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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 2, 2007 on GH
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Monday, July 2, 2007

Liz tells Lucky she doesn't believe Amelia took Jake. Lucky heads off to the police station.

Sam has memories of watching Maureen take Jake. She calls Alexis to ask for legal advice. Alexis inquires as to what crime Sam witnessed. She doesn't elaborate at all but just speaks hypothetically.

At the hospital, everyone keeps looking at Noah oddly. A new doctor questions Robin as to whether or not Noah has a brother to which she replies that he does not. Later, when Noah is clearly aggravated, he questions the staff and Epiphany shows him a newspaper article. She tells him he looks exactly like an 80's rock star named Eli Love.

Kate tells Sonny she saw what kind of person he is and it's time for her to leave. Sonny offers to buy her property. She apologizes to him, wondering if something she did caused him to become who he is. Sonny tells her not to blame herself. He then goes on to say that Jerry is not innocent and tells her about the Metro Court. He says that he wasn't just threatening Jerry, that he really would kill him if he wasn't in the position of sending Emily to prison.

Carly and Jerry are stuck in the boiler room together. Carly tells him that he is a monster and Jax tries to rationalize everything Jerry has done and makes excuses for him. Jerry tells her he was in complete control during the hostage crisis and that if he really wanted to murder someone, he would have. While resting waiting to be found, Jerry dozes off and dreams about when he was imprisoned and the day Arina was killed.

Jason and Amelia head to Maureen's house, believing that she has Jake. Once they arrive there, they question Maureen and she tells them that the baby is upstairs. While Amelia goes to get him, Maureen tells Jason about losing her daughter in the fire. Jason reassures her that she did the best she could. She tells Jason she took very good care of the baby, and gives him the hat with Jake's name on it. Amelia comes downstairs holding Jake and gives him to Jason. Maureen asks if Sam told them where Jake was and Jason is surprised. Maureen informs them both that Sam watched her take Jake.

On the way home, Amelia asks Jason if he will be able to forgive Sam. Jason doesn't respond. When they arrive in Port Charles, Amelia visits Sam to tell her that Jake has been found and Jason brings Jake to Liz. While she reunites with Jake, Jason holds Cameron while Lucky watches on.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Amelia tells Sam how she and Jason found Jake. She tells her that Maureen told them that Sam witnessed everything. Sam tries to twist the story by telling Amelia that she must have bribed Maureen to say that, but Amelia calls her on it. Before Amelia leaves, Sam asks how Jason took the news. Amelia says he had no response. Maybe that's because he'll forgive her. Or maybe that's because he doesn't care about her anymore.

Lucky walks in shortly after Jason brings Jake home to Liz. After Cameron is taken upstairs, Jason fills Lucky and Liz in on how he discovered that Maureen took Jake. Amelia was crucial in the discovery as she kept calling Maureen to sign the release for the episode she did for Everyday Heroes. When Amelia heard a baby crying in the background, she thought it was suspicious. She and Jason drove to Maureen's house and discovered Jake. Instead of calling the police, they left her with a psychologist and a home health nurse. Lucky is furious that they didn't turn her into police. He calls the station and tells them that his son is home. He tells them to subpoena Amelia for information on Maureen. Then he tells them to send a squad car over to arrest Jason for violating the terms of his parole. After they leave, Liz and Lucky fight. She's furious for him arresting Jason, while he's so jealous over Jason that he thinks perhaps Jason kidnapped him to make himself look good when he "found" Jake. Liz ends up telling Lucky that Jason found her son when Lucky couldn't. After Lucky storms out, Liz feeds Jake and tells him that no matter how mad she is at Lucky she will forgive him. Jason gave up everything so that she could give Jake a family with Lucky and Cameron. She won't let him down. Sam knocks on the door and congratulates Liz for her reunion with her son. She asks where Jason is. Liz is surprised she doesn't already know and fills Sam in.

