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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 30, 2007 on GH
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Monday, April 30, 2007

Lulu walks into the alley in the midst of gunfire. Logan is battling Alcazar's men. Lulu shouts that she is calling 911 and the men run off. After running to Kelly's, Lulu asks Logan what the shooting was about and he says that he was trying to get information about Alcazar to prove himself to Sonny.

Jason and Carly dance at the wedding reception. When they are done, Jax thanks Jason for being there for Carly. Jason proceeds to take a very intoxicated Sam home. Once there, she tells him about Liz staring at him while he was dancing with Carly. She then babbles on and inadvertently mentions that she once picked out a wedding dress. Jason questions her about it, but she passes it off as nonsense.

Amelia arrives at Sonny's motel room after being given the wrong room information to meet someone else. After going inside, they have a conversation and end up in bed together.

Nikolas tells Emily about Craig's phone call and that someone important to him was on the other line. Nikolas assumes this person is Craig's weakness. After everyone leaves the reception, they steal a dance together.

Jax receives a phone call from Jerry and hears the same music from his reception playing in the background on Jerry's end. While he tries to get Jerry to say something, he is interrupted by Lady Jane who tells him to go into to be with Carly. After they finish celebrating, he and Carly leave to go on their honeymoon to Fiji.

While outside, Lady Jane spots a man in the bushes. When she approaches him, she believes it is Jerry but Craig plays off like he doesn't know her. When she looks more closely, she realizes that it is Jerry and questions him about his appearance. She asks how much trouble is he in that he would need to get plastic surgery. He reassures her that it does not involve her or Jax and tells her that Jax cannot know that he was there.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Tuesday May 1, 2007

Just as Tracy starts to believe Alan's ghost has left her, Alan appears once again. Tracy and Alan argue over the decisions they made concerning Alan's will. Alan gloats that he now has the upper hand. Luke reminds Tracy that Alan is dead, and that they need to concentrate on other things like guardianship of Laura. The other Quartermaines gather. Luke explains to the Quartermaines that he needs to be Laura's guardian. Baldwin shows up at the Q mansion, and tells them he would be a better guardian than Luke. Edward wants to know what it will take for Scotty to leave them all alone. Bobbie shows up, admitting that she is the one who called the meeting. She pleads with Luke and Scott to stop fighting. Dillon storms into the living room and is furious to find that Scott is trying to obtain custody of Laura after what he did to her. When questioned, Dillon backpedals. Later, Tracy and Alan's ghost speculate over Dillon's behavior towards Scott. They wonder if Dillon knows that Scott killed Rick Webber. Tracy doesn't want Luke to know what really happened, as she fears the truth will destroy him. Tracy tells Dillon to bury any evidence he has about Scott.

In the morning, Amelia goes to leave Sonny's room but can't seem to tear herself away. She decides to stay and seduce Sonny one more time.

At the office, Diana and Jason discuss Sonny. She is pleased that Carly has moved on, because she feels it's in her client's best interest. She wonders where he is, and Jason advises her to be patient.

Still hurting from the night before, Sam gets ready for a taping. Brandon, one of the network producers, appears on the set. He appears annoyed that Amelia stood him up the night before. Amelia arrives on the set and asks to be alone with Sam. She demands to know what the producer asked her. Sam takes notice that Amelia is in the same clothes as the night before. Amelia explains that she was given an offer she couldn't refuse. Diana shows up on the set with a court order to stop production of the show, as it is slanderous to Sonny. Sam tells Diana that Amelia will be able to have the injunction lifted. Brandon warns Sam that she needs to get her personal life in order. Amelia goes to Sonny and threatens him if he doesn't lift the injunction. They argue at first, but then begin to kiss passionately.

At Kelly's, Georgie gives Maxie a hard time for sleeping with Cooper. She tells him that if Mac will kick him off the force if he finds out. Maxie does not seem concerned about this and notes that Georgie is too involved in her life since she broke up with Dillon.

