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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 9, 2007 on GH
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Monday, July 9, 2007

Eli Love refuses surgery. Patrick and Robin warn him that his condition will worsen without it. Robin asks Patrick to resign from Eli's case, as he is to emotionally involved. Later, Eli tries to leave the hospital but is caught by Epiphany. Once back in his hospital room, he tells Robin and Patrick that he has a benefit concert he must perform at and Patrick suggests that Noah pretend to be Eli for the concert.

Carly and Liz discuss Jason. Liz nearly slips with revealing the truth about Jake but quickly realizes that Carly doesn't know. Carly tells Liz she is in no position to throw stones where her and Jason's relationship is concerned. Liz tells Carly she will not help her with Ric. Just then, Lucky comes home and Carly yells at him for arresting Jason but Liz comes to his defense. After Carly leaves, Lucky questions Liz, wondering if she really meant what she said.

Sonny continues questioning Sam about the day of the kidnapping. He states that he knows the truth and then proceeds to lay into her for not doing anything when Jason's son was kidnapped. He says that Sam must have been glad that the baby was out of the way. Sam says it wasn't like that and insists that Amelia is lying. Sonny tells her that she needs to leave Jason and save him the trouble of ending things with her himself.

Logan arrives in Ric's office and tells him that he will not rat out Sonny but Ric has Logan's personnel file from the military and uses whatever is in it to blackmail Logan. Logan then goes to Sonny's, at which time Sonny tells him to oversee a shipment. Ric later asks Coop to be a liaison between his office and the commissioners. Coop goes to Sonny's and Sonny orders him to get all the information that Ric has on Jason.

Tracy arrives at the Quartermaine mansion dressed as Laura and tries to talk Dillon out of leaving. Scotty then comes in and mistakes Tracy for Laura. When he realizes it is Tracy, he says that he will call Shadybrook. Lulu distracts him by saying she would like to hear more about his relationship with Laura, and gets him to leave with her, but not before he gives some encouraging advice to Dillon. Edward then tells Tracy that he never gave his support to Alan when he became a doctor and advised her not to make the same mistake with her son. She gives Dillon her support and he leaves town with Ned.

While back at Jason's penthouse, Sam is about to pour herself a drink when Carly shows up. She and Carly argue about Jason. Carly says she needs to get something and comes down later with it. Sam questions as to what it is and Carly tells her that it will help her get in to see Jason. She then tells Sam that she doesn't want Jason to make a choice between her and Carly, because she (Sam) will lose.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Using Jason's marriage certificate to Brenda, Carly pays a visit to Jason at Pentonville pretending to be his wife. Jason is less than pleased, especially when Carly starts to trash Sam. Jason defends Sam and asks Carly to keep away from her.

Lulu gets her old job back at Kelly's. Logan stops by and asks her for a date the following night. Lulu declines because she has to work. Logan offers Georgie $100 to cover Lulu's shift, but Lulu insists that she has to work. They are interrupted by Maxie, who doesn't understand why Georgie is being nice to Lulu. An argument ensues and Maxie storms off. Georgie explains to Lulu her need to move on now that Dillon has moved away. She also tells her that the offer to cover her shift still stands as she is saving for an overseas trip.

Still angry over Lainey over her suspicions of Liz's involvement in the kidnapping, Liz is short with the psychiatrist when she returns to work at the hospital. Lainey tries to explain her position to Liz, who seems unmoved. Lainey also gets the sense that Liz has some resentment towards Lucky. Later, Epiphany asks Lainey to avoid Liz as much as possible as the distraction would be bad for the hospital.

Maxie brings some new clothes over to Sam at the penthouse. She is grateful, but tells Maxie she is quitting the show. She explains that Jason has been lying to her for months. Maxie asks her if she did something dumb in retaliation, because that is what she would do. The visit is interrupted by Amelia, who is angry that Sam missed another day at work. Sam tells her she is quitting, to which Amelia responds with threats that she will tell everyone that Sam witnessed Jake's kidnapping. Sam calls her on it, and Amelia doesn't back down. Sam tells her to shut up, just as Carly walks in. Amelia leaves and Carly tells her that Jason will kick her to the curb once he is released from prison.

