General Hospital Daily Recaps for the week of February 5, 2007

The hostage situation reached a crisis point. Emily and Carly were forced to operate on Robin in an effort to save her life. Elizabeth's expertise as a surgical nurse allowed her to sew the artery before Robin bled to death. Meanwhile, Alan seemed to suffer a cardiac crisis. Emily did everything she could to save her father but his condition was critical. The stress took its toll on Elizabeth, as well. She suffered severe cramping, indicating that she might be in labor. Craig forced Emily to make a choice of which person would be released for medical care-Alan or Elizabeth. He refused to allow Robin to be a choice.
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The hostage drama at Metro Court continued to unfold
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A hostage situation unfolds at Metro Court

A hostage situation unfolds at Metro Court

Monday, February 5, 2007

10 hours earlier...

Across the street from Metro Court hotel, Luke announced that he intended to rescue Lulu while Mac wasted time negotiating with James Craig. Frustrated, Mac reminded Luke that Lulu wasn't the only hostage in the hotel, but Luke argued that Mac's refusal to take bold action had only given Craig more time to prepare. When Lucky walked up, Mac filled him in on Luke's plan then threatened to arrest Luke if Luke made a move for the hotel.

After Mac stepped away, Luke invited his son to join him on the rescue mission, but Lucky advised Luke against it. Lucky worried that Luke's rash action might get someone -- or Luke -- killed, and Lucky wondered how that would help Lulu. Lucky pointed out that Lulu had already lost her mother, so she didn't need to grieve for a father, as well. Lucky added that Luke wasn't "Superman," but Luke didn't trust the police to handle things.

Nearby, Jason asked Spinelli what Spinelli had uncovered about the vault inside Metro Court. Spinelli furiously typed away on his laptop as he explained that the vault was on a 24-hour emergency timer, which meant that the vault would open at 5:27:23 the following morning. Jason worried that Craig might start killing hostages if they didn't find a way to open the vault before then. Jason expected the police to try to negotiate with Craig, but Jason feared that the effort was doomed to fail.

Seconds later, Jason saw Ric approach, so Jason ducked behind the stairs of a brownstone as Ric greeted Mac and asked for an update. Mac reported that Robin had been shot, but there hadn't been any word on the other hostages. Mac confessed that he wouldn't be an effective negotiator because he was worried about his niece, but Ric had no problem taking over. "Don't screw it up," Mac warned.

After Mac disappeared into the crowd, Detective Rodriguez advised Ric that the press wanted a statement. Ric instructed the detective to let the reporters know that they were doing everything possible for the safe release of Robin and the others. Next, Ric turned his attention to the SWAT captain because he wanted to know how long it would take SWAT to fill the lobby with tear gas. "A few seconds," the captain assured Ric.

Nearby, Luke overheard the exchange. He quickly updated his son and warned Lucky that Ric's plan was a disaster in the making. Luke had renovated the hotel for Carly, so he was confident that he could easily slip into the hotel, unnoticed, and gain control of the situation, not just for Lulu, but for Liz and the baby's sakes too. Lucky resented his father trying to manipulate him by using Liz and the baby.

At the same time, Ric decided to call Craig, but the exchange was short and ended with Craig abruptly ending the call. Ric confided to Mac that Craig hadn't sounded panicked or particularly worried, which suggested to Ric that Craig might not have much incentive to negotiate. Mac asked if Craig had given an update on Robin, but Ric shook his head.

Jason and Spinelli were huddled in front of a brownstone as they eavesdropped on Ric and Mac's exchange. Jason worried that Ric might have been doing damage control. Stunned, Spinelli asked if Ric had a connection to the gunmen, but Jason didn't want to wait to find out. Jason pulled Spinelli with him as he ducked down an alley.

A short time later, Jason and Spinelli entered Sonny's office. Jason revealed that he intended to kill as many gunmen as possible in a one-man rescue attempt, but Spinelli argued that it sounded like a suicide mission, not a plan. Spinelli reminded Jason that there was strength in numbers, but Jason made it clear that working with the police was not an option nor was utilizing Sonny's men because hostages might get caught in the crossfire if they went in guns blazing. Jason believed the best hope of a rescue was if he slipped in alone then took gunmen out one at a time until he reached the hostages. "Or die trying," Spinelli muttered.

Jason gave Spinelli a list of things that he needed, including James Craig's background, how many men were working for him, and the type of guns they were using. Jason also wanted Spinelli to check Craig's phone records against Alcazar's, but Spinelli demanded that Jason slow down and focus on his priorities. Jason asked Spinelli to access the security cameras in the hotel's lobby. A few clicks later, Spinelli was able to connect to a live feed, but a masked man walked up to the camera then covered it with black spray paint. Jason was certain that the man had been Craig.

At the hospital, Skye answered a call from Jason. She explained that "Lorenzo" was in surgery, but Jason had little empathy. He demanded that Skye contact him as soon as Alcazar woke up because he needed answers. Upset, Skye told Jason that Alcazar might not wake up and that she cared more about Alcazar's life than whatever had been stashed inside Metro Court's vault. Skye was unaware that Monica had entered the hospital room in time to hear what Skye had said before disconnecting the call. Monica immediately confronted Skye about Alcazar's role in the hostage situation unfolding at the hotel.

Monica knew that Craig was after whatever Alcazar had put in the vault, and she theorized that Alcazar hadn't hidden the item under his own secure roof because it would endanger Skye and Lila Rae. Monica couldn't understand how Skye could let Alan go to Metro Court, knowing that his life might be in danger. Skye reminded Monica that Alcazar was Lila Rae's father, but Monica argued that Alan was Skye's father; he had adopted Skye and had made her a part of his family. Monica implored Skye to share what she knew because both Alan and Emily needed Skye's help.

