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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 4, 2006 on GH
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Monday, December 4, 2006

Nikolas and Emily share a romantic moment after they have made love. Colleen eavesdrops on the conversation and then intentionally walks in on Emily and Nikolas. She leaves after profusely apologizing, but Emily doesn't buy her explanations. Emily and Nikolas discuss Emily's concerns about Colleen and Nikolas reveals that he has done a more complete background check on Colleen. They go back up to the house and Nikolas shares the file containing his research. He tells Emily that the check showed that Colleen had nothing to do with the deaths of her former employers. Nikolas does tell Emily that he is going to find a new nanny because he has concerns about how possessive and attached Colleen gets with him and Spencer when Emily is around. Colleen is eavesdropping again so she overhears this conversation and she is devastated. She takes Spencer to the stables where she vows to seek revenge.

Jax expresses his concerns to Carly that she is marrying him because he is "safe". Carly tells Jax that she likes safe and that marrying Jax is actually the biggest risk she could ever take. She tells Jax that for the first time, she is happy in a relationship and that she is terrified that it is all going to come crashing down around her.

Sonny takes a still drunken Lulu to his house so she can stay there for a while and lay low since she knows too much information about Alcazar. Sonny instructs Max and Milo to take care of Lulu. Milo is infatuated with Lulu and she uses this to try to distract Milo. As soon as she is alone, she runs off. Alcazar soon finds her and he tries to deny that he was going to have her killed. Sonny shows up and there is a standoff between Sonny and Alcazar who is holding Lulu at gunpoint.

Jason goes to see Carly at the Metro Court and asks for her help so he can say goodbye to Sam. Carly calls Sam and invites her over for a drink and then slips her the room key to the room where Jason is hiding. Jason and Sam share a brief reunion and Jason explains that he is going to Tennessee to find Spinelli. Sam is upset that he is going off to risk his life again.

Jax tells Carly that he has been getting frantic SOS calls from his brother Jerry and that he is worried about him. Carly is upset that Jax is considering going to rescue his brother again while they are in the middle of planning their New Year's Eve wedding. Ric bursts into the Metro Court with the police in tow with a search warrant allowing him to search the hotel for Sam in the hopes she will lead him to Jason. Carly and Jax try to distract him but eventually his search leads him to the room where Sam and Jason are. Ric has the door broken down and he finds Sam innocently relaxing on the couch.

Alexis faces her reflection in the mirror without her scarf. She stares at her head which is almost bald from the chemotherapy. She gets out the wig Ric bought her and tries it on. She begins to laugh hysterically at how she looks in the wig but her laughter quickly turns to tears.

Professor Pete stops by General Hospital to invite Patrick out for a drink. Patrick is still very upset by Robin's new fatalistic attitude and he vents his frustration to Pete. Pete doesn't offer much helpful advice other than telling Patrick that he should get out while he still can. Patrick tells Pete that he understands why Robin is reacting this way based on all the loss she has experienced in her life, and that he wants to do whatever he can to help her.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Sonny confronted Alcazar who had Lulu at gunpoint with Max and Milo. He convinced Alcazar that there would be no way to kill the four of them, and clean up before the police came. Alcazar took the opportunity to leave the area with his men, and Sonny took Lulu back to his place for protection.

Nikolas and Emily were worried about Spencer's whereabouts when they could not find him or Colleen. They were frightened that he may have been kidnapped by the nanny, especially since she had walked into the two of them in the tack room. Just as they were about to call the police, Colleen walked in with Spencer. When they questioned her whereabouts, she let them know that she had taken the child out for a walk because it was such a clear night.

Liz and Lucky ran into each other at Kelly's, and while they were talking Maxie came by asking Lucky to complete some paperwork for her doctor. Lucky let her know that he would do it after he got off of work, but that he was on duty at the moment. After Lucky left, Maxie let Liz know that she would try to make things easy on her, but that Liz should not monopolize all of his time. Georgie came to Liz's defense, so then Maxie turned on her, and declared that the Spencers and Quartermaines were pushing Dillon and Lulu together. Dillon walked into the conversation and let them know that it was not true.

