General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 27, 2006 on GH

Sam and Liz traded words. Nikolas and Emily reconnected. Jax and Carly decided to get married on New Year's Eve.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 27, 2006 on GH
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Monday, November 27, 2006

Luke is drinking and playing cards at the Haunted Star in an effort to avoid dealing with his grief. Tracy calls him on his behavior and tells him to grow up for Lulu's sake. She reminds Luke that Lulu needs him now more than ever. Meanwhile Dillon tells Lulu that Luke never got a divorce from Tracy. Lulu is devastated and angry to learn that Luke lied to her and more importantly to Laura, and she later confronts Luke about this. Luke defends his actions and tells Lulu he did it for her and Lucky. Lulu tells Luke that she forgives him because she knows that is what Laura would want her to do. Later when Luke is alone at the Lesley's house, he is overcome by his grief and he breaks down as he mourns Laura.

Liz brings Jason some breakfast and antibiotics and Jason expresses his concerns that Liz is doing too much for him and putting herself, Cameron, and the baby in danger. Liz reassures Jason that she is fine and that she is doing this because she wants to help clear him...and Sam.

Carly and the boys move back to their home much to Sonny's dismay. Carly visits Jason at Liz's studio, where he is hiding out, and she tells Jason that she needs him in her life and the only person who understands that is Sonny. She asks Jason to never scare her again and make her think that he is dead because it makes her turn to Sonny for comfort.

Jax goes to Sonny's house to get a video game the boys forgot and he runs into Sonny. They exchange words regarding Jax's role in Carly and the boys' lives. Carly walks into this discussion and she asks to speak to Jax alone. Once they are alone she blurts out that she and Sonny "accidentally" kissed assuming that Sonny had told Jax.

Skye is concerned about Lorenzo and her concern grows when she overhears Alan and Monica discussing their concerns about Skye's involvement with Lorenzo and how Lorenzo will react to finding out Jason is alive. She goes to see Lorenzo and she tells him that Jason is alive and then begs him to let all of this go and move on with his life. Ric welcomes Lucky back to the police force and officially reinstates him. Ric gives him his first assignment which is to bring down Jason.

Alexis tells Ric that Lainey Winters feels that the best thing for helping Kristina deal with the trauma she has experienced is to talk to Sam. She asks Ric to allow Sam to meet with Kristina at the PCPD without any handcuffs, chains, or uniformed guards. Ric is reluctant to give in to Alexis but he finally agrees. Ric is shocked when he sees Kristina and sees first hand how despondent she is. Sam attempts to interact with Kristina which causes Kristina to have a flashback to Sam shooting Diego. She begins screaming and runs to the corner and curls up on the floor. Lainey assures Alexis and Sam that although this was not the reaction they were hoping for, it is also not a bad sign. Lainey encourages Sam to try again but it is too much for Sam and Alexis to deal with. Both Sam and Alexis blame themselves for what happened to Kristina. Alexis feels like she has failed as a mother to all three of her daughters and Sam tries to reassure her that she is not a failure.

Ric pays Liz a visit at the hospital with the sole purpose of checking up on her and letting her know that Lucky is back at work and that his first assignment is to find Jason. Liz rushes over to the studio to let Jason know about this. Jason points out to Liz that this is all part of Ric's master plan. He figures that either he or Lucky will kill the other and then Liz will hate the one who is left alive. This leaves Ric wide open to swoop in and become the man in Liz's life. While they are talking Lucky knocks on the door looking for Liz.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

At the studio, Jason was trying to explain to Liz that the reason that Ric gave Lucky the assignment to bring him in, was to eventually get back into her life. He explained that pitting the two of them against each other, would cancel both of them, making her available to him. While they were talking, there was a knock on the door, and Lucky asked Liz if she was there. Jason hid in the closet, while the two of them talked. Lucky explained to Liz that he was back on the force and that his first assignment was to bring Jason in dead or alive. Liz expressed her confidence that Lucky would handle the case fairly, and do whatever was necessary. Lucky then reluctantly asked her if she knew were Jason was, and she lied, saying she had no idea where he could be.

