonny's place. Jax tells Morgan and Michael that he wants to build a family together. After Michael and Morgan go upstairs Carly warns Jax that she is a package deal and that now he will be a step-dad and he will need to learn how to enforce consistency and discipline in the boys lives. Jax admits to Carly that he has no idea what he is doing but that he loves her.

Liz and Kelly Lee are at General Hospital discussing the paternity test that Kelly just administered. Kelly tells Liz the results will take a few days. As they are talking Lulu comes storming up and accuses Liz of abandoning Luck when he needs her the most. Lulu cannot understand why Liz won't try to work things out with Lucky, if nothing else for Cameron and the baby. Liz feels that the baby can't be the reason that Lucky gets sober and that he must make that change or himself and no one else. She tells Lulu that she still loves Lucky and she always will but she just can't be with him anymore. Lulu is surprised because she assumed Liz was trying to punish Lucky for his betrayal with Maxie. Lulu is reassured when Liz tells her that Lucky will be involved in the baby's life as long as he is sober. Lulu and Liz make up and share a hug. After Lulu leaves Kelly Lee advises Liz that even though she has a DNA sample from Jason, she needs him to sign a release before she can process the paternity test. Liz tells Kelly that it will be easy to get a signature from Jason, then she ruefully comments that the only thing that will be easy is if Lucky is the baby's father.

Sam confronts Jason in what was to be her little girl's nursery in Jason's penthouse. Sam is crying and demands to know how Jason could continually deny her a child and then give one to Liz. Jason tries to defend himself and tells Liz that he did not mean for it to happen. Sam wonders if Jason will want to raise the baby with Liz if it is his child. She correctly guesses that Jason has probably already asked Liz to marry him. When Jason admits that he ahs asked Liz to marry him, Sam concedes that she wouldn't love Jason if he were willing to walk away from a child. Jason tells Sam that Liz said she could not marry him when they were both in love with other people. Sam asks Jason if he really loves her and Jason tells her that he has never stopped loving Sam and he just wants things to go back to the way they were. Sam reminds Jason that they can't change what has happened and that she is watching Liz get everything that she ever wanted while she is already a memory to Jason.

Ric is in his office talking to Det. Rodriguez about keeping the surveillance on Carly's house, Sonny's house, and Jason's penthouse. Alexis walks in while they are talking and tells Ric that she could not sleep so she came to see him. Alexis is feeling pretty good and is not experiencing any side effects from the chemo yet so she tells Ric that she wants to come back to work part time. Ric doesn't think it is a good idea but tells Alexis that he will agree to it of she promises to stop as soon as she doesn't feel well. Sonny barges into Ric's office and demands Ric to pull the surveillance from Carly and the boys. Ric won't back down and tells Sonny that he does not have to defend himself. Alexis warns Sonny that it is not a wise idea to threaten a public official who also happens to be the stepfather of his daughter. Sonny leaves Ric's office with the parting threat that if Ric does not back down then Sonny will be dragging out some of Ric's dark deep secrets. After Sonny leaves, Alexis implores Ric to back off of Sonny because she can't deal with the stress in her life right now. Ric agrees and he sends Alexis home to get some rest. Ric calls Det. Rodriguez to talk about the surveillance. Det. Rodriguez excitedly informs Ric that they just got a solid line into Jason's apartment. Ric is glad to hear this because he wants to get whatever he can on Jason so he can indict him and bring him and Sonny down. Ric and Det. Rodriguez listen into the tap in Jason's apartment and eavesdrop on Liz and Jason talking about Lucky's addiction and how he got Maxie pregnant. They are both shocked to hear this and wonder why Liz would be sharing all of this with Jason. Just then Liz asks Jason what will happen is he is her baby's father.

