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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 16, 2007 on GH
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Monday, April 16, 2007

Alan's ghost tries to convince Tracy that Luke is cheating on her. Luke reassures her that her brother is just trying to shake her. Monica overhears Tracy talking to the air and, when Tracy reveals that it is Alan's ghost she is speaking to, Monica tells her to prove it with an intimate revelation from Alan. When Tracy questions Alan, then validates the truth, Monica is shocked. Monica ends up believing that Tracy must have spied on her and Alan to know that information and doesn't believe for a second that Alan's ghost is talking to Tracy. When she leaves the room, Luke and Tracy have a heart-to-heart and Alan realizes just how much Tracy really loves Luke.

At the hospital, Sam and Jason discuss Sonny and Amelia informs Sam that she needs to return to work. Jason talks her into leaving, saying that he will be fine. Back at the Metro Court during another photo shoot, reporters arrive and question Sam. Amelia encourages her to use the publicity to the show's advantage, which she does.

Spinelli arrives in Liz's hospital room to videotape the birth, much to Lucky and Liz's surprise. Lulu gives a bogus explanation then she and Spinelli leave the room. In the hall, Spinelli tries to tell Lulu it is for Jason who later shows up to check on Liz. She and Lucky have gone for a walk and Lulu talks to Jason. She volunteers to feed him information about the baby.

Carly and Jax return to town and find out about what happened at The Cellar. Carly tells Jax that the place is cursed. Jax brings her to the hospital to check on Sonny. Once there, after seeing that he is okay, she tells him that Jax proposed to her in Montreal and she accepted. She asked Sonny to sign the divorce papers. In the lobby, Carly and Skye exchange words and Skye tells Jax he is a fool to be with Carly and that he will never replace Sonny in Carly's heart. Jason visits with Sonny and tells him that Carly wants to be with Jax and he needs to let her go.

One of Alcazar's guys comes to his house and tells him about the shootout and that Cooper and Logan showed up and helped Sonny and Jason. Alcazar tells him that they will plant evidence against his enemies and take them down that way. After his guy reassures him that he will keep quiet, Alcazar kills him.

Skye talks to Ric at the hospital about Alcazar and reveals to him that Alcazar is faking. Ric tells her to let Sonny and Jason in on it so that they will go after Alcazar and then Ric can take them down. Ric goes downstairs and tries to rustle Jason but it doesn't work. Scotty shows up, he and Ric exchange unpleasantries and then Scott informs Ric that they need to get along because he has just been appointed the Special Prosecutor to the DA's office. He says there are some changes he wants to make in town. He proceeds to go to the Quartermaine mansion where he interrupts Tracy and Luke in an embrace and tells Luke he has petitioned the court for custody of Laura.

When Skye returns home to Alcazar, he tells her how grateful he is for her, but that he will need to pretend a lot longer until he is in a position to go after Sonny and Jason again. Once he leaves the room, Skye calls Ric and tells him she will do whatever it takes to take Alcazar down.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Robin tells Sonny that she and Patrick broke up, and that she is now with Nikolas. Sonny seems surprised at the news.

At the Q mansion, Tracy tells Alan's ghost that Luke should let Laura go. Alan teases Tracy that she really loves Luke, and compares the relationship to his with Monica. Alan disappears as Luke walks in the room. Luke tells her that Nikolas was appointed guardian by Laura, and Tracy tells him that she knows. She explains that when Laura relapsed and Luke took off, she went to Shadybrook to make sure all arrangements had been made. The staff informed her that guardianship was assigned to Nikolas. Luke does not understand this, and Tracy tells him that Laura would want Luke to remember her as a woman and not as a patient.

With Alexis in the room, Craig tells Nikolas about his time with Christina while at the hospital. Craig asks Alexis how she is feeling, and Nikolas cuts in that she is fine and that she should go home. At that moment, Scotty walks in and tells Nik he's taking him to court for guardianship of Laura. He alleges that Nikolas is not taking proper care of Laura, and the fact that Luke is able to come and go as he pleases is proof of that. Alexis comes to his defense, and tells him the courts would never grant custody to a man that Laura was married to decades ago. Craig reminds Nik they must get back to work. Alexis takes her leave and Nik asks what he is up to. Nikolas tells him there is $60 million ready for him if he leaves for good. Craig tells him that the current arrangements are fine, and slips away as Luke walks in and wants to talk to Nikolas about Laura.

