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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 1, 2007 on GH
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Monday, January 1, 2007

Due to the New Year's holiday, today's episode of General Hospital has been pre-empted. This skipped episode was anticipated and their will be no "lost" episodes as a result of today's special programming.

If you missed anything from 2006, this is your time to catch up. We have archived all of the news from 2006 (and going all the way back to 1996) for you to review at your leisure. If you want to catch up on the history of the show, we have over ten years of archived Daily Recaps for you to enjoy. We are also in the midst of our annual "Dankies," where you can vote for the best of the best on the soaps.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

As Liz lay unconscious by the side of the road, she dreamt of various scenarios concerning her pregnancy. The first was that the baby actually did belong to Lucky. In the second dream, she walked into Kelly's with Cam and her new baby to find Maxie and Lucky kissing. This time, Lucky was unremorseful and flaunted his affair with Maxie in her face. Jason found Liz, and brought her to General Hospital.

In the meantime, Maxie and Lucky shared a kiss at an empty Kelly's. Maxie apologized, and Lucky acknowledged that in another time and place they might have worked as a couple. Because he loves Liz, however, this cannot happen. Maxie discussed her abandonment issues, starting with Frisco and then Felicia. She feels like she is always judged by Georgie, and is a disappointment to Mac. Lucky got a phone call from Dr. Lee, informing him of Liz's accident. He immediately took off for the hospital, leaving a hurt Maxie behind.

At the hospital, Jason tried to talk to a still unconscious Liz. Lucky arrived, and is grateful to Jason for saving their baby.

Earlier that evening, Jason came home to Sam and Spinelli (who was trapped by the storm). He told "Stone Cold" Jason that he should talk Sam out of wanting a baby. Sam was mortified, and chased Spinelli upstairs. Alone, Jason told a thrilled Sam that he was ready to start a family with her.

After Jason left, Spinelli later approached Sam with a picture of a baby that she could adopt. She explained to him that when she didn't think she could have any more children, she and Jason talked of adoption. Things are different now, and they are going to give the "old college try".

Patrick asked Robin if she was disappointed to have spent New Year's Eve in bed rather than at a party. Robin told him that the holiday was a lot of hype about nothing. She vowed to make her 2007 resolution to be as honest with him as he is with her. Later, they argued over the decorations in the apartment, and Robin admitted to being uneasy over the impending results of his second HIV test. She feared that a clean bill of health for Patrick could mean the end of their relationship. He reassured her that this will not happen.

On the plane to Denver, Nikolas was frantic wondering where Colleen was holding Spencer. Emily did her best to calm him, and they plotted how to start their search once they reached Denver. Nikolas's phone rang with a lead from his private investigator.

Carly and Sonny celebrated NYE with the boys and talked about New Year's resolutions. Sonny's was to be the best Dad he can be. Carly's was the same, except to also be the best wife she can be to Jax. Carly and the boys left Jax a message wishing him Happy New Year, and to hurry home soon. Alone, Sonny tries to talk Carly out of the wedding. Carly asked him to leave, and said they would be married in a private location in the Caribbean. Sonny promised that he would not interfere if they married in Port Charles. He admitted he was jealous, but advised Carly to learn from her past mistakes. Carly told him to let go. They ended up in a kiss, but Sonny pulled away and left.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

At the hospital, Lucky and Jason stayed by Liz's bedside. Lucky chewed her out for lying about the baby's paternity and Jason didn't back her up. Then, Liz woke up where Lucky was very soothing and reassuring. Liz was released from the hospital and she called Jason and thanked him for saving her. At Kelly's, Georgie caught Liz spying on Lucky and Maxie. Inside, Maxie was still milking the "miscarriage" business. Maxie told Lucky that she couldn't keep the puppy they had found because she had a cat and tried to guilt him into taking it. He agreed to help her care for the animal together. Maxie was thrilled. Outside, Liz mentioned to Georgie that when she miscarried, she didn't want to talk about it the way Maxie does. Liz returned to the hospital and asked Kelly if she thought Maxie could have faked her pregnancy.

Dillon, Lulu and Spinelli ended up at GH to hack into the computer system to find out Alan's schedule the night of Rick Webber's murder. Epiphany caught the kids in the act and threw them out, but not before Spinelli got an interesting piece of info from the computer.

In Denver, Colleen, still in the black bob wig and thick glasses, started work at a daycare center, claiming to be a single mother whose husband has abandoned her. She asked the manager if they got many visitors, then covered by saying she thought the baby's father might try to track them down. At their hotel, Emily sets out to transform Nikolas into a middle-class guy as part of their plan to get the jump on Colleen. Nik and Em quizzed the maid to see if she'd seen Colleen and the baby. She hadn't, but she did buy their act. Afterward, Nik and Em kissed.