At the Metro Court, Carly tried to explain to Jax, the situation that lead to her kissing Sonny. She let him know that when Sonny had shared that Jason was alive, that he kissed her, but that it meant nothing to her. He explained that he understood, and was not upset. She then surprised him with a carriage in the lobby of the hotel. When they were sitting together, she had him imagine their future together, which included children of their own, a big house, and celebrating their anniversary on New Year's Eve. She let him know that she wanted to get married on New Year's Eve, because of all of the possibilities for the future. He enthusiastically agreed that New Year's Eve should be their wedding date.

At the police station, Sam was trying to explain to Alexis that she understood that she needed to do what was best for her daughters. Alexis reminded her that while she might not understand or agree to the decisions that Sam has made, she too is her daughter, and that she would do whatever necessary to get her out of her current situation. She let Sam know that she wanted to be her lawyer and get her out of the mess she was in. Sam tried to dissuade her mother, by explaining that she needed to concentrate on getting better, and the she did not need the additional stress. Alexis reminded her that she was the best person to go against Ric, and that Sam should take her help.

At Lorenzo's, he shared the information with Ric that Jason was still alive. Ric said that Lucky would take care of Jason, however, he needed to work on trying to figure out where his computer whiz (Spinelli) was so that he could not incriminate the two of them in falsifying evidence against Jason.

After Lucky left the studio, Jason wondered why Liz was not totally honest with her husband. She let him know that she felt that sharing her indiscretions with Lucky would only give him reasons to fall for his demons again, and she could not share the burden. Jason thought that being honest with Lucky would allow her to trust him again, and allow the two of them a second chance. Liz said that she did not know if she wanted to go down that road again. While they were talking, Stan came by and let them know that he had found one of Spinelli's user names in cyberspace. Using that information he was able to get an address, and Jason was adamant that he was going to go get him to clear Sam's name. Liz tried to convince him to let other people help Sam since he was still recuperating from his injuries. However, Jason was unwilling to let anyone else help Sam.

At Kelly's Georgie and Lulu were talking about Diego's untimely death when Pete came by. He complemented Georgie on her paper, and was about to beret Lulu on skipping out on the assignment, when he got a text message from Spinelli asking for help. He was leaving Kelly's when two of Lorenzo's thugs came by, letting him know that their boss wanted to ask him some questions. In an attempt to make sure not to know where Spinelli was, he snuck his phone to Lulu. She proceeded to go meet with Spinelli, who explained the predicament that he was in. She let him know that Sonny was a family friend, and that if they went to him, he would be willing to help. As they were leaving the hide out place, Lorenzo's thugs caught them, and ended up taking Lulu with them because she was a witness.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Robin and Sonny reminisced about Stone on the anniversary of his death. She recalled Laura treating one of his cuts, and how much he enjoyed bungee-jumping. Sonny assured her she gave Stone the best summer of his life. Robin feared she let Stone down because she built up Laura's "cure" to be more than it was. She confessed that Patrick admitted he loves her, but she didn't feel she could tell Patrick everything about Stone. Meanwhile, Epiphany told Patrick she didn't know where Robin went, but she will tell him if she calls. Maxie eavesdropped as Epiphany said Liz left early to celebrate Lucky's first day back at work. Robin lamented that Nikolas is avoiding her, but Sonny assured her that giving Laura and her family a wedding day was worth it. She turned out better than Stone could have imagined, so she should let herself be happy. Later, Patrick was leaving Robin a voicemail just as Sonny walked into GH and told him she needs help. Robin was flashing back to Stone and Sonny when Patrick found her. She explained about Stone, and he was unsure about competing with a ghost. She insisted she deceived the Spencers, so she's no longer handing out false hope. Patrick wondered why he fell in love with her right before this crisis of faith — but he's not giving up on her. They embraced.

