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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 11, 2006 on GH
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Monday, December 11, 2006

Nikolas and Emily continue to decorate Wyndemere for the holidays and talk about how happy they are that they have found their way back to each other. Emily gives Nikolas an early present from "Santa" that turns out to be monogrammed stockings for Nikolas, Spencer and Emily. While Nikolas and Emily are basking in their happiness, Colleen is trying to disguise her appearance by dyeing her hair black and trying on different glasses.

Sonny and Ric have a confrontation in front of Alexis. Ric tells Alexis about how Sonny was willing to kill him when Sonny played Russian roulette with a loaded gun pointed at Ric. Alexis advises both Ric and Sonny that the best thing they can do for their children is to call a truce with each other. Later, after Ric and Sonny have left, Alexis collapses and curls up on the couch.

Skye and Lila Rae move into Alcazar's house and Skye reminds Alcazar of their deal that Lulu remains safe as long as she and Lila Rae are living there. Edward bursts into Alcazar's house and orders Skye to return home. . Edward becomes furious with Alcazar and he punches him. Skye refuses to leave and she defends Alcazar to Edward. Edward finally leaves telling Skye that when everything falls apart, she is always welcome to come home. Skye sets up some ground rules with Alcazar. He agrees to her rules but he makes it clear that he is seeking vengeance for Diego's death.

Ric pays Alcazar a visit and they agree that what they both want is for Jason and Sam to be gone.

Lulu is frantic when she and Jason get pulled over for speeding on the way to Spinelli's grandmother's house. Jason urges her to calm down and she is relieved when she realizes Jason has a fake id. The police officer lets them go with a strict warning for Lulu. Later as Lulu and Jason are talking, Lulu reveals more important information that eventually leads them to Spinelli's grandmother. When they get there Jason tells Lulu to stay in the car and goes off to check everything out. Of course, Lulu doesn't listen and she ends up talking to Spinelli's grandmother. Somehow Spinelli's grandmother gets the idea that Lulu is pregnant and that is why she is looking for Spinelli. Lulu and Jason (who is pretending to be Lulu's brother) play along to get into the house. Spinelli's grandmother goes on and on about how Lulu is such a good person because most girls in her situation would just have an abortion. Lulu reassures Jason she can handle Spinelli's grandmother and she tries to play along.

Michael is thrilled that Jax helped convince Nikolas to allow Spencer to be Baby Jesus in the Christmas pageant. Michael apologizes to Jax for his behavior in the past and he tells Jax that while he doesn't want a step-dad, if he has to have one he is glad it is Jax. Jax is touched by Michael's acceptance of him and they share a hug just as Sonny walks into Carly's house. Later Carly and Sonny are talking and Carly tries to reassure Sonny that Jax is not taking his place. Sonny vows that he is not going to let Jax take his kids or Carly away from him.

Georgie and Maxie share a rare heart-to-heart and Georgie admits that she and Dylan are growing apart.

Patrick punches Coleman when he tries to stop Patrick from taking a very drunk Robin home. When Coleman comes after Patrick, Robin brings him to his knees with a cue stick and she then rushes to Patrick's side. Noah breaks the news to Robin that Patrick has broken his right hand and that he will not be able to do any surgery for a while. Noah recommends that Patrick get a nurse to help him dress and to make sure he rests so he can heal. Robin tells Patrick and Noah that a nurse won't be necessary because she will take care of Patrick.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Maxie ran into Lucky at General Hospital and shared her joy that he was there for her appointment. When Lucky explained that he was really there to visit Liz, Maxie berated Liz and left. Lucky tried to apologize to Liz for Maxie's comments, but Liz told him never to apologize for Maxie because she was making her own choices. She also shared with Lucky how proud she was that he was working so hard to get his life back in order.

At Spinelli's grandmother's house, Spinelli's grandmother told Lulu how happy she was that Lulu was taking responsibility for her pregnancy and that she felt that she was ready to take responsibility. Jason advised Lulu that she did not have to go along with the charade, but Lulu was willing to continue the ruse. While they were talking, Spinelli saw them inside, and was bout to try to get away when Jason spotted him.

At Alcazar's, Ric was demanding that Alcazar get rid of Jason and Spinelli. Alcazar expressed his concern that it would look incrementing if they were to "disappear," to which Ric replied that he would make sure that it was known that they had died escaping police custody.

At Carly's, Sonny was trying to convince Carly that marrying Jax was not in her or the children's best interest. When she tried to get him to admit that he was interfering because he was still interested in her, he denied it. At the end, she told him that she and Jax worked, and that she would be getting married to him on New Year's Eve.

