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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 8, 2007 on GH
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Monday, January 8, 2007

Emily and Nikolas visit the daycare center pretending to be prospective parents looking for daycare as Colleen listens in from the other room. Colleen pulls the fire alarm as a distraction and grabs Spencer and leaves before anyone can find her. Later, as Emily and Nikolas are talking to the woman who runs the daycare center they realize that Colleen was working there and they question the woman about Colleen and Spencer. Meanwhile Colleen returns to her apartment with Spencer so she can pack some things and take off and she is shocked by someone or something in her apartment.

Lorenzo has a gun pointed at Sonny and he is about to shoot him when Carly walks in and causes a distraction. Sonny seizes the opportunity and reaches for his gun and shoots Lorenzo in the head. Later at the PCPD Ric interrogates Sonny and Carly. Carly comes to Sonny's defense and tells Ric she saw everything and that Sonny shot Alcazar in self- defense. Sonny's attorney, Diane Miller, arrives and she advises Sonny and Carly to keep quiet. She manages to get Ric to let Sonny go since the preliminary investigation shows Sonny was acting in self-defense. Back at the coffee shop Sonny and Diane are discussing what happened and Sonny tells Diane that she has to keep Carly from having to testify against him. Diane points out that the only way Carly could be immune from testifying would be if they were still married.

Tracy confronts Lulu about her concerns regarding the "project" she is working on with Spinelli and Dylan. Lulu tries to reassure Tracy that she has nothing to worry about and the two actually seem to come to an understanding.

Ric pays Alexis a visit to harass her some more about the custody case. Alexis is nervous around Ric because she was smoking a joint just before he arrived. After he is gone, Alexis is terrified that he knows what she was doing and she tells Sam it is all her fault. Sam defends her actions and she explains to Alexis that she wants to do whatever she can to help Alexis because she is so grateful for everything Alexis has done for her.

Liz is at Jason's penthouse and she is about to tell him the truth about the baby's paternity when Lucky knocks on the door. Liz runs into the other room and hides while Lucky questions Jason about the feud between Sonny and Alcazar. While they are talking Lucky gets a call about Alcazar's shooting and he leaves. Liz comes out from hiding and she has changed her mind about telling Jason the truth. She and Jason leave the penthouse but Liz accidentally forgets her scarf.

Back at General Hospital, Liz literally runs into Father Mateo Ruiz and she is completely freaked out by his appearance and resemblance to Manny.

Sam comes home to the empty penthouse and finds Liz's scarf. Sam gets jealous and upset as she thinks about all the times Liz has been there and she goes to the hospital and confronts Liz.

Patrick is trying to avoid Robin because they are supposed to go sofa shopping. Patrick has no desire to go shopping for a sofa but Robin is very into it. As they are talking about it, Alcazar is brought into the emergency room. They work on Alcazar and Patrick tells Skye that Alcazar needs surgery immediately to get the bullet fragments out of his brain. Alan disagrees with Patrick because he feels that the surgery is too risky. Skye is forced to make a tough decision about what is best for Alcazar and she ultimately decides to let Patrick operate.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

At the nurses' station, Sam approached Liz and publicly confronted her about what she wants from Jason. Ms. Sneed, the hospital administrator broke up the argument and threatened to put both women on probation. Epiphany stepped in and told Ms. Sneed that she could not do that because Sam was off duty, and Liz is not under the administrator's authority. Epiphany then told Sam that she ought to show some respect, given the fact that Liz risked her career to break Sam out of the hospital and Epiphany faked being a hostage all because Jason asked them to. Sam was still indignant and promptly quit her job. Alone at the penthouse, a distraught and seemingly drunk Sam smashed a glass against the wall. Later, Jason arrived home and Sam apologized for her behavior at the hospital.

Jason scolded Carly for implicating Sonny in front of Ric, and told her the only way out was for Carly to re-marry Sonny. Carly flatly refused to consider it.

As Skye voiced her concern over the best option for Lorenzo, Robin and Patrick reassured her that surgery was the best option. Alan joined them in the O/R, but only to observe as he was opposed to the procedure. As Skye watched the surgery begin, a shadowy figure watched her. The surgery was a success. As Skye sat with a recovering Lorenzo, Carly walked in and tried to reason with Skye that it was in everyone's best interest that this shooting be ruled an accident. Skye is furious, and tells Carly that Sonny is going to pay for all the years he got away with murder. Robin entered the room and ordered Carly to leave.