Sam warned Lucky that Ric is after Liz, but Lucky wouldn't hear of it, insisting that Liz will give him a second chance now that he's clean. Meanwhile, Liz warned Jason that his wound could reopen, but he insisted on finding Spinelli to clear Sam. Jason and Stan tracked Spinelli to a store, whose owner revealed he was snatched up — along with a "blonde cutie." Alcazar checked on his captives and was surprised to find Lulu with Spinelli. Spinelli boasted that he rigged Alcazar's computers with trap doors and wormholes that would destroy his data. This prompted Lorenzo to keep the kids around — until he gets certain safeguards installed. Lulu gave her condolences to Alcazar, who vowed to try to get her out of this. Skye summoned Alcazar to GH to ask him to stop the violence. He vowed not to make the first move against Sonny. Jason later stumbled back to his safe room, bleeding. Liz rewrapped his wound and scolded him for taking risks. He said it's good he's not her baby's daddy — which made her pout.

Alexis rewrapped her scarf with Ric's help. He warned her not to defend Sam. Alexis insisted Sam killed Diego in self-defense, and she warned Ric to get a lawyer to face charges. Later, Ric told Sam that letting Alexis represent her could kill her mother. On her way to see Lainey, Alexis flipped when she spotted Ric talking to her oncologist. He denied speaking about her case. Ric asked if beating him is worth sacrificing her life.

Maxie "found" Lucky at police HQ and asked why he won't love their baby — just as Liz walked in. Liz scoffed, and Maxie told him he's not happy with Liz, and Liz won't forgive him, so he should be with her. Later, Liz gave Sam a cell phone then returned to Jason. Sam called him, and they exchanged "I love you"s.

Dillon found Georgie at the nurses' station, and she flipped when he asked about Lulu. Meanwhile, Lulu assured Spinelli that Skye — the mother of Alcazar's baby — would protect them, because Alcazar wouldn't risk her wrath. Back home, Sonny told Michael how important he and Morgan are to him. Skye interrupted with news of Alcazar's vow, but Sonny was skeptical. Meanwhile, Alcazar told the kids they will be freed tomorrow. But Spinelli somehow rigged an intercom to pick up Alcazar's instructions to his men: "Kill them both — and make it look like an accident."

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Robin still feels guilty about getting the Spencer family's hopes up about Laura instead of telling them the truth, that Laura's recovery was very temporary and beats herself up for it. Lucky shows up at the locker room to track down Robin. Robin apologizes to him for giving the family false hope about Laura. Lucky tells her she has nothing to apologize for and that he cherished the short time he had with his mother. Patrick overhears them talking and is worried about Robin. Lucky tells her he stopped by to ask her if she has heard or seen Jason since he trusts her and may have come to her for treatment when he was shot. Robin admits that she would have helped Jason but she hasn't seen or heard from him and doesn't expect to. Lucky reminds her that Jason is a wanted fugitive and that she needs to notify him if she hears from Jason. Robin doesn't expect to hear from Jason but agrees to cooperate with the police. Patrick comes into the locker room and tells Robin to stop beating herself up over what happened to Laura and that Lucky doesn't blame her for what happened and that if he had a chance to spend a short time with his late mother he would take it. Robin thinks Lucky is just being gracious. She tells Patrick that she is going to be more like him, tell the truth to her patients and be less emotionally involved with them. Patrick thinks she is reacting to what happened to Laura. Later, Patrick talks to some parents about their son, who has a brain tumor. He tells them that he can perform the surgery to remove the tumor. He introduces them to Robin. Robin tells them that the surgery has only a 35% success rate for getting rid of the tumor. She also gives them discouraging news about the effectiveness of drug therapies for their son's condition and that his condition is terminal. Patrick confronts Robin about her poor bedside manner with his patient's parents. Robin tells him she was being honest with them because she didn't want to give them false hope about their son's chances of surviving this brain tumor. Patrick tells her if she is going to act this way he wants her to stay the hell away from his patients from now on.

