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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 14, 2007 on GH
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Monday, May 14, 2007

Sam is devastated when she overhears Jason and Liz discussing the baby and learns Jason is the father. After telling Liz that he needs to keep his distance from the baby, Jason is tempted to unburden himself to Carly. Meanwhile, a drunken Sam pours her heart out to Amelia at the Metro Court. Jason wonders what's bothering Sam when he goes to pick her up at the hotel bar. Jerry warns Jax to distance himself from him for his own good. Carly is faced with a dilemma as she struggles with keeping the truth about Craig from Jason. Carly drops a bombshell on Jax. A menacing Craig confronts Alcazar over the botched heist. Sonny enjoys pushing Kate's buttons with some good natured teasing as they do some reminiscing. Tracy convinces Luke to do the right thing and stop by the hospital to see Liz and Lucky. Scott warns Tracy things will get very ugly if she doesn't help him get what he wants. Tracy knows there is more to Scott wanting guardianship of Laura than he's saying.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Carly shows Jax the picture of Jerry/Craig. She tells him that Ric stopped by and left the picture. Jax confirms that it is Jerry. He says that Jerry had plastic surgery and only his voice is recognizable. She talks about how he was shooting people and missed and hit Robin back during the hostage crisis. Jax says Jerry is an expert shot and missed on purpose. Carly is taken aback that Jax seems to be defending his brother. She says that Jerry doesn't deserve Jax's loyalty. They continue to argue over the hostage situation. Jax doesn't seem to understand since he wasn't there. Carly wants to go to Jason with this information, but Jax tells her that someone will die if she does. The boys come downstairs and want to know why they are fighting. Jax and Carly sit down with the boys and ask them to keep Jerry a secret from everyone, including Sonny. The kids leave and Carly and Jax talk about what would happen if Jason or Jerry dies. Jax just wants to wait to hear his brother's side of the story. Carly wants to tell Jason who killed his father. Carly says Jerry will always be between them.

Jerry holds Lorenzo at gun point and talks to him about the plan that went awry. Lorenzo defends himself by saying it wasn't his fault he needed brain surgery. Skye overhears as Jerry says he will give Lorenzo one more chance. Jerry says that Jason and Sonny have to die or he will kill Lorenzo. Lorenzo tries to get more out of Jerry by asking why he stuck around. Jerry says it's none of his business and leaves. Skye comes in and asks about baby Lila. She's very upset and wants him to trust her so she can get her baby back. He tells her he will make it up to her soon.

Jerry goes to the park and runs into Alexis. She's looking for 15 minutes of solitude, which she does everyday. He asks her if there's anything he can do to help. They talk about Jax and Carly. Alexis says Carly isn't good enough for Jax. Jerry asks why she and his brother didn't stay married and she says they were in love with different people. Jerry thinks that Alexis is jealous.

Sonny tells Connie/Kate Howard that she has to play hopscotch to get her drive back. They reminisce about old times as they use Sonny's keys as a rock and start the age old game. They go back to Sonny's coffee house, where Sonny reveals he's not ready to give up the drive yet. Sonny tells her to give Kate Howard a rest and let Connie come out and play. They talk about high school and how he never brought her home to meet his mom. He tells her that he didn't spend a lot of time at home since he didn't get along with his step-dad. He asks her what she would think if he were a gangster, though he points out that he's not admitting to that. She says she doesn't care, but Connie might be sad. She asks him if his life choices are because of her. He says there's no telling how his life might have turned out if they had gotten together. He wouldn't trade his life, now, though. He gives her back the flash drive and they decide to let the memory of Connie go.

Jason goes to the bar to pick up Sam, who is stunned that he came instead of sending Milo. He asks about her premier. She says it went fine, but then asks if he wants to be with a star or the mother of his child. She catches herself by saying that she's guilty about not being able to have a baby. He tries to get her to leave, but she doesn't want to. Amelia tells her it isn't good for the show for her to remain there and drink. Sam gives in and says she can't hurt the show because it's all she has left. They go home and Sam continues to drink. She wants to forget all the pain she has been through with past relationships, her daughter, and any future children. She ends up passing out and Jason carries her upstairs.

Liz reveals that she wants her son's name to be Jacob Martin, or Jake for short. She thinks Jacob is a strong name and Martin came from her grandpa on her mom's side. When Liz gets tired, Lucky takes the baby back to the nursery while Amelia peers around the corner. She comes in and tells Liz she would like to interview her about the hostage crisis, but Liz says no.

