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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 19, 2007 on GH
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Monday, February 19, 2007

The Metro Court is a pile of rubble and bodies are everywhere. We are shown a replay of the preceding events. Rescuers go inside to look for victims.

Patrick carries Robin to a gurney. Once at the hospital, Patrick tells Kelly that Robin needs surgery. He is reassured when Robin wakes up. In her hospital room after the surgery, Robin tells Patrick when a person saves another person, they "own" them. Patrick kisses her.

Alan wakes up in the hospital. Monica explains to him what has happened and about his condition. He tells Monica about what happened in the hotel and then tells her that he wants to see his children, including AJ but then later realizes that AJ is dead. He tells Monica that he regrets the way things were with AJ and Jason and, not knowing otherwise, wonders if he is the reason that Jason didn't come to the Metro Court. Back at Metro Court, Skye arrives and Ric gives her an update on the rescue efforts and those that have been removed from the rubble so far.

Liz and a masked man appear to have been thrown into the elevator from the blast. Liz is scared but is quickly relieved when he removes his mask and it is Jason. They talk about everything that has happened and Jason feels guilty that he didn't do more to help. Liz reassures him that he did everything he could. They talk about Sam and Jason wonders if she is okay.

Within the rubble, Lucky finds Emily and medical personnel help to free her. The rescuers are seen removing Father Ruiz from the debris. Maxie and Three are also seen in the debris. Maxie tells Three to remove his mask and clothes and tell the rescuers that he was a hostage. Outside, Sam and Alexis try to hold Nikolas back from going inside to look for Emily. Lucky comes out and tells him they found her and a few minutes later, Emily emerges from the hotel and is reunited with Nikolas while Sam looks on, worried about Jason. Maxie is reunited with Mac and Georgie as she watches Three walk away. Luke is seen still handcuffed to the building across the street. He is frantic about Lulu and convinces Dillon to help him get released, which he does. Luke heads into the building.

Sonny wakes up and finds Carly in the rubble. He is able to wake her up. As they head out, Carly finds a gun in the debris. Mr. Craig is also seen within the rubble. He wakes up and finds the suitcase close by. He resets the timer. As he stands up, Six grabs his leg and tells him not to leave without her. He says he is already late and turns to leave but is shot by Sonny. As Carly grabs the suitcase, Mr. Craig gets back up and reveals his bulletproof vest on.

The rescuers are nearby and start shuffling through debris. It appears that they have accidentally removed part of the support beam and debris starts falling. Within the elevator that Liz and Jason are in, they feel the rumble. Liz feels the baby kick and she has Jason feel it. She then tells him that he is the reason the baby is alive and that he, not Lucky, is the father of her baby.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In the elevator, Jason asks Liz why she didn't tell him about the baby. Liz reminds Jason that he was not around at the time she found out the baby's paternity, and both Sonny and Carly came to the same conclusion that the baby belonged to Lucky. She was prepared to tell him face-to-face, but Carly had already told Jason that he was not the father. When Jason told her it was for the best that the baby was Lucky's, she let it go. She has no regrets about making this baby with Jason. Jason tells her he understands if she lied to protect the baby, but he didn't understand if it was for any other reason.

Mr. Craig and Sonny have guns pointed at each other. Craig tells them to hand over the briefcase to avoid a gunfight that will surely collapse the building. Sonny and Carly make it out with the briefcase and hand it over to Ric, and start to give him the code to open it. Skye shows up and tells Ric that she has the right code. Carly realizes that Skye is doing this to save Alcazar from being implicated in the ordeal. Ric says that he believes Skye, since he cannot trust his brother. He opens the case to find the charred contents.

Lucky and Nikolas argue about going back into the hotel to find Lulu and Liz. The rescuers drag Spinelli out of the rubble against his will. He doesn't want to leave without Lulu. Outside, he is hysterical as he tries to explain the final moments in the hotel to Milo and Dillon.

Inside the remains of the hotel, Luke calls out to Lulu. Seeing an arm protruding from the rubble, he works furiously to dig out who he thinks is Lulu. It is revealed to be someone else, and Luke becomes more frantic. Overcome by smoke, he asks Laura to help him find Lulu. He sees another body amongst the rubble, and is overjoyed to find an unconscious Lulu. He brings her to safety.