Sam pays Sonny a visit and cuts right to the chase when she asks him if their baby had lived if he could have let Jason raise her. Sam tells Sonny that she doesn't think that either she or Jason will be able to get past this. Sonny tries to get Sam to calm down and tells her she needs a break from everything she is dealing with. Sam doesn't think she can take a break, she feels like her entire life changed the night she was shot at the Metro Court. Sonny advises Sam to figure out what she wants and what she can live with. Sam considers this advice and tells Sonny that she loves Jason and she always will so she is going to fight for him.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Carly came barging into Jason's apartment, demanding that he just be happy about the choices she made, and to not lecture her. When he claimed that he did not know what she was talking about, Carly was surprised that Sonny did not tell him that she was engaged to Jax. Carly let Jason know how happy she was, and that she wanted him to be her "best person", standing next to her when she got married. At first, Jason did not want the honor, but when, she let him know how important it was, he agreed. With that, she announced that she was extremely happy, and that now, she was going to get him back together with Sam. She felt that he choosing to be with Liz because of the baby was wrong because he would never be happy without Sam. He asked her to mind her own business, and that he would make the necessary choices.

Sonny was letting Bernie know that Ric had bugged Carly's apartment, and that he feared that Ric was getting out of hand. He also said that it wouldn't surprise him if it turned out if Ric had taken the medical files on him from Lainey's office. When Lainey came by for his session, he asked if it was alright if Stan went through her office to see if he could find something to help figure out who had taken the files. She agreed, as long as Stan promised not to look at anyone else's files. When they sat down to begin the session, she asked him how he was doing, and he let her know of Jax anc Carly's engagement. When she asked him how he felt about it, he let her know that he did not think it was good, and that it would not last.

At the hospital, Liz got a call from Lucky, inquiring about how she was feeling. While they were talking, Sam walked out of the elevator. Liz let Lucky know about the sonogram, and that her morning sickness was contained to the morning now. Lucky ended the call letting her know that he had a session to go to, and Liz let him know that she was glad that he was getting better. Afterwards, Sam apologized to Liz for being so harsh to her yesterday, after hearing the news of her pregnancy. Liz was sympathetic, saying that she would have probably reacted the same way if she had been in a similar situation. She also let Sam know that she hoped that the baby was Lucky's, to which Sam agreed to, and asked shouldn't Lucky know regardless of the paternity test.

Garcia and Ric were talking, where Ric was adamant that the information that they got from the bug at Jason's apartment not be used. He did not want it to come out, that Liz could be pregnant with Jason's baby. Garcia felt that this was personal feelings coming into a situation where it was unwarranted. Ric let him know that he wanted Jason arrested and convicted as soon as possible to protect Liz.

At Kelly's, Maxie came in to visit her sister. When Georgie and Lulu commented on how nicely dressed she was, she let them know that she was on her way to the Quartermaines' to get a check for the defective condom scandal. She felt that the money would help Lucky and her take care of their child once he got out of rehab. Lulu let her know that Lucky loved his wife and children, and that he would never leave them for her. Maxie disagreed, saying that Lucky loved her, and that he would never abandon their child. After she left, Professor Pete came into Kelly's and praised Georgie's paper for English Literature. When Lulu asked for feedback, he let her know that he was not impressed, and felt that she had not put any effort into it. When Lulu fought back, saying that he was taking it personal that she questioned his authority, he let her know that it was not the case. He felt that she was using the excuse of her abortion as an excuse not to live, and that was not acceptable. He shared a story of when he was 17 and while drunk driving killed a girl in a car next to his. He let her know that he regretted what happened that day, but that he felt that not doing the best in life is also disrespectful to the life that he had taken.

While Jason and Carly were talking at his apartment, Sonny barged in to let Jason know about the engagement, and that he should do whatever necessary to stop it. Carly questioned Sonny about his motives, and asked why he was adamant about them not getting married. Sonny let Carly know that he felt that it was not a good match, and just look at Jax's records when it came to marriages. Carly shared that they have a strong foundation that was getting even stronger, and that nothing he could do would break that. Sonny shared that once Jax realized that he was not #1 in Carly's life that he would leave her. Carly asked Sonny if he thought he was #1 in Carly's eyes.

At the hospital, Ric came by to visit Liz. He shared his concerns of her personal problems and the effects it might have on the baby. He was willing to give her whatever support she needed. While she was appreciative of the offer, she let him know that her support system included Nikolas, Emily and Audrey, and that she would be fine. After Ric left, Garcia came by and let her know in confidence that they had overheard the conversation she had with Jason at his apartment and of the possibility of Jason being the father of her child.