Still locked in the boiler room, Carly confesses to Jerry that the reason why she doesn't like him is because of the way he treats Jax. Her husband loves Jerry, but Jerry treats him terribly. Before much more can be discussed, Sonny figures out where Carly is (thanks to Kate) and phones the hotel. One of the manager's comes down and lets them out. Carly calls Sonny to thank him and tells him that she's alright. She covers for Jerry and tells Sonny that it wasn't his fault. After she hangs up the phone, she tells Jerry that he's not allowed to stay at the hotel. Jerry tells her he's going to sue the hotel for being biased against him if she kicks him out. Carly tells him she will have Sonny's attorney deal with him. Diane approaches and tells Carly the news about Jason. He will be transferred to Pattonville prison within the hour.

Sonny visits Jason after Diane leaves. There isn't much Diane or Sonny can do. Jason is going to prison. Jason asks Sonny to keep his secret about Jake. While Sonny doesn't agree with Jason keeping his paternity a secret, he does agree to keep the secret. He also promises to take care of Liz and Jake. Carly also comes to visit. Jason tells her there's nothing she can do to save him now. He asks her to try to keep the peace between her and Sonny. They hug and tell each other they love each other. Jason is taken away before Sam can get there. Carly tells her there's no telling when anyone will ever see Jason again.

Logan is arrested on public drunkenness charges. When he's brought in, Scott tells the officers to keep interviewing witnesses. They'll probably be able to find someone willing to sign a statement saying they were assaulted by Logan. Logan is furious with his father. Coop offers to take him and sober him up. They go back to Kelly's where Maxie is anxiously waiting for Coop to get off work. They attempt to sober him up, but he still makes crude comments to Maxie about how bad she wants him. Coop is not phased since Logan is so drunk. Maxie offers to watch over him when Coop has to go back to work. After Coop leaves, Logan forces a kiss on Maxie who appears to stop resisting.

At the hospital, Noah is still furious that everyone thinks he looks like a famous rock star. Epiphany wants to know why he's so upset that people find his looks similar to a celebrity. Noah says he's worked very hard to become an acclaimed neurosurgeon. He doesn't want to be compared to someone who threw away his life for rock and roll. Epiphany is furious that he would say that about musicians and storms away. Robin walks up to Patrick and tells him that Stan helped her hack into the computer systems and got tickets to the concert tonight. Later, Noah, Patrick, and Robin all get paged by Epiphany. She tells them a story about how she used to go to concerts every week at a little spot in her hometown. One day she got there late and stopped in her tracks when she saw a band on stage all in matching suits. The lead singer was the finest man she had ever seen or has ever seen since then. She was determined to get his autograph, but a little girl tried to barge right past her. Epiphany ripped a chunk of the girl's hair out by the roots to put her in her place! Then she says that the singer gave her the opportunity of a lifetime, but she won't elaborate for the group. She just tells them that she won't hesitate to rip their hair out if they stand in her way, either!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Carly and Michael talk about their 4th of July plans. With Sonny in Puerto Rico, Jason in jail, and Jax gone, they're not sure what they're going to do. Carly thinks maybe she can whip up some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Jerry walks in and berates Carly when she tells him not to invite the boys to places. Jerry tells her he just wants to help out since Jax is gone. Michael and Morgan were looking forward to the holiday and Carly is ruining it for them. Carly slaps Jerry. She tries to get Jerry to tell her where her husband is at. Jerry says he's just trying to call a truce with her.

Logan walks in on Coop and Maxie in Coop's room again. Coop gets irritated with Logan for his rudeness towards Maxie. Maxie defends him and says he has some serious issues. They go downstairs and Georgie tries to get her sister to keep her distance from Logan. Instead, Logan tells Maxie if she kisses him again like she did last night, he's going to tell Coop about their deal. Maxie doesn't think Coop will believe him.

Edward brings Lainey in to try to sign an affidavit saying Tracy is unfit to run ELQ. Edward says if Lainey doesn't sign it, he will find another psychiatrist who will. They leave and Dillon walks in. Ned has a job for him. They will be working in Seattle and the woods in Montana. Alan tries to get Tracy to encourage Dillon to go, but instead, Tracy tells Dillon not to leave her while she's locked up. Ned also delivers the news to Edward when they meet up outside Kelly's. He also makes a point of telling Edward that he's a fool to take ELQ away from Tracy.

Epiphany tells the new nurses she has good news and bad news. The good news is they are going to the ER. The bad news is they've just skipped the frying pan and jumped into the fire. After the new nurses leave, Lainey comes up to the front desk where Epiphany proceeds to set her up on a date with her son, Stan.

