General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 18, 2007 on GH

Sam went on a drinking binge during which she accused Carly of being in love with Jason and suggested that Liz could take comfort in knowing that Liz still had a child to make up for losing Jake. Lucky's feelings of inadequacy resurfaced when Liz turned to Jason for emotional support.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 18, 2007 on GH
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Monday, June 18, 2007

Sonny invites Kate to the BBQ at his place but she turns him down. Mike stops by Sonny's to wish him a Happy Father's Day and gives him a jar of barbeque sauce that he made. He invites Mike to stay but Mike says he has other plans. Carly and Jax arrive with the boys. Later, Kate arrives with a business associate who is in town. He is also a business associate of Jax's and they converse about a yachting competition. Sonny seems to have a difficult time seeing Jax and the boys getting along so well. Carly isn't happy with Kate being there and makes it obvious to everyone.

Lucky asks Lulu to come by the house after to celebrate Father's Day. Liz is at the park with the boys. She puts Jake in his stroller so she can help Cameron with his laces only to turn around and find an empty stroller; Jake is gone. Park security question Liz and notify the authorities. Liz calls Lucky. Lulu takes Cameron to Audrey's and tells Liz she will call Nikolas, Emily and Bobbie.

Nikolas tells Emily he will not stop trying to keep her safe from Jerry as long as he is a threat. He will do what it takes to protect her. They make love and shortly afterward are interrupted by a phone call from Lulu. She tells them about Jake and they go to the park to try to help in the search. Mac insists there isn't anything else they can do but questions them as to whether or not they feel Liz has been suffering from postpartum depression which they deny. Nikolas believes it is Jerry who took Jake and leaves town to go find him.

Spinelli goes to the police station and tries to get Coop to tell Jason about the kidnapping. He insists that Jason would want to know. Lucky and Liz show up and Lucky questions Spinelli as to why he is there. Spinelli just says that he thought Jason would possibly have resources that could help them. Lainey comes in the station to question Liz. After Liz is brought into a separate room, Lainey tells Lucky that it isn't uncommon for a mother suffering from postpartum depression to do something with your child.

Sam and Amelia both show up at the television station late. They question each other as to where they were. Later, Detective Rodriguez arrives at the studio and questions a seemingly unconcerned Sam about the kidnapping. Once Det. Rodriguez leaves, Amelia comments to Sam that she doesn't seem worried about Jason's son being kidnapped and that it is rather coincidental that Sam was just wishing Jake would disappear.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Carly thanks Jax for going to Sonny's for the Fathers' Day BBQ. Michael walks in and begs to be able to stay up a little bit longer. Carly relents and they turn on the TV. The three of them are upset to see news of Jake's kidnapping. Carly remembers when Michael and Morgan were kidnapped, and they ponder over who could have kidnapped the baby. Jax gets upset when Carly suggests the kidnapper could be Jerry. They argue at first, but them come to an understanding.

On the terrace at Sonny's, Kate asks Sonny if he is bothered seeing Carly with Jax. He appears to brush it off, but Kate observes that he has not changed much. He was someone who always seemed to be on the outside, and now it is with his own family. She suggests that all the time he spent with the Cerullos was because it was a place where he could belong. She notes that Sonny did not have to include Jax in their Fathers' Day picnic, and acknowledges that it could not have been easy. Sonny remembers that ‘Connie' used to want children, and he asks her if she has any regrets. She tells him that she chose a career over family, and that she only regrets it on days like the one they just had. While she thinks Sonny's boys are misbehaved, she sees how much they do love him. They are interrupted by a frantic Spinelli bearing news of the kidnapping of ‘The Innocent One'. Kate takes her leave, and Sonny orders Spinelli to do everything he can to find Jake.

Sam is furious when Amelia suggests she had something to do with the kidnapping. She backs down and reminds Amelia to keep quiet about her knowledge of Jake's paternity.