Spinelli shows up to give Jason the news about his son. The name is Jacob Martin, same initials as Jason Morgan and same number of letters. Spinelli still doesn't think that what Liz is doing is fair. Jason explains that Liz needs to feel safe and baby needs to be safe. He tells Spinelli to drop it. Meanwhile, Sam is upstairs listening. She comes downstairs and asks what happened. She comes downstairs and asks what happened. He explained that she got drunk while celebrating the premiere. She asks if she embarrassed him, but he says no. She says she never has to worry when she's with him.

Tracy goes to a bar with ghost Alan. The bartender tries to cut her off, but she tells him she's not drunk, just haunted. Luke approaches and Tracy tells him that Alan told her he's going to ruin everything. Luke amuses Tracy by talking to Alan and then asks her what consequences she thinks will come about if he fights Scotty. Tracy tells him that Lulu doesn't know the painful history with Laura and Scotty will bring that up in court. Scotty will paint him as a danger to Laura. He will make Laura look like a battered and scared wife. How do you think Lulu will take this news?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In a dream sequence, Sam holds baby Jake and tells Jason he is beautiful. Liz shows up and asks for her baby back. Sam starts screaming and wakes up. Jason asks her what is going on. He wants her to open up about her dream, but she tells him she doesn't remember. He offers her a concoction to take care of her hangover, but she passes on it. She starts to stand up and get lightheaded and reconsiders the drink. Although it is green, it doesn't taste so bad. They sit back and she comments on how nice it is for the two of them to be alone. Later on, Sam comes back downstairs after being relived of her hangover. Jason thinks she should stay home today, but she doesn't want to. She asks if she needs to apologize for anything she said or did when she was drunk and he reminds her about a comment she said regarding who he wants to be with. She acts confused as to why she said that, but said it must have something to do with the fact that they can't have children. She says they must focus on the gifts that they do have and leaves. When she arrives at work, she asks why everyone is leaving. Amelia thought she would take the day off. Sam apologizes for her behavior, and Amelia mentions how she told her that Jason is Liz's baby's daddy. Sam tells her she must keep it a secret, and Amelia wants to know why she is protecting Jason. Sam explains that Jason didn't know he was the father until the hostage crisis and afterwards his father died and Sam found out she couldn't have a baby. Amelia asks why Jason doesn't fight for a baby for them to share. Sam explains that Jason doesn't want the baby in harm's way. Sam knows that Liz thinks it's best to keep the information from Lucky. Sam says its better left alone and leaves.

Amelia shows up and asks Liz to reconsider being on the show. Liz wants to know why she's so interested in the baby. Lucky cuts in and tells Amelia that Liz is just out of ICU. Amelia says she's only interested in showing a happy family. Lucky starts to get upset and tells her that if his wife said no, the answer is no. "What part of no don't you understand?" Amelia leaves after wishing them well, but Liz wants to know what's up with Lucky. He says he just feels bad about not being there for her and the baby. She tells him that he's her hero for her and the boys. Emily and Nikolas show up to see the baby. When they hear the name, Emily wants to know how she came up with that name. Liz says she always liked Jacob and Lucky agrees that it fits the baby. She explains that Martin was her grandfather's name on her mother's side. They ask Emily and Nikolas to be godparents and they agree. They think Lulu might be hurt if she was asked. Nikolas and Lucky take the baby to the nursery, while Liz and Emily talk about how Emily and Nikolas got back together. Emily asks if it is a coincidence that the baby shares Jason's initials. Liz says there is no coincidence. Lucky and Nikolas come back after talking about how Lucky is nervous to be a father. Nikolas mentioned how he felt the same way when Spencer was born. Lucky plans to learn from his father's mistakes to be the best dad his kids deserve. Liz talks about how she can't wait for Cameron to meet his baby brother. Nikolas and Emily leave and Emily tells him that she told Liz about him getting sick. Nikolas says they still aren't out of the woods until Craig is gone.

Sam shows up at the hospital just as the baby gets back in the nursery. She asks if this is the Spencer baby and tells the nurse that the baby looks like his father, whom she is close to. Meanwhile, Amelia is planning revenge on Sam for what she did to her father.

