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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 2, 2007 on GH
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Monday, April 2, 2007

Jason took Sonny to the abandoned Cellar club and suggested they use the place to hide real "product" while decoying the cops. Sonny recalled dancing with Carly there and pointed out she still owned it and could not be involved. Meanwhile, Jax defended luring Carly to the balloon fest; she accused him of lying and "playing games" but agreed to stay. He wanted to spend the night with her, talking and laughing. Sonny decided to try to get Carly to sign over the deed to the Cellar but ran smack into the press corps, who asked him about Sam.

Sam, meanwhile, signed an autograph for a fan. Amelia suggested that in the opening segment of Sam's show, she be attacked -- as a lesson on home invasion. Sam wanted to keep her home life and show life separate. Jason called Sam to ask her to send Amelia. At Sonny's café, Diane tried to fend off the press when Amelia arrived.

Jax told Carly he had found a new marble supplier. Carly once again vowed to get a divorce from Sonny, once again noted that Sonny was the father of her children, and once again repeated how they couldn't be together. Jax said Jerry's trail led to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. He had taken back a big pearl from one of the dancers there. Carly asked if that meant he'd cheated, but he insisted he'd never felt tempted. In fact, even though he'd visited Rome, he hadn't tried to contact Brenda. However, he had been hurt when he'd heard she had married Sonny again.

Amelia promised she'd handle the press and sparred with Diane over Sam's mobster moll image. Amelia told the reporters Sonny was in the coffee business and had nothing to do with Sam's show. Sonny warned Jason they didn't need the publicity or distraction of Sam being on TV.

Jax said he didn't know why he wanted Carly, but he still loved her. She lamented letting him down and wanted him to love her again. They smooched.

Robin argued with Nikolas over going along with Mr. Craig's plan, especially since her best lab tech couldn't figure out what Nikolas was being poisoned with. She lamented hurting Patrick so soon after he'd learned to open up, but Nikolas advised against telling Patrick the truth. Elsewhere on the island, Kristina couldn't awaken Alexis but ran into Mr. Craig, who did revive her. Craig told Kristina her mommy was sicker than she was letting on.

At General Hospital, Patrick berated Epiphany over her filing system just as Lainey arrived and suggested he talk to a professional. Craig arrived at Wyndemere, and Alexis accepted Craig's offer to spend the night, over Nikolas' objections. Craig suddenly offered to take Alexis home. Lainey invited herself to dinner and the opera with Patrick, as a way to defend Robin's interests. Alexis tried to get Craig to leave her be, but he insisted on going along.

Lulu warned Scott she would tell everyone he had killed Rick Webber. Scott said Laura would be disappointed in her. Lulu denied blackmailing him. When Scott grabbed her, Logan appeared and threatened Scott with a gun. Scott tried to defuse the situation, but Logan let on that he was the blackmailer. Lulu flipped out and screamed at Scott, warning him that Luke would kill him. Scott left, and Lulu slapped Logan for the blackmail plot.

At Kelly's, Coop thanked Maxie for helping him cheat his way onto the Port Charles Police Department. Lulu burst in and poured soda on Maxie's head for the blackmail scheme. Coop tried to break them up then Logan joined them with news that Scott wouldn't pay because there was no evidence against him. Lulu stormed out to cry on the wharf. Logan found her and encouraged her to focus on what she wanted. She asked him to leave her alone.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

As Stan and Sonny talked about Sonny's situation with Carly, Lainey showed up for her appointment with Sonny. When Sonny tried to reschedule, she did not budge. Sonny told Dr. Winters that Carly didn't really love Jax. He also said their marriages had failed before because of his inability to change. He admitted he got angry but didn't act on it because he wanted his family back. She reminded him that Carly might choose Jax in the end and wondered if he could take it. Sonny thought Carly needed time to work through her fears.

Maxie watched as an officer was wheeled into the ER with a gunshot wound. Lucky approached her, and they acknowledged the anniversary of Jesse's death. He told Maxie they'd both made mistakes when Jesse had died. With Liz standing nearby, Maxie admitted that faking a pregnancy had been wrong, but not as bad as what Liz was doing to him. In front of Liz, Maxie told Lucky that Liz didn't love him. She told them both that she saw through Liz.

After observing Carly flirt with Cooper, Jax asked her to dinner in Montreal. Carly was hesitant to go.