Maxie runs into Lucky at the hospital and tells him she has a few minutes before her appointment so they can discuss plans for their baby. Lucky tells her he has to get back to work and brushes her off. Up on the hospital roof, Emily finds Nikolas and they talk about what happened with Laura. Nikolas confides in Emily about how he always suspected that Luke was withholding information about his mother's condition and that he resents how he made all these decisions about his mother without talking to the family first. Emily leaves for awhile and comes back to find Nikolas still up on the roof. Nikolas tells Emily that maybe the time he had with Laura has taught him something about not holding grudges and that maybe Luke did the right thing for his mother by not telling her how little time she had with them and that he made her happy by marrying her. Emily points out that Luke made his mother happy with the wedding. Nikolas remembers a moment at the wedding when Luke put his arm around Nikolas for a family photo and acted like everyone was one big happy family and that he saw his mother look at them and saw how happy she was. He thinks she would want him to forgive Luke for his many faults.

Sonny shows up at Alcazar's to create a diversion while Stan plants a bug on Alcazar's phone. He warns Skye to not believe anything Alcazar says because he can't be trusted not to cause problems. After Sonny leaves, Alcazar lies to Skye and tells her he will only retaliate if Sonny starts a war with him. Meanwhile, Jason gets more antsy sitting around Liz's studio and wants to go and find Spinelli before Alcazar kills him since he is Sam's only hope to prove she was set up. Sonny and Stan show up at the studio and set up the surveillance equipment to listen in on Alcazar's phone conversation. They overhear Alcazar mention a girl and how his men must kill the girl and Spinelli and make it look like an accident. Meanwhile, Lulu listens on the intercom as Alcazar's men talk on the phone with Alcazar and plan to kill Lulu and Spinelli on Alcazar's orders. Spinelli is freaking out about it but Lulu remains calmer and tries to think of a way to escape. She tells Spinelli about her plan. They almost get away from Alcazar's men but Lulu doesn't get away fast enough but manages to get outside and scream for help before Alcazar's men grab them before they get away. They point guns at them and tell them to stop or they will kill them. Later, while en route to Venezuela, Alcazar calls his men and orders them to kill Spinelli and Lulu and make it look like an accident by getting them drunk and putting them in Lulu's car and driving it off a cliff. Alcazar's men come back into the warehouse and order Lulu to drink the bottle of Tequila. Lulu refuses to drink the bottle of Tequila. They point a gun to Spinelli's head and warn her that if she doesn't drink the Tequila they will shoot Spinelli right in front of her. She tells them she doesn't even know Spinelli. They call her bluff by cocking a gun and get ready to shoot Spinelli. Lulu can't let them do that and agrees to drink the Tequila. Later, Spinelli and Lulu start to get drunk on the bottle of Tequila and wonder about what Alcazar's men are going to do to them. Lulu tells Spinelli about her mother's condition and about her father's lifestyle and how he would love this kind of action in his life. Meanwhile, Sonny tries to stop Jason from going after Spinelli and tells him to let him handle finding Spinelli. Liz buys a travel book on Italy as a way to keep Jason's mind busy while Sonny looks for Spinelli. Sonny goes home and finds Peter Marquez there waiting for him. He asks to speak to Sonny who tries to brush him off. Peter tells Sonny about his connection to Spinelli and how he got a text message on his cell-phone and how he put it inside a textbook and handed it to one of his students after Alcazar's men came to talk to him. He tells Sonny it was Lulu he gave the book to and that he is worried about her because she suddenly disappeared. Sonny suspects Lulu is the unknown girl with Spinelli. Suddenly Skye shows up with her baby and asks to speak to Sonny. Peter leaves them alone to talk. Sonny asks Skye what she wants now. She pleads with him not to antagonize Alcazar and asks him not to hurt her baby in retaliation. Sonny promises her he would never harm a child but believes Alcazar would. He warns her that Alcazar is a very dangerous man and she should keep the baby as far away from Alcazar as she can. Meanwhile, Jason gets a call on his cell-phone from some associate who tells him that he heard a young woman calling for help outside of one of Alcazar's warehouses and thought Jason would want to know about it. Jason gets his gun and pockets it and tells Liz he is going to find Spinelli before Alcazar kills him. Later, Lulu and Spinelli hear someone near the door trying to unlock it. They assume it is Alcazar's men coming in to kill them. Lulu grabs the empty bottle of Tequila to use as a weapon and waits behind the door. She tells Spinelli to watch the door and let her know when they are inside so she can surprise them. Someone comes inside and Lulu hits the person over the head with the bottle just as Spinelli realizes that it is Jason not Alcazar's men. Lulu realizes she just knocked Jason out cold. Jason starts to come to and asks what happened. Lulu apologizes to him for hitting him because she thought it was one of Alcazar's men. Jason ignores her apology and asks what is going on. Spinelli grabs Jason's gun from his pocket and takes off without them. Lulu helps him up and they are about to leave when they are stopped by Alcazar's men who hold them at gunpoint.

