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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 9, 2007 on GH
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Monday, April 9, 2007

At Carly's house, Carly and Sonny were furious that Michael locked them in the basement. Jax was surprised to hear Morgan tell him that he can't come in because his mom was with his dad. Sly dog Michael revealed he left food in the basement for them and ran off. Then, he tended to Jax's questions. Jax believed Michael's story that Carly went off to meet Sonny at Metro Court and that Leticia was upstairs. Jax headed out. In the basement, Sonny pointed out that Michael is indeed their son. They were surprised to find Michael had left them food and wine, along with photos from happier times. During their ensuing chat, she again copped to having feelings for him but pointed out they're bad for each other. Sonny wanted to make up for the past. "Come back to me," he whispered with that sultry bad-boy tone. Then, Michael finally relented and let his parents out.

At the penthouse, Amelia asked Sam if she planned on getting pregnant. Sam admitted that she can't have kids. Amelia feigned sympathy, then told Sam to savor every day and left.

At the hospital, Lucky wondered why choosing a Spencer name for the baby was stressing Liz out. She denied the remark and they made out.

At the lake house, Ric wanted to know how Alexis could trust herself and Kristina with a perfect stranger (i.e. Mr. Craig). She pointed out that since he had sex with her eldest daughter, then took her job, then took her youngest daughter away, trusting people wasn't coming easily these days. Unbeknownst to them, Mr. Craig eavesdropped outside. Then, the argument got ugly as each spilled the other's dirty laundry. "Your mommy issues top my daddy issues," Alexis taunted Ric. Outside, Kristina was in search of a doll and almost ran into Craig. She returned with the doll and two tulips for Alexis. Clearly not feeling well, Alexis still ordered Ric to leave. Afterward, Craig showed up with the meds Alexis dropped at Wyndemere. He charmed her into letting him in.

At the coffeehouse, Lulu and Spinelli each debated about what Jason should do with the paternity secret. Spinelli said Stone Cold needs to come clean but Lulu was fearful about what it would do to Lucky. Lulu yelled at Spinelli and hurt his feelings. Jason dismissed Spinelli and talked to Lulu alone. Lulu admitted to flip-flopping but said she believes he and Liz made the right decision and she begged Jason to honor it.

Amelia phoned her P.I. with Sam's news, then bumped into Jax, who couldn't locate Carly or Sonny. He bought her a coffee and vented about his frustrations with Carly. He stated his patience is really wearing thin. Dillon entered and asked Milo where Lulu was. Milo reported that Spinelli ran out of the coffeehouse earlier, followed by Lulu five minutes later. As they took off to find Spinelli, Lulu showed up at the penthouse, where she apologized to Spinelli for her earlier behavior. He noted he'd already forgiven her. She asked Spinelli to keep the secret and he agreed. As they hugged, Dillon and Milo busted in. Dillon ordered Spinelli to let go of Lulu as Milo pointed his gun.

On their way to the Metro Court restaurant to meet their respective partners, Lucky and Sam got trapped in an elevator. They started talking about Jason and Liz, when Sam asked Lucky if seeing them together "after last summer" ever bothered him. Huh? he thought.

Craig pointed out that Alexis needed medical attention. She conceded and asked him to drive her and Kristina to the hospital.

Once out of the basement, Carly phoned Jax. Amelia picked up the line, prompting irate surprise on Carly's part.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday April 10, 2007

Catching Lulu and Spinelli in an embrace, Milo and Dillon ask Lulu if Spinelli is her boyfriend. Dillon is upset, because he thought he won the chance to date her first. Lulu is disgusted and walks out on all three of them. They later find her at the coffee house. She informs them that she doesn't want to ruin a great friendship with sex, so she won't date any of them. They ask her for a second chance.

Craig brings Alexis to the hospital. When Epiphany tells Alexis that Christina cannot go with her, she asks Craig to stay with her. Robin attends to Alexis, and Alexis asks Robin to check on Christina and Mr. "Brosnan". Craig is seen in the lobby showing Christina how to play baccarat. Patrick approaches them and introduces himself to Mr. Brosnan. They briefly talk about Alexis's condition. Later, Robin argues with Patrick for interfering.

