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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 21, 2007 on GH
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Monday, May 21, 2007

Lorenzo tells Skye he wants to be a family again and she needs to go to Venezuela with him if she wants Lila Rae back. She agrees but says that she needs to go and do a few things first but Lorenzo tells her that she cannot leave.

During a reenactment on the set of Everyday Heroes, Sam has flashbacks of Bill Monroe and points a gun at the actor. After the scene is broken up, Sam accuses Amelia of setting her up and asks her if she knows about Bill Monroe. Amelia reassures Sam that she knows no more than what Sam has already told her. She tells Sam that while they can't change the story, she will make some changes so that the scene is not too familiar for Sam but advises Sam to use her experience in the scenes.

Emily, Patrick and Robin fill Noah in on the details of the virus and the charade they were all playing. Once back at Patrick's place, he asks Robin to move back in. She informs him that she doesn't think their relationship would last if she moved in.

Tracy and Luke meet with Alexis and she tells them that Luke needs to share the truth about the rape with Lulu before Scott does. After Alexis leaves, Tracy tells Luke she doesn't think he should tell Lulu but Luke contemplates it, feeling that it would be better for Lulu to find out about it from him.

Alexis goes to Sonny's coffeehouse and, while there, speaks with Jax about Jerry but is interrupted by Sonny who informs her that Jerry is in town and is none other than Mr. Craig. Alexis tells Jax that she cannot help Jerry. She advises Jax to make Jerry disappear.

With a gun on Mr. Craig, Jason is told by Carly that Mr. Craig is in fact Jerry Jacks and begs Jason not to shoot him. After letting Jerry leave on Carly's account, Jason tells Carly he will not let Craig/Jerry get away with what he has done. When he arrives back at the coffeehouse, Jason vows to Sonny that he will kill Jerry.

After telling Sonny about Jerry, he asks Sonny not to go after him. Sonny suggests that Jax take care of his brother. Once he arrives home, Carly informs Jax of the events regarding Jerry and Jason. She tells him that Jerry threatened Jason with some 'insurance' but that she didn't know what it was. Sam and Amelia arrive back at Jason's for a glass of wine after filming and find Craig/Jerry in the apartment. He has a gun.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Jax thanks Carly for saving Jerry's life. Jax recounts his conversation with Sonny about sparing Jerry's life. Carly reminds Jax of the horror they endured because of Jerry. Jax continues to defend him. Jax arranges for Jerry to come over to the house. In the meantime, Alexis arrives and informs Jax that he could be named an accomplice for aiding Jerry. She asks Jax to hire her, but Carly challenges her priorities as she is also defending Luke/Nikolas in Laura's guardianship hearing. She thinks that Alexis is just trying to get close to Jax. Carly goes on a tirade, and tells Jax to make Alexis leave or she will go to Sonny's. After Alexis leaves, they argue over Jax's friendship with Alexis and Carly's friendship with Jason. Jax reminds Carly that he is committed to her.

Sonny tells Jason that he wants Craig/Jerry alive. Sonny thinks that Jerry won't hurt Carly, and that Alcazar is the bigger threat, since he just tried to poison him. He thinks Jason is taking things too personally and is just out for revenge. Sonny wants to help Skye, but wants a quick and clean death for Alcaczar. Later, Skye goes into see Sonny. She tells him Alcazar's plan to take her out of the country. Once she has Lila, she tells Sonny it's OK to kill Alcazar. Sonny reminds Skye that she is doing a good thing.

At gunpoint, Craig tells Amelia and Sam that he is Jerry Jax. They appear shocked to learn his identity. He orders Sam to bring them all a glass of wine. As Sam reaches for a glass, she sees a gun. She goes to shoot Craig, but Amelia stops her. She tells Sam she can't watch her kill another man. Craig pushes Amanda for an explanation, and she tells him about the incident on the set of the show. Spinelli sneaks into the penthouse, and picks up a pool cue. Craig outsmarts him, and holds them all at gunpoint. Jason arrives, and Craig orders him to close the door. He tells Jason about his leverage against Emily

And Jerry/Craig tells him to close the door. He tells Jason about his leverage over Emily. Later, Sam tells Jason about the events of the day. Jason is going to see if Craig's story checks out, and if it does, he doesn't know what he will do.