Patrick gets out of the shower at the hospital and walks into the dressing area where 3 nurses are standing. Robin walks in as the nurses walk out, embarrassed. Patrick starts to explain that it was all innocent, but Robin tells him she's not jealous. Things happen. Patrick doesn't believe her that she's letting it go this easy.

During a musical montage, Carly and Michael watch the fireworks while Jerry watches them. Stan daydreams about Lainey dancing and undressing for him. Coop and Maxie hold each other by the window at Kelly's, watching the fireworks. Maxie daydreams about Logan. Meanwhile, Logan dreams about kissing Maxie again. Robin comes outside while Patrick watches fireworks and flashes him.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Dillon is in turmoil about deciding whether to live his dream in Los Angeles or stay home to please his mother. He tells Georgie about his chance to assist one of his favorite directors on a movie set. Ned shows up at Kelly's and asks him why he hasn't returned his phone calls. Georgie tells Ned that Dillon feels he can't leave town because of Tracy. Ned tells Dillon to follow his dream and let their mother take care of herself. Dillon confides in Ned that there are other reasons why he can't go with him. He tells him about his feelings for Lulu and how he has been pursuing her for months and can't just leave. Meanwhile, Tracy pretends to take her medication while an attendant watches her. Alan's ghost reappears as she waits to hide her pills inside the plant. Alan tries to guilt-trip her about being selfish and demanding that Dillon stay around for her. Lulu shows up and Tracy is happy to see her and asks her to do something for her. She asks her to be there for Dillon and let him know how much she appreciates him as a friend. Georgie shows up to talk to Tracy. She explains to Lulu about the opportunity that Ned has given him to work with a director he loves in California and how Tracy doesn't want him to go and is making him feel bad about it. Tracy refuses to budge on this issue and feels that Dillon belongs at home. Georgie and Lulu tell her that she needs to let Dillon follow his dream and that if she cared about him the way she should she would not stop him. Later, Edward shows up as Alan is talking to Tracy about how she should not squash Dillon's spirit and let him go to California with Ned. Edward is disturbed that she is talking to Alan's ghost again. He tells her that she should be stopping Dillon from going away to California. Tracy suggests that Edward let her out of this place so she is able to stop Dillon. Ned shows up to see Tracy. He tells Tracy and Edward that they need to let Dillon follow his dream if they love him. Lulu and Georgie return to Kelly's. Georgie tells Dillon that he should follow his dream no matter what anyone says. He realizes that she still cares about him and thanks her for her support. He tells her that it isn't just about his family but about someone else. Georgie knows this has to do with Lulu and steps away so he can go talk to her. Dillon sits with Lulu to tell her why he isn't going to California, because he wants to reconnect with her and share that bond they once had together. Lulu tells him that there is no chance for them to be a couple because she will not be falling in love with him in the future.

Sonny finds Kate at the hotel having breakfast and invites himself to join her. He notices she is only eating a grapefruit for breakfast and tries to entice her into eating a real breakfast like he is having. Kate refuses to let him bait her and sticks to her grapefruit, explaining that if she let herself eat what he is eating would not allow her to fit into the clothes that are in her magazine. Sonny tells Kate that she needs to live a little and not be so rigid. Kate is pleased that she has a potential buyer for her house so she can move back to New York and away from him. Meanwhile, Michael is reluctant about going to his summer day camp because he rather go out on the speed boat with Jerry. Carly makes it clear to Michael that he isn't going to be spending much time with Jerry so he shouldn't get use to it. Jerry shows up at her house unannounced and asks what is for breakfast. Jerry promises to take Michael and Morgan out again another time. After Michael and Morgan leave for camp, Carly lays into Jerry about trying to manipulate her kids to get to her. Alexis shows up with some legal form for Carly to sign. Carly has no idea what Alexis is talking about. Alexis tells her she got an email from Jax last night and he arranged for her to sign some papers concerning the hotel. Carly signs them and asks Alexis if she knows where Jax is. Alexis doesn't know where he is because Jax never told her. After Alexis leaves, Carly accuses Jerry of sending that email because Jax wouldn't have contacted Alexis and not herself. Jerry doesn't admit to doing anything underhanded but refuses to tell her where Jax is looking for him. Alexis shows up at Sonny's to show him the pictures she took of Kristina and Molly at the Fourth of July picnic the other night. She tells him that Ric actually let her have Molly that night. Sonny notices that Michael and Morgan are in some pictures with Kristina and Molly and asks her if Carly and her were civil enough with each other to plan an outing together. Alexis tells him that they didn't plan anything together but ran into each other at the park. Alexis is about to say something else but doesn't finish her sentence. Sonny notices she is trying to avoid repeating what she was going to say and he tells her to tell him what she was about to say. She figures he is going to find out anyway and tells him that she saw Jerry with Carly and the boys. He thinks that Jerry must have run into them there but Alexis tells him that he actually went with them to see the fireworks and came by boat. Carly comes by to see Sonny later and he confronts her about allowing their sons anywhere near Jerry. Carly tells him that she needs to make nice with Jerry as much as she possibly can so that he will eventually tell her where Jax is. She tells him that she would not let anything happen to the kids with Jerry. Sonny isn't happy about the situation but backs off of her and tells her he will trust her to do what is right for the boys and hopes she knows what she is doing. Carly gets upset that Sonny is disappointed in her decision and asks him to let her do what she needs to find her husband. She leans her shoulder against Sonny just as Kate walks into the room from the patio and sees them together in a tender moment.