In the operating room, Noah cautioned Patrick about the surgery to remove the bullet from Alcazar's brain. As Epiphany passed the medical instruments that Patrick requested, Patrick explained that he would do things his way, but he was also mindful that time was of the essence for Robin. Noah's expression filled with apprehension as he watched his son operate. When Patrick finished the surgery, Noah worried that Patrick had sacrificed results for speed, but Patrick insisted that he had removed the bullet with minimal tissue damage.

A short time later, Noah and Patrick let Skye know that the bullet had been removed, but they would not know if the surgery had been a success until Alcazar woke up. Skye stopped Patrick from continuing then asked Monica to leave the room. Annoyed, Monica admitted that she'd preferred Skye when Skye had been drinking. Once Monica was gone, Skye asked if there had been any complications during the surgery. To her surprise, Patrick turned things over to his father and left. Noah quickly followed his son, but Patrick explained that he didn't care about anything except that the woman he loved might die.

After Patrick marched off, Skye wanted to know what Noah and Patrick had not been telling her. Noah admitted that the bullet had lodged in a sensitive area of the brain and that surgery in that particular area was difficult under the best of circumstances. Skye worried about Alcazar's prognosis and whether she would ever see him smile again, but Noah explained that they would have to wait until Alcazar woke up.

Elsewhere, Monica called out to Patrick when she saw him run to the elevator, but he ignored her as the elevator door slid closed. Epiphany explained that Patrick was distracted because Robin was a hostage at Metro Court, but Monica pointed out that both her daughter and husband had been swept up in the crisis. Monica shifted gears because she was curious if Epiphany had been on Alcazar's operating team. When Epiphany confirmed that she had been, Monica asked if there had been any indication that Alcazar might have information about what had been transpiring at Metro Court. Epiphany admitted that Patrick had talked about it.

Monica decided to call Mac to let him know that Skye might have information about the gunmen at Metro Court. Monica waited until Mac arrived then followed him to Alcazar's hospital room. Skye denied knowing anything about the gunmen, but Monica didn't believe her. Monica filled Mac in about what she had been able to piece together, but Skye insisted that everything had been erroneous speculation on Monica's part. Mac warned Skye that it would be on Skye's head if anything happened to the hostages and she had remained silent about something that might have helped.

Later, Skye was at Alcazar's bedside when he slowly opened his eyes. Jason appeared in the doorway as Alcazar groggily asked where he was. Skye gently explained that Alcazar had undergone surgery because Sonny had shot him. Impatient, Jason cut to the chase and asked what the combination to the briefcase that Alcazar had locked in the vault at Metro Court was. Skye volunteered that the first three digits were, "Seven, six, seven." To Jason's frustration, Alcazar had no idea what Skye and Jason were talking about nor what the combination might possibly be.

Across the street from the hotel, Patrick approached Ric for an update, but Ric didn't have any news about Robin. Patrick feared that Robin might die if she didn't receive medical attention, prompting Ric to call Craig. Craig confirmed that Robin was still alive, but he refused to release any hostages. Ric asked if Craig would be willing to accept medical supplies for the hostages, but things took a turn when Patrick tried to take charge. Annoyed, Craig ended the call.

In Metro Court's lobby, Emily and Liz tended to Robin, who continued to bleed from a gunshot to the abdomen. Emily worried about Robin because she had lost too much blood. Craig reminded Emily that he had told her to stop talking -- or she would die.

In another corner, Sam and Lulu quietly discussed their options. Sam insisted that they couldn't wait for the police to rescue them. She advised Lulu that the door at the end of the hallway led to the parking lot.

Elsewhere in the lobby, Sonny and Carly sat close together as she warned him that she would not let Sonny risk his life to save her, but Sonny argued that their sons needed Carly. Carly was adamant that she would not leave without Sonny. Sonny and Carly were startled when a gun was discharged, and a bullet whizzed over their heads. Sonny and Carly ducked down, and he asked if she was okay. Craig assured him that Carly was fine. However, Craig was tired of people ignoring his instructions.

Craig reminded the hostages that he was only interested in what was inside the vault, but there would be a price to pay if he were forced to leave without it. Craig made it clear that he wouldn't hesitate to blow the hotel to "kingdom come" if pushed too far, so he advised everyone to follow his instructions and remain silent. Craig added that the detonator remained hidden, and any of his men could trigger it. Craig was confident that his trained team would make it out of the hotel in 60 seconds before the blast destroyed everything, but he doubted that the hostages would have the same luck.

Craig asked if Sonny agreed. Sonny conceded that there were enough explosives on the walls to take the hotel down. Craig smiled with satisfaction then walked away. Carly admitted that she was frightened, but Sonny assured her that they had twelve hours to figure things out.

Everyone's attention turned to the hotel's phone when it rang. Craig was certain that it was a hostage negotiator hoping to make contact. He ignored the phone and decided to play a game of "musical hostages." According to Craig, he would begin to periodically pair different hostages up, and the one without a partner at the end of each round would be the loser. Lulu was curious what happened if there were an even number of people. Craig smiled and explained that they would have to find someone to "get rid of."

Craig looked over the hostages until his gaze landed on Liz. Craig advanced on her then grabbed her arm, but Nikolas jumped up to volunteer to take Liz's place because she was pregnant. "Next round," Craig replied. Craig threatened to play "shoot the hostage" if Nikolas didn't sit back down. After Nikolas complied, Craig led Liz out of the lobby.

When Nikolas was seated next to his sister, Lulu whispered that they needed to find a way to help Liz. Lulu suggested that they seize the opportunity to escape when they saw one, but Nikolas warned Lulu to remain where she was.

