General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 12, 2007 on GH

Alan continued to haunt Tracy, insisting that she come clean about the will so that he could move on. Spinelli accidentally uncovered the paternity test results showing Jason as the father of Liz's baby. Emily secretly witnessed a private moment between Jason and Liz. Maxie, Cooper, and Logan put their plan into motion to blackmail Scotty and frame Lulu. Craig was back and terrorizing Nikolas. He injected Nikolas with a poisonous substance and threatened to withhold the antidote, which needed to be administered every 24 hours, unless Nikolas cooperated.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 12, 2007 on GH
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Monday, March 12, 2007

The judge awarded Ric full custody of Molly and explained to Alexis that she had lost due to her drug charge. When Alexis arrived home, Nikolas was there and offered to help her flee the country with the girls, which she appreciated but turned down. Alexis explained to Kristina that Molly would be living with Ric.

Ric was in the courthouse and met up with Liz in the hallway. He told her about the custody case and his victory. He told Liz he might need advice in the future. Lucky interrupted them when he arrived so that he and Liz could get their marriage license. Ric was surprised to hear they were planning to remarry. Liz and Lucky later decided to be married at the Spencer house. Ric went to Alexis' house to pick up Molly. Alexis and Kristina said their goodbyes.

Lulu, Spinelli, and Dillon discussed Scott, and Luke entered. Dillon stopped Spinelli from telling Luke what they'd found out. After Lulu dismissed them, Spinelli turned to Jason for guidance about Lulu. Back at the house, Luke and Lulu had a discussion, and he gave her some insight into Scott and Laura's history. He also told her about his own relationship with Laura.

Later, Lulu and Dillon met on the docks to discuss Scott. Logan eavesdropped on their conversation and overheard Lulu say that Scott had killed Rick Webber. Scott was at the courthouse, requesting a petition for guardianship of Laura Spencer. Luke heard him and became enraged. He punched Scott and was placed under arrest, charged with assault.

Sam went home and visited Jason. She told him all about her trip and how the producers had inquired about her past. She said that she hadn't divulged everything because she hadn't wanted to talk about when she had been a con artist. Amelia was on a plane, talking on the phone to someone and asking for them to dig up information about a past crime involving Angela Monroe. She gave specifics such as the date being July 1998 and it occurring in Riverfalls, California.

Later, Amelia called Sam and arranged to meet with her at the coffeehouse. While waiting, Sam had memories of a fight with a man. Amelia arrived and said the show would like to do an in-depth follow-up interview.

Carly asked Sonny to file for divorce with her, but he refused, saying he didn't want to divorce her. Jax spoke with Jason and accused Jason of not caring about Carly and of only thinking of her as one of Sonny's possessions. Afterward, Jax and Carly talked on the docks. She told Jax she didn't want to continue hurting him, but she also didn't want to be with Sonny. She later enlisted Jason's support to have a meeting with Sonny and Jax at Metro Court. There, she told both of them that she could not be with either one of them.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tracy went to see Luke in jail, and Alan's ghost haunted her. Luke was concerned because of her apparent delusions and thought she needed to take a vacation. He promised to take her to the airport as soon as she bailed him out. She told him she wouldn't post bail unless he promised to leave Scott alone.

In the meantime, Bobbie summoned Scott to the hospital. He offered to take her to lunch, and she accepted on the condition that Scott drop the charges against Luke. When she asked why Luke had attacked him, Scott tried to play it off that Luke was crazy. He told Bobbie he had been disgusted because of the circus wedding that Luke had arranged when Laura had recovered and insisted that Laura deserved better.

Later, Tracy started to post bail as Bobbie and Scott arrived. Scott agreed to drop the charges but not before arguing with Luke. Bobbie and Tracy pleaded with the old rivals to put the past behind them.

Jax went to see Carly in her Metro Court office. She tried to keep it to business as Jax suggested that maybe he didn't want to be just business partners.

Alexis tried to console Kristina over Molly leaving the house. She promised Kristina that they would all be together again, as soon as Alexis felt better. In the meantime, Ric tried to feed a crying Molly. As he ran to the phone, Molly threw her bowl on the floor. Alexis arrived at Ric's new house with Kristina. She met the new nanny and commented on Ric's new long commute.

