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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 26, 2007 on GH
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Monday, February 26, 2007

Alan goes into cardiac arrest. Dr. Ford tells Monica that Alan has a very short time and that everyone needs to prepare and say their good-byes. Edward sits with Alan and asks Lila for guidance. Alan grabs his hand. Emily sees Spinelli in the hospital and tells him to find Jason, and tell him that his father needs him. Monica talks to Alan and is angry because she feels helpless.

Jason and Mr. Craig are involved in a shoot out. Jason shoots him in the arm. After more gunfire, Spinelli arrives and tells Jason he needs to get to the hospital. Mr. Craig allows him to leave, giving him a free getaway.

Lucky arrives at Liz's hospital room with flowers. He does not overhear her on the phone, leaving Jason a message about the baby. He tells her that he is letting her go because that is what she and the baby need. After he leaves, Luke shows up and asks Liz what she wants. He tells her that when everything happened with him and Laura, it was Laura's forgiving him that finally allowed him to be able to forgive himself. It is after this conversation that Liz leaves the hospital and goes to the Spencer house where she finds Lucky and asks that he not give up on them. She tells him that she wants to be with him, and once they are able to fully forgive each other, she wants to marry him again.

Carly tells Sonny that things have not changed between them and she still wants to be with Jax; she and the boys are moving out. She tells Sonny that someday he will find someone who makes him happy. After settling the boys in at her place, a delivery man arrives at Carly's with flowers, from Sonny. Sonny is then seen receiving a package from a courier, it is the jewelry taken from he and Carly during the hostage crisis. Back at her place, there is another knock at the door. Believing this is Sonny, Carly opens the door yelling at him in reference to their having sex. However, it is not Sonny at the door, it is Jax.

At General Hospital, Monica tells Edward and Tracy that she has been denying the truth and that Alan really is dying. She says that they need to prepare themselves. Tracy tells Monica that Alan is going to be okay. Emily is seen sitting with Alan and shares her feelings with him. It is then that he passes away. While in the doorway sobbing, Jason arrives to a heartbroken Emily. Jason goes in and apologizes to his deceased father. Emily arrives in the lobby and informs Monica, Edward and Tracy that Alan has died.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Carly hears a knock at the door. Assuming it's Sonny she yells out as she walks toward the door, making reference to "one night of sex". She opens the door to find Jax, and throws her arms around him. He immediately pulls away and confronts her about sleeping with Sonny. Carly admits to it, but justifies it by telling him she was emotional after being held hostage. She gives him the details about the hostage crisis. She also wonders why he never responded to her emails and messages, and why it took so long for him to come home. Jax said he couldn't wait to come home, and that Jerry was having trouble with the Russian mob in remote Siberia. He also tells her emotional distress is not a reason for infidelity, and she tells him it's not infidelity when you are married. She tells him about why she had to marry Sonny. They are interrupted by Michael and Morgan, who are happy to see him back in town. The four of them spend some time together. Alone, Jax understands that Sonny is often guilty of manipulating a situation. But, he is also aware that Carly is married to Sonny. He walks out.

With Edward and Tracy standing by, Emily tells Monica that Alan died a peaceful death and that Jason is in the room with him now. Monica assumes that Jason got there in time, but Emily tells them that Jason didn't make it there on time. Edward and Monica argue over who is to blame. Emily reminds them that Alan would want them all to help each other, and not fight. Monica tells Nikolas that she is back he is back in Emily's life. Alice and Dillon arrive, and Alice gives Monica a big embrace. .

Jason is seen in Alan's hospital room. Dr. Ford tells him only family can be there, and Jason tells him that Alan is his father. Dr. Ford tells Jason about Alan's final hours, and that he was not in pain at the end. Alone, Jason tells Alan that he was on his way back to see him, and about his attempt to kill Mr. Craig. He tells him about some of the things that Craig said about wasting time, and that you only get one father. He realizes that Craig was right. He tells Alan that he is going to be a father, and that already, he would give up his life for his child. He remembers about all of the times that he hurt Alan, and now he understands the pain he caused. He puts his hand over Alan's and says he's sorry, as his eyes fill up. .

In that hall, Jason sees Skye and tells her that Alan is gone. Skye tells Jason about her regret in not telling anyone about the briefcase in the vault. He asks Skye if she knew Craig would seize the building, and if she wanted Alan to die. When she says no on both counts, Jason tells her then this was not her fault. Edward approaches Jason and comforts him. He tells Jason that if Jason had made it on time, he wouldn't have told him anything he does not already know. He tells Jason that if he ever becomes a father, he should learn from his and Alan's mistakes.

Monica asks the nurses to be alone with Alan. She says her goodbyes to Alan

Tracy reminisces with Dillon about how she and Alan used to pick on each other, but that he always had her back when it came to Edward. Alan understood what it was like to grow up a Quartermaine, and she is scared to live without him. She tells him about Alan teaching her to sail, and Dillon asks Tracy to take him sailing sometime. She explains that she never told Alan she loved him, and doesn't want to make that mistake again. She tells Dillon that she loves him, and they both break down.