Jax leaves a message for Jerry right before Carly comes in. He says they need to talk about Jerry, to which she replies that she hopes he leaves town and is never seen again. Jax doesn't think Jerry is a threat, but Carly explains that the fear she felt while in the hostage crisis will not dissipate for a long time. Jax says it's hard for him to see his brother as a terrible person. Carly tells him to leave Jerry be if he leaves. Jax says he just wants to know why Jerry had plastic surgery and why he took hostages in the heist. He doesn't think he's any worse than Lorenzo. As they continue to fight, Jason shows up and asks to speak with Carly alone. Jax tells him they don't keep secrets, so if he has something to say he should say it in front of him, too. Before Jason can get into it, Jerry calls and asks to see Jax. He leaves and Jason asks what kind of trouble Jax is in. Carly says she can't betray Jax but she can't lie to Jason. She begs him not to make her tell. He agrees as long as the children aren't in any danger and leaves.

Jerry runs into Coop, who is on his way to the police department. Jerry tells him that if he goes down, he will bring Coop down with him. Coop explains that he only signed up for the heist and not to take any hostages. Jerry makes him promise to tell him if he finds out any information while working at the police station. They go to leave and Maxie comes up and asks who Coop's friend is. Coop and Jerry leave and Coop tells Maxie that he can't let other people know he's dating the commissioner's daughter.

Meanwhile, Jerry goes to talk to Lorenzo about the hit on Jason and Sonny. Lorenzo says it's taken care of, but then they hear a noise. It is Skye who is eavesdropping. She hides and Lorenzo says it was nothing. Jerry says it WAS something. Lorenzo promises 15 million to Jerry as soon as he takes over Sonny's territory. After he leaves, Skye comes in and asks if he's alone. She thought she heard someone. He tells her it's alright and she asks to shop for clothes for Lila. He tells her this will all be over soon.

Logan goes to Sonny's coffeehouse where Max asks him why he's always there. Max says they don't need him, but Logan says he has bigger plans. Max tells him to show up at 4 if he wants the job. Later, Maxie meets up with Logan and asks about Coop and if he lies. Logan says that Coop is a follower. Maxie thinks they are both underestimating him. When Maxie goes back to work at the hospital, Coop shows up to see her and offers to take her out to dinner and to a movie. She says flirting won't work. She knows he is hiding something from her.

Robin and Patrick kiss after calling in late to the hospital. They rush to get ready and Robin mentions how she hates being rushed. Patrick tells she should move in so she knows where everything is at. She sidesteps the question and tells him they will talk about it later.

Carly goes to see Lorenzo and asks to know everything about Craig. Meanwhile, Skye meets with Jason and tells him about the hit on him and Sonny. And Jax meets with Jerry and tells him he knows he is Mr. Craig.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sam watches Liz and Lucky in the hospital watch over Baby Jake. She can't help but feel emotional about it when she sees Liz holding a baby she knows is Jason's son and that she couldn't be the one to provide him with a son. Epiphany finds her watching them outside Liz's hospital room and asks her why she is just standing there and not going into the room to see the baby. Sam tells her that she felt that Liz and Lucky have had enough company around and that she just wanted to see the baby from a far because she feels connected to since she was sitting with Liz during the hostage crisis trying to help her. Epiphany encourages her to go in and see the baby. Lucky spots Sam standing in the doorway holding a gift for the baby. He invites her in to see him. Liz tries to hide how uncomfortable she feels having Sam nearby. Sam admires the baby and makes a comment about how blue the baby's eyes are. Lucky tells her that the baby inherited his mother Laura's blue eyes. Sam hides her reaction by smiling and Liz hides her reaction to by smiling faintly to his comment about Laura, both women knowing the baby's blue eyes come from Jason. Sam asks to hold the baby and Liz reluctantly hands the baby over to Sam to hold. Sam gets a little emotional and can't hide her tears well from Lucky. He asks her if she is o.k. Sam tells him she is fine and that she just loves babies so much. Liz feels even more uncomfortable about it knowing what she knows. Lucky mentions that the TV producer, Amelia came by earlier and asked Liz if she would go on Sam's television show with the baby to discuss the hostage crisis at the hotel. Sam tells them she had no idea she was going to do that and Lucky comments that Amelia was very pushy about it but they refused her offer. Sam leaves suddenly and confronts Amelia at the television studio about it. She can't believe that Amelia would even think of putting Liz and her son on her program knowing that Jason is the baby's father and how it would make her feel. Amelia gets very defensive and tells Sam that she shouldn't take out her anger and frustration with Jason on her. Sam backs off.