Sam calls Alexis over to ask her for legal help. Alexis asks her if this about the crime she witnessed happening and assures her she can get her out of any legal mess. Sam tells her this is about seeing Jason in prison and asks Alexis if she can help her get a visitor's pass to go see him. She explains that she needs to see Jason because they have a lot to talk about and she has some things to explain to him. Alexis tells her it is going to be very difficult for her to see Jason because she is not married to him and is not the mother of his child. Amelia shows up at her place to tell her off for not showing up for work to tape the show this morning like she has been contracted to do. Sam tells her she doesn't care what the contract says she is not working with her again. Amelia reminds her that the contract is binding and that her career is about all she has left since she doesn't think Jason is going to want anything to do with her now that he knows she never stopped the kidnapping from happening. Sam throws Amelia out of her apartment. She ends up going to the hotel to have a drink. Jerry finds her at the bar alone and approaches her. She isn't too pleased to see him.

Robin finds Patrick singing to himself while he is dressing in the locker room. Robin laughs at him when she realizes he is singing a song from the rock concert they saw the night before of Ely Love, the rock star who is a dead ringer for his father, Noah. They start kissing. Ms. Sneed, the director of Human Resources comes into the locker room and sees them kissing. She tells them that they are breaking new hospital rules about showing public displays of affection at the hospital. Robin and Patrick point out that the locker room is a private place and that they aren't kissing in front of anyone else or being unprofessional. Ms. Sneed disagrees with them and plans to report them to Dr. Ford. Noah shows up and asks what is going on. Patrick and Robin explain what is going on. Noah puts on the charm and talks Ms. Sneed into not reporting them but just giving them a warning instead. Noah realizes he still has got something that effects women still and boasts about it before he leaves. Later, Patrick overreacts when Noah asks for a file on a patient that belongs to Patrick. Patrick refuses to let Noah give him any professional help with his patient which leads to a heated argument between father and son. Patrick sinks low when he brings up Noah's former bouts of drinking. The new student nurses witness the whole thing and think Patrick was acting like a jerk. Patrick realizes later that he was out of line with his father when he brought up his drinking during the argument. Robin suggests that he find his father and apologize to him. Patrick doesn't think that will be easy to do because of how he and his father react to each other and thinks one of them is going to have to leave the hospital. As they are talking, Epiphany calls to them that she just got a call that a patient was just brought in with a possible brain embolism. Patrick rushes over as the patient is wheeled off the elevator toward them. He thinks it is his father at first and checks his pulse. Noah comes over when he hears Patrick calling to him and asks what is going on. Patrick looks over and sees his father standing there perfectly fine and looks over at the patient and sees they look identical to each other.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Sam tells Jerry to get away from her. He tells her he made her what she is today. Her career is all she has. Sam tells him he doesn't know what's going on with her relationship. Jerry suggests maybe Sam has done something drastic, causing her to have to drown her sorrows. He tells her she is defensive, which means she has a guilty conscience. Sam retorts that he doesn't even have a conscience. Jerry points out that his lack of conscience is exactly why he's free and Jason isn't.