At General Hospital, while Liz and Lucky were talking, Ric interrupted them. He asked Lucky to do surveillance at Alcazar's home, which Lucky agreed to wholeheartedly. Later on, Ric apologized to Liz for the intrusion. She said that it was no big deal, and that she appreciated his giving Lucky a second chance. Ric wanted to know how she was doing and shared that he hoped that she would allow him to help her if she needed.

Back at Spinelli's grandmother's house, Spinelli was unwilling to leave with Jason and Lulu -- until Alcazar's men caught up to them. They managed to escape and headed back to Port Charles.

At Kelly's, Sonny dropped by to visit Mike. When Mike commented on receiving Carly and Jax's wedding invitation, Sonny told him that he felt that it was not the right move. When Mike asked him why, Sonny shared that he feared his kids would be hurt when things between Carly and Jax fell apart. Mike felt that the reason that it was such a problem for Sonny was not because of how it would affect the children, but rather how it would affect him... because he still loved Carly.

Alcazar and Skye were sharing how much they were looking forward to Lila Rae's first Christmas. Alcazar remembered that he had gifts in the upstairs closet and they headed upstairs, oblivious to a wrapped gift that had been placed near the roaring fireplace. The embers from the fire landed on the gift, setting it ablaze. Skye returned downstairs and screamed. Lucky came from the back to assist, thereby blowing his cover. He tried to cover for why he was there, but Alcazar didn't buy it and knew that Ric was behind the surveillance.

Ric went to Confession and shared that he knows that he has sinned, but that he now wants to give his daughter a good life. This meant that she would have a home with two parents and that he would be a better man if he had Liz in his life.

Alcazar got a phone call from him men informing him that Jason had gotten away. Alcazar decided to stop chasing Jason, because he knew that they would be coming back to Port Charles and could cause problems for Ric.

Jax stopped by Carly's after Sonny left, and she let him know that she was still looking forward to their New Year's Eve wedding. While they were talking, she got a call from Sonny who wanted to discuss what would happen with Michael and Morgan during the holiday. She promised to come by the next night. After Sonny got off the phone with her, he called Max and told him to cancel any appointments he had for the next night because he wanted no interruptions when Carly came by.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

As Sonny and Max discuss Sonny's plans for a romantic dinner with Carly, Skye pays a visit to Sonny. She gives him a guarantee that that it's safe for Lulu to return to Port Charles. Sonny is skeptical.

Jason asks Carly to the Metro Court, where he is hiding with Lulu and Spinelli. He asked Carly to watch over Lulu as he and Spinelli plant to turn themselves in. Carly questions Jason's plans about going to the police, but agrees to help. Once alone, Carly warns Lulu of the pitfalls of being involved with mob. Lulu interjects that in return for her help, Sonny has agreed to help Lulu on a "personal" matter. Carly goes on to say that the high of being in the mob will not last, and that it will break her heart. Lulu sees that Carly is talking about her own situation, and questions whether Carly can marry Jax and still have Sonny in her life.

In a conversation with Dr. Lee, Lucky learns that Maxie has not been her patient in quite some time. Lucky confronts Maxie over this, and she claims she did not want Dr. Lee for an obstetrician because she is also Liz's physician and therefore would not give Maxie the same care that she would give Liz. Maxie continues to criticize Lucky for using her and questioning him over his commitment to their unborn child. He insists that he will love this child. Later, Maxie watches as Kelly hands a nurse another patient's Ultrasound results.

Ric gets a phone call from Sonny, asking him to come to the house. Sonny thinks they should call a truce for Alexis's sake. Ric questions Sonny's sudden change of heart. Sonny speculates that Ric is still obsessed with him. Ric states his commitment to Molly, and insists that he and Sonny want the same things out of life.

Georgie sees the Professor at Kelly's. He praises her academic abilities, and asks her help on a book he is writing. Although she will get no compensation for it, Georgie eagerly accepts the opportunity. Later, she laments Dillon's move to the business world to a sympathetic Mike. Maxie walks in and tries to go up to Lucky's room. When confronted by Georgie, she justifies it by saying she wanted to leave Lucky a copy of the Ultrasound. Georgie tries to reiterate to Maxie that Lucky was only with her so that he could score pills. She goes on to remind Maxie that even though their own father loved their mother, it was not enough to keep him around.

On the docks, Spinelli expresses concern to Jason about his Grandmother's safety. Jason reassures him that she will be safe, as Lucky and Rodriguez arrive. They arrest Jason and Spinelli, and bring them to the station.