Patrick accuses Robin of having no faith in him. She questions why she wants to spend so much time with him, when she knows that she drives him crazy. Robin tells him all she wants is honesty. They argue over the Metro Court crisis and his trip to Vegas. She thinks they are great in a crisis, but not good everyday. They end up making love, and Robin admits that he makes her happy.

Skye wonders what else she has to do to prove herself to Alcazar. She asks him to let her say goodbye to her friends in Port Charles. He agrees and tells her she will see Lila Rae soon.

At Wyndemere, Emily reminds Nikolas that although she could be framed for espionage, it is still better than Nikolas being poisoned. She thinks that although Craig is cold, he has a purpose. She thinks it is leverage against Jason. Nikolas vows to find a way to get back at Craig. Nikolas speculates who the woman is that Craig has been talking to. Nikolas and Emily vow to spend the rest of their lives together.

At Alcazar's house, Skye tells Lorenzo that she is leaving Port Charles with so much more that she came with. She starts to seduce him.

Amanda shows us at Sonny's office. She tells him that since meeting Sam, she has been held at gunpoint three times. She seduces Sonny.

Craig reveals himself to Emily and Nikolas as Jerry Jax. He tells them that Jason knows about his leverage over Emily.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Three attractive and flirtatious women show up at GH looking for Dr. Patrick Drake. One of them injured her ankle, and their doctor in San Diego referred them to Patrick. Robin suggest they see a orthopedist, as Patrick is a neurosurgeon. Patrick insists that he will help and leads them off for treatment. Robin checks in on them to see if they need help, and Patrick explains to the girls that Robin is his girlfriend.

After making love, Skye and Lorenzo talk about leaving Port Charles. Lorenzo promises Skye that baby Lila will be there within the hour, and also promises them a new life in Venezuela. Skye is thrilled to have her baby back. Lorenzo steps outside and gives orders that Skye is not to leave the house once they get to South America. Alone with Lila, Skye promises to never leave her again. She goes to call Sonny to alert him she has baby Lila, and it is OK to proceed with his plans for Lorenzo.

Sonny gives Jason orders for eliminating Lorenzo. Jason agrees to it, and also tells Sonny about the leverage that Craig has over Emily.

Emily stops in to see Liz while she is feeding little Jacob and telling him about Jason. Emily wonders what she is referring to. Liz covers. Emily goes on to remind Liz how much Jason loves kids, and that she hopes Liz will let him spend time with the baby once they are home from the hospital. Later, Epiphany is short with Liz when she stops in to process her discharge papers. When Liz calls her on it, Epiphany comments that she has been blessed with a beautiful baby. She does not want to get involved in Liz's drama, but tells her that who she decides to raise her baby with is her business (implying she knows the baby's true paternity).

Diana is angry to be summoned by Sonny so early in the morning over a noise complaint. Sonny tells her that he will not have his children repeatedly woken over the sound of the helicopter next door. The neighbor is revealed to be Kate Howard. While going over remodeling plans with an assistant, Sonny and Diana show up with a restraining order to stop the helicopter from flying overhead. Kate does not seem impressed with the injunction. Sonny wonders why she is relocating to Port Charles when she works in Manhattan. She tells him she needs a place to relax and entertain, and it's only a helicopter ride away from work. He is not happy about the helicopter, and is further annoyed to find she is planning to do major renovations.

Jason goes to see Emily at the hospital to talk about her situation with Jerry/Craig. He verifies the information that Craig gave him. He questions why she did not come to him, and she tells him about Nikolas being poisoned. She knows that Jason wants revenge, but she reminds him that Alan would not want him to kill someone in his name.