Alcazar and Skye met up, and he let her know that about what had transpired with Lulu. He let her know that it was business, and that he felt it was unfortunate that she had gotten involved. Skye was upset that he was treating it as a business and would he treat her the same way since they were not married. Alcazar let her know that he would never do that to the mother of her daughter, and understood if this ended their relationship. Skye was about to leave, when she offered a counteroffer. She would move in with their daughter, if he promised that Lulu would never be hurt or killed. When he commented on how much she cared for Lulu, she let him know it was because she cared about him that she was willing to do this.

When Ric barged into Sam's room in the Metro Court he expected to find Jason. When he did not find him, he let Sam know that he was going to call the judge and let him know that she had gone against the terms of her bail. After he left, Carly and Jax tried to get Sam to understand that running after Jason would lead Ric and the police to him, and cause more problems. As they were talking, Carly received a phone call from Sonny asking her to meet him at his place. After she left, Sam commented on how difficult it must be for Jax to stand aside when it came to Carly and Sonny. Jax let her know that he trusted Carly 100% and would rather be involved with whatever was going on, then to be kept in the dark.

At Sonny's, he let Lulu know that she would not be able to leave until the danger with Alcazar had subsided. Lulu objected, letting him know that she would go stir crazy and could not be stuck in one place. When Carly came by, he let her know what had happened at that Lulu would need to stay with him. Carly tried to get Sonny to understand that people would wonder where she was, and that her brothers would be concerned.

Back at Kelly's Dillon tried to assure a upset Georgie that he was not interested in Lulu. She shared her frustrations that he was willing to get involved in Lulu's problems, and that it was an ongoing issue. Dillon explained that there was still a connection between the two of them because they had conceived a child and that he just needed to make sure she was alright. While they were having this discussion, Lulu called, and informed Dillon that she was skiing with some friends. When Dillon questioned her about Peter's comment about her being involved in something that she shouldn't, Lulu covered for Spinelli. Dillon believed Lulu's story, and let her know to have a good time.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas asked to speak with Colleen alone, where he let her know that he was giving her a one month notice. Colleen was visabley upset with Nikolas' decision, and questioned his motives. He let her know that since he was getting back together with Emily, he wanted her and Spencer to have more of an opportunity to bond. Colleen accepted his decision, and left the living room.

At Metro Court, Alexis came to the room and wondered why Sam would take a chance and disobey the terms of her bail. Jax tried to get Alexis to understand that Sam would always choose Jason over anyone else, and that was something she should accept. He left the mother and daughter alone to talk, and Sam let Alexis know that he was right. She let her mother know that she would do whatever Jason asked her to do because she trusted him with her life and that if Alexis had a problem with this, she needed to know this right now. At that time, Ric came to the door, and let Sam know that he was taking her back to jail, for going against the terms of her bail by staying at the Metro Court. Alexis covered for her daughter and told Ric that she had asked Sam to stay there because it had made Kristina upset.

Sonny let Lulu know that his men were having difficulty looking for Spinelli's grandmother's home in Tennessee. He told her that she needed to go with Jason to look for the house. Lulu was upset with this idea, because she felt that Jason was cold and not understanding. She was afraid that she would end up getting frustrated and doing something stupid.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

At Wyndemere, Colleen vowed to Spencer that Nikolas's letting her go won't keep them apart. Nik entered with Col's severance check and letter of recommendation. She apologized for her initial reaction to being fired and said this wasn't like a job to her, it was like being a part of a family.

Jax suggested to Carly that they go to Australia for the Christmas holiday but she said there was no way that could be possible with all the wedding plans to make. Jax won her over by reminding her that they need to focus on themselves, not a ceremony. Carly called the boys down to tell them about their Christmas plans but Michael said they couldn't go. "Why not?" asked Carly. "Because Morgan and I have to find Jesus," Michael replied. He was referring to a Baby Jesus for their school Christmas pageant. After some discussion, Carly and Jax agreed not to take the kids out town so they could participate in the pageant. They'd go the day after Christmas. Carly said she'd handle Sonny, stating he was sure to put up a stink.

Skye showed up at Sonny's house and demanded to see Lulu. Sonny said she wasn't there. When Skye assured Sonny that Alcazar wouldn't come after Lulu again, Sonny accused Skye of being naive. Lulu entered the house and Max grabbed her to keep her hidden from Skye. After Skye left, Sonny told Lulu that he had plans for her. While in the hall, Milo grabbed Max and chastised him for scaring Lulu. The men then bickered about Lulu and Max ended up slapping Milo. In the study, Sonny ordered Lulu to accompany Jason to Tennessee to find Spinelli, stating it would keep her safe from Alcazar.

