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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 12, 2007 on GH
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Monday, February 12, 2007

Five hours earlier...

Mr. Craig tells Emily that she must choose who leaves the hotel, Alan or Liz. Alan tries to convince Emily to choose Liz but Emily tells him she will assess the situation as a doctor and choose the one who needs help more. Liz tells Emily that her pains are less intense and it is just from dehydration, that she knows she is not in labor. Emily tells her not to try to make it easy for her to decide. Mr. Craig yells at her to make a decision but Six tells him that the more Emily agonizes over choosing, the more fun it is for him and that he should allow her to take her time. After some time, Mr. Craig once again yells at Emily to choose and becomes forceful with her. Nikolas stands up to divert attention to himself. Mr. Craig turns to shoot him and Six again talks to him, stopping him from shooting Nikolas. Mr. Craig gets angry and decides to shoot someone else instead, Max.

Outside of the hotel, Ric and Mayor Floyd are discussing strategy and Mayor Floyd decides he wants to move forward with a plan to get into the hotel regardless. Patrick overhears this, becomes angry and punches Mayor Floyd for not considering the hostages. Epiphany calls Patrick to tell him he is needed at the hospital and he refuses to go. Mayor Floyd demands that Patrick be arrested for assault but Ric won't allow it. Dr. Ford arrives at the hotel to get Patrick to come to the hospital. He threatens Patrick that if he doesn't go, he will risk losing his license. Patrick says he wants to wait for Robin and Dr. Ford says that from what he knows of Robin, she would want Patrick to go to the hospital which he later decides to do.

Meanwhile, Luke and Lucky try to come up with a plan. Luke tells Lucky they will get in the hotel and infiltrate the mercenaries. In another room, Spinelli watches as Sonny tries to talk one of the guys out of shooting him. Mr. Craig comes in and tells him to tie up Sonny instead. Jason listens on while in the air-duct. Spinelli drifts off and starts daydreaming about saving Sonny and then Lulu coming in and giving him a reward kiss. There is some commotion in the lobby, so other men come to take Sonny back to the lobby. Jason comes out of the air-duct and startles Spinelli. Jason begins looking around the room and Five comes in, Jason knocks him out and takes his clothing and mask. Before he heads out of the room, Spinelli asks Jason to watch out for Lulu. Alone in the room, Five comes to and Spinelli knocks him out with his laptop.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward and Monica watch the news footage about the hostage situation. Tracy and Dillon come in. Dillon blames himself for Lulu and Alan being hostages, he explains about the PDA and the theory about Alan killing Rick Webber. Edward states that he is aware that Monica started seeing Rick again and Monica admits it. She says she has no excuse for her actions and that she always felt like she had settled when she stayed with Alan, but in actuality, it was he that she belonged with all along. She goes on to say that no matter what, they always found their way back to each other and then heads down to the hotel to wait for Alan and the rest of the hostages to be released.

Jason enters the lobby as Emily makes her decision. She chooses Alan. Mr. Craig says that he needs to walk out on his own but after Emily becomes unruly, he allows Four and Five/Jason to walk Alan out. Once outside, snipers start firing and Alan collapses. Luke and Lucky look on from a window and Luke realizes that Alan is having a heart attack. Jason watches his father, and then turns around as Carly looks at him and realizes that he is Jason.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

4 Hours Earlier...

Shots are fired between the gunman and police as Alan exits the building. He falls to the ground, holding his chest. Observing from the inside, Luke and Lucky break out of the building to help Alan. Luke fires at the sniper, while Lucky and other officers shield Alan and bring him to safety. Monica and the paramedics try to revive Alan, and he is taken off to General Hospital.

Skye tries to coax Lorenzo into remembering the code to the Equinox. He asks her why she keeps pushing him, and she tells him it's because people she cares about are in danger. She tells Lorenzo about the rush surgery performed by Patrick, and Lorenzo vows to make him pay. Skye reminds him that he was involved in espionage, and could face prison. Epiphany tells Skye they rushed Alan into the hospital.

Emily loses it on Craig for shooting her father, and in her rage, is about to pull off Jason's mask. Carly, who realizes that Jason is there, stops her in time. Emily asks Craig what his purpose is. Craig tries to remind the hostages that he is in charge, and tells Emily to stop her hysterics. He also forces Lulu to stop helping the injured Max, and has her taken away.

Spinelli tells the unconscious hostage that each hostage is important to someone, and Lulu is important to him. The door opens and Lulu is thrown and locked in with Spinelli. She is happy to see him, but tells him she won't leave without the hostages.

In the vault, Maxie sees that her captor is sleeping. She pulls off his mask and he wakes up immediately. He is angry at first, but Maxie reasons with him and he backs down. He realizes that he is in a no-win situation, and he and Maxie try to think of a way out.