Back at home, Carly told Lady Jane that she must find Jax immediately so that they can marry. She was frantic when there was a knock at the door, but when she found it was Max, she pleaded with him to marry her. She went on to reinforce to Max that she will NEVER marry Sonny again. She then sent Lady Jane off to find Jax, and starts to barricade the door. Michael did not understand.

At the hospital, Epiphany reprimanded Jason for Sam's behavior. He apologized to her, and then to Liz. Liz accepted the apology but acknowledged that Sam may be right about her spending too much time with Jason. Later, Jason embraced a poor parishioner embrace Father Ruiz for helping his family with medical expenses.

Bobbie approached Liz about the earlier incident with Sam. As Liz told her about Jason saving her on New Year's, Bobbie tried to give some insight about what Sam might be feeling.

Jenny visited Liz at the nurse's station and thanked her for telling the truth about her baby's paternity. Liz was only looking out for the baby's medical care, but Jenny said that now her husband is in rehab, and she can be with his best friend. They walk away arm-in-arm.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Lulu, Spinelli and Dillon looked through Rick's date book and attempted to trace some phone numbers. Tracy caught Monica eavesdropping, and called her on it. Monica used the excuse that she is worried about Lulu's future, because she has no guidance from any adults. Tracy broke up the meeting, and demanded to know what the threesome was up to. Lulu questioned Tracy about Monica's history with Rick. Tracy admitted she was not around at the time of Rick's death, but defended her brother. She went on to say that maybe Monica is right and Lulu should go away to school.

Monica found the date book and took it as Alan walked in and questioned her. She told him that she found Rick Webber's date book.

Nikolas and Emily obtain Colleen's address from the daycare. They arrived at an empty apartment, but found a picture of Spencer.

A stranger walked into Lorenzo's room and injected something into the IV. As Robin and Patrick discuss whether to go sofa shopping, they hear the code blue alert that Lorenzo is in cardiac arrest.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Jason was understanding when Sam told him she quit her job at the hospital, but he was shocked when she suggested working at ELQ. He was worried but assured her she could work for whomever she wanted to. Meanwhile, at the Quartermaine mansion, Lulu and Dillon plotted together to enable Lulu to search for info regarding Rick Webber's death. Dillon called a family meeting for the Qs (while Lulu snuck upstairs) and explained to his family that his "conscience finally set in" and every victim of the condom fiasco should be compensated. Needless to say, Tracy, Edward, etc., weren't pleased. Sam arrived to break up the little family meeting looking for a job at ELQ. Tracy was not amused and even crumpled Sam's resume, but Edward assured her that since she was involved with Jason, there would always be a place at ELQ for Sam. Tracy listened in as Edward told Sam if she and Jason were to have a child, that kid would be the Quartermaine heir. Later, at Kelly's, Lulu was moved that Dillon put his career in jeopardy in order to help her. Unfortunately, Lulu didn't find Rick's datebook in the mansion.

At the father of her child's bedside, Skye pleaded with Alcazar not to leave her. When Liz came in to check on the patient, she noticed an abnormality with his I.V. and ran to get a doctor. It was deducted that someone was still trying to kill Alcazar, and Lucky immediately assumed Jason. Liz provided an alibi, so then the group wondered if Father Ruiz could have anything to do with it. Later, Skye went to see Jason and inquired if he had anything to do with Alcazar's heart attack. Jason assured her he did not, so Skye wanted his help to figure out who did. Jason simply advised Skye to cut Alcazar loose for her safety. Back at the hospital, Liz grew even more suspicious when Maxie took a staged fall in front of Lucky, then insisted her doctor not be called. She was beginning to be convinced Maxie faked her pregnancy.

Elsewhere in PC, Patrick was worried about Alcazar's prognosis, but Robin tried to get him to have more patience. Later, the couple discussed how they should deal with their professional lives now that they were getting so close personally. And while Maxie was suspicious about Georgie's relationship with Pete, Georgie tried to get it through Maxie's thick head that Lucky loved Liz — not Maxie.