At the lake house, Kristina was dismayed to see a balding Alexis playing with wigs. Alexis was further agitated when Sam showed up with Lainey for a session. As Alexis huffed, Lainey suggested that she put aside her grudge against Sam. When the therapeutic tea party idea didn't work, Alexis blamed it on Sam's presence upsetting Kristina but Lainey said Alexis is the bigger problem. She pointed out that after turning out Sam and Ric, Kristina blames her mother for breaking up their family. Afterward, Alexis tried talking to Kristina, but got nowhere. However, when Sam came back with Jax, Michael and Morgan — all wearing wigs — she did smile a bit.

At the hospital, Epiphany picked up on Emily's newfound happiness, and Em confessed to Liz that she and Nikolas are finding their way back to each other. Em invited her and Cameron to come over to decorate the tree but warned her that Lucky would be there. Liz turned down the offer. Later, Lucky arrived at Wyndemere and gave Nikolas a helping hand with the tree. Em mentioned that Liz turned down the invite, but the gang was all smiles when she later showed up with Cam. Liz was happy to watch Lucky interact with her son.

Robin showed up at Patrick's apartment and apologized for interfering with his patient. She assured him that she'd keep their professional and personal issues separate. Patrick reaffirmed his love and happily accepted her apology. They then made up a few rules for their burgeoning relationship and kissed.

At Kelly's, Dillon grew jealous watching Georgie chat with professor Pete about literature and accused him of hitting on Georgie. Dillon and Georgie argued and Dillon stormed out. Afterward, Pete returned for a forgotten book. He and Georgie chatted and appeared to flirt a bit. Pete's compliments made Georgie smile.

Max and Milo prepared Lulu for the trip to Tennessee. She was touched that Milo packed her a lunch but Max accused Lulu of working over an impressionable Milo. When Max denied her request to have Milo drive, she locked herself in the car and insisted that since Jason's injured, she will drive.

Carly went to tell Sonny about their plans. They tussled, and Sonny accused her of trying to make Jax the boys' new father. He predicted that Carly would never be able to go through with her wedding to Jax.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Maxie shows up at Kelly's. She is on her way upstairs to see if Lucky is in his room when Georgie comes out of the kitchen and informs her that he is not home. She asks Maxie what she thinks she is doing chasing after Lucky, who is still married to Liz. Maxie tells her that she has not given up on fantasy of she and Lucky being a couple some day. Georgie wishes she would leave things alone. Maxie tells her she loves Lucky and believes he still cares about her and she can't believe how badly she was treated at Luke and Laura's wedding. Georgie asks her why she crashed the wedding. Maxie thought that Lucky would have introduced her to Laura and told her that she was carrying her grandchild. Georgie tells her she wishes she would spend as much time focusing on finding a job as she does going after Lucky. Maxie asks Georgie why it is that everything she does is good and everything Maxie does is so bad because she is trying to find love instead of a job or career. Georgie thinks she deserves someone who will appreciate her more. Maxie thinks she must seem pathetic the way she goes after Lucky but she believes that finding love and trying to hold onto it for her unborn child isn't a bad thing.

Jason gets ready to drive Lulu and himself to Tennessee to find Spinelli. He asks Max to hand him the car keys. Max tells him he can't give him the keys. Jason thinks he doesn't want to give him the keys because of his leg injury. Max tells him that he can't give him the car keys because Lulu has them. Jason approaches the car and tells Lulu to hand over the car keys. She refuses to but Jason insists. She ends up hitting him with the car door and it hits his bad leg. Jason gets behind the wheel of the car. Lulu asks him why she couldn't have driven the car for awhile. Jason tells her no and she then notices his leg is bleeding. They end up stopping at some motel for the night. The motel manager happens to be a young woman who is holding her baby on one hip. Jason gives the woman a big tip after she shows them their room. The woman tells them that she loves the job because she can bring her baby to work at night and not have to pay for a babysitter. Lulu is offended by this and tells the woman off for keeping her baby up all night so she can work some job. Jason wonders what Lulu's problem is and apologizes to the woman for Lulu's behavior. After the woman leaves, Jason tells Lulu off for being too harsh to the woman just because she is making sacrifices for her baby. Lulu thinks there is something wrong with a woman who would keep her baby up all night while she works. Jason tells her that some women would do anything to have a baby and make sacrifices for their babies. Lulu goes off on Jason and tells him he doesn't know what he is talking about because he is man and has never had a baby growing inside him and had to choose whether to have a that baby or not and not being ready to be a parent. Lulu starts crying and Jason feels clueless about how to help her.