Edward tells Dr. Ford that he expects the best treatment for Alan because of their influence and Alan's chief-of-staff status. Dr. Ford is unimpressed. Edward tells Alan to wake up. Skye approaches them, but Monica orders her away. She tells Edward that if not for Alcazar, there would not have been a hostage situation. Edward asks Skye if this is true, and she runs off.

Ric berates Lucky for trying to play hero. Mac steps in and tells Ric he would have let him have the clearance. Ric tells him he spoke with Craig, and heard Liz whimpering in the background.

Monica prepares to operate on Alan, and Ford tries to stop her. Monica tells Dr. Ford that she's been a cardiologist at GH for 20 years. Dr. Ford tells her she's too emotional. She tells the doctor that she is Alan's best chance. Outside, Tracy, Dillon and Edward keep vigil. Dillon tries to console Tracy. She tells him that if she loses Alan, she will get revenge on all involved, namely Skye. Dillon tries to defend her. Edward vows revenge on Alcazar.

Carly observes the masked Jason, and whispers to Sonny she wishes that Jason could be with them, but it's a shame he's in Paris.

Sam consoles Liz in her agony. She talks about the first time she saw Cameron.

Luke and Ric argue as Skye shows up on the scene. She tells Luke the name of the ring- leader is Mr. Craig. Luke takes the megaphone, and tells Craig that the briefcase is an Equinox that will self-destruct.

Lulu tells Spinelli that things in the lobby are getting worse. She takes the gun and goes out to the hall. She is stopped by the female guard, who tells her to drop the gun. Lulu gives in, and is taken to the lobby. Spinelli looks on, and remains unseen.

Maxie and the robber talk. She tells him about her longtime crush on Lucky and what she did to try to win his love.

As Lorenzo tries to remember the code, Edward storms in and holds him responsible for the events taking place at the Metro Court. Edward accuses him of playing dumb to avoid the consequences of his actions, but tells him it will not work. If Alan doesn't make it through this, he won't rest until justice has been served.

Luke continues to bargain with Craig. He tells him about the code that is needed to open the brief case, and that he will exchange himself and the code in return for the release of the hostages. Craig asks Lulu who the voice is, and she tells them it is her Dad. Craig opens the door with a gun held at Lulu's head. He asks for the code, or Lulu will die. He questions Luke's timing, and Luke tries to explain that Lorenzo is incapacitated. Craig insists on the code for Lulu's life. In the meantime, Skye tells police that Luke does not have the code.

Alan begins to flat-line, and the team tries to revive him. Dr. Ford tells Monica to let him take over.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Although Luke has spent his whole life bluffing people, as soon as he sees Mr. Craig put the gun to Lulu's head he gets scared and blurts out a phony code number. Ric threatens to arrest him, but Luke points out that Mr. Craig can't use the code until the vault opens anyway, so they still have three hours to figure something out. Tracy arrives with news about Alan's surgery. She thanks Luke for getting her brother out and pours her heart out. She tells him that although she and Alan didn't always see eye to eye, he was her big brother and she loved him.

At the hospital, Monica tells Edward, Tracy, Dillon, and Skye that Alan made it through surgery, but it's doubtful if he'll survive. Edward tells the group how he never treated Alan right. All Alan ever wanted was acceptance from his father and Edward never got the chance to show him that. He tells them how proud he was to have a brilliant surgeon for a son. He also tells Skye that this is all her and Alcazar's fault. He tells her she is no longer a Quartermaine and neither is her daughter. Skye steps up and tells him that he can say whatever he wants about her, but he better not ever say anything about her daughter ever again.

Meanwhile, Sonny tries to convince Mr. Craig to leave now. Although he will leave without what he came for, he will still leave with his life. Mr. Craig listens, but doesn't appear to take his advice. He takes Lulu and tells the masked Jason to put her back in the office. When they get behind closed doors, Jason reveals himself to Lulu. She is mad at him at first, but then realizes he is there to save her. Spinelli comes out of hiding. Jason wants Spinelli and Lulu to escape, but Lulu defies him when she realizes that once Mr. Craig realizes she is gone the lives of everyone else involved will be at stake. When Mr. Craig finds Spinelli, he puts him to work trying to crack open the vault ahead of schedule. He tells him he has one hour before he kills Lulu.

Nikolas and Emily talk over Robin about plans for escaping. Nikolas says he will grab Lulu and Emily says she will take Robin. Robin opens her eyes and tells them they need to leave her.

Sonny asks Carly to marry him if they both make it out alive.