Alexis shows up to see Sam at the police station before her bail hearing. Ric tries to make Sam feel guilty for allowing Alexis to represent her when she is still sick. Alexis refuses to allow Ric to intimidate her. At the courthouse, Ric tries to persuade Alexis to reconsider considering her health and the amount of energy it takes to build a defense case. Alexis refuses to back down. The judge appears in court and tells Alexis that she will need to have another attorney to help her with the case because he won't allow her to defend Sam alone in her weakened case. Alexis accuses Ric of talking to the judge and persuading him to take his side. The judge tells her he has not spoken to Ric at all and tells her he doesn't want her to suddenly become so weak during the trial and ask for continuance after continuance. Alexis tells him she is strong enough to defend her daughter and has a signed affidavit from her oncologist that says she is strong enough to work. The judge reads it over and agrees to allow Alexis to defend Sam but on one condition, she must recuse herself from the case if she becomes too weak to continue as Sam's attorney. Alexis agrees. Alexis asks the judge to allow Sam to be released on bail. Ric surprises Sam when he readily agrees to bail. The judge doesn't understand why Ric would agree to bail after Sam hit him with a chair and fled from the jail and sees her as a serious flight risk. Ric tells the judge that he doesn't think Sam would flee because she is needed by Alexis to stick around and help with her young daughters. The judge refuses to allow Sam to be released on her own. Alexis speaks up and asks that Sam be released under her supervision. The judge approves it. Later, Sam asks Alexis why she was willing to stand up and agree to supervise her release. Alexis tells her that she doesn't think Sam would jeopardize her release by going out to find Jason because that is what Ric wants her to do and that is why he agreed to bail. Sam tells her she has no plans on leaving town or chasing after Jason. Alexis talks to Ric later at the police station. She asks him what has happened to him and wonders if he just suddenly snapped one day or if he has always been this way and she didn't know it. Later, Sam heads to the hospital later and steals some scrubs from one of the lockers and tries to elude Ric's spies so he won't be able to follow her. She shows up at Liz's studio to see Jason. Liz informs her that Jason took off to find Spinelli after he got a lead on where he was. Liz voices her concerns about Jason's safety and tells Sam that he already popped one of his stitches in his leg because he can't lay low and get better. Sam notices how concerned Liz is for Jason and is alarmed by the Liz's feelings.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Emily came to the stables looking for Nikolas. She thought he invited him to dinner and he was about to go riding. They blamed Alfred for setting them up. Nikolas told her today was different. Emily said yeah, it would have been their second wedding anniversary. She told him she was surprised he remembered with all that was going on with his mom. They remembered their wedding day. She loved when he put the ring on her finger and said the wedding vows. He told her he loved when she was walking down the isle to "Queen of Angels." He told her that was the picture he would always hold in his heart. She told him to consider the anniversary dually noted and to go ridding. She would go tell Alfred she would not be staying for dinner, but the door would not open. Nikolas said it was probably jammed, but he couldn't open it either. All the time Nikolas seemed to be having mixed fillings. Emily searched the barn for food because she knew Alfred wouldn't leave them out there without food. She found a picnic basket filled with all her favorites. (Outside the barn Alfred tells Colleen to leave them alone) Emily asked how Alfred knew all her favorites, Nikolas told her to get crazy with the crθme brulee. Emily asked him how he knew that was in the basket. She asked if he planned this. He confessed that he wanted to spend what would have been their second anniversary together so he asked Alfred to set it up. She wanted to know why he didn't ask her and he told her that he was afraid she would have said no. Nikolas told her that he was afraid this day would bring up all memories of what was wrong with them and the mistakes they had made. She told him not to think of it like that. He needed to think about Spencer and that maybe they had to go through all of that to make them stronger and where they are now. Nikolas asked her what are they now, are they just friends or are they more than that. Emily asked what he wanted us to be. He remembered when they decided to be friends a long time ago and was confused if it may still be easier. Emily told him that maybe he didn't want what he thought he wanted. She told him that was okay. He told her that he hurt her and he wanted to know how she could ever believe in him again. Emily told him because she loved him. She told him that real love doesn't need perfection; it needs trust, faith and forgiveness. She told him that she forgave him a long time ago; she hoped he could do the same. He told her he failed her. She said she knew he hated to fail, it was unacceptable. He told her no, it was unacceptable to spend the rest of the life pretending that she was just his friend. He loved her and he has never stopped loving her. They kissed and he started undressing her.