Liz gets ready to leave Wyndemere with Cameron. As she heads out, Lucky calls out to her to stop and look up. She notices there is mistletoe hanging over the doorway. Lucky approaches Liz and Cameron. Liz realizes that Lucky intends to kiss her and so she backs away suddenly. Lucky realizes it is too soon for her and apologizes for assuming she would let him kiss her. Liz smiles at him and tells him she has to leave because she has to work the next shift at the hospital. Emily tells Nikolas and Lucky that she has to go to the hospital too and leaves right after Liz. Lucky feels he messed things up by suggesting he should kiss Liz under the mistletoe. Liz heads to the hospital locker room and asks Epiphany if she can work an extra shift. Epiphany tells her she doesn't need her and suggests she spend time with her son and enjoy the holiday season. Emily comes into the locker room and overhears them. Epiphany leaves the locker room and Emily asks Liz why she lied about having to work. Liz tells her that she wanted Lucky to kiss her which scared her because she doesn't think she has forgiven Lucky yet for cheating on her with Maxie and conceiving a child with her. She also doesn't know whether to trust Lucky not to go back to taking pills if he gets upset or stressed about his job suddenly. Emily tells her that she and Nikolas went through similar trust issues and worked things out eventually over time. Nikolas and Lucky talk about the same trust issues themselves back at Wyndemere as they decorate the living room. Liz tells Emily that she needs to make her son and her unborn child her top priorities right now and not worry about what Lucky needs from her. Emily asks her if she is thinking about someone else filling in the role as a father for her children. Later, Liz tries to start her car but it won't work. She takes out her cell-phone and calls someone to help her. Lucky shows up and helps her by lifting the hood of her car and playing around with it until she can start her car. Liz thanks him for coming all the way over to help her. He tells her it is no problem. Emily heads back to Wyndemere just as Colleen is about to tell Nikolas something important. Emily apologizes for interrupting and plans on leaving them alone to talk. Colleen tells Emily not to leave since it concerns her also. She tells Nikolas that she plans on resigning immediately instead of waiting until the end of the year.

Alexis gets a big kick out Jax, Sam, Michael, and Morgan when they come in wearing wigs to make her laugh. Kristina watches them and manages to smile. They put a wig on her and she lets them and seems to enjoy it for awhile but soon after she is back to being non-responsive. Jax leaves with the boys. Sam offers to drive Alexis to the hospital to be admitted again for her next round of chemotherapy. Alexis accepts her offer reluctantly. Sam promises that she is not planning to chase after Jason this time. Meanwhile, Noah approaches Robin and Patrick at the nurses' station and seems upset. He thinks Patrick talked to one of his patients and persuaded him not to have brain surgery. Patrick has no idea what he is talking about. Robin steps in and admits she was the one who talked to his patient, not Patrick. Noah thinks she is covering for Patrick but Patrick explains to him that Robin has changed her approach to medicine by insisting on telling every patient the brutal truth about their conditions and treatments. Noah can't believe Robin would do something like that and thinks Patrick has influenced her in some way. Patrick tries to explain to Noah that Robin's behavior has radically changed because of what happened recently with Laura Spencer. Alexis and Sam show up at the hospital. Alexis meets up with her oncologist. He tells her that he talked to the family court judge about her ability to take care of her daughters physically while going through chemotherapy and that he voiced his concerns with the judge. Alexis totally disagrees with his professional medical opinion. She notices Robin near the nurses' station and asks her to give her a physical so she can get a second medical opinion to give the judge. Robin surprises her when she tells her she will not lie for her. Alexis is confused by what she means since she just wants a physical to prove she can physically handle taking care of her children. Robin is brutally honest with Alexis and tells her that she isn't physically well enough to take care of her children on her own. She also tells her she should not be defending Sam in court and instead should be spending what could be the last months of her life doing happy things. Alexis is floored by Robin's words. Patrick steps in and apologizes for Robin. Sam isn't too happy with Robin and tells her off. Patrick tells Alexis not to listen to Robin because she is having a mental breakdown right now and doesn't know what she is talking about. He tells Alexis that he thinks her prognosis is great and is a strong enough woman to know what she can handle. Patrick follows Robin up onto the roof of the hospital to tell her off. Robin thinks she did nothing wrong by telling Alexis the truth about her limitations. Patrick accuses her of suffering from survivor's guilt and that Laura's situation was the catalyst for all of it. He thinks that she feels guilty because she lived and Stone died of AIDS and that everything she is doing professionally is colored by those delayed feelings of guilt. Robin doesn't think the two things have anything to do with how she acts professionally. Patrick accuses her of feeling guilty for falling in love with him because of what happened to Stone. He grabs her arm as she tries to walk away. She pulls suddenly away and storms off angry. Meanwhile, Alexis is admitted into a room. Sam hovers by her and tells her that she can get another lawyer if defending her is too much for her. Alexis refuses to let what Robin told her upset her and insists on defending Sam as her attorney. Sam mentions what Robin said to them. Alexis tells her she doesn't know Robin well enough but that she reminds her of herself when she was that age, so focused on work and trying to separate her personal and professional lives and not realizing yet that you can't do that. Sam tries to stick around and wait on Alexis. Alexis asks her to just go home and let her be alone for awhile. Sam leaves and comes back. She is about to go back in her room when she sees Alexis crying and decides not to go in.