Jason is allowed one phone call from Pentonville. He calls Sonny and asks him to keep Carly away from Jerry.

Cooper agrees to Rick's offer that he act as a liaison between the DA's office and the police department. The mayor grills Ric on the evidence he has a against Jason, and Ric is confident they will have a conviction.

Patrick encourages Noah to save the pediatric AIDS fundraiser and act as a stand-in for Eli. Noah is very reluctant, but later pays Eli a visit and offers to be a substitute. Eli flips out, and collapses when he tries to get out of bed.

With Patrick and Liz looking on, Robin criticizes Lucky for arresting Jason. Lucky defends his position, but Robin doesn't want to hear it. After she leaves, Lucky is mad at Liz for not defending him. Patrick questions her loyalty to a man that broke the law, and Robin recounts the time when Tony Jones kidnapped baby Michael. Robin fell ill when she tried to intervene. Jason was the one that saved her from dying of pneumonia.

At the coffeehouse, Logan gives Maxie an update on his progress with Lulu. The two argue, and as Lulu walks in, Maxie blurts out to Logan that she'll never sleep with him.

Cooper tells Maxie that he cannot make plans with her the following evening as he has a stakeout.

Jason looks longingly at the picture of Liz and Jake, and remembers holding him at the hospital.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Patrick rushes to see Robin after getting her page. A patient needs surgery but doesn't have any insurance. She thinks he should operate, but he doesn't see the point. The patient will die regardless. He tells her he is too busy to do the surgery. Robin asks if he's willing to let a patient die because they don't have insurance. Patrick says they are in danger of a takeover. He walks away. Robin realizes Patrick is protecting her. He tells her big brother is watching. He will do surgery but anyone involved will face suspension. Dr. Ford comes in and asks Patrick to sign off on transferring patient to County hospital. When he leaves, Patrick and Robin scrub in and perform surgery while Epiphany watches. Just as the surgery is complete and Robin and Patrick are celebrating, Dr. Ford comes in and tells them to prepare for their punishment.

Lainey comes up to the desk and tells Epiphany that her date with Stan is tonight. When Stan arrives, he tells Lainey to meet him up on the roof. Everyone seems surprised that Stan is taking Lainey to the roof for a date. When Patrick questions him about it, Stan reveals that his intentions are for this to be the first and last date with Lainey. When Lainey shows up on the roof, Stan tells her to help herself to beer in the cooler. It goes well with the takeout they will be ordering. Lainey doesn't appear phased and says, "This hits the spot." Stan wants to know why she's trying so hard to pretend to like this. Lainey tells him she likes fast food and beer, too.

Carly rips into Alexis for spilling the beans about Jerry taking them on a ride in the speed boat. She thinks Alexis is jealous. Alexis defends herself and says she didn't know Jerry was a psychopath when she first met him. Besides, if Jerry is such a danger, why did Carly take the boys on the boat with him? Jerry shows up and Carly tells him that Alexis wants to go out with him. Alexis is embarrassed and says that Carly is lying. She tries to walk out, but ends up running into the wall instead. She goes to meet with Ric, who is bringing her client in for questioning, Jerry. Ric is stunned when he hears Jerry offer to take Alexis out. He asks Alexis when she got involved with psychopaths. She points out that she married him, Ric. He tells her not to date Jerry just to spite him. After Jerry leaves, he runs into Carly again who is attempting to rinse her feet off with a water hose. He tells her that's a bad use of water, especially during the drought. She threatens to spray water on him if he doesn't leave her alone. When she does squirt him, she ends up hitting Alexis who is coming up behind Jerry.