Sam asked Liz how long Jason has been gone. Liz told her not that long. Sam starts to panic and was rambling what if he starts bleeding? What if his wound reopened again? Liz was not too happy with her and informed her that Jason was determined to exonerate her and she is going to have to trust that he won't push his limits. Sam told her not to explain Jason to her. Just because she saved Jason's life didn't mean that they share a big deep connection, it was what she did for a living. Liz told Sam that she and Jason had that before she came in the picture. Sam asked if they shared that before Liz showed up at his doorstep for meaningless sex that night. Liz told her no, she doesn't get to decide what that night meant for her and Jason, especially given what she was doing at the time. Liz told Sam that she shares a long history with Jason whether Sam liked it or not and she cares about him and it concerns her that he is always putting his life on the line to save her from her own bad judgment. Sam told her that Ric framed her. He set her up to get to Jason. Liz ask her if she knew that why didn't she set in jail a few more days to give Jason a chance to prove that she had been framed instead of escaping and making them both targets. Liz told Sam she knows how dangerous Ric is..Sam interrupted her and told her at least she didn't marry him. Liz told her she never said she didn't make mistakes; she just doesn't expect Jason to risk his life to clean them up. Sam told Liz that she just wanted to be a part of his life which is beyond pathetic since she is pregnant by Lucky who also happens to be her husband. Liz told her that she wouldn't have to be here right now if Sam wasn't so incredibly selfish. Sam told her she doesn't get to make that judgment call. Liz told her that she puts herself in danger so that Jason has to come after her to prove that he still loves her even though you betrayed him.

Skye begged Sonny to stop the fighting. Sonny told her that he can't trust her because there are too many lives at steak. Skye told him she is trying to break the cycle of violence. Sonny asked her if that was why she told Alcazar that Jason was alive. That he called home to re-insure his mother that he was okay and she betrayed the family by telling Alcazar after they took her in gave her a home and entrusted her to their secrets. Now Alcazar stepped up his search for Jason. She said he has paid a terrible price for the choices that he has made. Sonny told her Alcazar is going to make a lot of other people pay. She was an intelligent woman, why can't she understand that. Sonny asked her why Diego was in the warehouse, why wasn't Alcazar looking out for him. Skye told him because Diego was trying to impress him. Sonny told her that Diego was collateral damage just like anyone else that tries to get in Alcazar's way. He told her that life is a commodity to Alcazar and he would kill anyone blameless or not to get what he wants. Lila started to fuss just as the phone rang and Skye left. It was Liz on the phone and she told him that Jason got a report of a woman screaming and Jason went after the lead and she hasn't heard from him since. Sonny asked if she knew where and she told him warehouse 22.