Skye tells Jason about Alcazar's meeting with Mr. Craig earlier and how she overheard them conspiring to have Jason and Sonny killed soon. Sonny comes into his office and Jason brings him up to speed on what is going on. Skye pleads with them to spare Alcazar's life until she gets her baby back safe and sound. Sonny listens to her and tells Jason to hold off on Alcazar and go after Craig and kill him. He warns Jason not to get too emotional when setting out to kill Craig or he could get hurt. Jason tells him he is going to make Craig pay for killing his father. Meanwhile, Maxie badgers Cooper at the hospital about what secrets he is keeping from her. She asks him who the guy was he was talking to in the alley behind the police station. Cooper lies at first and tells her that it was an undercover cop. Maxie doesn't believe him. She tells him that he can trust her with any secrets he has and she won't tell on him. Cooper finally confides in her that the man in the alley was Mr. James Craig. Maxie knows who he is and gets worried that Craig is putting pressure on Cooper to help him. She also worries that Craig will give away Cooper as one of his fellow co-conspirators if he gets caught by the police. Cooper comes clean with Maxie about why he really joined the police force, to report to Sonny about police activities. He explains to her that Max, Sonny's bodyguard figured out who he was and told Sonny about him. Maxie realizes she is partly to blame for that when she slipped up that day at the hotel and referred to him as "Three." Maxie tells Cooper to let her help him get out of this mess he is in. She goes to Sonny and Jason's coffee shop to see Jason. Spinelli is in his office where Jason asks him to find out what Alcazar's last phone calls were made to by hacking into his phone records. Spinelli hates Maxie and warns Jason to watch out for her and not let her manipulate him. Maxie tells Jason that Cooper had contact with Mr. Craig earlier today and that he is trying to set up a meeting with Mr. Craig and she wants Jason to make sure to protect Cooper from Craig killing him. Jason has no time for her but listens to what she is saying and tells her he will handle it. Maxie gets a call from Cooper on her cell-phone telling her that he set up a meeting with Craig at some location. Maxie gives Jason that information so he can go there and kill Craig and protect Cooper. Sonny goes to Carly's house and waits for her there. Carly comes home and isn't pleased to see Sonny there waiting for her. He tells her he came by to warn her that James Craig is still in Port Charles and poses a threat to her and their sons. He tells her he wants her and the boys to stay with him at his house where they will be more protected. Carly refuses to go with him since she is married now to Jax and he can protect her. Sonny doesn't agree with her. Carly tells him that if she agreed to stay with Sonny she would be ruining her marriage and she can't do that. Meanwhile, Jax confronts his brother Jerry/James Craig in the alley behind the police station. He asks him why he held 14 people hostage at the hotel, blew it up, shot one of his closest friends, Robin, and put a gun to his wife's head. Jerry tells him he went there for the money and he improvised after things starting going wrong with the vault and the briefcase. Jax asks him why he could do such a thing when he knew that Robin was a friend of his and she could have died. Jerry explains that he shot Robin because he knew that was the only way he could keep the hostages from revolting by keeping them in line and having them help keep Robin alive. Jax isn't too happy with his explanation and wants to know what made Jerry become a different person not only in looks but in personality. Jax tells him that he could walk right over to the police station and tell them who he is and asks Jerry if he would stop him. Jerry takes out his gun but can't shoot Jax. Jax tells him that Carly knows who he really is and he may not be able to stop her from telling Sonny and Jason about him and have them kill him. He tells Jerry it would be best to leave town and never come back. Jax returns home to find Sonny there. Carly tells Jax that Sonny came by to warn her that James Craig is still in Port Charles. Jax realizes that Carly didn't tell Sonny that Craig was really his brother Jerry. Sonny tells Jax that if Craig comes after Carly he better die to save her life if it comes to it. Jax tells Carly that he didn't think he got through to Jerry and that he told him to leave town but Jerry will do what he wants to do regardless of what he thinks. Meanwhile, Alcazar hands one of Sonny's employees a briefcase full of cash to kill Sonny and Jason. Logan spies on Alcazar and Sonny's employee talking. He follows the employee back to Sonny's office at the coffee shop. Logan tries to get in to see Sonny in his office but the guard at the door refuses to let him in. Spinelli laughs at Logan's attempts to get in to see Sonny. Logan waits until the guard turns his back on him and runs through the door and into Sonny's office. Sonny refuses to talk to Logan again and the bodyguard starts escorting Logan out of his office. Logan tells Sonny that he has information that could save his life and acts like he doesn't care either way if Sonny hears him out. Sonny has a quick change of heart and lets Logan come back into his office. Logan tells him that he spied on Alcazar and the employee working in the coffee shop and how Alcazar paid the man a lot of money to poison Sonny's coffee to kill him. The employee comes in with Sonny's coffee to give to him. Sonny pretends he is going to drink it but changes his mind and sniffs it instead. He tells the employee it smells funny and asks him to drink it for him and tell him if he tastes funny also. The employee tells him he will go back and get him another coffee instead. Sonny insists the man drink the coffee and taste it for him. When the man doesn't want to do it, Sonny confronts him about trying to poison him for Alcazar. Later, Jason meets at the place where Cooper is supposed to meet with James Craig. He starts shooting at James Craig, who hides behind some crates and shoots at Jason also.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Logan bursts into Sonny's office and tells him about Vinny, the guy behind the counter at the coffee shop, and how he poisoned Sonny's coffee. When Vinny comes in with coffee for Sonny, he says it smells funny and asks Vinny to drink it. When Vinny refuses, Sonny presses the issue until Vinny caves about being paid by Lorenzo to poison him. After Vinny is taken care of, Logan offers to help Sonny by telling him about seeing Carly at Lorenzo's house. Meanwhile, Jerry and Jason engage in a shoot out when innocent bystanders get in the way. Jerry taunts Jason about killing the innocent, which causes Jason to leave. He goes to Sonny's and tells him about the shootout with Craig. Sonny takes his turn and tells Jason about Lorenzo trying to poison him and that he just found out Carly is at Lorenzo's house. They both realize Carly knows more than she's letting on. Later, Sonny tries to confront Carly about Craig. She says no one hates Craig more than she. They both promise each other to be careful.