Sam talks Liz through the contractions and the two talk about Jason, unknowing that he is standing there as a mercenary. Liz explains that she could never have married Jason, even if the baby was his, because he's in love with Sam. Liz's cramps subside just as Sam realizes that Jason is there with them.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Edward waits to talk to Monica about Alan's condition. She tells him that he is very weak and may not make it through the week. Edward asks her if he can go see Alan. She tells him he is going to be brought into I.C.U. and he can see him then. Edward tearfully asks for Alan's forgiveness for not being a good father to him and supporting his decision all those years ago to become a doctor instead of a businessman like himself. Tracy comes in next to see him. She puts on a brave front and talks to Alan like she usually does, with disdain and jealousy. She tells him that she never thought Monica was good enough for him and that she was a lousy wife to him. Monica walks in and doesn't stop her from speaking her mind. She tells Monica that she was never a good wife to Alan but for some reason Alan loved her anyway. Monica sits with him and tearfully tells him she is so sorry for being a bad wife to him and that she realizes now that he has always been the love of her life and that she will be to blame if he dies. Alan wakes up and calls out her name.

Outside the hotel, Georgie blames herself for treating Maxie badly like everyone else after she found out the lies Maxie told. She tells Dillon that if something happens to Maxie she will never forgive herself. Dillon tells her that Maxie did some crazy things but that it isn't Georgie's fault and she can't feel bad about it. Bobbie shows up and talks to Luke. Luke tells her that he tried to help rescue Lulu but he couldn't. Bobbie tells him he did the right thing by helping get Alan out of the line of fire and getting him to the EMTs outside. Bobbie talks to Georgie about leaving the area for awhile and going back to Kelly's with her. Georgie asks Dillon if he wants to come back to Kelly's with them. He tells her he is going to stay around. Georgie goes with Bobbie. Meanwhile, Patrick finishes up his rounds at the hospital and informs Epiphany and Dr. Ford that he is leaving the hospital. Dr. Ford reminds him that he is on call still and must answer his pager if he is called in. Patrick shows up and talks to Luke outside the hotel. Luke tells him he failed in his attempt to rescue the hostages. Ric tells him that they can't do anything right now but wait to hear from Mr. Craig. Later, Ric pays Skye a visit in Alcazar's hospital room. Alcazar's cell-phone rings and he is tempted to answer it. Skye tells him not to answer it because he wouldn't know what to say to his superiors and he doesn't want them to go after them. Ric suggests that they should answer the phone next time. Later when they are alone the phone rings again and Skye tells him to answer it this time. Alcazar doesn't know what to say to them since he doesn't remember anything that could help them. Skye tells him to tell them that everything is going as planned and they have nothing to worry about.