After Liz hung up with Sonny Sam started to leave and Liz stopped her and told her she can't go after Jason. Sam told her it wasn't her call. Liz told Sam that it would be really stupid of her to go after Jason. Ric is waiting for her to lead him to Jason. Sam told her that Jason was in trouble and she is not going to let him walk into danger alone. Liz told her to call Ric and have him go with her because she can promise her that Ric is following her, even in stolen scrubs. Sam told her that she knows how to dodge a tail and Jason needs her. As she opens the door Lucky is starting to knock on it. He told her that he was really hoping she wouldn't be there.

Sam told him he had no right to follow her there. He told her that he wasn't following her; he came here to see Liz. He wanted to know why Sam was wearing scrubs and she said it was a disguise because she didn't want to be followed when she came to see Jason. She turned to Liz and asked her if she was helping Jason. Liz looked shocked. Sam told her that Ric obviously thinks Jason is alive or he wouldn't have let her out on bail, and he was probably injured and he came to her. She demanded to know where she is keeping him. It was okay to say something in front of Lucky; maybe he would look the other way just this once. Lucky told Sam that Liz doesn't know where he is, that she wouldn't risk their child to help Jason. Sam apologized and said she was scared because she doesn't know where he is or if he is okay. Liz told her that she understood and Sam left. Lucky told Liz that he was really following Sam. Lucky and Liz talked about his mother and he asked if they had a girl if they could name her Laura.

Sam went to warehouse 22, but everyone was gone. Cruz was there looking around though. He told her they had a report about some people being held prisoner. He asked her what she was doing there. He told her it was a good thing she wasn't looking for Jason because the cops are following her.

Alcazar's men find Jason with Lulu. They searched Jason and didn't find a gun. They wanted to know where Spinelli went. With slurred speech from the Tequila they made her drink, she told them that he went to the police. Jason said he was running scared. They said that they weren't going to take any chances and told them they were both going to disappear tonight. Jason was setting on the ground with his hands tied behind him and Lulu is trying to free him, but said it was harder that it seemed. Jason told her that it didn't make it easy with her being drunk. She told him that she had to drink or they would shoot Spinelli. Jason asked if that is what they told her. She said at first they gave them a bottle and they decided to drink it so they wouldn't be so scared and maybe it wouldn't hurt so much, but then they were rude and she couldn't let them shoot Spinelli's brains out. She said that if she ever gets out of here she will never ever drink Tequila again. Her speech was slurring the whole time. She decided she needed something sharp and starts to look around. Jason told her she didn't need anything sharp. She goes rambling on and she didn't know Spinelli other than he was some kid that wondered around the English department. She started talking about her mom and Jason was loosing patients and told her to focus. He told her that she was only going to have one shot and when they come back that he was going to create a distraction and she needs to be faster this time and run out of the warehouse and straight to the cops. Alcazar's men came in and ordered Jason to stand up. Lulu told him he was hurt. They told him to stand up or they will shoot the girl. Jason told them that Alcazar doesn't want forensic evidence on his property to connect him to Lulu. They told him they would wipe the place down, get on his feet. Lulu tells him to do what they say because she doesn't want to be forensic evidence and she helps him up as one of the men start to grab him also and a fight breaks out. Lulu started to leave, but then turned back to save Jason by fighting the men also. Jason fought two of them and the third guy grabbed Lulu. Jason got a gun from one of the other men and told him to drop it. He turned and shot at Jason, but he ducked and Jason shot him, Lulu grabbed his gun and started whirling around just as Sonny, Max, and Milo walked in and Jason had to grab Lulu as he kept telling her not to shoot. Lulu told Sonny that Jason almost got her killed. Jason asked her what she was thinking. She told him that he could at least say thank you. Milo asked Lulu for the gun and she was swinging it around. Jason took it from her and gave it to Milo. Milo stares at Lulu (he likes her). Sonny asked Lulu if she had any idea where Spinelli would go. She said she did. They are driving in the car and Lulu is so drunk and not remembering where Spinelli said he was going to go. Jason drills her for the name of the town and she went on that it was oak, elm, field; he was going to his grandma's. They passed her road and she wanted to know why she wasn't going home. Sonny told her not yet. She finally remembered the name of Oakfield Tennessee. Jason told them to take them to pick up a car because he and Lulu were going to Oakfield Tennessee. She told him that she wasn't going anywhere with him.