Carly is confused when Amelia answers Jax's phone. After Amelia hangs up on her, Carly and Sonny reprimand Michael for locking them in the basement. He doesn't care that he will be punished or for how long, as long as he gets his family back together. Sonny tells Michael that divorce is between him and Carly, and does not concern him. Once alone, Carly asks Sonny to sign the divorce papers to give Michael a clean break. Sonny tells her that he has had to fight for everything that matters to him, and this won't be any different.

While waiting for Sam and Lucky, Liz and Jason talk in the Metro Court lobby. She tells Jason not to destroy her family with Lucky by divulging the baby's true paternity. He tells her that sending him pictures of the UltraSound, etc. is well-meaning, it is only a reminder of what he will not have.

In the elevator and on the way to meet Liz and Jason, Sam admits to Lucky that she was jealous of Liz. She always wanted a family with Jason, but now knows that a baby doesn't solve every problem.

After dinner, Sam comes home to find an envelope with her name on it. Inside is a picture of her from an earlier time. This makes her flash back to a struggle with the man seen in the pictures. Spinelli is at the penthouse, and she talks about the baby she lost. She is sad, but realizes she can still have a pretty good life.

Max calls Carly to tell her that Skye and Lorenzo are at the hotel. She tells him she's on her way. At the hotel, she questions why they are there, and why they would want to be there. She insinuates that their food or service could be bad. They continue to stay there however.

Carly tells Jax about being locked in the basement. He asks her if she wants to try again.

She tells him that she wants to go to Montreal.

While in a cozy moment with Luke, Tracy is startled to once again see Alan walk into the room. Alan tells her that he will not rest until she confesses. In arguing with Alan, Tracy incriminates herself and is caught on tape by Edward and Alice. They negotiate over Alan's stock in ELQ.

Lulu visits Liz and Lucky. She tells Liz about her romantic predicament. She tells Lulu you can love more than one person, but can only commit to one.

Jason and Sonny speculate that Alcazar is faking his brain damage. Sonny asks Jason to put pressure on Skye. In the meantime, Lorenzo talk to his associate about an ambush of Jason and Sonny.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sam is upset when her show's set resembles a room from her past. She explains to Amelia how familiar it looks, and Amelia pretends to be surprised. Sam asks to take a break. As one of the workers is trying to turn on a lamp on the set, Amelia helps out and explains the quirk about how to turn the lamp on. When pressed about how she knew how to turn the lamp on, Amelia says her father used to have a lamp just like it.

Reporters descend on anyone in Port Charles who knows Sam. As Carly and the boys try to leave their house, the reporters ask Carly how she feels about her husband buying his mistress a career. Carly goes back inside and calls Sonny. She tells him he needs to take care of the situation. Meanwhile, Morgan asks Carly what a mistress is. They are all thankful when Jax comes to save the day.

Somehow, both Lulu and Spinelli pick Jason to vent their troubles to. Lulu comes to talk to him prior to her date with Dillon. She's not looking forward to the date, because she just doesn't feel like being romantic and falling in love. After she goes to meet up with Dillon, Spinelli reveals his problems about his love life and Lulu. When Jason leaves, Spinelli decides to become a daredevil and puts Jason's leather jacket on and takes his bike for a spin. When he wrecks the bike, he calls Lulu and interrupts her date with Dillon. Dillon is very upset, since he planned out such a romantic date and created a replica of a Paris restaurant. It was lost on Lulu anyway, though. Georgie stops by prior to the date and knows exactly what the replica is of. She is hurt as she realizes the depths of Dillon's feelings for Lulu, but she leaves quietly. When Spinelli calls and interrupts Lulu and Dillon, Lulu decides to go and rescue him. She drives him back to Jason's penthouse and tells him that she will help him out if Jason ends up being mad at him. She says they have a lot in common because she used to sneak out and drive Edward's Bentleys when she was younger. Spinelli is pleased to hear that they have something in common. Meanwhile, Dillon is furious that Spinelli stole his show.