At the Quartermaines', Max was invited to visit, and when Maxie came by to pick up the check, she was forced to tell him of the pregnancy. Max was disappointed that she did not share this news with him sooner, because she would need the love and support of her family. She let him know that the money, and Lucky's love was all that she needed, and that she would be fine. Max tried to convince her that Lucky had his own problems to deal with, and that he would not be leaving Liz. He finally convinced her that she needed to be with her family, and not to take the money from the Quartermaines. After they left, Edward was more than happy of the outcome of the meeting, however, Dillon left disgusted. He realized how a business decision could affect someone's life, and that he would have to live with what Lulu went through and the abortion.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Jax told Carly he wanted Alexis to be his "best person," but Carly balked out of fear that Alexis would sabotage them. Jax said if Jason's there, and Sonny's there, his "baggage" should come, too. The happy couple visited the miserable Alexis. She spotted Carly's rock, and immediately had to puke. When she returned, Jax asked where her husband and daughter are.

Liz fretted that Ric will tell Lucky about her pregnancy. Cruz noted that Ric destroyed all records of the surveillance, so he suggested she tell Lucky herself first. At that very moment, Ric was chatting with Lucky about Liz. Ric offered Lucky his job back for Liz's sake as long as he stays clean. Meanwhile, on the docks, Sam said she's game to make a go of it again. If he's the father of Liz's baby, he wants to "participate" in the kid's life. She's cool with that, but wondered if Jason can let Liz be a single mom. Suddenly, Jason got a call from Lucky about Liz. At that moment, Ric visited Liz at the nurse's station and invited her to lunch. Ric admitted to his shortcomings and offered to make things right by helping her and her children. At Shadybrook, Lucky told Jason he wanted to make amends, and apologized "completely." Lucky said he's glad Liz turned to him. Jason forgave him. Lucky mentioned that Ric stopped by with a job offer, making Jason suspicious. At Metro Court, Liz told Ric she's excited about the new baby. Ric told her bluntly, "You are pregnant by a man you cannot rely on," so he wants her to rely on him. Later, Liz went to Jason's place and told him his penthouse is bugged, so now Ric knows Jason may be the father of her baby.

Maxie blasted Dillon for defending "that lying tramp" Lulu, and urged Georgie to do something before she loses Dillon. Lulu denied everything, but Georgie wasn't sure especially since Dillon was still friendly with Lulu. Dillon admitted he shares a loss with Lulu, but he loves only Georgie.

When Patrick returned from Paris to a smoochy Robin, she asked if the doctor can bring Laura back? Epiphany interrupted their embrace to tell him a certain patient was requesting him. Turned out Mr. Williams was HIV-positive and heard Patrick is sympathetic. Patrick told Robin he's getting a reputation for sensitivity. Epiphany interrupted another embrace with another patient request.

Jax told Alexis they'd schedule the wedding around her chemo. Sam walked in, and Ric blasted her for not being available to her mother. Alexis told Jax the less she sees of Ric the better, because she's trying to "forgive his shortcomings." Jax asked, "What shortcomings?" Outside, Carly warned Sam to spend more time with Jason before Liz steals him away. Ric overheard Carly mention Liz as he approached. Carly blasted him for not being there for Alexis.

Maxie went to visit Lucky and acted like Lulu was blabbing everything everywhere, so she needs him to say he loves their baby. He's skeptical about her pregnancy and wanted to work out a custody deal, but it's not realistic for her to expect to make a life with him. She embraced him just as Lulu appeared and hissed, "Get away from my brother, you slut!"

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Patrick plans to operate on another patient with AIDS. Noah hears about it and is very concerned. He asks Patrick not to do the surgery and put himself at potential risk again for being exposed but Patrick insists on doing it. Noah tries to go around him and has his surgical team put in place. Patrick argues with him about it. Noah accuses him of taking on high-risk activities because he is addicted to the challenge. Patrick feels that he is the best person to do the surgery. Robin feels caught in the middle. She tells Patrick that she has to agree with Noah that Patrick likes to do high-risks things as part of his nature but disagrees with Noah about trying to go around things to do the surgery because it is Patrick's patient and he makes the decisions for him. Noah ends up storming off in a huff in frustration.