Jason tells Sonny about the shooting between Alcazar's men and Logan. Sonny acknowledges that Logan is becoming a nuisance. Sonny's men drag Logan to his office. With Jason in the room, Sonny tells Logan they are grateful for his assistance but he needs to back off. Lulu runs into Sonny's office and sees Logan. Sonny tells Logan that Lulu is under his protection and he is a dead man if anything happens to her. Sonny tells Logan that he will never work for him. Later, Logan is angry at Lulu for making him look bad.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Liz and Lucky go to a checkup where the doctor tells them the baby could be born any minute. When Lucky goes to get the car, Emily stays with Liz. They joke about going into labor while Lucky is in the garage, and Emily says it's important for the father to be at the birth. Liz decides she needs to see Jason and calls him. Jason has been looking at ultrasounds with Spinelli's help. Jason wants to know the sex, but Liz doesn't know and it isn't in the hospital records. Spinelli gets ready to leave and reminds Jason that he needs a friend. He tells him if the baby is going to have a good life, then he needs to come forward. When Liz arrives, she tells Jason that he needs to come forward if something happens to her and the baby. Their baby could need him, especially if something like a transfusion is necessary. Meanwhile, Lucky goes to talk to Mac and tells him he's driving Liz crazy. Mac decides to put him back on board.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Alan is trying to convince Tracy to tell Luke the truth. He knows they love each other and thinks she should tell him that. Luke comes in and tells her he wants her to try on a blonde wig. Tracy is mad, but Luke tells her he just wants her to impersonate Laura so he can sneak her away from Baldwin. Tracy tells him to let Nikolas deal with Scott right now. If Scott wins, then she will help Luke fight for Laura. She leaves, but listens as Alan talks to an unresponsive Luke about how he wishes he had told Tracy that he respected her. He tells Luke to treat Tracy with respect and consideration. Meanwhile, Lulu and Dillon talk about Laura and Scott and the custody battle. Lulu realizes Scott probably has all the judges bribed. Scott appears and asks what they want. Lulu wants him to drop the suit or he will rot in prison. Scott says there is no proof he killed Rick and gets in their faces. Spinelli and Jason arrive and break up the fight. Before Scott leaves, he tells Spinelli he will throw him in the river next time. Jason tells Lulu that he needs to know if Scott ever comes at her like that again. Dillon goes home to see Luke with the blonde wig. Luke starts to interrogate him. Says he used to trust him. What happened? As Dillon walks backwards in an attempt to get away from Luke, he falls into Alan's chair. Lulu arrives and tells her father that she investigated Rick Webber's death. Luke asks her if she thinks Scott killed Rick.

After Mac and Lucky part ways, Scott approaches Lucky and tries to convince him to talk to Nikolas about giving him custody of Laura. He says if it goes to court, it will be bad for Luke. Lucky says he will not interfere. Scott attempts to threaten him again and leaves. Mac comes back and tells Lucky he needs him on patrol because of the storm approaching.

Sam and Amelia talk about the injunction and Amelia tells her she won't let anything stop production. She expects Sam to do the same. Sam is worried that she will not be a success. Amelia reassures her. When Sam leaves, Amelia talks to a guy about shaking Sam up. Brandon comes by and asks if the injunction has been lifted. He doesn't want any trouble with the FCC. He hands her pictures of Sam and Bill and asks for an explanation. Amelia claims to know nothing about it. Brandon asks why the plug hasn't been pulled yet. Amelia says if the show is a hit, they will deny everything. If it flops, they will admit it to make the ratings go up. Sam comes back and asks if everything is alright. Amelia lies and tells her that Brandon has finally realized how valuable Sam really is, making Sam smile. They proceed to tape the segment and both Brandon and Amelia praise Sam. Amelia gets a call and hands the phone to Sam. It's a terrible connection and Sam asks who it is. The man on the other end (one of Amelia's hires) says he is her husband, Todd Sullivan. She tells him he must have a wrong number, but he insists that she married him and robbed him of his money and now she's going to pay. Meanwhile, Amelia is in the background smiling.

Nikolas comes home to find Jerry/Craig's cell phone ringing. He answers it and it is Jane. Jerry/Craig comes in and spies on him. Jane asks who answered the phone and why he answered the phone. Jerry/Craig grabs the phone from Nikolas when Nik asks who is calling. Jerry/Craig tells him he's going to pay and prepares a needle. Nikolas prods him on who called, a sister, a mom? Jerry/Craig tells him not to worry about it; he needs to be more concerned about his son who is going to be an orphan. Nikolas tries to convince Jerry/Craig that he won't be able to make it out of the airport. Craig pulls out another needle of poison and says it is for Emily. The two men start to fight. Nikolas grabs the needle and pushes it into Jerry/Craig who is surprised he had the guts to do that. Nikolas thinks he will have to stay now, but Jerry/Craig tells him to get his life and will in order and proceeds to leave.

