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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 7, 2007 on GH
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Monday, May 7, 2007

Code Blue is called on Nikolas. He is shocked, intubated and resuscitated. While he is comatose, Emily talks to him. Lulu shows up after receiving a message from Emily, and also talks to Nikolas to try to get him to come out of it.

After a close call with Lucky who pulled him over in traffic to warn him about a road closure, Craig/Jerry shows up at the hospital and gives Patrick the counter-agent for Nikolas. He comes to and Patrick informs him that Craig showed up just in time. Nikolas worries about what will happen next time, and Patrick reassures him that he saved some of the serum and they are analyzing it. In the meantime, Craig/Jerry arrives at Carly's to ask Lady Jane for her help.

A woman named Kate comes into Sonny's office at the coffeehouse and asks to use the phone. After denying her request and sending her on her way, Diane informs him that the woman is an editor of a major fashion magazine. Moments later, the woman returns as her car will not start. She asks again to use the phone and tries to bribe Sonny into letting her. Sonny is rattling his brain, trying to figure out where he knows her from. He finally gives in and allows her to use the phone, but watches on and then realizes that he knows her from Bensonhurst.

Sam tells Amelia she doesn't want to leave for Manhattan. Amelia tries to talk her into it and goes on about how Sam has to create her own life. Sam initially refuses but after much persuasion, she finally decides to go to the taping with Amelia and they leave for the airport.

Liz's baby is born as Jason looks on. Kelly is able to stabilize Liz, and then she is brought to a hospital room where Jason sits with her. The nurse arrives with the baby and, upon awakening, Liz sees Jason holding their son. When he realizes she is awake, he hands the baby to her. When she says she is tired, Jason offers to place him back in the bassinette but Lucky arrives and wants to hold him instead. Upon hearing of the events, Lucky thanks Jason for saving Liz and the baby.

After hearing from Kelly about Liz and the baby, Lulu goes to see them but sees Jason in the hall. As she talks to him about the baby, a signal from the monitor is heard and Lucky yells that there is something wrong with his wife.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sonny recognizes "Kate" as a woman named Connie Falconnieri that he knew from Bensonhurst. At first, she denies his claims and insists he must be thinking of someone else. When he asks her to swear on the Blessed Mother that she is not Kate, she refuses. When he finally threatens to make trouble for her, she admits that she has not been Connie since the age of 18. She explains that she changed her name at the time she started college, and chose the name Kate Howard after Catherine Howard (one of King Henry VIII's former wives). Her reasoning was that it sounded like a name of someone important and from a good background. She appears uncomfortable as Sonny remembers different things about their childhood. He recalls that she used to take note of different designer labels worn by subway passengers, and that she was an honor student. He also remembers that Connie was supposed to run away with him many years ago, but never showed up. He asks her what happened.

Lucky arrives at the hospital, and walks into Liz's room to see Jason holding the baby. He spends some time with Liz and the baby before Liz slips into unconsciousness.

Patrick obtains the antidote from Craig at the hospital. Nikolas wakes up, and tells Emily, Robin and Patrick that Craig has a family. He thinks this might be the Achilles heel they are looking for.

Craig/Jerry goes back to Carly's house to see his mother. He hides as Carly arrives home early from their honeymoon. She explains to Jane that she and Jax just missed the boys so much. Carly gets a call from Bobbie about Liz's condition, and she leaves for the hospital so that she can be a support for Lulu.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Luke decides to stay at the house, even though Alan still appears to be haunting Tracy. He also gets a call from Bobbie about his new grandson and Liz's condition.

Lulu is distraught over Liz's unconsciousness. She explains the situation to Spinelli, and encourages him to find Jason to remind him of the promise he made to let Lucky raise the baby. Spinelli finds Jason on the roof, and congratulates him on his new fatherhood. Jason tells him about being able to see the birth of his child, and Spinelli encourages him to claim the baby as his own. Later in the nursery, Spinelli has hacked into the system to put Jason on the list of approved visitors at the nursery. Although reluctant, Epiphany lets Jason in to hold the baby. He promises his son he will give him the best life ever.

Lucky is beside himself about Liz. He gets support from Nikolas and Emily and Luke. After encouraging Nikolas to go home, Luke encourages Lucky to stay positive. He explains that the worse thing he can do is to start imagining his life without Liz. Later, Luke expresses his concerns about Lucky to Tracy. She thinks he will be fine, as he has his father to support him.