At Sonny's coffeehouse, Carly confronted Sonny about him kissing her and planted a kiss of her own on him as payback. Rodriguez interrupted to question Sonny about Alcazar. Diane, Sonny's new attorney, arrived as Rodriguez warned Sonny that Alcazar will retaliate against him eventually. Carly was further detained from continuing her talk with Sonny when Mike arrived. Mike told Sonny he was hoping he could intervene to help Nikolas and Emily find Spencer. Carly lost her patience when Bernie pushed past her to see Sonny and ended up barging into Sonny's office. Sonny rebuked her barging in, saying she might end up seeing something she's not supposed to.

At his home, Alcazar confided in Skye that something big was about to happen and gave Skye some insight into his arms-trading business, noting, "If these deals were ever made public, governments would fall," he allowed. Skye then covered for Alcazar in front of Rodriguez, who'd come to question him about Sonny. Skye lied to Rodriguez about how Alcazar knew Spinelli. Cruz advised her not to get involved, as trouble was brewing on the Corinthos/Alcazar front.

Milo asked Carly about how to approach Lulu and she gave him some tips, while Max watched totally jealous and broke it up... Back at Kelly's, Professor Pete asked Georgie to do more research about the golden era of Hollywood and wondered what he could do to show his appreciation.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Lulu, Dillon, and Spinelli show up at Kelly's to eat. Spinelli tells them he found evidence on the hospital computer that shows that Alan Quartermaine left his shift early the night Rick Webber was killed. Monica is at Kelly's and overhears them mention that Alan doesn't have a clear-cut alibi for that night. She approaches their table and warns Lulu to stay away from Spinelli and asks Dillon to watch out for Lulu and to keep her away from Spinelli. Spinelli tells her he has been invited to stay with Jason and Sam and they trust him. Monica tells him that her son may trust him but she doesn't. After Monica leaves Kelly's Spinelli wonders what is wrong with her. Dillon wonders if Monica overheard their conversation about Alan and is trying to hide something. Lulu is surprised when she finds Max and Milo at Kelly's. Milo is too shy to ask her out and Max is embarrassed to see his brother act like a idiot in front of her. Lulu thinks he is so sweet and tells Dillon that she would go out with him if he asked her. Dillon tries to hide his jealousy but it is obvious he doesn't like the idea of Lulu dating Milo. Milo and Max grab Spinelli and tell him that Sonny wants to see him in his office. Lulu and Dillon head to the old attic and find Georgie there rummaging around for a box. Dillon apologizes for intruding and tells Georgie that Mac gave them permission to come up there. Georgie tells him she is already done up there and found what she was looking for. She tells them to go ahead with what they planned to do and will get out of their hair. Dillon invites Georgie to stay up in the attic with them and help them. Georgie tells them she has a lot of research to do and can't right now. Dillon is disturbed by her reaction and hasty departure. Lulu wonders what is going on with Georgie. Dillon expected Georgie to be upset about seeing them together up in the attic but she acted like it didn't bother her. Georgie runs into Professor Pete at Kelly's. He invites her over to his place so he can cook her dinner to thank her for all of her research. Georgie shows up at his place and brings the box she found in the attic with her. She tells him that a cousin of hers once worked in Hollywood and found these old photos from the 30's and 40's era and she remembered they were in the attic and thought they could help him with his book. Pete gives her the beginning of his manuscript to read to get her opinion. Georgie loves the book so far and tells him. Pete watches her from a far as he pours them some wine. He can't help but be attracted to her. Meanwhile, Dillon and Lulu reenact what may have happened that night with Rick and Laura in the attic. They assume that if Alan was the killer he would be taller than Dillon so if he hit Rick Webber from behind he would hit him about at some height. Dillon falls over one of the mannequins in the attic. Lulu goes to help him up and Dillon stops her and tells her he sees something on the floor under the table. They reach under the table and find an old appointment book belonging to Rick. They look through it and find names and numbers. They start to think they may have more evidence to help them determine who really killed Rick Webber. Meanwhile, Monica runs into Lucky at the hospital and asks him to come over and talk to her in private about something. He asks her what it is. Monica tells him she is concerned about Lulu hanging out with Spinelli so much and suggests that it could be dangerous for Lulu to hang around with him. Lucky isn't that concerned about Spinelli but Monica strongly suggests that he send Lulu out of state to go to college and offers to pay her tuition. Lucky asks her why she thinks such drastic measures are needed. Monica just tells him Lulu would be better off going to another school and staying far away from Spinelli.