Nikolas pays Sonny an unexpected visit. Sonny asks him why he came to see him. Nikolas tells him that he wanted to talk to him face to face instead of over the phone about Ric. Sonny asks him what he is so concerned with and asks how Alexis is doing. Nikolas asks him if he thinks Ric is trustworthy since he hasn't seen him be much of a husband to Alexis since he found out she had cancer. Sonny acts coy about it and plays devil's advocate with him. Nikolas asks him if Ric has done something that would cause him to be untrustworthy. Sonny won't tell him what he wants to know. Nikolas brings up the fact that he thinks Sam is hiding something and that she is acting strangely around Ric. Sonny tells him he will have to ask Sam. Nikolas is surprised by Sonny's attitude since he is the father of Kristina. Sonny tells him that he doesn't trust Ric but that Alexis feels he should raise the girls if she dies. Nikolas knows Sonny knows something about Ric that Alexis should know and suggests that he tell her. Meanwhile, back at the cottage, Carly asks Ric where he has been and reminds him in a sarcastic way about how his wife has cancer and needs him. Ric ignores her and heads inside the house. He overhears Alexis mention something about him but she stops talking when he walks in. Jax gives him a dirty look and asks him where he has been. Ric isn't able to explain himself because Alexis chimes in and defends him and Sam. She tells them that she will be fine and that they can go now if they want and celebrate their engagement. Sam mentions picking up Alexis' new medication. Ric asks about the new medication since it is the first time he has heard about it. Carly tells him that she had to call Alexis' doctor and have him prescribe a different kind of anti-nausea medication because Alexis responded poorly to the other one. Alexis congratulates Carly and Jax again and they thank her and leave. Ric starts trying to dote on Alexis after they leave. Alexis tells them she hasn't eaten anything all day because she has been too nauseous all day. Sam offers to go and make her something to eat. Alexis isn't in the mood for any food. Sam offers to go and get some groceries and pick up her prescription for her. Ric asks Sam if she could stay the rest of the evening with Alexis. Alexis can't believe he is going somewhere this evening. Ric tells her he has business to take care of tonight. Ric leaves. Sam is afraid to leave Alexis alone while she goes and runs those errands for her. Alexis tells her that she can leave for awhile and she will be o.k. Sam and Alexis end up discussing Jax. Sam is surprised that Alexis was so nice to Carly since she didn't think she liked her at all. Alexis tells her that Jax is happy with Carly so she will support that. Sam tells her that her own relationship with Jax was not meant to be long-term. Alexis realizes that the two of them have been with two of the same men, Jax and Sonny, except that Jax and her were just friends. Alexis makes Sam feel very uncomfortable when she points out that you could kind of say their relationships with the two men are sort of incestuous in a way. Later, Ric calls Sonny and asks him to meet him at Jason's and that he has something he wants to say to them. Sonny finds that strange. Meanwhile, Nikolas shows up to visit Alexis at home. He asks to speak to Alexis alone so Sam heads out to do some errands. Nikolas tells her about his visit with Sonny and that he is concerned about Ric's behavior lately. Alexis tells him that Ric has been disappointing to her but claims that he has always done right by her children and that he will be a good father to Molly and Kristina and that he will provide for them and that is all that matters to her. Nikolas can't believe she is defending Ric and wants to know what is really going on. Jax and Carly return to her house. Jax tells her he wants to go visit his mother and tell her about their engagement. Carly isn't very enthusiastic about it and tells Jax that she is afraid that Jane won't approve of her marrying him. Jax reassures her that Jane will love having her in the family and that she already raves about her to her friends all the time.