When Ric suggested it was a good house for Molly to grow into, Alexis sent Kristina off with the nanny. She asked Ric not to make reference to the fact that Molly would be living permanently with Ric. She told him that she would have her last chemotherapy treatment that day and reminded him that he claimed his only wish was that Molly live in a stable home with a healthy mother. They argued over Molly's future, and an upset Alexis left abruptly with Kristina.

Skye went to see Lorenzo in the hospital and told him about trouble with a shipment. Lorenzo asked for guidance, and Skye said she was going to see Sonny. In the meantime, Sonny gave orders that Stan antagonize Alcazar. Skye arrived at Sonny's, and warned him to back off Alcazar's shipments. Sonny told Skye that ignoring Alcazar had led to the hostage crisis, and he sent her away.

At the coffeehouse, Lulu told Dillon, Spinelli, and Milo that she wanted to keep her mother's innocence a secret. Her intention was to protect her father.

At work at the Metro Court, Cooper introduced Maxie to Logan. She wondered why Cooper had never mentioned him before. Logan started asking questions about Lulu, and Maxie gave him the background on her. They were interrupted as Jax and Carly walked into the room. Carly met Cooper and appeared to flirt with him.

After Maxie, Cooper, and Logan left, Maxie thought the attention that Carly had given Cooper was inappropriate. They went back to discussing Lulu and the Spencers. Logan told them that he had overheard Lulu saying that Scott had killed Rick Webber. Maxie gave them the scoop on Scott.

Back in the office, Carly criticized Jax for being hard on Cooper and denied she had been flirting. They bickered about hotel business, and Carly got a phone call about a problem with the marble. Carly and Jax discussed the situation, and Sonny arrived at the office and told them he was the new marble supplier.

Back at home, Alexis tried to comfort Kristina as Alexis left for chemotherapy. Kristina told Alexis that she loved her.

Ric told Molly that he knew it was a hard adjustment for them right then, but she would see her mom and sister all the time. He told her that she was the most important person in the world to him

Scott saw Lulu at the coffeehouse and told her that he had dropped the charges against Luke for her benefit. Lulu was unimpressed and told him that she would never forgive him for what he had done.

Skye updated Lorenzo and told him not to worry. She had set up a meeting with his people to protect his interests. He was grateful to have her in his life. While he was alone, his cell phone rang. In the course of the conversation, it was revealed that he had regained his memory.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sonny talked to Carly and Jax about his requirements for the marble. He wanted to take Carly out to dinner. Jax was furious, and as soon as Sonny left, he and Carly started fighting. He told her that Sonny controlled her, which she adamantly denied. He reminded her that she had slept with Sonny, which led her to state that Jax would never be able to get over that, and she left.

Meanwhile, Jason found out from Stan that Sonny had acquired a marble business solely for the purpose of harassing Carly. Jason went to Sonny and offered to buy him out. He said Sonny was being too rough on Carly.

Amelia arrived in town and started asking people around town about Sam and the hostage crisis. Sam was startled and wanted to know what it was all about. Amelia said that she thought Sam would be a hit and wanted her to host a new show about everyday heroes. Sam was flattered but said no.

Later, Jax confronted Sam and told her that he thought she would be a good host. Sam said that her boyfriend wasn't in a good position for her to be a celebrity. Jax suggested that she not stop success in her life for Jason. Later, Sam went home and fell asleep on the couch. She was having a nightmare about her past when Jason awakened her. He asked what was wrong with her wrist, which she was rubbing.

After an incident at the hotel, Max asked Stan to investigate Cooper's past. Maxie, meanwhile, filled Logan and Cooper in on the official and not-so-official story about Laura Spencer. Logan used it to his advantage to confront Lulu later. Luke walked up on them as Lulu vented her frustration about Scott ruining her mother's life. Lulu brushed the conversation off and left. At Lucky's, Luke sat down at Logan's table.

In a desperate attempt to remain working for Sonny, Spinelli begged Jason to help him get back in the network. Jason advised Spinelli to be patient. Spinelli went home and started doing some digging into Jason's past, trying to prove his worth. He made a program to find any and all references to Jason and tested it on the hospital computer.

Spinelli was stunned to learn that Jason was the father of Liz's baby. As soon as Lulu learned that Spinelli knew something she didn't know, she took his computer away and threatened to break it if he didn't tell her what he knew. As soon as Spinelli revealed his secret, Jason walked in.