Inside the hotel, the hostages sit on the floor and around the lobby whispering to each other to find a way to escape. Spinelli works on the hotel computer to find a way to open up the vault. He whispers to Lulu about his progress. Sam and Liz whisper to each other as well about how Liz is feeling. Liz tells Sam that the cramps have died down a little and she is feeling better. The female mercenary named number 5 watches Jason and tells him to watch what he is doing. Sam realizes that Jason is one of the masked men and whispers to Liz. Liz looks over at Jason who nods to her to let her know it is him. He goes over and does what Mr. Craig asks and guards them closely. Meanwhile, Sonny tells Carly that he wants her to marry him for real after they make it out of this alive. He tells her that he didn't realize until now how empty his life is without her with him. He wants them to get married for real this time. Carly tells him to ask her again when and if they make it out alive. Jason guards them and whispers to them when no one is paying attention. Sonny wants Jason to get Carly out to there through one of the service entrances. Mr. Craig approaches them and doesn't like that they are talking again. He has them sent into another room and handcuffed to each other with their chairs facing opposite directions so their backs are facing each other. Mr. Craig warns them to stop trying to make plans to escape. Sonny tells him that he needs him alive to help him get out of the hotel later and that he won't kill him if he is smart. Mr. Craig leaves them alone in the room. Carly hopes that the phone in the room has a dial tone but Sonny doesn't think so. Carly gets frustrated that they are in there instead of out in the lobby where they can see what is going on. Carly doesn't want to leave the hotel without him and tells him that Jason wouldn't have been able to take her out of there without raising Mr. Craig's suspicions about him. Sonny thinks that Carly may know something about the code and not be aware of it. Carly doesn't think she can help with figuring out the code since she doesn't remember Alcazar telling her anything about a code when they were a couple. Sonny thinks she may know it and needs to think hard about it. Carly doesn't remember any code number Alcazar ever gave her. Sonny looks down at the phone that she dropped on the floor and notices the letters under the phone digits on the phone and has an idea. He tells her that maybe it is not the numbers that are important but what they represent as letters. Sonny looks down at the phone and has Carly do the same thing. He looks at the numbers they do know, 7 6 7. He tells her the letters that go with the numbers 7 and 6 and says them out loud. Carly doesn't see any connection with the letters at first until Sonny calls out letter combinations that have some meaning to words. She tells him to repeat one of the three letter word combinations again and he does. She thinks that the letters S O P are important and jog her memory for a minute. She thinks about it and remembers Alcazar telling her that the first woman he ever loved was named "Sophie." Sonny thinks she figured it out and comes up with the last three numbers in the code. He tells her that they can use the code to negotiate with Mr. Craig to get out of there alive. Meanwhile, Mr. Craig orders Jason to guard Sam and Liz. Sam and Liz start whispering about who should try to escape first. Liz thinks Sam should go but Sam disagrees because Liz needs medical help, not herself. Jason wait until no one is watching them and comes closer to them. He tells Sam that he wants her to make her escape when he gives the o.k. so she can go out and warn the police about the vault and the possible explosion. Mr. Craig comes over and asks them what they are whispering about. He warns Jason not to trust Sam because of what she is capable of doing. He also tells them that they will get demerit points every time they do something against his rules and that the first person to get 10 demerit points will die. He warns Sam that she already has 8 demerit points. He sends Jason to guard Spinelli and Lulu next. Spinelli is getting very close to getting the vault to open earlier and asks Lulu if he should do it now or stall them. Lulu thinks he should stall it because she is afraid that if the vault opens now and Mr. Craig gets what he wants he will kill them all that much sooner. Jason whispers that they need to do it sooner rather than later and that he has a plan in motion. Lulu reluctantly agrees to go with Jason's plan. Meanwhile, one of the mercenaries starts harassing Father Mateo when he asks for help with Max, who has a shoulder wound that is bleeding. He starts picking on him about his tattoos and what they mean. Father Mateo calmly tells him that the tattoo on his neck is of his brother Manuel and that it is a daily reminder of how his brother died by living a life of violence and that he wants a better life for himself. The mercenary dares the priest to turn the other cheek. He ends up shoving a gun into the priest's stomach to show who is in charge. Max waits for a diversion and grabs for the guy's gun while Mateo takes the guy's knife and slits his throat. Jason watches Father Mateo in shock at what he just did. Meanwhile, Robin wakes up and calls out for Patrick. Emily and Nikolas try to calm her and tell her that Patrick is outside waiting for her right now. Robin tells them that if they make it out alive not to take anything for granted and do whatever they planned to do before but put off until now. They promise to do that but believe they will all make it out alive. Robin tells them the pain is back but it feels more far away than before.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Father Mateo stabs the mercenary when he comes after him. The female mercenary shoots Father Mateo in retaliation.

Sonny makes a deal with Mr. Craig that he will give him the rest of the code if he will let Carly go. Mr. Craig takes Carly and Sonny into the lobby and explain to the rest of the hostages that Mr. Corinthos will be providing the access code once Spinelli gets the vault open. Mr. Craig takes Lulu and Spinelli to the vault, where Spinelli enters a code and it opens. In the vault, Maxie and Three scramble to their feet. Maxie had been talking to Three about how the hostages are just innocent bystanders caught in the middle. When Mr. Craig sees the briefcase he realizes that Sonny and Luke weren't lying. Three is hesitant, but hands over the briefcase. Sonny tries to convince Mr. Craig to let all the hostages go, but he will only go with the original plan. Mr. Craig opens the briefcase with the password Sonny provides and he tells Carly she can go. Carly refuses to leave Sonny's side, though.

Outside, Ric has Luke restrained to keep him from interfering. Epiphany is setting up a triage center nearby, and Luke tries to get her to get him out of the handcuffs. Patrick is impressed they have the triage set up so quickly, but Dr. Ford quickly interrupts and tells him that he's not the only one who can think of the hostages. When Alexis arrives on the scene, Ric takes her over to the triage center when he realizes how weak she is.

At the hospital, Skye talks to Alcazar about the fact that everything will be over soon. Either Mr. Craig will be caught and put away, or he will get away. She wants him to go to prison, but if he gets away then so does Alcazar. Since the Quartermaine's have disowned her, all she has now is Alcazar and baby Lila.

Back inside the hotel, Mr. Craig is distracted so Jason gives Sam the signal to make her escape. Sam rushes outside just as the cops turn the lights out. She warns them that the lobby is rigged with explosives. As the police start to throw tear gas into the hotel, Jason tackles Mr. Craig to keep him from detonating the explosives. The SWAT team enters the hotel and chaos erupts. There's a mad dash for the door, but the tear gas keeps people from being able to see the exits. Nikolas carries Robin out. Three helps Maxie out. Lulu and Spinelli run out together. Sonny and Carly hide behind a couch. Jason finds Liz and tries to rescue her. Outside, Nikolas is updating Patrick on Robin's status when he realizes that Emily isn't there with him. He starts to go back inside when the hotel explodes.

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