Maxie goes to the PCPD and talks to her dad about the goings on in her life. When he turns his back to take a phone call, she steals the entrance exam for the Police Academy.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Jason meets Sam at Kelly's. He tells her that he found this inn near the Canadian Border that serves great food and that the owner's are wonderful people, hoping they can leave tonight. Sam feels bad because she forgot to call him to tell him she has to shoot some footage for the show tonight. Jason tries to be very understanding but seems very disappointed. Suddenly, the press shows up inside Kelly's and starts throwing questions and innuendos at Jason and Sam. Mike comes out of the kitchen with a baseball bat to throws them out of the place. Sam feels terrible about how her new celebrity status is causing so many problems for Jason and everyone. She keeps apologizing over and over again to Mike and Jason. Jason tells her to stop apologizing for what happened. Liz and Lucky show up at Kelly's and Jason tries to hide his reaction to seeing Liz carrying his baby. Liz and Lucky approach them and comment about the press outside. Sam feels overwhelmed by the press and wishes they would leave Jason and her alone with their accusations. Liz tells Sam that she will be a perfect host for the show because she is an everyday hero herself and helped her in the hotel during the hostage crisis. Sam thanks her for her kind words. Sam heads off for the hotel to meet with Amelia. Amelia asks Jax if she can use the hotel for footage for the opening credits of the show with photos of Sam. Jax has no objection. Meanwhile, Lulu and Spinelli also show up at Kelly's and Lulu notices Jason's reaction to seeing Liz. Lulu doesn't know what to do about the whole secret and is afraid that Liz will suddenly decide one day to tell Lucky the truth and that she is afraid that it will devastate Lucky's life. Later, Lulu shows up at the hospital and runs into Liz at the nurses' station and tells her she is there to make another physical therapy appointment. Liz finds that odd that she came there in person to do that. Lulu changes the subject and asks her if Lucky is driving her crazy by checking up on her every ten minutes. Liz tries to reassure Lulu that she loves Lucky and that she is happy even if Lulu doesn't believe that she loves Lucky as much as he loves her. Later, Lucky comes by to check up on Liz. Liz starts having contractions and doubles over. Lucky calls out for help. Meanwhile, back at the hotel Sam complains to Amelia about the press and wonders if she should get a restraining order against them to leave her alone. Amelia tells her not to since they need the press to help promote the show and her. Sam is ambivalent about hosting the show since it is causing so many problems for everyone around her including Jason. Amelia snaps at her about her indecision to be in the t.v. program and warns her to make up her mind once and for all since this will change her life forever if she does do the show. Sam makes up her mind and decides to go ahead and do the show after all. She poses for the photographer while Amelia watches waiting to set her up eventually to take a big fall.

Cooper shows up late for work at the hotel and runs into Max. He tells Max to get a message to Sonny that he passed the police exam and is going to be able to join the police academy. Maxie shows up at the hotel and tells Cooper she is happy for him for making into the police academy even if she doesn't understand why he is doing it. Logan shows up at the hotel and starts pressuring Cooper about getting him a job at the hotel in security. Cooper tells him he is trying to do that but that it is up to Max if he gives him the job. Logan starts making threats to Cooper about how he owes him. Maxie tells Logan to back off of Cooper. Logan storms out of the hotel. Maxie asks Cooper about what Logan meant by him owing him this job. Cooper tells her that Logan saved his life in Iraq. Maxie tells him she will take care of Logan for him. Maxie goes to see Jason at the coffee shop office. She asks him to give Logan a job working for him and promises to pay him back in return by stealing confidential police information from her father for him to help him. Lulu shows up suddenly in his office and tells him not to trust a word that Maxie tells him since she is a liar and can't be trusted. Maxie is disgusted by Lulu's interference and tells her off. Jason tells Maxie that there is nothing he can do for her and dismisses her. Lulu tells him she came by because she is concerned about him being able to keep the secret after she saw how he looked at Liz at Kelly's. Jason tells her that he didn't mean for them to run into each other and he will be more careful on how he reacts to her from now on. He asks her what she knows about Spinelli putting a dent in his motorcycle. Lulu pretends she doesn't know what he is talking about. Meanwhile, Logan and Cooper talk at Kelly's. Logan puts pressure on Cooper to find him a job at the hotel. Cooper tells him he put a good word in with Max at the hotel but that he can't do much more than that. Maxie shows up at Kelly's and tells Logan that Lulu just messed up his chance to get a job working for Sonny. Lulu shows up right behind her and gets into it with Maxie. She tells Cooper and Logan that Maxie offered to spy on her own father and steal evidence for Jason from the police department in exchange for getting Logan a job. Maxie tells Lulu she is crazy like her mother. Lulu fights back with her own barbs by telling Maxie that her own parents can't stand to be around her and left her. Maxie tells her that her father loves her unlike Luke who is a drunk who ignores her. The fight ends up getting physical with them hitting each other and the two men have to break it up.