Lucky and Liz continued to work on the Spencer family house. Lucky started painting and showed Liz a railroad sign he had found in the old boxcar. They reminisced about the time they had shared there together. Emily showed up, excited about the upcoming marriage between Lucky and Liz. Liz changed the subject and asked Emily how she was doing since her father's death.

Emily revealed that things were stressful, but when she was in Nikolas' arms, nothing else mattered. They talked as they painted a child's table for Cameron's room. When Lucky returned from the store, he showed Liz that he had bought more paint. More importantly, the paint he had bought was pink. He thought they were going to have a girl and suggested the name Laura.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Robin showed up at the hospital to consult about a patient's drug therapy. Patrick was surprised and concerned about her being back at work too soon. Robin promised only to work half days until she was totally healed but didn't want him to tell her what to do. Dr. Ford approached them and asked Robin what she was doing back at work so soon and said that unless she was there for her own appointment or for physical therapy, she was to leave the hospital premises.

Monica witnessed the whole conversation when Robin defended herself to Dr. Ford, who wasn't listening to her and was giving her orders to leave. Monica stepped in and told Dr. Ford that he was not the chief of staff yet and that it wasn't his call to make about Robin's condition. Dr. Ford replied that he was just looking out for the hospital's best interests in case Robin collapsed right in the hospital or made a bad medical judgment with a patient. He did not want the hospital to become liable for it because she had returned to work when she hadn't been fully healed yet. Robin stopped the argument and agreed to leave the hospital because Alan had been her doctor and mentor, and she didn't want to see Monica get into any trouble because of her.

Robin left. Patrick told Dr. Ford off for lacking any compassion as a doctor and only thinking of the hospital as a business to protect. Patrick said that he had once been that way but wasn't anymore because of how his life had changed. Patrick found Robin sitting on the docks. He sat with her, and the two of them discussed how sex could be a good therapy for her and that she would heal a lot faster under his tender loving care. Robin told him to take her home right away.

Carly laid into Jax about hotel business, which led to discussing Sonny's interference into their business as well as their personal lives. Carly told him she had agreed to have dinner with Sonny so she could get a discount on the marble she wanted to order for the hotel. Jax had a problem with her agreeing to have dinner with Sonny, since Sonny was manipulating her, and she was letting him by playing right into his hands. Later, after another argument, Jax grabbed her and kissed her passionately, and she let him after he revealed how hurt he felt about her sleeping with Sonny. He said she probably wouldn't have told him if she hadn't blurted it out when she had thought Sonny was at the door instead of him.

Luke grilled Logan about what he had done to upset Lulu a little while before. Logan didn't know but thought it had to do with Luke himself. Maxie and Cooper showed up at Kelly's and approached them at their table. Luke looked at Maxie and said hello. He warned her about trying to get revenge on his son by trying to hurt Lulu. Maxie acted very innocent and told him she wasn't going after Lulu to get revenge.

After Luke left, Maxie was concerned about Luke's behavior toward them and asked what Logan had done to get Luke to be so suspicious of them. Logan had no idea but didn't understand why they were so intimidated by Luke. Maxie told him that Luke was sort of a legend in town and that they couldn't underestimate him. Maxie told them that she was trying to move on after Lucky and that blackmailing Scott had to do with money, not trying to get revenge on anyone.

Luke showed up at Lucky's and warned his son that he thought Maxie was out for revenge on Lucky and to watch out. Lucky and Liz decided to paint the nursery. Liz thought the color pink he had picked out to paint the room was too much, since they didn't know if the baby was a girl or a boy.

Meanwhile, Emily surprised Nikolas by showing up at his home unexpectedly when he had thought she was going to be staying with her family for a while. She told him that she had gotten depressed at the Quartermaine mansion and had wanted to do something to cheer herself up. She told him that she wanted them to go to visit Lucky and Liz and help them paint the nursery, since it had been a long time since the four of them had been together and happy instead of being stressed and awkward around each other. Nikolas didn't understand why they didn't just hire some professional painters to paint the room instead. Emily persuaded him to join her and visit his brother.

Meanwhile, Lulu was at Jason's place with Spinelli. She grabbed Spinelli's laptop after he told her he had found something out about Jason that he should not have uncovered and was afraid to tell her what he had found out. Lulu demanded he tell her and was about to open up his laptop to find out. He took the laptop from her and opened it to the file he had found. He reluctantly told her that he had set up a program to give him a red flag if Jason's name showed up in any file he found.