Meanwhile, Sam was paired up with Father Ruiz. She suggested that the priest might have been better off minding his own business, but Father Ruiz wondered where that would have left her. "What do you care?" she asked. Father Ruiz assured Sam that he would never do anything to harm her.

Elsewhere in the hotel, Craig shoved Liz into a room then shut and locked the door. Liz tensed when she heard moaning. She turned on the light then looked at the sofa where she saw Alan stretched out and clutching his chest. Liz rushed to his side as he worriedly asked about Robin. Liz assured Alan that Robin was alive, and Emily was with her. She urged Alan to rest. She reached for a napkin, poured some water on it, then patted Alan's brow.

In the lobby, Emily objected when she was pulled away from Robin. She insisted that someone needed to apply pressure to Robin's wound, so Craig decided to seat Emily next to Sonny then put Carly in charge of Robin's care. Carly argued that she was not a doctor and was therefore unable to help Robin, but Craig didn't care. He decided that it might be "fun" to watch Carly figure things out.

Tension mounted when Max was determined to be the "odd man out" in the game. Craig ordered one of his henchmen to deal with Max, but Carly warned Craig that Robin wouldn't last five minutes unless Max helped Carly stem the bleeding. Craig relented, and Max thanked Carly as he sat down next to her.

Finally, Craig answered the phone. Ric introduced himself then asked if there was anything that Craig needed, but Craig made it clear that he didn't want to hear from Ric unless Craig initiated the call. Next, Craig seated a terrified hostage next to Father Ruiz. Sam offered to help Carly and Max take care of Robin, but Craig declined. Sam realized that she had heard Craig's voice before, but she couldn't place it.

Later, Carly worried about Robin's bleeding. She decided to replace the bandage, but Emily spoke up before Carly could remove the one that had been used to apply pressure to Robin's wound. She explained that removing the bandage would make the bleeding worse, so Emily advised Carly and Max to apply the additional bandage over the existing one. Craig was furious because Emily had spoken up, but Sonny assured Craig that it had been a mistake, and he promised that it wouldn't happen again.

After Craig turned his attention elsewhere, Sonny reminded Emily that she needed to keep her head down and remain vigilant for an opportunity to escape, but Emily argued that she would not leave without the others. Sonny pointed out that someone needed to warn the police that the lobby was wired to explode.

Meanwhile, Carly apologized to Max. She realized that Max would have been at a café far from the hotel if she hadn't dragged him into her argument with Sonny. Max assured Carly that he would rather be there with her than outside, worried about her fate.

Minutes later, Craig noticed Lulu slowly sliding to the edge of the bench that she and Nikolas were seated on. Craig sat next to Lulu. "Going somewhere?" he asked as one of his henchmen sat on the other side of Lulu. Lulu claimed that she had been trying to get something to drink, but Craig decided that it was time to teach his hostages a lesson by making an example of Lulu. Craig announced his intention to shoot Lulu in the leg, but Carly jumped up and complained about having to take care of Robin. Carly pointed out that she didn't even like Robin, but she was covered in Robin's blood.

Carly insisted that Robin needed Emily's help. Craig was curious if Emily was interested in helping. "Of course," Emily replied. However, Craig had other plans. He decided to keep Lulu busy helping Carly while he took Emily somewhere private to "finalize a few details." Nikolas objected, but Emily intervened before Craig could punish Nikolas for the outburst. Craig took Emily to the room where Alan and Liz were being held. Emily ran to her father's side while Craig took Liz with him when he left.

Emily conceded that a concussion might explain her father's dizziness, but not the shortness of breath. Alan reminded his daughter that he'd been a doctor longer than she'd been alive, and he knew the difference between a panic attack and a heart attack. Alan was confident that he just needed to get up and walk around a bit, but the pain in his chest increased when he tried to sit up. Weak and in agonizing pain, Alan collapsed back on the sofa. Terrified, Emily cried out for help.

In the lobby, Craig seated Liz next to Sam. Sam quietly revealed to Liz that there was a cell phone in a desk drawer that Sam could use to contact the police if Sam could get her hands on it.

Meanwhile, Nikolas wanted to know where Craig had taken Emily. Craig assured Nikolas that Emily was tending to her father. Sonny decided to approach Craig about cutting some kind of deal. To Sonny's surprise, Craig expressed an interest, and he instructed one of his henchmen to make Sonny comfortable.

Across the room, Lulu worried about Robin, but Carly vowed not to let Robin die. "Do you hear me, you self-righteous twit?" Carly asked Robin in a low growl. Carly refused to let anyone blame her for Robin bleeding to death, so she demanded that Robin "suck it up" and live. Robin stirred then weakly asked what Carly was doing. "Saving your life," Carly answered.

Craig's temper flared when he noticed Sam and Liz talking. Craig grabbed Sam's arm then jerked her to her feet, but Sam fought back. She reached up and ripped off Craig's mask before he could stop her. "You really shouldn't have done that," Craig told Sam.

Outside, Luke was dressed in SWAT gear as he ordered Lucky to walk away. Lucky stood his ground and warned his father that it would be a mistake to follow through on the plan. Just then, Ric walked up. "No way," Ric said when he saw Luke, but Luke was unapologetic as he explained that he needed to rescue Lulu. Disgusted, Ric ordered Lucky to arrest Luke, but Luke warned Lucky not to do it. Lucky turned to Detective Rodriguez for the honors.

Patrick used the distraction of Luke's arrest to slip away from the police and race into the hotel. One of the officers started to go after Patrick, but Ric halted the man. Ric suggested that Patrick might have given them the opening that they had needed.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

9 hours earlier...