Sonny is doing business over the phone in his office when Carly shows up with their sons. She informs Sonny that he is going to have to watch the boys because she is going to Montreal with Jax. Sonny realizes he can't stop her. Carly reminds Sonny and the boys that Michael and Morgan are both still grounded and they still don't have their privileges back. Carly sends the boys out of the room to go into the coffee shop with Milo while they talk alone. Sonny tries to give her space and be supportive but tells her that hopes she can really be happy with her life and her decisions. Carly leaves the office and says goodbye to the boys out in the coffee shop. Sonny comes out and calls out to her. He wishes her a good time in Montreal with Jax. Carly thanks him and leaves. Meanwhile, Jax gets a big diamond engagement ring out of the hotel vault from his hotel clerk. Carly shows up late and Jax is happy she made it. They get on his private jet and head to Montreal. Carly tells him she wants them to forget about everything else that is going on with their lives and concentrate on them as a couple on this trip. They share a romantic dinner on the balcony of some hotel room and Jax takes out the diamond ring and gets down on one knee to propose and places the ring on her finger. Meanwhile, Sonny takes the boys to Kelly's for dinner. Mike is there to greet them and promises them some homemade chocolate chip cookies when they finish their dinner. Sonny explains to Mike that they are being punished for locking Sonny and Carly in the basement to get them back together again. He tells Mike to fix Michael a plate of chicken and broccoli. Michael protests the meal but promises to try to eat it. Mike questions Sonny about why they are punishing the kids for doing something Sonny has been scheming to do for months now, get back together with Carly. Sonny explains that they are trying to keep the boys out of their problems and that Michael needs to learn that he can't just do whatever he wants to them and get away with it. Mike still wishes Sonny had forgiven Carly back when they were married before. The press shows up again this time to harass Sonny with questions about his past affair with Sam and they bring up the "mistress" word again. Milo and Mike get the press to leave Kelly's again. Michael asks Sonny about Sam being his mistress and tells him that Jax told him what the word means now. Sonny refuses to get into it with Michael there at Kelly's and promises to talk to him about it later. He orders Milo to bring the boys home because Leticia will be there soon to take care of them since he has business to discuss. He calls Diane, his lawyer about getting a restraining order against the press so they will leave him and Sam alone. Diane mentions to him that Jason told her not to do that because Sam needs the exposure to promote her new show. Sonny calls Jason and asks him to meet him down at the Cellar under Kelly's because they have a serious problem. Meanwhile, Alcazar meets with one of his men and makes final plans to have Sonny and Jason ambushed at their new meeting place under Kelly's Diner and arranges for his men to cover all exits so they can shoot and kill both of them without them being able to get out of there alive. Skye shows up and asks his associate what he is talking to Alcazar about since she is the person who is in charge of his business right now. The associate covers well and apologizes for involving Alcazar when he should be talking to her instead. Later, Ric meets with Skye at the hotel and shows her surveillance pictures the cops took for him at the docks where Alcazar's men were seen doing illegal business under her orders. She tells him he has no real proof the men are doing anything illegal. He warns her not to trust Alcazar since he believes he is faking his memory loss. Skye believes that Alcazar isn't faking anything and assures Ric that he has nothing to worry about. Ric tells her to be careful about trusting Alcazar. Later, she comes home and overhears Alcazar on his cell phone ordering a hit on Jason and Sonny and is in shock. Jason shows up at the Cellar to meet with Sonny. Sonny tells Jason about his displeasure with the press hounding him about his past affair with Sam and that it is interfering in their business. He tells Jason that either Sam will have to quit this show or he will get a restraining order to keep the press away from them all. As they are talking gunshots are fired at them from inside. Jason and Sonny take their weapons out and start firing back at Alcazar's men. Cooper and Logan both hear shots from upstairs while they are in Kelly's and they take their guns out also and decide to get involved.