At the hospital, Amelia asks Stan about what kind of influence he has over Sonny. She tries to ask Stan if he can work on Sonny about giving Sam's show the publicity it needs. He says that he will see what he can do. After she leaves, Epiphany tells him to stop chasing white girls. He tells her that although her story ended up badly, she should leave him out of it.

Carly visits Jason at the penthouse to tell him about her engagement to Jax. He asks how the boys are taking it, and she acknowledges that while Morgan was happy, Michael took it very hard.

Jax goes to see Sonny at the hospital to ask him to give Carly the divorce. Sonny tells Jax he is waiting for Carly to change her mind, and that the boys want their family back together. Jax tells him that Carly has made up her mind.

On the set of Everyday Heroes, Carly storms in and tells Sam that she doesn't appreciate the press questioning her about Sonny's mistress in front of her children. Sam does not see her side of things. Carly warns her that eventually she may have to choose between her career and Jason. Later, Sam has another dream that she is struggling with the man in the picture. Amelia learns from her assistant that Sam ran a con on five men. She targeted and married wealthy men, and stayed with them long enough to drain their bank accounts. It worked with the first four, but not with the fifth victim- Bill Monroe. When he confronted her, she killed him.

Jason goes to see Sonny in the hospital and asks Sonny to give up Carly. Later, Sonny goes to see Carly and asks to sign the divorce papers. She thanks him and tells him it's for the best. He acknowledges that he can't make her love him. She tells him that she does love him, and he asks why he is signing the papers.

Tracy sees Scott at Shadybrook, and stops him from going to see Laura. He questions why Tracy would care, especially because she is married to Luke. She tells him that she supports Luke's decisions.

At the penthouse, Spinelli confesses to Jason that he borrowed and dented the motorcycle. Jason says he knows and that it's OK. He tells him it's just a bike, and the next time he wants to use it to ask first. The Jackal is grateful, and tells him he would've made a great Dad.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Carly goes to see Sonny and talks to him about signing the divorce papers. She tells him that she needs this to be free. He agrees and tells her that if she is sure, he will sign the papers and he does.

At the hospital, Patrick confronts Robin about her and Nikolas. He knows she is lying. He asks her if she's being forced into this relationship. Robin denies anything else is going on. She says that her relationship with Nikolas is easy. Nothing is expected on either side. Patrick doesn't buy it and tells her that what really hurts is that she doesn't trust him enough to tell him what's going on and save their relationship. Later, Alexis talks to Patrick about Nikolas' and Robin's relationship. She says they don't have that look in their eyes that proves they have feelings for each other. They both decide to keep an eye out. Meanwhile, Robin is talking to the lab tech about the toxin screenings they are doing on Nikolas. The lab tech can't isolate the toxins. Patrick overhears their conversation after trying to get the lab results himself. When Maxie approaches and tells him she can't believe Robin left him, Patrick decides that maybe she can help. Maxie goes and manages to swipe the lab results. Patrick is confused as to why a toxin screening is being kept so secretive.

Luke and Nikolas talk at Wyndemere about Nikolas being appointed guardian over Laura. She apparently felt she was a burden to Luke. Nikolas did not know until Scott arrived that he was the legal guardian. Mr. Craig listens in as Luke tells Nikolas that she must have been confused and he should sign over guardianship to him. Nikolas tells Luke that if she was coherent enough to marry him then she was coherent enough to sign the guardianship papers. When Luke leaves, Mr. Craig comes in and offers to kill Luke. Nikolas turns him down, but Mr. Craig says he can't afford to have Nikolas distracted. Mr. Craig wants Nikolas to sign Laura over to Luke. Nikolas is torn between going against his mother's wishes versus what Mr. Craig wants.

When Robin gets back to Wyndemere, Mr. Craig tells her about their visitors for the day. Robin is concerned that Mr. Craig was seen, but he assures her that he hid.

Scotty goes to the Quartermaine's to talk to Tracy and try to get her on his side. He tells her that as long as Luke is guardian (or trying to become guardian) over Laura, Tracy will not have his undivided attention. Tracy agrees to work with Scotty. When Luke comes home, he and Scotty argue over going to court over Laura. Tracy interrupts and tells Luke that maybe he should allow Scotty to become guardian. It's the easiest way and then Lulu wouldn't be subjected to all the dirty laundry.