Jason sees Liz in the interrogation room, and she explains to him how Jake disappeared. She mentions the fact that she did see Sam shortly before the disappearance. She wonders if the kidnapping has something to do with someone who found out Jake's true paternity, but for the moment agree to keep quiet about it. Mac and Lainey walk in to question Liz, who gets hysterical at the suggestion she has postpartum depression. Lucky walks in and appears to back Mac and Lainey. Jason tells Lucky if he can't support Liz then she should get out. Mac speculates that Liz was followed in the park.

Back at home, Lucky is Liz argue about Jake's whereabouts. Lucky wonders if he is still alive, and is angry that Liz left the baby alone.

At Kelly's, Lucky tells Spinelli and Lulu about the possibility that Liz had postpartum depression. He asks them if Liz seemed emotional in recent weeks, and he acknowledges that Lainey is involved with the case. Lulu thinks Liz is just tired, and Spinelli chalks it up to hormones.

Maxie tells Logan about the kidnapping, and tells him he should use the opportunity to work Lulu. Logan sees Lulu upset outside and asks her what is wrong. She explains the situation and Logan offers to help. She tells Logan about Lucky and Liz's problem last summer, and that there was a time she wished the baby didn't exist. She now bears some guilt about that, and Logan tells her that some children, including himself, should not be born. They both talk about the absence of their fathers in their early childhood years. Logan tells her his father was never around and left his mother to raise him.

Sam sees Spinelli at the penthouse and they discuss the situation. Spinelli asks Sam if she saw any evildoers in the park. Sam warns him about tapping into the police's computer system. She wonders if Jason knows about the kidnapping. Later, Sam receives a delivery of baby boy clothes. As she looks at them, Spinelli is watching her from behind.

Sonny goes to see Jason and wants to know who else knows about the paternity. They speculate that maybe Sam took Jake. He tells Sonny to put a tap on her cell phone

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jax talks on the phone but hangs up abruptly when Carly walks in. She assumes it is Jerry and asks how he is. Jax asks why she assumes it is his brother, and she tells him she just figured since they've been having a lot of hang ups and he hung up as soon as she entered the room. He asks if she trusts him. She says yes. He tells her Jerry is gone. He tells her he doesn't want to fight with her, but he does love making up with her. They start to kiss, but Jax tells her he has work to do and can't take a break. She reminds him that he is the boss, but he says it's something he has to handle personally. Alexis comes in to talk business with Jax, which makes Carly mad and she storms off. Jax knows that Alexis is enjoying making Carly mad. Alexis may be thinking bad thoughts, but at least she's not saying them. Does he really want to keep something this important from his wife? Before they get into business proceedings, Jax compliments Alexis on her hair extensions. They talk about Jerry and how Carly can only see the bad in him. He did do some terrible things. Alexis still thinks there is some good left in him, though.

Lucky walks in with a stuffed animal and sees Liz holding Jake's blanket. He apologizes for last night and tells her he doesn't blame her. She doesn't believe him. He tells her that he's just scared. She says that she was scared, too. All she wanted was for him to hold her and tell her it was going to be alright. She tells him he doesn't know her at all. They continue to fight until Emily tells them to stop. Fighting won't find Jake. She starts talking about Spencer until Lucky interrupts her yelling, "Spencer isn't your son." Liz tells Lucky not to yell at Emily. Lucky decides to leave and go to the station. Emily tells Liz that she and Lucky need to support each other right now. Liz tells her she's hanging on to everything she has to find her son. She tried to sleep last night and thought if she closed her eyes she would wake up and Jake would be back and everything would have just been a nightmare. She's furious that the cops think/thought she could do something to her child. She knows it's just their job, but how could Lucky go along with that theory, too. She thought he would support her more. Jason did help her, though. He calmed her down. He was the only one who believed her. For a minute when she was with Jason, she believed she would get Jake back. Emily tells her she will get the baby back. Liz says that Lucky accused her of letting Jake get kidnapped because she didn't love him enough. Emily asks if she's talking about Lucky or Jake. Emily tells her that Jason is in a different spot than Lucky right now. It's easier for Jason to deal with this, since Jake isn't his child. Lucky is looking for anyone to blame. She says that at least he hasn't turned to pills again. Liz says it's a good thing, too, because she can't take care of him now. She has to focus on her little boy. They both leave. When Liz comes back from visiting Cameron, Lulu comes over and tells her that everyone they know is looking for Jake. Liz thanks her and tells her that Lucky is at work. Lulu knows that Lucky thought/thinks Liz has port partum depression. Liz admits that Lucky blames her. Lulu tells her that they will find Jake. Lucky comes storming in and tells Liz she needs to come back to the station and tell them everything that happened again, just in case she missed something before. Liz says she already told them everything. Lucky asks if she's sure or if that's just what Jason told her to say. He tells her that listening to Jason appears to be more important that finding Jake.