Max comes to talk to Sonny about Coop. Max is glad that Coop is working out for Sonny. Carly comes in to talk to Sonny and is upset that Max is there when he's supposed to be working for her. She tells him if he wants to work for Sonny, that's ok. She will give him his job back at the Metro Court if he ever wants to come back. She kisses his cheek before she leaves. Both Max and Sonny talk about how they miss her since she's been married to Jax.

Coop and Logan both talk to Ric and Sonny separately about the shipment due to arrive tonight. They both appear to be working for both sides. Coop also talks to Maxie about the situation. He doesn't know who's worse, Sonny or Ric. Logan comes in and talks to Georgie about paying her the money to cover Lulu's shift. Lulu tells him to stop being a jerk or she won't go out with him. He tells her to try to ignore him and have a good time. Lulu is hesitant when she realizes Maxie is also going. When they all leave, Georgie talks to Skye. Georgie tells her how she wants to study abroad, especially since there's nothing stopping her now. Skye asks if that's because Dillon is gone. Georgie tells her that she and Dillon were over way before he left town. That's something no one ever talks about: when relationships end. At least Georgie doesn't have to worry about kids. Skye tells her she's going to have to come up with a plan for herself and Lila Rae.

Back at home, Edward is starving and upset that Cook won't make dinner for him. Alice tells him she will make a sandwich for him. Monica comes in and talks about how empty the house is without Dillon. Edward thinks he'll be back soon. Monica tells him this is the deal of a lifetime for Dillon. Edward wants Dillon to come back to ELQ. There's no one left in the family to take it over. Jason isn't interested, and Michael won't be, either. When Alice brings Edward his sandwich, he's not happy with her results. He looks at Monica and says he will convince Dillon to come back.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lainey surprises Stan when she seems comfortable drinking a beer and eating a hamburger with him without complaining of the heat or the bugs up on the roof. Lainey tells him that she is more open-minded about people than he is and that if he was less judgmental about people he would be able to relax enough to get to know them better. Lainey leaves him wondering if maybe he misjudged her. He tells Patrick about the date later at the hospital when he goes to find his mother. Lainey runs into Robin as well and tells her that her date with Stan wasn't a very good one and doesn't expect to go out with him again after he purposely tried to make their date as bad as possible. Robin and Patrick get reprimanded by Dr. Ford for defying him and performing surgery on a patient that was uninsured. Dr. Ford decides to punish them by scheduling them to do the night shift in the E.R. for the time being. The new student nurses seem to side with Patrick and Robin but Epiphany makes it clear to them that they have to follow all the rules in order to make sure the hospital stays open. Robin and Patrick complain about what happened to them. Patrick decides to go home after he makes sure their patient is doing fine in recovery with painkillers the rest of the night. Robin is worried about leaving their patient to go home in case something goes wrong and they are not there. Patrick assures her that the patient will be fine the rest of the night. Patrick reminds her that he wants to go home because who knows when they will have an evening to themselves again after being scheduled the night shift in E.R. Robin assumes Patrick plans to go home and sleep but he tells her he has other plans for them that don't involved sleep and kisses her.

The police get into a shootout with Sonny's men on the docks including Logan. Cooper sees Logan and tries to shoot around him. However, it doesn't work and he ends up shooting Logan anyway. Logan gets away but the others are caught. Cooper does what Sonny told him to do which is let the police arrest his men and act like he is suppose to do. Detective Rodriguez notices that Cooper seems a little upset and thinks he was bothered about the shootout. Cooper lies and tells him he didn't get a good look at the guy that got away. Meanwhile, Maxie harasses Lulu at some nightclub about being stood up by Logan. Lulu accuses Maxie of being attracted to Logan herself and acting jealous about her date with him. Maxie tells her she came because she likes the band that is playing and is waiting for Cooper to come meet her there. Later, Maxie waits for Cooper outside Kelly's when he doesn't show up at the club. He tells her about the shootout earlier and how he shot Logan. He blame himself for Logan's involvement in Sonny's business but Maxie tells him he can't control what Logan decides to do with his life. Meanwhile, Lulu shows up at Logan's apartment to find out why he stood her up at the club. Logan tries to get rid of her and acts very nervous when she comes into his apartment to get some answers. He tells her he changed his mind and feels they shouldn't see each other after all because of what he does for a living. He yells at her to get out of his apartment when she still insists on talking to him. She is about to leave and tell him off for being a jerk when she notices he has blood on the arm of his shirt and asks him if he was shot.