Maxie and Lulu start arguing in front of Lucky in his room at the rehab place. Lulu accuses Maxie of trying to trap Lucky by using this pregnancy to get him. Maxie tells Lulu that she could never abort her baby like she did. Lucky defends Lulu and tells Maxie that he supports Lulu in what ever decision she made. Maxie tells Lucky that she has no plans on getting rid of their baby and that she loves this baby. Lucky promises to take care of their baby and her but doesn't say anything about them being a couple. Maxie leaves and kisses Lucky on the cheek. Lulu can't believe how Maxie is acting and just shakes her head. Maxie listens in at the door after it Lucky shuts it. She overhears Lulu telling Lucky not to believe Maxie just because she claims she is pregnant and tells him she could be faking the pregnancy. Lucky doesn't think Maxie would lie about being pregnant. Lulu tells him that he may not be the father and that Maxie could have slept with some other guy and gotten pregnant. Maxie is disturbed by Lulu's interference and walks off. Lucky tells Lulu that he understands that she is trying to be the protective sister and take his side but that there are two sides to this and that Maxie isn't to blame for what happened. Lulu reminds him that Maxie provided drugs to him to get him to go to bed with her and that she isn't some innocent girl. Lucky tells her he is responsible for the mess he got himself into. Meanwhile, Liz and Jason talk about what Ric knows about their conversation and how he is using it. Jason tells Liz that Ric is playing her to get to him. He tells her that Ric went to visit Lucky earlier today and promised to get him re-instated in the police department after he finishes rehab. Liz panics when she fears that Ric may have told Lucky that Jason could be the father of her baby. She tells Jason that Ric never mentioned visiting Lucky when he took her out to lunch today. Jason doesn't think Ric told Lucky anything but can't be sure he won't in the future. Liz doesn't think Ric is trying to hurt her since he has always been nice to her since their divorce. Jason decides to walk Liz outside to get a cab for her. She tells him in the elevator on the way down that she is going to visit Lucky before she goes home. They enter the parking garage and find Ric there. Ric asks Liz what she is doing there. Liz makes up some story about how she came to talk to Jason about an issue that concerned Emily. Liz tells Jason she will be fine going outside alone to get her own cab. Liz visits Lucky, who is very happy to see her. He asks Liz if he can touch her stomach and talk to the baby. She doesn't object. He tells the baby that by the time he or she is born, he will be better and can be a father to it. Liz tells him she may visit him again but doesn't know when. Meanwhile, Jason asks Ric what he wants with him and that he has no business being there unless he has official police business to discuss with him. Ric tells him to stay away from Liz. Jason refuses to do anything he tells him. Ric brings up Sam to push Jason's buttons. It works and Jason plays right into his hands after Ric accuses Sam of being nothing more than a hooker anyway after he tells him that Sam was no innocent person he slept with. Jason grabs Ric and knocks him against his car. He starts beating him and throws him to the ground and kicks him several times in the face and ribs. Sonny shows up and gets him to stop before he actually kills Ric. Sonny has one of his men take Ric to the hospital and not to say anything other than he found him on the street like that. Sonny takes Jason back to his place to talk to him and figure out a way to cover it up. Jason refuses to leave the country until he finds out for sure if he is the father of Liz's baby. Sonny tells Jason that he was not thinking when he beat up Ric and that he played right into Ric's hands by letting him get to him. Sonny believes that he was sent there for a reason and that he probably figured he would be there to stop Jason from actually killing him. Meanwhile, Sam has Liz meet her at Kelly's. Sam tells Liz that she believes Jason will want to be part of the child's life if he turns out to be the father and that she intends to fight for Jason for herself regardless of what happens. Later, the phone rings at Alexis' house and Nikolas answers the phone for her. He tells her that Ric was seriously beaten and admitted to the hospital. Ric tells Detective Rodriguez that he wants Jason charged with attempted murder because he was the one who beat him up.

Friday, October 20, 2006

As Colleen tries to kiss a sleeping Nikolas, Emily walks in and demands to know what she is doing. They wake up Nikolas and Colleen explains that she was just checking to see if Nicolas was still breathing. Emily was very upset and didn't believe her. Nikolas asked Colleen to get him a cup of coffee, but she listens in on their conversation outside the door. Emily told Nikolas he needs to be careful around Colleen. She tried to tell him that she is spending her efforts on her crush on him, not taking care of Spencer, and that he needs to replace her. Nicolas refused to make any changes. Emily backed down, but told him that he needed to set some boundaries for her. Later, Colleen apologized to Nikolas stating that she didn't know what happened earlier, but she feels that Emily thinks she has overstepped her bounds. He told her that Emily is just worried about him. Colleen told him that she is too, there have been too many things happening. Nikolas told her his Grandmother can be very aggressive to get what she wants. She told him that he should only surround himself with people he can trust. He asked if there was someone on the staff that may be disloyal. She told him no, it was Emily. She has hurt him in the past. He asked how she knew about that and she told him that he told her when he was on the pain medication and was rambling about how Emily rejected him. Nikolas started getting defensive and told Colleen that she is a welcome addition to this family, but Emily is not only his x-wife, she is his best friend and if there is ever a choice to be made, he will always trust Emily. He told her he is sorry if he sent her mixed messages and wanted to make sure she understood. She said she was perfectly clear about the situation. Later she came to give Nikolas his medication for him to sleep. He told her he doesn't need the medication to sleep. She argued with him and then he agreed to take the medication. She also put something in the drink when he wasn't looking. Colleen returned to his room later, undressed and crawls into bed with him.