Robin talks to Patrick about the blood scan on Nikolas. They still don't have any answers to the counter-agent. Emily approaches to talk to Patrick and Robin warns them they need to be careful as not to be seen. They all disburse and Nikolas comes to tell Emily that he only has 5 hours to live unless they can come up with a counter-agent.

While Lady Jane makes a scrapbook of Jax and Carly's wedding, Jax calls. She tells them not to worry about the boys. They are doing fine. She tells him she hasn't heard from Jerry. She says goodbye and gets back to scrap booking when Jerry/Craig arrives. He has come to tell her goodbye. Lady Jane tells him that she did not reveal to Jax that he was around. She tells him he should call his brother. He admits that he missed his mother, but there is nothing she or Jax can do to save him now. He asks what he has done, but Jerry/Craig just tells her he is going far away and won't be coming back.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Dillon is very uncomfortable when Luke asks him what he has on Scott Baldwin that he threatened him with. Dillon doesn't want to answer since he would be giving up the secret that Lulu asked him to keep about who killed Rick Webber. Lulu looks as if she is about to tell Luke the truth but she doesn't. Luke asks Lulu how she even thought to start investigating Rick Webber's murder in the first place. Lulu lies and tells him that she wanted so badly to help Laura that she thought that if she could prove that Laura didn't kill Rick Webber she could somehow bring her back. Luke tells her that he has had that dream himself that he would somehow be able to bring Laura back to where she was before but he realized that it won't ever happen. Dillon makes excuses for why he has to leave and Luke lets him go when he realizes Dillon has nothing more to say to him. Luke sits down with Lulu and talks to her about what happened to Laura and how he made a big mistake which caused Laura's breakdown and that he wishes that he had gotten Laura some professional help sooner instead of trying to protect her from the police and taking her away and trying to fix her himself. Lulu doesn't want him to blame himself and tells him that Laura wouldn't want him to think he was to blame. Luke tells her that he feels he is to blame for why Laura had her breakdown and that he can't do anything to change that. Lulu tracks down Lucky at the hospital and thinks something happened to Liz and the baby and that is why he is there. He reassures her that Liz isn't due to have the baby for another few days and that she is safe at home and away from the storm outside. Lulu tells him that Luke is determined to keep Scott from getting guardianship over Laura. Lucky tells her that they will help make sure that doesn't happen.

Nikolas shows up at the hospital feeling very weak and tells Emily that James Craig a.k.a. "Jerry Jacks" has left town and taken the counter-agent with him. He tells them that unless they find out what the counter-agent is, he has less than 6 hours to live. Patrick and Robin show up and find out what is going on. Robin worries that they won't find the counter-agent to the poison in time to save Nikolas. Patrick feels that they are much closer to finding it and that they need just a little more time to find the missing part of the formula. Robin is paged over the loud speaker and has to go check on a patient. Patrick has Nikolas admitted into a room and put on fluids to keep him from getting dehydrated. Emily stays by his side. Patrick enters his room and tells them that they are getting closer to finding the counter-agent but that it could take 1 hour or 1 more day to find it. Nikolas realizes his time is running out. He tells Emily that he loves her and wants her to raise his son if he doesn't make it. Emily doesn't want him to think that way and she thinks they can get to him in time. Nikolas tells her that they can't guarantee that they can help him in time or that the counter-agent will actually work. He tells Emily that he wants her to get in contact with his family so he can see all of them in case he doesn't make it. He tells Emily that he is sorry for making her think he didn't love her anymore. Patrick and Robin rush into his room and tell him they think they have the counter-agent and it will work but they aren't 100% sure that it will work. Nikolas tells them not to wait any longer and give it to him now.