Carly waits with Lulu for any news about Liz's condition. She tells Carly she regrets the way she treated Liz in the last few months. Carly is confused, as she thought the two women were close. Lulu covers by telling he she questioned Liz's support during the time Lucky was in rehab.

Dr. Lee tells Lucky that they may have to do a hysterectomy on Liz. Lucky tells her that they wanted to have more children, and Kelly explains that Liz has to be their priority. With Lulu looking on, Lucky breaks down at her bedside.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Jason makes it known that he will not leave town for any reason right now. Spinelli arrives to see Jason, and Jason asks him how Liz is. Spinelli hacks into the hospital's system and finds emails that say she's not doing well. Jason asks about the baby and Spinelli arranges for Jason to watch the baby on the nursery monitor. Spinelli reminds him that watching the monitor and being a dad are two completely different things. He tells him that he must come forward about being the daddy is Liz dies. Jason thinks that Liz will pull through, but Spinelli reminds him that the odds are against it. Spinelli tells Jason that he needs to tell the truth. If Liz wakes up now, no one will be mad at her because they'll just be happy she's alive. Meanwhile, Kelly is telling Lucky that the medications are not working for Liz. They're doing everything possible for her. Lulu tries to comfort her brother, but Lucky doesn't know what he and Cameron will do without Liz. Lulu reminds him that Liz is a fighter. Ric comes to see Liz and Lucky tells him that he will tell Liz he was there to see her. Lucky tells him how Jason saved Liz and the baby and Ric's curiosity is peaked. Lucky tells him to leave his grudge with Jason out of it. Ric tells him that he and Liz will always share a bond since they lost a child together. Lucky leaves to visit the baby so that Ric can have a moment with Liz. He confesses to an unconscious Liz that he planted the drugs in Lucky's desk. He tells her that he loved her and he needs her to live so he can continue to believe that real love and truth faith is still possible. He promises he will never try to hurt her again and kisses her hand. Meanwhile, Lucky snuggles with the baby. He says that the baby's mommy gets to pick out his name. He puts the baby back in the bassinet. As he turns to leave, he runs into Spinelli and asks what he's doing there. Spinelli says Lulu wants an update on "Lil Stone Cold". He realizes his error and covers. Spinelli still has to fight to see the baby, though, and ultimately is thrown out because his hacking is figured out.

After Lucky leaves the nursery, he goes to talk to Kelly. She tells him that if Liz doesn't wake up soon, she may never wake up. Lucky tells her she doesn't know Liz very well, but Kelly disagrees. They need to go over the test results and the options.

Patrick and Robin talk about the counter-agent. Patrick thinks Craig/Jerry is up to something. Either way, Nikolas doesn't have much time left. Meanwhile, Craig/Jerry stops Emily and tells her she isn't going anywhere. He tells her they have a business trip to go on, but Nikolas protests. Emily and Craig/Jerry leave and go to a bank to set up a new account. Craig/Jerry says he wants the account in his fiancée Emily's name. Emily knows that if she signs the paperwork, she can be held legally responsible for Craig/Jerry's evil deeds. She doesn't feel she has a choice, though. Back on the plane, Craig/Jerry drinks to his success.

Alexis and Nikolas talk about Liz when Alexis realizes Nikolas doesn't look so good. She asks about his condition, and he tells her the reason why he asked her there is to get his will in order. After Alexis leaves, Robin and Patrick tell Nikolas they've found the recipe for the counter agent. Nikolas wants it right away, but Robin and Patrick want to wait for Emily. What if it doesn't work?

Michael and Morgan rush into Jax and Carly's bedroom to greet them. Jax tells the boys there are presents downstairs and the boys go down to open them. Carly tells Jax that she warned him there is a big difference between living with the kids and just hanging out with them. Jax doesn't seem to mind the romance interruption, though. He teases her for being tough on the kids about making a mess with their presents. Carly tells Jax that he can not be the boys' best friend. She insists that they are going to be punished for making a mess and rushes off to take Morgan to a play date. When Michael and Jax are left alone, Jax asks Michael what he thinks about the whole step-dad thing. Michael tells Jax that his parents are all messed up. He thinks Jax is way cooler than his friend's step-dads. He will help Morgan through this transition. That's what big brother's are supposed to do. At least that's what Jerry said. Jax is shocked.