Ric pays Sonny a visit at his office. He tells him he has all the evidence he needs to convict Jason of Alcazar's murder and plays him the audio tape that Alcazar had in his house. Sonny listens to it and asks Ric what he really wants from him now. Ric tells him that he won't have Jason around to help him with his illegal business and suggests that he is worried about him getting into trouble himself without Jason around to protect him and suggests that Sonny retire now while he can. Diane, Sonny's lawyer walks into his office just then and asks Ric if he is questioning her client without her presence. Ric denies he is doing anything wrong and leaves. Sonny tells Diane about the audio tape that Ric played for him where you hear Alcazar say Jason's last name and then all you hear is the sound of something like a silencer and then nothing else. Diane wonders if Alcazar said Morgan's name to set him up and thinks they may be able to use that to help their defense. Sonny's accountant, Bernie walks in while they are talking. Sonny introduces them to each other. Bernie flirts with Diane by complimenting her. Diane leaves to go out in the cafe to get a latte so he can talk to his accountant. Sonny suggests that she stay around so she can learn what is going on so she can help defend his employees as well. Bernie doesn't agree with Sonny's idea and tells her that he will make sure that Sonny's men get other lawyers to help defend them. Bernie informs Sonny that they lost a lot of money on the shipment the cops just confiscated. Diane leaves the office so she doesn't have to hear anything else. Bernie suggests to Sonny that he not think about getting involved with Diane in any romantic way like he has with other ladies. Sonny tells him that he needs to stay out of his personal life and stick to fixing his books. He assures Bernie that his involvement with Diane is strictly professional. Diane tells Bernie the same thing when he runs into her in the cafe on his way out.

