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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 5, 2007 on GH
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Monday, March 5, 2007

Cooper and Maxie meet with Jax at the Metro Court. Maxie slips and introduces him as Three. After some questioning, Jax agrees to hire him. Max is there and senses something familiar about Cooper. After she returns home, Cooper is upset about her slip-up but she reassures him everything will be okay.

Patrick is on the phone with the lab, they have his test results. He is HIV negative. He shares the good news with Robin but is quickly interrupted by a colleague requesting a consultation. After he leaves, Robin is visited by Lainey. She confides in her that she is afraid, now that Patrick is in the clear, he will revert to his old ways. Later on, Patrick returns with flowers. When Robin inquires about the consult and the doctor, Patrick tells her that he told his colleague all about the woman he loves.

Lulu and Dillon start to read the letter from Alan. Scotty returns to retrieve his PDA he had forgotten. He sees the letter and tries to read it but is stopped by Lulu and Dillon. Luke comes in and orders Scotty to leave. Dillon decides to give Lulu and Luke time alone. Before he leaves, Lulu hands Dillon the letter so as to prevent Luke from reading it. Once alone, Luke adamantly demands that Lulu stay away from Scotty. Later on, he apologizes for his outburst and she assures him she will be careful. Outside, Dillon reads the letter. Alan has named Rick Webber's murderer, it is Scotty.

Carly and Sonny have lunch with the boys. Sonny fishes for information from Michael about Jax. Carly tells Sonny he has nothing to use because she has already told Jax all about their marriage and sleeping together. Sonny queries about whether or not she told Jax about declaring her love for him, which she doesn't answer. Once Sonny leaves, Carly goes to the Metro Court and tells Jax that she is going to the Dominican Republic to get a divorce. Once Carly leaves, Sonny appears and taunts Jax about Carly.

Liz and Jason talk in the hospital. She asks him if he is going to tell Lucky the truth. They are interrupted by Lucky who wants to question Jason about Mr. Craig and the shooting. He tells Jason that he is sure he was busy with Emily and Alan and will write it up that way. He goes on to thank him for saving Liz and the baby during the explosion and offers his sympathy about Alan. Once back at the coffee shop, Jason tells Stan to bug Alcazar's hospital room. Stan shares his opinion about Spinelli and that he doesn't think it is a good idea having him around. Afterwards, Jason calls Liz to finish their discussion. Jason asks her again if Lucky raising the baby is what she wants. She says yes, that it benefits everyone, except him and apologizes. She tells him that he will be able to see the baby at any time but Jason says that will only look suspicious. He says that he will not come around much and that he will stop referring to the baby as his. After Liz leaves, Carly arrives and asks Jason to take her to the Dominican Republic but he refuses, saying that Alan's memorial is tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Carly goes to call Jax, but is interrupted by a knock at the door from Sonny. He informs her that Michael is going to a funeral for a Grandfather he never knew, and that he needs both of his parents. Michael tells Sonny that he doesn't know how he should feel, but he feels bad for the Quartermaines. The three of them leave, just as Jax tries to call Carly.

Luke visits Lucky at the Spencer house. They talk about Lucky and Liz moving into the house. Luke is happy, and tells him that Laura would have wanted this. The Spencers and Nikolas reminisce about Laura. Luke asks Nik if he has heard from Helena. Luke offers his assistance, to return the favor for all Nikolas did for the Spencers in November.

Jason is thinking about Alan when he hears a knock at the door. It is Liz, who knew that Sam was out of town and thought Jason can use a friend. Jason tells Liz that he wants her at Alan's funeral, but acknowledges he is going through a lot. Liz also tells him that part of Alan will always be alive in this child. Liz feels the baby kick. Jason goes to touch her stomach, but pulls away. Liz tells him it's OK.

Tracy and Monica argue over whether a picture of Alan should be displayed at the memorial service. Ned notes that the Quartermaines really do fight over everything. Edward makes a cheap shot about Eddie Maine.

As they get ready for the service, Luke asks Lulu to go easy on Tracy.

Edward brings in a floral arrangement from Lois and the Cerullo's to an ungrateful Tracy. They argue some, and Edward reminds Tracy that they are all still in mourning. Tracy notes that he sounds like Lila. Edward comments that he is happy that Lila is gone, so that she would not have to experience this terrible loss.