Sam had a nightmare where she was struggling with someone. She woke up screaming and brushed it off to Jason as a dream. She had been waiting up for him so she could apologize for the press showing up at the coffee shop. She admitted her fears about the new TV show.

Later, Carly visited Jason at his place to ask for a favor. She asked him to tell Sonny to back off. When Jason was hesitant, she asked him if there had ever been anything that Jason wanted to tell Sam but had not for fear of hurting her. They argued some , and Jason told her that if she wanted to end it with Sonny, she would have to do it herself.

Sam walked into the studio, looking exhausted. Amelia was not happy with her appearance and instructed the stylist to fix her up. As the stylist put his hands around Sam's neck to pull back her hair, she flashed back to being choked by the man from the picture. She told the stylist to get his hands off her. Later, Sam posed for pictures while the "research" Amelia had requested arrived. It was a picture of Susan Curtis, who looked just like Sam. Amelia looked at the two pictures -- one of Angela and one of Susan.

Alan's ghost continued to torment Tracy into admitting she'd forged the will. Quartermines started filing into the living room to talk about contesting the will. They all started to bicker, especially on matters concerning Skye, whom Dillon had invited. The Quartermaines were all puzzled as they saw Tracy arguing with Alan's empty chair. In the end, they decided the will should stay intact.

Alone, Tracy and Alan continued their argument. Dillon walked in and realized that Tracy was feeling guilty over rewriting the will. He tried to blackmail Tracy into letting him date Lulu with no family interference. Alan taunted Tracy.

Maxie asked Cooper out for the night. Cooper picked up that she was upset. She told him that she had everything to be happy about at that moment, but he should not expect her to pine over him if he were to be killed in the line of duty. He pulled her aside so they could speak privately.

Maxie talked about Jesse and what he'd looked like when he'd died. She remembered that he had been a good person and had deserved the best. She said that if she'd truly loved him, she would have honored his memory instead of trashing her life. Cooper asked her why she blamed herself for living, and they kissed.

Jax was not happy to overhear Skye giving orders that would cross Sonny. He told Skye to get away before the mob destroyed her.

Carly asked Sonny to call off the strike, as it was not fair to any of the employees. He agreed with her but wanted to know how he could spend more time with her. She told him that spending time with him would not change anything. Carly admitted that he got to her, but they couldn't be together.

Sonny knew Carly did not want to make the same mistake, but decisions based on fear were wrong. He appeared annoyed when she told him about the date with Jax. She told him to stop doing that to her, and he said for her to stop running. She turned to leave.

Liz told Rodriguez and Lucky that the wounded officer would live. Rodriguez told Liz that Lucky had saved the officer's life. On the docks, Jason saw Liz and noticed she was upset. Liz told him about the injured cop and that Lucky had put himself in the line of fire. She thought she was a hypocrite, since Lucky's job was just as dangerous as Jason's.

Liz told Jason she loved Lucky but was worried about his job. She felt the baby kicking and let Jason feel her stomach. She told him about the ultrasound and said she would get him a copy. He declined and said that as long as she and the baby were happy, he was okay. Lucky observed Jason touching her stomach.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Lucky and Lulu walked in on Jason feeling Liz's baby kick, but they didn't seem bothered by it. After Lulu and Jason left, Lucky told Liz that he knew what was going on. She was worried the job would be too stressful on him, and he would turn back to drugs. Liz said she trusted him, but she did still worry about the stress of the job. Later, at the hospital, Liz was shocked to hear from Patrick and Emily that Nikolas and Robin were having an affair. When Lucky and Cameron arrived, she told them the shocking news.

Lulu told Jason that he needed to talk to someone to get an objective opinion about staying out of his child's life. He asked who she thought he should go to, and she told him he should talk to Carly. He absolutely refused, saying that Carly would harass Liz. Lulu pointed out that Carly had been the only one she had been able to talk to when she had contemplated having the abortion.

After Lulu left, there was a knock at the door. When Jason opened the door, he was handed a package. It was from Liz. She had sent him an ultrasound photo and told him she thought it might help. Jason was obviously affected by the picture and went to hide it in a box in the closet. Carly walked in, and Jason had to hide the box quickly, but Carly saw it anyway.

Jax tried to convince Skye that she needed to stay out of Alcazar's business. No matter what happened, it wouldn't be good. Carly entered and told Jax to save his breath. She told him that Skye had known what had been going on and had allowed it to happen. She was just as responsible as Mr. Craig. When she and Skye started to argue, Jax interceded and defended Skye. Carly was furious and stormed out.