Lucky and Maxie discuss the stray dog they found outside Kelly's. Lucky tells Maxie that he cares about her. Later, Lucky goes to the hospital to ask Liz if Audrey would be interested in the dog he found and he ends up telling her that he and Maxie found the stray dog outside Kelly's on New Year's Eve. Liz tells Epiphany about her suspicion that Maxie faked her pregnancy. She tells her that Maxie isn't acting like someone who recently miscarried a baby and that she has lied before to get Lucky. Epiphany suggests that she find proof that Maxie lied before confronting her about it. Maxie ends up near the park taking a walk. Mac finds her there alone and asks her if she is o.k. Maxie confides in him about how she feels that she never measures up to Georgie and Robin in his eyes and that she can relate to Lucky because he feels he never measures up to his family's expectations either. Mac isn't too pleased with how Lucky treated her but Maxie defends Lucky and tells him that Lucky was hurting and didn't mean to hurt her. Mac feels awful about not being around for her lately when she needed him. She tells him that he has nothing to apologize for and that he has been wonderful to her and is the only one who seems to believe in her. Mac tells her he is just as proud of her as he is of Georgie and Robin. Maxie doesn't believe she deserves his praise but Mac tells her he has always believed in her and he hugs her. Meanwhile, Sam is running late after her night of making love with Jason. Jason tells her he has to go to work. Sam rushes out to head to G.H. for her first day at work. She has a run-in with Ms. Sneed, the head of Personnel at the hospital. Ms. Sneed asks her why she was three minutes late for work. Sam tells her it was traffic. Ms. Sneed tells her that is not a good excuse to be late for work. Sam tries to get her off of her back about being late and apologizes and claims it won't happen again. Ms. Sneed insists on knowing the real reason she was late. Liz, Lucky, and Epiphany are close by and hear the whole conversation. Sam gets tired to trying to explain the real reason she was late. She finally tells her she was late because she was having sex with her boyfriend because they are trying to have a baby. Ms. Sneed tells her that is not an appropriate answer to say out loud. Sam tells her she kept harping on her for an answer so she told the truth. Ms. Sneed takes off in a huff. Sam also takes off down the hallway and passes Liz and Lucky. Liz is disgusted at Ms. Sneed for badgering Sam about why she was late and making Sam blurt out her personal business, hiding her own dismay at learning that Sam and Jason were intimate last night and are trying to conceive. Lucky found the conversation sort of amusing and that Sam just announced she is trying to get pregnant. He asks Liz if she thought it would be nice if their child grew up with Jason and Sam's child and they became friends.

Sonny tells Carly to stop trying to fight her feelings for him and realize that Jax isn't the man for her. Carly tells him to stop trying to manipulate her by using their kids. Sonny tells her that he kissed her because it was New Year's Eve and nothing more. Carly thinks he is trying to manipulate her to get her to not marry Jax. Carly ends up at Jason's place to talk to him. She insists that Jason go over and talk to Sonny and tell him to stop using their kids to manipulate her and insists she loves Jax and wants to marry him. Jason is sick and tired of dealing with her personal problems with Sonny and tells her to go back and hash things out with Sonny herself. Carly tells him she needs him to help her because Sonny won't listen to her. Jason makes a remark about how people shouldn't have children if they can't be good parents to them. Carly asks him what he means since it is moot point since she already has children. Jason tries to distract her from enquiring about his personal life when he suddenly agrees to go and talk to Sonny for her. Carly thinks that Sam is already pregnant and is happy for him. He tells her that Sam isn't pregnant but they are trying to have a baby. Carly brings up Liz's name which bothers Jason. Jason tells her that Liz has done nothing to her and there is no reason for her to talk about her. Carly is grateful that Liz saved his life but feels that he saved her life recently so they are even. Jason tells her that Liz is a good friend to him. Carly tells him she still doesn't like Liz because she has a hidden agenda concerning him and is always coming to him with her problems instead of going to Lucky when she needs something. Jason tells her to back off. Carly doesn't listen and heads to the hospital to see Liz in person. Liz is working at the nurses' station when Carly shows up. Carly asks her to step into the waiting area so they can talk more privately. Liz tries to blow her off by telling her she is working. Carly insists they talk unless she wants to blurt out something for everyone to hear. Liz asks her what she wants. Carly tells Liz to stay away from Jason. Liz refuses to stay away from Jason because they are close friends. Carly accuses Liz of having a hidden agenda and that she wants Jason for herself. Sam comes by and overhears their conversation. Liz tells Carly that when Jason thought he could be the father of her baby, he offered to marry her. Sam is disturbed by what Liz says. Carly tells Liz that Jason loves Sam and wants to have a baby with her and warns her to stay away from Jason. Meanwhile, Sonny and Jason strike back at Alcazar by intercepting one of his shipments so the cops will find it. Alcazar is angry when he learns what happened and makes plans to eliminate Sonny and Jason. Skye shows her concern for Alcazar's life and the risks he is willing to take for his job. Alcazar tries to reassure her that he is going to do everything in his power to ensure that their daughter has a safe and happy life, which he couldn't give to Diego. Alcazar gets a call from his contact in the government who warns him that if there is another problem in their next shipment, there will be serious consequences. Alexis shows up at Sonny's office with some permission slip for him to sign for a field trip Kristina is taking with her school. Sonny looks at it and tells Alexis that only one parent has to sign it. Alexis looks at it and tells him she didn't see that part. Sonny asks her why she really came to see him. Alexis thought that since he is already a criminal she could ask him to do something for her. Sonny guesses that she was going to ask him to get her some more weed. Alexis tells him she doesn't really need to take it and changed her mind. Sonny tells her that if the marijuana helps her feel better she should still use it. Alexis is worried that someone would find out about it. Sonny promises to tell no one what she is doing. Alexis leaves. Max and Milo bring Spinelli to his office and sit him in a chair bodily. Spinelli keeps referring to Sonny as either the "Godfather" or "Pacino-esce" which annoys Sonny enough to demand that Spinelli never call him those names again or he will have him taken out. Sonny asks Spinelli to help him with something concerning Alcazar. He tells Spinelli that he is going to give Alcazar a taste of his own medicine by getting into his computers and messing something up. Spinelli is all for it but Ric comes in and interrupts their conversation. Ric starts interrogating Spinelli about what Sonny wants him to do for him. Spinelli is a little scared of Ric's aggressive behavior. Sonny tells Ric that he is going to hire Spinelli to help him set up a new program for his coffee warehouse computer software for the books. Spinelli goes along with what Sonny says. Sonny asks Ric what he came by for. Ric informs him that he has set up a custody hearing and expects Sonny to testify. Sonny agrees to testify but reminds him he is going to tell them everything Ric has done that will put him in a bad light. Ric tells him to go ahead but that he has his own evidence to use against Sonny to make Alexis look like a poor parent as well. After Ric leaves, Spinelli tells Sonny that Ric gives him the creeps and that he thinks he is a creep. Sonny tells Spinelli that he is smarter than he thought he was.