Sam gets to work late and asks Amelia where the crew is at. Amelia tells her that she pushed back the shooting so Sam could spend time with Jason. Sam says she is ready for work. Amelia is stunned that Sam doesn't know if Jason has found out about the kidnapping yet. Sam doesn't want Jason to know that she knows his secret. Amelia tells her that Jason needs support right now, unless Sam doesn't want Jake to be found. Sam is confused as to why Amelia appears to be pushing her and Jason together now. Amelia says she has done her part to get the show started. Now it's up to Sam to get down to business. Sam tells her she's taking a break and leaves.

Spinelli tells Jason that he's trying to find out if any of the cameras at the park have any images of Jake being taken. Jason tells him to let Stan handle that. He wants Spinelli to keep an eye on Sam. At first, Spinelli thinks Jason just wants him to help Sam deal with Jason being gone. No, Jason tells him he wants him to find out if she knows anything about Jake. Spinelli is stunned that Jason thinks Sam might have something to do with his son's disappearance. Jason explains that Sam knows he is the father of Jake but she hasn't come clean with him. He tells Spinelli what happened when Sam's baby was stillborn. Spinelli then tells Jason about the package of baby clothes that arrived last night to the penthouse. Sam was gone this morning with the clothes and the box they arrived in. Spinelli tells him maybe it was a gift or maybe she's holding out for her own baby. Jason doesn't like to suspect Sam, but he has to follow the leads to find his son. Spinelli leaves when Diane comes in. Jason wants her to continue working on getting him out. He says to tell the judge it's a family emergency. Diane is intrigued. Lucky enters and asks if he wants to leave so he can go look for Jake. Diane interrupts and says that Jason had nothing to do with the kidnapping. Lucky tells Jason that Liz had every right to be questioned. Lucky wants Jason to stay away from his family. After Lucky leaves, Diane warns Jason that the longer he sits in silence, the better chance Ric will get information to put him away for life.

Maxie gets an invitation to a party, and then Logan walks in. She asks how it went with Lulu. Logan tells her to be nice to Lulu. Her nephew was just kidnapped. Lulu walks in and Logan asks about Jake. He tells her he was just out looking for him. All of Sonny's men went looking for Jake. It makes sense to Lulu now, because she couldn't imagine Logan caring. Logan is confused as to why Sonny is having his men look for a cop's son. Spinelli comes in and tries to interrupt Logan and Lulu, but Logan tells him they are in the middle of something. Spinelli decides to sit away from them until they are finished. Logan starts to yell at him, but Milo and Dillon come in and ask if there's a problem. Logan says yes, 3 problems. He tells Lulu to give him a call if she needs anything and leaves. Maxie talks to him outside and criticizes the way he handled the "three stooges." She says, "I guess you really don't want to sleep with me." He says they will sleep together soon. Maxie tells Logan that Coop is everything that he isn't. Logan tries to kiss her, but she dodges him and leaves. Back inside, Milo and Dillon offer Lulu help in finding Jake. Lulu thinks they are just trying to get on her good side and tells them she's not changing her mind about dating them. They both agree that they aren't offering to help in hopes of winning Lulu over. Spinelli appears to find something on the laptop and rushes off. Spinelli arrives at the police station and tells Jason that he got footage of the smoothie stand and Sam was never there. Spinelli thinks that maybe she just changed her mind, but Jason thinks she lied about getting a smoothie. He asks Spinelli if they could see the smoothie stand from where they were standing and he says no. Jason wonders if Sam could have circled around and spied on them without anyone noticing. Spinelli admits that it could have happened.