Alexis gets angry when Carly accidentally sprays her with the hose outside of Kelly's while arguing with Jerry. Carly doesn't seem too apologetic about it which upsets Alexis even more. Carly accuses Alexis again of being infatuated with Jerry and tells her not to worry about her being a threat to her since she hates Jerry. Alexis gets fed up with Carly and wishes Jax was there to help her. She storms off into Kelly's. Jerry gets annoyed with Carly for purposely upsetting Alexis for no reason. Carly tells him she can't stand Alexis because she acts superior to her and is always looking down on other people. Jerry accuses Carly of acting the same way towards him and he is family technically. Meanwhile, Alexis heads over to see Sam to dry off and borrow a shirt from Sam to change into before meeting with a client. She tells her what happened at Kelly's with the hose and how Carly accused her of being infatuated with Jerry. Sam worries that Carly may be right about it and questions Alexis about her feelings toward Jerry. Alexis denies having any feelings toward Jerry and that after she found out his involvement in the hostage situation she realized how much of a psychopath he was. She insists that she is only his attorney because of Jax. Meanwhile, Spinelli sees Jerry with Carly and assumes that Jerry will hurt Carly. He steps in front of Carly and warns Jerry to stay away from her or else. Jerry notices that Spinelli is threatening him while having chocolate all over his face. He points it out to Spinelli. Carly defends Spinelli and tells Jerry to leave him alone. Spinelli is humiliated that Carly had to defend him. Jerry leaves them alone. Carly warns Spinelli never to do that again or he will end up getting killed by Jerry. Spinelli heads into Kelly's all upset. He sits at the counter and orders a milkshake from Georgie with a "side of testosterone." He tells Georgie about how he tried to save Carly from Jerry and how it turned out. He asks Georgie to be honest with him about how much of a wimp he is. Georgie tries to make him feel better by reminding him that he was a hero at the hotel during the hostage crisis and that he saved her sister and everyone by unlocking the vault and helping Jason. Spinelli tells her he plans to take steps to make sure he is no longer a wimp and will be prepared to defend anyone. He takes off. Later, He shows up at the penthouse and takes out Jason's gun from the closet. He puts the gun down his pants just as there is a knock on the door. He opens the door like that. Georgie notices the gun and makes a funny face. Spinelli tells her that Jason was showing him how to use a gun to protect himself before but that he forgot what to do. Georgie surprises him when she takes the gun and unloads the cartridge and reloads the gun and puts the safety on and hands it back to him. Spinelli is very impressed and asks her how she learned to do that. Georgie tells him that her father, the police commissioner showed her how to handle a gun as well as her mother who was a private investigator once. Spinelli plans to learn how to use a gun so he can protect himself better. Carly heads over to see Sonny at his office. She tells Sonny that Alexis is infatuated with Jerry. Sonny dismisses what she says about Alexis and is more worried about his sons being around Jerry. He threatens to send Carly and the boys to the island if she doesn't keep them away from Jerry or he will kill him right now. Alexis is frustrated when her car won't start in the parking lot. Jerry suddenly appears to her and scares her half to death. He gets her car to start for her by fixing something inside the hood and tells her he learned to fix cars from his father years ago. Alexis thanks him but wants to get as far away from him as possible. He suggests that they go out to dinner sometime soon.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Anna drops in suspiciously at Robin's place. Patrick walks in, minus his shirt, just as Anna is complimenting Robin's hair. Patrick comments that they do have a door she could have used, but Anna balks at that. Robin and Anna tell Patrick about agent life and they explain to Anna about James Craig and how he's never been found. Anna and Patrick talk about how special Robin is and how she wants to celebrate life. She has tickets to the Eli Love concert. Anna goes on and on about Eli Love and how women slingshot their underwear onstage. Anna wants an introduction to Eli at the hospital. At the hospital, Patrick and Robin talk about Anna. Robin doesn't want her knowing that Jerry Jacks is James Craig. Anna shows up, anxious to meet Eli. Robin and Patrick come up with excuses, but Anna just decides to make her rounds to find Eli. Patrick realizes Anna isn't wearing any underwear. Meanwhile, Eli talks to Noah about Eli's sex appeal and the money he's raising for Aids research. They also discuss Noah filling in. Eli doesn't think Noah can duplicate his voice. Anna barges in, shocked to see two Eli Loves. Once everything is explained, Noah and Anna walk out of the hospital room and talk. Anna asks him to keep her adult daughter a secret from Eli. She can't stop staring at him and even checks out his rear when he walks away. She goes back to talk to Eli and embarrasses him while she goes on and on and has him sign her t-shirt. Patrick and Robin walk in and tell Anna there may not be a concert if Eli doesn't have surgery. They explain their idea of having Noah stand in and how Eli is against it. Anna thinks she can get Eli to approve of the operation. Later, Anna pages Noah, Patrick and Robin. She tells them she's going to save a rock legend, and then proceeds to tell Noah to drop his pants.