Friday, January 5, 2007

At the hospital, Ric offered to take a weak from chemo Alexis home, but she refused, accusing him of looking for ammo in order to sue for custody of Molly.

Carly went to the penthouse and told Sam that she knows Sam and Jason are trying to have a child and advised, "The sooner, the better." She left, then Spinelli burst into the penthouse to complain that Alexis chewed him out while he was playing with Kristina. Sam said she'd take care of this. She went to the lake house and had Viola take the girls for the afternoon. Sam convinced Alexis to get high to relieve her pain. She reluctantly complied.

In Denver, Nikolas was furious that his investigators had no leads on Colleen. Later, as part of their own search, he and Emily showed up at the daycare center where Colleen was working.

At Alcazar's estate, he hired a woman to help him in his plan to eliminate Sonny, as Skye eavesdropped. The woman left. Alcazar called Skye to come out and made her promise never to answer his special cell phone. He also informed Skye that he changed his will so that she and Lila Rae were taken care of for life. Skye found that news unsettling. He then gave her plane tickets to get out of town but she refused to leave him.

At the coffeehouse, Sonny and Jason planned their next move against Alcazar while the woman arrived and left a gun hidden in a trash can. She called Alcazar and told him they were all set. Lorenzo kissed Skye good-bye and left. Alcazar showed up at the coffe house, was searched and deemed clean. The woman was sitting nearby and spilled her coffee. With the bodyguards diverted, Alcazar pulled the gun out of the trash can and went in to see Sonny. In the office, Lorenzo pulled a gun on Sonny and planned to pull the trigger.

At the hospital, Liz got touchy when Ric compared his and Alexis's marriage to hers and Lucky's. She chastised Ric for not compromising for the kids' sake. "What makes you such a good mother, Liz," he shot back.

Lady Jane met Carly at her house and informed Carly that she spoke with Jerry, who's in big trouble with the mob. Carly was furious, as she assumed that Sonny was behind the whole mess, even though Jane had her doubts.

Jason returned to the penthouse, gave Spinelli money to stay at a hotel for the night and planned a special evening with Sam. Then, Liz arrived to thank him for saving her. She confessed that she was on the way to see him on the night of her accident and was on the verge of telling him that he's the father of her baby.

At the lake house, Alexis was stoned when Ric came over and he started harping about the custody case. He vowed to prove Alexis was an unfit mother.

Maxie caught Lulu using a hospital computer. The ladies had words but Georgie intervened... At home, Alcazar's cell phone rang and Skye answered it, saying she'd give Lorenzo the message.

In Sonny's office, Carly barged in, prompting Alcazar to turn around. In a split second, Sonny grabbed his gun and shot at Alcazar.

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