Mr. Craig refused to allow Patrick to enter the hotel but did allow him to give Carly instructions on how to operate on Robin, using items found in the hotel. Mr. Craig told Carly she could pick one person to help her, and she chose Emily. Emily was in a room with her father, monitoring his deteriorating condition. They were reminiscing while he suffered through his heart attack. Mr. Craig walked in, got Emily, and told her that she would be operating on Robin. Over the phone, Patrick gave Emily a list of items she would need to perform the operation.

Mr. Craig told Nikolas that he had to go on a scavenger hunt to find the items needed to save Robin, and he had to do it in ten minutes or be killed. He allowed Sam to go with Nikolas. They were able to return just in the nick of time with all the items. They started the surgery, and everything was going fine until an artery was cut. Blood started gushing out.

Meanwhile, Lulu was locked in the room with Alan. He asked her why she thought he had killed Rick Webber, and she told him about all the investigative work she'd done. He commended her on a job well done but told her that neither he nor Monica had killed Rick Webber. Lulu was furious that he had thought Monica had killed Rick but had never spoken up. After all, Laura could have been saved from her coma. Alan told Lulu to follow the money in order to find the killer.

When Alexis learned that Sam, Sonny, and Nikolas were among the hostages at the hotel, she went to the hospital to talk to Alcazar. She was able to get no information out of Alcazar, and Skye was upset to learn that Alcazar was not faking it. He couldn't remember anything about the briefcase and didn't even recognize Jason. Skye talked to the new doctor, Dr. Russell Ford, and learned that it might be weeks or months before Alcazar got his memory back. When the doctor returned to the nurses' station, he and Epiphany had words.

Jason had Spinelli hack into the hotel's computer system, where he learned that the locks would reset themselves at 11:00 p.m. Jason planned on entering the hotel at that time.

Sam gets her hands on a weapon

Sam gets her hands on a weapon

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

8 hours earlier...

At the hospital, Alexis confronted Alcazar about his role in the hostage situation at Metro Court. Alcazar remained disoriented and confused as he insisted that he had no idea what Alexis was talking about. Skye stood in the doorway until Dr. Ford entered Alcazar's hospital room and demanded that Alexis leave. Alexis explained that she believed that Alcazar had information that might help free the hostages at the hotel, but Dr. Ford refused to let Alexis badger his patient. He threatened to call security if Alexis didn't leave. Alexis reminded Skye that the man that Skye loved as a father was among the hostages, but Skye remained quiet.

Frustrated, Alexis grabbed her coat and purse as Dr. Ford marched Alexis into the hallway. However, the doctor's annoyance turned to concern when Alexis suddenly swayed on her feet from a dizzy spell. Dr. Ford insisted on giving Alexis an exam. Alexis objected, but Dr. Ford took her to a hospital room then ordered her to change into a hospital grown.

A short time later, Dr. Ford returned to check on Alexis. She insisted that she was fine, but Dr. Ford had talked to her oncologist and was aware that Alexis had had an adverse reaction to chemotherapy and a history of secondary infections. Alexis assured Dr. Ford that she knew her body, and she was confident that she did not have a secondary infection. Dr. Ford preferred to wait for the test results. He informed Alexis that initial tests showed that she was dehydrated, which meant that Alexis had to stay overnight. Alexis objected because she had small children at home that needed her, but Dr. Ford was confident that Alexis hadn't left her daughters home alone.

Alexis conceded that she had a nanny watching her children. Pleased, Dr. Ford was confident that Alexis' daughters would understand that their mother had decided to spend the night in the hospital to avoid spending three weeks in the hospital sometime down the road.

In Alcazar's hospital room, Alcazar tried to make sense of Alexis' accusations about his connection to the gunmen at the hotel. He couldn't understand why everyone was angry at him. Skye explained that people needed someone to blame, and Alcazar had been an easy target. However, she insisted that none of what had happened had been Alcazar's fault because he had been coerced into making the shipment, and when he'd found out that he couldn't avoid it, he had taken steps to secure the merchandise. Skye reiterated that Alcazar was not responsible for the gunmen storming the hotel and taking hostages, but Alcazar was upset that he couldn't recall the combination to his briefcase, which was at the center of everything.

In Sonny's office, Jason detailed his plans to enter the hotel at 11:00 p.m. when the security locks in the building automatically reset. Spinelli warned Jason that even if the bad guys didn't know that Jason was there, the police would because the police had the hotel surrounded. Jason asked about the hotel's floor plan and schematics. Spinelli realized that Jason would be going into the hotel blind, which meant that someone would need to guide Jason via a headset. "Are you volunteering?" Jason asked.

Spinelli admitted that he wasn't the heroic type. However, he insisted on helping Jason. According to Spinelli, both Jason and Sam had been amazing to him, and despite Jason's strange habit of barely talking and never smiling, he knew that in the fight of good versus evil, Jason was definitely on the side of the "righteous." Jason wanted Spinelli to understand that the gunmen intended to kill the hostages once they had what they were looking for and that they wouldn't hesitate to kill Spinelli if he got in the way. Spinelli was curious why Jason would risk his life, but Jason pointed out that Jason would lose everyone he cared about if the gunmen succeeded.

Later, Jason and Spinelli discussed the best way into the hotel. Jason worried that the gunmen might have placed some of the hostages in the office area. Spinelli checked the security cameras, but they had been covered with black spray paint like the ones in the lobby. As Spinelli reviewed the security footage, he noticed that Alan and Lulu had had a heated discussion right before the gunmen had stormed the lobby. Spinelli wondered if Alan knew that Lulu suspected Alan of killing Rick Webber, but Jason assured Spinelli that Alan would never hurt Lulu.