Happily, Nikolas announced that Mr. Craig would be able to leave soon, as the new identity for him was progressing nicely. Nikolas was furious when Mr. Craig told him that he was going to stick around for a while, and Nikolas and Robin were going to have to keep up their charade. Mr. Craig went for a ride on one of the stable horses, and Robin arrived home with some disturbing news. She told Nikolas that she'd had to tell Emily that they were having an affair. He asked if Emily had been mad, but Robin said she'd just walked away.

Patrick apologized to Emily about how she'd found out about Nikolas and Robin. She told him that she didn't buy it. All Robin had talked about during the hostage crisis had been Patrick. She asked how they were supposed to believe that all that love had just disappeared. Emily decided to go to Wyndemere herself, but was stunned when she walked in on Robin and Nikolas in an embrace.

Maxie and Coop kissed, but suddenly Maxie pulled away. Later, as Coop was walking into his room above Kelly's, Maxie greeted him. He was surprised to see her. She apologized for kissing him and then running away. She wasn't a tease. They started to kiss again and made their way to the bed, where they made love.

After he and Maxie made love, Coop got up and got dressed to go downstairs and get a snack for Maxie. Logan barged in and was surprised to see Maxie in Coop's bed. He started to tell Coop that Maxie was no good, but Coop didn't want to hear it and punched Logan. The two fought, while Maxie smiled smugly in bed.

Spinelli, Milo, and Dillon schemed to try to keep Logan away from Lulu. Lulu burst Dillon's bubble when she told shim that she couldn't date him and pretend that nothing had happened between them.

Amelia continued to investigate Sam's past, while still working on setting Sam up for a big fall. She told Sam that she needed to work that night. When Sam hesitated about spending time away from Jason, Amelia said that Sam was going to have to make sacrifices.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Lulu was at Kelly's when Dillon showed up. He put her under pressure to go out on a date with him. As they were talking, Logan was fighting with Cooper up in Cooper's room above Kelly's, with a naked Maxie covered in a sheet in his bed, watching them. Dillon and Lulu heard a banging noise from upstairs and went up to investigate. Dillon saw Logan and Cooper in the middle of a fistfight.

Dillon tried to stop the fight and pulled Logan away from Cooper. Logan slugged Dillon in the face to get Dillon away from him. Lulu got in the middle of it when she saw Logan hit Dillon. She grabbed a metal object from the room and hit Logan over the head with it. Logan awoke soon enough.

Maxie told Lulu and Dillon off for barging in and butting their noses in on their business. Maxie upset Lulu when she made a cheap shot about Lulu being just like her mother by hitting someone over the head. Dillon got upset with Maxie and called her a "bitch." Cooper told Dillon not to call Maxie that ever again.

Finally, Cooper lost his temper with everyone and told all of them to leave his room right away -- except Maxie. He told Maxie off for making that cheap shot at Lulu. Maxie agreed with him that it had been a cheap shot, and she shouldn't have said anything, but she was tired of everyone loving Lulu when Lulu had done the same types of things Maxie had done and gotten hell for.

Cooper asked why Maxie acted that way when she had been so calm and cool during the hostage crisis at the hotel and had covered for him when she could have just as easily turned him in to the police. Maxie didn't regret doing that but warned him that she might be cool during a crisis, but in reality, it was different, and he might regret being with her when he saw how she could be.

Lulu went back downstairs with Dillon. Dillon got some ice for his face. Lulu told him she didn't want to date him seriously right then. He decided not to pressure her into getting serious with him at that time but asked her if they could just go out on dates with no strings attached and see what happened later. Lulu agreed to that. Dillon left her alone and headed out of Kelly's.

Logan went downstairs and sat down next to Lulu at her table. He told her she was one tough lady and that he had been upset with Maxie for saying what she had said about Lulu's mother. Lulu didn't know what to make of Logan. Maxie went downstairs and harassed Lulu.

Michael showed up with Max at Sonny's office. Sonny asked him what he was doing there with Max. Michael said he had gone to the hotel and had asked Max to take him to Sonny's office so he could talk to Sonny about something important. Sonny dismissed Max to talk to Michael alone.

Michael told Sonny that he and Morgan wanted to help get Carly to stay married to Sonny, since they wanted their parents back together again. Sonny told him that the divorce had nothing to do with them, and Carly and Sonny made the decision to divorce or not. Michael argued that Sonny wanted to stay married to Carly, and they wanted to help. Sonny told him to let Sonny handle things. Michael left and headed home with Max.