Skye admits to Lorenzo that she went to Sonny about bringing Lulu home. Lorenzo acknowledges that Jason, Spinelli and Lulu are all back in town. He goes on to say that Ric has become a problem, and Jason and Spinelli turning themselves in could make things difficult for Ric. Later, Lorenzo pays off one of his assistants for producing the flash drive from Ric's office. When questioned by Skye, he comes clean about the whole plot to set up Sam and Jason, and how he paid Spinelli to create the phony flash drive.

At the station, Diane is introduced as an attorney hired by Sonny to represent Jason. Spinelli tells the PCPD that he is the one that created the flash drive, and proceeds to demonstrate how it was done. When questioned, he admits it was Lorenzo who asked him to set it up.

Ric gets a call from Mac, who updates him on the situation with Jason and Spinelli. Ric goes to his office in search of the flash drive, and panics when he sees it is not in its proper place.

Lulu visits Spinelli at the station, and asks him to break into the PCPD computer system to look up information on an old murder case.

Carly gets an "emergency" call from Sonny. When she arrives at his place, he greets her with a romantic dinner arrangement. The door closes behind her, and she is trapped with Sonny. Sonny sends Max away. Carly tells him that his plan won't work.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Robin shows up at Patrick's hotel room. He opens the door half-dressed and invites her inside. She asks him if he would like some help getting dressed since his surgical hand is now in a cast. He lets her dress him and they discuss why he still lives in a hotel and not an apartment. He tells her he likes being tended to by hotel staff since he is very busy as a doctor. Robin suggests he let her tend to him and they kiss. Patrick wants to take it further but Robin tells him she has to go to work. Patrick tells her he is going with her to work also. She asks him what he plans to do since he can't perform any surgeries until his hand heals up. Patrick feels he can find plenty to do at work. When they get there they deal with Epiphany, who tells them she rather have them not be speaking to each other since when they are getting along, they can't keep their hands off each other at work. Patrick looks over his patients' charts and gets into an argument when Noah informs him that he will be performing surgery on Patrick's patients while his hand is healing. Noah plans to do the surgeries his own way and Patrick disagrees with his methods. He makes it clear to Noah that they are still his patients and he decides when they have surgery not him. After Noah walks away, Patrick takes out his frustration on Robin by blaming her for why he hurt his hand. Robin tells him he hurt his hand because he was being a jerk. Later, Robin finds Patrick looking over charts in the waiting area. Robin tells him she is willing to take part of the blame for what happened to his hand since he hurt while trying to defend her honor. Patrick forgives her.