Amelia tells her boss that she is quitting the show. The boss tells Sam that there is no show without Amelia. Sam tries to plead with Amelia, who tries to reassure her that the show will go on. Sam tries to apologize, but Amelia does not want to risk her life any longer. She tells Sam that nothing will change as long as she stays with Jason. Amelia asks Sam how many times she was shot at because of Jason. Sam begs Amelia not to walk away. Amelia finally agrees, but tells her that she's done if there is one more threat on her life. Later, Amelia's assistant realizes that Amelia was bluffing about her resignation. Amelia tells him that it was a test to see Sam's level of commitment to the show.

At the hospital, Jason stops by to see Liz. She lets Jason hold the baby, and she tells him that she gave the baby his initials. He appears happy, but has to leave when his phone rings. It is Sonny calling the hit on Lorenzo.

Emily notices Robin is annoyed. She tells her about Patrick's new "patients", and they observe Patrick discharging the injured girl and her friends. A disgusted Robin confronts Patrick. They argue over treating patients, and she tells him to meet her at his apartment at the end of the day.

Lucky bring Cameron to the hospital to bring Liz and Jacob home.

Kate admires Sonny's business successes, and he tells her that he did not have to change his name to make it happen. Diana returns to tell Sonny and Kate that the injunction stands. Kate tells her that they are trying to negotiate a compromise. She tells her assistant that Sonny will be joining them for lunch, and that she will have the injunction lifted by dessert. Sonny observes that Kate must be hell to work for. Sonny tells her she must learn the art of compromise. She agrees to have the helicopter land from a different direction, as long as he tears down the wall that separates their houses and installs a white fence. Sonny tells her it will cost her.

Skye lets Jason into the house, and returns to Lorenzo and Lila upstairs. Lorenzo leaves the room. As Skye sings to Lila, she hears a thud downstairs.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Alan's ghost appears to Tracy again when she enters the living room. Alan warns her not to let Luke get her involved in any of his business with protecting Laura. Tracy tries to get Luke to back off of Scott so that Lulu doesn't find out about his past history with Laura. Luke has no intention of letting Scott get guardianship of Laura even though he knows that it is going to be difficult. He tells Tracy that he has a secret weapon, Alexis. He tells Tracy that Alexis will be a great adversary against Scott in court and she will win for him. Tracy doesn't agree with him and thinks that he should not put so much faith in Alexis. Scott comes into the room and tries to get Luke to back off and let him have guardianship of Laura or he will have no choice but to bring up Luke's violent past with Laura and the rape. Luke tells him that he needs to accept the fact that he lost Laura to him years ago and that won't change. Alan doesn't like what Scott is doing and makes it thunder and lightning appears from the sky suddenly to startle Scott so much he drops his files of paper and they fly all over the floor. Scott asks what that was but Tracy and Luke don't explain it was Alan's ghost that did that. Scott tries to get Luke to sign something but Luke punches him in the face instead. Scott tells him it won't be too hard for him to prove how violent and unfit Luke is and how he is a danger to be around Laura. He storms off just as Monica comes into the room. Luke takes Tracy outside to talk privately. Tracy agrees to help Luke in any way she can. The two of them head to Shadybrook. Tracy agrees to wear a blonde wig and pretend to be Laura while Luke takes Laura and brings her somewhere else for care. They show up to her room and find that she isn't there. Scott shows up also and tells them that Laura has been moved to another facility and that he had nothing to do with it because the court ordered it while they have their court battle. Scott guesses by looking at Luke's duffle bag that he planned to take Laura out of there but was too late.