While Patrick runs tests and preps the operating room, Eli wakes up and sees Noah. He says, "Either that was one hell of a party or I'm dead." Noah tells him he's not dead. He and Robin explain to him that he's in the hospital. Eli asks if he's hallucinating since there's a doctor that looks just like him. Patrick tells him, no, he's not hallucinating. He agrees that Noah looks like Eli, which Noah denies, much to Epiphany's delight. Patrick tells Eli that he will be treating him, but Noah wants to be his doctor. Patrick thinks poor Eli will think he's hallucinating every time he sees Dr. Drake Sr. He tries to get Robin to side with him, but Noah tells him to leave his girlfriend out of it. Another doctor ends up approaching the pair and telling them how much Eli and Noah look alike. He says it would be like operating on yourself. Noah thinks Patrick told the doctor to say that. Patrick doesn't think that Noah should operate on Eli and threatens to get Dr. Ford involved. Robin points out that Patrick probably shouldn't be operating on someone who looks like his father, since his own emotions might interfere.

Later, Robin finds out that Dr. Lawrence is available for Eli's surgery. Patrick isn't ok with that. Eli needs the best. Patrick goes to tell Eli that he has an embolism, which is what caused him to pass out. He has to have brain surgery to remove it. Eli tells him to forget it. He's got a concert. Patrick says if he doesn't operate, Eli will die.

Amelia apologizes to Liz about Maureen kidnapping Jake. Liz is thankful that Amelia heard him crying and acted on her instincts. Amelia praises Jason's determination to save Jake. Liz says she doesn't blame Maureen and understands that she is grief-stricken over the loss of her own child. She's just grateful Jake is home and alright.

Kate doesn't mean to interrupt, but Carly tells her it's ok, sarcastically. Her family is in a crisis, but Kate takes priority. Sonny tells Carly that he doesn't want Jerry anywhere near his family. He doesn't want Jerry to gain any information that can be used against himself or Jason. Carly says he doesn't even care about helping Jason. Sonny says that Diane is doing the best she can. After Carly leaves, Kate asks why Carly was so upset. She seemed more upset than usual. Sonny explains that he's got guards watching Carly now due to Jerry being back in town. Kate is stunned that Carly is ok with the guards, but Sonny tells her how Jerry shot Robin at close range and she almost died. He tells her how Carly has a lot of fire, which is one of the things he loves about her. Kate used to have that, too. What happened? She tells him that was when they were young. Still, she thinks she was saner than Carly. Sonny admits that Kate gets under Carly's skin. Kate apologizes for interrupting them, but tells Sonny that she took the house off the market. She's not going to sell. He thought she didn't want to be near him. Milo interrupts them, saying that Amelia is there to talk to him. Sonny asks Kate to leave. After Kate is gone, Sonny asks Amelia how she and Jason rescued Jake. Amelia retells the story. She also tells Sonny how Maureen knows Sam saw her and did nothing. Sonny asks if Maureen is sure that Sam saw her. Amelia says there's a chance Sam didn't see her, but Maureen thought Sam told and that was how Jason found his son.

Jerry runs into Kate and asks if he can join her. She tells him she is busy. He asks what she's doing hanging out with "Michael Corinthos, Jr". He asks what secrets she might have. Kate tells him to leave Carly alone and amuse himself with someone else. He asks if she has any suggestions.

At home, Liz talks to Jake about how much she and his daddy love him. She tells him his daddy would give him anything in the world and that's why he gave him up. She explains to her infant son that she promised to protect him and keep him safe. There's a knock at the door. It's Sam. She wants to talk to Liz about Jason and Jake. She asks Liz is Lucky has said anything about Jason. Liz says that Jason is a sore subject for her and Lucky. Sam starts lecturing Liz about how she and Lucky have no gratitude for Jason saving their son. Liz suggests Sam talk to Lucky herself. As Sam continues to rant and rave to Liz, her phone rings. It's Sonny. He wants to see her immediately. When she gets to Sonny's, she asks if this is about Jason. He says yes. He is Jake's father, but she already knew that. She admits that she knew that, but was still stunned when she found out for sure. He thinks it's strange that the woman who kidnapped Jake was a guest on Sam's show who grabbed Jake only 2 hours after the interview. Sam says Maureen's kidnapping was grief-driven and just an impulse. She explains that she was angry Jason kept the baby a secret because she wanted him to trust her. She knows what it's like to have a baby, though. She didn't want anything to happen to Jake. Sonny asks her if she suspected Maureen in the kidnapping. Sam back peddles and says she was shocked when Jake turned up missing. Sonny tells her she just confirmed what he already knew. Sam is a liar. She watched someone kidnap Jason's son and did nothing.