Spinelli had decided to hack into the hospital computers, and Jason's name had shown up. He had found a file on Jason, concerning a paternity test that had been done. He told her that Liz's baby was actually Jason's. Lulu was stunned and couldn't believe it was true. Spinelli hated to tell her that it was true based on what the paternity test revealed. Lulu got upset by what she had found out and didn't know what to do.

Jason showed up and noticed how nervous Lulu and Spinelli were acting. He asked them what was wrong. Spinelli didn't know what to say, so Lulu made up something about Spinelli hacking into the computer files at the police station and finding out things that Lucky wouldn't like to hear about. She said goodbye to them and left after asking Spinelli to get rid of anything concerning Rick Webber's murder, stating that she didn't want her dad or Lucky to know that Scott Baldwin might have killed Rick.

After Lulu left, Jason cornered Spinelli and asked him what Lulu had been lying to him about just then. Spinelli tried to be as evasive as possible and said that he had learned that he needed to keep forbidden files hidden sometimes so that they didn't cause undue harm to people he cared about. Jason said he wouldn't demand any answers right then but made Spinelli promise to go to him if Lulu got into any danger. Spinelli left.

Later, Lulu showed up at Lucky and Liz's and found them kissing and joking around on the couch. She was less than warm to them, and they asked her what was wrong. Before she could answer them, Emily and Nikolas showed up with cupcakes for everyone and to help them paint the nursery. Lulu still didn't reveal what was wrong. She left the house and called the hotel to talk to Carly. She showed up at the hotel to see Carly.

Carly asked Lulu what was wrong. Lulu asked if Carly still thought Liz had a little thing for Jason. Carly asked why Lulu was asking. Lulu downplayed her concerns about Liz when she realized that Carly wanted to know what Lulu knew. Lulu said that she had seen Liz talking to Jason and thought she had seen something, but she was probably just imagining something that didn't exist. She left Carly wondering.

Jason and Liz ran into each other on the pier. Liz had a bag of paint supplies and told Jason about her and Lucky's plans to paint the nursery. Jason told her that when Michael had been small, Jason had read to him about Africa. He said that African safari animals were something small children liked to see. Emily walked around the corner and watched them talking. She pretended she didn't see them.

Jason got a call on his cell phone from Carly while he was talking to Liz. Carly asked him to go see her at her office and insisted that it was important. Jason went to see Carly. Carly told him that Lulu had shown up earlier, upset about something concerning Liz and him. Jason had no idea what would upset Lulu and stated he was only friends with Liz. Carly told Jason that he needed to be careful about Liz because Liz had feelings for him but wouldn't ever accept him for who he really was. Jason told her that Liz was going to marry Lucky, and they were expecting a baby.

Carly still worried about Jason concerning Liz. Jason told her to stop butting into his life as a way to avoid her own problems with Jax and Sonny. Carly denied that she was doing that. Jason asked her to leave him alone about his life and said that he had a lot going on right then and didn't need her interference. He left.

Meanwhile, Liz and Emily returned to the house. Emily mentioned that she had seen Liz talking to Jason. She asked Liz about her feelings toward Jason and whether seeing him had given Liz second thoughts about remarrying Lucky. Liz admitted that she cared about Jason and always would but insisted that she loved Lucky and had no doubts about marrying him. Liz had once thought about what it would be like to be with Jason instead of Lucky and had realized they would never work as a couple because of their different lifestyles. Emily felt bad about mentioning it and being suspicious for nothing.

Emily left because of work, and Lucky returned from upstairs to see Liz. Liz told him she wanted to paint the baby's room with an African animal theme for the baby. Lucky liked the idea. The doorbell rang suddenly, and Lucky answered it. Scott Baldwin was there and told Lucky that he was concerned about Lulu and what she would uncover that would put her in danger.

Meanwhile, Lulu met with Spinelli at Kelly's. He told her that he could get rid of the paternity test results on the hospital file so that no one would find out about it if she wanted him to. He said that he had created the file for her eyes only until she decided what she wanted to do. Lulu didn't know what to do, since Lucky would be hurt either way. She wasn't sure she wanted to tell him the truth right then, since he was so happy.

While Lulu and Spinelli were talking, Maxie, Cooper, and Logan watched from outside of Kelly's. They guessed that if there was any evidence linking Scott to Rick Webber's murder, Spinelli had it stored on his laptop computer. Maxie told them to wait for her signal, and she might have an idea of how to get her hands on the information. Lulu left Kelly's.