Dr. Ford sends Emily to GH for observation. He tells her that Dr. Quartermaine is still in ICU. He compliments the surgery she performed on Robin. Nikolas and Emily go to see Robin. Emily apologizes to Robin for not getting the bullet out. Robin thanks them for saving her life, and Emily promises a girls' night out at Jake's soon.

In the hospital room, Tracy sits with Alan. She tells him that the hostage situation is over. Alan asks for Jason. In the meantime, Liz tells Jason that she did tell him about the baby the night she found him shot in the chapel. Jason recalls that Liz told him something important, and realizes it all makes sense now. She reminds Jason that Lucky doesn't know they slept together. She tells Jason not to make excuses for her. They agree that they do not want to hurt Sam or Lucky. Jason admits, however, that when Carly told him the baby was not his, he felt a sense of loss. He tells her he wants this child more than anything. At the end of the show, he asks her to marry him.

Monica tells Alan that Robin pulled through. Alan confesses his undying love to Monica. He tells her she's not a quitter, and he's alive because of her. Emily and Nikolas walk into the room.

Robin asks Patrick to take his HIV test again. He tells her that losing her would have been the worst thing ever. Robin is wheeled off at Patrick looks on.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

When Carly and Sonny get home, she goes upstairs to take a bath. Once Sonny hears that everything is ok with Jason and Liz, he also goes upstairs. He washes Carly's hair, which leads to a passionate kiss. Carly stops him and tells him he needs to go. She has a change of heart and goes to find Sonny and kiss him.

While still stuck in the elevator, Liz and Jason talk about their pending parenthood. Liz wants to keep the fact that Jason is the father a secret longer. She wants to delay telling Lucky that he isn't the father since he has been looking forward to the new Spencer baby. Jason tells her that he can't keep something like that from Sam. Liz decides that it's in everyone's best interest if they are all honest with each other. When they are rescued, Liz sits on a gurney and gets examined. Everything appears to be fine with her and the baby. She witnesses Sam and Jason reunite and is heartbroken at their reunion.

Lucky goes running after Mr. Craig on the docks. He comes to a clearing where a man is waiting. He asks the man if he has seen a 5 foot 11 inch man with sandy, blonde hair. The man claims he's seen nothing and runs away asking him not to shoot him. Lucky turns around and Mr. Craig hits him over the head with a pipe. When Mr. Craig asks him why he ran after him instead of trying to rescue people in the hotel, Lucky explains that his pregnant wife was one of the hostages. Realizing who he's talking about, Mr. Craig tells Lucky that he stepped over Liz's body on his way out of the hotel. Upon hearing this news, Lucky becomes even more reckless, not caring if he lives or dies.

Luke is surprised that after his neglectful parenting, Lulu still has such faith in him. He realizes that he must become a better parent to Lulu. Tracy and Luke wait in the hospital lobby while Lulu is taken to surgery. Spinelli, Dillon and Milo all show up to wait, also. Spinelli tries to tell the other two men that they can go and he will call them when Lulu wakes up. He tells them that he and Lulu really connected during their life and death situation. Dillon and Milo are unnerved and decide to wait, also. Tracy asks Luke to tell Dillon that he's not allowed to date his step-sister and the other two aren't good enough for her. Luke steps in and tells them that if Lulu wants to date any one of them, leave him out of it.