The Corinthos family, Dr. Ford, Epiphany, Noah, Robin and Patrick come to offer their condolences at the Quartermaine mansion. Skye and Lorenzo walk in, and Tracy stops them. Skye defends her right to be there, because Alan loved her and forgave her for her part in the hostage crisis. The discussion gets heated, and Ned and Dillon try to intervene. Monica is overjoyed to see Jason there.

Luke arrives and is able to comfort Tracy, while Lulu and Dillon talk about the letter from Alan. Dillon starts to tell her that Scott Baldwin is the killer, but are interrupted by Tracy. Tracy warns Lulu about trying to investigate Rick Webber's murder. Scott shows up at the service, much to Edward's and Luke's dismay. Bobbie shuffles him out of the room.

Ned eulogizes Alan, acknowledging his virtues and flaws.

After the service, Emily comforts Edward while Tracy thanks Ned for his eulogy. She tells him that what she will miss most about Alan is their ability to fight like cats and dogs, and then have breakfast the next day as if nothing ever happened. She questions where she will ever find that gift again. Ned tells her that it may be where she least expects it.

In a music montage, Monica has flashbacks about Alan with Jason standing by. The scenes include Alan's proposal to Monica, Monica's cancer, the Nurses Ball, the annual children's Christmas celebration at the hospital and a scene with Lila.

Jason looks at a pre-accident picture of himself and Alan, and remembers a conversation where Alan told Jason that his love for him would never be destroyed. Jason seems at peace knowing that, and takes his leave through the terrace.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Tracy has a hissy fit when Edward, Alice and Dillon, all talk about how they believe Alan's will leaves his entire estate to Emily. She decides to get in and see for herself who the heirs are, and asks Luke for his help. While he and Tracy discuss who they will name in the changed will, Edward walks in and asks what scam they are up to now. Luke lies and tells Edward that he and Tracy were just talking about their love for each other. Meanwhile, Monica goes to the hospital to get away from the family and her grief of losing Alan. While there, Russell makes it known that he intends to apply for the position of Chief of Staff, Alan's old job.

Jason decides to go to the Dominican Republic with Carly, where she is trying to get her divorce from Sonny. Jason asks what is wrong with her and Carly admits that she and Sonny slept together after the hotel chaos. She talks to him about how she knows both Sonny and Jax both love her. She says now that Sonny has her and the kids back, he's never going to let them go again. As she's talking about how hard it's going to be for Sonny to allow another man, Jax, to take care of his kids, Jason thinks about how he's told Liz that Lucky can take care of his child as his own. Meanwhile, Liz and Lucky are showing Cameron their new house, Luke and Laura's old house. They decide to make Lucky's old room into Cameron's new room. Lucky and Cameron race outside to look at the backyard and talk about playing outside with the new baby sister or brother.

Three panics when he runs into an old Army buddy, Logan. Maxie helps to get him a security gig at the hotel. She comes to check on him after she stocks the new boutique and tells him he can take her out to dinner as a thank you for getting him the job. Logan runs into Lulu at the coffee shop and attempts to help her while she struggles with her crutches and coffee. She tells him that she doesn't need any help or any friends. Lulu had previously met with Dillon who talked about how they can prove that Scott is Rick Webber's true murderer. Dillon tells her that the reason why he and Spinelli don't get along is because they both like her. They both start a competition to get Lulu's attention by offering help on getting dirt on Scott.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Lulu doesn't appreciate the new guy Logan's help in Sonny's coffee shop when he tries to help her sit down with her crutches. He sits down next to her without an invitation. Lulu tells him she has plenty of friends and doesn't need any more. He asks her if she hates everyone she meets for the first time. Lulu can't believe his nerve. Spinelli comes back to talk to her and sees Logan. He tells him to leave Lulu alone since he is her friend and has something important to talk to her about. Lulu tells Logan that Spinelli is a good friend and she likes him because he is sweet and cares how she feels. She gets in to see Sonny and leaves the two guys alone. Logan waits until she is out of sight and grabs Spinelli by the collar and tells him never to threaten him again. Meanwhile, Lulu shows Sonny the letter that Alan sent her posthumously that claims that Scott Baldwin killed Rick Webber. Sonny isn't sure that Alan's letter is exactly credible evidence that Scott actually did it and that even if Scott did it, he may have to live with the fact that what he did hurt Laura and that may be punishment enough. Lulu is torn between keeping what she knows a secret from Luke or seeking justice for her mother to clear her name. Sonny tells her she needs to think about what this information could do to Luke if he finds out that he told Laura she killed Rick when she actually didn't. Meanwhile, Scott and Bobbie talk about Alan's memorial service. Scott asks Bobbie if Monica said anything to her about his appearance at the service. Bobbie doesn't know what he is getting at. Scott covers by saying that sometimes when someone from long ago appears suddenly during a tragic event, people react differently to seeing that person. Bobbie doesn't think his appearance mattered to Monica and she is more concerned with Monica's state of mind since she came back to work so soon after Alan's death. Later, Scott shows up to see Lulu and she calls him a lying bastard. Later, Stan meets Spinelli at the coffee shop and warns Spinelli to stay away from doing work for Sonny and Jason before he messes something up. Spinelli reminds him that Jason and Sonny hired him and that he is better at the job than he is. Stan quotes some line that gets Spinelli's attention. Spinelli realizes Stan is some cyber legend he admires so much. Stan tells him to mind his own business and let Stan take care of Sonny and Jason.