Maxie went inside Kelly's to flirt with Spinelli to distract him a little. Cooper walked into Kelly's and told Spinelli that he had a bag of things that might belong to Spinelli that they had recovered from the rubble of the hotel after the explosion. Cooper needed Spinelli to look it over so they could itemize it for the hotel records. Spinelli went over to the counter with Cooper while Maxie looked for the information on Spinelli's laptop.

Jason returned home and found Lulu waiting for him. Jason told her he had seen Carly, and Carly had mentioned that Lulu had stopped by to see her and had seemed upset about Liz and him. He asked her what was wrong. Lulu asked him point-blank if he knew that Liz was actually carrying his baby. Jason was floored that she had somehow found out.

Nikolas was on the phone, conducting business, when suddenly he was hit in the head from behind. It turned out to be Mr. Craig, who knocked Nikolas onto the desk and injected him with something in the neck. Mr. Craig pointed a gun at Nikolas.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Amelia met Ric at Kelly's and told him she wanted to ask him questions about Sam. As he started to explain that Sam had been a hero by chance, Sam walked in and told Amelia that whatever Ric said was a lie.

Carly deliberately tried to antagonize Sonny by kissing Jax in front of him. Sonny didn't appear bothered by it and continued on with his plans for him and Carly's date. He told Carly to dress up. When he left, Jax expressed his distaste about the date. He told Carly not to use him to get Sonny back.

Later, Sonny arrived to pick Carly up, and she was surprised when he took her to Jake's. He wanted to dance with her, and they decided to play pool. If he won, he would get a dance. Unfortunately, Sonny won, and the couple started to dance. Just as it appeared they were going to kiss, Jax and Amelia walked in. Jax had found out from Max that Sonny had planned to take Carly to Jake's, so when Amelia had arrived to ask him some questions about Sam, he had decided to take her there.

At Kelly's, Maxie was trying to gain access to Spinelli's computer when Georgie walked in and busted her. Maxie was furious. Georgie wanted to know who Cooper was and why he was hanging out with Maxie, but Maxie and Cooper stormed off without answering any of Georgie's questions. Logan, Cooper, and Maxie discussed how to continue with their scheme to blackmail Scott. Logan said they could use Scott's guilty conscience to their advantage.

Lulu told Jason that she knew about his fatherhood of Liz's baby. Jason explained that Liz had walked in on Maxie and Lucky the same night he had walked in on Sam and Ric. The two had found solace in each other. Lulu understood that pain but told him that he still needed to tell Lucky the truth. The two argued, but when Lulu left, Jason thought that all was well and Lulu wouldn't spill the beans.

When Spinelli walked in, still upset over Maxie trying to look at his computer, Jason confronted him and asked him how Lulu had found out about the paternity test. Spinelli explained, and Jason said Spinelli needed to destroy the evidence. Jason also explained why he hadn't told Sam. Spinelli was stunned to learn that Sam couldn't have children.

Sam walked in as Spinelli and Jason discussed her inability to have children, and Spinelli covered by telling Sam that they were talking about hacking in for a preview of the show Sam was about to be on. They both declined the preview, and Spinelli left. Sam told Jason how frustrated she was that Amelia kept asking around town about her. A deliveryman arrived for a package for Angel.

Scott went to see Liz and Lucky and told them that they needed to tell Lulu about Luke and Laura's past and the rape. They basically told Scott to mind his own business, but Lucky's mind was already going a mile a minute, wondering if he should tell Lulu. Later, Lulu showed up to talk to him, and he said he had to talk to her, too. Lulu started asking all kinds of questions like if he was happy with Liz. Lucky told Lulu that all relationships had ups and downs, and Liz had stood by him. Liz arrived downstairs as they were discussing relationships.

Mr. Craig injected Nikolas with a poison that needed an antidote to be given every 24 hours. He told Nikolas to cooperate and explained that he needed a new identity and a way to keep accepting shipments. Much to Nikolas' dismay, the new nanny walked in with Spencer. Mr. Craig used that to his advantage and preyed upon Nikolas' weakness for his son.

Back at the hospital, Alcazar was going through physical therapy and was about to be released. He accepted a call on his cell phone as he was walking around while Skye defended his actions to Ric. After Ric left, Skye told Alcazar that they would make it through the trauma until he regained his memory. Alcazar didn't correct her and made her believe he still hadn't regained his memory.

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