Meanwhile, Carly asked Jason what was in the box he'd left near the coffee table. Jason took the box from her and put it away inside the closet at his place. He told her he kept pictures of Michael, Morgan, and her inside the box, and that was it. Carly asked him why he had been looking through them. Jason told her that he'd remembered the time when Michael had been a baby and he'd raised him. He added that he'd thought about how A.J. had to have felt not being able to be a father to Michael and how he felt bad about that.

Carly told Jason he shouldn't feel bad about what had happened with A.J., since it wasn't his fault, since he had been helping her keep her son. She also told him it wasn't his fault that he hadn't gotten close to Alan after his accident and that Alan had not been able to accept Jason for who he had become. Carly talked to Jason about why she had stopped over. She told him about her fight with Jax about Skye's presence at the hotel and how he'd defended Skye. Jason said he couldn't help her with the decision and that she'd managed to become successful on her own, and she would be able to make a decision about Jax and Sonny on her own eventually.

Carly told Jason he'd helped her even if he hadn't thought he had, and she left. Carly headed home and asked Max what he was doing with Michael. Michael explained to her that he had gone to see Sonny and had had Max take him over to Sonny's office. Carly sent Michael upstairs. Carly talked to Max about her fight with Jax and how she loved Jax even if they had fought about Skye.

Jax walked into Carly's house and overheard her tell Max she loved Jax. He told her he was happy to hear that and that he loved her too. Carly sent Max back to the hotel so she could talk to Jax alone. Jax apologized for not being able to understand what she had gone through at the hotel during the hostage crisis, but he wished he had been there for her at the hotel instead of Sonny. Carly apologized for beating him up over that, since it hadn't been his fault he hadn't been with her then.

Jax and Carly kissed and made up while Michael and Morgan watched from the stairs and weren't pleased to see them back together. Carly suggested that Jax take her to Montreal the following night as he had promised he would earlier.

Meanwhile, Sonny talked to his attorney, Diane, about his divorce and the labor strike he was trying to start to get close to Carly. Diane warned him that Carly could win big in the divorce if he didn't watch his back and that she could try to get full custody of the kids in retaliation. Sonny made it clear to Diane that he and Carly had already agreed to never get the kids in the middle of their divorce and that Carly wouldn't try to take his kids away from him.

Sam headed to New York City with Amelia in a limousine. Sam was nervous about what kind of impression she would make with the network executives and the press at the party. Amelia tried to reassure her that she would be great and gave her tips about pretending she was playing a role like an actress. Amelia asked her if she had ever pretended to be someone she wasn't before. Sam admitted she had in the past but that she would rather be home with her boyfriend, eating dinner, than be there.

Jason took out the picture of the sonogram Liz had sent him, put it in the fireplace, and set it on fire to get rid of it just as Sam arrived at home with a bag of food for them. Jason seemed very preoccupied about it while Sam went on and on about her evening at the party. Sam told him she had been impatient to return home to him and spend time with him, even if she'd had fun at the party.

Meanwhile, Amelia's assistant gave her another photograph of Sam dressed as one of her other aliases. Amelia told him to hold on to the information and photos and keep them in a safe place for the time being. Her assistant asked her why she was keeping the information a secret. Amelia told him that she planned to build up Sam's image on television and let everyone watch as she tore her down on television later.

Emily walked in on Nikolas and Robin making out on the couch. Robin and Nikolas pulled apart. Robin stood up immediately and apologized to Emily about her having to see them together that way. Emily told Robin to leave the room so she could talk to Nikolas alone. While James Craig watched them nearby, Nikolas made up a story about how he and Robin had gotten close when she had been staying at the Metro Court and how he had realized he had feelings for Robin. He told Emily that he didn't want to break her heart, but he couldn't deny his feelings for Robin anymore.

Emily stopped Nikolas from explaining any more and asked him when it had happened, since they had just been together, and he had told her he loved her. Nikolas tried to explain, but Emily didn't believe him and kissed him instead. She told him that something wasn't right about "all this." She left the room and headed back to work. James Craig walked into the room and told Nikolas that either he was a really bad actor, or Emily was one extraordinary woman for being so loyal to him after what he had done to her.