Skye is still upset with Lorenzo for kidnapping her. He told her that he made arrangements to take her to a private clinic. He would never dream of keeping her away from their child, he is not a villain; everything he has done is to be a part of their lives. As she walked out on the patio, she is scared by Luke hiding and covered it by saying the baby was kicking and had Lorenzo feel her belly. Later, Lorenzo came in and said the car was ready to take her to the clinic. Skye was trying to prolong leaving and told him that she has been waiting for this, but now that the time was finally here, she was terrified. He told her in a few hours she will have their baby in her arms and she would forget about everything. As he is helping her up, she acted like something is wrong and Luke and Robert come in, but Lorenzo turns and tells Luke to drop his gun or he will shoot them both. He told them that Skye gave it away because she has been going to such extreme measures to keep him away, but she let him feel the baby so it must have been a distraction. She told them that she wanted Lorenzo with her when this baby is born. Luke and Robert go off arguing and Lorenzo tells him to put the gun down again. Skye hits him from behind. They tied up Lorenzo and trying to get Skye to leave, but then she is worried about Lorenzo and touched his face before walking out and he woke up. He asked her not to do it, but she told him she didn't have a choice. As she started to leave, she really starts to have contractions.

Alexis is by Ric when he woke up in the hospital. Ric told her that Jason would have killed him if Sonny didn't show up. Alexis asked if he provoked the attack. He said he was questioning Jason about Alcazar's where a bouts because he didn't want to have him show up in the harbor. Alexis said that Jason doesn't snap. He told her that he did and the important thing is that Jason left him alive and he is a credible witness that is going to charge him with attempted murder and make it stick. He changed the subject and asked how Alexis was feeling. She said that Sam has the girls and Disney World and she is home alone.

Sonny asked Liz over to tell her that Jason had to go out of town and he asked that he keep in touch with her. She told him she should know by the end of the day who's the father of the baby. She told Sonny that she was glad Jason had someone to talk to because usually he is the one supporting everyone else. That is why she went to him the night of the blackout. She just needed someone to talk to, she never meant for it to be more than that. She told Sonny that if Jason is the father, it will push Lucky over the edge. Sonny told her if Lucky goes back on drugs it is on him, not her. She said so many people already know, including Ric, that she doesn't know if she can keep it from him much longer. Sonny told her that is why Jason left town last night. He almost killed Rick. Liz told him she left them together in the garage last night and there was tension, but no one was out of control. Sonny told her that is what Rick wanted her to think, but then he told Jason that Sam was a slut, she was the one that begged him to have sex and Jason went off on him. He had to pull Jason off of him when he showed up. They were interrupted by Det. Cruz and some police officers looking for Jason. Sonny said he would show them around, but Jason wasn't there. Cruz warned Liz that she doesn't want to be caught in a war between Jason and Ric and to do what is best for her baby and get out of the way before they both get hurt.

Mac went to see Lucky to get a few things straight. He informed Lucky that he will not allow him to ruin Maxie's life any more than he already has. Lucky told him that he was not the first officer to have a substance abuse problem. Mac told him he was the first one to seduce his daughter and when he made that mistake, he ended any future in law enforcement. He told Mac that he is working on getting control of his problem and he is going to get clean and help Maxie and the baby. Mac told him to stay away from them. Lucky told him he didn't know if he could do that. Mack said he wasn't asking. Lucky told him that he knew he was a proud father and so is he. The baby is his responsibility and he will never walk away from one of his children.

Bernie went to the hospital to see Emily. He told her that Jason was out of town. She said she was actually looking for Stan to do a background search on Colleen. Bernie returns later and told her that she is as straight as they come on paper anyway. But there is one thing that is very off, out of the five families she worked for; there were trouble with three of them. Two of the father's died and one of them vanished and she was the last one to see him alive.