Jane tries to persuade Jerry to stay in town and see Jax when he returns from his honeymoon and meet Carly before he leaves town. Jerry tells her that he can't stay in town and has to leave right away. Sonny shows up at Carly's house to see his sons. Jerry hides in the hallway leading to the kitchen and spies on Sonny talking to his mother. Jane lectures Sonny about doing what is best for his sons by not trying to interfere in Carly's marriage to Jax and to let her go. Sonny assures her that he isn't there to cause any trouble and that he has accepted that Carly chose Jax and is married to him now. Jane feels much more relieved now and tells Sonny to go up and see his sons if he wants to. Sonny decides to call the boys downstairs instead to talk to them. Michael and Morgan are excited to see Sonny and sit and talk with him on the couch. Sonny tries to reassure them that he is o.k. about Jax and Carly's marriage and that he wants them to be happy and that Jax will be a good stepfather to them and they can think of Jane as their step-grandmother if they want to. Michael asks Jane if he can go to the kitchen and get some cookies for a snack. Jane tells him that he can't in a sort of adamant voice since she knows that is where Jerry is hiding. Sonny asks her why that is a problem. Jane quickly covers her reaction and explains that she was starting dinner soon and that cookies would spoil his appetite. Sonny buys her explanation. Meanwhile, Jerry takes his gun out and starts to aim it at all of them from around the corner in case one of them heads to the kitchen and sees him. Jane sees what he is doing and gets a little worried. She keeps any of them from going into the kitchen. Jason shows up to tell Sonny they need to discuss some business. Sonny says goodbye to the boys and leaves with Jason to go back to the office to talk. Jane tells Jerry he can come out now. Jerry takes his gun and puts it away again. Jane loses her patience with him and asks him what is going on with him. She tells him that the son she knew was adventurous not dangerous the way he is acting now. Jerry tells her he has to leave town now and that he doesn't want to involve Jane and Jax into his problems and it is best that he leaves right away. Jane pleads with him to stay and see Jax but Jerry tells her that Jax is happily married now and doesn't need him around to cause a problem for him in his new life. He is about to head out the door but Michael and Morgan are on the stairs and overhear Jane refer to him as Jerry and guess he is Jax's brother. Meanwhile, Sonny and Jason talk back at the office. Sonny tells Jason that it is very hard for him to see Jax and Carly with his sons because he can't help but feel that Jax is taking his place but that he realizes he needs to move on and that as long as his sons are happy and Jax takes care of them he will have to live with that. Sonny tells Jason that they need to eliminate Alcazar before he becomes more of a threat to them and their families. Sonny tells Jason to be careful when he gets inside Alcazar's home and to make sure Skye isn't around when he kills him. Ric meets with Skye at Alcazar's home to talk about Alcazar and being a threat to Jason and Sonny, who may have already planned to get rid of Alcazar. Skye tells him that she won't stop them from killing Alcazar and may even help them if they ever asked her but she doesn't see that happening. Alcazar returns home after seeing a specialist out of town. He tells Skye that he convinced the doctor that he was not recovered from his brain injury and that his adversaries still think he is too incompetent to run his business. Skye questions what he is really doing and suggests that he really is doing this because he doesn't like to lose and/or hurt his big ego. She apologizes when she sees his annoyance. He tells her he is only doing all this to protect their child and themselves at all costs. Skye pretends she supports him and hugs him. After Skye leaves the room, Alcazar pours himself a drink and then takes out a small tape-recorder out from under his desk and plays it back. He hears Ric's voice on the tape talking to Skye and realizes to his surprise that Skye has betrayed him by telling Ric that she won't stop Jason and Sonny from killing him if they want to. Skye comes back into the room to get the baby's blanket and stops in her tracks when she sees Alcazar glare at her in a cold stare.

Sam gets a call from Amelia's assistant, posing as one of Sam's former lovers, Mr. Sullivan. He demands that Sam pay him $500,000 which is the amount she stole from him years ago or he threatens to go to the police and expose her to the press. Sam panics and realizes she has to tell Amelia what happened since it affects the TV show. Amelia tells her she won't let anything happen to her or the show. One of the crew answers the phone again and tells Sam it is for her. Amelia picks up the phone instead and plays along with her assistant and tells him that she will pay him $300,000 but he must go away and never contact the police or the press. Sam is very grateful that Amelia helped her, not realizing she is being set up by that very same person. Meanwhile, Jason comes to see Liz at her request. She tells him that she wants him to step forward as her baby's father if something serious happens to her when she goes into labor with their baby and is left unconscious and the baby needs help. Jason agrees to do that. Later, Lucky comes home to check on her again. She tells him she is fine at home by herself and she isn't going anywhere. She insists he go back to work and leave her alone so she can get some housework done without him smothering her. He leaves her alone. Later, she falls asleep on the couch to take a nap. She wakes up and suddenly has a contraction. She feels something when she puts her hand toward her lower abdomen and lifts her fingers to find that they are covered in blood. She starts to become very concerned that she is hemorrhaging. She gets up and tries to leave the house to go to the hospital but she collapses instead.