Over in dysfunctional Corinthosland, Carly wasn't thrilled when Sonny paid her a visit. Michael and Morgan spied on their parents discussing the possibility of a re-marriage. Though Carly was adamantly against it, the kids plotted to move back to Sonny's — without Sonny or Carly's knowledge. After his conversation with Carly, which got him nowhere, Sonny went to ask Jason for help. He even admitted he wanted to marry Carly for real. "I'm not going to hurt her this time," Sonny promised. Meanwhile, ready for Alexis to "repay her kindness," Carly went to see Ms. Davis. She needed legal advice on how she could protect Sonny without marrying him. Unfortunately, they were interrupted when Sonny called to tell Carly the kids overheard them and had moved back home. Carly flipped and rushed to Sonny's. There, she found out she was being subpoenaed to testify against Sonny in court on Tuesday. "How does Monday look for our fourth wedding?" Sonny smiled.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Emily returns with some coffee to find Nikolas frantically searching for any clues as to where Colleen took Spencer. Emily suggests that they contact the media to get help with finding them. Nikolas doesn't want to get people calling in false leads hoping to get a reward from him. A man shows up and refers to Colleen as "Sarah" and thinks she is Spencer's mother. He is holding a stuffed animal for Spencer. They explain that Colleen was the nanny that Nikolas hired to take care of his son and that she kidnapped him. The man doesn't know anything that would help them at first but then mentions some place on a mountain he visits and that Colleen mentioned she might take her son there sometime. Later, the man is revealed to be one of Helena's hired men who gave Nikolas a false lead to start her own scheme.

Sam shows up at the Quartermaine mansion on time to report to Edward for her first day as his executive assistant. She surprises Edward when she asks him if he only hired her so she would produce an heir for him in return. Edward is not pleased when Jason is behind him and wants an answer. Edward tells her he hired her because he thinks she has potential but that he wants another heir that he can help provide a future that is safe which Jason can't provide. Jason isn't pleased with his answer but tells Sam it is her choice whether she wants to work for Edward or not. Sam accepts the job. Jason leaves them. Edward asks her not to spring any more surprise visits from Jason on him and she promises not to do that as long as he promises not to expect her to produce an heir in exchange for this job. Edward gets her started on her new job as his assistant. He is pleased by how well she scheduled meetings for him and likes her own opinions on the type of businesses ELQ acquired. However, Tracy is not pleased that Edward hired her and starts calling Sam names while she is right there as if she wasn't in the room. Edward refuses to listen to Tracy and thinks that whatever heir that Sam and Jason provide him is an improvement over her own sons. Tracy doesn't think Sam will fit in with the boardroom types. Edward warns Sam to watch her back regarding Tracy who he believes will try to make Sam's life a living hell. He tells her that Tracy will be her trial by fire and that if she can handle Tracy she can handle anyone. Sam tells him she isn't afraid of Tracy and will be fine. Tracy eavesdrops on their conversation. She calls a private investigator and asks him to dig up dirt on Sam that she can use against her.

Sonny makes plans for the marriage ceremony for Carly and him. Max returns home with groceries for Carly and the kids. Max doesn't like that Sonny is making wedding plans when Carly hasn't agreed to marry him and is engaged to Jax. Sonny doesn't want to hear Max's opinion and reminds him that he works for him and needs to stay out of his private life. Meanwhile, Carly shows up at Jason's to get his help. Spinelli answers the door and thinks Carly is great looking. He invites her in and tells her Sam and Jason went somewhere together. Carly isn't pleased that Jason isn't there. She ends up telling Spinelli about what happened at Sonny's office and how Sonny is being charged with attempted murder and she is the only witness and that the only way she won't have to testify is if she marries Sonny. Spinelli compares her predicament with some female video game character and tells her about it. Carly isn't interested in hearing about that and needs Jason's help. Spinelli offers to help her if he can. She tries to ignore him but he mentions how he was paid by Alcazar to make up a flashdrive and that Ric was partners with Alcazar. Carly asks for more details. She takes off. Meanwhile, Ric shows up at Alcazar's room and offers to help Skye and Alcazar any way that he can. Skye doesn't trust his motives and tells him she doesn't need his help. Ric goes to the church and confides in Father Mateo again, not realizing he is Manny's identical twin. Mateo tells him to try to forgive Sonny instead of seeking to punish him and get revenge. Ric tells him that he can't let Sonny get away with hurting so many people including himself. Carly shows up at the hospital and runs into the mysterious man. He smiles at her and apologizes for running into her. She smiles and heads to Alcazar's room. Skye isn't pleased to see her and asks her to leave. Carly tells her that they can help each other. Carly asks Skye to confirm that Ric was working with Alcazar at one time. Skye reluctantly admits that Ric showed up several times to talk with Lorenzo in private and that Lorenzo had some evidence over Ric to use against him as leverage. Carly tells her that Ric could have been the one who tried to kill Alcazar last night. Later, the mystery man shows up to meet Skye. He introduces himself as Mr. Craig and tells her he is an associate of Alcazar and that he needs for whatever Alcazar was doing for him to continue and run smoothly. Skye offers to help him make sure that happens. Carly shows up at Ric's office and tells him to drop the charges against Sonny or that she will reveal that he was in cahoots with Alcazar and was the one who tried to kill him last night. Ric secretly records the whole conversation. Meanwhile, Sonny and Jason return to Jason's penthouse. They discuss Carly and how they can convince her the only choice they have is for her to marry Sonny. Spinelli comes downstairs and gives his opinion about Carly marrying Sonny. Sonny doesn't know what he is talking about when Spinelli draws comparisons of his predicament to a video game. Spinelli tells Jason that Carly was over earlier and that he told her about Ric's past partnership with Alcazar to set up Sam and that she just took off after he told her to get dirt on him to use against him. Sonny and Jason show up at Ric's office to drag Carly out of there before she does something stupid. It is too late when Ric tells Carly he can arrest her for attempted extortion and that he had their conversation recorded as proof. He plays the tape back and Carly realizes the mistake she made. `