Skye is nervous the next morning after letting Jason into the house to kill Alcazar the night before while she was rocking her daughter. She notices the picture on the mantel of her and Alcazar and she puts it face down on the desk so she doesn't have to look at it and feel guilt for what she let Jason do. Ric shows up to talk to Alcazar and asks her where he is. Skye makes up some story about how Alcazar has made plans for them to move back to Venezuela and didn't tell her where he was going today. Ric finds it odd that she wouldn't know where he is since they are living together. Skye explains to him that they sleep in separate bedrooms and so she didn't necessarily see him late last night or early this morning. Ric starts asking her questions about Alcazar's plans to leave the country. Skye realizes that Ric is worried about where Alcazar is keeping the evidence he has against him and if he will use it or not once he leaves the country for good. Skye tells him he probably has nothing to worry about if they leave the country but Ric thinks Alcazar may also decide to come back someday also or he may have left without her and the baby for good as well. Skye calls Edward and asks him to come by her home to see her. He comes to see her but isn't too happy about her calling on him since he has disowned her after Alan's death. Skye cries and asks him to give her another chance with the family. She tells him that she should have listened when he warned her about Alcazar and that she now has seen his ture colors and wants to move back with the family because she misses them all. Edward tells her that he would forgive her but he can't forgive her because every time he sees footage from the hostage crisis where Alan staggered out of the hotel and had a heart attack, he can't help but remember how she kept quiet and if she hadn't they may have saved Alan sooner. He tells her that she needs forgiveness from someone other than himself. Edward tells Monica about his visit with Skye and how she wanted to move back to the house and asked for forgiveness after she realized Alcazar's true colors. Monica tells him she will never be able to forgive Skye for what she did and that she is just an opportunist who suddenly needs the family because she can't trust Alcazar to take care of her any longer. She tells Edward that she just received a late condolence card in the mail from someone in Europe who just heard about Alan's death and that she doesn't know how she will ever be able to wake up someday and be able to breathe again easily.