Coop meets Maxie at the coffee shop, but Coop is very nervous and doesn't want to be seen there. Logan arrives looking for Sonny. He asks Coop how the academy is, but they are interrupted by Lulu running past them and into Jason's office. She tells Jason that he can't tell anyone that he's the baby's father. She tells Jason that Lucky is being so strong and will make a great dad. Spinelli stands up for Jason, though, but Jason tells him to leave so he and Lulu can talk. Lulu tells Jason that she doesn't want Lucky to end up hurt. Jason tells her that he doesn't want Lucky to be hurt, either, but he has to think like a father now. Lulu is furious and says she should have told the truth all along. Jason says that all he can focus on right now is Liz making it, and Lulu agrees but says that she wants Lucky to be able to keep the baby is Liz doesn't make it. Lulu tells Jason she's just trying to do the right thing. Ric interrupts them and is curious as to Jason and Lulu's connection. Lulu leaves and Ric tells Jason that he visited Liz. He wants to know why Jason is always hanging out with Lucky's wife. Ric knows that Jason is in love with Liz and that's why he slept with her. He knows that Jason can't stand Sam anymore because she slept with Ric. Jason tells Ric to get out. Just as Ric is about to leave he hears Spinelli's voice talking about a "project". Meanwhile, Maxie teases Logan about Lulu not paying any attention to him. Ric and Coop arrive to talk to Sonny. Logan doesn't know if he should acknowledge Coop or not.

When Lulu leaves, she runs into Spinelli where they share their first fight over Liz, Lucky, and Jason. Spinelli tells Lulu that if Liz dies, the baby will need his real daddy. Lulu goes to visit Liz and tells her she's been right all along. Liz knew what this baby would mean to Lucky. She tells Liz to wake up or Jason will come forward which will destroy Lucky. Unknowingly, Lucky is outside listening.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

James Craig (a.k.a. Jerry Jacks) flies on Nikolas' private jet with Emily to return to Port Charles. He offers her a glass of champagne to celebrate the deal he forced her to sign to protect Nikolas. Emily refuses the glass. She questions him about how he can have no empathy for anyone and asks him if there is anyone in his life that he would do anything for to save them. Meanwhile, Carly comes home to find Jax giving Michael advice about how to take care of his brother and watch his back. Carly reminds Jax that he is Jerry's younger brother so how would he know how a big brother should act since he doesn't have that experience. Jax tells her that he was just talking to Michael about how brothers look out for each other and are loyal to each other. Carly lifts Michael's grounding and lets him go play with the toys that Jax got him. Jax tells her that Jerry came by to the house to see Jane and met Michael and Morgan and that they swore Michael to secrecy not to tell Jax about the visit but Michael slipped up and told him. Carly flips out about it. They end up getting into a big argument about Jerry coming to her house unexpectedly and talking to her sons without her knowledge. She is very worried because Jerry is a stranger to her and her boys and she doesn't trust him. Jax doesn't see what the problem is since it is his brother and he would never put any children into harm's way. Carly argues that Jerry has the Russian mob after him and could put her children in danger. Jax tells her that Sonny is more of a danger to them than his brother ever would be. Carly doesn't agree. Sonny shows up unexpectedly and realizes they have been arguing. He makes a comment about how the honeymoon seems to be over. He tells Carly that he has some papers for her to sign for him. She signs them and tries to get him to leave right away. Sonny leaves but can't help but be pleased by what he sees. At the hospital Nikolas tells Robin and Patrick to give him the counter-agent they managed to figure out from the amount they took from James Craig's formula. Robin and Patrick are reluctant to give him a larger dose because it could have life-threatening side-effects and they want him to know how risky it is for him to take it. He insists they give it to him either way. They give it to him and then Emily arrives and finds out what they did. She starts to panic when she sees how weak Nikolas is and how he hasn't responded well to the counter-agent they injected him with. Emily gets upset with Robin and Patrick for giving it to him without talking to her first. They tell her that Nikolas gave them permission to do it and that he insisted. James Craig shows up dressed in disguise as a surgeon in scrubs so no one will see recognize him and listens in outside of Nikolas' door to find out what is happening to Nikolas. Nikolas starts to respond to the dosage of counter-agent. Robin and Patrick run his blood tests through the lab and find that there is no sign of the poison in his body and that their formula worked. However, James Craig comes into the room and rains on their parades when he informs them that he just forced Emily to sign some papers and warns them that if they try to have him arrested, Emily will also be arrested with him and charged with treason also. Meanwhile, Jax reassures Carly that he is not going to go off to rescue Jerry again and leave her behind. He tells her that he loves his brother but that his marriage to her is his top priority.