Ghost Alan wants Tracy to call her lawyer. He tells her she is dumb for helping Luke. He tells her to call Luke and tell him to bring Laura back. She says she doesn't know where they are. Besides, she doesn't want Laura to end up with Scott. While she argues with Alan, Edward and Lainey watch from outside as it appears Tracy is talking to herself. Lainey asks if she's been doing this since Alan died. Meanwhile, Alan tells Tracy to stop worrying about him and start worrying about Edward. He is trying to catch her. Edward comes in and introduces Lainey to Tracy. He tells her about Lainey's work in the psych ward. Tracy tells her that she is sane now and always has been. Tracy looks at the chair after Alan talks to her and Lainey asks if there's something in the chair that upsets her. Later, Monica and Edward walk in and ask if she's seen Alan. Monica says she wasn't any part of Edward's dirty deeds. She would love to have an opportunity to talk to Alan again. Tracy tells Edward that she knows what he's up to and it won't work. She tells Edward that he's the one that's delusional. Tracy starts to fight with her ghost brother until Lainey walks in with two guys carrying a straight jacket.

Sam runs off to the Metro Court to get drunk. Carly runs into her and is stunned that Sam is getting drunk while her boyfriend is in jail. Sam says she's helping Jason by staying away. She talks about how Carly thinks she is first in Jason's life. "If only she knew..." Carly takes the bottle away from Sam and the two women argue. Sam thinks Carly will go after Jason, but Carly tells her he is her best friend, nothing else. "Sam says Jason doesn't need her or Carly now that he has..." Thankfully, Amelia intercedes and Carly leaves before hearing something revealing. Amelia tells Sam to sober up before she says something she will regret, unless she already has said something regretful. Carly runs back to Jax obviously upset over the things Sam said to her about her marriage with Jax. Jax decides to take her somewhere on his plane. It's a surprise. Meanwhile, Sam talks about how wonderful it would be to see Carly's face when she finds out about Jake being Jason's son. Now that Jake is gone, though, who knows if he will ever be found and if Jason will get over the loss of his son? Amelia tells her that if she knows something about Jake, she needs to come clean. Sam says she knows a lot, but where Jake has been taken to is not one of them.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jax and Carly head out on his private jet to go somewhere as a surprise. Jax finally tells her that they are going to Montreal. He also shows her some papers, which show that he has bought some chateau that she admired so much when they stayed there last time and that he thinks they should turn it into a hotel. Carly looks at the papers and is surprised by it. She gets suspicious when she realizes that this will be a new project that will keep her very busy. She accuses Jax of buying the property to keep her busy so he can run off and find Jerry.

Edward has Lainey show up with some attendants from Shadybrook to have Tracy committed because of her many "conversations" with Alan. Tracy accuses Edward of having her committed because he wants to take over ELQ. again and wrestle control away from her. Monica sides with Edward because she is still angry with her over forging Alan's will. Tracy refuses to admit she forged his will. The attendants put Tracy into a straight jacket and whisk her away to Shadybrook. Lainey goes with her to admit her. Later, Dillon asks Edward and Alice where Tracy is. They don't want to tell him where she is and try to evade his questions. Finally, Edward just tells him what he did. Dillon is floored by what he has done and insists that Edward let Tracy come home. Monica takes Edward's side again. Dillon points out that Tracy has turned ELQ. around and kept the company from going bankrupt. Meanwhile, Tracy tries to buy Lainey off to get her to release her and have Edward committed. Lainey humors her and pretends to go along with it. Alan's ghost shows up to enjoy what Tracy is going through and watch to see how she gets out of this mess. Dillon comes to see her to check up on her. Tracy tells him that she wants him to help her by blackmailing Edward for her to help her get out of this place. Edward comes by to check on her also. Lainey points out that Tracy seems quite sane to her despite the fact that she is talking to Alan's ghost. Tracy tries to get Alan to leave her alone in peace but he refuses to do it unless she admits to everyone that she forged his will. Tracy refuses to do that since she feels she forged his will for his own benefit and everyone else's.