Emily goes to see Alan and the two have a special moment, making it unbelievable that Emily is not Alan's true biological child. When Skye appears, Nikolas lets her have it. Skye wants to make peace with Alan. Monica and Tracy actually agree on the fact that Skye is no longer a part of the Quartermaine family. When everyone leaves, Monica shares her true feelings with Alan and tells him that she loves him and always has and always will.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tracy gets upset with Luke when he doesn't seem too concerned about the three young men who are arguing over who should get to see Lulu first after she gets out of surgery. Dillon, Milo, and Spinelli try to each state their case to Luke about why they should go first. Luke tells Dillon that he does have a little problem with Dillon because he already trampled over Lulu's heart once already. Dillon tells him that he wouldn't purposely try to hurt Lulu. Luke tells them that he is going to be the first person to see Lulu and talks to the surgeon before going in to see her. Lulu is very happy to see him and tells him he is her hero for going inside the hotel and finding her. Lulu tells him that she isn't upset with him for not being able to get her out of the hotel when he was talking to Craig and trying to negotiate for her release. Lulu tells him that she isn't mad and that she knows that sometimes you do what you can do and have accept what you can't do. Luke lets the other guys take turns seeing her and tells Tracy that he is going to let Lulu decide for herself what guy she wants to date. Spinelli comes in to see her and tells her he is sorry that he couldn't rescue her and get her out of the hotel before the explosion. Lulu tells him that it isn't his fault what happened and that she was too stubborn and didn't listen to Jason when he told her to get out when she could. Jason comes into her room to find Spinelli and tells her that he is glad she made it out of the hotel alive and her surgery went well. He tells Spinelli that he needs him to find Craig for him using his computer skills. Later, Milo brings her a drink and Dillon also brings her a drink and tries to get Milo to go away. The two argue over who is better for Lulu. Georgie finds them in there arguing and realizes what is going on. She makes a remark to them and leaves. Dillon finds her and tries to explain himself. Georgie tells him that they should probably move forward and end their relationship instead of trying to hold on so tight to the past and what they once had together. Dillon tells her he loves her and has a hard time letting her go. Georgie tells him that she knows he loves her and that maybe when they got married it was really the beginning of the end. Dillon reluctantly admits it is over between them and Georgie says goodbye to him. Later, Lulu gets a visit from Scott Baldwin. Scott tells her he wants to talk to her.

Jason is reunited with Sam outside the hotel. Sam tells him that Liz told him everything that happened. Jason thinks at first that Liz told Sam that he was the baby's father but Liz nods her head no to him while Sam isn't looking. Jason tells her they need to talk soon. Sam tells him he needs to go to the hospital and get checked out first. Meanwhile, Lucky confronts Mr. Craig, who gets Lucky's gun from him and is about to kill him. Lucky believes Craig when he claims he stepped over Liz's dead body when he escaped from the hotel earlier. Lucky dares him to kill him now since he has no life without Liz anyway. Lucky's partner Rodriguez steps in front of him and shields him from taking a bullet. Craig ends up taking off from them. Lucky gets upset with Rodriguez for not going after Craig right away. Rodriguez tells him that he shouldn't have taken on Craig by himself without backup. Lucky tells him that he wouldn't have cared if Craig shot and killed him since Craig just told him he stepped over Liz's body on his way out of the hotel. Rodriguez acts like the voice of reason and tells him that he shouldn't have let Craig get inside his head and play mind games with him like that. Suddenly, Rodriguez gets a call on his cell-phone about what is going on back at the hotel. He gets word that Liz has been found and she is alive. Lucky heads back to the area and finds Epiphany there but no Liz. She assures him that Liz and the baby seem fine but that she has been sent to the hospital for more tests. Later, Jason shows up at the hospital with Sam. They go to the E.R. with Liz. Sam puts him name on the list to be waited on while he goes to see how Alan is doing. Monica hugs Jason as well as Emily. She tells Jason that Alan is sleeping right now and that he should go get patched up and cleaned up before coming to see Alan because she is afraid if he wakes up and sees Jason he will get upset seeing him like that. Jason agrees to go get patched up and promises to come back later. Emily insists on sitting with Alan. Monica tells her that he is very weak still. Jason heads back to the E.R. and goes into one of the examination rooms with Sam. He tells her they need to talk and that something happened that he needs to tell her about. Sam interrupts him and tells him she has something she needs to tell him. Jason waits and lets her talk first. Sam tells him about her medical exam with the OBGYN and how she found out she can't get pregnant ever and that even if she could get pregnant she wouldn't be able to carry a baby to term without miscarrying. She tells him that it is because she was shot, not because of losing her baby. Jason instantly feels guilty because of Manny shooting her because of him. Sam quiets him and tells him he isn't to blame. Jason doesn't have the heart to tell her that Liz is carrying his baby after all. Liz has a similar problem after Rodriguez talks to her first and explains what Lucky did on the docks with Craig and then after hearing Lucky tell her that she and the baby are the ones who have helped him get the strength to move on and stop taking pills. Liz is about to tell him the truth but can't do it. Jason sees her through the window of her hospital room, with Lucky's head on her and her stroking his hair. Jason talks to Spinelli about some PDA that Craig will be looking for and Jason believes was being carried by the female, mercenary, #5. Craig finds her dead and in a body bag. He looks for her PDA inside her outfit. Jason walks by Alan's room and stops for a minute. Later, Sam goes by Liz's room to check on her to see if she is okay and how the baby is. Liz assumes that Jason told Sam the truth and is confused by how upbeat Sam is. She blurts out that she couldn't tell Lucky the truth. Sam asks her what she is talking about. Liz realizes then that Jason hasn't told her the truth either.