Jason thanks Emily for sending Spinelli to find him. She reminds Jason that Alan loved all of his children.

Lucky and Liz agree to get married again. Lucky apologizes for hurting Liz, and she forgives him. He asks her not to marry him out of pity or fear of a relapse. She remembers the Lucky that helped her through her life's darkest times. She sees the same person and that is why she wants to marry him. He vows to love them all with all his heart. They go to the hospital to tell Lulu and Luke, who are thrilled to hear it.

Skye goes to see Edward, and tells him that he raised a good person. Edward talks about hurt between parents and children, and breaks down as Skye comforts him.

Monica returns to an empty mansion, and reminisces about arguments between her and Alan. Jason arrives, and she breaks down in his arms.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Liz tells Jason that she's fallen back in love with Lucky and is going to marry him. In an emotional appeal, Liz asks Jason to keep her baby's paternity a secret and let Lucky raise the child as his own. Liz feels Lucky would self-destruct if he learned the truth. Jason agrees to do whatever Liz thinks is best for the baby, but is not happy with the decision he has made to let another man raise his child.

Old habits die hard as Tracy and Monica spar over Alan's funeral arrangements. Knowing how everyone misses Jason, Emily asks Jason to try to visit Monica and Edward more often. Ned returns home and is reunited with his family.

Carly makes a nice gesture and offers to allow Michael to attend Alan's memorial. Meanwhile, Jax is helping Michael deal with his feelings over his grandfather's death. Jax, however, is having a hard time dealing with the fact that Carly and Sonny slept together, even though they were married.

Jax goes to visit Alexis and learns of the custody battle that Alexis is sure she is going to lose. Jax decides to take matters into his own hands and threatens to destroy Ric and Mayor Floyd's careers. Alexis' confidence is bolstered and she confronts Ric. She tells him that she knows he loves his daughter, but he loves his career more. She is confident he will choose his job over his daughter.

Luke and Scott argue when Luke finds him questioning Lesley about Laura. Luke warns Lulu not to trust Scott. Lulu goes to talk to Dillon and tells him that she's sure Scott knows something about Rick Webber's murder. She doesn't want her dad to find out about her sleuthing, though. Meanwhile, Tracy asks Monica not to mention Lulu's mission to prove Laura's innocence to Luke and Monica agrees.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Lucky persuades Liz that they should move into Laura's house when they get remarried. Lulu returns home and Nikolas stops by. Nikolas is surprised to learn that they are getting remarried. Lulu thinks they should get married right there in Laura's house instead of at the courthouse with a justice of the peace. They say no to that suggestion but then Lulu convinces them that Laura would have liked them to get married in her house. Meanwhile, Tracy shows up at Carly's house while Carly and Jax are talking about their relationship and whether they have enough trust between them to stay together. Carly thinks they do and tells him that she can't be married to Sonny and plans on divorcing him. Tracy insists they open the door to her and Jax makes it an excuse to leave. Tracy asks Carly to talk to Lulu and use her influence to stop Lulu from putting herself in danger by investigating Rick Webber's murder and that it could cause Luke to have his own meltdown if he thinks he caused her breakdown. Carly reluctantly agrees. She shows up at Laura's house to see Lulu. Lulu tells her that Lucky and Liz are getting remarried and moving into the house. Carly seems very happy for them which confuses Lulu a little bit. Nikolas, Lucky, and Liz have to leave and they leave Lulu alone with Carly. Lulu asks her why she is happy for Liz when she thought Carly hated her. Carly tells her she does hate Liz but is happy that Liz is back with Lucky so that she will now stay away from Jason again. Carly talks to Lulu about her investigation into Rick Webber's murder and asks her to be very careful since whoever did kill Rick will not like her to be poking around and it could get very dangerous. She also brings up the point that Tracy brought up with her, Luke would be devastated if he found out that he convinced Laura she did it when she actually didn't and will blame himself for her breakdown. Meanwhile, Liz goes to the park hoping to see Jason there. She starts talking to her baby and saying that she hopes she is doing the right thing having Lucky raise her baby as his own and wanted to thank Jason again for his sacrifice.