Jax comes downstairs in the morning and finds Carly in the dining room with wedding gifts all over the table. He is very down about his brother and plans to go to work. Carly talks to him about when he last saw Jerry when he looked like his old self. Jax tells her he saw Jerry over a year ago in London when he was there on business and that Jerry seemed like he was doing good financially and even picked up the tab for dinner and that the next time he had heard from him was over the phone last November when he called Jax to come to Siberia to get him out of trouble. They both realize the timing of that and realize that Jerry wanted him out of Port Charles to protect him and probably had his whole plan with the briefcase at the hotel set up by then. Carly tells him that even though she hates his brother she thinks he was trying to protect Jax in his own way by keeping him away from the hotel during the hostage crisis. Jax feels that he has to protect his brother. Meanwhile, Jason conducts business about Alcazar over the phone and Spinelli walks in without knocking and overhears his conversation. This really angers Jason who warns Spinelli never to walk into the office unannounced ever again. Spinelli goes on and on about how he can keep secrets very well for Jason and has proven his loyalty by keeping Jason's baby a secret. Jason asks Spinelli to find out all he can about illegal wire transfers and anything to prove how they can happen and be used against someone so he can find out a way to help Emily get out from under Jerry's thumb. Spinelli works on that in the coffee shop. Logan comes into the coffee shop and tries to make amends with Spinelli to get on his good side by buying him a bag of chips. Spinelli doesn't trust him and suspects ulterior motives. When Spinelli refuses to accept his offer of friendship, Logan gets aggressive and grabs his arm to get him to listen to him. Spinelli refuses to put a good word in for him to Sonny and Jason. Meanwhile, Cooper and Maxie are about ready to go into the coffee shop when Cooper sees Logan talking to Spinelli. He tells Maxie that he wants to tell Logan that he is being blackmailed by both Sonny and James Craig (a.k.a. Jerry Jacks) so that if something happens to him Logan will protect her. Maxie doesn't want him to tell Logan anything because she doesn't trust him. She tries to reassure Cooper that she is there for him to help him get out of any trouble he gets in. Cooper stops Logan when he sees him get aggressive with Spinelli in the coffee shop. Ric shows up and suggests to Cooper that he should be careful who he is friends with or it could be a bad mark on his cop record. Ric stops Spinelli from leaving the coffee shop. He questions Spinelli about Alcazar's whereabouts. Spinelli doesn't know where Spinelli is and reminds Ric that he no longer works for Alcazar. Ric asks him if he could tell him where Jason was last night. Meanwhile, Nikolas finds Jerry helping himself to breakfast in the living room and gets fed up with his sudden appearances at Wyndemere. Emily shows up and tells Jerry that she told Jason how he implicated her by making her sign some papers tying her to the espionage he committed. Jerry finds everyone amusing to him and doesn't plan to leave town anytime soon. Nikolas tells Jerry that now that everyone is starting to find out who he really is, he wants him out of his house. Later, Alexis comes over to see Nikolas and runs into Jerry, who is carrying a bag and tells her he is leaving town to do some business somewhere else. Alexis refers to him as she knows him, as Mr. Brosnan. Jerry reveals to her who he really is. Alexis is stunned and tells him off for holding all those people hostage including her daughter Sam and her nephew Nikolas. Nikolas and Emily come into the room and explain what is going on. Jerry admits to Alexis that he injected Nikolas with a slow-acting poison to get Robin and Nikolas to do what he wanted. Alexis digs into her purse to get her cell-phone to call the police. Emily tells her not to do that and Jerry explains that if she does, Emily will go to prison as well. Nikolas explains what Jerry did to keep everyone under his thumb, including Jason. Meanwhile, Jason shows up at Carly and Jax's home to tell them what he found out about Nikolas and Emily and what Jerry did to them to keep them under his thumb and let him hide out. Jax has a hard time believing everything his brother has been doing and wants to find Jerry to ask him why he is doing all this. Jax tells Carly that he is going over to see Nikolas and Emily and apologize to them for what Jerry did. Carly feels bad for Jax and tells him he isn't to blame for what Jerry did. Jax leaves anyway. Carly pleads with Jason not to kill Jerry and let him leave the country instead. Jason tells her he can't do that after what Jerry did to his father and how he is hurting the people he loves. Carly tells him that if he kills Jerry, it will ruin her marriage to Jax. Jason tells her he can't help what happens to her marriage. He tells her that right now he can't do anything to Jerry because of Emily's predicament but that he is going to find a way to get her out of this mess. Jax shows up at Wyndemere to see Nikolas. Nikolas tells him he already knows that James Craig is really Jax's brother Jerry. Jax apologizes to Nikolas for what his brother has done to everyone but it is clear to Nikolas that Jax can't accept what Jerry has done and will protect him. Nikolas tells Jax that it is up to him and his mother Jane to turn Jerry in and that Jane would be outraged to learn what her son did and would want to turn him in. Jax tells Nikolas to leave his mother out of it and that he doesn't want his mother to know what Jerry has done. Emily comes into the room and asks what is going on when it looks like Nikolas and Jax are about to come to blows over Jerry. Later, Skye calls Jason on his cell-phone and asks him to meet with her soon. He gives her some street name with an alleyway. She doesn't see that Jerry is spying on her and has followed her. He overhears her talking to Jason about how Ric came by to question her about where Alcazar is. Jason tells her not to worry. Jerry approaches them and asks them if they are discussing his business associate, Alcazar. Alexis shows up at Carly's to tell her she just found out about Jerry and how he held everyone hostage at the hotel and she gets defensive while telling her that she knew him as James Brosnan and didn't know she wasn't suppose to trust him.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Alexis, Jax and Emily attempt to discourage Nikolas from seeking revenge against Jerry but Nikolas' anger remains unabated. Jerry has another trick up his sleeve when he summons Nikolas, Jax, Emily and Alexis to the Metro Court. Jason is thrown when he sees Sam with Jake and Liz at the coffee house. Sam stops herself from confronting Jason with the truth and is hurt when he continues to lie to her. Once alone, Jason tells Liz he needs to be honest with Sam. Sonny senses that something is going on between Jason and Liz. Carly and Kate go toe to toe when Michael and Morgan trespass on Kate's property. Sonny is amused by Kate and Carly's catfight. Spinelli breathes a sigh of relief when Sonny pulls Ric away from him.

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