Lulu paid a visit to Sonny and asked him for his help since she can't find her father. She told him about Lucky, Liz, and Maxie. She told him that she can't let Maxie ruin her brother's life any more than she already has and she asked Sonny if he could get her out of the way. She said not to hurt her, but to pay her off or something. Sonny told her that Lucky has to make his own choices and deal with the consequences just like she did. He told her that Liz has the right to start a new life with or without Lucky. He told her not to get so caught up in someone else's life that she can't live her own. Lulu goes back to Lucky and tells him that she is worried about him. He told her that he is getting stronger. She ask why he wasting all this time to get clean when Maxie is just going to give him drugs again. He told her that he will support Maxie, but his life is with Liz and the baby they are having together.

Cruz brought Lucky some paperwork from the cases the commission is making a top priority. Lucky asked if he could fill him in so that when he gets out he can hit the ground running. Cruz told him that Mack is never going to re-instate him after what has happened with his daughter. Lucky told him he may not have a choice when the D.A. pushes for him to be on the force again. Cruz is curious as to why Ric would help him. Lucky told him he was doing it for Liz. They use to be married, things ended badly, and he is trying to pay her back. Cruz warned Lucky that Ric doesn't do anything for nothing and he will want a favor in return. Lucky said he would be happy to pay him back. Cruz warned him to be careful because Ric is not the type of person you want to owe.

Liz went to see Ric. She asked him what happened. He told her that Jason decided to take out some of his anger on him. She told him he wouldn't attack someone without a reason. Ric said he didn't like the questions he was asking. He told her he knows that she is friends with Jason, but he is not the man she thinks he is. She told him that he wasn't either. He said he deserved that. He said the difference is that he chose to change and turn my life around. He told her that Jason is a danger to himself and everyone around him; once he is in prison he won't be able to hurt her. She informed him that Jason would never do anything to hurt her. He told her not intentionally, but look at how he has hurt Sam. She told him it would be better for everyone if he would drop the charges because Sam is going to get hurt too. He told her that her compassion is misguided, Jason is a cold blooded killer and he is not going to let him get away this time. He told her she didn't need the stress of worrying about Jason; she has the baby to think about.

Alexis asked for an appointment with Lainey. She told her that she thinks that Jason knows that Ric and Sam slept together. She told her that Jason was there that night and Ric probably provoked him and Jason snapped. She said that she wants her family to stay together and if Ric arrests Jason it is all going to blow up. Lainey told her it was about time that it did. She needed to concentrate on fighting the cancer not Ric and Sam. It won't be better for the girls to live in a house with so much tension and anger. Alexis does not want the girls separated. She needs to get Ric to drop the charges. Lainey said she noticed that she is talking about Ric as her enemy not her husband. She said that her only concern is for her daughters and Ric and Sam need to be there to keep them together. Lainey asked her if she has given any thought about what if she lives, what will happen to her marriage then?

Sonny came to see Ric and Ric told him that he was not going to drop the charges. Sonny told him he didn't have any witnesses. Ric told him that the judge would believe the D.A. over a Mob Enforcer. Sonny asked how his image was going to hold up when Jason tells them that he slept with his wife's daughter. Ric told him he wouldn't do that to Sam. He said he has everything he needs to put Jason away thanks to him. Sonny told him he was thanking him a little too soon. Sonny told Ric to drop the charges on Jason or he will go to Alexis and tell her that he slept with Sam. Rick told him that he is bluffing right when Alexis walks in. Sonny told her it was about time she heard what her husband has been up to.

Dr. Lee brings the results to Liz. She gives her the envelope and told her they were sealed before she saw the results. She told her that she is the only one who will know who the father is. Liz goes outside and opens the envelope, but a lady in labor walks up before she can read the results.

Mac comes to the hospital and told Maxie that he wanted to talk to her doctor. Dr. Lee walked by and he told her about Maxie's heart problems and he is being overprotective, but he doesn't want the pregnancy to put her heart at risk. She asked Maxie if she made the appointments they talked about and she said she has been busy with school. Dr. Lee told them that she some time before the next appointment and he will run some tests.

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