Friday, May 4, 2007

The counter agent isn't helping Nikolas. He tells Emily not to put him on life support. She talks about how it helped Lucky, but he says she needs to let go. Patrick tells him that keeping him alive is his job. Emily reminds him that if he dies, Craig/Jerry wings. Nikolas doesn't want to suffocate. He wants to see people before he dies. Robin agrees to put him on a respiratory. If that doesn't work, they will honor his wishes. When Robin and Patrick leave, Nikolas asks Emily not to fight his wishes and to take care of Spencer. Emily says he will be around to do that and Nikolas says he hopes so. He wants to talk to Spencer. Emily tells him that Spencer will be there soon. Nikolas tells Emily to tell Spencer he loves him if they don't make it in time. Emily wants to know why he's convinced he's going to die. She reminds him that he willed her to live through the cancer. He says he doesn't want to leave her. Outside, Patrick and Robin talk about Jerry/Craig. Robin wants to call for help, but Patrick says Jerry/Craig is just trying to scare them. Spencer does arrive in time. Nikolas spends time hugging his son and telling him he loves him. He wanted to give him wonderful opportunities in life. He loves him, no matter where he is. Nikolas is put on oxygen, but tries to remove the mask to talk to Emily. He tries to tell her he loves her but goes into distress. Patrick tries to get Nikolas to breathe. He is blue. Meanwhile, Jerry talks to Michael and Morgan about the games he and Jax used to play and how they would get in trouble. Michael likes Jerry and wants him to stay, but he says he can't due to business. Besides, Jax would be upset if he found out he came to visit while Jax was out of town. He makes the boys promise not to tell. Lady Jane puts the kids to bed. Before Jerry/Craig leaves, Lady Jane asks when she will see him again. He says it depends on business and kisses her goodnight.

When Jerry/Craig gets in his car, he calls the hospital and checks on Nikolas. He is stopped by a police officer, which happens to be Lucky. While he gets his license and registration out, he prepares to pull out his gun. Lucky thinks he might recognize him, but Jerry/Craig has a hat on so Lucky isn't sure.

While Lucky is at work, Liz is at home on the floor in agony. She tries to get the phone, but there is no service. She finds her keys and tries to walk to the door but passes out.

Jason and Sam cross paths as he is leaving the penthouse when she gets home. She tells him about the shoot and the injunction. She is worried the show will get between them. They will keep business and personal life separate, though. They kiss and part ways. Jason goes over to Liz's house and finds her passed out on the floor. He picks her up and when she stirs, tells her they are going to the hospital. Kelly greets them at the hospital and tells Jason that she must be operated on immediately. Jason watches the surgery from the window. Just as the baby is almost out, the heart rate drops. Kelly says, "We're losing him." As Jason watches with tears in his eyes, they give oxygen to the baby and prepare the paddles for Liz. Meanwhile, Amelia is trying to convince Sam to leave town. She has managed to get the injunction lifted by convincing Sonny that the fastest way to get out of the spotlight is to allow her show to go on and let Sam shine. Amelia says she hopes Sam is ready because her life is about to change. Sam is hesitant and says that maybe she just wants her life with Jason. Suddenly, Sam gets a bad feeling and doesn't want to leave Jason.

Lorenzo and Skye talk about their future together and how they will have a happy life. Skye goes to check on the baby and Lorenzo pulls out a hidden recorder and listens to Skye scheming with Ric. Skye comes back in the room for a blanket, he plays it for her. Lorenzo yells at her, but she defends herself and says that he put her and her daughter in danger for months. He tells her she better think twice if she thinks she is going to walk out of there with his daughter. He says he trusted her, and she says she trusted him, too. He explains to her why he faked the illness and that he wouldn't have let anything happen to her or Lila Rae. He plays more of the tape and tells her that Ric was playing her. He doesn't want to call it quits on their relationship, but they need to regain their trust in each other. She goes to check on Lila Rae and screams when she discovers the little girl is missing. Lorenzo has hidden Lila Rae away until he can trust Skye.

Sonny calls Diane and asks her to come to the office. Ric interrupts and tells Sonny that he and Skye have been working together and found out that Lorenzo has been faking his illness for months. Sonny isn't surprised. Ric tells him that Lorenzo is the one who ordered the hit at the Cellar. Sonny wants to know why Lorenzo isn't in jail. Ric tries to explain that no charges were filed and that on previous hits, witnesses weren't reliable. Sonny tells him he knows Lorenzo has something over his head. Ric says he just came by as a courtesy and leaves. When Diane finally arrives at the office, he tells her he lifted the injunction and she is furious. He tells her he needs her to concentrate on more important things, like planning a defense and alibi for him and Jason for a potential murder charge. Suddenly, someone barges in and asks to use the phone. Sonny asks who she is and she replies that her name is Kate Howard.

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