Meanwhile, Robin went back to work and got on the computer to check something when Patrick saw her. He started to harass her about her new life with Nikolas, in front of his father. Noah asked her what was going on. Patrick told him they were no longer a couple, and Robin had a new life without him.

Emily also eventually returned to work and told Patrick that she had just seen Nikolas and didn't believe he was telling her the truth about his relationship with Robin. She said something wasn't right. Patrick thought she was just in denial and offered a shoulder to cry on. Patrick was impatient and short with the nurses about his patient files. Noah stepped in and defused the situation. He told Patrick that he was in a fight with Dr. Ford about running for chief of staff at the hospital. Patrick offered to help him in his fight against Ford.

Robin went back to Wyndemere and asked Nikolas if James Craig was there. Nikolas told her he wasn't at that moment. Robin told him she didn't know if she could do the thing Craig wanted them to do and that she had to see Patrick every day at work and pretend she didn't love him when all she wanted to do was tell him she still loved him and tell him what Craig was doing. Nikolas felt bad, also, because he was breaking Emily's heart when he'd promised himself he wouldn't ever do that again.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Sonny told Carly that he had called off the strike at the Metro Court. Carly was flattered when Sonny asked her out, but she turned him down and told him that she already had plans with Jax. Sonny left and went back to his office, where Stan greeted him. Stan told him that the hotel workers wanted their health insurance paid for. Sonny said he would pay for the insurance out of his pocket. Stan was stunned and told Sonny that was a very expensive way to get Carly's attention. Sonny told Stan to stop analyzing him.

Meanwhile, Carly was busy getting ready for her date when a package arrived from Jax. Michael and Morgan were hiding in the living room when she answered the door. They were scheming to get their parents back together. As soon as Carly went back upstairs, Michael called his dad and told him to head over right away. When Sonny arrived, Michael told his parents that Morgan was downstairs. When Sonny and Carly went down the stairs, Michael locked the door behind them.

Spinelli and Lulu met at Kelly's, and Lulu told Spinelli that he needed to convince Jason to tell Lucky the truth. Spinelli was the only one who could get through to Jason. Meanwhile, Liz and Lucky attempted to find out the sex of the baby, but the baby didn't cooperate. While they were hugging, Lulu called and told Lucky that she needed to see him right away. Lucky went to meet Lulu, who told him she was concerned for him. He assured her that he had not gone back to drugs then explained that he and Liz had been trying to find out the sex of the baby. He told her he didn't remember being happier.

Sam knew something was up with Jason and asked him what was going on. He did admit that something was wrong but told her he didn't know how to say it. She told him to try. Later, Jason went to the hospital and saw Lucky and Liz together. He went back to his office and sat in the dark to think.

Spinelli entered Jason's office and said Jason should rethink his decision to not be a part of his baby's life. He said he thought of Jason as the older brother he'd never had, and it tore him up to see Jason hurting. Jason would be the best dad, and the child would miss out on a lot. The child would eventually find out and would be devastated. Suddenly, Lulu walked in and told Jason and Spinelli that Lucky could never find out the truth.

Sam was also involved in a conflicted situation as she tried to balance her new life in the spotlight with her private life with Jason. Amelia was trying to convince her to go out on tour to promote the new show. They decided to look at some of the photos that had been taken to see which "face" they want to show the public. As Sam grabbed the portfolio and left, a picture fell out, and Amelia was stunned.

Jax met up with Skye at Kelly's and turned down Skye's plea for help in discovering Tracy's treachery. Jax would just make sure that Michael received his portion, and that was it. He was not going to get involved any further. Skye was furious and stormed out after telling him that he was a fool to think Carly would ever leave Sonny for good.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo found out that Ric had subpoenaed his medical records from the hospital. He continued to play like he had no memory, but Ric didn't buy it. After Ric left, Lorenzo made a call and decided it was time to act against Sonny and Jason.

Alexis went to Wyndemere to thank Mr. Craig for rescuing her, and the two got into a bit of pleasant bickering. Before she left, her purse spilled its contents onto the floor. Mr. Craig helped her pick it up and noticed a pamphlet for addicts. He asked what it was all about, and Alexis explained that she'd smoked pot to help her with the effects of chemotherapy. Mr. Craig was sympathetic, and the two somewhat bonded.

When Alexis arrived home, Ric was there to goad her about the stranger who'd saved her. Mr. Craig arrived on Alexis' doorstep to return the pills she had accidentally left behind.

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