Back at the hospital, Jax finds Alexis in the waiting area and asks her to become his best man. She is shocked that he still wants to marry Carly. She sits down to gather strength and tells him that she will think about being his best (wo)man. After Jax leaves, Alexis calls a taxi driver and goes to see Sonny. He thinks she is there about Ric, but she surprises him and tells him she is there for Jax and asks him about signing the divorce papers. He surprises her by telling her that she already signed the papers. He finds it amusing that she defends her ex-husband. As Sonny walks Alexis out, she tells him that maybe he and Carly will become friends as she and Jax did.

Michael sees Carly distraught over signing the divorce papers and tells her to just tear them up. Carly explains that she can't do that and tells him to go upstairs as the doorbell rings. Lulu comes in and Carly explains that she is having trouble signing her divorce papers. Lulu is confused and tells Carly to ask herself what she would do if Sonny wasn't in the picture. Carly says she would run to Jax. Then Lulu asks what she would do if Jax weren't in the picture, and Carly says she would be sucked back into his world again. Lulu tells her that her answer is the answer to the ultimate question. Trust your heart and follow it. Meanwhile, Sonny tells Diane that he wants to increase his child support and pay Logan's medical bills. Diane is curious as to why he's throwing money at his ex-wife and Logan. She tells him that maybe he should just try saying thank you to Logan. Sonny goes to talk to Logan and tells him he is taking care of his medical bills. Logan explains that what he really needs is a job. Sonny tells him that he will try to get Carly to hire him at the Metro Court.

After the shoot out, Mac talks to Ric about how quickly Coop acted to save Maxie. They realize that he may be the best candidate for the police opening and go to look at his scores. Ric calls Coop and asks him to come see him. Meanwhile, Coop is trying to convince Logan to stay away from Sonny. Logan was trying to impress Sonny with his skills during the shootout. Logan and Coop discuss what it will be like if they are both on different sides, meaning Coop being a cop and Logan working for Sonny.

Coop is curious as to why the DA is calling him. He hopes they didn't find out he cheated on his police academy entrance exam. He goes to see Ric and is happy to hear that he is just the type of police officer they are looking for. Ric wants Coop out in the field soon. The mayor also comes to see Ric, but stops when he sees Molly is there with him. He asks him why Lorenzo hasn't been arrested yet, and Ric explains that Lorenzo is still providing information that they need. The mayor wants more from him or else.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Jax shows up at Carly's house to find a pen lying on the floor near the door when he comes in. He notices she has been crying and asks her what is wrong. She explains that Sonny finally signed the divorce papers but that she is having a hard time signing them now because it means that this is finally happening the way she said she wanted it to but she has mixed feelings about the divorce and how it means the end of an era with Sonny and that she can't have her family back the way it used to be. Jax comforts her. Carly admits that she will always love Sonny but that she is in love with him. They talk and make wedding plans.

Lulu comes upon Spinelli at Sonny's coffee shop while he is working on his laptop. She asks him what he is hiding from her when he closes his laptop suddenly when she shows up. He won't admit what he is really up to at first but then confesses that he hacked into the hospital computers again and is checking on the progress of Liz's baby through her confidential files so he can update Jason about any concerns since he feels he has a right to know what is going on with his unborn child. He tells her he is having a problem keeping the secret about the baby's paternity since he feels it is unfair that Jason can't be a real father to his child. Lulu understands how he feels but thinks it is up to Jason and Liz what they decide to do or not to do about the baby. She places a hand on his hand to give him comfort when she sees how conflicted he is about the whole thing. Meanwhile, Jason shows up at the television studio to see Sam before she airs her first show. He almost sees the pictures that Amelia had dug up of Sam under her past aliases. Amelia quickly shuts the folder with the pictures when Jason comes up behind her quietly and asks her if those are the pictures of Sam's photo shoot. Amelia covers quickly and changes the subject. Sam is happy to see him there but their moment is interrupted when a reporter from Port Charles shows up with a tape recorder and asks Jason some question about his business with Sonny. Amelia gets rid of the reporter before Jason loses his cool. Jason takes off. Sam and Amelia have a quiet talk alone before she starts taping the show. Sam starts talking about how she wishes the reporters would stop digging up her past. She starts mentioning that she was pregnant with Sonny's child and lost it but Amelia knows about a lot of it already from the papers. Sam tells her this job will be good for her since she can't be a mother like she wanted. While, Sam is taping in front of the cameras, her assistant fills her in on what else he found out about Sam when she was going by the name Angela Monroe. Amelia tries to hide her disdain for Sam but the assistant catches on to how tense Amelia is talking about Bill Monroe's death. Amelia tells him that Sam killed Monroe in self-defense because she claimed he was trying to beat her to death at their home and that she probably set it all up to look like she was beaten and bloodied so she could get all his money and skip town. He asks Amelia why she cares what happened to the Monroe guy. Amelia tells him that Monroe was her father. Amelia looks up and sees that one of the light fixtures right above Sam's head is loose and is about to fall right on top of Sam. She hollers out to Sam in warning. Meanwhile, Liz decides it is too nice outside to stay in with Cameron and she decides to take him out for a walk. They end up running into Jason on the pier. Jason is concerned when he finds out how far they walked. He offers to give them a ride home. Liz accepts his offer. When they get home Liz asks Jason if he wants to stay for awhile and have some cookies with them and talk. Jason accepts her offer to stay and sits down and plays with Cameron. Liz sees how uncomfortable it is for Jason to see her pregnant with his child and not be a part of it. She mentions it to him.