Lulu talks to an unconscious Liz in I.C.U. She tells her that she has no right to judge her and apologizes since she knows how hard it is to keep this secret from Lucky. Lucky walks in and she starts to think he heard the whole conversation but it becomes evident to her that he didn't so she acts like she was just talking to Liz about her concern for him and how he is handling all of this stress. Later, Lucky gets upset when Dr. Lee tells him, Lulu, and Spinelli that Liz's condition has not improved and that the baby needs to go home because staying in the hospital much longer isn't good for him. Lucky refuses to let them release the baby from the hospital before Liz wakes up and recovers first. Dr. Lee tells Lucky that the baby can stay a little while longer but that they don't know if and when Liz will regain consciousness or even recover. Lucky refuses to bring the baby home because he is afraid she will wake up and be upset, thinking she lost the baby during childbirth. Dr. Lee lets the baby stay at the hospital for now. Spinelli hears all of this information and tells Lulu that Jason needs to be the baby's father, not Lucky. Lulu tells Spinelli that Jason needs to honor his agreement with Liz and not claim the baby as his son because Lucky would be destroyed if that happened and they lost Liz also. Spinelli disagrees with her since he feels Jason needs to step in as the baby's father because Lucky can't make the right decision with Liz's condition the way it is. Lulu admits to him that she is really scared about what is going to happen to Liz and what is going to happen to the baby if he ends up with no mother. Spinelli tells her to start looking at the baby, not as a symbol of what she went through with her abortion but as a innocent baby who needs her to hold him right now and be an aunt to him. Lulu goes into the neonatal unit and runs into Epiphany. Epiphany allows Spinelli to come into the room to see the baby as long as he agrees to stop talking and annoy her. Lulu picks up the baby and holds him. The baby smiles at her and Lulu is enamored with him. Meanwhile, Ric shows up at Jason and Sonny's office to warn Jason to stay away from Liz at the hospital. Jason refuses to answer any of his questions about Liz. Suddenly, Spinelli's face comes on the laptop computer on the desk and he starts talking to Jason in front of the security camera in the neonatal unit where Jason's new son is sleeping to give him a report about his "progeny." Ric doesn't actually hear what is being said but notices Jason's reaction to the computer and how he shut the screen down to shut if off suddenly. Ric comes over to the desk and tries to grab the computer to see what Jason is trying to hide from him. Jason grabs the laptop out of his hands and throws it against the wall and destroys it. Sonny walks into the office and sees the laptop sail into the air and hit the wall with a loud crash. Sonny asks Jason and Ric what is going on. Ric tells Sonny that Jason just threw the computer at him and tried to hit him. Sonny ignores that accusation. Ric has the cops come into the room and asks them to arrest Jason for attempted assault. Sonny warns Ric to back off and send the cops away right now so he can talk to Jason and him alone. Ric backs down and sends the cops away. Ric tells Sonny that he came by to warn Jason to stay away from Liz at the hospital. Sonny asks Ric what business is it of his to tell Jason to stay away from Liz. Ric reminds him that Liz is his ex-wife and he is worried about her. Sonny reminds him that she is his ex-wife and no longer his concern. He asks Jason what is going on with Liz. Jason tells him that Liz had complications from giving birth to a boy and that she hasn't regained consciousness. Sonny tells Ric to leave and not drum up any false charges against Jason or he will call his attorney, Diane, and have her set up a press conference that will not make him look good. Ric agrees to leave but tells Jason to stay away from Liz and reminds him she is married to Lucky and has her own family to take care of her. After Ric leaves Sonny asks Jason why he didn't kill Alcazar like he asked him to. Jason tells him that he went to check on Liz during the storm because he had a bad feeling about her and that he was right because he found her laying unconscious on the floor at her home and there was no one else around to help her get to the hospital. Sonny worries that Jason is too distracted right now to be able to do his job. Jason assures him he can do his job and he will kill Alcazar when the right opportunity presents itself. Meanwhile, Skye cozies up to Alcazar, hoping he will bring their daughter back home