The conversation turned to Robin when Jason admitted that he suspected Robin's shooting had been random. Jason explained that Robin knew how to handle herself in a crisis, and he was certain that she wouldn't have drawn attention to herself. Spinelli admitted that he didn't have the same faith in Lulu because she tended to get "mouthy" when she was frightened. Spinelli worried that Lulu might get herself killed, but Jason assured Spinelli that Lulu had as good of a chance of survival as the rest of the hostages.

Spinelli was curious who Jason intended to rescue first, but Jason admitted that he hadn't thought about it. Spinelli pointed out that Sam was the love of Jason's life, but Liz was Jason's friend and was pregnant. Plus, there were also Emily, Alan, Sonny, and Carly who had been taken hostage. Spinelli realized that Lulu would be low on Jason's list of priorities. To Jason's surprise, Spinelli announced that he intended to accompany Jason on the rescue mission. Jason didn't try to talk Spinelli out of it, but he warned Spinelli that Spinelli had to follow instructions and stay out of Jason's way.

Spinelli didn't mind if Jason made himself a moving target, but he implored Jason not to get shot. Just then, Jason's phone rang. It was Michael. Michael admitted that he'd seen the report on the news about the hostage crisis at his mother's hotel, and he was worried because Sonny and Carly weren't home.

A short time later, Jason arrived at Greystone Manor. Leticia was with Morgan and Michael as Jason entered the living room. She immediately apologized to Jason then explained that Michael had turned on the television before she had been able to stop him. Jason assured Leticia that it was okay. Michael admitted that he was worried about Sonny and Carly, so Jason assured the young boy that Sonny and Carly were okay. Michael tearfully asked Jason to save his parents.

In the hotel, Lulu was taken to a room and locked inside. Lulu was horrified when she turned on the light and saw Sonny seated in a chair. Sonny had been beaten up and his hands had been handcuffed behind his back. Stunned, Lulu asked what had happened to him. Sonny explained that Craig had been worried that Sonny might lead a revolt with the hostages. Disgusted, Lulu accused Craig of being a "psychopath." Sonny agreed, and he cautioned Lulu to be careful around Craig.

"He's going to kill us all, isn't he?" Lulu asked as her expression filled with fear. Sonny revealed that Craig had gotten upset when Sonny had suggested that Craig had lost control of the situation. Lulu agreed that things had deteriorated. Sonny offered Lulu some words of encouragement and advised her to remain calm, but Lulu insisted that it was impossible because she was a Spencer and tended to act before she thought things through. Sonny admitted that he saw a lot of Luke in Lulu, and he assured her that she was courageous like her father.

Sonny warned Lulu not to react to Craig because that was what Craig wanted. He advised her to remain calm and to stay vigilant for an opportunity to escape. Lulu assured him that she would try. Satisfied, Sonny shifted gears by asking about Carly. Lulu told him that Carly had been enlisted to help Robin. To Lulu's surprise, Sonny was confident that Carly would succeed. He explained that Carly had been through a lot, and she had made mistakes -- including Sonny -- but she was strong and never quit, especially for the people that she cared about.

In Metro Court's lobby, Craig, the gunmen, and the hostages watched as Carly held a cordless phone to her ear while she passed along Patrick's life-saving instructions to Emily. Patrick explained that Carly needed to clamp the bleeding artery in Robin's abdomen while Emily stitched it. Carly admitted that it was impossible to see because Robin continued to bleed profusely from the gunshot wound. Liz grew anxious and stood up, intending to help Emily, but Craig stopped her by pointing his gun at her. Craig questioned what kind of mother would recklessly endanger her unborn child.

Emily and Carly continued to struggle to save Robin's life. Frustrated, Nikolas stood, followed by Sam, Max, and Father Ruiz. Nikolas warned Craig that they wouldn't stand by and watch Robin die, so Craig agreed to let Liz replace Carly under the condition that Carly would pay a price later. "Fine," Carly agreed. Liz ran over to assist Emily. Within minutes, Emily and Liz successfully stemmed the bleeding and completed the surgery.

To everyone's shock, Craig demanded that Carly close Robin up. Emily assured Craig that she wouldn't mind, but Craig insisted that it be Carly or no one. Carly knew that Craig expected her to fail, but she vowed to show him that she could do it. Carly went to work. "I hate this," she repeatedly muttered as she stitched Robin's incision. Once Carly was done, Craig decided to give her a reward. He instructed Liz to finish bandaging Robin then dragged Carly away.

A short time later, Craig entered Sonny's hotel room with Carly in tow. Carly was stunned when she saw her husband's bruised face, but Sonny assured her that he was fine. Craig escorted Lulu back to the lobby to give Carly and Sonny time alone, but he made certain to lock the door. Carly's frustration mounted when she realized that Sonny had been handcuffed. Carly began to break down as she told him about the ordeal that she had endured trying to save Robin's life.

Carly worried that people would blame her if Robin died. Sonny assured Carly that she had "done good," and he was proud of her. Once Carly calmed down, Sonny asked her to search for a paper clip that they could use to pick the lock on the handcuffs. To Carly's surprise, she found one easily. She went to work on the lock as she complained about all the times that she had asked Jason to teach her the skill, but he had refused. To Carly's astonishment, she managed to unlock the handcuffs.

Sonny praised Carly's efforts then hid the handcuffs before resuming his seat. Carly demanded to know why they weren't trying to escape, but Sonny explained that they would be better off waiting for Craig or one of his men to return and use the element of surprise to their advantage. Carly had reservations about the plan, but Sonny asked her to sit because he wanted to tell her something before their captors returned. Sonny confessed that he had been wrong for tricking her into getting back together with him. He realized that it was Carly's life and that she should be able to choose. Sonny admitted that he been jealous of Jax because Sonny had wanted Carly's love for himself.