Maxie panics when the mercenary she let escape shows up in her bedroom closet. He tells her he tried to leave town but that all the roads are blocked and he can't get out of town yet. Maxie reminds him that her father is the police commissioner and it wouldn't be smart for him to be there. He introduces himself as Cooper Barrett. Cooper tells her he just needs to hide out somewhere until the road blocks are removed and there is less scrutiny around the hotel explosion. Suddenly there is a knock on the door so he hides in her closet. It is Georgie and she tells Maxie that Robin is out of surgery and Mac wants them to go see her. Maxie gets her things and doesn't say anything about her guest. Meanwhile, Robin wakes up from surgery to find Patrick there with her in her hospital room. He tells her he is leaving and that she needs to get her rest. Robin asks him to stay awhile. They end up talking about who is more bossy. Mac, Georgie, and Maxie show up to see her. Mac tells her that she needs to go and move back in with Patrick so that he doesn't have to worry about her going to stay in some hotel where she can get into trouble. Later, Robin and Patrick are alone. Robin tells him she owes him an apology and explains that it wasn't fair of her to expect Patrick to suddenly take an HIV test without not wanting to avoid it and how Alan reminded her that when he told her she needed to be tested again, she refused to do it too. Patrick tells her she was right to tell him to take the test and that he is planning to take the test right now. A person from the lab comes in and he has the blood test while holding Robin's hand. Patrick tells her he loves her. Meanwhile, Maxie returns to her bedroom with a tray of food for Cooper. She tells him she will let him hide out in her room until it is o.k. for him to leave town safely.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Jason goes after Mr. Craig in the unstable and falling down hotel. Mr. Craig finds his PDA and when objects start to fall, he makes a run for it. Jason runs after him and the two start shooting at each other in the stairwell. Mr. Craig tells Jason that Sonny and Carly were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He offers him money to let him leave.

At the hospital, Sam is visiting Liz. Thinking that Jason already told Sam, she almost blurts out that Jason is the father of her baby. She catches herself just in time, and Sam confesses her own secret. She is unable to have children of her own. After Sam leaves, Emily comes to visit and tells Liz that she thinks Alan and Jason could become closer together if Jason had a child. When Sam goes out in the lobby of the hospital, Edward corners her. He praises her heroics and the two see a news blurb showcasing Sam's actions. Edward tells Sam that she would have never been stuck in that situation if she was still working for him. He tells her that she and Jason need to hurry up and have a child together because you never know how long you have with the ones you love. While the news plays on TV, a mystery person listens in.

Sonny and Carly make love. Sonny goes to make breakfast for Carly, while Carly calls to see if someone can track down her engagement ring that was lost. When he comes back in the living room, Carly tells Sonny that the two of them can't get back together. Sonny is heartbroken but gets interrupted when the boys finally reunite with their parents. Carly mentions that they will be moving back to their house and Sonny is stunned. She tells them all that since Sonny is no longer in trouble, she has no reason to remain married to him.

Tracy goes to see Alan and tells him he needs to stop acting sick and get back to work. They two squabble back and forth, but in good fun. Tracy lets him know that she really does love him. Alan comes in and also starts talking about how much he loves Alan. Alan tells him he's not dying anymore so he doesn't have to keep sucking up. Edward tells Alan that he's made a mistake by not telling his children how he feels. When Skye comes to see Alan she receives the forgiveness she wants from him. Alan tells her that while he doesn't necessarily agree with Alcazar's way of life, he is the father of her child. Later, Monica comes to see Alan and they compliment each other and confess their love for each other. Suddenly, Alan starts to have another heart attack.

Scott goes to talk to Lulu about Laura's brief recovery. As they talk, Tracy comes in and tells Scott to leave her stepdaughter alone. Scott relents, but not before telling Tracy that it's not over yet. Later, Scott overhears Lulu and Spinelli talking. Lulu is telling Spinelli that Rick Webber and Scott helped cover up the murder of Theresa when Laura was a child. Theresa was the woman with whom Rick was having an affair when he was married to Laura's mother. Laura walked in on the two having sex in the attic. Lulu tells Spinelli that she thinks Scott might know who really killed Rick.

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