to her. She tries to convince him she is trustworthy and that she never planned to actually betray him to Sonny and Jason. Alcazar rejects her sexual advances and tells her that he is keeping baby Lila safe for now and she will see their daughter as soon as he believes it is safe to do so. Skye pretends to understand and agree with him but she goes to see Sonny at his office. Sonny thinks she is trying to protect Alcazar again and ask him not to kill him for the sake of her and her daughter. Skye surprises him when she explains that she doesn't want him to kill Alcazar right now until she finds out where he is hiding her daughter and that when she gets her daughter back she will help him kill Alcazar. She tells him she is afraid that if Alcazar dies, her daughter may end up with some stranger to take care of her and she may never get her back. Meanwhile, back at the hospital Spinelli calls Jason and he comes to the hospital thinking something bad happened to Liz. Spinelli tells him the situation with the baby and how Dr. Lee feels that it isn't good for the baby to be at the hospital much longer. Spinelli thinks Jason should step in and claim his son as his own because Lucky has tunnel vision right now with Liz and can't do what is best for the baby right now. Jason is torn about what to do. He talks to Epiphany about the baby and she explains that it is important that the baby bond with his parents when it is first born or there will be emotional repercussions if it doesn't happen. Ric shows up to talk to Lucky and get an update. Lucky tells him that Liz is still unconscious and the doctors want him to bring the baby home but he can't do that until Liz wakes up and sees the baby for herself first. Ric agrees with him and tells him something similar happened with Molly and Alexis. Jason goes and sits with Liz. He talks to her and tells her he doesn't know what to do and that she told him to step in if something happened to her and to do what is best for their son. Lucky walks in and asks what he is doing there. Jason tells him he came by to see how she is. Jason upsets Lucky when he brings up the fact that the baby needs to go home. Lucky tells him that what happens with his son is none of Jason's business. Jason surprises Lucky when he tells him it is his business and is about to tell him why. Liz starts to come out of her coma and hears them arguing.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Carly asks Jax if he's going to leave, but he tells her he made a commitment to her and the kids. Jerry is on his own, now. Carly apologizes, but Jerry makes her nervous. Jax tells her he will protect them from his brother if that's what it comes down to. Jax wants to know why his brother was there and explains how he probably turned on the charm to Lady Jane and the kids. Carly tells him that Sonny will find out no matter how hard they try to hide it. She's upset that the kids were not honest with them about Jerry, though. They go to see Lady Jane and tell her they know Jerry was there visiting. Carly is still upset that no one told them the truth, but Lady Jane says she was just trying to protect her son. Jax understands his mom's need to protect Jerry but says he also needs to know the truth. Carly also understands and tells her mother-in-law that she would do anything for her kids. Lady Jane tells them that they wouldn't even recognize Jerry with all the plastic surgery he has had done. She tells them that he was even at the reception. Jax thinks he might still be in town and asks that his mother set up a meeting. She doesn't want to do it and says it goes against her better judgment. Carly also doesn't think it's a good idea. Jax tells them he needs to be sure that Jerry is not a threat and Lady Jane makes the call. Carly is upset and tells Lady Jane that she thinks Jerry was trying to keep her and Jax apart. Lady Jane disagrees and says he was happy to see them get married. Ric shows up asking about the hostage crisis and shows Carly a picture of Jerry/Mr. Craig. She says, "Yes, that's him. I hope he rots in hell." He tells her to hold on to the picture in case it jogs her memory about something. She tells him he's just trying to be a hero and Ric leaves. Morgan comes downstairs with paint on his shirt and when he sees the picture of Mr. Craig he tells his mom that it's Jerry. Meanwhile, Jax leaves and sees Jerry in the park and calls his name. He says, "Don't make me chase you!" He asks about all the plastic surgery and Jerry says his other face was a liability. Jax asks what he did and Jerry says he can take care of it himself. Jax punches Jerry and tells him to stop lying to him and tell him the truth.