Sonny regretted that he hadn't told Carly the truth sooner, but he had let his pride get in the way. Sonny assured Carly that she was his whole life. He loved her, and he always would.

Across the street from Metro Court, Patrick was frustrated that Craig had abruptly ended the call with Carly once Robin's bleeding had stopped and the surgery had been completed. Ric was curious if Patrick had heard any other hostages in the background, but Patrick reminded Ric that he'd been busy trying to talk Emily through a procedure that had been beyond the young woman's capabilities. Ric appreciated that Patrick was upset, but Ric worried that there might be other hostages who had been injured. Patrick insisted that his only obligation had been to save Robin's life, which had been his sole focus.

Mac asked if Robin would make it. Patrick explained that if Carly had been correct about stopping Robin's bleeding, and if the sutures held, then Robin should be okay. At that moment, Skye walked up to confront Patrick about Alcazar's surgery. She hoped that Patrick had malpractice insurance because she intended to sue Patrick for butchering Alcazar. Concerned, Patrick ask if Alcazar had been experiencing side effects. Skye revealed that Alcazar was disoriented and emotional, especially after being berated by Alexis. Ric perked up when Skye mentioned that it had been a good thing that Alexis had gotten dizzy and nearly fainted because Skye had no idea how far Alexis would have gone.

Ric asked if Alexis was okay, but Skye informed him that she had no idea because she had been concerned about the father of her child. Skye turned back to Patrick and blasted him for not giving Alcazar proper care because Patrick had been too busy worrying about Robin.

After Skye left, Patrick checked in with Mac, hoping that there had been an update about Robin. Mac revealed that the gunmen had sealed up the lobby, and the ringleader had stopped answering the phone. Mac assured Patrick that they were still trying to get information about Robin's condition. However, Mac shifted gears because he had overheard enough of Patrick's conversation with Skye to know that Patrick had taken a big risk for Robin. Mac acknowledged that if Robin survived, it would be because of Patrick.

In Alexis' hospital room, Ric greeted Alexis. She assured him that she was fine and downplayed her symptoms, but Ric was skeptical. Alexis explained that she had been admitted for dehydration, but she insisted that the doctor had overreacted because she had been getting stronger every day. Alexis warned Ric that she would not give him more leverage to use against her in court, but Ric argued that he was genuinely concerned about Alexis and wanted to help her. He promised that he didn't want to take Molly away from her, but Alexis didn't believe him, since he wanted custody of their daughter.

Ric reminded Alexis that he loved their daughter and wanted only the best for Molly, but Alexis thought that Molly would be happiest living with her mother and her sister Kristina. Ric wanted the court to decide, but he urged Alexis to ask for a continuance until she had recovered. Before Alexis could reply, Dr. Ford entered the room and immediately picked up on the tension between Alexis and Ric. Dr. Ford ordered Ric to leave, but Ric claimed that he was Alexis' "soon-to-be ex-husband" and had a right to know why she had been admitted to the hospital.

Dr. Ford made it clear that he would only discuss Alexis' case with his patient. He ordered Ric to leave, or Dr. Ford would have security escort Ric out. Alexis smiled as Ric stormed out. She told the doctor that it had been the first useful thing that he'd done for her all night. Dr. Ford checked her I.V. then told her that she would get to go home in the morning if everything went well. He suggested that she eat something, but Alexis admitted that the anti-nausea medication didn't work well.

To Alexis' surprise, Dr. Ford empathized because his wife had battled ovarian cancer, and she had only found relief with an illegal substance. Alexis chuckled at the idea that Dr. Ford's wife smoked pot. She was curious how the doctor's wife was doing, but her smile vanished when Dr. Ford revealed that his wife had died six months earlier.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Skye sat at Alcazar's bedside as he slept. She confessed that she was afraid to wake him and see the confusion in his eyes. Skye hoped and prayed that the hostages made it out of the hotel okay. She reflected about Alan and how he had treated her like a daughter from the day they had met, and she cared about Emily and Lulu; however, Alcazar and Lila Rae were her family, too. Skye believed that he needed her, and no matter what happened to the hostages, Skye would make certain that Alcazar was not blamed.

In the lobby, Nikolas quietly urged Emily to get some rest, but Emily worried that Robin might need her. He assured Emily that she had done everything possible to save Robin, and he would wake her if anything changed. Emily feared that she had not done enough.

Meanwhile, Sam helped Liz clean up and make Robin comfortable. As Liz reached for one of the towels, she noticed that a knife had been left forgotten in the mess. She quickly showed it to Sam as they gathered the bloody rags. The knife was tucked into a bundle that Sam was given permission to discard, and Sam managed to slip the knife up her sleeve just as Craig returned with Lulu. Craig was intrigued when Lulu expressed concern for Liz. He questioned the women about their relationship, and Liz was forced to admit that they were ex-sisters-in-law.

Craig paired Lulu and Liz together to keep watch over Robin then placed Sam with Father Ruiz. Next, Craig stationed Max by the hotel's entrance as a human shield if the police attempted to shoot or enter.

Lulu worried about Robin because she was pale and her breathing was shallow. Liz quietly explained that Robin needed a blood transfusion. Lulu wanted Liz to get some rest, but Liz assured Lulu that she was fine.

Meanwhile, Sam confided to Father Ruiz about learning that she would never carry a child. Sam had hated Liz for being pregnant, which she knew sounded bad. Father Ruiz disagreed; it sounded human to him. Sam admitted that she felt strangely fortunate because, even though she was terrified, what Liz felt had to be worse because Liz was not only pregnant, but she would be leaving a little boy behind.