Lucky upsets Liz when he asks her to come by the police station and talk to Lainey again about what happened at the park in case she remembered more about the disappearance. Liz tells him that she told Lainey and the police everything she remembered and insists she had nothing to do with Jake's disappearance. Lulu shows up at their house and tells Lucky to leave Liz alone after she hears them fighting. She tells Lucky that it isn't Liz's fault that Jake was kidnapped and that he should be more supportive of her. Lucky realizes that he has been too hard on Liz. He tells her that he is just worried about Jake and doesn't know what else to do right now but find out everything he can. He grabs Liz and hugs her to show his support. Meanwhile,

Sam continues to get drunk at the Metro Court hotel while Amelia asks her if she had anything to do with Jake's kidnapping. Sam doesn't say she had anything to do with the kidnapping but doesn't deny it either. Amelia goes to the police station and asks Ric to see Jason. Ric asks her what she wants with Jason. She tells him that what happens to Jason affects Sam which affects her because of the television show. Amelia realizes that Ric doesn't like Sam and asks him about it. Ric notices that Amelia seems pleased that he doesn't like her and asks her why. Sam shows up at Liz's house to see her. She has a hard time walking straight because she is drunk still. She asks Liz if they have any new leads on Jake. Liz tells her they don't. She is writing a list of what happened at the park and tells Sam that. Sam acts very concerned at first but then totally upsets Liz when she goes on and on about losing her own baby girl at birth and how she feels for her. Liz snaps at Sam that her baby isn't dead. Sam tells her that they are the same now because they both lost their babies but Sam points out that Liz already has a son and could have more children with Lucky if she wants to. Liz is stunned by Sam's words and throws her out of her house. Sam goes to the police station to find Lucky. He asks her if she is there to see Jason. Sam grabs Lucky and insists she needs to talk to him alone. He brings her into the visitor's room to let her talk. He asks her if this has to do with his son. Sam shakes her head and says something cryptic like "he's not" but doesn't say anything else.