Jerry explains how he has set up Emily to be a part of his treason by putting a bank account in her name. Patrick is upset that they are still under Jerry's evil hand. They realize they can't do anything until they figure out who Jerry was talking to on the phone. They are searching for the mystery woman. Robin and Patrick agree they are all in this together with Nikolas and Emily. They leave and Patrick asks Robin if they can go home. She asks if they are going to his place and he says yes and they kiss. After they leave, Nikolas tells Emily that he warned her not to go with Jerry. She explains that she did so to keep him safe.

Sonny tells Skye that he will give her the time she needs to get Lila back. He doesn't want to give her any information, because the less she knows the better. She apologizes for not helping him, but Sonny knows that she was fooled by Lorenzo. He tells her she won't have to worry about him again once she gets her daughter back.

Lorenzo talks on the phone about a meeting when Ric comes in and hangs up the phone on Lorenzo. He asks if he botched the hit on Sonny and Jason. Ric has come to get information on Mr. Craig. Lorenzo plays dumb and says he has no idea where he is. Lorenzo knows that if Ric finds out he is recovered; he will use Skye against him. Skye comes in and stands by Lorenzo's side until Ric leaves. Lorenzo asks where she was and she tells him that she was at a meeting about Alan's will. He tells her he got a phone call about Lila. Skye wants to know how the baby is.

Lucky thanks Jason for saving Liz and the baby, but tells him his part is over. Jason doesn't want to argue with him, but....Liz wakes up. She murmurs Jason's name and Lucky rushes over. She asks what happened and Lucky fills her in. She asks if the baby is still there and Lucky tells her that he kept the baby in the nursery against the hospital's wishes because he wanted them to leave as a family.

Spinelli watches as Lulu holds the baby and feeds him. Spinelli tells her that everyone deserves the truth, but Lulu tells him that biology doesn't make someone a dad. She says Lucky will be a great father, and Spinelli says that Jason (a.k.a. Stone Cold) would make a great dad, too. Lulu points out that Liz chose Lucky to be the dad, but Spinelli thinks that Liz asked Jason to make too great a sacrifice. He points out that the baby has blue eyes like Jason, but Lulu says her mother also has blue eyes so no one will question it. As they talk, Jason enters and tells Epiphany that Liz is awake. She tells him that Lulu and Spinelli are with the baby and tells him to inform Spinelli to stay out of the hospital's computer system. Jason goes over to Lulu and Spinelli and tells them that Liz is awake. Lulu asks if he told Lucky the truth and he says no. She thanks him and goes to see Liz. Jason gets a call from Sonny and before he leaves Spinelli asks if he should keep the streaming video going. Jason tells him it's time to get out of the computer system. After Jason leaves, Lulu and Lucky show up to see the baby. Epiphany helps Lucky with burping the baby, while Lulu and Spinelli argue more over who will be a better dad. Meanwhile, Jason goes to Sonny's place and tells him he was at the hospital checking on Liz and the baby. Sonny is curious as to why he's so invested in a child that's not his. Jason says he was just checking on them since he ended up saving them. Sonny informs Jason that Lorenzo has hidden Lila and they are going to wait to kill Lorenzo until he brings the baby back. Jason isn't sure that Skye is telling the truth and thinks they should go ahead and kill Lorenzo. Sonny says it won't take Skye long to get baby Lila back and then Skye will even help them kill Lorenzo. While this is going on, Skye talks to the nanny. She tells Lorenzo that the nanny is no place for Lila and is not a replacement for her mother. He says he is making arrangements for Lila to come home. He wants them to be a family and they hug.

Kelly comes in and checks on Liz and says her vitals are improving. Liz is anxious to see the baby, and Lucky promises to go get him. He tells her he is glad she didn't leave them, and she replies that she would never leave them. Lucky brings the baby to Liz and tells her how the baby held his hand. Liz tells him the baby just didn't want to let go of his daddy. They talk about how happy they will be, while Lulu watches from the doorway. They talk about the baby's name, and Liz says she will come up with a name soon. She wants to keep the baby longer, but Lucky goes to get Kelly. While he is gone, Jason comes in to check on her. She thanks him for everything he has done for her and their son. He tells her she can thank him by taking care of herself because her kids need her. She asks if he almost told Lucky when he found out she might not make it and he says that he prayed for her to get well. She says she knows it is breaking his heart to leave his son, but he will be in a happy family. Sam is outside the door, listening. Meanwhile, Lucky learns that Liz will need to stay overnight at the hospital for observation.

Back on the plane, Sam talks about the show and her excitement is obvious. Amelia says they are on a roll and they need to keep it that way. When Sam agrees, Amelia tells her that she needs to admit that Jason is in the way. She tells her that a woman in her position can't be involved with a mobster. She says Jason is a liability. Sam tells her that Jason stuck with her through thick and thin. He is the best thing that has ever happened to her. Amelia reminds her how much better her life is now than it was 4 months ago. Is that what she wants to go back to? They de-board the plane and go to see Sonny and Jason. Sonny asks about the show and then tells them that Liz had the baby and is not doing well. Sam leaves to go to the hospital and Amelia decides to stay there with Sonny. As they are about to get intimate, Kate walks in and asks if she is interrupting.

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