Craig checked on Robin. Liz reported that Robin's pulse was steady. Craig wondered if that meant that Robin would live, but Liz explained that it was too soon to tell.

Outside, Patrick prayed that Robin would live. At the same moment, Robin stirred then muttered Patrick's name. Robin started to sit up, but she cried out in pain. Craig smiled as he watched Robin scream and writhe in agony while Liz desperately tried to calm her patient.

Meanwhile, Father Ruiz was surprised when Sam quietly asked if he knew how to use a knife in a fight. Father Ruiz confirmed that he did. "What about to kill?" she wondered. Father Ruiz admitted that there had been a time that he had. "What about now?" Sam whispered as she showed him the tip of the knife that she had hidden up her sleeve.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Skye worried when Lorenzo asked her about the shipment but then didn't remember the code. He started to get upset when he thought she was mad at him. Dr. Ford went to see her to tell her that some cognitive specialists were on their way to see Lorenzo and give him some tests to see the extent of his possible brain damage.

Meanwhile, Tracy showed up at the police station and agreed to bail Luke out of jail if he promised to visit Skye at the hospital and find out what she was hiding concerning the shipment Lorenzo had stored in the hotel vault, because she wasn't telling everything she knew. Luke thanked her and headed to the hospital. He confronted Skye about what she knew. Skye told him everything she knew. Luke wondered if Alcazar had told her everything he had been up to. He wasn't pleased with Skye because she should have warned her family and Lulu to not go near the hotel if she'd known that it could be dangerous.

Skye claimed she could not have anticipated that Mr. Craig would have undermined Lorenzo and created a hostage situation to get the briefcase. Luke told her he was familiar with some of the briefcases she described and believed some of them exploded if the wrong code was put in or if no code was put in within a certain time frame. Luke headed back to where the police were staked out across from the hotel. He told Lucky that he needed to get inside the hotel and save everyone because the cops wouldn't do anything.

Inside the hotel, Robin woke up in extreme pain because of the surgery done on her. She made a lot of noise, which bothered the hostage-takers. They ordered Emily and Liz to get Robin to shut up, or they would shoot her and kill her immediately. Liz asked them if she could go to the hotel gift shop and get some pain relievers for Robin. They said no to it, since aspirin wouldn't help Robin.

Lulu stood up and suggested that they give Robin some alcohol, which was set up right there in the lobby, to help numb Robin. They said no but Sam stood up and yelled at them to let Lulu bring Robin something to help numb the pain, and then Robin would stop yelling out in pain. However, Mr. Craig entered the room and objected to Lulu taking anything over to Robin, since she was always causing trouble with her mouth.

Meanwhile, Sam tried to pass the knife, which she'd gotten from Liz that had been used for Robin's surgery, to Father Mateo. Mateo whispered to her that he couldn't use the knife on anyone. Sam was disgusted that he couldn't help them by doing what he had once been able to do naturally when he'd been younger and in gangs. Sam hid the knife again when Mr. Craig walked over and asked them what they were whispering to each other about. Sam explained that Mateo was the identical twin brother of the man who had tried to rape and kill her and that she didn't trust him to not be just like his brother. Mr. Craig asked Father Mateo if he secretly lusted after Sam like his brother had. Father Mateo said no and that he was praying to God for Mr. Craig's soul right then.

In one of the other rooms, Carly and Sonny talked. Sonny poured out his heart to Carly. Carly almost succumbed to Sonny but then pulled away as they were about to kiss and told him that they weren't good for each other, even if they loved each other. She added that she was supposed to marry Jax when he got back. Sonny told her that it would be different that time because he was a different man than he had been when they'd been married before. Carly told him that things started out promising with them in the beginning, but then she did something he didn't like, and he couldn't forgive her, which ruined things. Sonny thought it would be different that time and asked her to consider staying with him for the kids, if nothing else.

Mr. Craig entered the room. Sonny put his hands behind his back to pretend he was still handcuffed. Mr. Craig asked them what they had been up to in the room. They didn't tell him. Mr. Craig asked if Sonny was still willing to help him escape. Sonny tried to buy him off in exchange for Carly's freedom. Mr. Craig said he couldn't do that, since it wouldn't be fair to the other hostages to let Carly go and make them stay behind.

Sonny made a smart remark, which got him a blow to the face. Carly tried to go to him, but Mr. Craig held her back. He told Sonny that they were more alike than he thought. Carly defended Sonny and told Mr. Craig that he was nothing like Sonny, who was loving and loyal to his friends. Mr. Craig ordered Sonny to give him the number of the person that he needed to contact to set up a plane to be ready for his escape. Sonny gave him the number.

Meanwhile, Jason and Spinelli planned how they were going to get into the hotel without being seen by the police or Mr. Craig. Mike showed up at Sonny's office with a blueprint of the hotel that he had, and he claimed he'd used one of the back rooms of the hotel to play poker and gamble and knew a way for Jason and Spinelli to get inside without being seen. Jason thanked Mike. Mike said Jason could thank him by getting his son out of the hotel alive. Spinelli showed Jason some high-tech headphone pieces that could be used as a mini radio device so they could communicate with each other quietly. He tested them. Jason asked Spinelli to find out what he could on Mr. Craig to see if there was anything they could use to get to him.

Ric showed up with a warrant to detain Jason for 48 hours to keep him from going into the hotel to try to stop the hostage-takers on his own. Jason got a call on his cell phone from Sonny, who had a phone held to his ear by Craig himself. Sonny asked Jason if it was safe to talk. Jason signaled to him that it really wasn't. Sonny told Jason what he wanted Jason to do, and Jason said okay. Ric waited until Jason hung up with Sonny. He thought that Jason was okaying the plan to get inside the hotel.