Spinelli shows up at Sonny's office while he is talking to his attorney. Diane is frustrated because Jason refuses to help his own defense on murder charges and has demanded that she try to get him out on bail by convincing the judge that he has a family emergency. Sonny is reluctant to tell Diane anything personal about Jason. Spinelli rushes in to ask Sonny not to rush to judgment about Sam and think she kidnapped Baby Jake. Sonny doesn't understand what Spinelli is all worked up about and asks him to speak in plain English and tell him what he is talking about. Spinelli explains that Sam told the police that she was at the park and saw Liz and her children and that she went to get a smoothie on her way back to work but the surveillance cameras at the park show that she never went to get a smoothie. Spinelli tells Diane and Sonny that just because she never ended up getting a smoothie doesn't mean that she kidnapped the baby. Sonny thinks that Sam had plenty of motive to kidnap the baby. Diane doesn't understand how Sam would have a motive for kidnapping the baby. Sonny asks Diane if what he tells her is under lawyer-client privilege right now. Diane tells him it is and she won't reveal anything. Sonny tells Diane that Jason is the biological father of Liz's baby, Jake. Diane realizes why Jason is so insistent that she get him out on bail. She also finds out why Sam has a motive now for kidnapping the baby. Meanwhile, Ric has Logan brought into the police station for unpaid parking tickets. Logan asks him what he wants with him since there is no reason to bring someone in for unpaid parking tickets. Ric tells him that he wants him to be a mole for him in Sonny's organization. Logan doesn't think he wants to be a mole for him. Kate shows up Sonny's office to talk to him alone. Spinelli and Kate leave them alone to talk. Kate tells Sonny that she can't afford to be linked romantically to him in the press or it will ruin her magazine's reputation and jeopardize her career. Meanwhile, Spinelli works on his laptop in the coffee shop just as Lulu shows up to ask him if there is any new leads on finding the baby. Spinelli has no new news for her but tells her that Sonny knows about the baby and tells her that Jason told him. Lulu insists that he stop Sonny from telling the press or the police about the paternity of the baby because Lucky and Liz can't handle anymore problems right now. Spinelli tells her that he has no sway with Sonny and he doesn't think he can stop him. He suggests to Lulu that she tell Lucky the truth before it comes out some other way. Lulu refuses to do that. Lulu leaves the coffee shop and runs into Logan. Logan tries to talk to her but she tells him she has no time to talk and leaves. Logan wants to go in to see Sonny in his office to tell him about his meeting with Ric. Spinelli tells him that Sonny doesn't want to be disturbed but Logan doesn't listen to him. Sonny doesn't like to be disturbed and kicks him out of his office without letting him tell him anything. Sonny goes back to asking Kate what she wants him to do for her now. She tells him she needs him to start dating someone high profile to get the press off of her back about him.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Sonny asks her who she thinks he should date. She tells him he can find his own date, especially with how good looking and fit he is. He is impressed that she noticed. They talk about whom he should date and then start to talk about high school. He thinks maybe she's hoping lightening will strike twice. He thinks it might be good for her to be seen with him. She doesn't agree, though. All it would take is one picture of the two of them together for them to start digging into her past. They run into Diane at the coffee shop and she is less than pleased that Sonny has taken an interest in Kate. He ignores her personal comments and asks what the status is on Jason. She tells him to use his contacts at the police department and leaves. Before she goes, Sonny gets a jab in and comments that Diane may be jealous of Kate. Amelia walks in and tells Sonny she needs to see him alone. She sits down on Sonny's lap and kisses him. As they make out, Kate comes to the coffee shop and notices the closed sign is on the door but it is unlocked. She walks over to Sonny's office and hears noises. She sees a lighter on the table and lights it.

Carly thinks Jax is softening her up so he can walk out on her. He tells her he's not going to leave her. She thinks he's going after Jerry, but he says they just needed a romantic getaway. The hotel is a good investment and it will keep them both connected to the city they both love. They kiss and then she asks what he was talking with Alexis about. It was about the hotel, which is why he couldn't tell her what was going on. She tells him that no one has ever believed in her the way Jax does. That's one of the reasons why she loves him. She decides to show him some of the other things she loves about him.

When Carly and Jax get back home, she immediately starts calling contractors to get work started. She thinks the boys will have fun up there. Jax is wary about Sonny, but Carly doesn't think he'll have a problem with it. She tells him they need to enjoy every moment and they kiss. They start to go upstairs, but the phone rings. He wants to ignore it, but she doesn't want to in case it's about the hotel. It's not, though. It's Jerry. Carly is furious and feels like Jax lied to her. He tells her he didn't know before. She can't believe he's going after him. What about her, Michael and Morgan? He tells her they are the most important thing in his life and he will be back as quickly as possible. Michael and Morgan come downstairs and Jax explains to them that he needs to go away on a trip to help his brother again. Michael is disappointed and asks how long. He was gone for 2 months before. Jax promises that it won't be that long this time. The boys say their goodbye's and then Jax kisses Carly and leaves. Later, Leticia comes over. Carly tells her she's planning on finding Jax and bringing him home. Meanwhile, Jax heads to a bar and asks the bartender if he's seen the man in a picture that he pulls out. The man pulls a gun on Jax and tells him his search just hit a dead end.