Friday, January 12, 2007

Emily and Nikolas enter Colleen's apartment, but realize they just missed her when Nikolas finds a half empty baby bottle in the trash can. As they are about to leave, a police officer enters and demands that Nikolas puts down his weapon. Once he realizes they are also looking for Colleen, he starts giving them information as he gets it from his police radio. A helicopter finds a car racing down the highway with a woman matching Colleen's description driving and a baby seat in the back. The police officer tells the helicopter to back off, but not to lose the car. Suddenly, the driver loses control and the car crashes down into a ravine. Nikolas and Emily race to the scene, but are turned away when the officers tell them the search will not continue until tomorrow. If Spencer was in the car, he surely perished. Meanwhile, Helena is seen on a plane with baby Spencer. She tells him she will raise him as the Cassadine heir and Nikolas will be none the wiser.

After Carly's rant to Ric about how he's framing Sonny, Ric reveals that he has taped their whole conversation and will use it to put her in jail for extortion. Sonny tells him to go ahead, because there's no way he'll reveal how he and Alcazar tried to frame Sonny. Ric admits that he won't go that far, especially since he doesn't need to. He can put Sonny away with the evidence that he has, so he will let Carly go. Once Jason, Carly, and Sonny leave, Lucky enters and tells Ric that a new witness has appeared that says she planted the gun for Alcazar. Ric is hesitant, but decides to listen anyway. The witness comes in and demands full immunity and Ric agrees. While Lucky listens, she tells how Alcazar paid her to plant the gun in Sonny's coffee house and to create a diversion so he could grab the gun. Lucky realizes that Sonny shot Alcazar in self-defense. A phone call is made to Sonny's attorney just as she's telling him that if Carly doesn't marry him he's going to be in trouble. They are relieved that the new witness came forward and Sonny appears to be cleared. He asks about Carly and his attorney tells him that she no longer has to marry him. Meanwhile, Jason is trying to convince Carly to marry Sonny. It appears to be working, and Carly goes to tell Sonny that she will marry him.

Mr. Craig spies on Alcazar and Skye and later confronts Skye. He wants to know who is transacting business while Alcazar is incapacitated. Skye bluffs and tells him she is taking care of everything. He wants to know a date for the shipment, and she stalls and tells him she must know who he is for sure before she tells him anything. She also doesn't want to reveal anything while at the hospital, because there's no telling who's listening. Mr. Craig appears to be satisfied and leaves. Skye is frantic to get information and goes home in hopes of cracking Alcazar's password on his PDA. She comes back even more frantic when she realizes their home has been broken into and ransacked.

Lucky goes to visit Liz and Maxie eavesdrops as they talk. Liz tells Lucky they are over. She's totally stressed out and it's not doing anyone any good. Maxie appears to be relieved. Later on, Liz reveals to Epiphany her doubts about Maxie's pregnancy. Epiphany tells her to find out for sure if Maxie was ever pregnant, and Liz ends up with the proof when the blood test in the file reveals a different blood type. Epiphany is furious, but Liz stalls her from revealing the truth.

Tracy tries to recruit Dillon into helping her bring Sam down, but Dillon is preoccupied with Lulu and finding out the truth about Rick Webber. Tracy makes some phone calls and gets some damning evidence about Sam's past.

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