Friday, April 13, 2007

In Montreal, Jax proposed to Carly, who gushed over the five-karat ring. On the plane ride home from Montreal, Jax suggested that he and Carly join the "Mile-high" club. She eagerly accepted. They were soon interrupted by the captain, who announced that they'd be hitting turbulence, but didn't let that stop them.

Alcazar prepared to put his plan against Sonny and Jason in motion. Meanwhile, Jason and Sonny suddenly had to dodge a barrage of bullets as shooters targeted the Cellar. The guys fought back as upstairs, Lulu, Logan, Cooper and Maxie, laid low. Downstairs, Jason did this cool maneuver where he slithered across the floor under tables to get away. Sonny managed to shoot a couple of thugs, but ended up getting shot in the head... Maxie called for help; a worried Spinelli came to warn them. The thugs grabbed Maxie, but Logan and Coop helped save her... Skye thought about what Ric had said about Alcazar faking his brain damage. Ric then came by and confronted Alcazar about the shootout... Spinelli was pleased to see that Jason was alive.

Jason and Mac tried to get to the bottom of the shootout... Ric blasted Alcazar for coming up with such a badly executed plan to bring down Sonny. Skye demanded that Ric leave their home. Alcazar insisted that he could fix things and that he arranged it because of his love for Skye. Skye was not pleased and feared his enemies would retaliate. After, she went to see Ric and told him that he was right, that Alcazar was faking his brain damage. She was willing to do whatever it takes to protect her child.

At the hospital, the doctors frantically tried to tend to the shootout victims. Spinelli began rapping (seriously!) for the doctors. "Do you have a head injury?" asked Epiphany. After, Spinelli bugged Robin and Patrick for information on Sonny. Patrick wondered if the teen belonged in the psych ward.

Sam, looking gorgeous in a red gown, posed for a photo shoot. She then posed in a turquoise top. She was flattered when the crew complimented her on her good work. She thanked Amelia for helping her out. Sam was horrified when a news reporter soon arrived to question her about Jason's involvement in the shootout.

Liz went into labor. A concerned Lucky sat by Liz's bedside in the hospital. She assured him that she and the baby were okay and she didn't need him to wait there. Lucky went to see if he could help Mac with the investigation, but Mac sent him back to be with his wife. Meanwhile, Lulu went to check in on her sister-in-law and filled her in on the shootout. Liz was upset to hear about Sonny having a concussion, but was relieved that Jason was okay. When Liz noted how much she and Lucky owe Jason, Lulu suggested she let Jason be a part of the baby's life. That conversation ended when Lucky returned.... Upon finding out the Liz was in the hospital, Spinelli frantically mentioned to Sam that someone has to tell "him," meaning Jason. Sam wondered who he was talking about; he quickly said he meant Lucky... Despite the shootout, Amelia was anxious for Sam to get back to work on the TV show... When he spied Sam and Jason together, Spinelli cryptically informed Jason that Liz went into labor. Jason went to see Patrick, who told him that Sonny had a concussion... Carly and Jax came home to the bad news about Sonny and Jason.

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