Patrick shows up at Wyndemere to spy on Nikolas and Robin in hopes of finding out what is really going on. He overhears James Craig talking to them about how they are suppose to act around each other in public and makes threats to Nikolas about the poison. Patrick recognizes his voice as the man he talked to on the phone outside the hotel when he was trying to get medical help for Robin. He realizes the man is the one who shot Robin and held everyone hostage and he has Robin and Nikolas under his thumb now. He almost gets caught when he bumps into the wall lightly and makes a small noise. Craig calls out and asks who is there. Patrick doesn't answer and takes off while Nikolas explains that he has plenty of staff that make noise all day long and not to worry about it. Craig doesn't investigate to see who is out in the hallway but makes it clear to Nikolas that he won't hesitate to kill any of his staff if they get in his way or annoy him. Craig brings up the guardianship of Laura and how he wants Nikolas to stop focusing on it and give over guardianship to Luke. Robin asks Nikolas what is going on with Laura. Nikolas tells her that Luke came by and wanted him to turn over guardianship of Laura to him even though Laura set it up that way before she relapsed. Robin tells him that he needs to go by Laura's wishes and be her guardian. Craig doesn't like Robin putting her two cents in about it and tells her she is a goody two-shoes. Craig asks Nikolas about Laura and what is wrong with her. He tells him that she is catatonic. Craig takes things too far and rattles Nikolas' cage when he calls Laura a "vegetable" who should be put out of her misery. Nikolas grabs Craig and threatens him to leave his mother out of this or else. Craig takes out his gun and puts up to Nikolas' head. Nikolas tells him that he needs to stay out of his mother's business and not to go visit her or else he will not help him anymore and doesn't care if that means he will let the poison kill him. Craig backs off and agrees to keep away from Laura. Craig takes off and Robin and Nikolas talk alone. Robin tells him that he needs to accept Laura's wishes for him to be her legal guardian. Nikolas understands that but doesn't want this to trigger Craig's impatience and have him go after his mother to get to him. Nikolas sees how sad Robin looks and asks her if she misses Patrick a lot. She tells him that she does miss him and right now Patrick would have lectured her about butting into Nikolas' business if he was there right now. Later, Craig goes for a walk outside and hears a noise from behind him. He turns around just as Patrick hits him in the head several times with a big heavy tree branch and confronts him with the knowledge that he knows who he is and what he did to Robin and everyone at the hotel. He does make the mistake of taking out his cell-phone to call the cops and that gives Craig the chance to turn the tables on him. He kicks out and trips Patrick and knocks him to the ground. Craig gets on top of him and uses his fists to beat Patrick repeatedly in the face. He almost knocks Patrick totally unconscious. He plans to throw his body over the cliff. Robin runs over to them and screams at Craig to stop him. Meanwhile, Tracy tries to explain to Luke that she is scamming Scott Baldwin so that Luke will eventually be able to see Laura whenever he wants. Luke doesn't like that she is getting involved in the whole thing. Mayor Floyd is escorted into the living room and announced by Alice who isn't too fond of the mayor because he closed down the civic center where she wrestles as the main attraction. Luke placates her and she leaves. Mayor Floyd comes in and asks Tracy what she wanted to see him for. She starts telling him about how she wants him to fire Scott as his new special prosecutor because he is corrupt and is trying to use his position to get guardianship of his ex-wife away from her son Nikolas and trying to keep Luke away from her also. Mayor Floyd instantly defends Scott's reputation which angers Luke. Luke loses his temper with Floyd and insists that Scott be kept away from Laura. Mayor Floyd refuses to help after Luke alienates him. Tracy goes off on Luke after he leaves because she was handling things just fine until he mouthed off about Scott to Floyd. Luke tells her that he will handle things on his own without the mayor's help and threatens to divorce her if Scott gets the guardianship. Later, he tries to apologize to Tracy. Tracy tells him off for how he just treated her and admits she loves him enough to do what she was willing to do without any benefit to herself and that he treated her badly. She tells him she won't tolerate him living in the past with Laura and tells him he needs to accept the fact that Laura is gone now and it doesn't matter if Scott or Nikolas is her guardian because it won't change what happens to Laura.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Liz tells Jason that the secret was supposed to be the best thing for everyone. Jason agrees but says what is most important is what's best for the baby. Liz disagrees and says you matter, too. She can tell that he's no longer ok with this decision. Jason says he was ok with it but asks if she changed her mind. She says, "You saved my child, you saved my heart, but every time I see you I see the sacrifice you are making for me and it only makes me love you more." Jason is surprised. She says she knows it is crazy because they both love other people. Jason asks why he can't be a part of the baby's life if she loves him. Liz tells him that they would never work. Each time they try to get together, Liz pushes away. She can't deal with the danger he is a part of every day, and she doesn't want him to change for her or the baby. Jason tells her not to feel guilty and leaves with both of them crying. Later, Lucky comes home and kisses Liz on the cheek. He apologizes for not being able to pick up the big toy and asks how she got it home. She tells him that they ran into Jason who helped. He wants to know why they're always running into Jason. Liz tells him that she and Cameron took the Elm St. Pier home and Jason happened to be there. Lucky tells her that it's good that Jason is always in the right place at the right time. He tells her that maybe they should consider making Jason a godfather to the baby.