Jason goes home and has Spinelli track one of the cell numbers that Lorenzo has been calling recently. Just as the target on the computer screen starts to move, they realize Craig is headed towards Carly's house.

After Jax and Carly argue more about Jerry, Jax decides to go track down Alexis for her opinion. He finds her at the Quartermaine's attempting to help Luke and Tracy. Unfortunately, her only advice to Jax is to stay out of whatever situation his brother is in or he might be an accomplice. After he leaves, Alexis continues to try to help Luke. She tells both of them to keep Alan's haunting a secret because they don't need anything else going against them. Alan, Luke, and Tracy continue to argue about Luke's drinking, among other things, until Alexis brings them all back to focus by telling them that Scotty could get custody of Laura.

As Sam prepares to shoot a segment about domestic violence, Amelia talks about how Sam claimed to have shot Amelia's father in self-defense. When the re-enactment is done, it will make Sam appear like a murderer. Sam comes over and asks why they are shooting this type of segment and Amelia explains that they need to show their audience how to defend themselves without committing murder. Amelia introduces Sam to the actor that will play her attacker. As they begin the scene and her attacker grabs her, Sam starts to have flashbacks and stops. She tells Amelia she can't go through with this because of something that happened in her past. Amelia is stunned that Jason is an abuser, but Sam says it was not him but someone else in her past. Amelia tells her she has to tell her story in order to help all the other women out there. Sam agrees that being uncomfortable for a few minutes is worth it if it helps other people.

Lorenzo is suspicious when Skye is recognized by one of Sonny's men, but she talks her way out of it. She tells him he should just kill her because she has nothing more to live for since her daughter is gone. Lorenzo tells her to hang in there a little longer. Skye tells him to stop acting like she has a choice and he leaves. Craig calls Lorenzo and tells him about his run in with Jason. He is not pleased. He tells him Sonny and Jason better go down soon or Lorenzo will be the one with a bullet in his head. Craig says he's going to retreat to somewhere safe.

Coop starts packing up his bags to leave town. He says with Craig after him and Sonny bribing him, he has no choice but to leave or die. Maxie convinces him to stay by telling him that Craig is only human and has weaknesses, too. She tells him she'd be lost without him. Logan comes in and tells them how he just saved Sonny and is determined to get a job with him. Maxie is curious as to why he wants to work for Sonny. Logan says he wants more than a shiny badge. He wants the life of a gangster. He doesn't care that it will put him and Coop on opposite sides of the law.

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