Sonny persuades Carly to sit down and have dinner with him to talk. She reluctantly agrees. Sonny tells her that she will never be happy being married to Jax because she wants to always play it safe with him without truly being herself. Carly disagrees with him and tells him she loves Jax and that Jax loves her unconditionally and doesn't judge her. She tells Sonny that he was never good for her because he was always judging her and couldn't forgive her when she did something wrong. Sonny tells her that Jax isn't the right man for her but Carly won't listen and leaves. She heads to the hotel and sits with Jax and tells him about her meeting with Sonny. Jax gets a mysterious message from one of the employees and reads it and puts it in his pocket without telling Carly what it said. Carly guesses it has something to do with Jerry not being able to make it to the wedding. Jax tells her he never expected Jerry would come to their wedding anyway. Meanwhile, Jason stands next to his new attorney while Mac and Lucky wait for the flash drive to arrive from Ric's office. Ric can't find the flash drive in his locked cabinet and panics. Lorenzo Alcazar arrives at his office and shows him that he has the flash drive in his possession and will be keeping it as a safe-guard against anything Ric tries to do against him. Ric tells him that he should have killed Jason and Spinelli before Spinelli tells the cops that he hired him to make up the phony information. Lorenzo doesn't seem to care anymore what Spinelli may do because there is no flash drive in police possession to use against anyone. Ric storms off and goes back to police headquarters. He accuses Jason of stealing the flash drive but there is no evidence that Jason stole it and his attorney informs Ric that he has no case against Jason or Sam anymore without the flash drive. Ric has no alternative but to drop the charges against Jason and Sam. Mac tells Jason off for endangering people's lives as well as some of his men at the hospital when he tried to help Sam escape police custody and taking Epiphany hostage. Jason's attorney reminds Mac that Epiphany never pressed charges and Mac tells her that it is because Epiphany's son works for Jason. Mac also looks at Ric with disdain because of the missing flash drive and his corruptive behavior. Meanwhile, Lulu sneaks into the interrogation room to see Spinelli who is being detained there. She asks him to help her find evidence to prove her mother didn't kill Rick Webber by using his computer hacking skills to get into the police department's computer files. Spinelli agrees to do that for her and creates a diversion so Lulu can sneak off without being seen by Lucky or anyone. Spinelli is greatly pleased when there are no charges brought against him either. He meets with Lulu at Kelly's with his laptop. Dillon comes into Kelly's and recognizes Spinelli. He finds out what really happened when Lulu disappeared and isn't pleased. He finds out that Spinelli is hacking into police records for Lulu. He tries to discourage her from doing something else illegally but she is determined to let Spinelli help her. Later, Detective Rodriguez tells Lucky that Mac wants to see him. Rodriguez asks Jason to stay away from Liz and that even though he knows about Jason and Liz's night together, he doesn't want Lucky to find out because it could cause him to go back to taking pills again. Lucky returns to his desk and asks them why they mentioned Liz's name. Jason doesn't end up having to answer him really because something comes up. Later, Jason heads over to Sonny's place to talk to him and let him know about the missing flash drive and how the charges were dropped. Sonny warns Jason to watch his back concerning Ric since he was just humiliated by him and his attorney when he dropped the charges. Sonny tells him about his dinner with Carly and how he tried to convince her that Jax was not the man for her. Jason tells him that he doesn't like Jax either but thinks he really loves Carly and would be good to her. Sonny doesn't know what to do but feels like Mike may have been right when he told him that he should never have divorced Carly and now it may be too late for them. Sonny asks Jason if he could have forgiven Sam if she had kept the fact that he was a father from him. Jason thinks he could eventually forgive her if that happened but he doesn't know. Sonny tells Jason that he plans to go to the island during the holidays so that he isn't around when Carly marries Jax. Sonny advises Jason not to put off what he needs to do in his heart. Jason calls Sam and tells her he wants to see her and to meet him at his place. Later, Ric calls Lucky into his office. He tells him that he wants him to find evidence against Jason to prove he stole the flash drive. Lucky doesn't want to go after Jason without enough probable cause. Ric tells him that he owes him for getting his job back for him since Mac doesn't think he should be a cop. Lucky reluctantly agrees to do what Ric asked. Ric tells him he knows why Lucky is hesitant because he doesn't want to upset Liz by going after Jason. Lorenzo meets Skye at the hotel for dinner. He seems pleased as punch even though he tells her that the charges against Jason and Sam were dropped and how he let Ric know who was in charge of this whole scheme. Skye is suspicious about Lorenzo's behavior being so calm after finding out Jason and Sam are going free. Lorenzo tells her revenge is best served cold and that he will go after them when they think he has moved on and forgotten what they did to his son.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Carly returned home with supplies to make Michael and Morgan's Christmas costumes, but Michael announced that they weren't going to participate in the pageant because Sonny wouldn't be there. Carly badgered Max to find out why Sonny left town. "You could have a little bit of consideration for the broken-hearted men, er, man you left behind," Max sniffed. Carly explained to Jax that she had to go to the island to retrieve Sonny for her kids and to make sure that he was okay. Jax threatened that if she went after Sonny, the wedding was off! Meanwhile, at the hospital, Nikolas told Emily he wanted her to spend every Christmas with him and Spencer. Nikolas was nervous about the Christmas rehearsal, but Emily promised she would be there. Nikolas admitted he was lonely now that Laura had relapsed and Lulu and Lucky were busy with their own lives.

Spinelli hacked into the PCPD computer system and found Rick Webber's autopsy report. Spinelli then went to the Scorpio attic with Lulu and Dillon to role-play and recreate the murder. Dillon took great joy in directing the scenes, and Georgie walked in just as Dillon was grabbing Lulu while in character as Rick.

At the police station, Ric threatened Lucky that he wanted Jason behind bars...or he would have Lucky's badge. Lucky and Maxie went to Kelly's to talk about the baby. Lucky wanted Maxie to consider adoption, but an angry Maxie wondered if Lucky would suggest the same for his baby with Liz.

Jason explained to Alexis and Sam that the charges against him had been dropped. Sam chose to continue with Alexis as her lawyer instead of Sonny's new legal eagle. "It's nice to be home," Sam beamed when she returned to Jason's penthouse, but she wondered if they could put their nights with Liz and Ric behind them. Jason believed they could move forward with their relationship and they kissed. Sam immediately wanted to go upstairs. "Tonight is the night we're going to try to make a baby," she claimed. Wow, that was fast! Meanwhile, Alexis accused Ric of setting up Sam and Jason. She claimed that if Ric didn't drop the charges against Sam, he might find himself in prison.

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