Carly and Jax run into Michael and Sonny and tell them the big news about the wedding being next Friday. Sonny wishes Carly happiness and leaves. Michael tells Sonny that he is worried about him, but Sonny says not to worry. When Carly and Jax later run into Alexis, Carly informs her that she wants her to wear bubble gum pink at the wedding. Jax also says that he wants Sonny to come to the wedding because he thinks it may provide closure for him. Jax later calls his mother to inform her of his wedding plans, while Carly goes to wish Sonny a happy birthday.

Robin stops Nikolas from killing Mr. Craig. She explains that if Mr. Craig dies so does Nikolas. Mr. Craig says Patrick ruined everything. Robin says that no one has to die, everyone can work together. Patrick gets updated on what Mr. Craig is doing to Nikolas in exchange for a new identity. Mr. Craig and Nikolas leave to go back to Wyndemere, and Patrick and Robin talk about how everything that happened between them was because of Mr. Craig. Surprisingly, Patrick understands and they hug. When Patrick and Robin show back up at Wyndemere, Craig asks if the police will be coming soon. Patrick tells him that no cops will be coming and Robin explains that Patrick is willing to cooperate. Mr. Craig is pleased, but decides that too many people know he is there as a guest and plans must change.

A light falls from ceiling and just misses Sam's head. Amelia tells her assistant she's Bill Monroe's daughter. When she finds out the light was loosened on purpose, she tells her administrator to fire the one responsible for the light falling. Sam says as soon as everything is over she wants to spend time with Jason to chill with the man she loves.

Lorenzo meets with two thugs and asks them to deliver a message to Sam. Lorenzo's thugs arrive at Sam's studio and tell her to give Jason a message. They draw their weapons and when Jason arrives he is told to drop his weapon.

Sonny meets up with Jason and asks him why he has been so distracted lately. He says he has been distracted since Alan's death. Jason tells him he has been thinking a lot about fathers and sons. Jason always believed if you are not biologically related it doesn't matter if you are loved. Look at Michael. Sonny is his father in every sense of the word. Jason never realized what it must feel like for a father to be shut out of his kid's life. Sonny responds that he is about to find out because Carly is marrying Jax next Friday.

Later, Spinelli and Jason meet up. Spinelli wants to know why they have to bust into Lorenzo's house, especially since a baby is there. Jason tells him he doesn't have to do it, if he doesn't want to. They share an emotional moment, much to Jason's dismay. Spinelli tells him he doesn't have to go through this alone and should tell Sam about the baby and leaves.

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