Rick goes to see Alexis after Mayor Floyd's warning to him. He wants her to compromise on a custody agreement for Molly and promises her she can see Molly whenever she wants to but wants to avoid a courtroom battle. Alexis tells him she will not give up full custody of Molly to him and tells him that his career and image is more important to him than his daughter. Ric brings up her arrest for Marijuana possession and how he can use that against her. Alexis threatens to bring up the fact that he slept with her daughter to the judge. They fight back and forth. Ric tells her he will win the custody case. Alexis tries to physically throw him out of her house. Rick goes back to work at the police station. Lainey is there after dealing with a witness and offers her psychiatric services to Rick for free after she sees how tense and upset he seems. Rick tells her about the custody fight he is having with Alexis and tells Lainey that he may not have been a good husband, brother, or D.A. but that he is a good father and he loves his daughter. He thinks that Alexis will put Kristina first before Molly and that he won't let that happen. He tells her that Alexis accused him of trying to transfer his own childhood fears onto Molly. Lainey listens to him. Meanwhile, Sam talks to Jason at the coffee shop office about his regrets over not having a relationship with Alan when he had the chance and now it is too late. Sam tells him he can't think that he is to blame for what happened and that he can't take back what happened with Alan now and has to move on. She uses her loss of her own child as an example of having to move on even when you don't think you can or will ever do it after a big loss. Sam kisses him goodbye and heads over to see Alexis. Sam tells Alexis she realizes after seeing what happened with Jason's lack of a relationship with his own father that she wants to have a relationship with her own mother and tells Alexis how sorry she is for everything she ever did to Alexis. Alexis forgives her and tells her that she wants them to start over as mother and daughter and the two embrace. Jax shows up later to see Alexis. Alexis tells him about her fight with Rick earlier and how she is afraid of what Ric will do to get Molly. Jax tells her that he already had a run-in with Rick and the mayor and that he threatened to go to the press about how badly they handled the hostage situation unless Ric dropped the custody suit against her. Alexis asks him not to do anything else against Ric because he will fight her even harder for Molly if he doesn't feel he has anything left in his life. Later, Sam heads over to see Edward. Earlier, Edward told Sonny off for all the grief he has caused the family by what he did to AJ and how he hired Jason to work for him in the mob and how that prevented Jason from reaching out to his real family for years. He throws Sonny out after Sonny tries to pay his respects to the family for Alan's death. Sonny does tell Edward that Jason is an adult and made his own decisions and he never made him work for him. Edward talks to Sam about Alan and Jason's past relationship and asks her to persuade Jason to come back to his family and help Monica through this difficult time. Sam tells him she can't make Jason do that unless he wants to. Jason waits at the coffee shop for Sonny. Sonny consults with Stan, their tech guy and asks him to investigate Alcazar's businesses and find out any of his weaknesses and that he feels that Alcazar is very vulnerable right now. Sonny goes in his office and talks to Jason about Alan's death. Jason feels that he never gave Alan a chance to explain his own feelings and that he should have tried to have a relationship with Alan and that it is too late. Sonny tells Jason that all sons and fathers want to have a relationship with each other on some level no matter how estranged they become. He tells Jason that all he can do is try to learn from this experience and try to have the kind of relationship with his own children that he didn't have with his father.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Jax goes to see Sonny about how Sonny is going to testify at Alexis and Ric's custody hearing over Molly. Jax tells him to watch his temper, as it could affect the outcome of the custody battle. They start to argue over Carly when she interrupts. Jax and Carly are honest with each other about their fear in getting hurt again. Later, when Carly comes home, she finds Sonny quizzing Michael about her and Jax's relationship and she is furious.

Jason is having a hard time between keeping the secret of Liz's baby's paternity and his father's recent death. Carly tries to help by reminding him that Alan didn't treat him so well after the accident. He was the golden boy who was going to med school to follow in his father's footsteps when all of a sudden those dreams were dashed. Jason puts his own troubles aside, as usual, and helps Sam make the decision to skip Alan's funeral and go to New York City for a job interview. Before going, though, Sam visits Father Mateo in the hospital. He tells her she is lost and is in the same room, but instead she apologizes for the way she treated him initially. He admits to her that he is ashamed in his behavior at the hotel and how he stabbed one of the mercenaries. She tells him that it was just human instinct and he shouldn't be ashamed.

Patrick takes Robin back to Mac's house once she is released from the hospital. She admits that had she not got shot, Alan may still be alive today. She was the only doctor that was a hostage and she probably could have saved him from a simple heart attack. Patrick tells her not to worry about what was done in the past. He's just happy to have her safe with him. Mac and the girls arrive home and are happy to see Robin. There is a noise that comes from Maxie's room, but thankfully it is just the puppy, who left a surprise on Georgie's rug for her. Maxie gets a leash for Georgie to walk the dog and then basically shoves Georgie out of her room so she doesn't find Cooper hiding out in the closet. Meanwhile, Mac is called away but before he goes he jokes to Patrick and Robin that this is his house and his rules so no guys are sleeping over.

Scott walks in on Lulu and Dillon discussing Rick Webber's murder. Lulu says she doesn't want to arise any suspicion from him, talking about Scott and what he may know about Rick's death. Dillon covers for her by telling Scott they are discussing the fact that he has changed majors from business back to film and his mother doesn't know yet. They question Scott on what he knows about the night Theresa died. Lulu is shocked to learn that Scott basically blames Luke for everything that has happened to Laura. Later, Lulu finds a letter meant for her father from Alan in which he claims to know who the true murderer is.

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