Friday, December 8, 2006

At Wyndemere, Nikolas demanded an explanation for Colleen's decision to leave early. She cited that she didn't want to cause additional stress for the baby. Emily agreed with Colleen. Nik fretted about how the nanny's absence would affect the baby but Em was reassuring. While they were talking, Colleen went to the parapet room, where she had Helena tied up. Colleen told Helena that she planned to leave her to die and thanked the captive Cassadine matriarch for bringing Spencer into her life.

At the hospital, Patrick chewed out Epiphany for commenting on his personal life and she gave it right back to him, stating that he shouldn't be playing out his romantic drama in the workplace. Noah offered to lend his son an ear. Patrick told his pop about Robin's history with Stone. Noah recalled his own experience with loss and how debilitating it was.

At Casa Corinthos, Robin vented to Sonny about Patrick's accusation of her suffering survivor's guilt because of Stone. Sonny agreed with Patrick and empathized with her dilemma. He said she doesn't have to feel guilty for loving Patrick. Robin didn't want to hear it and headed to Jake's for tequila shots. Robin lamented to Coleman that she's boring and predictable. Just then, Patrick showed up and chastised Coleman for allowing Robin to get drunk. Tipsy Robin refused to leave with him and wanted to stay and do something crazy. Coleman jumped in and prevented Patrick from dragging Robin out of the bar. Jason punched Coleman in the jaw and injured his hand.

Dillon returned to Kelly's and apologized to Georgie for his outburst over Professor Pete. They lamented about their lack of communication and chatted about movies.

At the cheap motel, after Lulu's outburst over her abortion, Jason needed to take some aspirin. Lulu calmed down. She wondered aloud if her revelation to Laura affected her limited recovery. Jason advised Lulu not to drive herself crazy with "What If's." Jason said he has his share of regrets, too. He opened up about his regret over breaking up with Sam for her own safety and all the grief that decision entailed. Later, the duo decided to hit the road. They bumped into the hotel clerk with her baby and Lulu apologized for her earlier snippy behavior. Jason smiled and offered Lulu the car keys to drive. On the road, Lulu got pulled over for speeding. Things got tense as the cop demanded identification.

Sonny went to the lake house to visit with Kristina, who still didn't speak. Then, Ric entered and demanded to see his girls. Just then, Alexis came home. She instructed Sonny to put Kristina to bed so she and Ric could talk. Once alone, Ric told Alexis that Sonny is trying to kill him. Alexis asked Sonny flat out if the accusation was true.

Jax brought Michael and Morgan to see Nikolas and Emily at Wyndemere. Michael asked Nik to allow Spencer to participate in the Christmas pageant. Colleen entered and said good-bye to the baby. When she started getting choked up, Em took Spencer and Colleen left. Nikolas okayed Spencer's participation in the pageant while Colleen picked out baby furniture in a catalog while on a plane to Denver.

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