Liz shows up to see Jason, disguised as a detective. She tells him she had to see him. Jason is upset. He warns her how much trouble she could get in. She reminds him that he didn't think about the consequences when he jumped bail to save their son. She thanks him again for saving Jake. She doesn't think she has thanked him enough. Jason tells her Jake is the only thing that matters. Liz tells him it's not fair that he's being punished, but Jason says he has no regrets. Liz reaches over and holds Jason's hands. Jason doesn't want her to take risks to see him anymore. She says that someone once told her it's her choice and she'll be the one who has to deal with the consequences. Jason says it's unfair for her to use his reasoning's against him. Liz asks how Carly got in to see him and he tells her how she pretended to be his wife. Liz says that was her second option. She thinks Carly told him about how she defended Lucky's actions to her, but Jason says Carly said nothing about the fight. Jason says he's not in jail because of Lucky. He's in jail because of suspected murder. Liz says she wants assurance he'd never kill a man, but she knows better than to ask. She tells him to be careful, and he tells her not to take chances again. If Jake is ok, there's no reason to come see him. When Liz gets home, Lucky tells her the boys are sleeping. Then he proceeds to tell her that Pentonville called. Liz tries to explain that she just wanted Jason to know that Jake was alright. Lucky asks if she's in love with Jason. Meanwhile, Diane comes to see Jason and asks about the "detective". Jason tells her it was Liz. Diane tells him about the evidence Ric has against him. She says she needs him to concentrate. She's going to argue that he was set up on court. Diane says that he's preoccupied with Liz and his secret child. It's obvious that he loves his son and Liz and Liz didn't show up at Pentonville just to tell him that Jake has graduated from cereal to strained peas. She tells Jason to tell Liz he loves her and be done with it. Then he can concentrate on his trial and getting free.

When Lulu realizes Logan has been shot, she wants to help him. He tells her to leave while she still can. She cuts open his shirt and says she's about to barf. She wants to call an ambulance, but Logan doesn't want her to, regardless of the pain he's in. Coop and Maxie show up, which infuriates Logan even more. Maxie tries to defend Coop and Coop admits he didn't ID Logan like he could have. They argue over who pulled their gun first. Although Maxie is the obvious choice, Lulu bandages Logan up. Maxie and Coop leave, but Lulu stays with Logan to help care for him.

Sonny and Carly argue more about Jerry. Sonny doesn't want his kids involved with him. He wants her to watch out for Jerry or he'll wind up dead. Carly tells him to take it easy on Jerry. She thinks he just wants the truth. Sonny thinks Carly is being gullible and asks if Jax will show up for Jerry's funeral. Sonny reminds Carly how she felt about Alcazar at one point and look how that turned out. He wants her to stop putting their kids at risk. Carly repeats that she should keep her friends close and her enemies closer. She wants him to trust her. Besides, the one he should really be concerned about is Alexis. Carly fears Alexis is falling in love with Jerry. Kristina could be calling Jerry daddy soon. Sonny doesn't want her to change the subject and tells her he is still worried about her. Carly leaves and goes back to the Metro Court. Kate is there, angry about her dry cleaning. Carly thinks she's only staying there to stay close to Sonny. Kate asks why she cares. Jerry shows up and interrupts the two women. Carly's angry. She says she just saved his life again and explains about her conversation with Sonny. Ultimately, she just wants her husband home. He says Jax is a lucky man and leaves. Meanwhile, Amelia shows up at Sonny's and reveals that she knows Kate Howard's secret. Sonny tells her to keep it a secret or he'll go public with their affair. She can do anything to Sam, but leave Kate alone. Amelia leaves and Kate shows up. He tells her that Amelia knows her true identity. Kate prepares to slap him, but he stops her.

Alexis asks Sam if she was planning on drinking all the vodka. She puts down her drink and says no, not after she thought about it. Alexis reassures Sam and tells her that Jason will be alright. He has a good lawyer. Sam doesn't think Jason will be back, and she doesn't know if she wants him back. Sam explains to her mother that there have been too many lies and secrets between she and Jason. They don't trust each other anymore. Alexis thinks they still have hope, but Sam tells her she hates that Jason has ruined everything wonderful between them. Alexis tells Sam to bow out gracefully now if she truly thinks it's over between her and Jason. Sooner is better than later. She tells Sam that she can't change bad boys. Sam questions if she's talking about her own relationships. When Alexis leaves, Jerry shows up. She tells him to stay away from her mom. He says he will prove to her that he's not James Craig. He's been nice to Alexis. He asks why he should stay away. Before Sam can slap him, he tells her that mommy dearest is off limits if he and Sam get together. He starts to kiss her and Carly walks in.

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