Dillon walked in to Kelly's and asked Mike if Lulu was around. He told him he hasn't heard from here. She has been blowing off a lot of her duties around there. Carly walked in and asked Dillon why the long face. He asked her if she had seen Lulu. Carly said No why? He said because she disappeared yesterday and no one has seen her since and she is not picking up her cell phone. Carly told him she probably needed time alone to deal with her mom and Luke took off again. He told her that is what Lucky said but he can't help thinking that she got herself involved into something dangerous. Carly told him to tell her all about it. Prof. Marquez came in and Dillon introduced him to Carly. She thanked him for getting here so soon. He asked if it was about Lulu. He told them that he has already done what he can for Lulu. Dillon is getting worked up and asked what that meant. Carly told him to calm down and told the professor that she was Lulu's cousin and Dillon was her step brother and they were pretty concerned because they haven't seen her since yesterday and asked him to tell them what he knows and start from the beginning. The professor asked her if she was related to Sonny. She told him that he was her x-husband. He told her that he already told Sonny all about it and he said he would take care of it. Carly was surprised that Sonny was involved. She said if Sonny said he was going to take care of it then he will. Prof. Marquez said he hoped so. Dillon questioned him "hoping so" he asked if he had read a newspaper or turned on the TV lately, was he aware that another PCU student just died in a warehouse shooting. Carly told Dillon to stay out of it. Prof. Marquez told Dillon that he seemed a little territorial about his step sister. Dillon told him that he cares about him and he doesn't like how the Prof. makes her life miserable or getting her involved in a mob war. Prof. Marquez left and Carly was shocked with Dillon and she told him that she couldn't believe how he was acting. She wanted to know what kind of mixed signals he was sending to Lulu. They sat down and Carly told Dillon that Lulu told her everything that happened this summer. She told him that he made it clear that he didn't lover Lulu, but he wanted to be her big hero and then turn around and prove to her how much he loves Georgie. That wasn't fair to Lulu. Carly told him that she knew what it was like to love two people. That you can tell yourself that you love one and want to be friends with the other, but sooner or later he was going to have to make a choice.

Georgie went to Jax to ask him if he could help her with a gift for Dillon. She told him that she has been really hard on Dillon since he switched from film to business and Dillon has a research project to do on hostel takeovers and she wanted to know if Jax could help him. Jax gave her some papers of the figures from a takeover he did a few years ago. Georgie thanked him and he told her that he hoped Dillon appreciated what she is doing. She told him maybe Dillon would like her better if she dangled from a tree in the jungle or mysteriously disappeared overnight. Jax told her that didn't sound like her. She told him it wasn't, it was Lulu. She told him that Lulu always gets involved in some emotional or physical drama and Dillon always gets drawn in. Jax told her the damsel in distress is always hard to resist. Georgie asked him where that leaves the smart, steadfast people that know what we want to do. She apologized for talking about her personal life, but she told him that she has noticed that people are drawn to people that are the very worse for them. Jax told her the time honored moth in the flame. Carly comes back to the hotel and sees Jax. He told her that his lawyers were asking about a prenup. She told him that part of her felt it was jinxing them and on the other hand it would be safe for both of them. He asked her if safety was important to her and she told him yes. He asked her if she was marrying him because she thought he was safe.

Georgie gave Dillon the papers that Jax gave her. He thanked her for being so thoughtful. She tried to tell him that she wanted to support him in whatever he was doing, but he wasn't listening, he was checking his phone and his mind was off in a distance. She told him to never mind.

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