Liz blames herself. She can't go through this alone. Lulu tells her that Lucky is just as upset as she is. Liz confesses that she wants his support. Lulu tells her how when Lucky feels helpless he comes off the wrong way. They talk how Lucky acted when Lulu had the abortion last summer. Lulu doesn't want the kidnapping to tear Liz and Lucky apart. Liz doesn't either. Lulu leaves and goes to talk to Spinelli. They talk about how none of this may have happened if Liz had told the truth. Lulu asks Spinelli if he believes in karma. Spinelli tells her that this didn't happen because Liz kept a secret. They both talk about how they thought what was being done was the right thing. Who's to say what's right or wrong? When bad things happen, it's easy to see what is important. Lulu says she loves Jake, family or not. She says they have to believe that Jake will be home soon. Lulu tells Spinelli that he's a lot like Jason. He's a good listener. He tells her he respects her. She tells him she feels like she can tell him anything.

Drunken Sam tells Lucky that he shouldn't have to go through this not knowing. He asks if she has information about his son. Jason walks in. Lucky asks Sam what she's trying to tell him. She covers by saying she knows what it's like to lose a child. Another officer comes in and tells Lucky that they may have a lead, and they both leave. Jason confronts Sam about her drinking. She says she started thinking about how bad Jake's parents must feel and it brought back memories. She wanted to come here to tell Jake's father how sorry she is/was. She apologizes to Jason for not coming to see him more. He tells her he won't be there much longer. She talks about how terrible it must be for Jake's parents. Jason says hopefully the kidnapper will realize what he/she did was wrong and do the right thing. Sam tells Jason she loves him and leaves. Liz watches from outside as Sam leaves. She goes into the interrogation room to talk to Jason. She tells him she hopes he doesn't mind, and he says he doesn't. She keeps going over what happened in the park, but she can't come up with anything that would help find Jake. "What if Jake...", she says. Jason stops her and says don't go there. He needs her to be strong for him and their son. He holds her hands, while Lucky watches from the window. Lucky comes in and says he didn't realize she was there. He's been trying to get a hold of her. They leave the interrogation room and Lucky gets a phone call. He sounds happy as he talks to a daycare and gives a description of Jake. While Liz and Lucky hug, another officer fills Jason in on what's going on. A social worker walks in with a baby and Liz runs over only to discover it's not Jake.

Wes asks Amelia where Sam has gone. She reveals that Sam went on a "bender". Ric shows up and asks about Sam as well. He wants to talk to her since she was the last one seen at the park and her whereabouts are unknown at the time the baby was kidnapped. Amelia asks what makes him think Sam had anything to do with the kidnapping. Ric tells her that Sam lost her own baby. Maybe she was trying to replace it. Amelia tells him it's obvious they are fishing for anything they can find. He asks her about an alibi. Amelia says she was at the station. Ric wants to know why she's covering for Sam when she doesn't like her either. After Ric leaves, Sam comes in. She is concerned about the network getting mad and firing her. Amelia says she covered for her and then explains how she gave an alibi for Sam to Ric. Sam is surprised and asks why? Amelia says that Sam told her she had nothing to do with it so she just provided an alibi for her. Sam agrees and says Ric is just out to get her. Wes comes over and brings a revised copy of the script. Amelia tells Wes to keep Sam busy, because she's got things to do. Wes and Sam start to go over the tape and they think it looks good. Sam starts to walk away and knocks over a folder. It's the folder of Amelia's that has all of Sam's information in it.

Spinelli goes to visit Jason at the police station. He asks him if he can still get him out of jail. Spinelli says yes. Jason says he wants out of there tonight. He needs to find his son. Meanwhile, Liz calls to check on Cameron. Lucky tells her he was hoping the baby was Jake. She tells him he's doing the best that he can. He asks her why she keeps going to see Jason. Does she think he could find Jake if he were out of jail faster than the job Lucky's doing now?

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