Luke and Tracy try to cover up what they are up to with forging Alan's will when Edward comes in the room and asks them what they are up to. After Edward warns them to behave themselves during the reading of Alan's will, they start criticizing each other for their lame cover stories. Meanwhile, Emily gets ready to head to the Quartermaine estate to witness the reading of the will. She worries about how the family will react to the will and doesn't look forward to it. Nikolas silently supports her and tries to comfort her. Ned, Skye, Dillon, and Emily show up to join the rest of the family for the reading of Alan's will. Luke is not pleased when he finds Scott there. He tells him to get out since there is no reason for him to be there for the reading since he has no stake in Alan's fortune. Scott reminds Luke that when he was married to Susan Moore, he was granted legal guardianship of Jason when he was an infant and maybe Alan is going to reward him for it. No one believes that for a minute and Scott ends up leaving anyway. Meanwhile, Jax is also present which surprises everyone as well. Alan's attorney starts reading the will. He reveals that Alan set up a trust fund for his grandson Michael and that he has appointed Jax as guardian of that trust fund. Everyone is surprised when the bulk of Alan's estate is given to Tracy and Emily, Edward, and Skye only get material things that mattered to Alan like his medical school diploma and stethoscope, and a pair of ruby earrings for Skye. Everyone else accept Luke is surprised when "Alan" gives Alice $75,000 for her service as the housekeeper. Tracy shoots daggers at Luke as she complains about how much Alice got. Everyone else realizes that the will was forged by Tracy since there is no way that Alan would leave almost everything to Tracy. However, the attorney claims no one broke into his offices and that the will is legal. Everyone tells Tracy off including Ned. Later, Luke and Tracy celebrate their scheme but Tracy gasps in shock when she looks over and sees something. She not only sees Alan's ghost but hears him as he shames her for forging his will. Emily doesn't seem upset at all and tells Nikolas that she felt Alan's presence there at the reading and that she feels he would have enjoyed the family fighting over his will.

Jason and Carly talk on the private jet on their way to the Dominican Republic. Carly goes on and on about Sonny to Jason and how she needs to get a divorce from Sonny. She also isn't so sure about her future with Jax. Jason listens to her and asks her if she is sure she wants to divorce Sonny and if she is hoping that Sonny will try to stop her this time as well. Carly feels that she and Sonny can't be married to each other and she needs to get back what she had with Jax. Jason is deep in thought and tells her that sometimes things happen and you realize you can't go back to the way things were before because something important has changed how you look and feel about things. Carly doesn't realize he is really talking about his own situation with Liz and the baby. When they get to the clerk's office so she can get her divorce, Carly is very nervous about it. When the lawyer reads the reasons for her divorce, Carly disagrees with them because they make Sonny look bad when he isn't. The lawyer tells her that there is a new law now and that Sonny will have to sign off on the divorce before it will be granted. Carly feels that Sonny will never sign the divorce papers. Meanwhile, Sonny goes to the hotel to see Carly. Jax isn't happy to see him and tells him Carly isn't here and he should leave. Sonny tells him he will leave his hotel if he wants to but makes it clear that he won't be giving up on getting Carly back for himself. Jax doesn't like to hear what Sonny says about his bond with Carly since it rings true. Later, Max tells Jax that he feels that the way that Sonny lied to get Carly to marry him and how Jax treated her when he found out makes him feel that neither one of them deserves Carly right now. Later, Sonny meets at his office with Stan. Stan explains that he has these red flag alerts put into the computer so that anytime Sonny or Jason's name comes up on some legal document he is alerted to it. He tells Sonny that he just got an alert that his name came up on some document in the Dominican Republic. Sonny knows that Carly must be trying to divorce him right now. Meanwhile, Sam arrives in New York for a TV news interview to talk about the hostage situation at the hotel. The woman who is doing the interview seems very interested in Sam outside of just interviewing her. Sam is very nervous about the interview. She talks to the woman, Gloria about the hostage situation and explains what happened. She downplays being a hero. Gloria calls for a break in the interview so Sam can catch her breath and relax. Sam asks her if she sounds and looks o.k. so far and worries how she comes off on camera. Gloria tells her she is doing fine and looks great on camera. Sam notices her watch and pauses when she sees it. She tells Gloria that she once had a watch just like it that she lost a long time ago.