Ric surprised Jason when he ripped up the arrest warrant and said Jason could go inside the hotel and do what he could to save the hostages. He told Jason that he hoped Jason got himself killed but saved the hostages because then it would be a win-win situation for him. Jason didn't respond to Ric, so Ric left. Jason and Spinelli headed out to the hotel to put their plan in motion.

Meanwhile, Patrick was scared about Robin's surgery and feared she wouldn't survive the surgery and get out of the hotel alive. He prayed to God that she survived it. His friend Pete found him standing outside with Mac and the other cops. He suggested that Patrick leave for a while and take a break. Patrick said he didn't want to go anywhere with Pete. He declared that he loved Robin so much and couldn't imagine his life without her. He told Pete that he'd told himself he would never allow himself to love a woman like his father had loved his mother, where her death could destroy him like it had done to his father. However, he knew what his father had gone through.

Meanwhile, Robin drank some vodka out of the bottle and started to not feel any pain from the surgery. She was surprised when Emily told her that Carly had helped save her life by sewing up her wound with Patrick's guidance over the phone, even though they hadn't been able to remove the bullet. Robin asked them to make sure Patrick was taken care of if she didn't make it. She said that whatever woman became part of his life would have a miserable time in the beginning and joked that maybe that misery should be put on Carly. Emily and Liz laughed and told her that she needed to live because she wouldn't be able to stand it if Carly and Patrick got together.

Mr. Craig wanted to move people around again, and they made Nikolas go and take care of Alan in one of the other rooms. Mr. Craig got Nikolas mad when he made a crude remark about how Nikolas could tell Alan all about what he did with Emily when they were alone together. Nikolas threw Mr. Craig against the wall and threatened him to keep his mouth shut about Emily. The only female hostage-taker walked in and held a gun on Nikolas to get him to release his hold on Mr. Craig -- or they would kill him. Craig warned Nikolas to watch his temper, or he would be killed. He pushed Nikolas into the room with Alan.

Alan wasn't too pleased to have to spend time with Nikolas. Nikolas told Alan that Emily had performed the surgery on Robin, and Robin had survived it. Alan told Nikolas he wanted Nikolas to tell Emily that he loved her and was very proud of her. He also told Nikolas that he should have told Emily how much she meant to him already, that they didn't know if they would get out of the hotel alive, and that he should tell Emily what she meant to him. Alan started getting more chest pains and had a hard time breathing. Nikolas checked on him and called for help.

One of the masked men entered the room to see what Nikolas wanted. Nikolas asked him to go and find a defibrillator in the hotel so they could help Alan. The man refused to help him and told Nikolas that he didn't care if Alan died because it meant one less person he had to watch.

Later, Patrick argued with Ric about calling Mr. Craig and asking for a way to get Robin out of the hotel in exchange for something Craig wanted. Ric told him that Mr. Craig didn't want to negotiate and wasn't making any demands, so they couldn't do anything but wait. Later, Liz started cramping up, which concerned Lulu, who asked if she could get some water for Liz because Liz was dehydrated. Mr. Craig objected to it, since he didn't think water would help Liz. He ended up sending Lulu into another room.

Sam stood up, yelled at Mr. Craig about not being reasonable about Liz, and pointed out that no one wanted to have to deal with Liz going into labor. Sam said to just let Liz have some water. Liz got her water. Mr. Craig warned Sam to back off and told her she wasn't very bright if she thought he would hesitate to kill her. Sam smiled at him and told him she wasn't scared of him. She distracted him enough, and Max helped, also.

Sam managed to knock the gun out of Mr. Craig's hand, put him in a chokehold, and put the knife she had hidden against his throat. As that was going on, Sonny and Carly distracted one of the men who had entered to get Carly, knocked him out, and took his gun. Jason and Spinelli got to one of the back entrances of the hotel. Spinelli used one of his gizmos and disengaged the alarm to unlock one of the doors to get inside the hotel.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Mr. Craig decided to move everyone around again to make sure they didn't get comfortable and start to plot against the mercenaries. He took Sam into one of the hotel rooms and started to unzip her outfit. Sam called him a name, thinking he was about to rape her. He was not and told her so. He told her how amazing it was that she had thought she would be raped but was willing to do anything in order to stay alive.

Mr. Craig and Sam went back into the lobby, where everyone else was. Alan had been taken out of his room and also into the lobby. Before Mr. Craig got there, one of the other mercenaries took mercy on Alan and allowed Emily to go and get a defibrillator. Mr. Craig was furious when he learned that had been done. He decided to make Emily decide who got to go home, her father or her best friend. Liz was dehydrated and desperately needed fluids. She was cramping badly, and everyone feared that she would go into labor early and lose the child.

Jason and Spinelli got into the hotel and ended up in the room where Sonny had been beaten. Jason found blood on the floor and wondered what had happened. He decided that he needed to get up into the air ducts in order to see what was going on in the lobby.

Dillon decided that he was going to help rescue Lulu, but Lucky and Luke shot him down. They realized they could see through one of security cameras and were thrilled to see Liz. Scott walked up to Tracy to find out what was going on. He confessed his undying love for Laura and tried to tell Dillon that Luke and Laura's marriage wasn't all it appeared to be. Meanwhile, Mayor Floyd threatened Ric and told him he didn't know what he was doing. Ric asked for a little more time, and reluctantly, the mayor agreed.

Three, the mercenary locked in the vault with Maxie, began to see her in a new light as she started talking about her life. She talked about Georgie and how their mother had left and Mac was taking care of them. She also mentioned how Robin was like a sister to them. Then she started talking about Lucky and how she'd spent the past year, trying to get Lucky to love her, and she knew at that moment he was doing whatever possible to get Liz out.

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