Ric asks Cooper about Logan's drunken escapades. Coop denies Baldwin's claim that Logan assaulted him. Ric questions Coop if he is covering for Logan due to Iraq loyalties. Coop denies covering for Logan. After Coop leaves, Carly comes in and demands Jason be transferred back from Pentonville. Ric says Jason is a flight risk and will remain in prison until his trial. His only visitors are is attorney and a wife. Carly threatens him that is she can't get in to see him she will do something she should have done a long time ago, the panic room. Ric doesn't think anyone will believe her, but she reminds him that Liz knew about what he did to her. Ric tells Carly to leave Liz alone. She just got her baby back. Carly reminds Ric that Jason was the one who found Jake. Ric threatens Carly with slander, but she tells him not to get too close and walks out. Carly goes to find Liz and tells him she needs her help. She wants to expose Ric and the panic room. Liz isn't sure if that's such a good idea. It might make things worse. Carly tells Liz she is taking advantage of Jason. He sacrifices everything for her, even his own freedom. Liz tells Carly that this is what Jason wants, too. Carly asks what she means, but Jake starts crying.

Dillon asks Lulu if she meant what she said or not. She tells him she can't imagine falling in love with him. Dillon thinks they would be great together. She praises him for giving her time to deal with the abortion but thinks they should remain friends. She tells him she just started seeing Logan, who walks in at that opportune moment. Dillon calls her bluff, but Lulu is adamant that she and Logan are dating. He thinks she's just saying that because of the job opportunity. She tells him if that's what he wants to believe then he can believe that. She is crying and tells him she is sorry. He storms out after telling her the job is what he really wants. Maxie watches the scene unfold, pleased with what has occurred. Lulu explains to Logan about Dillon's job offer and how she wanted him to take the opportunity and not stick around for her. Logan asks if she cares for him. She says Dillon is a good friend and she's just trying to be one in return. Coop interrupts the conversation when he tells Logan that Ric wants to see him. When he arrives, Ric asks Logan about his relationship with Scotty. Logan asks why he cares. Ric tells him he can protect him if he will be an informant in Sonny's organization. Logan says they've already discussed this. Ric thinks Sonny's organization is about to go under. He tells Logan he needs to be on the right side of the law. Logan tells Ric he doesn't have anything on him and never will. Ric makes a phone call and asks for anything and everything that can be found on Logan Hayes. Logan's file is delivered to Ric, who makes another phone call to find out about Logan's dishonorable discharge.

Skye walks into the Quartermaine's house where Monica demands to know what she's doing there. Ned tells them that he summoned Skye to say goodbye to Dillon. He explains about the job offer and Dillon walks in saying he's agreed to leave. Edward is furious that Ned has influenced Dillon this way. He tells Ned to grow up. He also tells Dillon that he's going to wake up 5 or 10 years from now and realize he's wasted his life. Skye interrupts and tells them they need to show some compassion and love for each other. Monica tells Skye she has no business lecturing them after her role in the hostage crisis. Lulu yells at all of them to stop. She tells Dillon she is happy for him. She thinks he will do an amazing job. She hopes he can forgive her one day. He says he will work on it. Skye also wishes him luck, and Monica tells him she is proud of him. Alice picks up Dillon and tells him she will brag about him when he becomes a famous director. Edward tells him he is a fool, but hugs him anyway. Suddenly, Tracy comes rushing in wearing a blonde wig. She tells Dillon he's not going anywhere. Everyone is stunned to see Tracy, and Edward instructs everyone to hide all sharp instruments. Tracy says she needs to talk her son out of making a big mistake.

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