Friday, March 9, 2007

On the plane ride back from the Dominican Republic, a defiant Carly resolved to get a divorce from Sonny, "whether he likes it or not," and asked Jason to help her keep away from Sonny. After lamenting about being cooped up inside and stuck in her wheelchair, Robin got Patrick to promise her a surprise if she behaves and does what the doctors tell her to do. Patrick then surprised her with an outdoor picnic at Robin's favorite place in the park. The two of them happily counted their blessings and reveled in their romance.

Tracy freaked out at the sight of Alan. Luke asked what she was flipping out about, as he saw nobody sitting where she saw Alan. Luke observed Tracy speaking to an empty chair while Alan tried to convince her that he's really dead. Tracy concluded that Luke and Alan are conspiring. Alone, Alan reappeared to Tracy. Alan told Tracy he was haunting her, and admonished her for forging his will. When Alan told Tracy he can't rest in peace until she admits to everyone that she forged his will, Tracy repeated her accusation that Alan is faking his death.

Lulu confronted Scott about Rick Webber, and accused him of lying. As things escalated Scott began to yell back at Lulu. Logan intervened and warned Scott to back off while Lulu left. Lulu returned home and was visited by Dillon. Lulu expressed her dilemma to Dillon: is it better to pursue the truth about Rick Webber's death, or is it better to protect her father from the possible repercussions? Lulu broke down and told Dillon how much she misses her mother. Spinelli burst in and announced he has proof that Scott killed Rick Webber. Lulu thanked Spinelli for his efforts, but said she doesn't want to act on the info after all. Meanwhile, Scott made a beeline to the hospital where he and Luke locked horns over Lulu and Laura. Bobbie intervened and admonished the two of them for hurting everyone around them more than each other, and begged them both to consider Lulu and put her best interests first and ahead of any differences they have.

At the courthouse, Sonny tried to console Alexis before the custody hearing. Ric interrupted and gave Alexis one final chance before it was too late. Ric urged her to negotiate with him outside the courtroom, because once inside he vowed not to be flexible. Alexis refused, so both entered the hearing. The judge admonished Ric and Alexis for representing themselves and not utilizing other attorneys. Alexis called Jax to the stand. Jax gave excellent character testimony to support Alexis. Under cross-examination Ric brought up Nikolas' son to tarnish Nick's rep. Alexis then called Sonny, who also expressed support for Alexis. Under cross-examination Ric brought up Sonny's past custody suit against Alexis, Sonny's past arrest records, and Alexis' felony conviction. Carly burst into the courtroom, apologized for being late, and was instructed by the judge to take the stand as Alexis' next character witness. Carly defended Alexis and Sonny and then referred the judge to Jason, who echoed Carly's comments. The judge then asked Alexis about her conviction for smoking pot. Alexis explained how she used it for medicinal purposes after being treated for cancer. Ric testified that he expects Alexis' next round of chemo will be too debilitating for Alexis to take care of Molly. Inside the courtroom, the judge ruled in Ric's favor, while outside the courtroom Sonny vowed to make Carly change her mind about divorcing him.

At the TV studio, Amelia admired her own watch and told Sam to return for another segment in 15 minutes. Sam apologized for running late when she returned for the next segment of her interview. She wasn't sure what more she could share about the hostage situation. Amelia said she's hoping to delve into Sam's past in the next segment and explore how her past might have influenced her actions during the crisis. Reviewing a tape of the interview, one of Amelia's producers suggested they hold Sam's interview for sweeps. But Amelia suggested she has something even greater in mind.

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